The Take Down (2017) - full transcript

When Jack, a hit man from London, gets given his life back and the opportunity to save his daughter, it becomes a race against time to kill or be killed.

- Pull up around this corner.

That's far enough, stop here.

- Code is 8185.

- Good evening Jack.

Your target tonight is Santos.

Aaron has confirmed that
he is inside and alone.

- Dad, when are we going home?

- As soon as I've uploaded this file.

- This is a
contract with MI operation

cleared by Hawkins.

- I'll meet you on level seven.

- Okay.

- I can't have any loose ends,

so Aaron and the driver
also need to be taken out.

- No, no!

Lucas, Lucas!

No, no, no!

- You're the
best in the firm Jack,

so don't let me down.

- These two are supposed to be home,

not in the office.

It was you, you pulled
the trigger, not me.

- Intruders on level seven.

- Pull up around this corner.

That's far enough, stop here.

- Hey Mr. Jack.

- Hi Camila.

- Do you want
me to finish the dishes

and then get going?

- Yeah, that'll be great.

No rush.

Hey Monkey, you had a good day?

What have you been up to?

- Amber did that in
the garden this afternoon.

- So you played outside?

- Well, I'm all done.

- Can you keep your phone on?

I might need you to come
back in a few hours.

If work calls me.

- No problem.

You know where to find me.

- That's Victoria Gardens.

Your mother was so happy that day.

I miss her too Monkey, I miss her too.

Hello Eastwood.

- Not great news Jack.

- It was Aaron's job to
make sure Santos was alone.

- You were the one that
pulled the trigger.

- It shouldn't be pinned on me Eastwood.

- You broke the first fucking rule Jack.

- No mistakes, I know, but

if Aaron had done his job
we wouldn't be in this mess.

- Don't worry about him.

I've taken care of Aaron.

He told me his side of the story.

I'm sure we can smooth this out.

You're one of my top assassins,

but I need to hear full report from you.

- Where shall we meet?

- Uber House.

- I'll be there.

I'm sorry Amber, but it's getting late.

Time's up.

You comfortable?

You need anything?


- Hello.

- Sorry it's late.

Are you able to come over in an hour

to look after Amber?

I've got to go away for a few days.

- That's fine.

Everything okay?

- It will be.

Thanks Camila.

- Any time.

You're gonna be late for the party.

- I'll be fine.

Everything is set up for you

and the money's in the drawer.

- Mr. Jack.

- Yes.

- Don't worry.

- Amber looks up to you.

You know that.

- The tarp is for you.

- Sorry to hear what happened Jack.

Sounds like it could have
happened to any of us.

I'm sure you know why you're really here.

Eastwood didn't feel like talking,

but you always knew it would come to this.

I've always wondered
what it would be like,

taking a child's life.

Tell me, do you feel any remorse?

- You wouldn't understand.

- Is it that he will
never be able to grow up,

or just that he was so helpless?

- Get on with it Harris.

- Jack, Jack, Jack, I'm enjoying this.

This kill is going to
be something to cherish.

- Just remember,

you'll be standing here one day.

- You're forgetting, in this game,

there is always a price.

And I'm ready to collect.

- Hello Jack.

- What the hell is going on Hawkins?

- I have to be frank, so listen carefully.

- You have my attention.

- We have been told that Eastwood

has been selling off UK government intel.

We can't have Eastwood
causing anymore damage.

- So,

you want me to kill him?

- You're the best in the firm Jack.

Plus, we can take care of
Amber until the job is done.

You and Amber will be free.

It's time you trust me Jack.

I'm sending a car now to pick up Amber.

Do we have a deal?

- Yes.

- You have 12
hours to take down Eastwood.

- I'll do my best.

- Hello.

- Camila, this is Jack.

No time to explain.

Wake Amber up, pack her bag,

and be ready to leave as soon as you can.

And whatever you do, don't make any calls

or answer the door.

Do you understand?

- Sure.

- Camila, get out
of bed and do it now.

- Wake up Monkey.

Daddy's coming, but we need to get up now.

It's important.


- Hey Monkey, you have to go
and stay with some people.

Take Amber.

You have your things?

