The Takedown (2022) - full transcript

Ousmane Diakité (Omar Sy) and François Monge (Laurent Lafitte) are two cops with very different styles, backgrounds and careers. Many years ago they worked together but life took them apart. The unlikely pair is reunited once again for a new investigation that takes them all the way up to the French Alps. What seemed to be a simple drug deal turns out to be a high scale criminal case wrapped in danger and unexpected comedy.


[man 1] Are we walking
across the projects?

[man 2] The buildings are connected.

We came in through
the Rose des Vents side,

now we're headed
through the Lily of the Valley.

[man 1] How's that gonna help us?
We ain't gonna find any lilies here.

[man 2] Trust me.
I'm one percent Cherokee.

Over here.

All right.

- [static]
- [man 3 on radio] Delta One to base.

Delta One to base.

We need your position, guys.

We're in a corridor
that leads to other corridors.

Ousmane, where are we?

We went right, left, blue door,

so we go right...

Right. Green door.

- This way.
- Green door.


Ready to arrest
the most wanted man in Europe?


That was rhetorical.

[man 4] Whoo!

- [crowd cheering]
- ["Turbo" by Sefyu]

- [grunts]
- [yells] Come on! Get up!

- Is Diaz down there?
- Yeah.

- Shall we call for backup?
- No. Not until we spot him.


- [crowd cheering]
- [man yells] Diaz!

Diaz is a shrimp. Look.
Like an ugly Timothée Chalamet.

He just showed up again after three years.

[grunting and whooping]

[crowd gasps]

[cheering and whistling]

- [men yelling]
- [drumming]

[man 1] Where you at, little shrimp?

Where are you hiding?

[announcer] How we feelin'?

I said, how are we feelin'?

The monster...

Jordan Diaz!

I can't hear you! Make some noise!

[man 1] Damn, the shrimp bulked up.


- How old is that photo?
- Three years. He's got a new haircut.

- Brings out the color of his eyes.
- [announcer] This guy's got...

You still don't wanna call for backup?

[announcer] I said, yeah!

- Five win...
- [feedback screeches]

- What up? Do you hear me?
- Oh shit.

I want you to make as much noise
as you can for my man Diaz!

The most dangerous man in Europe!

Give it up for that fight!

- Everybody havin' a good time?
- [cheering]

Great. Now go home.
We're takin' the champ to the precinct.


Cops are surroundin' the buildin'.
Let's play nice, big boy.

Easy, Diaz.
All right, everyone get outta here...


You think you're tough?
Let's see what you got.


Oh, you wanna play? Let's play.



- I was wrong. Get help! Call the guys!
- Let's go!

- Huh?
- Call... the... Call for...

...for backup...

All right, guys. This is it.
Come on, move, move, move!

[man] Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Come on, come on, come on! Go, go, go!

- [man 1] Okay...
- [man 2] Break out the map...

- Shine the light here.
- [man 3] No, the blue one.

- This is upside down.
- Are you sure that's blue?

It looks more chartreuse.

- [grunting]
- [yells]

Let's go, Ousmane!

[crowd boos and falls silent]

- Get him!
- [yells]


Police, hands up!
Don't move! What is that?

- Garbage?
- Drop it!

- Plastics go in that bin!
- Guys...

I swear to God, I recycle!

- It ain't him.
- To the rear. To the rear!

Damn, the French garbage police
don't play!

[crowd cheering]

[all yelling and jeering]



- [horn blares]
- Police!

- Go, go, go! Nobody move!
- [siren wailing]

Don't move! Hands up!

- [horn blares]
- Police!

Nobody move! Nobody move!

- You're not gettin' out of this, dude.
- [groaning] Get off me!

- No way. All right?
- [officer] Don't move!

- Take care of him.
- Come here!

- Get him.
- Hey. You with the megaphone.

Come here. Tell us who won tonight.

- And tonight's winner is...
- The police!

- The police.
- [booing]

And tonight's winner is...

- The winner is...
- The police!

- The police!
- [both] The police! The police!

The police! The police! The police!

[all] The police! The police!
The police! The police!

The police! The police! The police!
The police! The police! The police...

Okay, Captain Monge.

So, you're currently deputy chief
at the 12th District Judicial Police.

- Do I have that...
- I mean, deputy?

You're not a deputy?

- I'm more like an associate chief.
- You're a deputy.


You took the police chief's exam
three times.

- You failed.
- I don't really think of them as failures.

Five transfer requests
to the Criminal Division, Antiterrorism,

personal security detail...

- All dead ends.
- Hmm.

Anything to add to that?

Well, to quote Amin Maalouf,

"Love lives on patience
as much as desire."

Nice, right?

- You know Amin Maalouf?
- I'm talking about your career.

- Okay.
- Do you know why you're here today?

- No. [chuckles]
- Are you sure about that?

Repeating yourself won't change the truth.

- And what do you think the truth is?
- I don't know. Why don't you tell me?

- No. This isn't an interrogation.
- Are you sure?

- I could invoke the Fifth Amendment.
- This isn't the US.

Pleading the Fifth to your therapist
is a little counterproductive.

[Monge] Very nice!

- Work or pleasure?
- Work.

Oh. That narrows it down.

- Clarissa Malbec. Arrested for burglaries.
- Right. Clarissa, yeah.

She was quite the slippery one.

During her interrogation,
you allegedly said to her,

"If you snitch on your partner,
I'll take you to the Tour d'Argent."

"The duck is to die for."

- Could be. It's possible.
- And you don't find that strange?

Why? Are you vegetarian?

Your colleagues think you're a liability.

They think you might have
a severe superiority complex.

No, there's nothing about me
that is complex. [chuckles]

Do you really think that dinner with you

could possibly be more tempting
than a plea bargain?

Oh, now you and I are
getting philosophical.

Perhaps we could explore this together
over a nice supper.

I'll even let you choose the place.

All right. Um...

- I think I've heard all I need to hear.
- Mmm.

- So, thank you.
- You can thank me later.

What do you mean?

[door opens and closes]



- [ripping]
- Hey, hey! Don't do that.

Be careful.

It's cashmere.

Yeah, sorry.

- [Monge] Oh, your ass... oh, your tits...
- [gasping]

Up there. [grunting]

It's crazy how much
you look like your dad.

- Yeah, it's the nose. The family nose.
- Mm-hm.

You mind making love
in your parents' room?

Why would I?

Very Freudian of you.

They're never here.

I don't have to pay rent.

And I'm considerate.
I always change the sheets.

Hmm. Could you put some music on?
This is weird.

Do you know why Enzo Ferrari
didn't want a radio in his car?

- I don't.
- He wanted to hear the engine purring.

[therapist] Huh.

Are you always this meticulous
about everything?


- [bedsprings creak]
- [gasps]

Oh. We both agree
ripping off clothes is sexy, right?

- Uh, yeah.
- You consent?

- Of course.
- I haven't manipulated you?

- No, no manipulation.
- This isn't a quid pro quo deal?

- For real?
- Yeah, I know, but...

- Enough!
- You can't do anything these days.

Shut up.

You're leaving?

I have some smoked salmon.
Wild-caught, hand-sliced. Champagne.

Sounds nice, but I should go.

Goodbye. And thanks.

- You're welcome. Thank you.
- [clock chiming]

My phone number's probably in my file, hm?

- Call me if you want.
- Oh, please.

I'm glad you're okay with this.

People are too quick
to dismiss all men as bastards.

People overthink things.

- I'm fine with this.
- Hm.

You hit a piece of ass for narcissistic
pleasure. What's the problem?

For the record,
you're more than a piece of ass.

Wasn't talking about me.

- Ah.
- All right. Bye.

- [door opens]
- See you.

[door slams]

- [woman] So, Diakité.
- [Ousmane] The fight. Let me explain...

- No need.
- [Ousmane] Actually...

Yeah, I know. I get it.

That's just a snippet out of context.
It's tough to understand.

You really have to see the first part.
At the beginning...

No. That's not far back enough.
Go just a little before that.

[crowd booing]

That's too far back. There's one part...

- Shall I continue?
- No, it's all good.

Over 500,000 views.

You're unmanageable and obsessive,
and you've gone...


They're talking about you at the ministry.
Know what they're saying?

That you're made to be in the limelight.

I'm sure you're aware
we're in the midst of a PR crisis,

especially with a certain
part of the population.

[chuckles] Hey, I've always said that.
The problem is our image.

Then again, I'm just a cop.
I'm not the police.

Exactly right.
And we're gonna change that.

You're going to become
the face of the national police force.


- Hi.
- Allow me to present Benoît Méaux.

He's our communications director.

So what we want
for our next campaign is a hero.

An accessible, normal man
with incredible skills and prowess.

A policeman 2.0,

represented by someone relatable

who happens to also have
a pre-existing fanbase online.


- [Méaux chuckles]
- Me?

This means we need to create
a digital ecosystem using your image.

That means YouTube, Facebook,
Insta, Snapchat and, of course, TikTok,

so that people can follow your daily life
like you're their friend.

And to top it all off,
a publicity spot for all platforms.


[male narrator] A message
from the Interior Ministry.

[woman] Stop! Thief! Thief!


Discipline. Resilience.





Join the National Police.

Your adventure starts here.
Recruiting now.

- [bleeping]
- So...

What did you think of that?

- Wait, is he for real?
- Very.

Hang on a second.

I'm unmanageable and obsessive.

You said so. Why would you choose me?

People like rebels.

- Plus, you're a great father.
- Mmm.

You're likable.

- [Méaux chuckles]
- Aah! There we are!

- I think I understand.
- [chuckles]

Okay. How am I likable?

- Uh...
- Mmm... mmm?

- Méaux?
- Go ahead. Go on.


- You're cool?
- No.

- [Méaux] Uh, you...
- Need a hint? Look at this.

- You're handsome?
- No. Look at it. Look at it.

- You're likable, as in charming.
- Mm-hm.

- You're cute. I don't...
- Another hint? B...

- Buh?
- [Ousmane] Buh. Buhh...

- Buh. Buh. Buh...
- Buh?

- [Ousmane] Bluh...
- Bluh? Buh?


- Black?
- Oh, no.

- Right? I'm a likable Black guy. That it?
- Oh!

- Stop it. That's an order.
- [Ousmane] No.

I'm not gonna play the nice Black cop
to cover up the force's mistakes.

Don't be so dramatic.
We're just asking you to be yourself.

A symbol of the successful integration
of minorities into our institution.

Know where you can stick your symbol?

[man] He's back!

[woman] He's coming.

- [Monge clears throat]
- Hey, how'd it go?

