The Takeover (2022) - full transcript

A Netflix Original action movie starring o.a. Holly Mae Brood and Geza Weisz.


[opera music playing on car radio]

- [guard] Passport.
- Good afternoon.


[sighs, clears throat]

See you later.


[music continues]

[birds chirping]

[music continues]

[music stops]

[jet engine roars overhead]

[telephone ringing]

[clears throat]

[man] Buddy, good to have you here.
We are in a rush.

Yeah, that's what I heard.

So, every Wednesday at three
this place completely shuts down?

- We lose all control.
- Mm-hmm.

It starts with the main terminal,
we lose that one first.

- Followed by the...
- What time is it?

[man] Fourteen hours and fifty-five.


Good. Well, hello, boys and girls.

[all greeting]

[grunting] Upsy-daisy. Let's have a look.

Move this junk to the side right here.

[grunting] Yeah...

Here, and we plug
this shitty cable like this.


Let's get these motherfuckers.

Yes, this is going well.

But not well enough.

And next...

[keyboard clacking]

Five, four, three, two...



[powering up sound]

- [computers beeping]
- [woman] I'm out.

I'm out.

- Here as well.
- Everything's down here.

- There is a breach in terminal four.
- Hmm.

[woman 2] Storage South is being attacked.

And five, unit five is going down.

[Buddy] Everything is down, guys.

[Buddy typing furiously]


[continues typing]

- [man] So?
- [woman] Anything?


We are just going back a little...

to see where they are
coming from this time.

I'll give you three guesses.

- Moscow?
- No.

- Belarus?
- [Buddy] Uh-uh.

- North Korea?
- Almost there.

[computer beeps]

- Spijkenisse.
- [all] What?

[beeping steadily]

[children laughing]

[tense music playing]


Advertise your product or brand here
contact today

[music stops]

Police! Stay where you are! Do not move.

[computer beeping steadily]

- Oops.
- [beeping stops]

Well, yes, indeed, "oops."

You're not a room full of Russians.

How old are you?




Hmm. How long have you been at this?

That's none of your business.

Can you give us a minute?

[sighing] So I'll guess I'll start.

I am Buddy. Buddy Benschot.

Buddy Benschot?

The hacker?

This is a terrible book.
I wouldn't read this.


Why are you working for the police?

Why are you shutting down
an air force base every week?

Why not?

Have you heard
the noise coming from those jets?

They chase away all the seals.

So you are doing all
of this for the seals?

Yeah. And?

That's a lot of work for some seals.

It's not that hard.

I think the Russians
would disagree with you.

How did you manage this?

[computer beeps steadily]

How did you find me?

If you tell me how you did this,
I'll tell you how I found you.

[officer] Buddy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But those men
would like to talk with you first.


[upbeat rhythmic music playing]


[music fades]

[woman 3] We all know
that infrastructure is the future.

5G, blockchain technology, satellites...

Undoubtedly, all of these
are already in your stock portfolio.

But don't forget,
Rotterdam alone has 270,000

public transit movements every day.

And who's best at capitalizing on this?

According to Rotramax,
that would be us,

with this self-driving,
guided, autonomous bus,

with our state-of-the-art
face recognition software,

safety and secure payments are guaranteed.

Convenient for both travelers
and for stakeholders.

Thank you.

Eurocode detection?


Mel Bandison, the last software check
before the European certification.

Linde van Erp. CEO.

Well, here it is.

The first self-driving bus
in the Netherlands.

I've only seen the inside.

The software.

Yeah, yeah.

After this, you're all set for launch.

I'll get someone to take you there.

- [knocking]
- Lisa!

Here it is.

[door shuts]

[bag unzipping]

[computer fans whirring softly]

[call ringing]

Mel, I'm sorry. Am I way too late?

Let's... Yes, here it is. Yeah.

I'm here. Plugging into the mainframe.

Getting a taxi in London at four o'clock
in the afternoon is fucking impossible.

Oh, nice.

[cork popping]

So, I was thinking...

Your date tonight, remember?

Is it wise to go straight
to a guy's house like that?

It's fun, right?

And he's supposed
to be a really good cook.


Come on now.
The first date at someone's house.

Don't you know
how many creeps are out there?

He's not a creep.

Look at him!

Bring it closer, I can't see it.

Okay, that's not a creep.

And he's great with vegetables.

[Richelle laughing]

By the way, a picture means nothing.
It could be anyone in that picture.

Well, I think it's probably not that bad.

I think he's very cute.

[keyboard clacking]

[swirling computer noises]

[Richelle echoing] Mel.

- Mel.
- [noises fade]

- Look at this.
- [Richelle] Yes?

- That's weird.
- What?

- Check this out.
- What is this?

This is not supposed to be here.

Maybe there was a leak?

How could we have missed that?

A pipeline has been put in,

that's how they're funneling the data out.

[sighs] The team has been working
on this for over three months.

I don't get it.

Jesus. [laughs] Can you fix it?

Not tonight.

Maybe it's a sign
you should cancel your date.

[keyboard clacking]

I am sending a Trojan horse.

