The Takeover (1994) - full transcript

Both Danny Stein and Tony Vilachi are drug lords in a struggle to gain control of the same territory. Jonathan and Mickey are ex-cons who come in wearing white hats and attempt to settle the dispute.

♪♪ [ Disco ]

Just call me daddy.

[ Doorman ]
Cards, please.

Have fun, gentlemen.

Sorry, guys.
It's members only.


Where do you think
you're going ?

Where do you think
you're going ?


Hey, vilachi !

[ Gunshots ]

[ Spits ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Is the meeting
over yet ?

[ Man on phone ]
Not yet, Mr. Stein.

Call me
as soon as it's over.

I'm very interested
in how that comes out.

You'll know
as soon as I do.Good.

[ Broken glass clattering ]

This is the second time
this has happened.

What's your problem ?
You're still breathing.

Something should've been done
the first time.

Why don't you shut your mouth
and be thankful ?

Vinnie ! You check
all the parking lots,
lock the doors.

Take these gentlemen
out in the back, please.

And follow me.

Come on ! Play !
One, two, three, four !
One, two, three, four !


[ Phone ringing ]


Good evening. [ Man on phone ]
Vilachi's still breathin'.

Then no agreement
could be reached.

Our guys took so many bullets,
they look like Swiss cheese. [ Knocking ]

You want me
to try again ?

Not tonight. I'm going
to table the issue until we get
settled in the new offices.

[ Man ] We'll make sure
everything in Los Angeles
is set for your arrival.

You do that.

Shut the door.

- You know these guys ?
- Nope.

- Chicago.
- Stein, that piece of shit !

Take 'em for a ride.

Hat nights. Bmm !

No more fuckin' hat nights !

How the fuck
they get past you ?


Gentlemen, it appears that
we must step up our expansion
efforts on the west coast.

Our Los Angeles associates...

Have not been quite as effective
as we'd anticipated.

- Frankly, gentlemen--
- they fucked up !
[ Laughing ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Snickering ]

Try not to interrupt, Greg.

We'll be leaving
for Los Angeles immediately.

I intend to personally
oversee the takeover
of Tony's operation.

You may pack your bags,

Jonathan's standing by.

Jonathan, my boy,
how are you ?

[ Sighs ]
I'm doin' okay,
under the circumstances.

Well, your continued loyalty's

I have never had a bad word
to say about you.

[ Stein ]
I don't expect
I ever will.

Daniel, with all due respect,
I don't see the point in this.

I gave you my answer
last week. I won't do it.

Not for you,
not for anyone.

Let me put it this way
to you, Jonathan.

You're surrounded by men
who'd kill you for a nickel.

In fact, I hear you have
a surprise coming tomorrow.

Anything else ?

Just watch your back.
My enemies are your enemies.
You remember that.

I'll be calling on you
again tomorrow...

To see if you've
changed your mind.

[ Dial tone ]

[ Hangs up phone ]

He's not gonna do it.

It's not in his blood.

I wouldn't bet on that.

He just needs
a little... incentive.

[ Inmates arguing ]

What happened ?

I told him no.

What did
he say ?

He said to be careful.

- Why ?
- I don't know.

I think he was just trying
to intimidate me.

[ Guard ] Lights out !'til tomorrow.

[ Sighs ]

What'd you find out ?it was Danny all right.

Joey in Chicago
confirmed it.

- He thinks
they're comin' to L.A.
- Joey thinks ?

I don't pay Joey to think.

Stein doesn't have the balls
to come after me.

We better
go after him.

I got too much at stake
the next two weeks.

I don't want any strangers
takin' care of my business.
You understand ?

That shipment is due
in about ten days.

This is the wrong time
for a fuck-up.My girls are scared.

They don't wanna work.
I'm scared too, Tony.

How are you
gonna protect us ?

Oh, baby, haven't I
always taken care
of you and the girls ?

Now you take care
of the club.

I'll take care
of the rest.

What about Brandi ?
How you gonna
take care of that ?

Would you drop it already ?

You shut the fuck up !
This is the wrong time
to get on my shit list !

Now get the car ! Come on !

Not a drop of rain
for three months.

I don't know what the city's
gonna do if we don't at least
get a little downpour.

It's a damn shame.