Great. Went well. Sounds like
you've been talking behind my back, hm?

So now I'm a liability to investigations?

If you have something to say,
go ahead. Who wants to start?

- No one? No? Hm?
- [man sighs] Look, you're just...

sort of a loudmouth.

A loudmouth?

- Meaning?
- You brag a lot.

- You're kind of a perv.
- A perv?

- Sorry for being hands-on.
- You never listen to anything...

- What?
- [woman 1] You always have to talk.

- You're always checking me out.
- No. I don't check you out. No.

- You wish.
- [woman 2] You're a dick, François.

The truth hurts, but you are.
You're sexist, not funny.

And you're full of yourself.

- Full of myself?
- [women] Yeah!

And your cologne sucks.

- It's a fragrance, and it's CK One.
- It smells like the back seat of an Uber.

Newsflash. You're too old for
that hipster beard and metrosexual pants.

- [man] You're too tall.
- Metrosexual?

They're slim fit. Excuse me for trying.

Just 'cause we're cops, doesn't mean we
have to get clothes from a dumpster.

Oh shit. [laughs]

Oh, you got me.

- [woman 2] Uh...
- [François] You guys are really good.

You're really good.
You almost had me. [laughs]

- I almost bought...
- [woman 1] Is he serious?

Khadija made a joke about Ubers,
I thought, "Huh?"

Oh! You all deserve Oscars.

[chuckling] Hey, don't break character,
Will Smith!

- Come on, get to work.
- [snaps fingers]

That was dumb. [chuckles]

[Khadija] Does he really think we're...

Full of myself...

[man 1] I just don't like him.

- [man groaning]
- [woman giggling]


Just came to drop off some groceries.
Can you give me a hand?


Yves, are you crying?

- Yves, you okay?
- [Yves] Wait, wait...

Oh man.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye. Yeah, bye.

- [door opens and slams]
- Take it easy.

What's the deal, Dad? I thought you were
going to work after the store?

Yeah, that's right. But, um...

- I got frozen food. I need to put it away.
- You get my Monster Crunch?

- Yves? Care to explain?
- Nothin' to explain.

- At least someone's gettin' laid here.
- What'd you say?

Sorry. At least someone's makin' love
in this apartment?

You better watch how you speak to me.

Yves. I'm not one of your buddies.

- You're right. I'm sorry.
- Okay, then.


- Aah!
- [François] How was the trip?

Hey! Sorry, there was traffic.

You shouldn't have bothered.
I booked us a taxi.

- I said I'd come pick you up.
- That's exactly what I said.

I was hoping he'd have something better
to do in the middle of the day.

- I'm happy to do it.
- Are you available tomorrow night?


[woman] You know!
It's Didier's wife's birthday.

It's at the Ministry.
There'll be important people.

- Daddy can introduce you.
- I'm not ten.

- I can make friends on my own.
- Leave him alone. He's fine.

[François] Out of the way, kids!
Excuse me...


[father] Oh my God. Is that an arm?

[François] Move over. Police.
Move. Move. Police.

[phone ringing]

- [Ousmane] Hey, Djimo.
- Ous, we got somethin' at Lyon station.

- Hurry up.
- I'm on my way.

- [Ousmane] Djimo!
- Hey.

- What's up?
- 12th District Police beat us here.


- Keep going. Pretend I'm not here.
- Oh, this clown.

Wait. Excuse me. I'm actually with them.

See that guy with the cellphone?

He just tried to sell me molly.
Have a nice day.

- Step over this way, sir.
- [Méaux] Uh... Look, I'm with him.

- I'm police.
- Sure.

- IT department.
- Spread your legs.

- [François] You didn't hear?
- No!

- Passengers alerted me about a loud noise.
- Hang on.

- [François] At which point on the journey...
- Hang on.

[driver] We were going full speed...

All right, young man, that's enough.

- I'll take it from here.
- No, I'm police. I'm police.

- François Monge.
- Oh!

- No! Ousmane, I can't believe it!
- Hey, man!

- What are you doing here?
- You know...

- Oh man! Been a while. Gosh.
- That's for sure.

How are you? [chuckles]

- François.
- You two go back a ways?

- Pfft...
- Oh, man, we were partners back in...

- When was that...
- Oh, yeah, yeah.

I wouldn't say
I boosted him up the ladder...

No, no, I wouldn't say that. No.

[both laugh]

- Can you go talk to the witnesses?
- Yeah.

- Can I talk to you for a minute?
- Appreciate it. Thanks.

- It's really good to see you.
- Yeah.

- You look fantastic.
- I'm okay. Look at you!

- Mmm.
- You look fit. Working out more?

Oh, you've put on some weight.

- [chuckles] Yeah.
- That's aging. I'm staying in shape.

Don't know about that.

- I think you look a little pudgy.
- Oh, yeah? Really?

- Anything new with you?
- Pretty much same old, same old.

- I'm chief of the Criminal Division now.
- Mmm?

- I even have my own team. So, yeah.
- Yeah? Great.

- Congratulations. That's great.
- Thanks.

- Uh, and you?
- I'm still at the 12th. It's great.

- That's great to hear.
- Yeah, it's been good.

I wanted to return to fundamentals.

Uh, back to basics.
It's been so enriching.


- Wanna tell me?
- What?

- Whose wife you slept with?
- What do you mean?

Uh, you expect me to believe you left
Criminal Division 'cause you felt like it?

- Sounds punitive.
- I just told you it's been very enriching.

- Oh, yeah?
- Not all of us are careerists.

No, no. I hear you.

- Not all of us cut throats to get ahead.
- Ah, ah, ah!

- No, wait. I'm not saying you.
- Oh yeah? Right?

I'm just saying work's not everything.

So there's a Mrs. Monge in your life
besides your mother?

No. I haven't met a woman yet
who can tie me down.

- Right! Well, you better hurry.
- Oh, yeah?

Or there's gonna be a huge age difference.

- [both laugh]
- Yeah, well, I'm maturing.

- I'm going from a hellcat to a lone wolf.
- Yeah, yeah. Not bad.

- How about you?
- I'm the same way.

- I'm good on my own. Chillin'.
- Oh, yeah?

That's just great.

So, uh... where's the prosecutor?

Uh, he was here, but he saw the body,
got squeamish and took off.

- Is it that bad?
- Come, have a look.

[inhales sharply]


No identification. Cause of death unknown.

- And the other half?
- This is the only half we found.

Um... We'll let you finish up. Thanks a lot.

- Let's catch up. It was great to see you.
- Yeah, it was...

Wait. Could you show me around
the new Crime Division offices?

- Oh, no, they're not... No, seriously...
- I heard they're awesome.

- Great, we can ride together.
- Look, I...

[François] Lot of space.

But it's a little... little cold,
don't you think?

It just feels less personal
than a district station.

Ousmane, the Saint-Julien-en-Genevois
station called. They found a guy's legs

on a train track outside Valergnes.

His name was Kevin Marchal.

- Oh, that's for me. I got it.
- Uh... Who's this?

Sorry. Lieutenant Monge
from the 12th District.

- Hi, everyone. At ease.
- Uh, hi.

- He called in the body.
- Yeah.

The guy probably got his heart broken
and tried to end it all...

- Wow. No. Two bullets in his thighs.
- Well, then it's a homicide. I call dibs!

[man laughing]

[chuckles] What?



I'll tell the prosecutor. Call Valergnes.

- I'll be back three days, tops.
- [woman] On it.

Oh, this is great.
Just the kind of content we need.

No, you're not coming.

- Uh...
- It's too dangerous. Too risky.

- Can't bring civilians. It's low-profile.
- But I have...

I'm going undercover. Thanks, bye-bye.

- What just happened?
- That's my Ousmane!

Intrepid! Bold!
Getting the old team back together.

- [chuckles]
- What team?


Hey, wait, Ousmane.
This is my case. You can't do this to me.

- Now's not the time.
- Actually, it is. I found the body.

It's cut in two, so we each get a half.
I'm okay with that.

- François?
- [urinating]

- Hm?
- You're district. I'm Criminal Division.

How would we team up?
There's no protocol whatsoever.

That's your excuse? All right.
[scoffs] You used to be more fun.

[urinating continues]

- Oh, I see! Is this about Yasmine? Huh?
- About Yasmine?

- Yeah, about the fling I had with her.
- You really think I care?

You were crazy about her.

Oh, come on. She's just a good friend.

- Ousmane.
- What?

- Dude!
- What? Come on.

Back then, it was enough
for you to totally ghost me.

- You're kidding. I ghosted you?
- Come on!

I left you all those voicemails
after the captain exam.

- Oh!
- You never called me back.

If you could have seen yourself,
laughing at everything she said,

- too chickenshit to make a move.
- [urinating in spurts]

Yeah, sorry I decided
to take the initiative.

Too bad for you hittin' on women
wasn't part of the exam.

- You might have passed.
- [closes zip]

- That was small of you.
- No, that's small.

Hey, at least I didn't burn my tip
on the urinal cake.

You're pissin' in Morse code, Casanova.

- Huh?
- See a doctor, drippy.

- Wait, Ousmane...
- I'm not walking you out.

Hey, wait!

- [door bangs]
- Shit! Uh...


Ousmane! Oh shit...

Come on. You can't deny
we had something real.

Right? We were a good team, a unit, a duo.

We were besties, pals, buddies.

You're a walking thesaurus.

Yeah, after that, we split up.

- Your fault, my fault...
- My fault?

That's not the problem. But
you can't go to the provinces without me.

You don't know 'em like I do.
You need someone you can count on.

Oh, so you know the provinces?

I was born in Bordeaux. Studied in Rennes.

My parents have a chalet in Lyon,
and my uncle's estate is near Aix.

- So yeah, you could say that.
- François. Look at my mouth.

Read my lips. You hear the words?

I'm going. You're not.

Smell that fresh air, huh? Huh?

Look at those mountains,
all the vegetation.

People go across the world
to Réunion Island,

when everything we need's in France.

- Réunion Island is France.
- Yeah, sort of.

Okay, how long are you gonna sulk?

Three hours on the train
without a word is childish.

- Childish? You called your daddy.
- Daddy? Give me a break.

- I didn't call my daddy.
- Then who'd you call?

- My mommy.
- Right.

She's close with the chief of staff, so...
Anyway, listen. You played, you lost.

- That's it. Move on.
- Nepotism.

- Come again?
- Nepotism.

Nepotism? How dare you say that?

You don't know my life.
You don't know my parents, my journey.

I'm not like you.
I don't have history on my side.

