The Syrian Bride (2004) - full transcript

In Majdal Shams, the largest Druze village in Golan Heights on the Israeli-Syrian border, the Druze bride Mona is engaged to get married with Tallel, a television comedian that works in the Revolution Studios in Damascus, Syria. They have never met each other because of the occupation of the area by Israel since 1967; when Mona moves to Syria, she will lose her undefined nationality and will never be allowed to return home. Mona's father Hammed is a political activist pro-Syria that is on probation by the Israeli government. His older son Hatten married a Russian woman eight years ago and was banished from Majdal Shams by the religious leaders and his father. His brother Marwan is a wolf trader that lives in Italy. His sister Amal has two teenager daughters and has the intention to join the university, but her marriage with Amin is in crisis. When the family gathers for Mona's wedding, an insane bureaucracy jeopardizes the ceremony.

I'm going to tell George to do
your hair like Zbeida Tharwat.

Her hairstyle was fabulous in
that movie with Farid el Atrash.

- Which movie?
- She made only one movie with Farid.

- She was in many movies.
- But like I said, only one with him.

Why are you laughing?
You don't think her hair looked pretty?

Hold this.

Look how nice it looks on her like this.
You can see her entire face.

Come on.

- Good morning.
- To you too.

- Congratulations and best wishes.
- Bless you.

- Congratulations! Congratulations to the bride!
- Hello

Grrrrr. Walk. Grrrrr.

Congratulations, Mona. Congratulations!
- God bless you.

You know... dad is very sad
over the death of Hafez el-Assad.

I hope there won't be a demonstration
today and ruin the wedding.

Enough. Don't talk like that, Mona.

- Good morning.
- Bonjour Madmoiselle.

- How is our beautiful bride today?
- Well.

Listen! You're speaking to the
Vice-Minister of Culture himself!

Sir, sir...
you have lipstick on your lips.

Go. Go. Go back to work. Go on.

Sir, lipstick suits you well.

What are you doing!!?

Jamila! Jamila, my darling,
it's not what you think.

I'm your beloved husband
and you snow me... you

Cut! Cut! Cut!


You know me,
not you snow me...!

What's up with you today, Tallel?

Since morning you haven't been
able to string two sentences together.

I'm very sorry.
Today's my wedding.


Today? Your wedding?

Listen up everyone, today's Tallel's wedding!
Congratulations, bro.

Knock it off, man, don't embarrass me.

Why didn't you tell us?

- Congratulations, Tallel.
- God bless you all

Who's the bride?
Do we know her?

No, you don't know her.
She's a relative from the Golan.

The Golan?
So how did you meet her?

They sent me a picture.

You fell in love with her
from a picture?

Let's see.

She's pretty.

- She really is pretty.
- Can I see?

She's gorgeous.

Don't add too many hair extensions.

Her hair is gorgeous like this.
I told you to make it like Zbeida Tharwat.

Patience, madam.
Your sister is so impatient.

But will it please Tallel
and his family?

Everyone will love it. You are going
to be the prettiest bride in Damascus.

Do you know I have a cousin there?

Photographer's here.

He's a hairdresser too.
I'll give you his number.

Good morning...

Sorry I'm late.

- Who's Amal?
- I am.

Hi, I'm Arik.

This is my sister Mona and those
are my daughters Mai and Rama.

Hi, how's it going?

Where's the socket?


Here we go. Act normal.
Don't look at the camera.

Come over here for a sec.

- What's your name?
- Call me George.

Everyone calls me George.

But my real name is Ali.

The flight from Moscow
was too much.

He'll sleep through the wedding.

Is this appropriate?


Wear something more conservative.


Passport please.

Thank you.

Name: Marwan Salman
Nationality: Undefined

Know why it's great
to return to Israel?

'Cause of the pretty women.

- What did you do in Italy?
- Italian girls are pretty

but you're prettier...

Sir, what did you do in Italy?

- Business. I'm a businessman.
- What kind of business?

Trade, clothing, shoes,
perfumes, whatever sells.

- Where did you stay there?
- Hold on.

Hi, I just landed.
I'll see you after my sister's wedding.

Where did you stay?

They interrogated me
enough when I left Israel.

- Wait there.
- Why?

