The Swordswoman in White (1992) - full transcript

White Lotus leader Wang Cong'er discusses uprising matters with lord and strategist, but they are besieged by Qing dynasty army. She jumps off the cliff and runs away. She finds out the traitor, kills enemies and reorganizes the uprising.

(gong crashing)

- Hold it.

No visitors.

- I've traveled

a long way.

- Forget it.

Come back some other time.

- Okay, if you insist.

- Pledge to our flag.

- [All] May our
founders bless us.

- Leader, wanna say something?

- As you all see, many have
gone before us and died.

We should fight while
we're still young.

If we fight and
die, that is no sin.

If they want a war,
we'll go to war.

We simply cannot live under
such a corrupted government.

They called us rebels,
we are freedom fighters.

I tell you, the Quing government

will soon see we will
not just keep waiting.

With our determination
they will know

our love for country
is strong, it is right.

Let those who agree say yay.

(all yelling)

- Ah, yes, right.

- Yay!

(birds crowing)

- Something is going on.
- Yeah.

It's me, it's me, come and see.

The soldiers are on their way.

(all murmuring)

- [Man] Come on, let's go.

- Stop it.

Let her speak.


- Dad, first advisor,

you take the men and
go out the backdoor.

- And you?

- I will stay here
and fight them.

I'll meet up with you.

- Hey, daughter, daughter.

And you can handle
them yourself?

- Dad, there is
no time to argue?

- Okay, you all follow me.

(all yelling)

- [Man] Come on,
come on, let's go.

(swords clanging)
(yelling and grunting)

(heavy kicking and punching)


- Watch your step.


(swords clanging)
(yelling and grunting)

- Get her.


(swords clanging)

(all yelling)


Rebel girl, now we
have done you in.

Don't try to jump in.

You come with us,

then we'll forgive
you all your crime.

- Hmm.


- Guards, get her!

(yelling and grunting)
(swords clanging)

Ready and aim.

(arrows firing)


(sword clanging)


- Oh.

Our leader's jumped off a cliff.

(all murmuring)

Hold it, hold it.

- Listen, our leader says

that you should go
back to your hometowns

and wait for further news.

Protect your own family
and wait for the order.

Don't do anything stupid.

- [Man] Okay.

(all murmuring)

- Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

The lord bless you.

- Why did the soldiers
suddenly attack us?

- What happened today
is very strange.

We could've been
betrayed by an insider.

Let us go and talk to
the leader, Xia Xiu.

- Well, I'm going
to go home first

and shower and shave and gather
up some more people, okay?

- That's fine.

- Goodbye.

- Go.

(all murmuring)

- You too, come on, hurry up.

Hurry up.

- This young lady
jumped off a cliff

and now we don't
know where she is.

They have offered a reward
for $10,000, dead or alive.

Well, this was such a nice lady.

Who would want to capture
her either dead or alive.

Yet those bureaucrats
from the government,

who waste our tax money
on stupid pathetic things

want to have her.

They don't deserve
somebody like that.

Those crooks.

Our president's
nothing but a crook

and I don't want
to give her to him.

What's he gonna do to her then?

- Oh, she's so young and
pretty and knows kung fu.

- But she's a killer.

- Hey, I told you.

If I get her, I get
rich quick, you know?

That's a lot of money.

- Now now now, this
is a great girl.

She hates the government
just like we do.

- Do you know where she is?

- Nobody knows where she is.

She jumped off the cliff.

Maybe she's dead.

- Ah.

Any news of the girl?

- Your honor, nobody knows
where she is right now.

We look all over
the place for her,

but we still can not find her.

- She's a very sneaky girl.

We have to try to
find her somehow.

- I don't think we have
anything to worry about.

She's not gonna
get away from us.

We have put people all
over the custom gate.

Hmm, she's gonna
be ours very soon.

- My lord, the master
is waiting for you

at the door to see you.

- Come on and bring him in.

I'd be glad to have him come.

- Yes, my lord.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

- Please, come on in.

Have a seat over there.

- After you.

- There.

- Sure.

- Marshall, why
the sudden visit?

- It's something very urgent.

- Really?

- Yes, it is.

- Let me guess.

It must be about the woman
kung fu fighter in the white.

Is it?

- Yes, it is.

We got the impression that she
might be hiding out somewhere

in this town.

A couple days ago, the
intelligence agents told us so.

We got some leads that reward

at the tic, the tac,
and the dough of $10,000

and I'm not gonna
easily give up.

We're gonna take this
case, ladies and gentlemen,

and I tell you,
we're gonna get her

and the rest of the rebels

with the help of an insider,

somewhere within
out organization.