Oh, keep going. This is gonna be good.

Well, when you're white, educated,
and well-connected,

it's not easy
to carve a place for yourself.

- That right?
- Laugh it up. We don't have quotas, sir.

Uh-huh. It's every man for himself.

It's so much easier to be Black and poor,
is that what you're saying?

- Hmph.
- [scoffs]

[Ousmane laughing]

Did I say that?

Anyway, is someone picking us up?

Alice Gauthier, Deputy Captain.


- Yeah.
- There's a name from the '90s.

- Okay?
- So she's 25, 30.

Provincial girls are way less complicated.

- Yeah, and?
- Well...

Since you're a little rusty,
this could be your chance.

- You serious?
- Well...

I just don't think about it every day.

- You really have a problem.
- [scoffs]

- You should see a therapist.
- I did. Yesterday. Quite fun.

Well, Alice isn't winning points
for punctuality.

Sorry, I was waiting for you over there.
I got you some coffee. I'm Alice.

- Thanks.
- Alice Gauthier. Nice to meet you.

- Pleasure.
- François Monge.

- In Paris, we do two kisses.
- Oh, we don't do that here. [laughs]

Chief Diakité,
great to be working with you.

- I've heard so much about you.
- Well, great. I have too.

- [laughs]
- I mean, likewise.

- It's a pleasure to meet you too.
- Hmm!

I'm excited already. [chuckles]

- Shall we?
- Sure! Off to Wonderland, Alice.

[both laugh]

- Just kidding!
- [Alice laughs]

You say somethin'?

- Nope.
- That's what I thought.

- [Ousmane] Are you from around here?
- Thonon-les-Bains.

A country girl. [chuckles]

Is there any interesting architecture
around here?

Looks like there are a lot

- of interesting businesses.
- Mm.

- [radio chatter]
- Hmm.

All that's missing is "Marine Le Pen's
Bakery" and "Joan of Arc's Tavern."


[Alice] It's a traditional,
patriotic town.

This isn't patriotic.

Let me explain. During the past few years,
there's been a lot of drug trafficking.

People just want law and order.

- They wanna preserve our values.
- Hm.

- They just want someone with a firm hand.
- Someone like him?

Isn't he that fascist
from the France First party?


He's on the right,
so you call him a fascist. Why not a Nazi?

- Go ahead, tell me the difference.
- [François] For your information,

fascism implies a period in history,
dark and brutal, but not uninteresting...

- [Ousmane] Stop it.
- economic...

This guy doesn't like Blacks,
Arabs, Jews, or gays.

Europe, Me Too, rap, nothing.
What do you call that?

A patriot.


- Got you!
- Okay, good. That's good. Yeah.

[Alice] You should see your face. [laughs]

[Ousmane] Where do we start?


[François] Oh, hello, there.

[chuckles] I guess you found
his better half, didn't you?


Kevin Marchal, 26, lived with his mother.

Sentenced two years ago
for drug trafficking.

He served eight months.
Nothing after that.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I'm good. I'm fine.
- [Alice] Mmm.

So he fell off a bridge,
and a train cut him in half?

No, the body was bisected
using a sharp metal object.

Ax? Chainsaw?

No, we're leaning toward
a defective guard rail.

However, that doesn't explain
why the wounds are cauterized like this.

Oh, that's crazy. It's seared like bacon,
but it's crispy like barbecue.

[pathologist] We need
the toxicology report.


There are two gunshot wounds
from a distance of three and five meters.

Oh, yeah, you can see the entrance wound.

- [groans]
- [pathologist] One bullet lodged in bone.

- It's a 7.62.
- Oh, yeah.

- Tokarev?
- The dealers' weapon of choice.

What the hell are you doing?

Well, sometimes, when addicts want
to hide their handiwork...

- That's right.
- Correct me if I'm wrong, doctor.

There's nothing here.

[chuckles] Hm.

- Stop that!
- That's how I found it.

[siren blaring]

- [François] You all right?
- Huh? Yeah.

- It's weird. So much space.
- [Alice] Nice to see you.

It's the great outdoors.

- [Alice] Hello.
- Good morning.

- I'm fine.
- How are you?

- Morning.
- Morning.

- [radio chatter]
- Great crime scene. Perfectly marked.

Protected. No interference.
It's neat, organized.

Good work. No need to envy Paris cops.

[scoffs] We don't envy you!

- [Alice] Hi. Thanks for meeting us here.
- Morning.

- [Ousmane] You wanna go talk to them?
- Why me?

We can save time.
I'll debrief with the deputy captain.

- Why not the other way around?
- Just because.

"Just because" isn't good enough.

Well, because I'm a chief,
and you're a captain. Got that?


- Is that an order?
- Yeah, that's right. It's an order.

- Oh.
- I can do that. I'm your superior.



- Gentlemen.
- [man] Hey.

Morning, guys. Captain Monge,
Paris Criminal Division.

Well, Paris, but I'm originally
from the provinces. We're the same.


Man, people talk about climate change,
but weather's fine here! [laughs]

- [Ousmane] Do we have the motorcycle?
- [Alice] No, just his legs,

tire tracks, blood and broken glass.

- He hit the rail then fell on the train?
- Right.

- And lost control of his bike there.
- We got a bullet hole here.

- That's why he lost control.
- Mmm.

This is where he was shot.

Two 7.62 rounds.


[tires screeching]

[Kevin yells]

It fits the traces of blood
we found down the road.

[camera shutter whirring]

What's weird is that
the guy who was chasing him

stopped right after he shot him.

To finish the job.

[Ousmane] Or to cover his tracks.
The motorcycle.

It's too heavy for one guy.

He just forgot one detail.

[Ousmane] The 9:52 train to Paris.


- [Ousmane] It wasn't the guard rail.
- [Alice] No. The high-voltage cables.

- That's where the burns came from.
- [crackling]

I'm coming up.

- What?
- Nothing.

What is it?

Am I wrong?

No, no, you're...



I found a tooth!

I found a tooth. [chuckles]

- He must've lost it on impact.
- He wasn't missing one.

- No?
- Mm-mm.



Wait, is that the stir stick
from the morgue?



How about we go get some paperwork done?

- I thought we'd visit the victim's mother.
- Ugh! Ugh!

- Can we get a car?
- Uh, yeah.

But I haven't told her her son's dead yet.

[François] We'll take care of it.

Okay. Sylvain, can you get them a car?

Ugh. Ugh.

- [Ousmane] Okay.
- Can I get your digits?

What? My digits?

- For work.
- You sure you don't need my fingerprints?

- Just the number's fine.
- [groans]

- Okay, it's 06...
- [Alice chuckles] Right.

- ...39, 98...
- Mm-hm.

- ...32...
- [François clears throat]

- ...15.
- [siren wailing]

- Call me any time.
- Okay.

Mine is 06...

No, it's fine.
You're always together anyway, so...


- See you.
- See you.

- Hmm.
- [radio chatter]

- Mmm. I don't like her.
- What?

- No, there's something off about her.
- Because she digs me and not you?

- Is that it?
- [scoffs]

Yeah, of course.

- Here's the keys. Drive safe.
- Thanks. Appreciate it.

- All right, I'm out.
- Unreal. [chuckles]

- [Ousmane] You're jealous.
- [François] Of what?

- Of these.
- These what?

- These nuts! [chuckles]
- Grow up!

- [François] Ugh.
- [Ousmane] So jealous.

- [François] Mm.
- [Ousmane] What is it, then?

- [François] Well...
- [Ousmane] Say it.

- You don't have an excuse!
- [François] I'm 37.

- I'm too old for this nonsense.
- [Ousmane laughs]

[dog barking]

- [Ousmane] What are you doin'?
- Putting on my gun.

No. You'll just scare her.
In the glove box.

- This isn't protocol.
- Here.

- It's fine.
- Yeah, but it's not protocol.

- [door closes]
- Also, go easy with the news.

[scoffs] Come on. I can be sensitive.

Afternoon, ma'am. Captain Diakité,
Paris Criminal Division.

- This is Lieutenant Monge.
- Also from the Criminal Division.

No, you're not.

But this way, we don't have to explain.

- [Mrs. Marchal] Sorry, what's this about?
- Can we come in for a minute?

- Okay.
- [Ousmane] Thank you.

[door rattles]

- What are you doing?
- What are you?

- I'm goin' inside.
- So am I.

- Come on, back up.
- Why me?

- Because.
- Whatever.

- Aww, thanks so much.
- Fine.

Do you mind if I use
your restroom, please?

- Yes. It's right there.
- Thank you.


In the meantime,
why don't we have a little chat?

- [François] Oh...
- [clucking]

- [Mrs. Marchal] Come on.
- [chuckles]

Have a seat.

- Oh.
- Animals. [chuckles]

- [clucking]
- [chuckles]

Okay, um, Mrs. Marchal...

- I have good news and bad news.
- You found my son, didn't you?

- Well, yes. That's the good news.
- And he's okay?

[chickens clucking]

Well, okay, actually,
I shouldn't have started like that.

- Um...
- Is he hurt?

Yes, he was shot twice in the leg, but...

Oh my God. Can he still walk?

- No. He can't walk anymore.
- How did...

- That's only part of it...
- Oh...

- Oh, please just tell me he's all right.
- You're not helping, Mrs. Marchal.

Okay, like a chest wax.
Just rip it off in one go.

Um, Kevin is dead, ma'am. I'm sorry.

- No.
- I'm sorry.

[sobbing] No! No!


- [wailing] No!
- [François] Sorry.

- No!
- [clucking]

No! No!

- Please, no!
- Yes.

- No! No!
- Sorry. I'm sorry.

- [sobbing] Oh, no!
- Shh. Calm down. Ow!

- Shh, it's okay.
- What the hell did you do?

- Get a paper bag.
- [gasping]

She's hyperventilating.
Breathe through your nose.

- That's it. Breathe. Shh!
- [Mrs. Marchal screaming]

- [Mrs. Marchal] No! No!
- What's that? No.

Oh, wet granny panties?

- Ugh! [whimpers]
- [Mrs. Marchal wails]

Oh, gross.

- [wailing]
- Shh. Deep breaths. Come on.

- You can do it. Just keep breathing.
- Come here. Here.

Breathe into the bag.

- [gasps]
- [François] There you go.

We'll do everything in our power
to find out who did this, okay?


Oh, it smells just like him.

Oh! He was a good boy,

but he was always hanging out
with the wrong people.

- [sniffing]
- Quit it!

Who, for instance?

[sobs] There was his... his friend, Nader.

The Snitch.