I read the other day that
the ozone layer's gonna be
no thicker than a cloud...

If we don't start

What the hell do they
know, though, right ?

Where did you find
this guy ?

Joey found him. [ Driver laughs ]

The first team here's been
using him for a while.
No problems yet.

[ Chuckling ]
What kind of business
you guys in, anyway ?

Hey, Vic.
Pull the car over here.Yeah, sure.

What's wrong ?

Something's not right.

Hey, guys, ya know,
i-i-i d-didn't mean
to ramble on like that.

- Lose him.
- I didn't, uh, uh--

[ gunshots ]

Do ourselves a favor next time.
No faces we don't recognize.

Now clean this up.

[ Men shouting ]

[ Exhaling, inhaling ]

[ Indistinct muttering ]

[ Exhaling,
inhaling ] [ Inmates laughing ]

[ Laughing ]

- What's their problem ?
- [ Inmates laughing ]

Nothing. Come on.
Do your set.

I'm not takin'
any shit from them.

[ Chuckling ]
Come on.

[ Muttering ]Listen. You have got to let
this stuff roll off your back.

Half the guys in here
are looking at life.
They got nothing to lose.

Easy for you to say.
You're on your way out.
I'm lookin' at five.

I don't have the Patience
to put up with shit.

Mickey, you've gone
all but three months.

Keep your nose clean,
you'll be out in two,
two and a half, Max.

I wonder if that little one
would like to be my bitch.
[ Chuckling ]

Is that piece of shit
talking to me ?

[ Jonathan ] Forget that, mate.

Why don't you drop your pants
right now ? We'll see who
the bitch really is.

Hey, Jonathan. You oughta
be more careful about
the company you keep.

That's what
put you here
in the first place.

Fuck 'em up !

[ Shouting ]

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Get 'em ! Come on !

[ Shouting ]

Come on !

[ Screaming ]

I'll be seeing you later.

Don't slip on any soap.

Fuck you.

[ Cackling ]

[ Cell doors slam shut ]

That's one of Tony's places.
Beautiful women.

Great location.

We could do a hundred pounds
a week outta there.

[ Sniffling ]

Yes. Mr. Stein. Like to
speak to Jonathan, please.

Who was that big guy ?
He called you by name.

His name's D.C.

We both worked for Danny
in Chicago.

D.C., uh, well, he delivers
bad news to people.

He was a shooter for Danny ?

More of a loose Cannon.

He's the one Danny
wants me to take out.

Then why don't you do it ?

It's not like it'd be a crime.

That guy is after you

[ Guard ]
Phone call.

[ Cell door opening ]


Tell him yes, Jonathan.

I can't do that, mate.



Heard you and your little friend
had a little scuffle.

Heard you were, uh,
pretty impressive too.

So you...
Change your mind yet ?

D.C.'s not going
to let that go.

He thinks you work for me.
That makes you a target.

I'm not interested.

I've got
five months to go
and I'm out of here.

I can get you and your friend
out right now.

You think about that.

[ Phone clicks, dial tone ] [ Inmate ] Shut up ! Jesus !

He's not gonna do it.

Jonathan has never
let me down yet.

Get governor feinburg
on the phone.

[ Grunting ]

[ Puffing ]

How ya doin', big guy ?

You lookin' for a funeral ?

I wanna apologize.
I've got a big mouth sometimes.

- You been in here a long time.
- Yeah ?

Let me make it up to you.

Call it a peace offering.

So what are you sayin' ?
You wanna be my bitch ?

[ Laughing ]

[ Water dripping ]

[ Inmate ]
Shut up !

I'm tryin'
to sleep.

Turn around.

I'm gonna split you
wide open.

[ Both grunting ]

[ Screaming, grunting ]

[ Screaming ]

[ D.C. screaming ]

[ Panting ]

[ Water running ]

Mickey !

[ Shuts off shower ]

Mickey ! Mickey !
Come on, man, before
someone finds you.

[ Grunting ]

Good, you found him.

Well, Tony, something
I can do for you today ?

As a matter of fact,
there is.

Say hello
to your new employees.

Do they have any skills,
or are they supervisors ?

Neither. "Nigh-ther."

They're security.

They're gonna be here 'til the end of the week.

Get 'em fitted
for some uniforms.