We're not gonna give up on this.

- Well, it's great to know
we do have an insider with us

and that we do get by with a
little help from our friends.


Once we get her, we'll be rich.

- Let's build up
our soldier force.

Make sure that they're
there 24 hours a day.

Check each person before they
go in or out of the city.

(crowd murmuring)

- Hurry up, hurry up.

What's going on here?

Come on, come on, hurry up.

I don't have all day.

Hey, come on, move it.

Hey, go on.

Hey, you.

- That's for you.

- May God bless you.

- What are you doing?

- We're just passing.

- Passing?

I'd be nicer then.

I asked you what you do.

- We've been poor people
who go town to town.

- Where you come from then?

- [Vincent] From a swap meet.

- [Guard] Swap meet?

So, where you going now?

- To go up north for handouts.

- For handouts?

- Yes.

- Passing?

- Yes.

- You guys just go.

- Thank you, yes.

Let's go.

- Who's next, who's next?

Come on, hurry up.

What's going on?

Wait a minute.

Put it down.

- Yes, sir.

(sword clanging)

- Wait a minute.

You guys go from town to town.

You must've seen
the rebel Lotus Clan

and the white robe
girl, haven't you?

- We've seen even more.

The rebel girl, her poison
darts, her killings.

Her followers are everywhere.

- Ah, do you know
where they are now?

- She put up quite a show.

I heard she was surrounded
by our great soldiers

and she jumped off a cliff.

I think now she's fish food.

- Ah, that's bologna.

If she's really dead, do you
think we'd give out a reward?

- Well, sir, there's
nothing I can do.


- I think that you
are telling me a lie.

(weapons clattering)

- Thank you.

- [Woman] Don't
bother me anymore.

- Hey, stay back, stay
back, come on, come on.

Get out of the way.

- Get out of the way.

- [Man] Get out of the way.

- [Guard] Get out of the way.

Come on, get out, get out.

- Look, what's with him?

- Yes, sir.

Sir, I think he's
checking two people

from out of town.

He was asking them
where they come from

and then he said
goodbye to them.

Now he's just stood there.

I think he's just paying
you some respect, sir.

(hard slapping)

- Stupid fool.


- Forgive me, my lord.

- Who are they?

- Two men.

- He may be the one
we're looking for.

(light orchestral music)

- Every time when
I see this lotus,

I wanna know how my
mother is really.

- I remember when I first saw
the lotus with my own eyes.

20 years, I think it's been.

- Dad, when we get
there, like you said,

do you think we'll find mother?

- It's been a long time.

Surely, I hope so.

So, uh,

I think it's time to go.

- Uh-huh.

- Let's go.


Whoo, watch your step.

- Ah, welcome, welcome.

Have a seat, please.


- Na na na na na na.

Welcome to Holiday Inn.

Can I take your order?

- Yes, I'll have a pan pizza.

I like pizza,

with anchovies, lots of them.

- Right away, it's coming up.

I've got an order for a
pan pizza with everything,

including the anchovies.

- There you go.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

- All right, get this
over here right now.



There it comes.

There's your pizza

and right now, breadsticks,

and there's your stuff.

And there's your chopsticks.

And there's your water.

Coming back.

Let's go.

- [Vincent] I like to eat
pizza with my fingers,

not these chopsticks.

(eerie atmospheric music)

- Pardon me, can you
spare some change?

Oh, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.

(dishes crashing)

- Let's drink.

- Cheers.

(glasses shattering)

- That's for you.

- Oh, thank you very much.

- [Woman] You're welcome.

- You're very generous.

Thank you.

Oh, thank you.

(men coughing)

- [Man] Let's go home.

* 99 bottles of
beer on the wall *

* 99 bottles of beer


Mind your step.

- Not very safe.

Let's get moving.

- Mmm.

(rooster crowing)

- Ah, what a bummer.

I know that she
was just about to.

- Ah, I thought
they would be easy.

Now it's too late.

- Ah.

- I noticed that
at the restaurant

there were only
those two friends.

- Maybe somebody's
setting a trap for us.

- Hmmm.

Do you think they would
put poison in our cups?

- I'm finally beginning to
think the same as you do.

The nun was acting pretty
strangely for some time.

- See?

They will not let us two alone.

- No, they won't.

They want to corner us.

That's what I see.

Do you think, do you
think our group has gotten

to the temple yet?

- The temple's not far.

That's where they should be.

(bird cawing)

(ominous orchestral music)

- Let's get moving here.

We're not going hiking.

(birds squawking)

Come on.

- Dad, you see that now?

Dad, the man was one of us.