Just wait there.

Today's a big day for the Druze

of the Golan. The pro-Syrian Druze
might provoke the demonstrators

supporting the new President and
cause a riot which could turn violent.

Therefore we must be careful today.


OK, let me remind you there's a
wedding at the border today at 3pm.

No problem, except the bride
is the daughter of Hammed Salman

who's pro-Syrian, out on parole,

And there's a warrant against
him going to the border. Clear?


When is Marwan arriving?
There's still lots to do and I need some help.

In a little while yet,
his plane landed at six.

But you can't rely on
Marwan with these things.

And Hattem? When is Hattem
supposed to arrive?

If Amal and the girls were back
from the Salon, they'd have helped.

Who'll help me?
Everyone will be at the demonstration.

And no one will be left to help me!

Amin, stop complaining!
Get back to work and butcher some more sheep.



One, two, three!

Smile, everybody.



what's wrong?
Did something happen?

Isn't she a beautiful bride?


We'll never see her again.

What do you mean?
She'll come visit, won't she?

Why won't you see her again?
I don't get it.

I'll miss you so much.

Film me, I want to say something.

Tallel, by the time you watch this tape,

Mona will have become your wife.

And this is the last time I will see her.

We have given you our most cherished treasure.

Protect her like your own eyes,

and watch over her.

Congratulations to the bride.

- Congratulations, Mona.
- Congratulations, Mona.
- Congratulations, dear bride.

Congratulations, Mona, my darling.

The village elders are here.

Go inside.



Go upstairs


Listen, Hammed...

You know how much we respect you.

We heard your son Hattem is coming back to
the village to attend his sister's wedding.

As far as we're concerned, he is not welcome
here, on account that he married the Russian.

If he shows up,

you won't see us here.

Dear friends,

Hattem hasn't been here
for more than 8 years,

and today is his sister's wedding.

You know that this will be his last chance to see her,
and wish her farewell.

Listen, Hammed, you know
how much we appreciate you.

If it were anyone else,

we wouldn't have troubled ourselves
to come.

We'll never forget

what you did for our village

nor your years in jail.

But this is a different issue!

If you choose to accept him...

and go against our religion,

you will lose our support

and we will cast you out, too.

Long time since you've been here?

Yes, almost 8 years.

Seriously? 8 years?

You'll behave yourself
at Grandfather's house, promise?


Let's go over the Arabic
you taught me.

How do you say

"Mar'aba"? (butchered "Hello")

"Mavruk"? (butchered "Congratulations")

"Keef helek"? (butchered "How you are you")

You can speak English.
My sisters understand English.

Why? Don't I speak well?
I won't speak at all then.

Try to get some sleep.

You worry too much.

You'll improve with time.

Relax, your parents will love him.

Huge crowds gathered this morning
at the central square of Damascus

to pay their respect to the late President
and welcome his son, Bashar el-Assad

Aren't they gonna cancel you because
of what's going on in Syria?

No, and if not, everything is on.

I am a son of the occupied ...

So what happens to the bride
when she crosses over?

She loses her identity on the way;
she'll get a new one in Syria.

But how will she come back to the Golan?

She won't.

She becomes a Syrian citizen,
so the Israeli won't let her in anymore
and the Syrian won't let her out.

As soon as she crosses the border,
there's no way back.

That's the way it is.

Congratulations my daughter.

I wish you happiness.


God bless your efforts


Our beloved president Bashar el-Assad

will deliver his speech
from the Parliament.

The Israeli withdrawal
in the 80s and 90s

and their retreat from Lebanon
this past May

is clear evidence of the
importance of our solidarity.

He looks even tougher
than his father.

O, people of Majdal,

Come to the square!

Join the demonstration
for our new President, Bashar el-Assad.

I'll be back.

Don't worry!

- Go ahead, I'll join you soon.
- Alright, we'll wait for you there.

Don't be late, Hammed.


are you going to the demonstration?

I won't be late.

Father, please don't go.

They released you from prison on condition
that you'd no longer take part in politics.

Please don't go,
for Mona's sake.

Let this day pass in peace.

We don't wish to visit
you in jail again.

How can you expect me not to go?

What will people think?
That Hammed is a coward?

