The Take (2004) - full transcript

In suburban Buenos Aires, thirty unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act - the take - has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head. Armed only with slingshots and an abiding faith in shop-floor democracy, the workers face off against the bosses, bankers and a whole system that sees their beloved factories as nothing more than scrap metal for sale. With The Take, director Avi Lewis, one of Canada's most outspoken journalists, and writer Naomi Klein, author of the international bestseller No Logo, champion a radical economic manifesto for the 21st century

Go on, Ray!

Go on, Freddie!

What people don't know is,
the Second World War

corrupted the whole country. '

After it finished,
everybody was on the take.

Well, you had to be.
Just to stay alive.

So I get to jump the queue.

Special circumstances.
I'll be outside.

Me and Siddy,
we used to work the docks together.

We was, what, ten, 11 years old?

We'd go down there on the rob.

The whole black market must have
come down here.

I thought you might want this.

Right from the start,

I could see that Siddy was good at it.

Yeah, and now that bastard's
thieving off you, ain't he?

I'm gonna miss you, Freddie.

No-one tells it like it is
quite like you.

Shake 'em up.

See what falls out.

Then I'll get word to you.

Bon voyage, my son.

So, you finally hit puberty, Jimmy?
- Better late than never.

Come here!

You better some have nice treats
for me in this tin wagon.

Culture Club, yeah?

And who the fuck are these poofters?

You need to catch up, Fred.
Get with the times.

The only catching up I'm doing is
all the money I missed out on inside.

He'll be here soon, Mags.
- Yeah, don't worry.

I'm not even bloody dressed yet.
He's probably round the corner.

He probably ain't gonna turn up.
- Mum!

So, I hear you're with Siddy now,

Just some car stuff,
nothing special.

Don't you worry, I'll be taking care
of things from now on.

It's just like old times, innit?
You dressed up like a turkey,

and him pissed out of his brain.
- Go and help with the food, Mum.

We've a lot to do.
- Alright.

Come on, let's leave your mum
to dress up pretty, alright?

Things are gonna be different,

Freddie's different now.

He's got plans for us.

Jackie said Ozzy's been looking out
for your boy on the inside.

Grooming him for better things.
- Yeah.


that means sod all out here.

Oh, my God, he's here! Oh, my God!

I'm telling you, that's him.
- Quick. Quick!

Oh, God. He's here! Freddie's here!


Freddie! Oh, my God!

Oh, I missed you so much!

You look excited. What's going on?

I think things are gonna change
for us.

How's that?

Hey, you alright?

You've grown, ain't ya?

Got all the lumps
in the right places, ain't ya?

Seems no different to me.

Let him enjoy himself tonight.
He's just come home.

Let's go and shag you
back into shape, yeah?

Oh, yes.

What's it like, then?
What's it like?

It's like...
It's like the second time.

Hello, Siddy. Long time no see.

Oh, God, don't bloody slow down!
Come on!

Hold it!

This house looks like shit, babe.

I'm gonna get us some new furniture.

We're gonna move like the way
you said?

A proper house with a garden.

Let's just hope
it's a boy next time.

Piss off! We're busy!

Siddy Clancy's here.

He's out here waiting for ya.

Jesus wept!

Alright, Siddy, mate?
How's it hangin'?

Shall we step outside?

Onto the balcony?

Why don't you sit down?

You must be tired
after your long stretch.

Help him take the weight off, boys.

There. That's better, isn't it?

Ozzy tells me
he's got big plans for you.

Thinks you're very capable.

But here's my problem, Freddie.

I run things out here,

in the real world, on the outside.

And until you earn my respect,

you are just going to have wait
in line along with everyone else.

If that's alright?



You're a good boy.

OK, boys, I think we're finished.

Thanks for the champagne.
Very thoughtful of ya.

Pink's definitely your colour.

I thought he was gonna chuck you
off that wall.

Yeah, then why didn't you
fucking do something?

Yeah, you got a lot
to fucking learn, Jimmy.

What that bastard do to you?

It's alright...

All this time I was inside,
how did people treat you?

What do you mean?
- People like Siddy how'd they treat ya?

Alright, I guess.

Nothing special.


Nothing special.

Well, you are special, Jimmy.

We both are.

Get out of the motor.

Who lives here?

Mickey Daltrey.

My old partner.

He's gone up in the world, ain't he?

I know you're sore about
what happened, but...

Well, he's with Siddy now.

What's the matter with you?
Just popped round for a cup of tea.

Mrs Daltrey?
- Yes?

These are for you.
- Oh, thank you!

We're old friends of Mickey's.

It's lovely to meet you. He told me
he was getting married again.

But I've been abroad, see? To Malta.
- Oh, please, come in.

Well, I'm Freddie.
This is my cousin, Jimmy.

Mickey's just doing the lawn.
I'll give him a shout.

Sorry, boys,

do you mind? Your shoes.
We've just had this laid.

Make yourself at home, boys.

Oh, take a look at the fucking gaff.

What is that mad woman doing?

- You what?

It's all the rage. Keep fit.

Here they are. Back from Malta.
- Alright, Mickey?

How's things?
- Good to see you, Freddy.

Why don't you make us all some tea,
eh, babe?

Do you want some biscuits, boys?
I got some Garibaldi in.


Oh, I bet she keeps you fit, Mickey.
She's built like a bazooka.

I heard you were out.

So, how you doing?
- Strange thing, Mickey.

I done four years inside.
You never once come see me.

Yeah, well, sorry, Freddie.
I meant to.

You see, I thought you'd at least
come once, you know.

Just to explain why...

you didn't turn up that day.
You remember that day?

I was on the way. I swear. When I
did, the filth were all over you.

Yeah, then you ran away.
I heard that.

I also heard, yeah, that the rozzers
only discovered

half of our dough.

Strange, ain't it?

I hear you're with Siddy now.

Yeah, that's right. We're close.


Right. Well,...

the way I see it is,

seeing as we're all going to be
working together again soon,...

we put all that shit behind us,

Yeah? Start again.


Come here, Big Boy! I missed you!
Oh, mate, it's so good to see ya!

Oh, you done well on my money,
didn't ya?


You done well on my fucking money,
didn't ya?

Fred, you can't do that!

You didn't give a single penny
of all of this shit to my kids.

You didn't give a single penny
to my missus!

Oh, Mickey!

You filthy animal!
- Well, he always wanted to be on TV.

You've got to face the truth, Jacks.

Mum, she really doesn't
need this, OK?

No. What she bloody needs

is to get her out of the sand
and face reality.

Look at this place! Just leave it.
- Go on, then, Mum. Spit it out.

I'm sorry, love
but he is shagging around again.

That's why you ain't head{ nor tail} of him.
- That's not true.

How long's it been, then? One week?
Two weeks? Since he was last here?

It's none of your bloody business!
- Yeah, it is my business,

because you've got to start looking
after them girls proper.

Not running after him like some
lovesick teenager.

You're just jealous of what we have.
- Oh, yeah?


How do you reckon that?
- Cos you never had it with Dad.

You bloody stupid little mere!

You got no idea! Why do you think
I know what's going on here?

Look, he's not shagging around,

Alright, babe.
You keep believing in him.

What good did that do?


What are these?


They keep me happy.

How long have you been taking 'em?

It hasn't been easy, sis.

With him inside.

There's been some long nights
to get through.

Mum's wrong, you know.

It is gonna work this time round.

I'm gonna make it work.
- So, where is he?

They mean nothing to him!

You know, the other girls.

They're just slags!

You have to stop with the pills.


The doctor doesn't want
to give me anymore.

Especially now.

I'm pregnant.

Well, babe, I mean...

That's a good thing.

He doesn't even know yet.

Listen, right?

I'm gonna clean you up.

Get you ready for his mum's
anniversary day, yeah?

Make you look great.

And you're gonna be
strong tonight, OK?

You're gonna let Freddie
see you like this.

- Yeah.

Do you remember the time
that Jimmy ran away?

Oh, my Lord, yes!

You half-inched the old man's
snouts. You got a slap.

And then, he hid down
the coal shoot for two days.

And how did you find him again?
- I really... I just can't.

What? Go on, how did you find him?

Well... No, me and Freddie
had just started going out,

and that's when we used to...

What the hell is she doing here?

Hang on. I'll come with you.
- Just look who he's brought in.

Come on. I'm coming with ya!

On their 40th wedding anniversary,
an' all.

Fucking heartless ponce.

Oh, Freddie.


Have you met my son, Freddie?
- No. But I've heard all about you.

All good, I hope?

You know, you remind me of an
actress in a movie I just watched.

Is it "Officer And A Gentleman"?

People say I look like Debra Winger.
- Nah.

It's called Deep Throat.

Now, why don't you just turn around
and do one

back to whatever hole it is
my old man keeps you in.

You can't talk to her like that.
- No?

Kit. Kitty!
- Just leave me alone!

Nice one, Dad.
Mum's in the bogs, crying,

cos you brought your little slut{ to the party}.
- Get above yourself, son.