- Yes, I see.

But why'd he get arrested?

- He is one of our
finest fighters.

Maybe he was set
up by someone too.

- Uh, over there.

- What now?

Hmmm, you stupid or what?

It's just a lousy bunny rabbit.

And you're scared to death?

Come on, let's go.

(all murmuring)

(sword clanging)

Who are you?

- [Charlene] Let him go.

- Get 'em.

(swords clanging)
(yelling and grunting)

(heavy kicking and punching)

(heavy kicking and punching)
(yelling and grunting)


(horse neighing)

(heavy slapping)

(swords clanging)

- Want to live, don't you?

(horse neighing)

- Of course, of course.

- If you want to live, give
your boss this message.

Tell the jerks I'll be waiting
for them at the temple.

- Oh, my.

Then they'll all come over.

- Hmm.

(arrow whipping)



- Look here, my lord.

- [Man] Oh, yeah.

What's up?

- Some of our soldiers
went down there.

I don't know what's
going on here.

- Really?


Let's go check.



What happened?

- Five soldiers were
killed and one wounded.

- [Man] So who did this?

- Well, we got one of the
rebel girls' best fighter.

The rebel girls came
and ambushed us,

killed all of us and
took the prisoner away.

- How many were there?

- A man and a woman.

- My lord, take a look at this.

- Hmm.

That looks like a poison dart.

- I smell trouble, sir.

That looks like the rebel
girl's favorite weapon.

I think she and the
gangs have been here.

- And that's how he died.

Well, he may be in the temple.


- Let's go!



- Oh, take it easy.

Here, sit down.

Tell me how you feel.

- Except for my neck, I
think everything is okay.

I think they just roughed me up.

- Yeah, well, you look like
you've been roughed up.

- How did they get you?

- A few nights ago I
was just walking around

with my buddies.

We were just hanging out.

It was a secret.

I don't know why the soldiers
knew exactly where we are.


- I wonder how,

how they would know
where you are exactly.

- Maybe there's an
insider among us.

- I have begun to
think that way,

but we must be
very careful then.

- To flush out the mole is easy,

change our password and signals,

tell all the others, and
pretend nothing's wrong.

- I can take care of that.

- And then we must
all go underground.

- Mmm.

- Unless I order,
don't act on your own.

- I'll warn the others that
there may be an insider

among us.

You two, what will you do?

- My daughter and I are
looking for her mom.

When we come out of hiding
then, I just don't know.

- Well, just, just
hide in the temple.

- Where then?

- The Lotus Temple.

- We'll go there.

(gong crashing)

(light orchestral music)

- Welcome to our temple.

What can we do for you?

- Sorry to bother you.

I am Vincent.

Here's my daughter.

We are traitors.

We go to swap meets here
in your beautiful town.

We have no place to stay.

I am wondering if
we could stay here.

If you would be
so kind to let us.

- Of course, there's no problem.

You both can stay.

Anything else you
need, just let us know.

Visitors are always welcome.

- [Both] Thanks for
your hospitality.

- Just let me.

* Amazing Grace

* How sweet the sound

* That saved a wretch like me

- Mmm.

* I once was lost

- Where are you going?


- Just checking things out.

- I know exactly what
you're thinking about.


- Come on, honey.

Now, just sit yourself down.

Let's go.

* Was Grace that taught
my heart to fear *

* And Grace, my fears relieved

* How precious is that grace


- Good job.

Oooh, your singing is beautiful.

What's your name.

- None of your business.

- Hey, hold it.

This is Mr. Young asking you.

He's our landlord, you know?

Answer him right away or else.

- Get out of my way.


- This girl is one tough cookie.

You know where she's from?

- Uh, yes, my lord.

She is one of the
worker's daughter.

- Mmm.

Now I remember.

Lumberjack Qui's daughter?

- Yes, yes.

- Ah.



- [Worker] Okay, thank you.

- [Man] There you go.

- Thank you.

- Uh.

- Here, man.

- Thank you, thank you.

- Mmm.


- There you go.

- Oh, yeah.

Hi friends, fortune
telling right over here.

If I can not predict the future,

then you get it for free.

- [Customer] So
what I like drink?

- [Fortune Teller] Ah,
you must like whisky.

- Fortune telling.

Tell your man I hate whisky.

I like gin.

If I were you,

I would just go away from here.

Let's go.

- [Fortune Teller] Hey, come on.

Just one mistake.


- One mistake.

You make me sick.

- Ah, here is your tab.

- Thank you.

- Your tab, man.

- [Lumberjack] Oh, my tab?

- Hey, hey.

- Hey, wait.

That old man tripped.