- Yeah.

- I know, I'm sorry honey.

- Her things are there.

What the hell is going on?

- You and Amber are going to
go and stay in a safe place.

They'll be here in a minute.

- Who's they?

- The government.

- What?

- Camila.

Grab the bags.

- Let's go, we need to move.

This is for you.

- Agents Gabriel and Tennin are

assigned to security for Amber.

- Sir, Amber and Camila,
they're in safe hands.

- They had better be.

They're loaded and ready to go.

- Good luck Jack.

- We gotta go.

- You took your time.

- You know me.

I don't like to rush.

- Unless you're trying
to cover your tracks.

- It's just business Jack.

- But to do that to me?

- Come on Jack, you should know this game

better than anyone.

- I thought we were living by a code?

- Some codes have to be broken.

- I see you've sent me a message.

- What's that?

- You're scared.

- How do you come to that conclusion?

- Because you sent Katarina.

- You can't beat me Jack.

- How many assassins are you going to send

to stop me coming after you?

- As many as it takes.

- Carter, it's Jack.

I need your help.

No time to talk.

Meet me at Rainbow Gardens in 30 minutes.

- I'll be there.

- Can I help you with anything?

- Not today.

- I thought you were a good shot Jack.

Come on Jack, I thought
you were better than that.

Eastwood's not going to
stop sending us Jack.

- Good timing, they're just
coming into the office now.

- I'd like to speak to Camila.

- Camila.

Jack on the phone.

- Mr. Jack.

- Is Amber okay?

- Yes, she's with me.

- Promise me never to
let her out of your sight.

- Okay, I will.

- Hawkins.

- They're here and they're safe

and they'll stay that way.

You have my word.

- Let me speak to Amber.

- I'll take you through.

Amber, your father would
like to speak to you.

- Are you okay?

Okay Monkey, is Camila close by?

I want you to stay with her at all times.

Can you do that for me?

I know it's strange, and
there's a lot going on,

but everything's going to be okay.

You're safe.

- Can't she speak?

- She hasn't said a word

since her mother passed away.

- I have Gabriel and Tennin on her 24/7.

Get me Eastwood Jack.

- I've already started.

- Good.

- How much intel
does Eastwood know?

- Enough.

It's who he's selling it
to that's of concern to us.

- Eastwood knows
I'm working for you.

- I never said it would be easy.

Keep moving.

- I'll keep you posted.


- It's been a while since we met here.

- It's still secure.

- It's good to see you.

I know it's not a social visit.

- I need a favor.

- What have you done?

- I need locations of
all of Eastwood's agents.

- So it is true?

- Hawkins.

She's my only way out.

- You haven't changed.

Any idea where Eastwood is?

- I'm going to see someone who might.

- Watch your back.

I'll do what I can.

- Thank you Carter.

- Hey.

Take care.

- Which added services you require?

- You know which kind?

- Jack?

Where and when?

- If you want me, meet me in
10 minutes at the rooftop.

You always are the best.

- Sorry for the inconvenience.

We have special guests in this week.

- No problem.

Better to be safe than sorry right?

- Have a good day.

- Thank you.

- Sorry for the inconvenience sir.

We're gonna have to search you.

Have a good day.

- Where is Eastwood?


Just tell me where he is Chan.

When did you get the call?

- It doesn't matter.

- Jack,
listen, I'm working on it.

- I need them ASAP.

- Locating assassins
is not as easy as you think.

Two seconds, I'll call you back.

- Eyes up.

We know the target's inside.

Lee cover the corner.

- Copy.

- Michaels, take the side entrance.

- Copy.

- Are you there?

The location should be with you.

- Nothing.

- Okay, try now.

- Got it.

Okay, I'll call you back.

- Wait, wait, I'm
still missing two agents.

- I've got eyes on him!

- Go, go, go!

- Gotta go.

- He's heading south.

- Follow him around the corner.

- I have eyes on him.

I've lost him.

Let's split up.

Lee, go high side along.

- Copy.

- Push up two streets and loop back.

- Copy.

- I'm on Bar Street.

Michaels, meet me on Chespire Avenue.

- Copy.

I'm 30 seconds away.