From the moment you were released from
prison, you haven't been able to sleep well.

You're haunted by nightmares.

Don't worry about me, Amal.

They can't hurt me.

Join us, the Syrian people
are dear to our hearts!

Join us, the Syrian people
have sacrificed their blood!

Unity, national unity.
The Golan belongs to Syria.

With our spirit; our blood,
we'll redeem Bashar!

With our spirit; our blood,
we'll redeem Bashar!

Hammed... Hammed!

Come here! Come!

Aren't you on parole?
What are you doing here?

Go home.

- I'm not leaving.
- Don't provoke me. You know

what happens to those who
provoke me!

Or should I remind you, 5002?

You still remember my number.

Even I forgot it. I'm not afraid of you.
I was never afraid of you.

A country of criminals! For 33 years
you have occupied us without shame.

Hammed, go home.
Your daughter is getting married today.

With our spirit; our blood,
we'll redeem the Golan!

I'm going to miss you much.

I'll be all alone there.

I'm afraid.

Don't be afraid.

You are going to love Tallel,
and he is going to love you.

This time, it won't be like
your first marriage.

This time, the circumstances
are different.

What makes you so sure?

Perhaps my life with him will be
much worse than my life right now.

Maybe I'm escaping from one prison
to another, much larger one?


Stop talking like this.

Your life there will be much better.

And what if things between us don't work out?
What will I do?

I won't be able to come back here.

Stop being so pessimistic!

Stop it!

I'm marrying someone I don't know;
I've seen only on television.

At least you knew Amin
and he knew you.

I barely knew him.

I saw him only once,
when he came to fix our roof!

And a week later he proposed...

A month later we married.

And I was pregnant before long.

You're not happy.

You were never happy with him.

How can I leave you here on your own?

Wow, what a mess.

Do me a favor,
take your suitcases and get out.

My house is on the other side of the village!

I don't want these Arabs
to throw stones at my cab.

Mom, who are those people?

Come on, get out already!

We have to get out.

Hold it, hold it...
Did you get me the whiskey?

I swear I was delayed at the airport.
They gave me hell.

Why don't you believe me?

Calm down, relax. Don't get upset.

I promise I'll meet you
with the money in 2 hours, OK?





It's my brother!


Come on, get in!




Welcome home, son.

I have a surprise.



Darling! Darling!

Meet Evelina, my wife.


And this is our son, Hammed.

God bless you.
God bless you, my son.


- You look stunning!
- My turn! My turn!

For some time now Majdal hasn't seen
a demonstration the likes of this one.

Bashar's speech was very good.

He's Assad (lion) son of Assad.

- Welcome home, son.
- Father...

God bless you, Father.

How are you?

Don't you want to welcome your son?

Come in.

It's been 8 years,

and he still won't talk to me.

I thought he would soften up
over the years.

Maybe you were right.
We shouldn't have come here.

How long can one hide?


I'm going to try and convince Dad.
He'll agree in the end.

Mom approves, but dad is the problem.
You have to be patient.

I have no problem waiting,
but are you sure you'll convince him?

Oh my God. For sure he saw us!

Byan, clean out the blood before it
dries, and slaughter the remaining sheep.

There's already lots.
Why slaughter more?

You want people to say
my father-in-law feeds his guests

like he was fed in the Israeli prison?
No way!

- Mother-in-law, is everything alright?
- Yes.

- Are you short of anything?
- Thanks, No.

Abu-Salim, these tables won't be enough.
We need another three tables.

- From where shall I get them?
- From the neighbors.

Where's Marwan?
Where did that monkey go?

Hello, Salach.


Look how attractive Hattem's son is.
Doesn't he resemble his aunt Mona?

He resembles his Russian mother

You want to marry an Israeli collaborator, Amal?

He's not the collaborator.
His father is the collaborator.

Shut up! Don't say a word.

You're not marrying him
as long as I live. Understand!?

OK, let me go back to Granddad's house.

You're not going anywhere!

Go to your room! Beat it!

I can't even look at you!

School of Social Work
at Haifa University

Marwan, how did you know this
is the perfume I like?

Does this look like Tallel?

Lord knows if he's a good man or not.

I swear if my business deal goes through,
I'm going to buy you the nicest gifts.