Everywhere I go, people
are talking about it.

What'd they say?

No-one gave you permission
to do that to Mickey.

He was protected.

Well, a fat lot of fucking good
that did him.

If you ever speak
to Kitty like that again,

I'll finish you off myself.

You alright, babe?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

You alright, mate?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's cool.

You alright, Mum?

Oh, yeah, I'll...
I'll sit there, shall I?

Who's your bird, Siddy?
- My name's Patricia.

Patricia Reynolds?

Yes, Ozzy's sister.

{Well, I'm }Pleased to meet you. I'm Freddie.

Let's not fuck around.
I haven't got the time.

Siddy been working on a job for a year.
Meant to come off next month.

But it seems you've turned one
of his key players into a vegetable.

Yeah, well...

me and Mickey had unfinished
personal business,

and it got a bit messy.

And who was it gave you
the nod to do that?

Was it Ozzy?
- No. I... I...

I did it off my own back, actually.

I will buy him a new TV,
if you want.

This is what's gonna happen,

You step out of line again,
you get no more passes.

You understand?

Ozzy wants you to take
Mickey's place on the job.

You're gonna join Siddy's crew.

From now on,
you do exactly what Siddy says.

And he gets to decide
what your cut is.


You're pushing your luck.
- Yeah, well, that's what I'm good at.

Well? What did he say?

I'm going on a bank job with Siddy.


Siddy just... Siddy just
let you off about Mickey?

Nah. At some point,
he's gonna kill me.

Now, I want to ask you a question,
and I want you to you think about it.

Cos you're the only one I trust.

Oh, Jimmy!

Do you like that screen there?
- I don't care. Stuff the screen!

What's the matter?

Well, tell me.

I'm going on a big job.

Lots of money involved.
- What kind of job?

It's a security depot.

With Siddy's crew.
- What?

You're doing this cos of Freddie,
aren't ya? He's got you into this.

Why do you let him
use you like this?

This is my decision.
- Yeah, right.

What do you want from me, Mags?

Do you want me to be respraying
stolen Cortinas all my life? Eh?

Is that how we're gonna get ahead?
Is that how we're gonna buy a house?

Freddie's always looked out for me,
whatever you think of him.

How dangerous is it?
- I can handle myself.

Come on, I don't want to argue.

I'm doing it for us.

Hello? ***???

Yeah. Hang on.

- Yeah?


Did you talk to Siddy and Pat?
- "Yeah. "

So, it's all sorted?


Keep an eye on the gold.

Don't make it obvious. Just keep
a count on what comes back.

Hey, look...

I want to take someone with me,
yeah? Watch my back.

I don't trust him. I'm no good
to you in a river, am I?

You got someone in my mind?
- Yeah. My cousin, Jimmy.

OK. I'll talk to 'em.

Oh, Freddie?


You attack one of my boys
without permission again,

I'll cut your balls off.

Are you wanting me
to shake things out?

Thank you, Father.

Good night.

Sweet dreams.


You're not gonna go away again,
are you?

No, babe.

Good night.

You know, whenever I hold you,

I can't help but get horny
these days.

Look, you haven't got time.

I've used softener on these,
so it shouldn't itch, alright?

Do you think it's gonna be a boy?

It feels different to the other two.

I want it to be, babe.

Come here.

Listen, I'm worried about tonight.
- Don't be silly. No?

I know you're doing this for all
of us, yeah? And for him inside me.

But I want you back safe
tomorrow. OK?

Don't worry, babe.
Your Jimmy'll be just fine.

He'll stay out of trouble.

Is it always like this?
- Oh, every bloody time!

We're gonna make you burn!
- I can't remember it.

I can't remember it!

No, don't! Don't! Don't do that!
- I can't remember it!

Well, it's not gonna bloody help
him, is it?


Look, give me five minutes
with him, yeah?

This had better work.

Here you go, mate. It's alright.

OK. So, let's keep going through
this slowly, alright?

Last Friday, you woke up
and you had breakfast.

What did you have?

Rice Krispies.

I always have Rice Krispies.

Then you drove in to work.

What was the weather like?

Oh, cloudy. Cloudy.

Cloudy? Right.

And who was the first person that
you saw when you got into work?


I had a cup of tea with Peter.

And then we started talking about

I thought the poor sod was gonna
have a heart attack!

I thought he was a goner myself.
- Exactly.

I thought he was gonna keel over.

Thank God Jimmy took him in the bog.
- And sucked him off.

That's not all you had to do,
though, was it, mate?

He remembered the first three numbers
after I blew him.

I had to work harder
for the last two.

No wonder he's only just sat down.
Here, you got any Nivea?

Here, Jimmy,
take us through it again, will ya?

Freddie, come here, mate.
Let's get pissed.

I want you to enjoy yourself
tonight. Have a drink. Have a toot.

Cos after this, you and your tit
of a cousin go home with nothing.

Well,... how do you work that out,

Do you think I've forgotten
what you did to Mickey.

I'm keeping back your shares
for his family, cos, let's face it,

you've been pulling my fucking dick
since you came out.

So, you can forget about the money.

You are lucky to be
going home tonight.

God damn you, Freddie.

'Course, this was back when me
and Ozzy was doing Bethnal Green.

We were still using the fruities
as a front.

I'll tell you something about Ozzy.

He's a man who can only take a piss
in a public toilet.

Straight up...

Ozzy says hello.
- What?

This muppet's had his day. Right?
- So, let him bleed.

Fuck off home. Calm down.

Your money'll still be here
in the morning, alright?

First time?

Well, why did he have Jimmy go,
then? Why didn't he go himself?

Cos Freddie's got a record, Mum.
They're hardly gonna let him in.

You want to get some food
inside you, girl

Not today, Mum, OK?

You want some coffee?

Yeah. Thanks.

How do you have it, Jimmy? Black?

I always think only poofs
have milk in their coffee.

Black's fine.
- Good man.

Stay the fuck in your seat!


talk to me about this stinking mess

you and your cousin have created.

Who gave the nod to take out Siddy?

Well, someone must have,

because it sure as hell wasn't me.

Freddie had to do it.

Siddy was gonna kill him.


Let me fill that up for you.

That's why Siddy wanted him on the job,
to finish him off afterwards.

Back in our day, Joseph,

you couldn't even look at someone
without proper permission.

Everything worked out alright,
cos we had rules.

Snotty little buggers
who come after us,

they didn't want any of that.

And what's happened?

All I can say is
it's been a long time coming.

Siddy was waiting for
the right moment.

He told everyone.
- What right moment?

The right moment to take you down,
become the boss.


Siddy told everybody he was sick
and tired of working for you.

That's why everybody thinks Freddie
acted for you. That's what they say,

out there, on the street.
So, if you decided to...

take care...

of me... and Freddie...

I mean, say we were found...
- Headless. In the Thames.

Well, then everyone would realise
what a fucking mess this is.

And I don't think that'd be good
for business.

Freddie's lucky to have someone
like you.

You're clever.

You make a good team.

More coffee?
- Yeah.

Hello, babe.

It's gonna be OK.

It's gonna be more than OK.



I'm starving.

You OK?
- Yeah, great.

- Ooh, better late than never.

Ah, it looks great. Thanks.

Give me some more of that gas.
- You're not allowed anymore.

Don't give me that, you bloody slag!
- Hey, Jackie, come on. Come on.

I remember you from school. Had no
bloody mates then either.

Stop that !

I'm ever so sorry, love.
She's not herself.

You were covered in spots!
Now, get some fucking gas, Spotty!

Sod you, Jacksie Strummers!

I'm really sorry.

Jackie, you can't say that.
- Oh, I can. I'm in pain.

Jacks, it ain't like it's your first.
- Oh, you can piss off, too!

Do you know what?
I bloody will!


No, go on, you suit yourself.
- Come on.

Come on. It's alright.
- I'm in so much pain.

I know, I know.

Where is he, Mags?

Why isn't he here yet?
- I don't know.



Mum! Why didn't you open the door?
How come you're not dressed yet?

We're supposed to be
at the hospital now.

He left me.

Set up home with his little trollop!
- Oh, come on. Come on.

He's taken everything.

Even the Flymo.


Jimmy, will you take Mum upstairs

and help her get dressed, yeah?

Why? Where are you going?
I'll meet you at the hospital, yeah?

Jack's about to drop.
- I know. I know, I know, I know...

What do you want?

It's a housewarming present.

I think we got off on the wrong
foot. I didn't realise...

it was serious between you two.

She's made me listen
to some of her music, you know.

Oh, yeah?

Just had the black bird, Sade.

You ever heard of her?
- Nah.

I'm more of a Pink Floyd man myself.


she keeps me on my toes upstairs.
You know what I mean?

She's got an arse like an apple,

She's got good taste, an' all.
I mean,...

she's making our gaff look like
something out of the magazines.

'Course, your mum,...

she never understood
any of that stuff.