That'll block them for a while, at least.

Problem solved.


- Can you override it?
- I don't know. Everything's down.

It's coming from Rotterdam.
The Rotramax setup.

- Someone was in the software.
- Fuck. We need to know who.

[doorbell ringing]

[soul music playing on speakers]

Hey. You made it.




- Mel.
- Great. Come in.

Do you want to drink something? Beer?

Uh, yeah.


You, uh, you work with computers, right?

Yeah. I check software for errors.

[doorbell ringing]

Oh, sorry.
Um, the food is here. I'll be right back.

- [man] Your delivery.
- [Thomas] Ah, amazing.

Everything is in it? Spring rolls, sauce?

- [man] All in the bag.
- [Thomas] Amazing, thank you, dude!

- [man] Thank you. Enjoy your meal.
- [Thomas] Bye!

[man] Bye-bye.

[door closes]

- [Mel] Mm.
- [sighs]

- [soul music playing]
- [loud slurping]


So? Incredible, right?

Seriously, this is the third-best
Chinese restaurant in Rotterdam.

Just around the corner.

Do you know what I always do?

Kind of my own invention,
but it tastes really good.

I dunk my spring rolls in the wonton soup.



Yeah, okay,
you lose the crispiness, I understand.

But instead you get this...
[imitates explosion]

huge flavor explosion. Just try it.

Oh, uh...

- Huh?
- Uh, no.

- It's fucking delicious.
- Sorry, I'm good.

- Oh, come on, try it.
- I don't want it!


If you never try a good thing...

[crunching] don't know what you'll miss.


I'm gonna...


Hey, I, uh,
I really enjoyed hanging with you

but I just got an emergency message.

Really sad, I have to go.

- Sorry.
- Huh?


Okay. Bye.



[phone chimes]

Hacking this company is so easy.
He uses the same password for everything.

Oh my God, the idiot.

Hey, let's get this fucker, okay.

Oh, no. He just made a new deal

to dump four tons
of toxic waste in the river.

[Mel] Jesus.

Okay, let's do this.

Jay, are you in his home network?

Almost, yeah.

- Yu, you've got his company network?
- Of course.

[Mel] Okay. Camera on.

Yu, turn on computers.

Jay, did you do what I asked you to do?

Oui, oui.

Hacked all his computers,

emptied his credit cards,
and sent his crypto to charity.

- His mortgage?
- [Jay] I fucked up his mortgage too.

Mel, do you want to do the honors?

[all laughing]

[Yu] Another one down.

[Jay] Great work, guys.

Okay, next.

[Yu] So, guys, I found this fucking guy.
And he's laundering money for...


[Yu] Perfect. We can hack him,
like, in a day. Less! So...

[computer beeps]

[automated voice] Warning, front door.

[computer beeps]

[automated voice] Warning, front door.

[door creaks]

[gasps softly]


[intruder] It's her.

Let's go.

You see anything?


[intense music playing]

- Where?
- This way.

Come on.

No! That way.


- [panting]
- Go!

Come on!

[music continues]

[car engine revs]

[brakes squeal]

[horn honks]


[music fades]

We lost her, sir.

That's not good is it, Stevens?

Find her again.

[distant sirens wailing]

Did you get it?

[woman] Yes, we got it.

- Make the preparations.
- Okay, sir.

Let's do it.

[intense computer sounds]

[suspenseful music playing]

[telephone ringing]

Hi, how much longer?

Uh, less than five minutes.

[sighs impatiently]

Oh, Jesus.

Miss Bandison?

Dries Daoudi.

You're shocked?

Yeah, shocked.

Here you go.

Do you know what they were looking for?
What they wanted?

Were they burglars, uh...

were they looking for something
they hoped to find at your place?

Says here that you work as a hacker.

No, I shouldn't have said that.

I'm working for
a European company, I protect...

I have to ask you to remain seated.

Two men entered
your house with your photo.

Obviously they were looking for you.


So they did that for a reason.

[cell phone buzzing]

We sent a car to your apartment.

I'll ask if they found something.
After that I'll get back to you.


[door closes]

[indistinct chatter]

[Mel gasps]


[breathing heavily]

[man] Look, we found this on her wall.

- Some kind of revenge.
- Fuck.

[tense music playing]

[music continues]

[music fades]

[gasps softly]

[cell phone chimes]



[tense music continues]


[car starts]


[doorbell rings]


[doorbell rings]


- Hey, Mel.
- Hey.

You're here to pay?

Sorry for yesterday. Can I hide here?

Hiding? Wait, from what?



Okay. I was just leaving.

- Another emergency, I assume?
- I don't know.



- Sorry. Something is wrong.
- [cell phone ringing]

Are you serious?

I'm being followed by two men.

- I was at the police station...
- What? The police?

[Mel] Jay.

Hey Mel, ça va? What's going on?

Some guys are after me.
I think it's to do with last night.

- What? Jesus. You okay?
- [doorbell rings]

- [loud banging]
- Fuck. Thomas, don't!

Jay, find out if we fucked with
the wrong guys. Did we miss something?

Who are those guys?

I don't know who they are.