- [groans]
- It'll be okay.

[sobs] No!

[Ousmane] It's okay, ma'am. We understand.


What did Kevin do? Did he work?

He used to work at the pharmacy,
but... but he got fired.

They accused him of stealing medication

and having people buy it from him
on the street. [sobbing]

That's when he started
spending his days in his workshop.

That's what he called it.

- I don't know what he was doing, but...
- Let go.

[gasps] At least he was here.

[wailing] With me.

He was with me!

- [Ousmane] Oh, I know.
- Shh. It's okay.

- It's okay.
- Let it out.

[François] Go on.

Okay, okay, okay.

I know, you're okay.

- Sh, it's all right.
- [cracking]

- Ow!
- There you go.

- Mm-hmm...
- Yeah.



[crockery clatters]

- [François] Mm...
- [clucking]

- [shrieks]
- Come here, okay? Okay.

Hug me like your son.

- [chicken farts]
- Ugh! [gulps]

[dogs barking]

[Mrs. Marchal] Okay, well, it's slippery.
The pig and the chicken shit.


It's back there.

Careful around the dogs.
They can be a little frisky.

- Take a hike!
- [whining]

Hey. Sh!

- I don't think I ever got a rabies shot.
- Hey! Down!

Come on! Look at the little guys.

[dogs whimpering]

See, they're fine. For real. Right?

Huh? Look.

What a good boy.

- [barking]
- Oh shit!

[François] They're out of control!

[dogs whimpering]

What the hell?
Do you think they're bipolar?

I know some bears are bipolar.

- Was Kevin training them to fight?
- No.

I don't think they ever left the house.

- I gotta get the keys.
- [Ousmane] Hang on.

[grunts] No need.

- [François whistles]
- [Ousmane] Nice little lab.

- [François] No kidding. A budding chemist.
- [Ousmane] Not bad, Kevin.

[François] Pretty nice, my man.

- [Mrs. Marchal] What is this?
- Very organized.


- Nasal decongestant.
- [François] Hell of a cold.

They use this to make methamphetamine.
See these crystals here?

You studied chemistry?

I've studied Breaking Bad.


- Oxycodone.
- Hang on. Don't move.

What are you doing?

[Ousmane sighs] Sending it to a friend
in Narcotics.

Yasmine... You two still talk?

Why? What do you care?

Oh, okay. You're not mad at her?

Dude, I'm not mad at you.

- Quit bugging me about that.
- Right. Nice double standard.

[Ousmane sighs]

Man, you could
kill a horse with this much.

- Shit. The dogs.
- What about 'em?

He tested product on them.
They're guinea pigs.

- Mrs. Marchal?
- Yes?

Can you tell us anything
about the people your son hung out with?

Well, there was this girl. Jessica.

He went to see her sometimes.
I think she works at a bar.

Hold on.

Is it by chance this bar?

[Mrs. Marchal] That's the one.


- Strip.
- Yeah.


That means we might see boobies!

- And?
- No, nothing. You've been warned.

[Ousmane] You're a dick.

- [François] You got a hanky?
- Why do you need a hanky?

- [François] You're sweating.
- Stop talking to me.


- [Ousmane] Hello.
- [François] Miss.

[man] We're not open yet.

[Ousmane] You are now.

We need to speak with Jessica.

- Which way are the dressing rooms?
- Um...

- Down there.
- Thank you.

Okay. I'm goin'.

- To the dressing rooms?
- Yeah.

The women's?

- You're a dickhead.
- Mmm.

Excuse me.

Well, hi.

[chuckles] And you are?

Uh... Yeah. Police.


One moment.

- [beads jingle]
- [laughs]

François. François.


You should go.

- Why?
- It's better this way.

Well... Oh!

- You have issues.
- What?

- Very sad.
- What? Hey...

- You have issues with women.
- What does that mean? Go.

- [François] Jessica?
- Hm?

Captain Monge. Paris Criminal Division.

- What is this? A parade?
- I wanna talk about Kevin Marchal.

- Is he okay?
- No, he's dead.

He was murdered.

I knew this wouldn't end well.


Rub my back?

As you wish.

No problem.

That okay?

- I mean, my hands aren't too cold?
- No.


Okay, now you answer.

Come on, let's not make this boring.

Here's how it works.
I ask you questions, and you answer.

You remind me of this joke, bro.

Aah! He speaks!
And he called me bro.

- That's progress.
- It's about a... [tuts]

[sighs] What do you call, um...

A man of color.

Can't wait to hear this.

He walks into a bar
with a parrot on his shoulder.

The bartender sees him,
says, "Wow! He's beautiful!"

"Where'd you get him?"

Okay? Where'd he get him?

The parrot answers, "In Africa."

[laughing] In Africa!

In Africa? Aah!

- Because the parrot says it.
- Right!

Wow, that's a good one.
It's racist, but a good one.

- Racist towards who?
- Black people.

- Oh, come on.
- Un poquito.

Sorry, shouldn't speak Spanish.
Don't wanna provoke you. But it's racist.

So, Kevin Marchal.

I don't talk
to Sub-Saharan immigrants. Sorry.

And I usually don't talk
to racist sons of bitches.

But let's both give it a shot, okay?
You got that?

Oh! Guess it's my turn.

Hey! Are you out of your mind?

- I just cleaned in here!
- [yells]

Oh, no. No!

[both yelling]

I mean, it was fun at first.

Despite his wild side, he was a sweet guy.


But that stuff he was making...

- Sorry. So he was dealing?
- He used to.

- With his buddy, the Snitch.
- Who's he?


They call him the Snitch.

He works at the laser tag place
at the mall.

They got in a fight when he found out
Kevin was making his own drugs.

They were doing pretty good business.

- [François] Uh-huh?
- They'd deal in nightclubs.

In raves.

[rubbing hands]

[sighs] You don't have to do my butt.


- Thanks.
- You're very welcome.


Come on. Come on!

- [cackling]
- [grunts]

[both yelling]

[echoing thump]

[glass smashing]

We met up, like, two weeks ago.

He was really nervous, like he...
was spooked about something.

- I don't know.
- [Ousmane] François!

- [sighs]
- François!

And that guy gets chief.


- [Jessica squeals]
- [mumbles]

- [screams]
- Oh! God damn this guy!

Hey, that guy's nuts. He's fucking crazy.

I'll show you. This ain't over.
This ain't over!

Damn it. Coming!


There's a reason
this is against fucking protocol.

Oh shit! [panting]

Damn it!

Oh, come on, come on, come on! [yelps]


[groans] Oh! No!


[man yells]



Shit, shit, shit!




- [snarling]
- [gasping]

- First warning! Hands on your head!
- [buzzing]


- [crackling]
- [groaning]


- [growls]
- [François] Hey...

- Uh... Uh...
- [snarls]

- This is your second warning?
- [buzzing]

- [groaning]
- [crackling]


- What the fuck?
- [growls]

[rapid heartbeat]

- [gurgles]
- [heartbeat stops]



[glass crunching]

He's dead.

[Ousmane] Weird.
No pain, didn't get tired.

That guy was on drugs.

[François chuckles] Yeah, sure.

What do you mean, "sure"?

Listen, Ousmane. You got your ass kicked.
You don't have to make excuses.

All because of a joke.
It was tasteless, I'll give you that...

No, it wasn't tasteless.

- It was racist. Not the same.
- Oh! In the original, it's a monkey.

I think you're being overly sensit...

You were saying?


Am I still too sensitive?

God! What a shitty town. Damn!

Look at this. They even broke the window!

The window? Come on, guys...

Why do people do this?
Seriously. Why break the window?

And I understand the N-word,
but "homos"? Really?

- What was that?
- Come again?

- I heard you. I want an explanation.
- You don't understand.

No, I don't. Give me the keys, please.

Oh shit, uh...

I... I strategically placed them
under the car.

- You left the keys under the car?
- Yes!

Carl Müller. License revoked
two years ago. Nothing too egregious.

He worked for a security company.

- Guess we should pay them a visit.
- [Alice] Hmm.

He had this tattooed on his neck.
Mean somethin' to you?

- No.
- If it isn't our friends from the capital!

How are you? I'm Chief Mercier.

- Pleasure to meet you.
- Pleasure's mine.

We're waiting for the autopsy.
Hopefully, it confirms cardiac arrest.

- Or was it self-defense?
- I was attacked.

Verbally and physically.

- What more do you need?
- The guy was kinda tough.

- No, the guy was on drugs.
- [scoffs]

Reminds me of a kid I saw at a rave.

He had a bad trip on laced ecstasy.
Took three guys to stop him.

Let's compare Carl's results
with the stuff we found at Kevin's.

Two dead bodies in two days
is way above our average.

I need you to stop the body count,

and wrap this up quickly,
quietly and with a sure hand, hm?

- That sounds like us. I do quiet jobs.
- And he does hand jobs? Not surprised.

Gauthier, stick to procedure.
Record everything.

Of course, boss. Sometimes,
he mixes up captain and secretary.

- I have that problem.
- That right?

Some people think a captain works under
the chief. We're more like co-chiefs.

- Hmm.
- [computer pings]

Oh! Kevin's tests.
Traces of cocaine and cannabis. Uh...

Just like most of the kids here.

He's not a dealer or addict. He's a cook.

Mmm! Speaking of cooks, are you hungry?
We've done enough for one day.

What's the local specialty? Hmm?


- [laughter and conversation]
- [Ousmane] Mmm!

- [Alice] Mmm.
- [François] Mmm!

- Mmm. Delicious.
- [Alice] Mm-hm?

- [François] Mmm! It's tasty.
- Mm.

You can't go back
without trying our croissoufflé.

- Very rich.
- [François] And crunchy, mm.

But it melts in your mouth.
Mmm. So good!

- Mmm.
- God, I'm just pigging out.

I was worried that tripe, pasta
and Raclette cheese would be too heavy.

But it's not at all.

- That's right.
- Not at all. You wanna know why?

They don't use heavy cream.
They use yog-urt.


- It's yog-urt.
- Yoh-gurt!

- Yogurt.
- No "yog-urt." Oh. "Yoh-gurt."

- But the "O" is silent. Yog-urt.
- No. Yoh-gurt.

- I've always said yog-urt. How about you?
- Uh, yoh-gurt.

- Really?
- See, told you.

- I've always said yog-urt.
- How about "sp-yoon" while you're at it?

- I'm sure both are correct.
- Where'd you learn that?

At "sch-yool"?
Where you wrote on the "wh-yite board"?

- Whatever.
- There are no "ryules" for the table.