Amal, I'll buy you a car.

No... I'll take you and Amin to Italy.

- Only without Amin.
- OK, without Amin...

And for you, Mona,
what would you like me to get you?

A private jet, just for you,
so you can come visit us?

I'll teach you how to fly it.

I'm going to look for Hattem.

And I must go help Amin

before he murders me.

Beat it!

Are you spying on me?!

Don't be angry with Dad.

You know how much he loves you.

And you know how delicate his
situation here in the village is.

The elders came today, and said that if he
welcomes you, they will cast him out.

And you know how they are.

What bothers me is that I know.
But he shouldn't turn his back on me again.

What nonsense. Since when has
he turned his back on you?

Anyone hearing what you're saying would
hardly believe we grew up in the same house.

Dad was never here for us.

Or have you forgotten?

I remember, Hattem.

But this isn't the right time
to settle our accounts with him.

Haven't you heard that the they won't
let him go to the border to send off Mona?

Father is dying inside. Don't make it any
harder on him. He's dealing with enough as it is.

I'M making it harder?!!

This time try to understand,
for me; for Mona.

Excuse me a minute.

After the wedding, God willing,
the situation will be fixed

Go to our mailbox and if
you see a letter for me,

bring it and don't let
anyone know. Got it?

I'm going to Kiryat Shmona.

Don't you dare go to the police.

If your father were to find out,
he would be very upset.

He doesn't need to know! If anyone asks,
tell them I went to pick up a few things.

You know how much it
will please Mona.

I know, I know...

Pray this day ends peacefully.

I'll be back before long.

All that beauty... wasted,

she doesn't even know how to dice a tomato.

Yes, but Hattem's wife is a doctor.

They say she runs a large hospital in Russia.

She probably serves him hospital food.

All the girls wanted Hattem.

He could have married
the best local girl

instead of the Russian.

Chop the tomato like this.



We... and tabula...


Inform the family... your mom's brother is
at his grave's door (has passed away).

May his soul rest in peace.

May his soul rest in peace.

May God strengthen you,

and comfort you during this
hardship that has fell upon us.

Hi, Dad, how is everyone?

How are you, Fahdi?
How's university?

Thank God, going well.

Tell me, son, is the
wedding on as scheduled?

Of course, Dad. Tallel and his family
are on their way from Damascus.

When are you coming to the border?

I won't be able to come with them.

The Israelis will not allow me to come to the border.

Okay, not to worry, Dad.

- How are you my brother, Marwan? When did you arrive?

Don't forget, send with Mona
a kilo of coffee from the Golan.

... the kind with Cardamom!

Is everybody OK?
My plane arrives at midnight.

Will mom be at the airport?

Is she bringing Ginger?

Send my kisses to everyone.
See you.

So what are you going to do Nicole?
Are you quitting the Red Cross?

I don't know yet. I may go back to school
or I may find a nice, quiet job.

That's what I had in Norway.

What did you do?

I was a dental Hygenist.

That's pretty boring, isn't it?

Oh, not at all. Did you know that you can tell
a lot about people by just looking at their teeth?

Especially men.

Really? How?

Well, for example, men with neat little teeth,
stay away from them, they're way too square.

And, men with buck teeth are incredible in bed.

Ah, what about men with a
gap between their front teeth?

Oh, they're warm and sensuous.
Too sensuous, in fact.

One woman is never enough for them.

I should have known he's an asshole.

The finest cigar from Cuba
for my favorite uncles!

If you can balance it on your mustache,
I'll give you a bottle of whiskey!

Marwan, what do you do abroad?


Yes, but what kind of business?
What do you sell?

Whatever comes to your mind.

Games for kids,

games for adults. Watches...

Marwan, when is your turn going to come?
We want to see your children before we die.

When God wills it.

When God wills what?
That we see your children,

or that we die?

This one's not suited for Marriage.

He's always with a different woman.
One time with a Frenchy, another time an Italian,

and another with a Jewish one.
He's left nothing to spare.

C'mon, uncle, what kind of talk is that?
In the end I'll marry from here.

Quit bullshitting us, you bastard.

You Druze know
how to throw a wedding.

Hold my calls.

A Druze wedding is the real thing.