[ Electric gate unlocking ]

Hey, wait up.
I'm anxious to see
your restaurant,

even though I'm not crazy
about French food per se.

Why do you want to go
to Los Angeles ?
What's there for you ?

My sister, for one.
She's an actress.

I haven't seen her
in a long time.

I could stay with her
until I get something going.

Or maybe I could help you
at the restaurant.

Mickey, I've got a lot
on my mind these days.

Been gone for over a year.
Got a life to put back together.

I did you a big favor,
you know ?

- You killed a man for someone
you don't even know.
- I didn't do it for Danny.

I did it for you.
They were going to kill you.

But don't think for one moment
that it's a slam dunk
and it's over with.

Once you do a favor for Danny, it's difficult to get out of his reach.

It's taken me five years,
and now, thanks to you,
I'm back where I started.

So you don't want me
to go with you ?

I won't kill anybody else.
I promise.

That's not very funny.

[ Car horn honking ]

You really are trouble,
ya know ?

Least you could do
is buy me dinner.

Come on. I suppose
I could teach you
a little table etiquette.

[ Mickey laughs ]

[ Mickey ]
O'Hare airport.

[ Engine idling ]

Waiting, waiting--

okay, everybody laughing,
having a good time.

Let's go.
[ Cackles ]

You see who was
in the Mercedes ?no.

♪♪ [ Disco ]

The suits that were here,
what did they want ?

[ Sighs ]
Same as everybody else.

A couple of drinks,
dance with some
of the girls.

Did you meet
any of these gentlemen ?

I meet all the customers
in the club, Tony.
What's your problem ?

Come on, Tony.
Let's eat.

What's the matter, Tony ?

The guy in the Mercedes
is Daniel Stein.

- You think he's movin' in ?
- What the fuck else ?

Gimme a drink !

[ Knocking ]

Hey, have we,
uh, met before ?

Call me Daniel.
This is Greg.

- How do you do ?
- Fine.

W-well, what can I
do for you ?

Well, we're gonna be doing
a little importing
and exporting,

and I would like to operate
outta one of your warehouses.

Oh, no, we're pretty much
at capacity now.

My associates and myself
are very, uh, aggressive
when it comes to business.

I am confident that we can
buy out somebody's lease.

You realize that, uh,

I have
heard that before.

This is a...
Cashier's check for...


Think of this as
a security deposit.

Or you could think of it
as the beginning of
a brand-new relationship.

Our arrangement
will have to be held
under strict confidence.

Of course.
Of course, manu.

Come with me, boys.

♪♪ [ Disco ][ Customers chattering ]

Was it Waldo that checked them out ? 'Cause Waldo's a fuckin' idiot.

Who are these guys ?they're perfect for us.

They supply the rock stars,
movie stars. They can move
half the shipment on their own.

Vinnie, you realize
this shipment is ten times
the normal size ?

Of course.
I'm telling you,
these guys can do it.

Oh, man, what a dump.

[ Chuckling ]
Well, this is
just temporary, Greg.

You should learn
from this example, Greg.

Now vilachi's got
all his resources...

Tied up in a single cocaine shipment.

And he has them all in containers just like those.

What a feeble mind
that man has.

Makes it easier
for us.

It's easier for anybody.

We have to move it fast.

Twenty-seven dollars ?

Man, we gotta get
some wheels. Here.

What's the matter ?

This isn't my restaurant.

This looks more like
a dance club than
a French restaurant.

I don't believe this.Jonathan, take it easy.
We'll find out what's goin' on.

Card, please.What card ?

You're not gettin' in
without a card.

Here it is.

[ Grunting, screaming ]

♪♪ [ Disco ]

Kathy !

What happened to the restaurant ?

Jonathan, lower your voice
and sit down, okay ?

Tony's right
over there.Tony ?

[ Sighs ]You mean vilachi ?


- Jonathan, what's goin' on ?
- Jonathan !


What did you do
to my restaurant ?


It's okay.
Calm these people down.

Come on, come on.
Keep dancin'. There's
nothin' to look at.

[ Vinnie ]
Everything's fine.

You were sayin' ?i said, what the hell did
you do to my restaurant ?

And what are you
doing here ?

I don't think I like
your tone of voice.