I don't think I could do this.
- Babe, you could do anything!

Well, I'm not gonna do it yet.

I want more than just this, alright?
- Yeah, I know you do.

Little Freddie.

Freedom to party!


All right, mate?
- Hello, Des.

Come upstairs, boys.

Come on!

(Woman) What's your problem?
(Jackie) That little bitch!

Everyone on this estate knows it as well.
She's a dirty slut!

Oh, yeah? Look who's talking!
- She's got a tart like you for a mother!

How long's this been going on?
- Since lunch time, Auntie Mags.

I swear I'll take her walkies off a cliff.
- Get away!

(Jackie) I just wanna get to bed.
I don't feel well.

Come on, down here.

It's all right, love.
Go to bed, she'll be all right.

What the hell's
got into you, Jackie? Sit up.


Freddie's got someone else.

Kelly Hutchins?
- No! Not that stupid girl.

Fuckin' hell.

Someone serious, Maggie.

(Sighs) Come here.

This is it?
- Yeah.

This is what they're doing downstairs?
- Yeah.

(Des) Kids are calling it ecstasy.

Des... Is it Des or is it, um...
Is it Desmond?

It's Des.
- Right.

OK, look, what I don't understand, Des...

is why the McCoys have sent you
to talk to me.

Hmm? I mean... why are those two cheeky
bastards not here themselves?

I'm running this for 'em.
- I'm sorry?

Lookie here, mes hombres! Get your
gnashers around all this pie and mash!

I tell you, we are bloody caning it
out there.

Des, my rude boy, in the house.
Give me some skin.

You must be Freddie Jackson.

I'll just take this opportunity to say
you're a fuckin' legend around here

and this is an absolute honour for me.

Shane. Shane Mankin?

Look, anything you want -
snort, Es, bit of the other,

you just give me a shout.

Mi casa, su casa. (Sniffs)


Sometimes he comes back
in the middle of the night.

And he wants to...

Well, you know.

And I have to pretend that I don't know
that I'm his second of the night.

That I can't still smell her on him.

I ain't gonna let that bitch take him,
you know?

Why do you stay with him, Jackie?

He causes you so much pain.

I love him, Maggie.

I'm nothing without him. Nothing.

I've discussed this with the McCoys
and the way I figure it...

(Jimmy) Yeah?
- .. if you guys wanna come in on this,

we can open up two separate labs.

Split the risk, double the goods.

Exactly. One shuts down,
move to the other.

What do you think, Fred?

What I wanna know...
is where you're from.

- Where did you grow up?

London, of course, Freddie.
East London.

No. No, that's a pork pie, isn't it?

Eh? We all know that accent of yours
ain't really from around here.

What is this? Course it is! (Laughs)

What you lookin' at him for?
He ain't gonna help you, is he?

Come on, where did you really grow up...

.. posh boy?



Right! (Laughs)

What, you got a problem or what?

Sorry, Doris, did someone ask you
a question?

Look, seriously, I think we're getting
off the point here, Freddie.

No, look. Come on, my point is, right...

My point is, why this joker thinks
he can earn on my turf

without my fuckin' permission!

- You let him go! Now!

Right, you need to tell your weekend warrior
to put his fuckin' gun down and calm down.

Cos all we want is your money.
- You better reconsider this.

Cos from over here, you're both fucked.

This is fucked! Poofter! You're not mincing
round the bush now, this is fuckin' London.

And you are way, way out of your league.

So what, are you gonna shoot him?

- Yeah? Go on, then.

See if I care.
- What?!

I think you will fuckin' care.

Go ahead and shoot this piece of shit...
and I'll shoot you.

Oh, Mother of God! Please don't let me die,
Keith, don't let me die! Please!

Fine. Have it your way.

(Screams in pain)

Whoa! Ha! Jimmy, you all right?
You all right, Jimmy?

Yes! Fine!
- (Screaming) I'm dying! Fuck!


Jesus, Fred. What planet are you on?

You think too much, Jimmy,
that's your problem.

Have you lost the bloody plot?
These guys are backed by the McCoys!

Oh, sod the McCoys,
they're a couple of Mick wankers.

We were meant to be doing a deal
with them!

Jimbo! All I know is, mate, we have got
75 large in the back of the motor.

Yeah. And now I'm gonna get me
some Oriental pussy.

Does this... Does this not register, eh?

Ozzy sent us in there to negotiate

and you end up robbing it
like a two-bit post office fuckin' job!

Nobody's perfect.

(Tyres screech)

So what am I supposed to tell Ozzy
next week?

Why don't you just suck him off instead?

Well, let's face it, Jimmy,
I mean, you see him often enough.

With your cosy, cosy chats.

You might as well just take it
to the next level!

Oh, for fuck's sake. Jimmy!

Jimmy! I'm sorry, mate,
I shouldn't have said that, OK?

Oi! Jimmy!

Come on, mate,
let's go and get some beers, yeah?

Go fuck yourself!

Oh, hello, Freddie.

I wet my bed.
- Oh, come here.

Oh! Let's sort you out, yeah?


(Chuckles) What have we here?

What you doin'?
- Shh!

Freddie, get off me!

Now, now.
That's not very friendly, is it?

I just wanna chat, babe. Promise.

Oh, Jimmy.

He's a lucky boy.

Gettin' to marry a beauty like you.

Where is Jimmy?
- We had a bit of a falling out actually.

(Sniffs) Oh... Yeah.

He's wound terribly tightly, your boy,
he really needs to cut himself some slack.

No, he just needs to cut you out of his life.




You're drunk. Go to bed.

Tell me, babe... Does Jimmy really...

really do it for you? You know...

(Jackie) Freddie?

Freddie, babe, is that you?

Get off me!
- Shh!

Freddie? Where are you?

Another time, darlin'.

Wait, I am so bloody pissed.

Where are you, babe?

(Jackie) Oh, honey, I missed you.

I fuckin' missed you too, come here.


That kid he shot was taking ten large
off the McCoys every week

just so that nobody touches 'em.

Now he's back at his mum's.

He's so scared he won't even answer
the bloody door,

let alone organise another party.

I'm sorry.
- No, you're not.

So you can stop all that bullshit now.

This is way past "sorry".

He's becoming a liability.

Nah, I can control him.

He can't fuckin' control himself!

How are you gonna manage it?

This is about business, Jimmy.

Yeah, I'll give 'em all their money back.
- Nah. Freddie gets to keep that.

Tell us about the drug.
The ecstasy. What do you think?

Well, I think it's gonna be massive.
- So do I.

I've had a chat with the McCoys,
they still want us in on this.

They're willing to sweep all this aggro
under the carpet.

Apparently your boy... Des?
- Yeah.

Des likes you. Thinks you're on the level.

But they don't want Freddie
anywhere near it, now or in the future.

And I'm with 'em on this.

You want me to run this all by myself?

He'll never swallow that.
- Let me worry about that.

I'll handle him.

No, I don't think I can do that.

To Fred.


Think about your future.

So, what did he say?

It's OK.

It's OK, I sorted it.

You did?


He wasn't fuckin' happy.

But I brought him round.

You're a fuckin' diamond, Jimmy boy.

Right. Come on.

Let's go and get smashed, yeah?

You gonna be all right with him?

We'll be fine. Won't we, Freddie?

Hello, Dad. How are you?

(Mumbles incoherently)

Right from the start. Worthless. (Laughs)

Worthless! Bloody failure.

You've gone mad, haven't you?

Freddie? Leave him alone.

Oh, dear.
- Come on.




Fuckin' 'ell, how do you get
those towels so fluffy?


Tell me about that new drug deal
Ozzy's doing.

What new drug deal?
- With the McCoys.

Oh, no. It's not on any more.

Not what I heard.

What do you mean,
not what you heard?

Why, what's Ozzy told you?

Ozzy said nothing to me.

No... Oi, tell me!

Oi! Tell me!

One of their boys was talking about it
at the club. He was drunk.

Don't do this to yourself.

I can't help it.

I just don't want you
to keep going through this.

He'd hate me. He'd think I did it
deliberately, just to fuck him over.

It don't matter what Freddie thinks.


Not if it gets you both banged up or killed.

Let's face it, that's what's gonna happen
if you don't take things into your own hands.

But he made me what I am.
- Bollocks!

No one made you!

You're here cos of only one person
and that is you.

Yeah, Freddie's helped you
but you've helped him just as much.

Anyway, it doesn't mean you've got to
go down in flames with that wanker.

Cos that's what he's gonna do to you.

Listen to Ozzy.

You have to do this.

Why are we trying for a kid, Jimmy?

What's the point if he's gonna grow up
without a dad?

It's typical of Maggie to bring us here.

Just because her old man's got some taste.
You've both dead embarrassing.

Taste! You're having a laugh, aren't you?

I'd rather be stung by wasps
than wear madame's old relics.

- Oooh!


(♪ Dance music)

Where are we going?
- This is the highlight of the night!