- I'm afraid we must "gyo."
- Perhaps I should "cyall you a cyarriage."

- All right! Are you done yet?
- [both chuckling]

Alice? May I call you that?

[laughs] Of course you can.

- [Alice chuckles]
- Tell me, Alice...

- Hmm?
- Excuse me.

- What's a girl like you...
- Excuse me.

...doin' in this line of work?

What do you mean, a girl like me?

- Well...
- Means you're hot.


Come on, we don't need to sugar-coat it.

Alice is a ravishing young woman.
Pointing it out isn't a crime.

- You're bein' a creep.
- [door opens]

The Veile family!

- How are you doing? Hello.
- [man] Mr. Mayor.

- Hey.
- How are you?

- Hey, good evening.
- How are you?

I'm great.

- Hmm.
- [Brunner] Peter! How's it going?

- How's business?
- Isn't that the mayor?

- It's his second home.
- [Brunner] I'll stop in soon.

Literally. He owns the restaurant
and a bunch of other places.

Right, I get it. Brunner City, huh?

When the local economy crashed,
he bought everything

and created thousands of jobs,
so, of course, when he ran for mayor...

[Brunner] Ms. Deputy Captain.

- [Alice] Mr. Mayor. Hi.
- Good evening.

- Pleasure to meet...
- Ah, don't get up.

- You're both from Paris, aren't you?
- Yeah.

You're here about the death
of Kevin Marchal?

- News travels fast.
- Poor kid. It's terrible.

Terrible. You know,
that's why I work so hard.

So young people can thrive here,
away from violence and the drug trade.

Anyway, I hope
you find the culprit quickly

and that it won't keep you
from enjoying our town.

- I see you're off to a nice start.
- Yeah.

To accompany this meal, I'd recommend
a glass of Chartreuse. It's made in house.

Mickael? Three.

- Have you been here before?
- No, but we feel at home.

It's clean. And welcoming.

[François] I actually came here
a while ago with my grandma.

We were visiting one of the resorts.

It was truly magical. What?
Their spa was absolutely exquisite.

- Yeah. I'm good.
- [scoffs]

- Excuse him.
- [chuckles]

- I hope you enjoy your evening.
- Thanks.

- Gentlemen. Bye, now.
- Thanks.

- Thanks, Mr. Mayor.
- Bye.

Hey, isn't that nice?
The mayor coming to the restaurant...

- Oh, right. Thanks, Mickael.
- Thanks.

So one drink, a pat on the back,
and you're sold.

- You'd vote for Hitler.
- [sighs]

Well, to your
coalition with the provinces.

- [both] Cheers.
- Mmm.

[both coughing]

Tastes like goat piss.

[stomach gurgling]

I'm sorry.

- I ate way too much.
- Ever heard of self-restraint?

[François] It's not me, it's that cookie
that came with the coffee.

Cinnamon makes me bloated.

Here we are.

[train passing]

- You're joking?
- Sorry. We're on a budget.


- It's perfect. Thanks.
- Mm-hm.

And thanks for tonight. It was great.


It's all great.

Mmm. [chuckles]


- Oh, sure. I'll get your bag.
- [Ousmane] Good night.

[Alice] Good night.

- [François] I'm tired. Come on.
- Yeah.

- Okay, Dad. Okay.
- [François] Come on!

- See you.
- Yeah, have a good night.

[François] No, after you.

- No, go ahead.
- Go ahead.


- You just said, "go ahead."
- No, you did.

- [groans]
- It's fine. Go on.

- [sighs] You're kidding me.
- [door slams]

[man talking on radio]

- [jingles]
- [yelps]

[groans] Can I help you?

- We have two rooms. Diakité and Monge.
- Diaki...

- ...té.
- Uh-huh.

Oh, yeah. One queen. [sighs]

No. No, there's two of us.

- So, two rooms.
- [receptionist] Hm.

No, this says one room for two people.

[sighs] Fine. Forget it.
Give me my own room, please. I'll pay.

We're all booked up, sorry.

Totally full
'cause of the conference. It's...

- totally... full.
- [sighs]

It's fine.


[François] Right. Of course.

I call the window side.

If populism means
listening to your fellow citizens

and trying to improve their lives,
then yes, I am a populist.

And proud of it.

What kind of message are we sending
these unfortunate people?

"Come to our country.
We'll provide for you." It's fiction!

All that's waiting
is poverty and deprivation.

It's time to stop dangling carrots
and to stop making promises we can't keep.

[François gargling]


What are you doin'?

Oh, my bad. Sorry. Forgot you were there.

- Excuse me.
- [bedsprings creak]



- There. Happy?
- Do I look happy?


You think I'm gonna sleep next to you
like that? Hell, no.

- Why not?
- Because.

- Because why?
- Just because.

- Of course, "just because."
- That's right.

Well, I can't sleep unless I'm naked.

Look, I even left my T-shirt on.

The T-shirt is not the problem.
Your balls are out,

like a white Winnie-the-Pooh.

What's going on? Are you afraid?

Afraid that I'll awaken
some hidden desire or something?

You got me. Now go pick up your briefs
and put 'em on.

I'd appreciate it.

You really need to get more comfortable
with the human body.

[Ousmane] Look, my body is fine.

It's your naked ass
I don't want next to me.

Yeah, you're not a prude at all...

- All right, then.
- [sighs]

- We okay now?
- Yeah. We're good.

- Okay, all right. Good night.
- All right, good night.

[François sighs]

- François.
- [elastic snaps]

[elastic snaps]

[François] Looks like the local
security business is booming.

- Are you sulking?
- [Ousmane] No.

[François] What's the matter?

You should've had breakfast.
They had smoked sausages.

- I'm fine.
- Gives you energy.

Sleep gives me energy.

[phone alert]

Your nose makes a weird noise
when you sleep.

See a doctor, sniffy.

My nose is perfect. Runs in the family.

We got Carl's results.
Amphetamines and steroids.

- Just like Kevin.
- Told you. The guy was on drugs.

And he beat your ass.

- Because he was on drugs.
- Right.

That is right.


[François] Okay, Ousmane.


The guys behind this door
worked with Carl.

They're probably all on the same drug.

Yeah, so?

So I think it's best if I take the lead
this time and you hang back,

so we avoid a situation
like the one at The Cherry.

What situation?

Ah, right!

The fight!

- You sure?
- It's safer.



What's up, gym rats?

Don't stop on our account.
We're just the police.

That's right.
Those annoying cops are here.

Which one of you cupcakes is in charge?

[chuckles] Here we go.

Nobody move.


We want to speak to the manager.

You didn't give a warning.

Oh, right, sorry. First warning.

You have to say it before.

Well, it's too late.

- All right, Stallone, you can move.
- [groans]

Goran Jurdik. I'm the boss.
What do you want?

Hey, there he is! Leader of the cupcakes.

- Look around while we chat.
- Huh? But...

- [Ousmane] It's good to meet you, sir.
- [growling]

Excuse me. You too.

Back up. Right now. Make some room.

Carl Müller, does it ring a bell?

Yeah, sure, I know him.
Haven't seen him today.


- Does he have a locker?
- You'd know better if he's in custody.

- You know if he keeps anything here?
- Yeah. Over there.

[Ousmane] François, the locker room.

[door opens]

Kevin Marchal.

Nope. Don't know him.

[Ousmane] Of course not.

"N-words and homos go home."
Ring any bells?

- [men chuckling]
- Doesn't sound familiar to me.

- But that's a good start.
- [laughter]

Is it the mountain air,
or are your friends pretty doped up?

Huh. Well...

We could do urine samples if you want.
Guys'd love that.

Cups are by the coffee.


[shower running]

[man humming]

[shower continues running]


Oh, hello.

- Lovely voice.
- [humming]

[exhales] Hm.

What's that tattoo you all have?

What, this?
It's the symbol of the Sons of Clovis.

- What's that?
- [Jurdik] It's a discussion group.

We get together
and discuss our shared values.

I get the idea. A cross between
a book club and Fascists Anonymous.


[shower continues running]


[clang echoing]

You okay, François?

Oh, yeah, I'm good.

Well, I think we all better go now.

Really? Why? We're having fun. Even though
there's not a lot of color in here.

It seems to range from white to whiter.

- [clanging]
- [Ousmane] Light white.

- Dark white.
- [clanging continues]

What else we got?

Oh! Two eggshell whites.

[chuckles] Ah! Red white!

You gotta be careful. Nothing less
than SPF 50. We're in the mountains here.

Don't get burned.

Hey, bud, you got a warrant
to come stir all this shit up in here?

- "Bud"?
- [Jurdik] What? I didn't think so.

All right. Get this clown out of here.

[Alice] Nobody move!

First warning.

See, Ousmane? That wasn't so hard.

Our friend Carl does have a locker.
Guess what's inside?

[Ousmane] Tokarev.

[slowed yell]


[François] So, Carl was
one of Kevin's customers.

They had a falling-out
when he fell off the railroad bridge.

- Yeah.
- And the Sons of Clovis?

Come on. They don't see the world like
you. That doesn't make them criminals.

Carl had a pick-up truck.
We didn't find it.

But the debris on the road
and the tire tracks match.

- All right.
- Same with ballistics.

They confirmed it.
Looks like you found the murder weapon.

- [François] I call that a clean sweep.
- [laughs]

Congratulations. Your methods
are questionable, but those results...

- You too, Gauthier.
- Hmm.

Thank you, Chief.

First compliment in 18 months.
Thanks, guys.

- Too bad it went by so fast.
- [laughter]

[Alice] Oh, also,
I'm going up to Paris in a month.

We should meet up. Ousmane?


- Ousmane? Ousmane? Can I call you?
- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah. Great.
Are those guys just leaving?


Apart from a criminal fashion sense,
we don't have anything on them.

You don't wanna miss your train.

[train horn blares]

[PA chimes]

Are you in love? Hmm?

She's nice,
but there's more fish in the sea.

Anyway, you handled it like a pro.

- We just got screwed over.
- It's a game, dude.

- Don't take it so seriously.
- It can't just be between Carl and Kevin.

- Oh.
- It's too perfect. It's too clean.

- We found the gun in his locker.
- Anyone could have put it there.

- Including Carl.
- Or the Sons of Clovis.

Carl's the ideal culprit.
He can't talk anymore.

So the case is closed
and everyone goes home.

- We haven't followed up on all the leads.
- [whistle blows]

Where are you going?
Hey! The train's coming in two minutes.

We're gonna go talk to the Snitch.


Hi, there.

- Hey, guys. Are you here to play?
- Hello.