I don't care if you like it
or not. This is my place,
and I want you out.

All of you.

[ Gun cocking ]

- Jonathan.
- Shut up, Mickey !

I'd listen to your friend
if I were you.

You wanna shoot me ?
Go ahead.

Jonathan, please.
It's not your place anymore.

- I still own it.
- No, you don't, Jonathan.

The restaurant
got into some trouble.

[ Kathy ]
I signed it over
to Tony.

How could you do that ?

I had no choice.


I don't think
you have any friends here.

Show 'em the exit.

Come on.

What are you,
the welcome wagon ?

He was my friend, Tony.

I'll deal with you later.

Want somebody
to follow them ?

No. Hey, Waldo !

What the fuck
happened this time ?i just--

look, you're my favorite nephew,
so I'm not gonna kill ya.

But the next time somebody
tries to sneak by ya,

ya fire two warning shots
in their chest !

You understand ?

So where's
your apartment ?


I can stay at my sister's.
She lives in Hollywood.

Stay with me if you like.
I've got plenty of room.

You want some company ?


I'm real sorry
about your restaurant.

It's more than that.


Were you talkin' to that guy
in the Mercedes ?

Yeah, he came by
lookin' for a warehouse.

Do you know who he is ?

He said he and his,
uh, associate were
businessmen from Chicago.

Manu- number 33, on the end.
A wa- boy, did you fuck up.

Sometimes you don't know
who's gonna be a problem...

Not gonna bea problem, manu.

In the long run,
you shoulda consulted me.


You should be careful.
Tony's been good to you.

Whoo ! What a view !

[ Mickey ] It's quite a place. Is this yours ?

Itt ?

"DEA "I want to thank you:
Hea personally for a job
wer well done.

"Meet me at the stroe
in Hollywood, 8:00.

"Regards, your friend
from Chicago.

"P.s.: Sorry to hear
about your restaurant.

Perhaps I can help you
with your management
problems. D."

There's $10,000 here.

I knew it. Knew what ?

I knew if
we did him any favors,
we'd be stuck with him.

You mean this money's
part mine ?oh, that's right.

You're a regular hit man
now. Congratulations.

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Ringing ]

Hello ?

Who's this ?
I asked you first.

No, this is Mickey.
Tell him we just got out.
We don't know yet.

- Tell them we'll
be there in an hour.
- We'll be there in an hour.

Mickey, sometimes
I don't know if you're
an asset or a liability.

How can you say that ?
First, I got us outta jail.

Then I get us ten grand. And now I get us a dinner invitation to the stroe,

whatever that is.

We are going, right ?we're going, but I know
I'll regret it.

[ Gasping, sobbing ][ Grunting ]

Tell me that you love me.

[ Tony grunting ]
Tell me you love me.
Tell me you love me !

[ Shrieking ]Tell me you love me.

[ Grunting ][ Sobbing ]
I love you.

[ Grunting ][ Crying ]

[ Moans, sighs ][ Shrieks ]

[ Panting ][ Gasping ]

Grab Kathy a towel.[ Shuddering ]

[ Sobbing, sniffling ]

[ Panting ]

[ Muttering,
sobbing ]

Ooh ! Oh !
[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming, groaning ]

You shoulda listened,

[ Customers chattering ]

♪♪ [ Violin ]

There they are.
Go make them
feel welcome.

Ah, Jonathan.
It's so nice
to see you again.

And-- yes, I've heard
a lot about you.
Mickey Lane.

Have some
nourishment.Thank you.

Well ?

- Done.
- Good.

Hey, don't worry about her.

She had an accident. She slipped and fell.

She slipped with her mouth,
and she fell on her face.

Would you
please shut up ?

I didn't know he was out,
and I didn't know he was
coming to the club.

You were never supposed
to take ownership of the place.
It was supposed to be a loan !

Go ahead !
Ruin everybody's dinner !

Fuckin' women. You were
the one that ran his restaurant
into the ground to start with.

Where do you think
you're goin' ?

To the club. You wanna have
one of your gorillas follow me ?

Go ahead.

Anybody say one word,
and I'm gonna stick
this fork in your face.

Now eat.

Eat !

[ Customers chattering ]

I can see that neither
of you two boys
were hungry.

