The Tag Along: Devil Fish (2018) - full transcript

The devil fish which manipulated by Juon-like ghost ''a little girl in red dress'' targets tiger-man's mother. Then, tiger-man tries excising his mother from the devil fish and a little girl in red dress.

'Demons roamed in darkness
but Hongmaopi was guarded by Master Tiger.'

Lantan was known as "Hongmaopi" in the old days.

During the reign of Koxinga, demons plagued Lantan.

A general went back to China and

brought Master Tiger to Taiwan to defeat the demons.

Hence the old saying.

So hot!

Does the fish taste nice?

Hung Wen-hsiung.


What's up?

You had a nightmare again?

The monster.

I dreamed of a big monster.

It says...

it wants to see Master Tiger.

Good evening, welcome to the news program.

Mysterious family murders were found in Taiwan again.

And the tragedy took place at the victims' luxurious home.

6 family members were strangled with their heads wrapped in plastic

The strangest thing is that the killer is the head of family, Hung

The neighbors express that Hung was friendly to people.

Scripture is burned and turned into the rivers and the sea.

Light strikes and the sky cracks.

A powerful spell settles the fate of the world.

An urgent order is issued to the divine guards.

The Grand Pure One, please protect me from the evil spirits.

Keep my mind clear and soothe my soul.

An urgent order is issued!

Master Cheng.

Why would God ask my son to kill people?

It wasn't God.

Here I bless Chen Hsin-hung, the faithful.

As he is possessed by a demon,

we expel the evil spirit and keep him safe

before the statute of Master Tiger.

He's fine.

Take him home.

What are you filming?

We're working! What are you filming?

Come, come over...

We're working. What are you shooting?

What did you film?

We called and made an appointment yesterday.

Micro Film?

You called yesterday and said you wanted to film...

I know…

I'm sorry.

Come with me.

Let me show you this. Film this. Come!

Master Tiger arrived in Taiwan about 300 years ago.

Since1669 till now.

The general led our ancestors

to cultivate the land in Lantan.

Then they met a group of demons.

So many demons.

When the demons were causing trouble... -Bro, shoot this!

Shoot this!

What? -Look!

The demons' boss.

Luckily Master Tiger killed it.

That's right. He's right.

Chun-kai, come here. They are filming…

It's the archdemon.

The mother of all demons.

So back then Master Tiger

defeated the archdemon... -Sir! the settlers could settle down in peace.

The same cop is here again.

He's brought someone who wants to see Master Tiger.

I'll leave him to you.

Master Tiger.

I want to see Master Tiger.


Long time no see, mate!

How are you doing?

Didn't I tell you not to come to me for things like this?

I know!

But, this scum insists on seeing Master Tiger.

What else can I do?

He killed his wife and five daughters for no reason.

It's all over the media.

Everyone in Taiwan is mocking the police.

Or, I wouldn't come to you.

It's been a long time since I got possessed by Master Tiger.

I can't deal with serious cases.

What are you doing?

Get down!

Please, give it a try!

He's possessed by a demon.


You're my only hope!

How are you going to deal with it?

Fry the demon.

What are they talking about?

They say they're going to fry the demon tomorrow night.

General Psychiatry

Thank you, Dr. Yang.

You've worked very hard.

Allow yourself more time.

I'll go get the medicine.

How are you doing?

I'm okay.

Take her out and spend more time with her.

Shift her focus to something else.

She'll be okay.

Eat slowly. There is plenty.

It's got into your nose!

So disgusting!

There is still plenty!


Give the camera to me.

Your hand is dirty! -Look at his face!

Chia-hao, time for dinner!

What's that?

Fatty lends it to me.

We're going to take part in a competition.

What competition?

A Micro Film Competition.

If I win, we can go on holiday abroad together!

Good Luck!

Go eat first.


Your principal called me today.

What does he want?

It's the 10th anniversary of the music class.

They invite me to play in the concert.

That sounds good!


Can you call your dad and ask him to come?

Dad asks me to give you this.

Divorce Agreement

Are you sure you want to invite him?

I don't want to lose face in public.

Hello. -Hello, dad.


The music class 10th anniversary concert in our school…

Can you come?


Is your mom there?

I need to talk to her.


Have you read it?

Why did you give it to Chia-hao?

Every time I sent it to you, you said you didn't get it.

What else can I do?

I can't let Chia-hao stay with you anymore.

He's still young!

Don't drag him into this!

It's because of you that I'm sick.

Tell you what.

You carry on with your life.

But, I can't live without my son.


Please watch over our son and keep him safe.

Bow to Mommy.


Daddy, I dreamed of Mommy last night.