- No. We're looking for Nader. Is he here?
- Uh...

- The Snitch.
- He's back there.

He's in the middle of a game.
Sir, you can't just go in there!

- Hey! Sir, stop!
- [male voice] Fight.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I hope your vests are strapped on.

This one sure isn't.

As a reminder,
when a member of your team gets shot,

you automatically lose
no less than ten points.

Not respecting the safety measures
will result

in an immediate ejection from the game.

Are you ready?


- Yeah!
- Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Goooo!

- [alarm blares]
- Go! Go!

- Go...
- Come here. Police.

Oh, why you runnin'?

- [cheering]
- [loud techno music]

[growling sound effects]

- Go, go, go!
- Go!

[roaring sound effects]

- [shrieking sound effects]
- [girl yelps] Oh!


- [laser guns firing]
- [girl] That's the last one!

[cackling sound effect]


[boy] Die!

- [shrieks]
- [screaming]

- Nader! Come here! Stop!
- [boy yells]

What the hell are you doing?
I almost had him!

- Ugh.
- [cackling sound effect]

Ah! Get him!

[Ousmane] Wait. There!


[François] Son of a bitch!

Oh, shit!

[Ousmane] Get back here!


[Ousmane yells]

[François] I don't think
we've got the right shoes!

Ah! Let go!


[go-kart tires screeching]

Nader! Nader!

- [boy] What are you...
- [Ousmane] Hey! Hey!


- Hey, hey!
- [woman] What are you...

- Police! Pull over!
- [woman] What's going on?

- [brakes screech]
- Gonna need your kart, ma'am. Ah!

Hey. Hey!

Blind dickhead!

- Police! Out of the kart!
- What do you want? I didn't do anything!

[Ousmane] Pull over!

- Get him! Get him! Right there!
- Stop!

- Out of the way!
- Stop!

- Police! You gotta block his ass!
- You gotta block him!

Go, go! Get him!

Damn it! What are you doing?

[Ousmane] Police!


I'm innocent! Swear to God!

[François] We're the authorities!


Look at this! See this?

[Ousmane] Stop right now!

[man] Hey! Holy shit.

What's going on?

That's enough, young man. Come back!

- No!
- You're not gettin' away!

Nader! You are so grounded!

No! I didn't do anything!

[Ousmane] You're gonna hurt
these customers! Watch out!

Look out! Sorry, ma'am. Sorry!

Sorry! It's slippery.

- Hey! Nader! Get back here! Nader!
- [Nader] No!

Get back here! Don't be stupid!

- Police!
- Come on!

Nader, look out!

Sir, look out!

- To the left, the left!
- [man yells]


[Nader] Come on! Outta the way! Hey!

- Gimme that!
- Nader!

- Out of the way!
- [people yelling]

He's throwing groceries!

- [squeaking]
- Oof!

- [man] Hey!
- [Ousmane] Stop that!

- Nader! What the hell's wrong with you?
- I don't care!

Got meat!


Oh shit!

Shit! I almost had him!
What the hell are you doin'?

I'll lead him to breakfast cereal.
You cut him off by home accessories.

- Okay, let's go.
- We'll hit him from both sides!

Come on. Go! Go!

- Move, move, move, move!
- [woman whimpers]

Police! Out of the way! Move!


Hey, hey!


[woman gasps] Oh!

- Clear! Move!
- [man] Oh!

- [woman shrieks]
- [man] Oh!

[Nader yells]

[all grunting]

- [Ousmane] Get back.
- [Nader groans] No, you can't do this!

- Nothing to see here. Keep shopping.
- Am I being arrested?

- Half off pastries, aisle three!
- [Nader] You're hurting me! You!

- You're hurting me! Don't touch me!
- Come on. Get up.

Sorry, I shouldn't have
ran away like that.

But I have a lot of problems
with the police, okay?

I talk, and it always
gets me into trouble.

- It's the worst.
- Why do they call you The Snitch?

- Uh... Well, 'cause of that.
- Talk about Kevin Marchal.

- Eh?
- [Ousmane] You were dealing with him.

- Too much? You freaked?
- That's not what freaked me out.

- It was the guys he hung with.
- The Sons of Clovis?

- Wow. Leading question.
- So what?

- Allow me. Was it the Sons of Clovis?
- Yeah.

- There you go.
- There you go.

- You just said it.
- They think they police the neighborhood.

- That is a problem.
- [Nader] They're psychos! Crazy!

We were afraid to go outside. Even Kevin
freaked, okay? He called the police.

- Kevin was freaked out?
- Mm-hm.

- What'd the cops do?
- Well, this one cop came. Uh...

And he promised to help us out.
It was a chief.

- Name?
- Morbier.

- No, not Morbier...
- Was it Mercier?

Ugh, you're doing it again.

- Come on, what else do you need?
- [scoffs] Sh. Chief Mercier?

- Mercier. Right.
- There you go.

- Are you kidding me?
- [François] Why would I be?

- What?
- I just heard you say "Chief."

- You said "Mercier."
- But he hadn't said "Chief."

- He looked for the name. That's a detail.
- It's okay.

- That's not a detail!
- You gave the name.

- There's one chief here!
- Don't...

- Incompetence I can handle, but protocol...
- Take it easy! I swear it's Chief Mercier!

I know for sure. Kevin told me.
He even called him a few times.

Kevin called the chief? And then what?

- He was murdered.
- Yeah.

- The chief never mentioned this call.
- He didn't?

- You don't think that's strange?
- No.

- It is!
- The guy's a chief. He forgot. It's not...

- He forgot?
- Yep.

And you have a problem with poor protocol?

- [chuckles]
- Hey, hey, hey, hey! Wait, wait...

- Sir, are you a chief?
- Insh'Allah.

Allah oma amine khoya, for real.

- What did you say?
- Huh?

- What did you say?
- No, I thought...

- You better watch yourself. Okay?
- Go on.

He's a slippery little bastard, isn't he?

All right...


[François] They shouldn't leave
their keys in the visor.

[Ousmane] What's the big deal?

- Who'd steal a car around here?
- [François] Us.

If Mercier's in on it,
it's out of our jurisdiction.

We're working outside the law.

Hey, we are the law.

[François] And here we go. Theft of a
police vehicle, and illegal surveillance.


- That's a nice place for a chief.
- Hmm.


- Police chiefs get bonuses, right?
- Hmm?


There you go.

[dog barking]

[camera whirring]

- Gentlemen. Afternoon.
- Aah!

- Hello, Mr. Mayor.
- Hi. Mr. Mayor.

I assume you both came up here
for recreation,

considering you solved the case
you were sent here to investigate?

Did Mercier report to you
like a good little boy?

Well, Chief Mercier is a long-time friend.

And it just so happens we need to discuss
the expansion of the precinct.

- I don't think this concerns you.
- All right. You see?

- I don't care for your tone, chief.
- [Ousmane] Kevin Marchal.

- Was he selling your militia vitamins?
- [Brunner] What's he talking about?

Your men were pressuring him.

So he called Chief Mercier,
looking for protection.

But he didn't know
Chief Mercier was part of the gang.

Bye-bye, Kevin.

[sighs] Okay, stop, Ousmane.
Excuse him, Mr. Mayor.

Am I wrong?

[chuckles] I'm sensing fury
in your voice, chief.

[Ousmane] Mmm.

- Okay.
- [Brunner] I get it. I get it.

I represent everything you hate.

A man of the people, like you,
who made it, without complaining,

without making excuses when he failed.

Who never begged for anything.

A white man. The eternal oppressor.


But you know what? I really like you.

And, yes, I could tell your superiors
about this rude interruption,

outside your jurisdiction.

I've done my research on you,
thanks to my friends at the Ministry.

- Great career.
- Hmm...

- Oh, yeah. Great career.
- It's okay.

With a known penchant for insubordination.

I have a feeling affirmative action won't
be protecting you for much longer, chief.

[François] Mm. See?

Affirmative action. Hmm...

Oh, he, uh, charmed you, too, huh?

- The great African male.
- Ah. Wow.

You petit bourgeois,
end-of-the-line, little house cat.

You like his wild side.


He overpowers you, and you just love it.


First of all, "petit bourgeois..."

And, hey, "overpowering" me. I don't...

What if I do wanna
be overpowered by a big Black guy?

Huh? A brother. A Moor.
A melanated man. A swarthy fellow.

- Nice one. Okay.
- No, no, no.

Some things I can take,
but this is too far.

What exactly don't you like?
His glistening skin?

His taut muscles? His swagger?

- Or that curvy booty?
- What are you...

- We spent the night, and he was nervous.
- What are you doing?

- Defending you.
- Cut it out!

[chuckles] Sorry to say,
you're still just two little insignificant

civil servants from Paris,
punching way above your weight, and so...

if you care about
the rest of your careers,

get outta here
before I charge you with harassment.

Friendly advice.

See you soon, my friend.

All right. Drive safe!


- [Ousmane] Why'd you say that?
- What?

- I wasn't nervous!
- [François] Relax!

I don't think so. You go first.

- Been looking at my ass?
- [François] What if I have?

[starts engine]

Where are you going now, Mercier?

[François] Are you ever
gonna let me drive?

[wind whistling]

Mercier was in touch with Kevin
right before he died.

They'll like that, Internal Affairs.

- You're too close. He'll get suspicious.
- [Ousmane] I know how to tail someone.

Brunner will come up if we dig around.

Our witnesses are a stripper and a dealer.

I don't know. Against the mayor?

That's why we can't lose Mercier.

He's our ticket into their business.

[François] This isn't a tail.
It's a police escort.

[tires squealing]

[wind whistling]

[hawk calling]

Trying to ram us over the edge!

Push 'em off!

[both groan]

[man] Go on! Hit 'em!

- Shit! Do something!
- What do you want me to do?

I don't know! Where's your gun?

Oh, yeah.


[man] Shit!

Stop swerving!

- Is he still there?
- Yeah.

'Cause you're driving.


- [François] Speed up!
- [Ousmane] I am!

This is a cop car! Not exactly a Ferrari!


Do Ferraris have these?

Do it! One...

Two... Three!

Shit! Fuck! Shit!

Stop the fucking car! [yells]

[both laugh]

[men yelling]

- [François] Okay?
- [Ousmane] Yeah. You?

[François] Yeah, I'm fine.

I think I'm fine.


Better than them.

They're not fine.


[phone ringing]

- Hey, Ous. What's up?
- Hey, Yas. You got somethin'?

- Yeah, I spoke to my guys at the lab.
- And?

The methamphetamine you found
is called Pervitin.

