The System (2022) - full transcript

When a young soldier, newly returned from war, gets caught up in a drug bust, he is recruited by the authorities to go undercover in a notoriously dangerous prison in order to figure out what is really going on.

I'm gonna go.

Put the money in the bag.

You motherfucking...


Oh shit!


- Freeze, motherfucker! Freeze!
- Freeze, motherfucker!

Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!

Take that fucking mask off
your fucking face,

motherfucker, now!

Take it off now!

Slowly, slowly, slowly.

Mr. Terry Lamont Savage.


born in Atlanta,

straight from high school
into the Marines.

Quickly promoted to Sergeant,

Special Ops Eclipse Unit.


Silver Star in Afghanistan,
Soldier's Medal in Iraq,

and a Medal of Honor for your
work in Nigeria.

You're a--

You're a goddamn real life
war hero!

Who are you?

I'm Police Commissioner
Harvey Clarke.

Now, what's a war hero
like you

doing robbing drug houses
in my city?

No answer?


What happened to you,
war hero?

You've thrown away your
entire military career

for a life of crime?

What if I was thrown away?

I served my country,

I come home,

I can't afford medicine, food,

I'm living in
the fucking projects.

What if I told you,
that I could help you?

We could help each other

You see there's this prison on
the outskirts of downtown.

Degnan Correctional Institute.

It's one of those
corporate-backed private prisons

that are propped up by
closeted Republicans,

you know who are supporting
Wall Street goons.

But that's not the point.

There's this Warden there
and he thinks he's God.

No one but trusted employees
and prisoners

are allowed inside.

And it is rumored that a lot of
his guards are ex-military,

hired directly
by the Warden himself.

I want you to go inside.

Put your eyes on the place,

find me some evidence of
human rights violations,


Anything you can get
your hands on that I can use

to put that motherfucker down.

Go fuck yourself.

Go fuck yourself!

Now you see I could do that.

Sit down,
sit down.

You're still facing 10 years
hard time

regardless for armed robbery.

Now you could do 10 years
in the state pen,

or you could go inside Degnan
and get me what I need.

And I will set you free.

You hear me?

Time served.

Do it for your daughter.

She's-- she's got blood--

Blood clots.

And they-- and--

Do you-- do you understand

So what's your answer?

All I need is you.

So if you would just come back
by my side

I know I'll get better.

Love, I won't be gone.

I won't be gone for long.


I had a dream you and I,

we're playing basketball

on the basketball court
by our old house.

You don't have to dream it
we can do it again.

When I--
when I get this medicine,

we're gonna be able to play it
all day,

without ever having to stop.


Daddy, you're what I need.

When you get inside,

there's gonna be something
waiting for you from me

in your cell.

That will be the only way that
you can report directly to me

from that shitshow.

Other than that,
you're on your own.

Watch yourself,

so you can get back
to that little girl.




Get in here!


My name is Lieutenant Killian,

and I own you now!

I will tell you when to bathe!

I will tell you what to wear!

I will tell you when to eat,
sleep, and shit!

Now move!


Get in here!

He's gonna pat you down

and you better not
motherfucking move, boy.

Spread your legs.

Chip him.

I don't fuck with needles.

Chip him now.

Put his ass in Pod 7.

Open doors to Pod 7.

Get up, shitbags!

Get on back!

Hey asshole!

I said get on back.

Get your ass out here.

Right now!

Today sister,
get over there, boy.

Move it!

All accounted for!

Chow time!

Clumsy monkey!

That's right,

get on your knees
and bow down!

Looks like

I'm gonna have to teach you
some respect, little monkey boy.

I'll see you soon, boy.

I'll see you real soon.

Yo yo.

You're new here, right?

Well, I hope you can fight,

How are you liking your stay
thus far?

Yo, this motherfucker still
didn't realize where he is yet.


What's your story, black man?

You an ally
or an enemy?

I'm my own man.