[ Jonathan ]
This used to be one of
my favorite restaurants.

Exquisite.what happened to
your restaurant ?

Some asshole
took it from him.

And what is it that you
do exactly, Mr. Lane ?

Financing, mostly.
Commercial paper.
Private lending.

Hmm. You have family here
or something ?

A sister.
She's an actress.
Very talented.

Is there anything else you'd
like to share with the group,
Mickey ?

Now, Jonathan, don't you be
too concerned with your friend.

He's just making
an earnestattempt...

To come to the table and his new job clean.

Wait a minute.
New job ?

Neither Mickey nor myself
are looking for work.

Ah. But your behavior
tells me otherwise.

That was an accident.

Twenty-seven puncture wounds.
Some accident.

I thought it was 28.

I don't think
this is very funny.

Jonathan, let's go. [ Stein ] Mr. Lane.

Very poor etiquette
to leave the table...

Before dinner is finished.

Especially when you'Remy guest.

Sit down, Mickey.

Now, let's just cut
the bullshit, gentlemen.

You completed
a job successfully.
I appreciate that.

And you, Jonathan, you've lost your restaurant.

It's now being run by vilachi as a...

"Gentlemen's" club.

In addition,
I understand...

That you've made a personal issue with Tony.

My associates and I have
expanded our operations...

From Chicago to the west coast.

Which means that vilachi
will either be workin' for me,
or he'll be out of business.

So where do we fit in ?

Don't interrupt Mr. Stein when
he's trying to talk, please.

And don't interrupt me
when I'm talking, please.

Listen to me,
you son of a bitch !

I'll tell you boys
where you "fit in."

I want a little personal
leverage with Mr. Vilachi.

I want his lady-- the pretty blonde that runs his club.

Oh, I know, I know, I know.

I don't usually do business
like that, especially with
a woman, but, uh,

that seems to be the only language vilachi understands.

You can relax, Jonathan.
I know your history with Kathy,
and, uh,

we just wanna hold her
for a couple of days.

I don't think so.

I like you, Jonathan.

You and your friend,
you got a choice as always.

But now you're either going to, uh,assist me,

in the takeover
of vilachi's operations, or--

or I'll be considered
a hostile shareholder
and dealt with accordingly.

Oh, very well put.

In a very short time,
I'm going to be controlling
all of vilachi's clubs.

That includes what used to beyour restaurant.

Now if I were you,
I would think very hard...

About your future.

Let's go.

Well, are you
happy now ?what do you mean ?

We can work something out
with this guy--

get your restaurant back,
maybe get something
for me too.

Yes, and you know
what that something's
going to be ?

A bullet behind the ear.

We're dealin' with people
with enough money and power
to do anything they want--

any place, any time.

look behind you.

See those guys ?

Wherever we go from now on,
we're going to be shadowed.

[ Engine starts ]

[ Ship's horn blowing ]

What the hell
happened to him ?


Mm. What happened to you ?
Who did that ?

Obviously, someone
who didn't like me.

I could offer you protection
so that wouldn't happen again.

Yep. Heard that
promise before.

But unlike Mr. Vilachi,
I keep my promises.

So what's it gonna cost me ?

I know there's
a price.

Oh, I appreciate your honesty
and your intuition.

I'm effectively
taking over...

Vilachi's operations and all its assets.

That includes
tomorrow's arrival.

You want his shipment ?
He'll have an army
of men down here.

That would be my problem.

You and your men
just stay out of the way.

Shall we talk ?

Let's go inside.

[ Waves crashing ]

What's the matter ?

I was thinking
about Kathy.

From the bikini bar.

She a good friend ?

[ Sighs ]
She's in way over
her head with Tony.

I just don't understand
how she got under his thumb.

How'd you get mixed up
with those guys anyway ?which one ?

Well, I understand
about Tony. I've seen
his kind before.

But what about Danny ?
That guy is really strange.

I used to run some clubs
for him in Chicago.

After a few years,
I learned some things
I didn't like.

I told him
I wanted to leave.

He let me go, and I thought
that was the end of it.

That's when
I came to Los Angeles
and started my restaurant.

What was he into ?

Murder for hire. Drugs.

And you took the fifth
for this guy ?

I don't turn on anybody.

That's why
he wants you back.