The Nazis used it during the war.

- You're kidding.
- No.

To keep guys from getting hooked,

they laced it with other crap,
um, cocaine, oxycodone.

Which makes D-IX.

- On that stuff, you don't feel anything.
- Oh!

Anyway, that's what
that guy's test results said.

Not sure what you're up to,
but be careful.

Hey, Yas!

It's François.

- Uh... Uh...
- Wh...

- François Monge.
- Wait, you're with Monge?

- I'll explain later.
- How are ya?

I'm good. I'm good, but...

- And... What? It's a free country.
- Stop it. You said hi.

- I'm having a conversation. Shut up. Go.
- Well, yeah... Okay, fine.

I'm sorry. I'll explain later.

- Thanks, Yas.
- See you guys later.

- [beeping]
- God!

Hey, you were right.
It's not just a few fascists.

No. It's a fuckin' army.


- [Alice] What the hell? Who does this?
- It's just us.

- We can explain.
- [sighs]

Told you we should've turned the lamp on.

- Sorry. Yeah.
- You should be.

- Did we scare you?
- Yeah. A little bit.

- We need to talk.
- Hmm.

The real question isn't who, but why.
Why is Brunner doing this?

He's got his drugged-up army.
He runs the neighborhoods.

- He kills people who know too much. Kevin.
- Or us.

- You don't do all that for law and order.
- That's why he was elected.

Either way, we'd better find out fast.

We're not gonna crack this tonight.

- No!
- I'll pull out the couch.

- You don't mind sharing a bed?
- Not at all.

We're used to it. [tuts]

[François tuts and sighs]

This is gonna sound weird,

but you know what I was thinking
when we were in the car?

"Wow, it's been a long time
since I've felt so at home like this."

And it was with you.

Also, I wanted to apologize about Yasmine.

Oh, it's all right.

No, you were right.

I was jealous of you. Your success.

I tried to get revenge
the only way I knew how.

I'm not proud of it. I apologize.


Is that all you wanna say?

Yeah, uh...

Did you wanna say you're sorry,
for example?

- Sorry for what?
- You tell me.

[snorts] You're a pain in the ass.

Okay, fine. I'm sorry too. There.

- Yeah?
- Okay?

Hm. What for?


For the chief of police exam.

- Hmm.
- You were right. I snubbed you.

I was mad about Yasmine.

Now that you've said it,
I might be able to forgive you some day.

We're making progress.

This is cool.

- You know what I'm thinking?
- [bedsprings creak]

For all we know, I keep failing
the police chief's exam over and over

just to piss off my dad.


I mean, you passed. It can't be that hard.

I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.

Yeah, you're right.
That's pseudo-psychology.

Also, you can have Alice.
I'm officially dropping out.

Droppin' out of what?
Think I need your permission?

[chuckles] Come on.

[Alice] Good night, boys.

- Shit. She got some thin walls.
- Man.

[both] Good night.

[bedsprings creaking]

François. Underwear on.


[elastic snaps]

[François] It's amazing
how much we have in common.

We eat the same thing in the morning.

- [Alice] Amazing. I mean...
- [François] Isn't it?

- Not just strawberries and honey.
- [Alice] No!

- Dordogne strawberries with Acacia.
- [Alice] Dordogne...

- [François] Are you into astrology?
- What time is it?

- Why didn't you wake me up?
- You were sleeping.

So you only wake people up
if they're not sleeping?

- Sorry. How are you?
- Oh, I'm... great.

I was chatting with François.

- About?
- [François] What we should do now.

We can't go after Brunner directly.

- Too risky. We find a weakness.
- [Alice] Here's the plan.

You stay here where it's safe.

I go to the station
and get all the files we have on him.

- Then we go through everything together.
- Okay, yeah. Let's do that.

- Really?
- Yeah.

So now you'd rather
use brains instead of brawn?

- [Alice and François chuckle]
- I'm gonna shower.

See? I don't need permission either.

What a shame.
I didn't think she was that easy.

- [door closes]
- [both chuckle]

- [shower running]
- Wanna get out of here?

What for?

The guy's preparing for war.
Don't you wanna know against who?

You'd rather stay and eat crackers?

No, okay. That's what I was thinking.

- And Alice?
- Too dangerous for her.

Let's head out. Come on.

So, let's recap our violations.
Disobeying protocol.

We're trying to return to protocol.

- Stealing a police vehicle.
- We are police.

And breaking and entering.

Uh, guess you're right.

- [growling and barking]
- [Ousmane] Oh shit!

[woman] Aussaresses!


[barking continues]

[woman] Aussaresses, shut up!

[woman groans]

This dog is driving me crazy.

Ugh. You're supposed to stay outside.

You don't like it,
take it up with your father.

[woman sighs]

- I got upstairs, you got downstairs.
- Why?

- Because.
- Why not the reverse?

- 'Cause I'm right here.
- I checked down here. There's nothing.

- Not down here, down there.
- "Dun there"?

- Down there!
- I don't speak African.

Go over there!

- [sighs and grumbles]
- [runs upstairs]

[loud squeaking]





[tap running]



[woman] Ugh, Natalia,
I'm so sick of this dog.

- I'm gonna put him down.
- [barking]

- I hate that dog. [chuckles]
- Hey, sweetie?

[barking continues]

Your piano teacher's on the way.

- Go practice your scales.
- [toy squeaks]

[François making bird calls]

[glass rods jingling]

- [whispers] I don't understand.
- Huh?

- Oh man.
- Speak. Speak with your mouth.


- Press unmute.
- Sorry.

You go that way, I go that way.
By the end, we meet up here.

What floor are you on?

- Um... From where?
- I don't know where you came from.

Well, there's one floor below
and two above.

One below you,
one above me from the bottom.

Right. I see three floors below,
but two above. See you soon.


[shower running]


- How'd you get here?
- There's another door.

- Okay, so?
- Nothing.

- You?
- Nothin'.

We missed something.


- Shit. Brunner.
- What about him?

His stick.

- You didn't notice his long stick?
- Why would I?

- It was in your face.
- What the fuck?

- He poked you with it!
- My God. You are a sick bastard.


If there's a stick, there's a table.

If there's a pool table,
there's a billiard room. We missed it!

Hey, not bad. All right, nice one.

[woman sighs]

- [Ousmane] François?
- What?

What are you doin'?


I can see you.


Oh. Yeah. Um...

Hey. Psst.


- Of course the guy has a man cave.
- What for?

Well, you know, his own space
to decompress in privacy.

A guy with taste like this
can't be all bad, right?

A mosque.

A hookah lounge. A synagogue.

The immigrant center.

It's all there. The start time.

The location, the target...

This is what Kevin Marchal discovered.

The grand plan that scared him.

[François] Coordinated attacks.

Looks like it kicks off at five p.m.

What day?

[ringing tone]

[Ousmane] Alice. Sorry we rushed out,
but it's worse than we thought.

Get all the backup you can and meet us
right away at Lefranc's print shop.

All right, I got it.

I'd send her the GPS coordinates,
but she wouldn't give me her number.

I can't explain right now.
But I'm sending you GPS coordinates.

- Kisses.
- "Kisses"?

It slipped out.

This is the place.


[sighs] Thanks.

How considerate.

- [cheering]
- The time has finally come, my friends!

- [man] Yeah!
- My brothers!


To begin a new page in the great book
of our shared history.

The time has finally come
for the birth of a new world order!

[all] Yeah!

A world where we will no longer be afraid.

- Finally.
- Mmm.

Because fear and shame
belong to our enemies alone!


[Brunner continues in background]

[Brunner] But I know you are just
a different breed of men!

- [cheering]
- You are not monsters!

- No!
- You are the resistance!


- Yeah!
- [Brunner] We're together!

And with me, you are never alone!

[man] No! Never!

[Brunner] All our friends in Europe,
and in New Zealand,

Russia, the United States,

they all want the same thing we do!

- [man] All of them!
- Autonomy! And resistance!




is just not enough.

- [man] No!
- It's time to attack.

- [cheering and applause]
- [all] Yeah!

A single spark can set the world on fire
and show us what's really possible.

- Right!
- As of now, you are the spark!


[Brunner] In a few hours,
every news outlet

will realize
an incontestable, glorious truth.

This country belongs to us!


- [Brunner] We will fight to the end...
- Bravo!

- win it back.
- There are tons of 'em.

We can't arrest everyone.

No, not if they leave.
We have to keep 'em here.

- [beep]
- [Ousmane] Shit. No service.

[all] ♪ Free thyself, France
Free thyself ♪

♪ May all the Frenchmen be
Masters of their laws ♪

♪ Throw out the loony troublemakers ♪

♪ We will not accept your wardship ♪

♪ Free thyself, France
Free thyself ♪

♪ The whiteness of your soul carries on... ♪

Okay, I'll figure it out.
Just make sure they all stay inside.

- Why me?
- Just because.

- Because why?
- I don't look like I play for their team.

So what? I look like a fascist to you?

- No! But you're not Black.
- I'm not Black?

- Are you?
- No.

- No. Okay?
- Okay. You're playing that card.

- What, the facts card?
- It's fine, I'll do it.

- You're not Black!
- I'll do it alone.

You'll do what alone?

- [sighs]
- It's that way.

I know. I'm not going
in there empty-handed.

So I'm gonna have to improvise.


All right, if this goes south,
the code word is your name. Okay?

- "Yorname"?
- Yeah.

That's a weird code word.
Shouldn't it be simpler?

No, it's your name.
Your actual name. Ousmane.

Okay, so if it's my name,
you're addressing me.

- That's not a code word.
- Yeah, sure it is.

- But, no...
- I chose it. I know it's a code word.

- If you say "Ousmane"...
- Yeah?

-'re just saying my name.
- Okay, it's fine.

- But...
- I thought I'd do something nice for you.

- I thought you'd be touched. It's fine.
- Oh, you want a thank you?

- No, why would I?
- You thought I'd be touched?

Okay, thank you, François. Thank you.

- All right.
- [woman continues singing]

Okay, then. Goodbye.

- Or farewell.
- Farewell?

Stop it. It's gonna be fine, okay?

- I'm here.
- ♪ Free at last ♪



- What's this shithead doing here?
- Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore!

Bravo, madam. Nice vibrato.
Very emotional. Mmm.

Captain Monge, there's being stubborn
and there's being stupid.

- Oh, yeah?
- Did your boyfriend drop you off?

We broke up. That's right. I left him.

You know, I've been thinking...

Yeah, I think that I'm really one of you.
I belong right here.

So, what's the next step?
Is there some kind of test?