Well, let me give you
some advice.

Up in here,
you're gonna need allies.

Now you could join my family,
my mafia.

We protect our own.

I fly solo.

And you gonna die solo, too.

Maybe he wanna die.

Just give me the word.

You will all be given
your work assignments.

You will perform your
assignments twice a day

unless only altered by
the Warden himself.

Clean this.

Clean this shit.

Some of us don't like the way

you've been running things
for the Warden.

Bitch, this ain't no democracy.


"Remember your promise to me.

It is my hope.

Your promise revives me.

It comforts me.

Protects me from
all of my troubles."

Welcome to hell, boy.

Are you the new boy?

Told you I'd see you soon,
didn't I?

Down or I'll open fire!

Oh whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Get these assholes
in the bean hole!

I came here,

because you went to sleep
without your superpowers.


Man up.

Man up.

Take it, take it.

Take that fucking.

Now the next time you attack
another prisoner

without my permission,

I'm gonna turn up the settings,

-Yes, sir.

Now because you broke the rules,

you're gonna have to pick
two of your own

to fight against each other.

Warden, come on,
please don't make me do--

Okay, okay, okay.



get the fuck out of here.

Oh, hold on.

The final thing as discussed.

I apologize for my--

No, fuck that shit.

In his eyes.

Right in his fucking soul,
come on!

I apologize for my actions.

I would personally like to
apologize for his actions.

Sometimes our fellow inmates,
they can get out of control.

I am sorry.

Terry Savage.

Welcome, sir, have a seat.

Have a seat right there.

I got some stuff I wanna
tell you about.

I'm excited, welcome.

Oh yeah, that's the wife.

Beauty queen right here.

She can't cook for shit though,
I'll tell you that much.

Yeah, with her,
we have to pray after we eat,

so we don't shit ourselves.

That was a joke, soldier.

You can laugh at that.

I'll tell you one thing.

I will kill for my family.

You got a family?

Well, I've got a daughter.

What's that?

I can't hear you.

I have a daughter.

You have a daughter.

Look at that, alright.

then you got one goal here,

one singular focus.

To get back to her
as soon as you can.

You see, this prison is owned
by a corporation, right.

It's one in a long line of
privately-owned prisons,

it's a chain, alright.

Just like Burger King
or McDonald's

and I guess I'm like this
branch's CEO.

But I gotta be honest with you,
Terry, it's boring as shit.

Looking in on the product.

Right, we got some McNuggets,
what's in there.

Got a McRib,

You gotta Mcfucking
rehabilitation situation,

I don't give a fuck.

No excitement in it.

So I gotta make it interesting.

So what I've done is,
I've created The Dungeon.

The Dungeon?

Yeah, The Dungeon.

And from what
I heard about you,

you're pretty handy,

you can handle yourself
in there,

you'll have a good time.

It's a way to kill time
and to earn rewards.

What's in your wallet?

That's another joke.

It's alright,
you can laugh, soldier.

Also, it's a good way for you
to get back to your daughter,



Now, what I need you to do is
meet your new roommate.

He's gonna prep you,

seeing that you two already
get along.

I got a good feeling about you,


Get on out of here.

Gina, give him his prize.


The Sergeant Terry Savage?

I served in the 77th Wolfpack.

You and your squad

saved my life
when my troops were outnumbered

right outside Kabul
a few years ago.

You're a legend.

I was just doing my job only.

I don't know how somebody like
you ends up in here.

Don't expect no favors.

I'm just doing my job.

Now move.

Yes, ma'am.

Open 243.

Go on.


Make yourself at home.

Would you please um,
respect my house

and take off your shoes.

It's my house, no shoes.



you play dominoes?



Where'd you learn to fight?

My father was a Grand Master
up in Okla.

So I grew up in his dojo
where he taught me how to fight,

physically and spiritually.

You're gonna have to survive
The Dungeon.

Whatever it takes.