- Yo, what up brother, you okay?

Let me gather this mess, man.

Let me get you out the
hood and get you back

to where you belong.

Come on, yeah.

Get out my way, man.

This guy needs to sit down

and have a little
bit of a break here.

There you go.

You gonna be okay, man.

See, I told you you
should be retired by now.

You see, Master Young
likes your daughter.

Just say yes to him and
it'll get you a lot of m--

- Don't listen to him.

- Get back to work.

Ha ha ha, even you
can tell that this

is gonna be a wonderful deal.

Just think about it.

You'll be even richer
than Ed McMahon,

with over 10 million dollars

if you just simply
retire from your job.

Ha ha.

Heh, listen very carefully.

Even the blind wouldn't
pass up this opportunity.

Think about it.

Come on, think about it.

- Dad, we've been
waiting here for days.

There's still no news.

Do you think everything's okay?

- Um, it's hard to
get information.

Maybe he has to wait a while.

- I wanna go out on my own.

- Go out?

It's not very easy to get in.

Let dad go and check it now.

- I know my way.

Just let me go this time, okay?

* Let me see

* Let me be

* Let my fortune come to me

* One for young, one for old

* When will this conflict end

* How come my password
is not working *

* Maybe they know
my undercover *

* How come this
song is so lame *

* Why don't I ever
know how to rhyme *

I thought the ying-yang
was for surfwear.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

Do they really know
that I'm undercover?

How come I just
couldn't contact her?


- Mmm.

Tell me, what did
you find out today?

- There is a fortune
teller in the lumber yard.

Never seen him before.

- Oh, is he suspicious?

- He looked strange.

Keeps looking around
and checking us out.

I think he's a Lotus
rebel if you ask me.

- So, tell me, have you
seen the rebel girl lately?

- Not yet.

I don't think she's
around here yet.

- She's disguised
as fortune teller.

- No way.

Let's not rush it, okay?

Let's just follow him.

Let's not be hasty.

(gate squeaking)

(digital beeping)

(swords clanging)


(yelling and grunting)

(all yelling)

- Come on, hurry.

Come on, hurry.

- What's going on here?

What's all this noise?

I was sleeping.

Come on.

Do you know who she is?

- Hey, guards.

Take off her bandana.

- [Guard] Yes, sir.

(tile crashing)


(all yelling)

- Go inside now.

- Get him.

(all screaming)

(gun firing)


- [Charlene] Are you okay?

- [Rebel] Let's go.

- Listen.

- Yeah.

- You'll get 'em right away.

- Alrighty then, let's go.

(heavy breathing)

- [Charlene] You've been shot.

Come on, let's get out of here.

(dog barking)

- I can't believe that she
was throwing things at me.

I'm glad it's not some
bird doo or some cow chips

or something.

- Yes, my lord.

We've searched the place
inside and upside down.

We still can not find them.

- I can't believe
this stupidity.

You tell your crazy
fools to keep looking.

- Yes, lord.

- [Rebel] Let's sit
here a little while.

- Ah, how could this be?

- I've been shot.

I need some help.

Please take me to the doctor.

I can't let anyone
know who I am.

Please take me back
to the temple first.

(light flute music)

- Here, Master.

This is your medicine.

(baby crying)

(digital beeping)

- Listen.

- Yes.

- Go get the father
and the daughter here.

- Okay.

This way, please.

- Good morning.

Are you better?

- Yes, I am.

Please, be seated.

- Yes.

- Thanks for taking
me back here.

This handkerchief, I
believe it's yours, right?

- Yes, it belongs to me.

My dad said my
mother gave it to me

when I was a child.

- Do you know that
the lotus pattern,

each petal has 909 stitches.

Is that right?

- I counted before.

Each has 909 stitches.

- And in the middle of the
petals, you see a name.

The name is Charlene.

- Dad, it is Charlene.

- If I'm right, it's been
with you for 21 years.

- You are.

- You're her mother.

- I am your mother, Charlene.

- You're her mother?

- Mmmm.

My daughter.

Your real name is Chang

and your father, his
name is Chung Chung Chi.

- Chung Chung Chi.

(light orchestral music)


So, I know.

You're my adopted father.

- Yes, your father's
name is Chang Chung Chi

and he is the leader
of the Lotus rebel.

He was smart enough to
use teaching as his cover.

He taught and organized
the rebels to fight.

- What he said is right.

I remember 21 years
ago when the soldiers

surrounded our house that day.

I was pregnant with you.

We fought hard, but
we lost the battle.

Someone must have betrayed us,

but we don't know
who the traitor was.

But fortunately,
some nuns helped me.