Yeah, and look
where it's getting me.

[ Punching numbers
on dial pad ]

Tryin' to reach
somebody ?

The phone in the bedroom
works too, you know.

I didn't want
to wake you.

Then you shouldn't have
got outta bed.

I get cold
when you're not there.

Come on. Get dressed.
We're goin' to the club.

[ Gunfire ]

Motherfuckers !

Get him inside.

Get Tony for me.

Tony, we got problems.
Somebody just tried to hit me
at the jet strip.

Yeah, Ricky was hit
in the shoulder.
Doesn't look that bad.

I think it was two guys.
I couldn't see.
They came from behind.

Yeah. Everybody's cool now.

Tony, listen. I gotta go.
A couple of cops just walked in.

Motherfucker ! This is
gettin' outta hand.

Gentlemen, I'm afraid
I'm gonna have to leave.

But I'll take your offer
under consideration.

Let's go.

I don't want Kathy
goin' anywhere.
Watch her.

[ Man ] He better not back out.

- Are you going to call her ?
- That wouldn't be a good idea.
It could get her in trouble.

I'm gonna start the car.

- [ Crashing ]
- [ Grunting ]

[ Punches, kicks landing ]

[ Greg ]
All right.
That's enough.

You had us a little concerned
last night after dinner.

- Don't do this.
- "Don't do this" ?
[ Snaps fingers ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Gasping, groaning ]

[ Punches landing ]

Ooh. He was much more talkative
at dinner the other night.

This is bullshit.
You got something
to say, Greg, say it.

All right. You want me
to spell it out for you ?

Danny wasn't asking you to do him any favors last night.

He was tellin' you!

I want you
to deliver Kathy tonight.

If you don't,

we'll have to conclude
this business.

All right, that's it.

Think about it.

Life can be hell,

always havin' to look
over your shoulder.

[ Grunting ]

[ Phone
ringing ]Probably Danny.

[ Phone ringing ]

Just let it ring.

♪♪ [ Disco ] [ Customers chattering ]

[ Ringing ]I have to answer it.

[ Phone ringing ]

[ Ringing ]

Jonathan, I'm in trouble,
and I need your help.

I don't have anybody else
I could call.

Where are you ?

I'm at the club.Is Tony there ?

No, he left.

How many of Tony's guys
are there ?

I think three
and a guy outside.

I'm coming to get you.Jonathan.

I miss you.I miss you too.
We're on our way.

Okay. Hurry. I don't know
when he's coming back.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

You don't have to help me
if you don't want to.

You're my friend.

And besides,
I really don't wanna
stay here alone.

Ooh, that looks painful.

Is there anything new
that you would like
to share with me, manu ?


And you don't have to worry
about me, Tony.

We'll find that out tomorrow.

Now, I got a nice
little opportunity...

For you and your men
to make a bonus.

I'll provide
the necessary tools.

Well ?

Well, I hit one of Tony's guys
out by the jet strip.

Right on schedule.

What about Jonathan ?

I had a nice little talk
with them.

But they are
a little hardheaded.

What do you plan
on doing with them ?

Right now ? Nothin'.

They know I want vilachi's girl,
so let them get her.

What if they don't ?

Then we pick her up ourselves
and deal with them later.

Hey, asshole ! [ Jonathan ]
Hey, fats !


[ Gunfire ]

[ Gunfire ]

Yo, asshole !

about the club.

Tony told me--

he promised me that
he was only gonna
loan me some money.

It's okay.

I didn't want anyone
to get hurt.

Neither did I,
believe me.

[ Honking ]

What happened to you ?

Mickey and I had
some visitors earlier.

You guys
look terrible.

You look like you got
a shiner yourself.

That son of a bitch.

Why were you with
that guy anyway ?

[ Sighs ] With Tony,
you don't have a choice.

Well, you do now.

Kathy !

Check the back rooms !

- Kathy !
- What the fuck ?

That fuckin' Stein's
got her !

I want every fuckin' guy
on the street out lookin'
for her !

I want every
fuckin' place that
fuckin' guy has been...

Fuckin' checked !

Whoa, Tony,
wait a minute !

We can't do that now.
We got business
to take care of.

Business ? Fuck it !
Business, my ass !

I want Kathy found !tony, we have to worry about
this deal right now.