I just wanna get home
to my daughter.

Well, you're inside
the system now, soldier.

This place was designed to break

and brown bodies like you

and you fell right in.

So if you have any hope of ever
seeing your little girl again,

you gonna need to do two things.

The first one is forget about
that outside world.

Including, your little girl,

'cause holding onto that

will get you killed
in this reality.

And secondly,

you're gonna have to survive
The Dungeon.

I can help you do that.

Why should I trust you
or anybody else

in this system?

You can't.

You mind if I use
your bathroom, OG?

Call me "Bones".

It's your bathroom now.

Mind the curtain.

Where're we going?

Our new work assignment.

Keep moving!

Get to work.

Now this area right here,

this entire place used to be
used to break up circuit boards

that the Warden would re-sell.

Now we get to use it
to spar here.

They got us locked up
like animals.

Now we gotta fight
like 'em.

See you're different from a lot
of the catch

that run through this place.

That's why when the Warden
asked why I helped you,

I told him it's 'cause
you reminded me

of a young man
I knew a long time ago.

Now no matter what,
in order to survive this place,

you're going have to fight.

The Warden is gonna throw
your ass inside that Dungeon

whether you like it or not

and whether you live or die,
depends on what you know.

Now let me help you.

Do me the favor
and show me what you got.

That's the Mexican Mob
over there,

la familia.

Then you've got the
Dragon Nation,


Nobody fucks with them.

And you've met the
Aryan Brotherhood,

aka The Klan,

With your encounter with
Mongul, their uh, leader.

Y'all gonna be good friends.

Now you've met my man Freeway.

He's crew is the Black Mafia.

His style is a combination of
almost every style.

But his nature is formless,
so he calls himself "Freeway".

That's crazy,

combine other styles.

He's good at that.

I taught him.

That's enough, that's enough.

Now I'm gonna share something
with you

that I've rarely seen or said.

You got all the heart
in the world,

but if you're gonna survive
The Dungeon tomorrow night,

you're gonna need some skill.

What do you mean tomorrow?

Every Friday,
is spent here in that Dungeon.

Let me show you
what will help you.

It starts with this.



Accept where you are.

Accept this reality.

Dungeon Time!


Take them to The Dungeon.

I gotta go meet the Warden.

Yes, sir.

I don't think your boy is
gonna make it, Bones.

Hey let's go, come on.

Good luck down there, Savage.

Open 305.


Rene, hold my calls.

Who wants it tonight?

I'm getting hungry, and hungry,
and hungry.

We're going to the--

I can feel it, it's in the air,
as the bones crush.

Welcome to The Dungeon.

Welcome to The Dungeon!

({inmates cheering]

Here we are,
trapped in this hall together.

But look,

we get out of our cages
once a week

for one reason only.

And that is, The Dungeon!

I need y'all to understand
that there is one rule

and one rule only.


And that's that there are
no motherfucking rules!

Make some noise!

Let's get it on!

Let's go, gentlemen.

Show me what you got.

Fucking Warden!


you made your bed, son,
you made your bed.


Who's up next?

Let's go.

Keep it moving.

There's a momentum score,

Freeway! Freeway! Freeway!

Freeway! Freeway! Freeway!

Freeway! Freeway! Freeway!

It's pointless.

Where are you?


Freeway! Freeway! Freeway!

Freeway! Freeway! Freeway!

Freeway! Freeway!

Freeway! Freeway! Freeway!
Freeway! Freeway!

Now, up next we got some
fresh meat,

by the name of Savage!

Who was causing hell upstairs,
so we brought him downstairs

for a little training.

Let's see what you got, Savage.

In the opposing corner,

we have our local favorite
from the Mexican Mob,

El Vampiro!!!

He calls himself, "El Vampiro"

because he sharpens his teeth
like a vampire.

He ain't going for your face,
he's going for your legs.

This whole thing is
to take you down.

Watch yourself.