I did something
and they want to talk to me.

- But maybe you should...
- Are there other exits?

- Obviously, he thinks that it... Ah!
- [gunshot]

- Ah! Ah!
- [gunshots]



- [Thomas] Oh my God, what the fuck?
- [men yelling]

[intense music playing]


Let's go the other way!

[Mel] Go.

[intense music continues]

Hey. Come on.

[music stops]


What now? What do we do now?

- Let me think.
- Yeah.

Oh fuck.

It's my phone. Shit.


Okay. Come on.

[dog barking in distance]


[Thomas] Okay.

This has been
a very exciting date and all,

but I think that this is
the right moment to go to the police.

No. I've already been there.

Those guys walked into the police station
and nobody stopped them.

I really need to figure out
what's going on here.

And... and what should I do?

If I were you I would stay hiding.

- But...
- They know where you live, Thomas.

They have guns. And they know you know me.

I... I... I don't know you at all.

I mean, you just came over
to my place for a bad date. That's all.

- I have nothing to do with you.
- You're right.

You have nothing to do with me.

[woman on TV] incident of shocking
violence in the center of the city.

We are hoping that with your help,

we can find the suspect,
Mel B, as quickly as possible.

Out of the blue, the suspect
and an unidentified victim

were standing eye-to-eye
in the remote corner of a parking lot.

A fatal shot followed,
after which the suspect disappeared.

[man on TV] Yes. At this moment
we don't know the reason yet.

What we know is that the suspect fled
in the direction of the Sloterkade,

after shooting her victim.

[woman] Together with your help,
we can track the suspect, Mel B,

- as soon as possible.
- Mel?

- If you recognize the suspect...
- [Thomas] What is this?

That's not me.

Contact the police directly.

[dramatic dreamy music playing]


You have to go. Follow me.

I have an idea.

[music continues]

[cameras clicking]

[indistinct office chatter]

Can I look at this one? Camera 45.

Rewind it.

Stop, maybe this?

[music fades]

Shit. It's not her.

[Mel breathing heavily]

[Thomas grunts]

[both sigh]


- That's not me.
- What?

I didn't do that.

I believe you.

Even though she looked just like you

and it also said your name.



[Thomas] Okay.


Let's figure out what to do.

You say we can't go to the police,

then what?





We'll just wait here
until they come to shoot us again.

Great idea

[call ringing]

I have to figure this out.

If I can understand it,
I'll know what to do.


Mel. This video, what's going on?

Fuck, Mel. Did you kill that fucking guy?

Oh, Jesus. Shut up you.

What? I mean, sorry.
It's just, it's a fucking good fake.

[Jay] Mel, this is definitely
not the guy from last night.

There's no way he could pull this off.

Girl, what did you do?
Who did you piss off?

[Mel] The only other thing
I can think of is...

I fucked up some hacker
that was trying to steal information

from this bus company.

- [Jay] Self-driving busses?
- Yeah.

[Yu] What the fuck would hackers
want with self-driving busses?

I don't know.

The only way is to tear this video apart,

see who made it,
and trace it back to them.

I don't know Mel,
this is really difficult.

- I know.
- I'm not sure I can pull this off.

Come on.

We know who can do this. Huh?

[emotional music playing]

- No way.
- I talked to him a while back.

You what? You talked to Buddy?

- [Jay] I know where we can find him.
- I don't want to ask Buddy.

[woman sighs]

Mel Bandison.

Wasn't she in your office this morning?

I know.

Reggie van Kempen, from Ridderkerk.

A hacker with
a criminal record for phishing.

Nothing big.

But we're still looking into
his connection with Bandison.

Hmm. It might be related
to those revenge attacks.

I want to talk to Bandison's employer.

Friends, family.

I need to know
where she's been the past few days.

I want to check it now,
warrant or no warrant.



[melancholy music playing]





Just to be clear.
Why exactly do you think we're involved?

[Dries] This is one of
the last places Mel B. visited.

Yeah, so?

[Dries] And, uh, nothing.

It's part of our investigation.

I already talked with
Richard Berge, Mel's manager.

He stated that Mel
traced a hack here during the last check.

Well, a hack.

A bug in the system.

I've discussed it with my partners
and it's negligible.

- Your partners?
- Xiao Ming.

Rotramax is a transport company

and they control
the operating system, the software.

Mrs. Van Erp, is there a chance that
someone wants to use your company?

A hacker, a criminal organization?

Really? Thrilling. Not likely.

And have you or your partners
recently had experience with ransomware?

Not at all.

If we did,
you'd have certainly seen it in the press,

and I wouldn't be able
to talk about it anyway,

for legal reasons.

Please, I have an appointment soon.

Can I help
with any more concrete questions?

No, that's it. For the time being.

Thank you.

[telephone ringing]


[man on phone] Mr. Deen, I presume.

Yeah. Uh, yes?

I'd like to speak
to Miss Bandison, please.

- Uh, okay. I was ju...
- Thank you.


Mel, Mel, telephone.

Why do you still have your phone?

But... What? That's not allowed?


Miss Bandison,
how good it is to speak with you.