Why are you so lucky?

I've never dreamed of her.

Mommy says she misses us very much.

She asks you not to forget what you promised her.

You really want to film it?

Of course!

Frying a demon!

Record it, quick!

Master Tiger, please come down to the Earth!

Help me defeat all demons and evil spirits!

An urgent order is issued!

I can't film anything!

Who are you?

Why do you want to see Master Tiger?

Master Tiger, please come down to the Earth...

...crush all demons!



Master Tiger failed to possess you again!


Move aside!

Record it, quick!

This is the demon fried to death just now.

Water bottle.


Come on!

Chen worked so hard on his report on the folk culture.

Let's watch the film he shot.

Actually, from the parapsychological point of view,

to be possessed by a spirit is rather common.

If the spirit has unfinished business on the Earth,

it needs to live in a body like a parasite.

The weaker the mind one has, the easier to be possessed.


I'm going to submit it to the competition.

I'll beat you!

Some will be affected by the spirit.

Then they may tremble or vomit.

If you let the spirit get into your consciousness

it'll control your behavior.

then you're possessed.

We often find

animals and birds

or even dolls

being possessed.


It's so yummy!

How is it?

It should be okay.

Let me taste it. -Okay.

It's too sweet!

Isn't red bean soup supposed to be sweet?

I'm pregnant!

I can't eat something so sweet!

I'm sorry.

Let me do it.

Let it simmer a bit longer.

My darling baby.

Mommy is cooking red bean soup...

This is the dream I had.

A very scary dream.

A monster is eating a tiger by the lake.

Daddy is here.

Don't be afraid.


Can you see that it's tidier?

You tidied it up?


I asked Fatty to help me.

And, I even found this.

What's it?

A Mother's Day present.

You never wear it.

Do you want to keep these?

What are they?

No, no need to keep them.

You're making a film for the competition?


We're making a film about a fish.

Why didn't I notice this fish before?

It's new?

Fatty gave it to me.






What on earth did you do to Hung

on the day you fried the demon?

He's vanished into thin air!

Both of the guards got possessed.

If that demon is set free,

I've no idea what sort of trouble he'd cause!

This is Hung Wen-hsiung's house.

He killed them all in here.

See if you could find any clues?

Phoenix is hung in the south.

Trees are planted in the east.

Crystals are placed in the southwest.

The family looked very happy.

How could Hung Wen-hsiung be so brutal?

Is it really the demon's doing?

They all died upstairs.

In this room.

What do you think?

They followed a feng shui master's instructions.

The house helped them accumulate wealth

but also trapped spirits inside.

The whole family were strange.

When his wife was being attacked,

she didn't call the police.

She called a feng shui master instead.

Don't you think it's really strange?

It's used to expel evil spirits.

Hung had been followed for a while.

By the demon?


Why did you put dad's stuff back?

It wasn't me!

It wasn't me!

The feng shui master has retired and moved back to the mountains.

It's her great granddaughter who lives here.

She's very cooperative.

However, when she answers our questions,

she uses so much jargon of your profession.

I can't understand her.

Sorry for bothering you again.

My great grandmother has retired and moved back to the mountains.

None of us has managed to contact her.

But I promise you that she'd never cast any harmful spells.

She often told me that

some spells are better

left unused.

How did she help the Hung family arrange the house?

I've no idea.


she left some papers here.


On the day the tragedy happened,

Hung's wife called you.

Can you describe the call to him?


Is Mamu there?

Mamu? She's moved back to the mountains. She's retired.

I'm Hung Wen-hsiung's wife.

My husband is possessed!

But, we don't run the business anymore.

That's all I know.

Please don't keep coming back to me.

My daughter will be born soon.

I'm sorry.


From the fates my great grandmother wrote,

did you spot any problems?

There were more than five children in the family.

There should be

a boy who had a very troubled fate.

It's over there.

Someone often brings offering here.


Rare disease

Medical records

Son of Hung Wen-hsiung


I think you should go to see Dr. Yang again.

Every time I see her,

I feel that

I'm a mad woman who can't look after you.

Those things.

It really wasn't me.

I don't know how that happened either.


You have to believe Mommy.


It's okay.

I'll come with you.

I'll always keep you company.

Huang Ya-hui.


Do you like the present?

Auntie brought it back from Japan.

Thank you, auntie.

You're welcome. Glad that you like it.

Auntie, your belly is so big!

Bigger than mine.

Of course! There is a baby inside!

I haven't seen Chun-kai for a while.

He must have grown taller?

If Mei-ling could see it,

she'd be very happy.

I know it's hard to raise a child on your own.