I've been hiding in
this temple since then.

Shortly after that, your dad

was executed by the soldiers

and he died horribly.

Then I gave birth to you,

but the soldiers did
not leave us alone.

They tried to look
for us and kill us.

Then Lord Young said

he wants to get rid of all
the rebels and our family.


We had a friend whose daughter
was as old as you who died.

So, I asked her to
take care of you

and she gave you a new name

and I left you with
this handkerchief.

Then I fled to the
mountain and became a nun.

And I have never
forgotten about you.

Until eight years ago,
I came to this temple

and use it as a base and then
search for your whereabouts.

They told me my
girlfriend is dead.

Someone else got my daughter.

But they don't
know who and where.


I thought I would
never see you again.


Then I saw the handkerchief.


- Mom.

- And when I heard that
the soldiers were coming,

I traveled day and night
to reach your friend.

When I got there,
she was near death.

She asked me to take care of her

and to make sure not
to let her get caught,

so I went ahead and changed
your daughter's name again.

That way the soldiers
could not find her.

That was about 20 years ago.

- Thank you.



If not for your timely help,

I don't know what would've
happened to my daughter.


I'm so grateful.


- Oh, mom, dad.

- Master, master.

- You okay?

- Master, master, master.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(digital beeping)

(wind whooshing)

(dramatic orchestral music)
(digital beeping)

(digital beeping)

(digital beeping)

(digital beeping)

(wind whooshing)

(digital beeping)

- I've never seen this before.

What is he doing?

- It's called the
lotus operation.

- Lotus operation?

- He uses his inner energy

to force the bullet
out of her body,

to purify her.

My mom will be okay very soon.

- [Nun] Mmm.


- I like this word, longevity.


Take it away.

- Yes.

- Hello, master.

All your friends, all the
officials, all your relatives,

they all got your invitations.

Don't know if you know this,

but you have other instructions?

- Mmm, this time I want
you to go all the way.

I'll give you a
bonus if you like.

So, do it right.

Everything is on me.

- Oh, thank you.

- I'm very generous.

What about the girl then?

- We have delivered
her your gifts.

Everything's okay.

- Come on, old man.

The guy really
liked your daughter

the first time he
laid eyes on her.

Look at these gifts that
he was bestowed upon her.

Look at the cars and the
houses and the jewelry.

How come you look like
you're not happy still?

If the money belonged to me,

why I would buy so much.

I'd buy all this real estate.

I'd invest in the stock market.

I'd buy all these
bottles of Dom Perignon.

Hey, what's wrong with you?

You should be happy for her.

Now that you've
accepted the money,

I assume that you're happy
with the marriage, aren't you?

Now I've gotta go now, huh?

I'll see you soon.

- Mr. Foreman, I don't need
these so-called wedding gifts,

this trash.

Why don't you let your wife,
your daughter, your sisters

marry that old fart.

- Come on, girl.

Don't play that hard
to get game then.

I'm doing this for you
and your old man's good.

You think about it.

You future husband is
wealthy and powerful,

just like the emperor.

Do you think you can fight him?

- Dad, this is very wrong.

Dad, can you just tell me why?


Dad, why are you so quiet?


Oh, dad, what am
I supposed to do?

- The lotus operation
really worked for me.

- A year ago I used
that technique.

It was very useful.

I'm good at CPR also.

(breathing deeply)

- [Both] Sorry to bother you.

- There's a fisherman outside.

He wants to see you.

- A fisherman?

Show him in.

- [Both] Yes.

- Come in, please.

- Sure.

Greetings to every one of you.

- Come and meet my
long-lost mother.

We just met.

- Nice to meet you, ma'am.

- Have a seat, please.

- What is it?

Tell us what's happening.

- Oh, yes, I will.

Everyone of us are very
happy, 'cause you're safe.

Right now, everyone's gathering
weapons for the big attack.

It looks like everyone's
ready for the big fight.

We're just waiting
for you to lead us.

- All our officials are here.

- So are theirs.

I heard they're all
going to a wedding.

As far as I know, they seem
to know all of our movements.

There could be a spy among us.

- So, you're
worrying about spies?

- Yes, we are now at high alert.

- High alert?

- And we have our suspicions.

- Mmm, it's such a shame.

Well, I think I
know who the spy is.

At the Roadside Inn, I saw
him talking to the bartender

and then they were whispering.

Then I saw the bartender put
some powder in your wine.

I thought he tried
to poison you guys.

- So, you're the one
who shattered our cup.

- Under the circumstances,

that's the only way to save you.

- Ch, ch, you see?

If we have a spy among us,

all our security's
being compromised.