Watch your hands of course.

Wooh, wooh, wooh, yeah.

Reach inside of him,

pull his soul out,
if he have one.

You trained about black eyes
and bloody noses.

You gotta go out there
as life of fucking death.

What's wrong?

Don't let him take
the next round!

Come on, get him, man!

Come on now.

Let's go, keep it moving.

What the fuck was that?


That's how you do it!

Yeah! Yeah!

That's what I'm talking about.


At least bring some water.

Carry that man.

We ain't-- we ain't got all day
for this.

You alright?



There's my quarterback.

That's some great work
in The Dungeon, my man.

What can I get for you?

Steak dinner?

A conjugal?

Anything you want, you name it.

How about you cut the bullshit?

Tell me why Bones is helping
the new guy?

Well, hold--

Eh, slow down, son.

What-- I--

It sounds like
you're interrogating me.

Well, I mean I'm the best
motherfucker you got.

Don't I deserve to know?

Bones claims that the new kid
reminds him of family

or something.

And he requested to have
his back.

What-- wh--

What's going on here?

Are you intimidated,
by the new guy?

What's happening?

I ain't intimidated by nobody.


Then everything will
remain peaceful around here.


Things are peaceful,
because I'm the one.

I'm the one enforcing your law
in and outside The Dungeon.

And you're doing a lovely job.

Have I not told you how much
I appreciate you?



because I want what you
promised me.

So when do I get out?

Are we doing this again?

Are we doing it?

Look, let me get this straight.

Hold on a second.

I let you and your crew,

your posse,
whatever you wanna call,

treat this whole place like

it's your own private little
street corner.

That's what I'm doing for you.

That's not enough?


Yeah, I got shit on lock.

But if you can't keep your word,

then maybe I can't guarantee
that all these prisoners

are gonna keep
falling in line.

Are you...

It sounds like you're
threatening me?


Have I created a monster?

I want my freedom,

that's what you fucking
promised me.

I'mma working on it.

I'm having conversations with
the Warden

at the Aurora State Prison

about getting you a re-match
with his Top Dog.

You win that for me again,
you get your freedom.

Stay sharp!

I'm always sharp.

I want my freedom.


Yeah, well, I want Cindy
Crawford to rub my balls

and make me a casserole.

But I live in reality,

Savage, you have a visitor.

Hi, Mr. Savage, it's a pleasure
to meet you in person.

I'm Janette.

I work for a pro-bono group,
National Veterans Affairs

and I've been assigned
your case.

You are
a highly-decorated soldier

and I'm aware of your daughter's
medical condition.

You're not a criminal.

You were pushed into a corner.

You can't help me.

I graduated cum laude from
Howard University School of Law.

I'm hihgly capable.

I'm prepared
to fight for your freedom.



There's been a lot of intel
coming out

about too many
new private prisons

and a lack of prisoners
to keep them filled.

And some cities are so desperate
to keep these institutions open

and the extra boost it gives
to the local job economy,

they are creating a new system.

One of supply and demand
of live human bodies.

Mostly our people,
black and brown people.

Mr. Savage,
I need you to stay strong, okay?

We can fight this corrupt system

I just need you to trust me.

I'm in here.

They have physical custody
of my body.

They own me.

I must do what they say

when they say.

Listen, if you--
if you need anything,

call me.

I am goin'
to do everything I can

to get you out of here.

I-- I appreciate you, but um,

I'm gonna have to handle this
on my own.

Ignore him.

You know I don't give a fuck

about what he's showin' you.

I hope you know that.

You can't fuck with me.

I ain't
like these other motherfuckers.

You know, the truth is

you and Freeway
are a whole lot alike.

I ain't got shit
to do with that man.

Oh yeah, you do.

Think about it.

Both of y'all are ex-military.

He spent most of his life
fightin' in the streets, too.

Truth is I tried to save him,

but he refused
to let me help him.

He was determined
to take the dark path.