Not like our weddings...
with the bad food.

You've been to one of our weddings?

One? More like a hundred.

I have many friends in the Golan.
In Majdal too.

Most of my friends are Druze.
Fine people.

So can my father come to the border?

- What did you say your name was? Amal?
- Yes.

How do you like your coffee?
I buy only genuine Arab coffee.

Rafi, two coffees please.


I can't approve it.


It's the last time
he'll see his daughter.

Don't take that away from him.

If not for him, do it for her.
It will break her heart.

I feel for you, truly.

He can't go near the security zone.

What harm can he do there?

Thank you, Rafi.

Drink, it's genuine Arab coffee.

I didn't come for coffee,
I came to ask you for a favor.

You can't stop me going to the border.
This is my sister's wedding!

- You are not going.
- But this occasion...

No buts! There is no going there.
End of story.

How can you treat me the same way
the Israelis treat you?

Your brother is getting on my nerves.

- Welcome.
- Congratulations.

Thank you.

Hi Uncle

Mom, where have you been?

- Where's your dad?
- Dad went home.

And Mai?

I dunno, she didn't return
after the demonstration.

OK, get something to eat.

Mai is grounded.

It's your fault.
You let her do whatever she pleases.

Amin, I didn't come here to argue with you.
We need to go back to the wedding.

Do you want us to become the
laughing stock of the village?


I love you so much,
but I can't stand much more.

People are talking, Amal!

"Your wife is wearing pants and
your daughter loves a collaborator."

Isn't it enough for us, the scandal of
Hattem's Russian wife?

- Hattem?
- Yes, Hattem!

You can't even look him in the eyes.

Anyway, this isn't the time for this.
We must get back to my parents.

Okay, come on, let's go.
What are you waiting for?

- And Mai?
- Mai is forbidden to leave this house!

Let her say goodbye to her Aunt.
You know how attached she is to her.

Are you coming?

Only with Mai.

Amal Safdi has been accepted

into the B.A. Social Work Program

I'm sorry, Mom, that I caused this
trouble between you and Dad.

Now won't he let you go
to university?

Don't worry.

It'll be all right.

Everything will be fine.

And you, mother?

What about you?

Your fortune, God willing,
will be better than mine.

Don't give in the way that I have.

Don't you dare give up!

I've already missed my chance,

but your entire life is ahead of you.

Go wash your face,
and rest a while.

I'll come back soon to
take you to the border.

But Dad will be angry.

Let him be angry.

Come on, get going...

Let me kiss you.

So, I'll see you after the wedding.


- Sorry you have to stay in the office.
- Oh that's okay, I'll see enough weddings. Enjoy.

Hello, my sweet! How are you?

You're new here.


- Marwan.
- Liv.

Excuse me.

All the angels flee,
when the devil walks in.

So, how my little French girl?
Did you miss me?

This is for you.

You must have dropped this.


I love the way you smell.

I don't want to see you.
I don't want your degrading gifts.


How is it possible that I
never noticed so much beauty before?

I bow to your feminine charms.
Please accept this modest gift.

I brought it especially for you.

Please, take one. Enjoy...

How did you know I'd be here?

You told me.



This place has become crowded
and the air thick.

I feel suffocated.

I feel that there is no place in this
universe for me or that will fit me,

or that will contain my pain and suffering.

The apple tree is my well of despair,

I sit under it and cry.

I remember every word you wrote to me.

Your letters kept me
going in Russia.

They made me feel I was
still living among you,

and kept me in touch
with each of your lives.

Tell me, how are things with you and Amin?

The usual.

What do you mean "the usual"?
What did you fight about?

The usual things.

About your studies?

Amal, listen to me.

I'm not saying you should give up.

But there has to be some other way
that you can convince Amin.

Amin loves you and respects you a great deal.

I don't know what to say.

We haven't conversed in years,

I'm used to writing you letters.

It's easier for me.

What happened?

We blew a tire.

Folks, if you would kindly get off the bus.
We need to change the tire.

Good grief!

- Yes?
- Haven't you left yet, Joseph?

I'm leaving. What's the rush?

- Did you take the stamp I gave you?
- A hundred times you asked me!

- Did you take it?
- I did, I did:

Check again.