My name is Rogers.

I have a client who has some trouble
since you dropped your Trojan horse.

So you made a deep fake?

I am as shocked
by that little movie clip as you are.

Who are you?

I'm calling the police.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

That clip was rather realistic
and by the time we get this cleared up,

your life will be ruined.

But we could make a deal.

You give me the encryption
for that beautiful Trojan horse

and your movie clip problems
will disappear.

[Mel] You know it's not me.

Well, it certainly looks like you.

So, you can go to jail for murder
and we'll find you there

to finish our business
or we can end this right now.

- So, what are they going to do with it?
- That's really no concern of yours.

The pipeline. Why was it there?

Now again, Miss Bandison,
give us the encryption to fix this.

You know, you really should focus
on your safety and that of your friend.

- Mr. Deen, are you still there?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Help your friend make the right decision
and then we won't kill you.

- We have to get out of here.
- What? My... my phone!

Come on.

[tense music playing]

[Mel] Why did you have your phone?

You heard what he said?

[music fades]

He will kill you!

Well, give him that
fucking inscription thing.

It's encryption.

What do you think
will happen to me if he has that?

He'll let us go?

It's our one and only lifeline.

Lifeline. Yeah, right.

Once I go over that video,

I'll know who made it.

I'll prove my innocence to them.

- And then we can go to the police.
- You won't be able to do that.

Nor your friends.

I know one person who can.

All right, let's go see him then.

I turned him in to the police.

Interpol is after him.

[intense computer sounds]


This is less than 15 minutes ago.

[Dries] They're stealing that bike.

Hm-mm. Yes, and I think
that is Thomas Deen,

who was with her
in that café in the south side.

We'll lose them on the highway,
but this is her.

This just came in.

Our hacker from Ridderkerk.

He's a homeless person
and known in our database.

He was arrested for a long list of thefts.

So someone took the time
to put a junkie in a suit

and make a new ID for him

before Bandison shot him.

That's so strange.

Remarkable in fact.

[suspenseful music playing]

Got eyes everywhere.

Very well.

[birds chirping]

Are you sure it's here?

Well, Jay sent him a message, so...

Okay. That's, uh...

promising, I guess.

But the video's been double-checked.

- By forensic and a third party.
- [chuckles]

It's 100% real. So she did it.

Something's not right.

Dries, we have the proof.

Yeah? Is that true?

[scoffs] Yeah! Jesus.

We have a suspect
that's been lost for several hours.

They could be anywhere on the planet.

He's not coming, he hates me.


Interpol, right?

Finding criminal hackers,
that was our sport.

We turn them in to the police
and return the money to the victims.

Or that's what I thought. Fucking naive.

Buddy kept all the money.


He used me.

That's why I called Interpol.

They didn't find him.

He's definitely the best I know.

If anyone can help me with this, it's him.

If he shows up.


[vehicle approaching]

[opera music playing loudly]

[song ends]


Being on the run from Interpol

brings people together,

[Buddy chuckles]

Hey, I thought that was very funny.

Is your boyfriend coming?


- Hi. Thomas.
- Hmm.

How are you, kid?


- You got chubby.
- [laughs] I always was.

[Thomas] Wow, that's cool.
Your car has Wi-Fi.

We won't get bored on the road.

For example,
I can look at this for hours and hours.


They did a great job.

But there has to be a gap somewhere.

Any idea who you made so angry?

Not yet.

Some guy name Rogers called me.
He's British.

[Buddy] Hmm.

He works with hackers who are demanding
access to a company I worked for.

Serious fellas.

And talented too.

[chuckles] It sucks, right?
To be on the run?

He doesn't look like a hacker.

[Mel] You think?

Well, I don't know.
In movies, hackers are thinner.

And younger.

On his computer, he's hard as a rock.

Rock-hard, huh?

[tires squealing]

[scanner beeps]

If anyone is hungry

there's leftover pizza over there,
it's from yesterday.

[opera music playing on speaker]


- Can I get on?
- Calm down.

Hmm, look at this? Cuckoo-cuckoo!

Hold on.

It was a standard check-up.
Everything was done remotely.

Very routine. Until I saw this.

- [Buddy] Oh.
- [Mel] Yeah.

[Thomas] What?

- Very well hidden.
- Yeah.

I sent a Trojan horse
and disabled every connected computer.

- Mel's middle finger.
- That one.

- [Buddy] Yeah.
- [Mel] This is big.

Why would they put
so much effort in trying to find me?

The video, someone's dead.

Threatened to kill Thomas.

Yeah. It's ridiculous.
I don't have anything to do...


Can I? So...

Let's see.

This is boring.

This is boring too.

- Yeah, if you...
- Yeah.

Can I get a moment?

Go and make some coffee. Go.

[typing furiously]

[grunts softly]

[knuckles crack]

- [computer beeps]
- [chuckles]

Son of a bitch.

[Thomas] Hey, someone
by accident ordered a pizza?

I could, uh, revive a couple of pieces.

Artificial respiration. [chuckles]


Put that thing away.

Aren't you going crazy?