- Dad, we must
flush that spy out.

We are too close to our
attack to mess this up.

(knocking on door)

- Who's there?

- [Man] Are you
out or are you in?

- I'm in.

- [Man] Name a game show.

- Jeopardy!, baby.

- [Man] Are you old?

- I'm not young.

- [Man] I like older men.

Thanks very much
for letting me in.

It's nice to see you again.

- Ah.

Good evening, dear friend.

Come in.

I can't believe it.

You're finally free
now, my brother.

- It's nice to see you too.

It's the rebel girl and
her father who set me free.

- Ah.

Is rebel girl and her
father in town now?

- Yes, they are.

They sent me here to ask you
to go to an emergency meeting.

- How long will we be gone?

- Only for a few minutes.

- Ah, a few minutes.

- [Man] If you don't
mind, we should go now.

- Of course.

Uh, I'm working late
for my many clients.

Let me come around.

It won't be long.

Please, have a seat.

- I think I'll wait out there.

- Sure.

- [Man] They're waiting for us.

I think we really
should hurry up.

What's wrong?

- Oh, my sneakers
need to be tied.

I gotta tie tie my
shoes right now.

Okay, there we go.

(paper crumbling)

(mysterious orchestral music)

- [Spy] They are at
Lotus Temple, mmm.

(percussive orchestral music)

- Greetings, greetings.

Hello, everybody.


- Hmmm.

The time is now.

Know what to do.

- It's all for one
and one for all.

- [All] It's all for
one and one for all.

- Now you may be seated.

So sit your butts down now.

- Fellow, rebels,
I've made a decision,

so listen carefully.

I believe the best time
to attack the officials

is August 15th.

Do we all agree?

- Oh, that's great.

Get rid of them.

The people will all rejoice.

Lotus uprising is the
only hope people have.

- But I am concerned.

If we act hastily, we
can suffer massive loss.

- We won't suffer any loss.

(fast forwarding)

- That wasn't why.

You let your guard
down, you traitor.

- Oh, my leader.

What do you mean by that?

- Let me see, hmm.

I am the daughter of your
enemy, getting back at you.

- What?

What the heck are
you talking about?

(ominous orchestral music)

- Hi, old pal.

You still recognize me?

I'm your old friend.

- Who are you?


- I'm her mother.

Look again, carefully,
you dirty dog.

- You, you again?

- You dirty dog.

You remember 20 years ago?


- You bastard.

Look at this.

- Leader, now I see.

Let the past be gone by.

- Before the lotus altar, you
only have one place to go.

- I was wrong.

I wanted to get rich.

The Young family wanted
all of you to be dead

and they said that
if I helped them

that I would get some of
their position in royal court,

so I was their spy
and helped them out.

I was the one who helped
them set the trap last time.

I was the one who told
them where you were.

I was at the Roadside
Inn to try to prison you.

But I don't have a choice.

- You filth, you
do have a choice

and you chose the money
and you know it's wrong.

- You traitor, left
me with so many scars.


You killed so many.

Now it's your turn to die.

- Oh, please forgive me.

I beg your forgiveness,
please please please.

- [Man] There's nothing
worse than a traitor.

(all yelling)

- Please, have mercy
on me, please please.

- Hmm, according to our
laws and regulations,

your sins are unforgivable.

Heh, you go and hang yourself.

- [Man] Check it out, dude.

(all murmuring)

Oh, man.

That's right, I
can't believe it.

- What's going on here?

- I came out here to open
the door this morning

and he was hanging there.

- Dead.

According to the body, I think
nobody murdered him here.

- My lord, I think somebody
make him kill himself.

They must have found
out he's our spy.

- Wait, give him a good burial.

I'm going to lunch.

- You and you, bury him.

- Ya ya.


Yes, my lord.

Here's a message for you.

It is very urgent.

- Mmm.

- So, what do you know?

- According to his last report,

the Lotus rebel will
be attacking soon.

We're to defend our town.

If we cannot keep the peace,

our superior will
eat us for dinner

at the Kentucky Fried Chicken.

- I figured that much.

We must draw first blood

or they will kick our butts.

We should start arresting them,

so they will know
we are in charge.

And we'll arrest everyone,
anyone who looks like a rebel.

- That's a good idea.

- So, arrest them
and lock them all up.

Rebel or no rebel,
we kill all of them.

(all yelling)

- He's not a rebel.

He's not a rebel.

Where are you taking my husband?

- Huh?

I'm not a rebel.

(all yelling)

I'm no rebel.

- Where are you
taking my husband?


- Don't arrest him.

He's not a rebel.