Where's he taking me?


Where are we going? Eh?

Right... Get in there, Jimmy my boy!

Jimmy, it's the last chance saloon!
- (Laughter)

Oh, sorry. I can't do this.

Come on, mate, it's your stag.
- Oh, fuck off, I can't...

(Freddie) Come on, girls,
let's show him a good time, yeah?

I can't do this to Mags!

Oh, forget Mags.
She's probably on her back right now.

- What?

Don't... Don't fuckin' disrespect her, Fred.

I don't mean anything,
all I'm saying is that she's probably...

knee-deep in cock, mate.

Don't you fuckin' talk about her like that,
all right?


Easy, Jimmy.

You can't let an opportunity like this
pass you by, can you?

Yeah, I'm not you.

Now get out of me fucking way.

Come on, Jim.
- Fuck off!

Are you not gonna let me in?

Not tonight.

Suit yourself.


It's Jimmy.

Jimmy? What Jimmy?

Jimmy's running the ecstasy deal for Ozzy.

By himself.


- Have you got the ring?

Oh, yeah. Course, yeah.

(Priest) I now pronounce you man and wife.



(Tapping on glass)


Ozzy gave me this yesterday
and told me to read it out to you.

So... (Clears throat)

Here goes.

"Dear Maggie and Jimmy.

"It's a great shame because I wanted
to be there for you

"but the bastards seem to think
if they let me out I wouldn't come back. "


"But, as a way of saying how made up
I am for you both,

"I wanted to give our Maggie a present
that really sets her on her way.

"So, Maggie dear...

"go to 24 The Drive, South Woodford,
on Monday morning,

"cos that's where your new hair salon is!

"Maggie's. "
- (Cheering and applause)

Did you know about this?
- Yeah.

- Yeah.


♪ Hey, there, I know your name

♪ Lookin'I kinda sad, oh, that'Is a shame

♪ Hey, there, what'Is your story...

How you feeling, champ?


Done well, haven't you, mate?
- Yeah. She's beautiful.

I ain't talking about her.

You and me need to have a little chat,
don't we, Jimmy boy?

What about?
- About you and Ozzy.

I've been hearing things about you two.

Come on, Jimmy.

I fuckin' love you, Jimmy boy!

Come on, babe, it's time.

Oi! Leave some for me! Jesus!

♪ There's a lover in my life

♪ He sends me gifts and flowers
- (Cheering)

♪ He'd change a thousand clocks

♪ To meet me after hours

♪ He's crazy

♪ Hey, yeah, he's crazy about

♪ Our love...

Lovely couple, aren't they?


♪ This love in my life...

I never knew Ozzy could be so generous.

♪ I know he's there for me

Neither did I.

♪ He'd climb the highest peak

♪ And he'd swim the wildest sea

♪ He's so crazy...

I need to do this...

Don't make a fool of yourself.

Freddie, not here.
- ♪ Crazy about our love

Fuck this.

♪ Whoa-oh-ohh

♪ But this lover in my life

♪ Said to me

♪ Something here was wrong...

Jacks, come here.

♪ I love you just too much...

- Stop it!

All right, all right!

♪ Cos I'm crazy

♪ I'm just too crazy about

♪ Our love ♪

- (Cheering)

No, I don't understand.

(Ozzy) It's like football teams.

Football teams?

Yeah. Imagine I own West Ham,

and you, Freddie, are my manager, right?

You run the club, you pick the players,
you control who's in, who's out.

Right. All right, so I'm...

Where does Jimmy fit into all this?

Well, Jimmy's been like your right-hand man
all these years, hasn't he?

Like a first-team coach.

And I've decided to promote him.

How can you... How can you promote him
when I'm the fuckin' manager?

Well, that's just it, Freddie.
Imagine I don't just own West Ham,

I own Arsenal as well.

And Jimmy's gonna manage that.

All by himself.

Jimmy'Is going to take care
of all the drugs, Freddie.


How long's he been in here?
- About an hour.

Just rolled in off the high street.

What's he been saying?

(Freddie) Jimmy, my boy!

Yeah. So, this is where you've been
running off to all this time, eh?

How you doing, Fred?
- I'm all right actually, thank you.

That is a lovely whistle.

Did you pick that out for him, Des?

Nah... You guys, always really fuckin'
sharply dressed, ain't ya?

D'you wanna go somewhere private? Talk?

Why? I've got nothing to hide
from anyone here, have I? Des?

All one big happy family here.

You, me, the McCoys.

And Jimmy's great big fucking
chemistry experiment.

I've got an office.
- Have you?!

I know, actually. Um...

Ozzy told me.

Well, lead the way, Jimmy boy.

Jimmy, remember when I first left prison,
do you remember what I said to you

about both of us being...
Well, being special?


Yeah, good, good. Cos, um...

I really believed it, you know?

I mean, that's how I've always seen it,
even these last few years.

You know, both of us
having something... special.

- Look...

No, just be quiet for a second, Jimmy.
Don't speak, just for a minute.

I mean, you don't really have
to say anything because...

cos I know what's happened here.

Ozzy... may have persuaded you to do this

and may have said it was for the best
and all of that.

And I admit... I admit I haven't...

haven't been all that reliable...

.. lately.

Eh? But I never ever expected you
to go behind my back like that.

Never. Eh?

I'm sorry.


Look, it's business, yeah?
It don't change anything...

Don't be so bloody naive, yeah?

Everything is fucked now because of you,

because you chose this!

Ozzy is playing you, Jimmy.

No, he's playing you. Same way
as he got me to play against Siddy. Yeah?

That's what he's best at.

There, you...

Wait. Fred, what you doing? Sit down.

Fuck off!

We were special, Jimmy.

Oh, shit.

What are you doing, Dad?

I'm just looking for something, mate.

Why don't you live here any more?

I do live here.

Come here.

What's the matter?

What's this dark patch?
Have you wet yourself?

Oh, mate.
Why don't you tell your mum?

Oh, look...

Come on, let's go and clean you up.

Oh, mate.

(Water splashing)

(Freddie) There you go, mate.

He calls for you, you know.

"Why doesn't Daddy come home?

"Why doesn't Daddy come back?"

And do you know what I say?

I say, "Daddy's out
with his whore bitch Patricia. "

Daddy doesn't really care about us
any more, does he?

Do you know, I ain't really in the mood
for this, Jackie.

- Nah.

Well, tough!

Tell me, Freddie, when are you gonna stop
seeing that childless stuck-up bitch?

Please, Jackie, let's not do this now, yeah?

Why can't you stay at home
and be a real father to your children?

Or don't you have that in you, Freddie?

You just leave me alone, right, or I swear
I will fuckin' do you some mischief.

Oh, you're man enough to have 'em
but you're not man enough to love 'em.

Just like your own dad!

Sorry. What did you fuckin' say?

Do you wanna know why I go to her?
Do you really wanna know why I go to her?

Cos being with her helps me forget
what I fuckin' ended up with here!

Go on, then! Run away!

Why change the habit of a lifetime,
Freddie Jackson?!

Leave me to sort it out!

We'll fend for ourselves!

While you go and shove all our money
up your fuckin' nose again!

You're just a coward, Freddie!

What did you fuckin' say?
- I said you're a fuckin' coward!

Thank God for Jimmy
or we'd all be done for.

Fuckin' 'ell, Jackie.


It's nothing.

He's a fuckin' animal.

Don't be like that, Mags.

He's never done this before.
He's never touched me.

Listen. You have to leave him, right?

It wasn't his fault.

It was me.

I was out of line.

I'm sorry.

Sorry. OK?

Maggie... Jimmy's upstairs.

Where's Freddie?
- What?

Where is Freddie?
- He's in the lounge.

What the hell is wrong with you, Freddie?
Are you out of people to bully?

You're spoiling the view, babe.

Only scum like you could do that
to his own wife!

Maggie, go home, yeah?
Before I forget that you are a relative.

I'm no relative of yours, you piece of shit!
I'm gonna get her to divorce you.

What did you fuckin' say?
- She should have done it years ago

but I swear I'm gonna make her do it now!

What you need to do...
- I'm not scared of you, Freddie!

I'm not scared of you!

You're a born fuckin' loser, Freddie,
and everyone can see that now!

You need to get a lead and a fuckin' collar
for that one!

Get your hands off me!

Don't go visiting the red-light districts.
- Babe.

It's easily done.
Room full of boys, all steamed up.

Babe, we ain't going to Amsterdam
on a bender. It's business.

(Des) Come on!

Come here, give us a kiss.

I'll miss you. And when you come back
we'll keep trying, OK?

Took Kim and Mike a year and a half
for their first.

(Song playing over speakers)
♪ Drop a stone in the wishing well

♪ Book a room in a downtown motel
- (Water splashing)

♪ Take a walk in the pouring rain

♪ Light another cigarette

♪ I call again, but you'Ire not home yet...