What makes you think
I ain't gonna go dark?

You got your little girl.

That gives you something
to live for,

that's something
that Freeway never even had.

So in that case,
you two are polar opposites.

Yin and yang.

Now this next fighter
that you're gonna face

is named "Zee".

He is the Dragon Nation's

best fighter.

If you have any chance
of beating him,

you're going
to have to use your strength

against his agility
and his speed.

Brute force.

Sometimes it's okay
to go gorilla, eh.

Welcome to the dungeon!

Now we're back
for another one now.

In the right corner,
we've got the new

came back for round 2 Savage!

Right, that's right now.

In the other corner...

...from the Dragon Nation, Zee!

All right, that's right!

That's right, let's get it on!

Let's go.

What'd you do,
grow a conscience?

Come on.

The shit is over.

He was gonna kill you.

What you got wrong?


Hey, wait a minute,
where you goin'?

Where's he goin'?

You're gonna leave us?

All right, who's up next?

they will close the show.

Let's go!

You know, one of the good things
about being an OG in this place

is you know
where to get what you need.


I got nothin' to celebrate.

This ain't no celebration, man.

We-- it's a reward
for still bein' alive.

Come on, man, don't--
don't insult me.

Huh, these days I drink
just about anything, man.

Why are you on the inside?



Yeah, murder.

See you ain't the

only holder
of a patent on stupidity.

I was young like you once, too.

Anyway, um...

This psycho rapist put his hands
on my little sister.

I mean she was 21,
but she's still my baby sister.

So I went out for revenge,
and I found him,

and uh, beat that predator
to death

with my bare hands.

What started out for revenge,
the karma of the universe, man,

I ended up having to pay
with my soul.

Don't let that happen to you.

You know, sometimes I wonder...

...if I still have a soul.

You do.

I can see it.

Hey, you want some chips?

What's goin' on?

You're a threat now.


Freeze or I'll drop you both!


Shit, oh shit.


Hold on.

Hold on, no, wait.

I was just doing my job.

Oh. Oh my God.

Now we're even.



Come in.

Hey, thank you.

Because of your quick thinkin'
that guard's gonna live

and you saved my ass

from a lot of
unwanted attention.

That female guard,
she risked it all for me.

She did.

I feel your pain, believe me,
I do.

It's one thing if a prisoner
dies on the inside,

but a guard?

Man, that shows my-- my weakness
to control this institution.

So thank you.

And by the way, I might
have a little talk with Freeway.

For what?

Fuck him.

I'm ready to take his ass out.

Set up the fight.

No, you haven't made your way
to that fight yet.

Sorry, I can't make that happen.

Why not?

You control all the shit
inside these walls, right?

That I do.

I control it all.

Don't get it twisted.

But uh, is that a fight
you're ready for?

Set it up.

Guard, back to my cell.

All right.

All right.

Yeah, you know, you fucked up,

We thought we'd take him out
for you, man?

Yeah, well, you thought wrong.

I never gave that fuckin' order!

Dumbass motherfucker.

Warden wants to see you
in the dungeon.

All of you.

Y'all wanna know
why this is my favorite room?

It's 'cause I can
turn off these cameras

whenever I want.


Come on in the ring, boys,

I wanna talk about
some business!

Oh, that's funny, I--
I could have sworn

I was in charge.

See the ring, go there!

You still can't follow rule.


You broke
my motherfuckin' rules!

Kill him!

What the f-- what the fuck, man?

I'm the head motherfucker
in charge.

I never gave that order.

I get it.

Fuck, I get it!

I fucked up.

I'm glad
we're on the same page now.

Now you're gonna do
whatever I want.

What do you want from me?

I want you to fight Savage.

No, he hasn't earned that spot.

Why are you so fuckin' stupid?

You wanna spend the rest
of your life in prison?

You afraid of him? What is it?


I'll fight.

I'm glad we're on the same page.