We'll find Kathy.

I'll send everybody
on the goddamn streets
after tomorrow.

[ Screaming ]

[ Panting ]

[ Panting ]

- I feel better.
- Good.

Tony, we got 30 minutes
to get to the odd ball.

We need to cash out the rest
of this shipment... tonight.

I'll send a couple of guys
down to the waterfront
to look for Kathy.

[ Panting ]
As soon as we take care
of this business tomorrow,

I'm gonna take care
of Stein, personally.

♪♪ [ New age music with sound of waves crashing ]

[ Knocking ]

[ Knocking ] [ Mickey ]
Cindy ?

Mickey ?
Oh, my god !

What happened
to you ?can we come in ?

Of course.

Thank you.

Are you all right ?

Yeah, I'm okay.

How'd you get out of prison ?
You've only been in
for three months.

I got out
for good behavior. [ Jonathan clears throat ]

Uh, my name's Jonathan.
Pleased to meet you.

This is Kathy. [ Kathy ]

Hi. So...
What's goin' on ?

Could you make us
something to drink ?

I'll make some tea.All right.

[ Sighs ]

[ Ship's horn
blowing ]

Did they spot you ?

No, I want you
to tell him yourself.

One of the first team...

Says that Mickey and jonny
hit one of Tony's places
and took off with Kathy.

You still there ?

Good. Now, you stay there,
and you call Greg first thing
in the morning, okay ?

You see ?

Jonathan has never
let me down.

Sometimes it just takes
the right circumstance to
bring out the best in a person.

Who do you think
they went to see ? In Hollywood ?

That would be
Mickey's little sister.

[ Chuckles ]
It's beautiful.

Tony'll think I did it.

Now, onto that other business.
Did you speak to manu ?

Yeah. He was a little
nervous about tomorrow.

I think Tony's visit
shook him up a little bit,
but he'll be all right.

Well, let's make sure we keep him happy.

Give him
another check tomorrow.

Can't you go
to the police ?

Cindy, men like Tony
have friends everywhere.

A call to the wrong
desk sergeant, and you
could end up dead.

There must be something
you can do.

I mean, you can't
just hide from this guy.
He'll find you eventually.

We know that.

Mickey, I don't wanna
see you go away again.

Cindy, I'm not going anywhere.
I'll be right here.

Are they going
to find you here ?
Do they know where you are ?

We weren't followed.

Cindy, I'm not going
to cause you any more problems.

[ Scoffs ]
I've heard that before.

Listen, I, uh-- I have
an audition tomorrow
in the morning,

and I gotta get some sleep.

We should go. [ Mickey ]

No. She'll be all right.

She's just a kid, Mickey.
This isn't her problem.

She's right, mate.
We should leave.

Don't go.

I'd be more worried about you
if you left.

[ Sighs ]

Thank you, Cindy.

If you get cold, you can
just close the windows, okay ?

I love you.

Good night.Good night.

Good night. [ Kathy, Jonathan ] Good night.

Daniel's going to find out.
I'm going to call him.

And tell him what ?
We're not gonna turn
Kathy over to him.

Then we should tell him.
Maybe we can work
something out.

Like what ?i don't know.

I just know we can't run
from this guy.

[ Phone ringing ]


Hold on one second.

How are you, my friend ?

Not so good, Danny.Go on.

- We've got Kathy.
- Tell me the bad news.

She's not a part of this thing
between you and Tony.

Well, that's not
for you to decide, but we'll
discuss it when you come in.

Bring her in now.

We can't do that.

Where does that leave us ?

Danny, isn't there something
else we can do for you ?

I'll have to get back
to you on that.

I'm a little bit surprised,
to be honest.

And disappointed.

[ Sighs, hangs up phone ]

Pick her up first thing
in the morning,
before the clubs.

So I guess
you handled that.

I'm going to bed.

Well ?nothing.

They've been here
for over an hour and
haven't see her anywhere.

[ Sighs ]
Okay, let's call it a night.

Come on. Let's go.
Let's go, let's go, let's go !

[ Gasping,
screaming ]

[ Muffled shouting ]

[ Groans ]

Oh. Jonathan.

Mm.[ Sniffling ]

It's time to get up.
[ Grunts ]

[ Groaning ]

Oh. Good morning.