Those codes.


Code, codes.

You never go crazy?

No, it calms me down.

This is what it looks like in my head.

[opera music playing on speakers]

[music soars]

[soft tinkling]


[opera music continues]

[Buddy] Mel! I've found something.

[music stops]

[Buddy] Okay, are you ready for this?

Xiao Ming is a very well-behaved,
boring software company.

They've already been doing business with

Rotramax for four years.

Self-driving buses, bad idea, Linde.

Xiao Ming specializes in
facial recognition software,

conforming to all European regulations.

And Mel even gave them
a certificate for being so well-behaved.

- A sticker, for good behavior.
- Yeah, and?

Xiao Ming isn't the problem.
This is about the hackers I shut down.

That's the fun part.

If you look closely,
really closely, closer than ever before...


- Oh, fuck.
- [Thomas] What?

- Are you serious?
- What?

You guys, like we discussed before,
not all of us understand this stuff.

Those hackers and Xiao Ming
are working for the same company.

Yep. Your beautiful Trojan horse took down
a whole Chinese multinational company.

A company connected to dozens
of other companies across the globe.

If their scanner scans your face,

their software is very aggressive.

They scan your face
to get your identity information,

to access your bank account
and deduct the travel fares.

But they go further.

They take your socials,
financial details, medical data,

everything else,
and they forward it all in bulk.

Where to?

I'm afraid that's the real problem,

and the reason why they put
so much effort in blackmailing you.

All that personal data goes directly

to the Chinese government.

Oh fuck.

[Buddy] If the world finds out

that China is harvesting data
using this software,

that's an international drama
they can't get out of.

But no one will believe a violent hacker.

- [telephones ringing]
- [indistinct chatter]

[cell phone buzzing]


[Mel] Mr. Daoudi, this is Mel Bandison.

Miss Bandison.

So kind of you to call.

Perhaps this time we can get closer.

I hope so.

Where are you? Rotterdam?

[whispers] It's Bandison.

[Mel] The video I'm in, it's fake.

I'm being framed
by Xiao Ming Incorporated.

That's a front of the Chinese government

to steal private data
by using facial recognition software.

When I used a Trojan horse...

[Dries] Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Let me stop you here.

Chinese government? Stealing data?

I'm investigating a murder,
you're the suspect.

I didn't do that. That video is fake.

They're trying to blackmail me,
so I can't go to the police.

Okay, you're being blackmailed as well?

[Mel] By an Englishman, Rogers.

This is exactly what he wanted.
You're not listening to me.

Miss Bandison, I am listening.

I am investigating and I want to help.

If you turn yourself in,
I can do more for you.

Oh, yeah?
That's your way of investigating?

Waiting, until I come to you?

I am sending my information
to digital forensics.

They need to look at it.

You need to make sure
this murder investigation

doesn't get in the way.

I understand,
but it doesn't work like that.

You don't understand.

Jesus, fucking annoying dude.

Did you get it?

No, I think they crossed the border.
We can't do anything now.

She mentioned some Rogers.

Let's investigate that.


Mr. Rogers.

There's a strong possibility

they're within a 30-kilometer radius
of Antwerp, Belgium.

[tense music playing]

[melancholy music playing]

[bag rustling]

[birds chirping]


[suspenseful piano music playing]


Hey, fried egg?

Buddy, it's the scan.

[Buddy] What?

On the bus, they scanned me.

That's why the video is so good.

You let them scan your face?

If I got that scan,
could I prove the clip is fake?

[laughs] You let yourself get scanned.

Buddy, does it work like that?


Listen, if they use a scan for that video,

then, uh, you've got your proof. Huh?

Code doesn't lie.

What if Daoudi is speaking the truth?

He said he'd try to help us
if we turn ourselves in?

I'm going back to Rotterdam.

Huh? What?

What is she doing?

She's going back to Rotterdam
to hack the camera's on that fucking bus.

[Thomas] What? Mel?




Hey, you can't go back to that bus.

I have to get that scan. I've got to.

That is suicide,
those guys are waiting there for you.

- Do you have a better idea?
- Yeah.

Stay here.

Wait until Buddy comes up with something.

Oh, yeah?
Wait until Buddy comes up with something?

I'm going to hack that bus,

I will find that scan, I'm solving this.

That's my idea.

[Thomas] Uh-oh.


Fuck. Go.


How is this possible?
I always shield everything.

- Buddy, we have to go.
- Damn it! What?

I have to erase stuff first.

- Come on.
- [loud bang]

Come on!

Hurry up.
Start the car, I'll be right there.

- Fuck.
- Hurry. Go!

[alarms blaring]

[suspenseful music playing]

- Damn it.
- [glass breaking]

- [explosion]
- Ah!

[ringing sound]

[Buddy grunting]



Is that really you?

Where is she?


[gun cocks]

Nice gloves you're wearing, buttercup.

- Where did you buy...
- [gunshot]

[sound muffles]

[oppressive music playing]

[heartbeat pounding]

- [sound resumes]
- [panting]

Come on. Come on!

Let's go. [grunts] Come on!

[tense music playing]

Come on, get in.