I'm glad you're excited.

I am.

Would be great to see
the two of you battle it out.

I'm glad we had this little
attitude adjustment.

Back to your cage, top dog.


What are you
specifically hitting?

A person.

A person.

Well, hit what he's
goin' to hit you with.

Hit his hands.

Let his hands come at you,
and anticipate it,

and stop it.

I heard you wanna see me
in the dungeon.

I don't fuck with bullies.

How about we give 'em
what they want.

Peach punch.

With purpose.

Pull it back.

Hands to the head, bro.

I want you to remember
why you agreed to do this

in the first place.

To save your daughter, man.

Get to your girl.

All authorized personnel
to the dungeon.

Wooh, shit! You ready?

God damn!

Let's see if we're gonna
crown ourselves a new king!

My kingdom for a crown.

See who's ready
to change their lives.

Come on now.

Man, can you feel it?

Yes, sir.

Man, I love you.

Take it away, warden!


- Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
- Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Tonight, gentlemen,

I got something truly special
for you.

Two gladiators, two warriors.

One will come out a champion
and the other...

Well, there may be
a lot of slow singin'

and flower bringin'

when that motherfuckin' bell
starts ringin'.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Let's give it up for Savage!

And over here,
we got our top dog.

Give it up for Freeway!

Let's get it on!


Savage! Stop!


That's enough. Come on!

Wooh, Savage is the man now,

Savage! Savage! Savage!

- Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!
- Savage! Savage!


That's the spirit. Come on!

Savage, Savage, Savage, Savage,
Savage, Savage, Savage, Savage!


Well, if you don't mind...

Apparently, you are the man.

I could get used to this.

But the part you left out is

havin' to keep eyes
on the back of my head.

Ain't no growin' when you don't.

The warden wants to see you.

When you're done eating,
of course.

That's too much power
for one convict.

There he is.

How does it feel
to be The Man now?

Huh? Have a seat.

Go on, have a seat!

You deserve it. You kiddin' me?

The way you just
beat down Freeway,

I could have sold that
for 69.99 on pay-per-view.

You and me we could do
a lot of business together.

Come on.

You know what?

Let's go for a walk. Come on.

Take a little victory lap,

Let's go, champ.

I wanna show you somethin'.

Come on.

Look at this. See that?

All eyes are on you, Tupac.

Come on now.

You got everyone's attention now

and you got my attention
as well.

You're the people's champ.

Can you feel it?

You feel that power?

So you think about that
what you wanna do with that.

I got a proposition for you.

You see what I see?

Yeah, a lot of bad decisions.

Yeah, I see what you see.

These are fathers, big brothers.

Leaders, kings, patriarchs,

They come in here
with a problem,

they leave with a problem.

There's no rehabilitation, sir.

All right, well, listen,
let me tell you something.

I'm a problem solver, okay?

Walk with me.

I wanna show you
how to solve your problems.

I can't fix everyone's problem.

Come on, let's walk.

All right, listen--

Got you.

Come on.

Come on, champ, listen to me.

You could run this place.

With me havin' your back,
come on now,

nothing could take you down.


You wanna run this place?

I don't want it.

Well, before you turn me down,

why don't you see
what you're missin'?

Come on now.

You can't even
make a decision yet.

Come on!

It's all right, fellas,
keep workin'.

Keep working.

Play through.

Good job, everybody.

Good to see you.

Right here, you look at that,

some of the best chronic
in the city, right there.

We get that
to local dispensaries

and we get it at a discount.

That's legal.

Sticky icky icky,
you know what that is.

And right over here... know, that's the uh,
pure Bolivian marching powder.

A little pick-me-up, you know,
when you go to Cancun.


You got your pharmaceuticals
in case you, you know,

you need to do your homework,
you need to focus up.

And over right there...


That's the US currency, man,
that's the fruit of your labors.

That's gonna go right
in our pockets.

This is uh...

...this is modern-day slavery.