Don't take, don't take him.

Bring him, don't take him.

Bring him back, bring him back.

(all yelling)

- That SOB, he arrests
so many innocent people.

He's crazy.

- If he wants to start
something, he's asking for it,

you know?

Let's fight for it.

It's totally him, not me.

- Yeah!

- We can't fight on impulse.

I think we should all wait
for our leader's instructions.

Now, listen to me.

Just be patient.

Otherwise, we'll all look
like fools, you know?

- They're closing in on us.

When will they be back?

- Yeah, when will
our leaders be back?

- In a couple of days.

- Dad, over there.

(arrow flying)

- Why should you hang yourself?

- Hey, tough guy, why
would you commit suicide?


- Would you please
just let me die?

They're taking away my daughter.

- No, my friend.

We are all here to let you know

we'll do anything for you.

- Well then, just
save my daughter.

Are you the wanted one?

- Your daughter is fortunate
to have you as a father.

- [Dad] Thank you.

You're so kind.



- Does this look good, eh?

- [Woman] Oh, yeah.

- Well, it's too dark.

Let's try another one.

- [Mr. Young] Whatever
you say, sweetie.


- Put this on.


Hmm, this pattern
is really nice.

The color is happy and bright.

It really fits your style.


Hmmm, I really like this one.

- Okay.

This is the one then.

Thank you very much.

My son, what took
you so long, huh?

- Yes, dad, you want to see me?

- Have you arrested
the rebel leader yet?

- Not yet.

- What about the prisoners?

- I got many of them,
some in prisons,

some in temples, many of
them are getting so weak,

many of them are dying.

- Way to go, kiddo.

And now I wanna make some money.

If they wanna go,
they can pay me.

- Everybody, it's not long
till out planned uprising.

From what we have
already observed,

they have started arresting
people for two purposes.

You see the first is to try to
defeat our moral and our plan

and the second is to
blackmail the people.

- That is ridiculous.

Rebel girl, do you
have any plans?

- When is the
landlord's birthday?

- Well, in two days.

- In just two days?

It's not what we planned for.

Well, we can adjust.

- Just tell us what you think.

- Let us plan right now.

We will go ahead and
prepare a surprise attack.

- Hey, open up open
up, open up the door.


Oh, what's the matter?

Hey, man, things'll
be okay, you see?

Say yes and things
will turn around.


Hey, you, oh, excuse me.

Excuse me, starting tomorrow,

you will have very
rich family ties.


And for makeup, you can
hire Max Factor himself

to put it on for you.

Just look pretty.

- Makeup?

What do you know?

- Uh, well, just
look pretty tomorrow,

to make your father proud.

And look really beautiful.


(firecrackers popping)

(grand orchestral music)

(grand orchestral music)

- My brothers, sisters,

today we are gathered to
pay tribute to the flag,

the lotus flower.

Let's kneel.

Before we go, let's pray.

- [All] May victory be
ours, wherever we go.

- And we will fight with
the force from within.

- [All] Now let us fight
with the force from within.

Now let us fight with
the force from within.

Now let us fight with
the force from within.

Now let us fight with
the force from within.

(all murmuring)

(percussive music)

- Oh, thank you, thank you.

Thank you very much.

(all murmuring)

Here, hold this.


- Attention.

Attention, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to the
wedding celebration.

Let us all rejoice.

(all cheering)

Ah, look at the bride
and groom there.

Aren't they lovely?

(all murmuring)

- [Man] What's going on?

Oh my god.

- [Woman] Oh, what's going on?


- I am the rebel girl.

Don't anyone be a fool.

If anyone comes closer,
I will kill him.

- Hmm.


Well, I knew you'd
be here today.


Rebel girl, you are such a fool.

You are here, you never
get out of here alive.

- No, I won't?

I don't plan to leave
here without you.

Well, I am not here for nothing.

So, come with me unarmed.

- Don't be foolish.

Let us talk here.

- No deal.

You will have to go.

- But where?

- The lovely Roadside Inn.

- The lovely Roadside Inn?

- Go.


- My lord.

- Stand back, stand back.


Stupid, you stupid fool.

Get out of the way.

Trying to protect me.

If you were good, I
wouldn't be like this.


- [Man] Oh my goodness.

- [Woman] Oh, what's going on?

(all murmuring)

- [Man] Oh my goodness.

- [Woman] What's going on?

- Hyah, hyah, hyah.


Hyah, hyah.

(all yelling)

(swords clanging)

(yelling and grunting)
(heavy kicking and punching)


(swords clanging)
(yelling and grunting)

(heavy kicking and punching)

- Hey, leader, we've
killed the soldiers

in this place already.