A psychological screening?

No, not psychological, no. Physical?

I'd be a great addition. I'm white.

I'm baptized. Does that matter to you?

Uncircumcised, hmm? Catholic is a plus.

I detest everyone outside our border.

Africans, Asians, Arabs.

- Except for their food. I mean, shawarma...
- All right. That's enough.

- One more step, I blow this place up.
- [all gasp]

Put it down. Put it down.

- [man 2] What the hell is that?
- [man 1] Easy. Easy, man.



- You alone?
- Yeah. François?

Inside. Let's finish this, and then...

- Easy.
- What are you doing?

Why didn't you just leave?
It would have been so much simpler.

- Did they threaten you?
- You think they're the bad guys?

- This isn't you.
- No, it isn't me.

Not sweet little Alice
that's into the big Paris cop.

Huh? The nice girl who's always
got a smile?

You really don't get it.

We're not gonna change anything
with some extra patrols

and soccer games with the local kids.

Brunner's right. We have to start over.

- Blank state.
- By killing innocent people?

Yeah. Let's go.

Now we're calm. Okay?

Get out of here! Right now!

- Go home, you traitor! Give...
- Ma'am.

- Give it to me!
- Ma... Ma'am.

- [screeches]
- Careful!

- Try not to damage that voice!
- Give me that!

Guess you really fooled me, Alice.

No, you did this to yourself.
I just said what you wanted to hear.

Let me guess. You don't hit girls?


We'll blow up because of your girlfriend!

- We'll blow up 'cause of you, ma'am.
- [shrieks]

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey. Now what?

Hey... Hey, hey!


Ousmane! Oh-oh-oh! Stay back, okay?

Hey, hey, hey!

You can't stop the course of history!

- You're nothing!
- Uh-huh.

[François] Hey! I'm willing
to die for the cause, but not here, okay?

Send me to a mosque or a KFC.

Just not here. I'm not dying in some
abandoned print shop. Ous... Ousmane!


- [François] Ousmane!
- That's for me.

We're not done yet.


- [François] Ousmane!
- [man yells]



Ousmane! Ousmane!


[revs engine]

- [gunshots]
- [grunts]

[man screams]

Out of the way!



- Oh!
- [Ousmane] Get in the car.


[Ousmane chuckles]

- [groaning]
- [both laugh]

- Holy shi... Oh!
- March!


[woman] Stop! Let me in, you savage!

After everything we've done for you!
Go back where you came from!

- Get off, lady! This ain't an Uber!
- Terrorist! [screeches]

- You're gonna break a hip, ma'am! Stop it!
- Terrorist!

Zombies! Zombies everywhere.

- [screeching] Liar!
- Time to go back to where you came from!



Hurry! Get in. Come on, come on! Hurry!

- Where'd he go?
- I don't know.

- You didn't see him?
- No. I don't know...

I was trying to defend myself!

All right, that way.

Look. We can get him now.



Come on.

- [Ousmane] You see him?
- [François] No.



- [Ousmane] What was that?
- I don't know.


Oh shit!

- [crash]
- [both gasp]

[both grunting]

Where is he? Where?

[grunts] Yes! Come on!

- Aah!
- [Alice] Over here!

- You see him?
- There! There!


Come on! Get him off!
Take a sharp turn or something!

[Ousmane] I can't see him! I don't know
where he is. You look, I'll drive!



[cocks gun]

[Jurdik] God damn it!

Oh no... Shit!



- Where's Alice?
- With Brunner.

- What?
- Yeah. I'll explain later.

[Alice] Do you see them?

[Brunner] No. We're good.

We're almost there.

Told you there was
something wrong with her.

I don't see 'em.


No. Go to point zero.

Switzerland! They're going to Switzerland.
Right there, right there!

[Ousmane] That's them.

- You wearing your seat belt?
- No.

Buckle up.

- Why?
- Buckle up.

I can't get it out!

I can't get it out!

I got it! Oh! [grunts]

[groaning] Come on!

Got it!

- There!
- [Brunner] Shit! They're here!

- They cut through the woods! Watch out!
- [horn beeping]

- Look out!
- [tires screeching]


It's okay. We lost 'em. Speed up.

Hey, hey, hey!

[François groaning]

Shit! They're coming down the mountain.
Come on!

- They're getting closer! Drive faster!
- Shut up!


[François] Sheep, sheep,
sheep, sheep, sheep!

[horn blares]

- Out of the way, assholes!
- They're everywhere.

Who leaves their sheep out?


They're coming! They're coming! Hurry!

[both yell]

- Look out!
- [cyclist] Get out the road, asshole!

- Whoa! Right there!
- Grab on!

Look out...

[slowed yell]

- [bleeps]
- [ticking]



[Alice] Come on. Do it.


What are you doing, Ousmane?
What are you doing?

[Alice screams]

- Are you okay?
- Are you insane?


- What else could I do?
- Anything but that!


I'll call an ambulance, okay?

- Okay...
- Don't worry.

- [all yelling]
- Out of the way!



He's there!



It's done! Just one spark,

and everything burns!


We have three minutes!


- [Ousmane] Police!
- [François] Everybody out!

- Go! Go!
- [Ousmane] Come on! Get out!

There's a bomb! Out!
Get outta here, come on!

- Out! Get out! Come on!
- Come on! We have to go!

- Go on! Get out! Get out!
- Hey! Hey!

- What's goin' on?
- You must go!

[shouting and screaming]

Get out! Come on, come on!

- Come on! Get out!
- Everyone outside! There's a bomb!

There's a bomb!
How do you say "bomb" in African?

- What African?
- North, Soyth. Any African.

- I'mma check the upper floors.
- Don't! I'll sacrifice myself.

It won't erase the centuries of suffering
my ancestors inflicted, but...

- You think this is the time?
- When is it ever the time?

- [hawk calls]
- [Ousmane] Come on. This way!


[Ousmane] You can't stay here!
There's a bomb.

- Move, please! Leave the building, please.
- [woman] Hurry!

There's a bomb.
Everybody leave the building, please!

Come on! Get the kids! Hurry up!


Come on, hurry up, guys.
Get out, get out!

- Let's go! Come on! Go, go, go!
- A bomb! Hurry!

- Come on! Hurry! Hey!
- Hey, hey, come on!

Come on! Hey, you! Kid! A bomb!

- Get out! Bomb!
- [François] Get out, get out!

Everybody, leave the building, please.
Out, out! Everybody out!

Get out, guys. Come on!
We got a bomb! Go on, let's go!


- Okay. All good.
- Only 20 seconds.

We're never gonna make it.

- [Ousmane] There. Look!
- No way! That's 60 feet!

We have to try. Let's go. Come on!

- Come on! Run!
- [explosion]



I don't wanna die like this.

- Not like this, not with you!
- Huh?

[both yell]

[both screaming]

[both screaming]






- [yelling]
- Oh, sorry!

- Sorry.
- [whimpering] Ow!

I didn't mean... Uh... Sorry.


Guess the Sons of Clovis
need a new Führer.

[François] Yeah.

Or a Führesse.

[chuckles] That's right.
Führesse, is that a thing?

Fü... Führina?

- Yeah, Führina's good. Führette?
- Führette? Sounds like a rodent.

- [sirens blaring]
- Yeah, Führina's better. Cool.

[children screaming]

- What do we tell the higher-ups?
- No idea.

The case was closed,
so we decided to tour the area.

Right. When suddenly,
a speeding vehicle blocked our path.

- Right.
- [groans] And the call of duty...

Is stronger than the call of the wild...

- Right.
- So we answered.

- This way.
- [radio chatter]

[Alice] Ousmane...

[man] You okay?

[newsreader] In a shocking development,

Antoine Brunner,
leader of the France Vive Party,

has been indicted for ties
to a domestic terrorist organization.

Two brave police officers from Paris

are responsible for foiling
their final plot.

Once again, our police force
has worked tirelessly

to preserve the safety
of all of our citizens.

I'm especially grateful for the brave men
and women of the Paris Criminal Division,

and I'm honored to serve as their leader.

I'd also like to thank
our Minister of the Interior,

who has contacted me several times...

[François] They only interview people
who sit at a desk.

What's the point,
if no one sees what we do?

It's frustrating.

[PA chimes]

Why did you say
you didn't wanna die with me?

This might surprise you,
but I don't wanna die.

No, up there, you said,
"I don't wanna die."

"Not like this, not with you."

- Why not with me?
- Well, because.

- "Because" isn't an answer.
- Oh, now "because" isn't an answer?

- Nope.
- Okay.

Why not with me?

Well, when I said "not with you,"

I meant it more in the sense that
I don't matter because I'm alone.

It's not a big deal. But you're a father.
You have your son.

So yeah. "Not with you" meaning

it wouldn't be fair
for you to die along with me.

- Why didn't you just say that?
- Listen.

A building was exploding around us,
and it's a long sentence,

so I gave you the condensed version
of the concept.

- I call bullshit.
- Fine, go ahead. Don't believe me.

It's bullshit that you don't matter.
You're a good guy too.

And you're not alone.

You have me. And I don't just have Yves.

I have you.

- Okay.
- What did you say before?

A real team? A real duo?

Now who's the walking thesaurus?

You've been more sentimental
since our night at the hotel.


You dickhead. [chuckles]

[whistle blows]

You're right about the news.

Why, you know someone who works in TV?

Even better.


Stop! Thief!

[male narrator] Commitment.





- [siren blaring]
- [yelling]



Join the National Police.

Your adventure starts here.
Recruiting now.

- And cut!
- [man] All right, cut!

- Check the gate!
- [Méaux] That was good. Perfect! Great!

That's it. Mark that take, thanks.

Just perfect! That was beautiful.

- Really?
- It works for me. Bravo!

- Can we do one more for me?
- Not sure we have the time.

- Can we move on to 50-something? Okay!
- I didn't know you were here!

- You like it?
- Yeah. Not bad.

I know, right? [laughs]

They found a body on top
of the Eiffel Tower. You comin'?

I can't. I still have a scene to shoot.
You wouldn't understand.

Sorry, sorry. Yeah, of course I'm coming.

- Just have to take off my makeup.
- [Ousmane] Makeup?

It's nothing, just a little foundation
and some gloss. Should take five minutes.

- Some what?
- Gloss. It's like skincare for lips.

- You gotta wear that much?
- Too much?

- [Ousmane] Uh, yeah!
- Will they let me do another take?

[Ousmane] He's up there!

[François] Paris Criminal Division!

- [François] How's that?
- [Ousmane chuckles] Not bad.