I would--
I wouldn't call it "slavery".

Come on now.

I-- I would call it um,
you know,

let's called is "free labor".

It's the American way.

Think about it.

All right.

Come on, come on.

Why are you showin' me all this?

Because I want you
to be the first top dog

to enjoy all the full perks
of your labor.

All right?

Why not?

You know why.

Think about it.

You good?


You good?

I'm gonna think about it.

- Yeah, there you go.
- Just think about it.

Ruminate on it.

Good job, fellas.

Keep-- keep playin' through.

Good work, everybody.

Come on in.

I want you to take a look
at something.

Come on, over here.

Can you-- excuse me.

Can you show this to him,

I want you to take a look
at this right here.

Take a good look, okay?

You wanted justice--

All right, for the guard
that saved your life.

This is justice right here.

Take a look. Okay?

I want you to know
that I am here for you.

There's nothin'
I won't do for you.

I wanna show you that I am loyal

to those people
that are loyal to me.


Nobody goes this far.



I just want my daughter.

we're gonna get your daughter.


Yeah. I'm-- I'm here for you.

- I am loyal.
- Yeah.

This is loyalty.


Cover that up.

Come on in.

I'll-- I'll wait back here.

I'm done with this.

You're done...

...when we say you're done.

Have a seat.

Fuck is goin' on?

Yeah, that's right.

What the fuck?

Sorry, it uh, took me a minute
to respond to your last text,

but I-- I figured it'd be better
if we all got together

and spoke in person.

Now I thought you said he'd be
willing to go all the way.

Oh, he will be.

This was uh--

it's all a game, hmm?

You see,

my good friend,
the commissioner and myself--

Oh yeah, we're good friend.

We're gonna split
this whole thing 50-50,

all right?

And I wanted to cut you in
on the profit,

but you didn't want
any part of it.

Really too bad,
because it's quite profitable.


Especially, when you add
the gambling ring that we run

and seven other private prisons
in nearby counties,

pitting top dogs
against our top dog.

And you're our top dog now.

You work for us.

Hell, you exceeded expectations.

I even won the wager.

Oh, come on, really?
I thought you forgot about that.

-Come on, give it up.
-Uh, dammit.

Give it up.

Rub it in, huh, Harvey?

There we go.

Okay. I'm done-- done with this.

Now I knew he'd go soft on us.


That's why I got a plan B
for your ass.

Well, how about that?

Bring him in here.



Damn, that's gotta--



Okay, I'll fight.


Get 'em out of here,
both of 'em.

Stand up, soldier.

Stand up.



Told you he was the man.

God, I hope so.

I'll call the warden
at the Aurora State Prison,

get his top dog for a rematch.

Good. Good.

Now I gotta get out of here.

All right.

I can't be seen hangin' around
with an evil man like you.

Give me a break.

Got an image.

Yeah, I could take lessons from
you, you little freak.

You're the goddamn devil.


Well, that electricity, man,

that's a mood modifier
for your ass.

You can't argue with it.

Look, man, now you know
they ain't gonna let you go.

You know that, right?

I know.

So what in the hell
you gonna do, man?

It's time to burn
this motherfucker down.

Thank you for
letting me do this.

We're all in.

I'm surprised you called me.

You have something
I can use to help you?

That's all you need.

What is this?

You should leave now.


Leave now.

Leave now!

- Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
- Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Nothing like a good rematch.

I got the whole damn ring.

Useless cake.

I can't tell you how much
I have waited to do this.

Who is this?

This is my top dog, man.

No, no, no.

W-- what about the rematch
that we agreed on?

This is--


The fighter from last time,
where is he?

Uh, well, Chaka here
transferred in three nights ago

and he killed my last top dog
two nights ago.

What the fuck, man?

Come on-- come-- now come on.

What the fuck what?

What in the name of Wakanda
is this shit?

This is a different weight class
right here.

He's not right for me, okay?