- That is great.

Now listen to me.

You take a group of
men, go over there,

and follow them.

- Aye aye, sir.

(all yelling)

- Ah, ah.

- Go back in.

- Yes, so sorry.


- Go back in.

- Do you want to save your
life or do you want money?


- You got me here
now, rebel girl.

How much do you want?

- How much do we want?

I have decided we
want this much.

- 25?

- White silver, 25,000 ounces.

- 25,000 ounces?

- Ah, there's just
no way, no way.

- Well, actually the price
was set up by you two guys.

- Set up by us?

- Remember you asked from
you captives 50 ounces

of silver each.

You arrested quite a
few hundred people.

Adding them up is
the total ounces.

- But--

- My friend, you can pay the
money or release the prisoners.

- But it's a lot
of money though.

- Mmm.

That is a lot of money, I know.

I'll let 'em all go.

- So, write to your goons,

one letter to your son,
one letter to your escort.


- Save your daddy.

- Shut up, shut up.

(heavy breathing)

- Head escort,
letter from the boss.

It's urgent.

- Impossible.

Are you sure that's the
message from the boss?

- Right, you don't release them,

they won't release our boss.

They said no release
means death to him.

- Oh, hurry.

Go save your dad.

- Oh, so he can come
home soon, please.

- If I release them,
I will lose face.

It's my reputation,
okay okay okay?

Now, come on.

Tell me how many
people there were.

- Well, I don't know.

Maybe 12, 20?

- You wanna start
something with me?


- [Man] Yes.

- I'll make them sorry for
what they have done to us.

- [Man] Yes, sir.

- Leaders, the sir refused
to release the prisoners.

He's getting so
just to attack us.

- I'm expecting this.

Dad, you stay here.

I'll get the rebels together.

- Fine, I'll take care of here.


- Go.


- [Vincent] You two come over.

- Yeah.

- Watch them closely.

I'll go check around.

- [Both] Yes, sir.

- Mmm.


- Hurry, hurry.

- Ah, hmm.

Come on, handsome.

You're thirsty.

Our house wine is
really yum, try it.

- But I just came
to find the enemy.

- You too, my friend.

It's on me.

- Thank you, thank you, okay.

Okay, great.

- Please enjoy.

The food's still hot.


- Let's go in.

- Let's drink, man.


- Listen up.

Hey, listen up, you guys.

We've got the landlord already.

- Yeah, we got that no-good
two-terming scumbag.

- Thanks to you all then.

Now I need you to take everyone
to the temple right away,

for them to let you all in.

Stay there and get
ready for the soldiers.

- Yes, sir.

- Ah, oh, don't stay here.

Let's go.

- Yeah, we're gonna save you.

You go that way, I go that way.

- Okay, come on.

- Let's go.

(yelling and grunting)

(heavy kicking and punching)

(pots crashing)

(yelling and grunting)

(yelling and grunting)

(pot crashing)

(heavy kicking and punching)

(pots crashing)

(pot crashing)


- Hey, where are
runners go, huh?

- Oh my lord.

He kidnapped me and
made me come with him.


- Now, get outta here.

- Thank you, thank you.

(yelling and grunting)
(heavy kicking and punching)


(heavy punching)




- Come with me now.

- Okay, yeah.

- Where are you going?


(suspenseful percussive music)

- You again?

(yelling and grunting)
(sword slicing)

(body thudding)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- My husband, may
you rest your soul.


I've killed him.

- Fire.

(all yelling)
(swords clanging)

(horse neighing)

Let's give them our best shot.

- Yes.

(all yelling)
(swords clanging)

(horse neighing)


(horse neighing)

(all yelling)

(swords clanging)

(all yelling)

(swords clanging)

(horse neighing)

(swords clanging)

(all yelling)

(gun firing)


(swords clanging)

(yelling and grunting)

(yelling and grunting)
(swords clanging)


(all yelling)

(birds cawing)

- Rebel girl, well, I
think they're all dead.

- Good job.

- My daughter.


- Mom.

- I've killed your
dad's murderer.

- Way to go.

Let's meet the others.

Listen, men, listen women.

This time with
your help, we won.

- [All] Yeah, we
won, yeah, we won.

- Let's march on and win.

- [All] Fight to win,
fight to win, fight to win.

(gong crashing)

(grand orchestral music)

- [Charlene] In
1796, the Lotus rebel

started a series of uprisings
that kindled the hearts

of all Chinese.

That marks the beginning of
the modern freedom-fighting

movement in China.

The Lotus rebellion set the
stage for freedom fighters

who shed their blood for
their country's future.