[tires squeal]

[engine revving]

[Thomas] Shit.

- Fuck!
- [Mel] Come on, Thomas!

- Faster.
- [Thomas] I can't go faster.

Come on, come on, come on!


[Mel] You can do it.

Come on.



- [gunshot]
- [Thomas] Ah!

- [gunshot]
- [Thomas yells]


Oh fuck!

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

[Rogers] Come on, move it!

[breathing heavily]

[Rogers] Come on!


Want to go over it again?

No, no need.

The councilor comes at 5:00,
press confirmed and at 6:30...

- We're leaving.
- Yes.

At 6:30 we'll drive away.
At quarter to seven...

Thank you, I have to...

Is this about the investigation?

Miss Van Erp,
in our investigation, we have to...

I don't understand
why you keep coming back here.

It's highly inconvenient, I'm very busy.

Do I need to say it again?

This case has nothing
to do with my company.

We're trying to figure that out.

Your partner is Xiao Ming Incorporated.

[Dries] How did you come to work together?

Do you have connections with other
companies in which they have shares?

What? No. I am in the middle
of the launch of our product.

And I am in the middle of a murder case.

I have quite a few questions for you.

I suggest you send them
to our legal department,

so I'll have time to answer them properly.

Sounds good, that's what we'll do.

Please do, I have an appointment.

Mr. Chen, you promised me
that there would never be any loose ends.

I've held up to my side
of the deal for 100%.

I have built these busses.

I made a deal with the city,
I have done everything you asked.

I never wanted anything
to do with this extra software

you put in my bus
and now the police are here every day,

asking about Xiao Ming,
asking about this Bandison woman.

You have to fix this or else I will.

I am not going to jeopardize my company
because you can't control your fuck-ups.

Mr. Chen, may I?

Excuse me?

Mrs. Van Erp,
I've been listening to the conversation

and I want to make
one thing absolutely clear.

Any more threats
to Mr. Chen or his company

will lead to vast repercussions

that you may not be able
to grasp at this moment.

Repercussions targeted
not only at your company,

but also at yourself as a person.

Do you understand?

Good. Then please, launch your bus.

Don't call again.

[breathing shakily]

Let's just...

He shot him, just like that.

[Thomas] Yeah.

Mel, we have to...

Dammit, he had nothing to do with it.

[screams] Fuck!

[soft dramatic music playing]

Fucking asshole!


[continues sobbing]

[phone beeps]

[cell phone buzzing]



[Thomas] No. Thomas.

This is Thomas Deen.

[Yu] We are going to find
those fuckers and fuck 'em up.

[Jay] Okay, Mel, listen.

You have to find a way to hide somewhere.
You have to disappear for a while. Okay?

I have to do this.

- [Jay] Thomas, can you hear me?
- Yeah.

[Jay] Come on, man, help me out. Okay?

You think she listens to me?

- [Jay]You're driving the car, are you not?
- Yeah.

- Then drive her somewhere else.
- Yeah. I...

Drive her somewhere else,
you fucking idiot.

Hey, that's enough out of you. Asshole.

Do you think I like what is happening?

Dude, just help her out.

She's going to do something stupid,
just stop her, okay?

What the fuck
do you think I'm trying? Huh?

Fuck you, man.

Fuck you.

Shitty computer thing
on the other side of the world.

I'm done with all this bullshit.



I know it's a lot.

But I can't quit now.

You know, last time I checked,
they're trying to kill us both.

They won't get me.

Mel, we are in this together.

In fact, you dragged me into this,

and somehow you keep
thinking only about yourself.

"I can't stop. They won't get me."

I'm here too, okay?

[melancholy piano music playing]


What are you doing?

These people are murderers.

The only ones
who can help us now are the police.

Thomas, no way you're calling the police.

I already called them!

You have to stop this.

Your friends are saying the same thing.


[police sirens approaching]

Where are you going?

[dramatic music playing]

[sirens continue]

[woman] Hands up! Stay where you are!

Against the car.

Hands behind you.

[Dries] Mel? Hold up.

- Where is Bandison?
- Wait. Wait up.

Hold up one sec.

I didn't do anything.

- Where is she?
- Are you Dries Daoudi?

Where is Mel Bandison?

- It's not about Mel, it's about Rogers.
- Tell me now.

- Gone.
- Come again?

She left.

- Take him to the station.
- What? Why?

I'm innocent.

We are not done talking yet.

Go after Rogers now! Okay?

The years of development
and investments haven't been for nothing.

Rotramax persevered and
with the support of Councillor Wahlia...

[crowd applauding]

I am proud to welcome you
to the first self-driving,

high-tech city bus in Rotterdam.


[Linde] This isn't the end.

Within a few years,
Rotramax will change cityscapes worldwide.

We are conquering the globe,
but that's for later. Now I can...

[computer fans whirring softly]


[suspenseful music playing]

[computer powering up]

[indistinct police radio chatter]

Mr. Deen.

- What are you doing here?
- Will you walk with me?

Have you caught Rogers yet?

That man is insane.

He's looking for Mel.

You have to help her.