- I checked.
- Good.

Say, won't we have problems
with this new stamp?

No, these are the new
regulations. It's fine.

If they're the new regulations...

- And bring me Golan apples:
- OK, OK.

You've done a great job.

This is for the lads.

Thank you.

God bless you.

Dad, may I have a word?

Dad, I went to Kiryat Shmona
to see the police officer.

Amal, you made a mistake.

You belittled yourself

and belittled me with you.

I thought this story would
make you happy.

I went there for you.

I knew how much you wished you
could see Mona off at the border.

Did you think it was easy for
me to go see him, and beg?

Do you think I have forgotten what
this man has done to you?

Singing: O' lord of the universe
bless them and grant them your kindness,

alongside those you deem in need ...
alongside those you deem in need.

Bless the beautiful couple, my dear ones,
bless the beautiful couple.

Wish them well, congratulate,
and shower them with jasmine.

Songs of joy let's sing them,

and befriend, o' Love, their nights.

O' lord of the universe bless them
and grant them your kindness

alongside those you deem in need, o' loved ones,
alongside those you deem in need.

Come on, my girl.

Congratulations. Congratulations.

Marwan, I'm off.

What's up, Dad? Come on, climb in.

Stop worrying about the elders,
they're not coming.

I know... I know.

Don't stress yourself out. After the
wedding, everything will be worked out.

Marwan, I'll be right back.

Come on, Amal, get in.

Go without me.

- Where are you going?
- I'll follow you.

Step it up bro, an hour to change a flat?
We're running late!

This nut is seized, I can't get it off.
I'm very sorry, sir.

Okay, move, move aside, let me try it.

Let's go!

What? What's going on?
Just a minute.

You can't stay here.

Drive back. Right now!

All of you, go to the parking lot.

Wow, what a mess...


Wait here! Wait here!

Wait here!

Don't you speak Hebrew?

OK, congratulations.

- Who are you?
- I'm her father.

Her father? OK...

Hi sister, how are you?

I hope Dad came with you!

Don't worry, he'll show up.

How do you know?

I just know.

Soldier, open the gate, please.

Mom, why are you late?
Everyone is already inside.

- Who are you?
- Her family.

Her family... IDs please.

The car goes to the parking lot.

Amal, where have you been?

I'm talking to you.

Amin, leave me alone, not now!

- You can go in.
- Thank you.

I'm speaking to you.

Leave me alone, I said!

Mom, wait for me.


They haven't arrived yet?

You see? I told you.

- What happened to you?
- My clothes got dirty...

- And why are you late?
- We had a flat tire.

That's your bride, Mona,

and that's my sister, Amal.

- What are you doing here?
- Saying goodbye to my daughter.

You're not supposed to be here.
Come with me.

Where to?

I don't want to make a scene here.

- Where do you take him?
- Butt out.

Marwan, wait over there.


You raise your child for 25 years

and on the most important day of
her life, you can't say goodbye?

You can't enter a closed military zone.

Military zone? Two caravans
and your Israeli flag?

You have contempt for our flag too?

Your Syrian friends
treated you better?

Go. Go on before I arrest you.

- You said he could...
- I said nothing.

- Where do you think you're going?
- To say goodbye to my daughter.

Stop, my dear. Stop.

I'm scared.

Be strong. Proud.

Bow your head to no one.

You are Hammed's daughter!

That's it? Did you say goodbye?

Now get in the car.

Everyone step back!

- Why are you arresting him?
- Step back!

You as well!

I'm his attorney.

His attorney?

- Yes.
- Do you have a warrant?

Show me a warrant.

Otherwise, this arrest is illegal.

You're off the hook.

This time.

Tension in the West Bank continues.
Shots were fired at an army post near Nablus.

No injuries were reported.

Are you in the Golan already?
Don't forget to buy apples!

OK, OK...

Radio: In the Golan, demonstrations in support
of the new President.
...and what's his name, the Turkish guy,

Was asking "how much money did you make?"

- How are the apples?
- Terrific.

- Two boxes please.
- No problem.


Son, is something wrong?
Where are you?

Nablus? They said on the news
there was some shooting there.

Are you sure?

I'm worried and so is your mother.

Promise me you'll take care.

Great. Bye.