But, you know, life goes on.

Hey, ma’am!

What are you doing?


I called the boy


What's your relationship with the Hung family?

Why did you come here?

I was the midwife

when A-di was born.

He was born with a rare disease.

When Mrs. Hung saw him,

she didn't even dare to hold him.

Mr. Hung was too proud.

He was afraid of losing face

so he locked the child in this room.

The child had been locked up for more than ten years.

His condition never improved.

Mr. Hung was getting more and more

desperate and violent. -Sir, listen to me.


None of your business!


Sir, listen to me!

Please don't be like this, sir!

You want me to lose face?

How dare you!

How dare you want to go out?

You're a freak

and you want to go out?

I'm just an old woman.

How could I rescue him?

Is he dead?

I'm not sure.

I never saw him again

after that evening.



Why didn't you turn the light on?

Mom, what happened?


You're happier when you're with dad and auntie, right?

You can be honest with me.

You're happier when you're with them, right?

Can you stop saying that?

Tell me the truth!


because you're behaving like this every day!

Since dad wants to divorce you,

you're behaving like this every day!

You're behaving like this every day!

Huang Ya-hui.

This fish...

I found it on the day you fried the demon.

Who are you?

What's your purpose?

Hung Wen-hsiung is possessed.

Does the fish taste nice?

You monster! -I want to go out!

You're not my son!

Is my mother okay now?

Give me the charm.


Keep this charm with you.

Come back to me if anything happens to your mother.

It's not an ordinary demon.

This is all I can do for you now.

I have to go to the mountains to sort it out.

Look after your mother for now.

Master Tiger has descended.

Listen, the boy of the Hung family.

If you've any request, please show yourself.

Master Tiger will seek justice for you.

Your humble servant is pleading with Master Tiger

to come save the innocent with us.


how did you know he was here?

Lantan has always been the demons' territory.

A-di was alive when he was buried.

The demons used the grudge he bore

to turn him into a demon.

I think

they must have got other purposes.

Scripture is burned and turned into the rivers and the sea.

Light strikes and the sky cracks.

A powerful spell settles the fate of the world.

An urgent order is issued to the divine guards!

Welcome to Hsin-hsien Elementary School concert.

We're honored to invite an outstanding alumna,

the pianist Huang Ya-hui,

to play for us as a special guest.

Chia-hao, where is your dad?

She is going to play "Der Erlkönig" by Franz Schubert. -I've no

Please give her a big hand!

Help me!

Help me! Quick!


Hei-gou, come help!

I'll leave them to you!

Don't run around!

Fierce tiger and thunder, listen to my order.

Kill the demons as an urgent order is issued!

Master, go!

Master, go! Quick! We're outnumbered!

Master, go!

Without the help from Master Tiger, we can't defeat them.

Master, go! Quick! We're outnumbered!

Master, let's go! Go now!

Master, let's go! Come on!

Come on, go!



It's dad!

What on earth happened?

Did you get hurt?





What happened to you?

The monster came again!

It nearly got me!

Anyone in?

Anyone in?

I want to see Master Tiger!

I want to save my mother!

I want to see Master Tiger!

Who is it?

How could you get in?

Where is Master Tiger?

We receive breaking news that

an accident happened

at Hsin-hsien Elementary School concert.

The pianist Huang Ya-hui disappeared after the performance.

The parents express that

the students shake and vomit as if they were possessed.

And, they even attack each other.



Come, give Grandpa a hug.

You haven't come to see Grandpa for ages.

Did you miss Grandpa?


Grandpa missed you, too.


Grandpa, daddy wants to ask you something.

What is it?

What happened?

I need to ask Master Tiger for help.

Do you remember

when was the last time

you'd knelt for as long as

you've been doing now?

It was when Chun-kai's mother was in the hospital.

Then do you still remember

what I said to you?

Mr. Lin.

The cancer is spreading fast in your wife's body.

I'm very sorry.

Under such circumstances,

we can save either the mother

or the child.

We hope you can make the decision as soon as possible

or both of them will be in danger.

Master Tiger.

Mei-ling is in the hospital.

Please help me.

Help Mei-ling recover from the illness soon.

Master Tiger.




Please, help me, Master Tiger.


what are you doing?

Life and death are written in our fates.

Even God cannot change it.

Do you hear me?

Don't do this!


Let go of it!

Let go of it!

If you don't let go of your obsession,

it'll never work no matter how long you kneel here.


God is with you when your mind is clear.

God leaves you when your mind is obsessed.

Your mind is full of obsessions,

how can Master Tiger enter your body?

The statue is made of wood.

It just reminds us that

God is with us.