- Lee, follow my border street.

- Copy, en route.

- We've got him surrounded.

I've got him.

- 60 pounds please.

- Lee, go around the back.

- Have fun.

- This way please.

This your first time?

I hope you have a good time here.

Do enjoy yourself.

This way.

- How would you like this?

Fast or slow?

- Slow, very slow.

- Your time is up.

- Shit!

- Hawkins.

- I know about the shooting in the club.

The civilian head count you
left behind is concerning.

- I need to check in with Amber.

- Now is not the time.

- Make time.

- Okay Jack.

Anything on Eastwood.

- No, he's sending every asset

to try and stop me reaching him.

- Is that Jack?

- Yes.

- When are we getting out of here?

- Hopefully soon.

It's your father.

- Hey honey.

You okay?

I promise, you and Camila
will be out of there soon.


Just hang in there for the time being.

I love you Monkey.

- Thanks.

To be honest, I expected more by now.

- Why was Santos working for you?

- We had our suspicions about Eastwood

and needed to be sure.

Santos found what we wanted
but you killed him before--

- Go on.

- It's classified Jack.

This conversation is for another time.

- So I'm just another pawn.

- For now, just do what needs to be done

and then Amber gets her father back.

Find Eastwood Jack.

- They're asking for an update.

- I'm working on it.

- Yes ma'am.

- You're causing quite
a wake behind you brother.

- Carter I'm bleeding.

And Bronson's on my tail.

I need a blocker.

I'll be coming out of 400 Street Station.

- I'll be there.

- The next
station is Warren Street.

- What the!

- Shit, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.

- You're in the clear.

You can use your safe
house on Craven Street.

- Thank you.

Any luck locating Eastwood?

- Not yet.

Get yourself off the
streets and call me back.

- You holding up?

- Just about.

I need one last favor.

- It'll have to be.

I got people crawling all
over me at the office.

- Double check what flight Barnes is on.

- Checking now, checking now.

What's on your mind?

- Something is not quite right.

- And Amber?

- She's okay.

- You said that, but what if,

and I'm just saying what if.

- She's with Hawkins.

- You're not gonna believe this.

Barnes got on the earlier flight.

- Barnes is helping
Eastwood sell all the intel.

- Sure?

- Yeah.

- Good luck.

- I'm in here.

No one else is here.

If you're looking for Eastwood he's gone.

- Where?

- I don't care anymore.

- What do you mean?

- It's finished.

I'm done.

- You're not making any sense.

- That's my point.

None of this makes any sense.

Why do we even do this?

- That's a good question.

- Amber's not safe anymore.

- What?

- You're the only one capable
of taking down Eastwood.

- Just tell me what's going on.

I know Amber's safe.

- Everything
you need is in here.

- Come on, come on.

Pick up, pick up.

- You really need to make sure.

Can you give me two minutes?

- Yes.

- Come with us, we need to
move to a different room.

- Don't worry honey, it's gonna be fine.

Where are you taking us?

- Just to another room.

- Where the hell are they?

Where the hell are they!

Make the call, lock down the building.

Find me those girls!

- I'm on it.

- Lockdown the building.

- Stop, stop!

- Tennin's down.

Gabriel was seen fleeing the scene

in an SUV with Amber in hand.

- Get me eyes on that SUV.

- Yes ma'am.

- Get Amber and Camila out of there.

They're going to take Amber.

Gabriel and Tennin are
working for Eastwood.

- Jack--

- Do it now.

- Jack, they're already gone.

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry Jack.

- You gave me your word.

- We're doing our best to locate her.

- You better pray that you do.

- Hey buddy, where are you?

We need to meet.

- Did you get Barnes?

- He's down.

I have some information
I need you to look at.

- Okay.


Rainbow Gardens?

- That's the wrong side of town for me.

How about Jonah's Bar?

- Sure.

I can be there in 15.

- Don't.

- This is how it is?

- How could you?

- I'm sorry.

- Why did it have to be you?

- You've been lying for as long as I have.

It's hard to really tell the truth.

Eastwood paid of Gabriel and Tennin.

Same as he did with me.

You've been a step
behind this entire time.