- My son.
- God bless him.

- Thank you.
- Have a nice day.

- Hello, Joseph.
- Hello, hello.

Hello, have a seat.
Thank you.

Name: Mona Salman
Nationality: Undefined

Mother's name is Samiha?

Father's name Hammed?

Born on November 30th, 1976?



- Hello
- Hello

Hello Joseph, how are you?

Are the bride's papers ready?

Of course they are ready.
Here they are.

How are you?

I'm fine. You know,
it's my last day here.

Yes, I know.
It was nice working with you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Hello Jan, how are you today?

I'm fine, thank you.

What's this?

Since when do they put their stamp
on the Laisser Passer?

I have no idea.
They gave it to me like this.

This stamp unacceptable.
The Golan is Syria.

She comes from Syria,
and she going to Syria.

She didn't come from Israel.

Take it. Give it back to them.

Well, I'm going to check with them.

Dad, dad, look what I got from the policemen!

- Dad!
- I'll be right back.

- There's a problem.
- What problem?

They don't want to let her in because
there's an Israeli stamp on the Laisser Passer.

So, what is the problem?

The Israeli stamp.

What do you mean? Of course, there's
an Israeli stamp. She's going out of Israel.

But, why do you put a stamp?
You never did it before.

'cause that the new regulations.
There is nothing I can do.

Tell that to the Syrians.

What's going on?

I'm doing my best.
Don't worry, it will work out.

Don't worry, Dad, it will work out.

Welcome, please come in...

Hello. Everything okay?

Not really.
The Israelis said this is a new procedure.
They have to put the stamp now.

What do you want me to do?

Approve it!
The bride is already waiting on the other side.

I told you already, as far as I'm concerned,
she comes from Syria and she's going to Syria.
She didn't come from Israel.

What am I supposed to do? Tell me.
People are waiting on the other side, on... on your side too.

I have no idea.
It's their problem, not ours.

You know, the whole thing is part of an Israeli policy
of declaring that the Golan belongs to them.

We will never agree to that.
You can tell them that.

I can sell you cigars, whiskey, cigarettes;
perfume for your wife.

Give her something to
drink or she'll dehydrate.

Does he want to eat?

I'm fine.

Two hours, man, two hours.
My sister is getting married. What can I do? I'm at the border.

I can't now.

It will take time.

I'll talk to you later, OK?

- Hey Jan.
- How are you doing Jan?

- What's happening? What did they say?
- Wait, wait.

Relax, relax, Amal.

Let her speak.

I'm very sorry. On the Syrian side, they refuse to accept
the fact that you've stamped the Laisser Passer

Maybe you can call Jerusalem?

I'm sorry. No answer. It's 4 o'clock, Thursday.
There is nothing I can do. Sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry, there won't be a wedding today.

We have been waiting 5 months to get a permit.
You cannot do this to us.

I really did my best.
I don't know what else I can do.

This is a bad omen

not to get married on your wedding day.

Why you doing this?

I told you that what happened here is not my fault.
This is not personal. Why don't you believe me?

What's going on?

She's going to check again. Right?

Please try again. If she doesn't get married today,
she will never get married.

I'll try one more time.

Thank you

Stay here!

- Amin! Oh my god.
- Amal!

Bring water!

What's going on?
Why the delay?


Aren't the procedures over?

I don't know.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, don't worry.
I'm waiting right here.

The family can't wait to see you.

And I can't wait to see you, too.

Me too.

Don't you have something to say?

No, I have nothing to say.

I know you read the letter that came for me.

This is the last time. No more.

You will not deny me my education.

The girls are older now,
and the excuses are over.

What people will say; is that your concern?
Are they more important than me?

Is it better for people to say "Amin is not a man"?

or for them to say "Amin can't handle his wife"?

Try to understand me, Amal.

The Israeli army announced
that Nablus is sealed off

Joseph, do me a favour and see what you can do.

There's nothing I can do, I told you,
everything is closed.

What do you mean they're closed.
Can't you get anyone at home or on the cellphone?

Come on, call someone!

Listen, I have problems of my own
besides this stupid wedding!
These are the rules. There's nothing I can do.

Don't raise your voice with me.
Do you think you're the only one with problems?
I have my flight about to leave, and I'm still stuck here.