♪ Right now, I need your love so badly

♪ But will it end so sadly

♪ Just like the time before

♪ I'Im waitin'I

♪ Waitin'I for you to call me

♪ Just waitin'I

♪ Waitin'I for you to call my name...



Hello, Maggie!

Jimmy'll be home soon.

That's not true, is it, darling?


Cos we both know... that Jimmy...

.. is on a plane to Amsterdam.




You like it hot, don't you?

(Maggie cries out)

Please go home, Freddie, please.

- (Screams)

(Phone ringing)

(Maggie screaming)

(Ringing continues)
- (Beep)

(Jimmy) Hey, babe. Thought you'd be
home. You must have just popped out.

(Maggie screaming)
- Anyway, we'Ire here now.

I'lll call you later. I love you.

(Maggie sobs)

That's how you make a fuckin' baby.


(Maggie retches)


(Phone ringing)

Do you want me to get that?
- Just get out!

Regretting this already?
- Jimmy's gonna kill you for this!

Why don't we tell him all about it?


(Ringing stops)
- Oh...

Let's face it. We both know
what Jimmy's like, don't we?

I remember when we was kids growing up,

Jimmy had this weird thing where he didn't
wanna play with toys which was broken.

D'you know what I mean?

Even if you could fix them
so they would work again, he'd just...

plain old fuckin' ignore 'em.

(Sobbing) Please go, please.


(TV) 200,000 people are gathered in London
this evening for an epic street party...

It's gonna be a really great year for us.
I can feel it.

All three of us.

(Freddie) For a long while we all thought
you was firing blanks, mate.

Freddie, shut up!
- We all said that!

No we didn't!
- I never, never said that!

Well, you can all rest assured,
I sorted it, didn't I?

They're counting down!
- (Cheering)


Eight, seven, six, five, four,

three, two, one...

Happy New Year!

(Freddie) Happy New Year.



Mum, I put them on by myself.

Sleep tight.

(Man) What can I say? It's just not
so profitable for us now, Jimmy.


You understand this?
There's still a recession out there.

Listen, mate.
There are no new terms. Ahmet.

Your product has become diluted.

Oh, yeah? What, you think
we're cutting it before selling it?

Test it for yourself.
This is from your last batch.

We're not shifting our position.

Your cousin Freddie said you were
a reasonable man, that you'd negotiate.

That's why we came today, in good faith.

Freddie doesn't make the decisions
round here.

(Speaking Turkish)


We'll be seeing you.

It's OK. We understand.

(Door shuts)

What are they kickin' off for?
- I don't know.

What are you thinking?
- Where the hell is Freddie? Huh?

(Car engine starts)

You don't have to go.
You do know that, don't you?

He's expecting me.
He'll suspect, otherwise.

No, I wanna see him one last time.

Come here. Come here, come here.

And what has that bastard
actually left us?

Mm? You and me.

- Right.

Right, well, this is the only way
that things can actually change, babe.

Hm? You do know that, don't you, Pat?

I hate those fuckin' Turks. Don't trust 'em.

Oh, neither do I, but we need 'em, don't we,
so it don't matter.

Better not balls it up.

What's the matter, you old mare?

You're not crying?

No. (Clears throat)

Just a bit run-down.


No one's getting to you, are they?


I'm fine. Just... I've got a cold.

Harry? Come here.

Got a tissue, mate?
- Yeah, sure.


Here you are, babe.


(Cork pops, cheering)

(Freddie) Yes!
- Happy birthday!


Here you are, here you are.

There you go! Happy birthday, my boy!

He's growing up nice and handsome, isn't
he? Looks just like his dad. Yeah?

(Freddie chuckles)

Cheers, mate.

What do you say?
- Thanks.

Oh, you're welcome, my son.

Come on, open it up, then.
Pull it off, pull it off.

- Go on, rip it open.


Say hello to the devil.

(Gasping and groaning)


Hey, Mags,
what's this counter made out of?

Italian marble.

Blow me!

Italian marble! Better not put my fag out
on it, then, eh?

(Kim) Give it a rest, Mum.

Do you need any help, Auntie Mags?

No, I'm all right, love.

Actually, can you get the jelly
out the fridge?

So, what do you think of it,
then, eh, Jimmy?

It's my favourite present ever,
Uncle Freddie.


So, champ, are you gonna
show me around your castle?

Yeah? Come 'ere!

(Little Jimmy giggles)
- (Freddie) Scallywag!

(Freddie) Right...

Oi, don't break that, Freddie.

(Little Jimmy) I'm the king of the castle.
(Freddie) What's that?

(Little Jimmy) I'm the king of the castle.
(Freddie) That you are, my boy. Ha-ha!

So, how many bedrooms has this gaff got?
- Seven.

When are you gonna start on the other
five kids? You'd better hurry up, eh?

And what? End up like you?

(Little Jimmy) Stop!

(Freddie) What do you mean, stop?

(Little Jimmy giggling nervously)
- Give him to me!

Just... come here, Jimmy.

He's got my eyes, hasn't he?
- Come here.

Don't you think it's time that we, er...
we had another one?

- Keep your hands off.

We could always run away, you know,
the two of us, just start again.

Keep an eye on him, will you?

Why, where you going?

Just going to lie down. Got a headache.

You all right?
- All right.


What's wrong with her?

I don't know any more.

Come here, mate.

- Look at the cake!

For the birthday boy!


Go on, mate. Give it a good blow.
That's the way!

(Clapping and cheering)

Is there nothing you won't stop at?

What you talkin' about?
- You gonna try it on with Maggie now?

Oh, are you pissed already?
- (Doorbell)

(Jackie) I saw you trying it on with her.

Who says I have to try?

(Ringing continues)

Get a lift home with your mum, yeah?

I'm off.

Des. Come in.
- All right, Jimmy?

How are you, mate?
- Yeah, um...

What's the matter?
- Ozzy's been stabbed.

- He might live. It's touch and go.

(Freddie) What's happened?

Ozzy's been stabbed.
- Is he dead?

Well, no, not yet.
- I think it was one of the Turks.

One of Ahmet's cousins.

(Monitor beeping)

(Des) You have to be ready for 'em.

They'Ire gonna come for you next, Jimmy.
Sooner or later.

I know.

Let's talk in the morning, Des.
- All right.

What's the matter? Can't sleep?

I'm scared. I'm scared for you.

Don't be.

I heard him say it.
They're gonna try and kill you too.

Don't be silly, no one's gonna do that.

I'm not stupid, Jimmy.

It's obvious what's going on here, I mean...

Nothing is gonna happen to me.

Or you.

Or our little Jimmy. All right?

I promise you.




Jimmy. Jimmy!

What's the matter with you?
- Nothing's the matter!

You seem so far away these days.
- I'm just worried about you!

I'm going to go and try and sleep.

Didn't expect this, you know.

Ozzy's got a lot of enemies,
it's to be expected.

No, it's a turf war now. Pure and simple.

You talk to 'em more than me.
What have they said to you?

I don't know where this shit's coming from.

Last time the Turks come down the docks,

Ahmet was well bloody pleased
with everything.

- Yeah.

Cracking jokes, tipping the boys, all sorts.

He even invited us both
to his daughter's bloody wedding.

Just don't seem right to me.

Why not?

I didn't think the Turks
had the balls to do this.

Do you remember when we used
to tear around here on our bikes?

You remember that summer...

really hot, '76?

You was seeing that bird
with the squinty eye, weren't you?

Who? Rosie Phillips?
- That's it, Rosie Phillips!

And I was shaggin' her sister, Lucy.

Fuckin' 'ell, the things that Doris
wanted me to do to her. Filthy.

- Yeah.

Yeah, you had that jacket.

What jacket?
- That leatherjacket you always wore.

Always wanted one like yours.

All right, Jimmy.
What are you two gabbing about?

Hello, J. Here, do you remember
Freddie's jacket back when we were kids?

- The one with the studs?

- Yeah! But listen to this, yeah?

He wore it on our first date,
and he strutted around like Elvis! (Laughs)

What happened to it?

Er... The old man threw it on the fire.

Told me I had to get a suit,
go out earning.


(Jackie) OK, Freddie, come on.
You ready? We gotta go.

You better be ready, Freddie,
I'm telling you.


Open this door now
or I'm gonna clobber you!

I'm not scared of you!


Open it now or I'm gonna call your dad.

Do you hear me? I'm calling him now!

And what's he gonna do?
He's never fuckin' here!

Freddie, this is your last chance
before I ring him.

Right! That's it, I'm calling him.

He's running away from you,
you stupid old cow!

- He's running away with Auntie Maggie!

I heard him say it to her.


When did you hear your dad say that?

Come on, baby. Tell me.

When did you hear your dad say that?


Nah. Nah.

I was just thinking.

You know, we've never really seen
eye to eye, have we?

How do you mean?

And I'm... I'm truly sorry about that.

I feel I've always been a little bit...
jealous of you.


Yeah, you know. Me and Jimmy
have been mates for so long,

then you come along,

kinda pissing in our water, innit?