We want to help.

Then do something. Help her.

That Roger guy, nobody knows him.
Not in China, not in the Netherlands.

Okay, so you think I made this up?


Hello, I saw it all with my own eyes. Huh?

- A murder in Belgium.
- Yeah.

- With shots and explosions and all?
- Yeah.

We'd have heard of that by now.

It was a remote place.

An industrial area, I told you.

Was it remote enough
for Bandison to kill someone else?

- And invent another suspect?
- What?

What is this about? What are you saying?

- You have to listen...
- I don't have to do anything.

Where is Mel Bandison?

- Mr. Deen?
- Yeah.

We're trying to help you. We've asked
about the potential murder in Belg...

It's not potential murder.

- [sighs] Murder.
- [Thomas]Yeah.

[Dries] And our cybercrime department
is investigating, as Bandison asked,

Xiao Ming in China.

I want to help her, but first
I need to know first where she is.


Isn't that why you called me? To help her?

- No, to stop Rogers.
- A message from our Belgian colleagues.

Here. They found a body
at an area near Oostmalle.

[Thomas] Yeah.

Do you believe me now?

But if this is really true,

why don't you tell me where she is?

Have a glass, come on.
Take a quick look up.

[scanning sounds]

Yes, great for the road. Look up.

Look, the check-in and check-out
is easily carried out by the scanner.

Completely safe, of course.

I think we are almost ready to go now.

Yes, the sensors of the doors might be
the most outdated part of the bus.

[all laugh]

[soft suspenseful music]

[swirling computer noises]

[noises fade]

[Rogers] Well, I must say,
you certainly gave us a run for our money.

Impressive. But it's over now.

Now that I'm here,
you can stop searching for your evidence

and start unlocking my clients' computers.

So they can go on stealing our data.


And this is not a discussion.

Do it now.


Yes, I've got her here.

It'll be any minute now.

- [starter gun fires]
- Yes!

- Yes, here we go.
- [crowd cheers]

- And we're off.
- [laughter]

The only place where you can drive
with champagne in your hands.

The bus is equipped with
over 30 environmental sensors,

which scan surroundings
continuously for obstacles.

That way, we go safely from network point

- to network point.
- [man] Whoa.

And the bus follows a pre-set route.

[indistinct chatter]

Uh, does anyone have information
about Mel Bandison? Hello?

Is Mel safe at all?

All right.

[men yelling in distance]

- What's taking so long?
- It's a very complicated encryption.

Well, fix it!

Almost there.

[suspenseful music playing]

Get ready to take over.

[computers power down]




[tense music playing]

[officer] Moving in, in formation.
Go. Go to the back.

Well, well.

Look at you.

You killed my friend.

Calm down, don't do anything...

Just shut it. Just shut up.

[gasps, groans]

Have we finished playing yet?

- [groans]
- [grunts]

Let's get back to work.


- Police.
- Freeze. Don't move.

Don't move.

Yeah, we're quite proud...

[electricity crackling]

[Linde] Nothing to worry about.

Sometimes this happens.

[all yelp]

[officer] Do not move.

You need to go after Rogers. Fuck.

Suspect by the stairs.

Come on, she's unarmed. Help her up.



[passengers scream]


[line ringing]

Destroy the evidence, destroy the bus!

Open that fucking bridge.

[tense music playing]


- Police.
- Drop the gun! Drop the gun!

- [gunshot]
- [groans]

[officer] Stay down. Stay down.

Don't you move.
Stay down. I'll break your arms.



Stay calm. Everybody stay calm.

[woman screams]

[screams] Oh my God.

Come on, let me go.

We have to go to the server room,
so I can finally prove my innocence.

Come on.

My responsibility.

[handcuffs unlocking]

Let's go.

- Fire in the server room.
- [Mel] Here.

[Mel] Fuck.

Dries, where are you?
The bus is out of control.

Find the route of the bus, now.

[Dries] At Rotramax,
the server is on fire.

[Rosa] Shit, it's heading towards
the Erasmus bridge.

I've got it, I see it.

I can help.

If I can figure out
how to hack that bus, then...

Can you stop it?

I can try to.


[call ringing]

- Mel! Mel, what the fuck, where were you?
- Are you okay?

I'll explain later.
I've got another problem.

A self-driving bus,
15 people, it's not stopping.

The connection with its server, it's gone.

We have to hack its local access point.

Yeah, we can try,
but this is going to take forever.

We don't have the time.


[Jay] We'd have to get
someone in there with a computer

that we easily can connect to, huh?

Can you send me
what we need to connect to?

- [call ringing]
- [Yu] Guys?

What the fuck? Buddy is calling me.

What? Buddy?

- Mel!
- [Mel] Thomas!

Hey, are you okay? Sorry...

Are you driving Buddy's car?

[Thomas] Yeah, yeah, I, uh...

Thomas, I need you.

The bus is out of control
with 15 people in it,

and it's about to crash.

Do you see
a green thing behind the screens?

[Thomas] Yeah, I do.

With that transceiver
I can access the bus.

Thomas, you have
to get in that bus somehow.