- Where have they taken Amber?

Just tell me where she is.

Where have they taken her?

- I'm sorry.

- Please Carter.

- I'm sorry Jack.

I don't know.

- You're done.

- Why do you think Barnes
gave you his phone?

- I've had enough of your games.

- Is this all we have?

- If he comes, we'll know about it.

This is the best we could
get at short notice.

It's Jack.

- Just put him on.

- Hawkins has played you for a fool.

- I've seen Barnes phone.

I know where you are Eastwood.

And I have the file proving you sold

all the government intel.

If this got out--

- You have the file?

- And I'm coming to trade.

- What'd he say?

- He's coming for the exchange.

Get momentum.

- Sorry.

- Jack's on his way.

You three, cover the west side.

North side, alright.

Let's go.

- Jack.

- I'm going to get Amber.

If you want Eastwood,

you're going to have to come and get him.

- I just want to say I'm sorry--

- It's too late for that now.

- Jack, wait...

- Two one, this
is zero sit wrap, over.

- Two one, nothing to report.

- Section four,
east side, this is zero.

- East side clear.

- Copy, moving on.

- Three, three.

- Zero two, this is zero.

Go up and find three two, over.

- Copy, on the move.

- One two,
what's the official patrol?

To the south side.

One one zero.

- All clear.

- Pull back around
and remain in position one.

Jack can't be far away.

Remember, shoot on sight.

I repeat, shoot on sight.

All sections stay alert.

Intel reports Jack's en route.

Hold your positions and
await further instruction.

- Charlie team, section three,

do you see Jack?

- Charlie team, section three clear.

- Man down, man down!

Zero, shots fired!

Shots fired!

- I can't see him.

Where is he?

- Don't go out.

What's your positions?

- Where is he?

- West side.

Check all the doors and lock it down.

- Copy.

- Come with me.

- Everyone, hold your fire, take cover.

- Copy.

One three to zero, all
other sections are down.

What are your orders?

- Focus on the west side of the garden.

80 feet from the house.

Stay hidden.

He has a long-range rifle.

- Copy.

- Let's get him on the phone.

- Make the call.

- Everyone, hold your fire.

- Are you going to hand over the file?

- Are you ready to hand over Amber?

- Since you took out my men,

it only seems fair that you come out

and we do the exchange.

- So you're just going to let us leave

once I give it to you?

- I'm sure we can negotiate Jack.

- Tell your man to back off.

- Nobody move.

Keep cover.

Let's see what he does.

- Three one
to zero, shots fired!

Shots fired!

Copy, moving in.

Two bodies down.

Section two one out.

- Keep calm.

Route one, draw him out.

Zero two, move left.

- Copy, moving in.

- Two three move right.

- Two three, on the move.

- Two four, push forward.

- Copy that.

- Give me cover!

Flank him right, flank him right!

Follow me, follow me!

Flank him left, flank him left!

- I have one down,
section three, section three!

- Man down, man
down, section two, section two.

- Section
two, I'm moving forward.

We need more men, western perimeter.

- Hug the tree line.

Draw him away from the house.

Take him out while he's in the open.

- There are
only two of us left boss.

- It's time.

Bring me Amber.

- Okay.

- Go!

- Amber run!


- Amber's gone, get me eyes on her now!

Bring me that girl and don't
come back unless you do!

- Okay, I'm on it.

- Those wounds must be slowing you down.

- It's down here, down here.

- What's that over there?

- Stop, stop, it's Amber!

- I'm sorry you had to
hear that sound Jack.

I did ask him to bring her back.

Guess I didn't specify how.


- If you want me, you
know where to find me.

- I'm here.

Come on out Jack.

I've got to hand it to you Jack.

You're one stubborn bastard.

Come on Jack.

You need help?

It looks bad.

You're in pretty bad shape.

Why don't you just hand over the intel?

You've been a dead man
since you took out that kid.

You really have played
straight into Hawkins hands.

Not a smart move Jack.

Not a smart move.

Give it to me.

- YAnd you're finished.

- Daddy!

- Don't be scared darling.

Everything is going to be okay.

- I can't have loose ends Jack.

- No!