I'm sorry. This is not my problem anymore.

Everything okay?

Excuse me. Excuse me.
Can you just tell me what's going on?

It's okay. It's okay.
Wait, please.

Please, do something.
The family's about to collapse.

There has to be some solution.
We can't just leave her here.

They already took her paper on the Israeli side.
Where is she going to go? What is she going to do?
She can't go back to the Golan.

I understand, but I'm not allowed
to stamp something like this.

But... can't you just call Damascus
and check with them?

This thing has to go all the way up to the president himself.
No one can solve it.

I'm thirsty. Do you have any water?
Can you call the president?

Bring a bottle of water, quickly.


I can't call the president.
Who am I to call the president?

And there's no other way to reach him?

What about the husband?
He is very famous in Syria.

- Really?
- Yes!

Minister's office.

They're connecting me.

There's no answer, and the line was dropped.

What shall we do?

What's happening?

No reply.

- Would you like a seat?
- Thank you.

Worried because you don't know him?

There are no rules.
Marriage is like a watermelon.

You can't tell what's
inside till you open it up.

It's a matter of fate.

Do you believe in fate?

Are you married?

No, I'm not married.
But I believe in fate.

Why aren't you married?

I'm not sure anyone will want me.

I'm fat and I can't stop eating.

You know, food is sort of
my consolation...


No, I can't make it.

Find someone else.

Aren't there other
photographers in Kiryat Shmona?

I'm stuck here with the Syrian bride.

I'll find a replacement.
What time is the Bar-Mitzva?

It'll be okay. Bye.

See you guys.

Amal: What's happening?
Joseph: What's new, son?

Just tell us.

Joseph: Gun shots?!
Let me speak to him.

Joseph: Are you OK?
- Where are you going?

- The problem isnt solved yet.
- What now?

Do something already. Why don't just you erase this
stupid stamp and solve the problem once and for all?

Son, I'll get back to you.

Guys, can someone bring
me correction fluid?

Correction fluid?

I understand your pain,

I have children too.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.



Thank you.

Thank you very much, Joseph.

Okay, your problem is solved.
There's a wedding.

Thank you very much.

Sing, mother!


Let me introduce you to my father.


Beautiful bride!

Welcome to your home

and amidst your family.


the problem is solved!

We'll be sending you the bride
and a kiss on top of that as well!

Marwan! Instead of your kiss, send us
the coffee that I asked you for.

3 kilos of coffee. You'll have enough
to pour out of your ears.

Take care of Mona, hey.

The coff... I mean Mona... will be my chief concern.

It's okay. Congratulations.

Hey. Thank you.

Everything is okay, you can sign it now.

Oh, I'm sorry. Where is he?

He's left. His shift is over.
How can I help you?

I need you to sign this. The bride on the Israeli side
has been waiting for hours for your signature.

What's this?

We erased the Israeli stamp,
because the officer before you said...

I'm sorry, I can't accept this.

Why? There is no Israeli stamp anymore.
What's the matter now?

I have no idea what you are talking about. Wait until Sunday.
He will come back on Sunday and take care of it.

This can't wait until Sunday. Can't you find him?
He will explain you everything.

No, he is on his way to Damascus.
Come back on Sunday.

Now what's the problem?

It's crazy.

I cannot sign something that I don't understand.
It's a scribbled mess.

This is unbearable.

Excuse me, what's going on here?

I'm leaving.

Sorry, I can't do anything.

I'm very sorry. There's no wedding.
And that's final.

- What!?
- What's going on?

Why are you doing this to us?

Excuse me. What we gonna do with my sister now?
We can't just leave her like that.

I'm very sorry, I have no idea.

Are you happy now?

You broke that poor girl's heart!

Whatever happened is not my fault.
I really did everything I could. It's nothing personal.

If this isn't personal, then what is!?
...stabbing me in the heart!

Don't start talking me stab you in the heart.
You have a gap between your teeth. I should have
known it from the beginning!

What's going on, son?

What gap?
What do you mean gap between my teeth?

Marwan, go talk to her.

Jan, come on, let's...
murmurs: What logic is this?
murmurs: She's crazy, this one.

Jan, what's going on?