This is my fighter, my top dog.

Take it or leave it.

Or forfeit, and I'll gladly take
my $100,000,

and we'll go back to our prison.

You're an evil bastard,
all right?

Uh, evil just runs here.

I don't have a choice, do I?

All right, bring book,
let's do it.

Come on. Fuck you.

Welcome back
to the dungeon, family!

Now, now, now, I know you know

that tonight
is a very special night.

We are here
for the finale fight.

We have our hometown brother

- Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!
- Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!

Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!

All right, all right, all right,
all right!

Now on the opposin' corner,
this poser here,

coming from
the Aurora Penitentiary

when they got some sweet,
silk sheets night,

his name is Chaka!

- Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo!
- Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo!

Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo!

Hey, good luck
to your fighter today.

Fuck you, Super Mario.

Get goin', let's fight!

- Yeah! Savage! Savage! Savage!
- Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!

There are no rules!

- Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!
- Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!

Ha-ha! Come on.

Looks like
you don't even have a chance!

Come on. Come up with something.

Come on, baby, let's go.

Dig deep!

There you go.

What the fuck!



I'll be back.

Let's go!

Wooh! Fuckin' get 'em, boys!

We can't have a bloodbath.

You and the commissioner
assured me

this was a safe zone!

I have no idea
what's goin' on here!

You set me up!

You think that I would sabotage
our entire fuckin' operation?

Get the fuck out of there.

Go, get the fuck out.


get on the fucking ground!

Get out of here.

Drop the weapon, guard!


It's me and you now,

No, it's just me, motherfucker.

You're in the system now

and you leave
when I say you leave.

Now it's time to fucking go.

You all right?


You did it.

Well done, bro.


Fuck you! Oh!

You know who the fuck I am?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Look at me, motherfucker.

I ain't goin' nowhere! Nowhere!

I'm the fuckin' law.

You'll be in fucking lockdown!

I'll be back, boy!

I am the fuckin' law!

Get your fuckin'-- get off!

Get down, get down!

Hands up, hands up!

Hands, hands!

Let me see your hands!

Why am I in here

and is this shit over with yet?

I was able to use the video
on the chip you gave me

to get the state authorities

and to bring the corruption
in this facility

to their attention.

And I think you should know,
the commissioner,

he's in custody, too.

You see it's hard to regulate

these corporate
prison institutions.

We just have no control over
these private penitentiaries,

so your evidence pushes the case
for regulation.

I mean regardless

of what the men
inside these walls have done,

they're still human beings

and they deserve
to be treated as such.

The state has also agreed
to give you a full pardon.

I-- I coordinated
with the secretary's office

for you to be released today.

Thank you.

The state has also agreed

to take care of your daughter's
medical costs.

I mean it's the least
they can do for you, right?


Do you need a ride?

Yeah, I do.

Just gotta say goodbye
to someone.


- Okay?
- Yeah.

Just want you to know
I appreciate you, OG.

I can't even say thank you
for what you gave me, man.

Gave you?

If it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't be goin' home

with my daughter right now.

If it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't care if I was alive.

That's what you gave me.

The will
to wanna be alive again.

Something that I can't
even say thank you for.

Just don't forget
about a brother

when you get to the outside,
you know?

Send somebody back for me.

My word.

Stay safe, marine.

- Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!
- Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!

Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!
Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!

Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!
Savage! Savage! Savage! Savage!

Savage! Savage! Savage!


Is my grandmother coming?

I've been looking for you.


Looking everywhere for you.

You left something.

Okay, let's get you home.

Clifford Chambers?


Terry Savage sent me
to come back for you

and uh, someone named "Freeway".

Hey! Fuck you looking at?

I'm a goddamn warden!

I got eyes everywhere,
motherfuckers, you hear me?

Oh God, this ain't real!

It ain't real!

Hey, let me out.

The fuck you waitin' for?

You know I own this place!

I own it!

I own this shit!

Law, help me!