Suddenly you're his best mate,
the one he trusts,

the one he turns to.

Maybe if you weren't
such a pissed-up cokehead...

(Freddie laughs)

No. No, it's a fair point.
- Yeah.

I'm glad we're getting it out like this,
Desmond, you know?

I always really admired your frankness.

It's Des. Where's the ship?

Just up here, Des.

(Quiet chatter)

You all right, love? See you later, OK?

I'll come pick you up from Grandma's.

You got my mum booked in this afternoon?
- No, why?

You're not booked in today, Mum.

Put a sock in it, love, yeah? I didn't come
here for one of Maggie's special cuts.

Are you all right?
- You tell me, sis.

Have you been at the bottle already?
- Keep your nose out of it, Mum, yeah?

Do what?
- Yeah.

Come on, let's go in here.
- No!

I want to talk about this right here
in this poncey little shop of yours.


Get it out.

How long you been after my Freddie?

(Both laugh)

You are joking, right?

I've seen it with my own eyes.
You two circling each other like vultures.

Right, get out...
- No!

I am not leaving till you tell me the truth,

you fuckin' slag!

Try and front this out, you little bitch.

Been flashing your goods at him
for a bloody long time.

Mum, shut up.
- Don't worry about it.

Now I think it through...
it all makes sense.

What makes sense?

You've always been jealous
of me being with Freddie.

You're mental, Jackie.
- Right from the start.

The way you looked at him!
I should have realised...

You stupid cow...
- Oh, God! It's so bloody obvious!

You've been pining for him all this time,
haven't you? I can finally see it.

What's the matter?
Is Jimmy not man enough for you?

Don't he do the business downstairs?
- Stop this, Jackie.

Come on.

I know a good place to play.

(Freddie) How's our Maggie doing
these days?

(Des) What?

You're close, ain't ya?
You must have noticed

she's been down in the dumps lately.

I don't know what you're talkin' about.
- Oh, come on, Des.

We all know that Maggie and Jimmy
have got a few problems.

I mean, it's hardly a secret. She walks
around with a face like a rainy day.

What are you talkin' about?
- Jimmy can't perform, yeah?

It's driving poor old Maggie
to the end of her tether.

Is that why you need my husband, yeah?

Cos yours can't get it up?

You stupid...
- Fuck off, you little slut!

Do you hear me? Fuck off.

Don't touch me.

I fucking hate your husband!
- Oh, yeah.

I'd never let that piece of mongrel scum
anywhere near my body!

- Don't you get that, Jackie?

Even with your shit for brains!

I'd rather die
than have that fucker touch me.

Where's little Jimmy?

- Where's he gone?


Freddie? Freddie?
- Jimmy?



- Freddie!


Jimmy's a jaffa, mate.
There's no juice in the moose.

Don't be an idiot, he's got a son.
- It's not his, though, is it?

- Believe me, I know that for sure.

Jimmy, not his dad.

How would you know that?

Because little Jimmy, yeah...

Oh, yeah. Little fella's definitely mine,
without a doubt.

And our Maggie knows that too.

Do you remember
when you flew out to Amsterdam

to open up the lab there, yeah,
about five years ago?

Well, that night, I broke in to Jimmy's...

and I raped Maggie.

Mm? And lo and behold,
nine months later...

You wanna know what the funny thing is?

I love that kid.

I really love that little boy.

Maybe even more than my other kids.

And I can't even see him.


God! It feels good
to get this off my chest.

(Des screams)

It's all my fault.

(WPC) Don't worry, love. We have
every available officer looking for him.

You don't understand.

I've been awful to him.

My own son.
- It's not your fault.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

(Sobbing) It is.

God, I'm a terrible mother.

Where are we going, Freddie?

We're gonna look at the trains.
You like trains, don't you?

Oi! What are you doing?!
Come away from there!

I said come away!

(Train horn)

(Police radio chatter)

(WPC) Two-three.


Any word.

All right.

OK. Roger that, over.

They're OK.

Oh! My Freddie!

Oh, God!
- Oh!

Oh, my God!
- I'm never gonna let him go again. Never!

It's OK. It's OK, babe.

- (Maggie) Oh, God!

Oh, God!

What were you doing?


Please, look, I'm...
I'm not gonna hurt you, OK?

We just wanna know, yeah?

What were you doing
running away like that?

The shouting.

I just wanted to get away
from all the shouting.

(Maggie) You really scared Mummy today.

Promise me you won't go off
like that again, OK?

- Yeah.

Who's my boy?

Sleep tight.

(Monitor beeping)

How are you feeling?
- Bloody awful.

How's Maggie and the little 'un?

Yeah, they're good.
They're good, thanks.

It's like the crocodile from Peter Pan.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

They're gonna come for you.

Yeah, I know.

You know who it was?


The Turks.
Must have been planning this for months.

No. Jesus Christ.
Open your friggin' eyes, Jimbo.

The Turks need somebody on the inside.

Someone who can give 'em all we got.

All our roots.

All our contacts.

No, he wouldn't...

No, he wouldn't go that far.

Not even Freddie would do this.
- No...

Not just Freddie.


My little sister.

My own flesh and blood.

Hurts, don't it?

(Sighs) I'm already taking care of Patricia.

You've gotta take care of your end.

Cleanly and quickly.


But, er...

Do you know this for certain? I mean...
How can you be sure?

Don't be a fool. Do you think he'd think twice
about doing the same to you?

Freddie's an animal.

When the time comes...

you have to be able to kill
someone you love.

Don't you understand?
Ozzy is awake.

He's talking to Jimmy
and he knows it was me.

There's nothing to link you.

He knows it was me,
this is bloody Ozzy we're talking about.

Pat, it's OK, yeah?

Well, gentlemen, I think we can safely say
that Ozzy is well out of our reach.

But Jimmy don't know this was you.
Not for certain, anyway.

We haven't been talking much of late, so...

Your wives are still sisters.

I'm sorry, what's your fuckin' point?

We need to cut Ozzy off from his world.

Right now.

I thought we were gonna speak to Jimmy.
- Come on, Freddie.

You knew this was going to happen
sooner or later, whatever we did to Ozzy.

I'd rather it was you
than one of the kebab delivery boys.

In Turkey we would seal your filthy mouth
with cement.

Oh, yeah? Well, this is the EU.

(Speaks Turkish)

- What's that?

It's gotta be you, OK? You're the only one
that can get close enough to him.


Where is your khazi, mate?
- It's upstairs.

(Men talking)

(Man) Make sure you cover
the whole area there.

All right?


There's an engagement party
for my daughter.

It's next week.

Jimmy'll be there.

I can fix it with Tony,

so I'm waiting upstairs in the pub.


No, I'm not doing it at the party.

Not in front of his family.

You might not get a better chance, Jimmy.


It's Kim's engagement.
She works for me wife.

He won't be so bloody scrupulous.

Remember what he did to Siddy?

I'll figure out a way
to get him to come out to my car.

Do you want me to wait
in the car park before you?


I want you to stay in the pub.
That way he won't be on his guard.

I'm really sorry.

It's the booze. It makes me paranoid.

You should do something about the booze.
- Well...

I'm really trying.

Is he still seeing her?


I'm doing this for Kim.

Tonight's her night.

(Muffled rap music)

Jesus, Rox, turn that bloody racket down!

I mean it, right this minute! I swear
I'll chuck that beatbox off the edge.

Jesus, you can't call that noise music.
- (Volume down)

I quite like it.
- You're getting old, Mum.

Stuff you listen to!

What the fuck's wrong
with Fleetwood Mac, eh?

Your mum used to be a right rock chick,
didn't you?

Damn right.
I run away with this band once.

I spent five months on the road with them,

Oh, yeah! What were they called again?

The Gasoline Engines! Do you remember,
they were right into their motorbikes?


Mum and Dad went completely spare,
didn't they?

How old were you?
- God, Roxanna's age.

Fifteen?! No!
- Yeah.

And remember the singer dumped me
in that camp site in Camber Sands

and I had to hitch home.
- Yeah, and Dad had to come and get you.


(Freddie) And it's definitely clean, yeah?


When are you coming round?
- In about an hour.


I saw... I saw a couple of men
sitting in a car outside... last night.

And, um... (Laughs nervously)

.. I haven'It got any milk.

Don't worry about it, babe.

I'll check it out when I get there, yeah?


Be quick, love.

(Bell rings faintly)

And get this, right, Jacks used to turn up
to Faces nightclub...


.. with a copy of Shoot magazine
in her handbag,

to tell who the footballers were.
- Shut up, Mags!

All right, girls.
- That's your mum.

- Freddie.

Aw, Dad, that suit looks smashin'.


Well, it's my daughter's
engagement party, innit?

Where's Freddie? I'm gonna drop him off at
your mother's before I meet you at the bar.

Oh, you're a diamond.

Oi, Freddie, come on in.
There's a good boy.