At the front of the bus is a receiver.

You have to plug it in to the top plug.

Fifteen people in that bus, Thomas.

[sirens wailing]


[passengers screaming]

Rosa, is the bridge clear?

We only have a couple of

Yes, the main road is almost clear
and the spike mats are on the way.

[sirens blaring]



Hey, which idiot is opening the bridge?

[officer] Close the bridge.
Control room, get that bridge closed now.


[tense music playing]

Someone is opening the bridge.
We have to do something.

Oh, fuck. Okay, Yu-Jinn,
come on. We got this.

How much longer?

- Thomas, where are you?
- I'm almost there.

[sirens wailing]

I see it.

- [tires screeching]
- [sirens wailing]





[tires squealing]

Okay, you can do it. You can do it.

See you soon.

[Mel] Thomas? Thomas.

[exciting music playing]

[police sirens wailing]

- [grunts]
- Oh, look.

Oh shit.


Oh my God!

[Thomas grunting]

- [passengers] Whoa!
- [metal banging]

[loud bang]


- [Thomas] Ah!
- [passengers gasp]


Hi! Hi.

I have to get by.

[tense music playing]

Okay, what now? What now?
All right, all right.

- [metal clanging]
- All right, something in here...



[breathing heavily]

Okay. Top plug.

Uh, top plug.

- Uh, yeah. Yeah.
- [static crackling]

[computers powering up]

Yes. I'm in.

[Rosa] Dries, waiting on you.
What's the status?

We're working on the bridge.

The hackers are trying
to get control back and Mel...

Mel is working on the bus.

[siren approaching]

[Rosa] Shit.

[sirens wailing]

[officers clamoring]

[passengers screaming]



[passengers yelling]

Rotterdam port service, stand-by.

Mel, if you can hear me.

If you could stop us now,
that would be great.

[Dries] What is the status now?

[Dries, echoing] Mel, give me an update.

[swirling computer noises]


[noises fade]

[tires screeching]


[loud screeching]

[passengers whimpering]

[indistinct upset chatter]

[Yu] It stopped.

Guys, it stopped.
The bus stopped! You did it, Mel.

[Jay laughs]

Oh my God.

Mel, you're fucking brilliant.


[police sirens wailing]

Help! Help!

Go! Go!

Come on, guys. Keep going.

- Help!
- Please help us!

- [Dries] Mel, what are you doing?
- Wait.

[computer chimes]

[Mel] Images are coming back from the bus.

Look. Scans of my face.

Sent from the bus.

Hmm. This is it.

This image proves the video is fake.

Code never lies.

[woman sobbing]

[dramatic music playing]

[upbeat rhythmic music playing]

[music stops]

[computer chimes]

[Mel] Huh?


Hey, Mel.

If you receive this,
your Buddy is probably dead and buried.

Or they cut out my eyes
so the iris scan doesn't work anymore.

You get the idea.

If I don't log in for three days,
you will receive this video.


Yes, you. I loved hanging out with you.

Good times, you and me.

Except, uh, for the time
you betrayed me. [laughs]


it doesn't matter anymore,
because I'm dead.

All that money I kept for myself,
I didn't use everything.

I built a network, for you.

No more small stuff,
no working on the fringe.

Everything is here, ready for you
to start working on the big things.

government leaders, multi-billionaires.

You wanted to change the world.

You've got no excuses anymore.

I'm proud of you.

[Thomas] When are we starting?

As soon as you can keep up with me

and we can stop taking the bus to work.

Oh, yes, that's right. Fair point.

Come on.


I have a new invention.

Pineapple, mango, and some red pepper.

Tropical, but with just the perfect bite.

Give it a try.

[gulls cawing]

- Huh?
- Mm...

- What do you think?
- [coughs]

♪ I provide the necessities
You can always rely on me ♪

Come on.

Three more laps.

♪ I deny your mortality
I transcend your reality ♪

Wait up!

[both laugh]

Gonna beat you!

["Solid Ground" by Roy Sarut de Valk,
Jelle van Leeuwen, Jens Munnik playing]

♪ From solid ground ♪

♪ Ooh, I know you need me ♪

♪ You gotta believe me ♪

♪ And ooh ♪

♪ Just got to remember
I make you stronger ♪

♪ Lift you off the ground ♪

♪ From solid ground ♪

♪ I can feel that your energy
Deleted every doubt in me ♪

♪ Let me take the wheel right now
Lift you up from solid ground ♪

♪ I deny your mortality
I transcend your reality ♪

♪ Let me take the wheel right now ♪

♪ Ooh, I know you need me ♪

♪ You gotta believe me ♪

♪ And ooh ♪

♪ Just got to remember
I make you stronger ♪

♪ I lift you off the ground ♪

♪ Finish what we started
I know that you want it ♪

♪ It's time to go on it
Lift you up, lift you up ♪

♪ Finish what we started
I know that you want it ♪

♪ It's time to go on it ♪

♪ I provide the necessities
You can always rely on me ♪

♪ Let me take the wheel right now
Lift you up from solid ground ♪

[rhythmic instrumental music playing]