Good morning.

[ Giggles ]

Good morning.

Are you hungry ?actually, I was about
to make us all breakfast.

Is Cindy up ?she left
for her audition.


[ Whimpering ]

[ Sighs ]
Go ahead.
Use the bedroom.

Cindy's been gone
all of five minutes.

How ya doin', mate ?

[ Door closes ] [ Rustling ]

[ Deep sigh ]
I've gotta get laid.

Did you pick her up
at the apartment ?

You're Mickey's sister ?

- Better get her phone number.
- Ow ! Oh !

- [ Cindy screams ]
- [ Greg ] You got
one hour to get here.

[ Gunfire ]

[ Automatic weapons firing ]

That's it.

Here we go.

Nice car. I didn't think
you had such good taste.

Don't do anything yet.

All right, let Kathy
out of the car, slowly.

Don't try
anything heroic.

[ Panting ]

- Come on !
- Start the car.

[ Engine starting ]

- Are you all right ?
- Hurry !

[ Weapons cocking ]

What's he doin' ?

What the fuck is goin' on ?
He's asleep !

[ Tony ] Honk the horn. [ Horn honking ]

[ Driver ]
What do I do ?

Run him over.

Wait a minute. Hey, Anthony.
Go outside and wake him up.

[ Door opening ][ Scoffs ]
Jesus Christ.

- Get Anthony in the car now !
- [ Tires screeching ]

[ Automatic weapon firing ]

[ Tony ] Vinnie, we don't have time for this shit !

Go to the waterfront now !

[ Inhaling,
imitates gunshot ]

Very nice job.

Still wanna make a run for it ?
Well, feel free !

'Cause I'm a little
hard-pressed right now to find
a reason not to kill you.

You didn't bring me Kathy.
I asked you.

And you killed
two of my men.

Probably would've
fired them anyway--

anybody stupid enough to
bring me the wrong target.

Now, you two ladies,
you got one chance...

To walk out
of this place alive.

When, uh, Anthony vilachi
appears, which should be

I want Jonathan and,
uh, Mickey...

To take him out for me.

Then what ? "Then what" ?

Then what ?

Then, you just gather up
your little loved ones...

And you just live
happily ever after.

That's it ?

That's it.

I ever lie to you,
Jonathan ?

[ Puffing ]

Take the girls.
[ Imitates gunshot ]

It's okay.
It's okay.

Why's he coming here ?

He's worried...
About his fishing boat.


We're gonna need our guns.

[ Exhales ]
What do ya think ?

I think that they're two
very determined young men.

But, uh, keep the girls ready
just in case.

[ Stein ] Well, this is it, gentlemen.

When it starts, you move. When
the containers and the trucks
are in here, you shut it down.

Nobody gets in,
nobody gets out.

[ Sighs ]
I can't believe
I caused this.

I warned you.
Now you know what I was
trying to get away from.

How do you know we can
even trust this guy ?

God ! I say we go back and
get that motherfucker now !

Do something crazy like that,
Cindy and Kathy will be dead
before we get a shot off.

Now get it together !

Let's, uh, load
this truck.

Come on.
Over here.


[ Gunfire ][ Gasps ]

"Be not envious
of evil men."

Vilachi's time
is over.

The end of an era.

[ Gunfire ]

[ Shotgun blasts ]

Every one of Danny's guys
is out there.

- Now's the time.
- Give the signal.

[ Honk, honk, honk ]

These are Tony's guys ?

That fuckin' manu !
That bastard's still working
for vilachi !

- We underestimated Tony.
- Yeah ?

You just go get the girls.


Kathy !

Shit ! They're in
the middle ! Now what ?

I can get a shot.Wait.
It's too dangerous.

Hey ! Vilachi.

This is
your last chance.

Last chance for what ?

You won't get
outta here alive.

Neither will Kathy.

You'll be pullin'
your own trigger !

I don't mind.

Shoot 'em !

Move out of the way.

[ Softly ]
Kathy !

Kathy, come on !

No, Tony.

[ Screaming ]

I guess-- I guess you get
your rest--

restaurant back...

Like I PR-promised.

[ Panting ]

Is it over yet ?

It's over.

Let's go home.

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captions, inc. Los Angeles