Make sure Tony puts a good keg on tap,
cos you know how tight he is, don't you?

How's Jimmy?

I haven't seen him for a while.

Yeah, he's good.

He'll be there tonight.

Right, I'm gonna be
about five minutes, yeah?

You keep the door locked.

(Freddie screams and yells)





Are you OK?


Yeah, I'm fine, son.

Hi. There you go.
- Ohh...!

Mags will pick him up later.

Come on, sweetheart.

Hey, your cousin's here already.

What, little Freddie's here too?
- Yeah, we got both the rascals tonight.

Down you go, darlin'. Yeah,
Freddie dropped him off half an hour ago.

Yeah, but don't worry.
They ain't gonna leave my sight.


Be good, junior.

Something bothering you, love?

No, I'm fine. Maybe see you later.
- Mm. Yeah.

(All chatting)

(Chatter and laughter)

Oh, hey! Look at you!
Where you been hiding yourself, babe?

All right? Oh, I love you! Oh!

Oi, it's like Mr Big here's too flash
for us riffraff these days.

(Jimmy) Good to see you, J.
(Jackie) You too.

Hello, Uncle Jim.

Is that for me? Thanks.


Oh, my God!

Oh, Jesus, is this real?!

(All laughing)
- Oh, it's beautiful!

Come on, let's have a look!

Oh, it's so lovely, it's beautiful.
Thank you!

Let's get this stuff off
and get that stuff on!

(Maggie) Ooh!

It's gonna be all right.
Oh, you're so lovely, you are!

Oi, shots!


It's a lovely necklace you got Kim.

It's nothin'.
- No, she's really made-up. Well done.

What's he like, her man?
- What, Tony?

He's young.
- Is he hungry for it?

Well, they all are these days, aren't they?
Can't wait to be earning big time.

He hangs on every word I say.

You're a legend to him.

If only he knew, eh?
- Reminds me of someone.

Nah, you always had a bit more
going on upstairs.

Even back in the day.

Let's face it,
Tony's never gonna win Mastermind

but he will look after my Kim
and he's good to Jacks,

he drops in on her when I'm not about.
That's what counts.

I always thought
that would be us someday.

- Old fuckers.

Proppin' up the bar, swapping bull stories
about how fat our wives' arses are.

It will be, won't it?

Yeah, yeah.

I was thinking we could go
for a drive later.


There's a few things
I wanna talk to you about.

Yeah, just give it a couple of hours, eh?

How's Ozzy?

He's good.

He's better.

Yeah, that's what Patricia tells me.

(TV) OJ Simpson, who is suspected of
murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown...

Why's he driving so bloody slowly?

I reckon he's definitely murdered
his missus.

- Yes, mate?

Can I go to the toilet, please?

You don't need to ask permission, lad.
Course you can.

Mind you don't wake little Jimmy.

Police believe he is heading
to his mansion in Brentwood.

Where is he, where is he, where is he?

(Sobbing) You've covered him up!
He can't breathe. He can't...

It's all right, darlin'. I'm here.
- (Jimmy) It's all right.

Mummy's here.
- (Jimmy) He's gonna be all right.

Oi, Freddie, is that you, mate? Freddie!

It was this new toy we bought him,
a digger.

See, it come wrapped up in that bag.

But we didn't think anything about it,
did we, Joe?

No, because our Jimmy's a clever boy.
He knows not to play with things like that.

(Sobbing) And anyway, he was asleep.

I swear it, I know he was,
I sung him to sleep myself.

He must just have got up
and fetched that bag.

But I don't know why he put it on his head.

Was it you that found him, Mrs Summers?
- No, miss, it was me.

Cos he didn't want me to see him like that.

Where are they?

Come on, then.

(Nurse) Come in. We've given her
something to help her rest.

Where's Jimmy?

He's in the morgue, with the little boy.

Oh, my poor love.

I'll stay with her.


I'm gonna look after you.
You're gonna be fine, all right?

Oh, God...


Come here. Come on, darling, come on.

All right. Come on.

Has he gone?

Has he really gone? Mum?

I am so, so sorry.

No... (Sobs)

God didn't want him to live, did he?

Where... Where's Freddie?

Does he know?


The plastic bag... was tied to his head.

What did you say?
- The plastic bag.

It was tied to little Jimmy's head.

What do you mean, tied?

Tied with string.
I got rid of it before anyone saw.

No, he couldn't do that. Little Jimmy
couldn't even tie his own laces.

It wasn't little Jimmy.

It was little Freddie.

Little Freddie did this to him.

I wanted you to be here...

when I told him that.

Jimmy... Jimmy, I don't know what to say.

Stay the fuck away.

He was...

He was my baby.

What can I do? Tell me.

This is what you've created.

Your fucked-up kid
has killed my lovely boy!

I'm sorry.

Well, that's not enough!

That's not enough now!

Wh... What do you want me
to do about this?

I never want to see...
that little monster ever again.

What does that mean?

Jimmy, what does that mean?

This is your fault.

He's grown up a fuckin' killer like you!

Well, go on. Do it if you're gonna do it.


My little boy.

Freddie, don't move. Freddie!

Freddie! Come here!

Let me go! I didn't do anything!


Don't fucking move!
- I didn't do anything!

Please, Dad. Don't hurt me.

How could you do that to little Jimmy?

He was so fucking little!

How could you do it?

Look at me.

Why did you do it? Eh?

Are you gonna hurt me?
- How could you do it?

Because you loved him more than me.
- (Door opens)

What are you doing to him?!

Leave him alone, Dad!
- Freddie, get off him!

Are you OK?
- Jesus! What's wrong with you, Dad?!

(Door slams)
- God...

What's going on?

Why did you attack him like that?


That poor fucker in there,
he never had a chance, did he?

What do you mean?

Well, how come, right,
little Jimmy, he's so sweet and angelic

and how... how Freddie
just turns out like that?

(Sniffs) I mean...

what has our Maggie got that you haven't?

She has Jimmy. Yeah?

Oh, that's fuckin' ripe, that is.
- Yeah.

She's got Jimmy.
- Yeah.

Jimmy. That's who she has.

Yeah, well, I bet that makes
a fuckin' difference to her.

Freddie, wait.

What's going on?


Get some sleep, babe.

I'm gonna be gone for a while.

Never even worn these. Or these.

Leave it, Mags.

Didn't ask to be born.

Poor sweetheart.
He didn't stand a chance.

Maggie, don't do this to yourself.

What are you doing?

What are you doing with his stuff?
- Packing it away.

Why? He's not even in the ground yet.

It needs to be done.

Jesus Christ, Maggie.
How can you be so cold?

Don't you fucking tell me what to feel!

He's gone!

And I'm trying to do what I have to do.

Wanna hear something funny?

I got a new lawyer.

A real hottie. Asian.

This bint's really shaken up my case
for parole.

Thinks the prison service

has been deliberately negligent
in its treatment of me.

That's great, Ozzy.

If I was outside, I tell ya, we wouldn't be
in the bloody mess we are now.

Oh, oh...
You think I'm being harsh, do you?

I'm sorry about your little 'un, Jimmy,
truly I am.

But you must realise, there's no mercy
for the weak out there.

Don't let them see you hurting.

Cos that's when they come for you.

You gotta finish what you started.

Take out the Turks and then...
take out Freddie.

That's what I plan to do.
- Good man.

But not because you fuckin' tell me to.

I'm gonna do it because
all this has gone far enough.

Sit down, Jimmy.
- Fuck off, Ozzy!

Why's he not dressed?
- Cos he's not goin' to no funeral.

Why not?
- Cos he's too young, that's why.

Yeah. You're right.

Well, what we gonna do with him, then?

Er... Joseph's gonna have him.
I spoke to him, sorted it.

Oh, thank God.

Thank God we're all all right.

Can you imagine...
what they're going through?

What it must feel like
to lose a kid like that.

Thank God, thank God.

You can't...! (Sobbing)

It's all right.

You're gonna have to keep an eye on her
at work. Help her out a bit.

She doesn't accept help.

She ain't built that way.

What's up with your mum?

(Kim) Fuck knows.
She hasn't said anything since we got here.

What are you doin' here?

I wanted to be here for him.

I know about everything you've done.
- Really?

What do you know? Tell me.

I know about you and the Turks.

I know about you and Patricia,
about the hit on Ozzy.

I know you were set to kill me
after Kim's engagement.

This is it for you.

After today...

you're a dead man.


Something funny?

Yeah, Jimmy...

Jimmy, Jimmy.
You think you know so much.

But you don't.

You know fuck-all.
- Really?

What don't I know?

You should have shot me
at the morgue, mate.

But then that's always been your problem,
hasn't it, Jimmy? You've got no balls.

Got no real man's spunk in you.

Do you know what I mean?


Don't forget.

If it weren't for me, you would still be
working on Cortinas at Kwik Fit.

When I'm done with you...
- Mm.

.. I'm gonna go after that murdering son of
yours and I'm gonna cut his throat.