But, the place where God stays

is our hearts.

Daddy, don't go!

You had the nightmare again.

Don't go! It's very dangerous!

Daddy knows it's very dangerous.

But, if daddy doesn't go,

all of us will be in danger.

Then, take me with you. I'll protect you.

You keep grandpa company.

Daddy promises you.

I'll come back.



Please, take me with you to save my mother!

The demon has caught my mother.

She's all I have!

Please, take me with you to find her!

No matter what you see in there,

never take the charm off your body.

What captured them is no ordinary demon.

The situation must be controlled by an even more evil power.

Turn the mountain into the temple.

Cleanse the souls as an urgent order is issued!

Chia-hao, quick!

Careful! Follow me closely!

Chia-hao, run, quick!


Master Tiger, please come to me.

Help me crush the demons,

kill all the ghosts

and disperse the evil spirits!



Twinkle, twinkle, little stars.

How I wonder what you are!

Fly up!

Little Chia-hao.

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars.

How I wonder what you are!

Close your eyes.

Go to sleep, okay?

Close your eyes and go to sleep, okay?



Mommy, I forgot what it is...

Come, sit. Let Mommy teach you.

This is a G-clef.

Do you remember how to draw it?



Draw a circle first and then go up.

Turn and go straight down.

Do it again. Show me.

Very good!

You're so smart!


You draw it very well!





Do you like the present?

Auntie brought it back from Japan.

Thank you, auntie.

You're welcome. Glad that you like it.

Auntie, your belly is so big! Bigger than mine!

Of course! There is a baby inside!

Yeah, it's because there is a baby inside.


Just like your dad, you don't want me, either?

You're clearly happier when you're with them.

No, I'm not.

I was just angry at you.

Angry that you ignored me.

No matter what happened,

you've got me!

I'm afraid that...

I can't even keep you.

Mom, that's not true.

Let's go home.

I'll keep you company.

Are you sure you want to be with me?



I want to be with you.

Let's go home.


Let's stay here

forever and ever.

Huang Ya-hui.


I know it's you.

I don't blame you.

I know it's very hard for you.

I miss you so much.

Let's go home.

Mom, come home with me.

No matter what you've become,

you'll always be my mother!

Huang Ya-hui.


Lin Chih-cheng.



Master Tiger.

Is it the archdemon?


The archdemon...

Three hundred years ago

it was sealed in by Master Tiger.

The archdemon, the mother of all demons, has escaped.

It must be seeking revenge.

It must have used Chih-cheng

to trick Master Tiger into going to the mountains.

Master Tiger.


Please save Chih-cheng.

I beg you...


I miss you so much.

I don't want to stay here on my own.

Don't leave me alone here.

Stay with me.

I miss you so much.

Stay with me.



We'll never be apart.

I miss you and Chun-kai so much.





Remember what you promised me?

Look after Chun-kai.

I can't do it without you.

I can't...

Promise me.

Lin Chih-cheng.

You can do it.

You definitely can do it.

Promise me.

Daddy, I dreamed of Mommy last night.

Then take me with you. I'll protect you.

I'll come back.

I promise you.

Master Tiger, please come to me.

Help me crush the demons,

kill all the ghosts

and disperse the evil spirits!



Look after grandpa.


- Sheng.
- Sir.

Did you find Master Cheng?


Keep looking.

We have to find him.

Ho Chih-wei.



It was a crime scene!

No, you're exaggerating; it's not that bad!

Ho Chih-wei.

Such a big house!

Ho Chih-wei!

It's not funny. I don't like it.

Okay… don't laugh.

You scared me to death!

Miss Shen, have you seen this room?

I don't want to see it.

Ho Chih-wei.

If you buy this house,

I'll break up with you.

Why did you say that?

Okay, fine. I won't buy it.

We won't break up.

Then promise me one thing.


Go hiking with my grandma.

I've no energy to do that.

Yes, we do!

I'll give you a piggyback. Come!

Come on! -Climb over the mountains!

Come, hop up.


Then which mountain are you climbing?

Mt. Dakeng.

Is it easy to climb?

You don't have to climb it. Why asking?

Second Unit, do you copy?

Li Ya-ting!

Second Unit.

Captain Wu, what should we do now?

Miss Li, please calm down.

You have to trust our judgement.


How far is it from here?

Second Unit, do you copy? Hua?

Where did they see Ya-ting?

Another five kilometers after passing this forest.

Miss Li, let's find my colleagues

before taking any action. It's safer this way.



Where on earth has he gone?


Second Unit...

Excuse me, are you on a hiking tour?

Did you see a police rescue team searching for a girl?