All right?

We was just saying
what a lovely little boy our Jimmy was.

You shouldn't be here.

Oh, I have more right than anyone else
to be here, and you know that.

Just go.
- Eh?

He was our boy.


I know that.

You know that.

And one day, everyone else will know that.

I'm goin' home.

Oh, are you pissed again? Nice.

We were never gonna have this,
were we, Freddie?


You never wanted any of this with me,
did you?

That's why we live in
such a shithole, isn't it?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

But I am goin' home.

I was the wrong bloody sister.

Oi... Tony, Tony.

Get us another whisky, mate.

Do you know that Jimmy wants to kill me?

Do you wanna know why?

Do you wanna know
why he wants to kill me?

Cos I'm the fuckin' daddy.



Are you hurt?


It's not my blood.

What is going on with you, Jimmy?

Talk to me.

I used to feel like you didn't love him.
- What?

Used to break my heart watching him...

look up at you, need your love.

But you just couldn't give it to him.

But then you changed.

(Door closes)


(Sighs) God's sake.


Jimmy's gonna kill me.



You'd better get Freddie out of here,

you'd better get him
as far away from here as you can.

Well, why little Freddie? Huh?

Eh? Why little Freddie?

Cos Jimmy's gonna come after him an' all.

Why would Jimmy hurt little Freddie?


Freddie killed my little boy!

I knew it.

(Freddie sobbing)

Little Jimmy was your boy, wasn't he?

He was your boy, wasn't he?

I loved him so much.

Oh, God...

(Mobile ringing)

(Freddie) Jimmy.
- Fred.

Look, mate, we really need to meet up,
don't we, sort all this shit out.

Name a time and a place.
- (Chuckles)

Jimmy boy, you sound so different
these days.

Just tell me, Fred.
- Yeah.

Yeah, there's a lot
I need to tell you, mate.

Stop fuckin' me about!

6pm tonight, see you at Tony's.

No, please... No!

(Coughing and gasping) No...

What did you say?
- No more, please.

Don't worry.
You'll meet your brother very soon.


Where are we going?
- Grandma's gonna be taking you.

You're gonna be staying with her
for a while.

What about you and Mum?
I don't wanna be by myself.

Look, Fred, all right?

Mate, I am not gonna lie to you.

All right?

You are going away
because of what you done to little Jimmy.


I know why you did it as well, and I'm...

I'm sorry, actually, because...

that's my fault.

You know.

I should have done better by you, mate.
We all should have done better by you.

I don't wanna go!
- I know, but you have to,

cos otherwise Uncle Jimmy's gonna kill you.
Do you understand?


Mate. Just gotta be a bit brave.

Come on.

When will Mum see me?
- She'll come and see you soon, I promise.

What about you?
- Soon! Get in the car, go on.

Here y'are, babe, look. That should
keep you going for a while, yeah?

What's gonna happen
between you and Jimmy?

I dunno.

I brought you up
to watch out for each other.

I want it like yours.


I want it like your hair.

- Yeah?

Leave that now.
Go and have an early lunch, yeah?


I'm gonna have to take quite a lot off.
Is that gonna be all right?

Do you think Freddie'll like it?

Cos that's all that really matters to me.

OK, babe. What's going on?

I just want to look like you. For Freddie.

I know.
- You know what?

I know about little Jimmy.

Freddie told me.

He was drunk out of his skull
so I know it was the truth.

What truth?
- Don't fuckin' play games with me, Maggie.

Do you remember
when I came in here before?

And I said you were making eyes
at my Freddie?

(Jackie sobs)


And to think...

you'd already been there.

And not only that...

you went and had a bloody kid with him too.

My little sister.

No flies on her.

Jackie, he raped me.

Don't give me that shit.

I know you seduced him.

He broke in to our house
and he dragged me from the bath.

Shut up!

And when he'd finished in me,

he... he spat in my face

just to make sure I knew what I was to him.


And I used to... to watch Jimmy
holding his son

like he was the most precious thing
in the world.

And all the time I knew that, um...

that that lovely...

lovely little boy...

was born out of... out of rape.

How do think that made me feel, Jacks?

I don't believe you.

(Tony) How late is he now?


Remember, when you've poured
those first drinks, you go in the back.

Whatever you say, Jimmy.

Thinkin' about me?

What do you want?


I've been hurtin'.

Just like you.
- What?

It's been killin' me actually, I...


All I wanted to do, right, is be near you
and share it...

Share it?!


He... He was our boy, Mags.

- What?

Come on, you know it
as well as I do inside you.

We-We both made that beautiful boy.

And I loved him.
- He was never yours to love!

Do you understand?

My little Jimmy was never yours to love

and that is exactly why
he was a beautiful boy.

Oh, don't be like that, Mags.

How could a cold-blooded monster like you
ever love anyone?


What did you say?

Freddie, all you are is a cancer.

Yeah? You're cancer.
You're cancer in all of our lives.


There was I thinking...

(Laughs) Are you fucking crazy?


Oh, well.

Maybe Jimmy will kill me now.

But he's never gonna look at you
the same again, is he?

What do you mean?
- After I have to tell him everything.

Oh, it's the least I can do, innit,
after all?

Man to man.

Don't do this.

You can't tell Jimmy!

All of this, right? All of it...

is over for you now. Hm?

No, it's not.

Fuckin' 'ell, Maggie!


Oh, fuck. Fuckin' 'ell. Oh...

I... Jackie, er...

Can you fuckin' help, yeah?
Maggie's gone mental.



What are you doin'? Oi.

Call a fuckin' ambulance, yeah?

Call a fuckin' ambulance, you stupid...

Oh, shit.
- Jackie.

(Freddie grunting) Where's my phone?

Oh, shit.

(Dialling numbers)
- Where...

Fuckin'... Ahh...



Give us a minute, will you, Stan?

(Ozzy) Thanks, mate.

Still no sign of Freddie?
- No.

How long has it been now?
- Five months.

What do you think happened to him?
- You tell me.

I told you back then.
I had nothing to do with it.


You all right?
- Yeah.

Come here.

So what's it like there?
- Fine.

We're making a go of it.
I bought little Freddie a dog.

Really? What kind?


Little Freddie chose her.
He's called her Britney.

Britney? Oh, God!

He takes her for walks by the sea.

You're by the sea, then?

Jackie, why won't you tell us
where you've gone?

Mum really wants to see little Freddie.
- No, she can't.

Why not?

Cos I don't want anyone from round here
to know.

It's none of their bloody business.

Well, can't you tell me?

Then why did you go?

I had to.

For little Freddie's sake.

Little Freddie...? Why?

Cos I didn't want him growing up
like his father.

What are you thinking, Jimmy?

Are you thinking what it's gonna be like
when I'm out?

No, I was thinking about Siddy.

And Freddie.
- What about 'em?

Well, they used to run things for you,
didn't they, all this time you was inside.

Things didn't turn out too well for them.

One got a bottle in the neck
and the other one has...

disappeared, before I had a chance
to shoot him.

What's your point?

I'm just thinking out loud, really.

But things don't look too rosy for me,
do they?

Seeing as I took over from 'em.

I like you, Jimmy.

I always have.

You got brains.

The others... didn't.

Not like you.

You know who you remind me of?


No, no, no.

You're gonna be useful to me when I'm out.

Until I stop being useful.


Well, that's how it is with you, isn't it?

Eh? Use 'em and then... lose 'em.

Don't make me an enemy, Jimmy.

Enemy, friend. It's all the same with you.

Freddie knew that.

You're making one big fuckin' mistake.

Did you think I didn't have the balls
to do Freddie? Is that why you killed him?

I was gonna kill Freddie!
I didn't need your fuckin' help!


This is over for you now, Jimmy.

I didn't think I'd miss him.
Not like this.

You spent most of your life with him.
- Yeah. What a waste of time, eh?

You can't think like that.

You're more than just him.

I'm glad for you, Mags.

Really, I am.

I'm glad it's all OK now.


I don't want your fuckin' pity.

Not now. Not ever.

We did something we had to do.

And now it's all over. Right?

Rest in peace, babe.

Jimmy doesn't suspect anything?


And that's how it's always gonna be.

Thanks, Jackie.

You're my little sister.

Anyway, I'd better go.
I've got a train to catch.


How you gettin' on?
- Yeah.

I thank God every day.

I ain't speaking to you again about this.

Next time you piss me about,
you'll get a visit in the night.

I tried to talk to the others...
- Shut up!

I'm speaking.

I'm giving you a final bloody warning.

Oh, you fuck...!


Jimmy says goodbye, old man.

What are you cooking?

Chicken curry.


Dunno what's wrong with me at the moment
but I could eat your curry every day.

How is she?

Yeah, she's all right.

She tell you where she lives?
- No. Wouldn't say.

I think she just wants people to stay away
from her and little Freddie, to be honest.

Probably for the best.

How long's this gonna take, then?

I'm Hank Marvin.

Good things come to those who wait.