The Swordsman in Double Flag Town (1991) - full transcript

A young man comes to double flag town in order to marry his promised bride. Both his bride and her father do not like him, because he seems to be a nothing without any skills just wearing two swords on his legs. When some vagabonds try to rape his bride, the young man is able to beat them easily in a sword fight. He suddenly realizes in this first fight he ever did that his father did teach him a superior fighting style. Will those talents be enough for the upcoming? All inhabitants of double flag town expect a bloody revenge by the vagabonds.

Xi'an Film Studio

This is a legendary story

According to the old folks,

when Haige came to Double Flag Town,

it was still a vast desert

Some say it was eighty-one years ago,

others say it was seventy-one

Either way, it's a thrilling story
of the Chinese West

"The swordsman in double flag town"

Screenwriter: Yang Zhengguang, He Ping

Photographer: Ma Delin

Art Designer: Qian Yunxuan

Music: Tao Long

Recording: Wei Jia, Hong Yi
Editing: Yuan Hong

Starring: Gao Wei as Haige
Zhao Mana as Haomei

Chang Jiang as Lame Man, Sun Haiying as
Lethal Swordsman, Wang Gang as Desert Eagle

Producer: Zhao Wanmin

Director: He Ping

Have you seen the Lethal Swordsman?

Shit, are you trying to scare me?

That horse is foaming at the mouth.
Do you want it to die of thirst?

Do you have any dry food?

You seem intelligent

Do you know who I am?

For five hundred miles around,

there isn't anyone who hasn't heard of me.
I am Desert Eagle, a knight-errant

Well, don't you know?

Don't be in such a hurry!

Cold water will choke you and break your lungs!

First time traveling, right?

- Where are you going?
- To Double Flag Town

Double Flag Town? Alone?

That's no place fora boy on his own

I am going to get a wife

Ah, a child like you“.

”speaks of getting a wife?

What does she look like?

I have never seen her

Well, we are going the same way.
Just follow me

With this flying sandsword, | travel all over... weed out the wicked and help the poor

I bet you can't find another
man like me in the Northwest

Hey, can you lend me some money?

I am saving it for the wedding

Then it's ok

Look, this road leads to Double Flag Town

Hey, knight-errant!

I think you're a good man.
Here is half my money

If you run into any trouble,

come to Dry Straw to find me

I need a saddle in two days!

- Who is that on horseback?
- Is he a swordsman?


We have aged wine and
specially tenderized horsemeat

Let's go and look

What are they doing?

Have you seen the Lethal Swordsman?

Hi! Are you two from the West?

Let me do it

Come in, please

Little Pigtail, what are you here for?

I am here to fetch my wife

The Little Pigtail! The Little Pigtail!

Brother Chang, busy?

Whose daughter? What is her name?

ldon't know her name.
My father arranged for me when I was a boy

She has a mole on her butt

On his deathbed, my father told me that... would-be-father-in-law is a lame man

Do you know him?

What does he do?

No, there is no lame man in this town

My memory is bad? Not in this town maybe?

My dad couldn't speak clearly at his death

No food for you! Go elsewhere!

Haomei, who are you talking to?

A dirty kid with a pigtail

He dared to knock on our door at midnight

Pretending to be a swordsman...

...with two rags on his legs

Where are you from, you bastard?

- Stop!
- Dad, beat him hard!

What have you done?!


Stop! You wild rat!

I'll beat you to death!

Kowtow to my father-in-law

The Lethal Swordsman is coming!

I've been looking for you for seven years

Pull out your sword

My leg was injured in a swordfight

I couldn't fight with your father any more

I quit my wandering life many years ago

I opened this restaurant to make a living

I am not the man | used to be

My father sent me here to find my bride

Stay here, we can discuss it later



Come and see your big uncle's son

I never want to see him


Where does this uncle come from?

When his father was alive,
I betrothed my daughter to his son

to protect her

But now, I have only one leg,

and the whole world is a mess

Besides, that child has
neither skills with a sword nor common sense

If something happens to me,

how can I leave Haomei in his hands?

Such a young kid yet he practices
Midnight Emptiness Kung fu?

From this day on, you'll work here

In this town, you must remember three virtues

The hand virtue, the foot virtue
and the eye virtue

There are also these rules

Never be inquisitive,

and never talk with strangers

Too many people come here to seek their revenge

One slip of the tongue can kill a man


Pick the bones out of this carcass for cooking

At work, never carry your daggers

Take them off!

My dad said that if my head is on my shoulders,
my swords stays on my body

I doubt if he knows Kung fu

What a shame to carry the daggers

How stupid!
Look how much lean meat you're wasting!


Watch! Did you see?

Eye virtue!

Lame Big Brother!

It was said that your son-in-law has come

He's my brother's child, My nephew

Oh? Folks are talking...

It's none of your business!

What's the big deal?

The art of your father's swordsmanship

has never been seen in books

In the past years he defeated
countless famous swordsmen

He was well recognized in the Northwest

His swordart absorbed the essence
of fist and palm boxing

To laymen, his technique looked very simple

It had neither fancy maneuvers
nor a life-threatening whistle

But a professional swordsman
understand its deadly strokes

Most important part is when he unsheathes
his sword for his last deadly stroke

The sword carries his breathing strength,

which in turn pushes the sword

You can't tell when the sword
is out of the sheathe,

and when its tip stabs into the enemy's flesh

This swiftness all depends on
one's breathing strength

Without it, it is impossible
to perform this maneuver

Even if you want to learn,
you are not able to

Haomei, Haige.
Tomorrow you go out and walk the horses

- I don't want to go with him
- Haomei!

Look, the Little Pigtail


The Little Pigtail without little tail

Good Little Sister is walking with a Little Pigtail

without a little tail!

Good Little Sister!

Good Little Sister is walking with
a Little Pigtail

without a little tail!

Good Little Sister is going to marry!

Good Little Sister is going to marry!

We don't want him!

Tell him to leave! We don't want him!

Tell him to leave!

Little Pigtail! Tell him to leave!

We don't want him! Tell him to leave!

Little Pigtail!

I am afraid the weather is going to change

Stay up late tonight,
and put some wood in the stove

Don't let the fire die out


Let me tell you the truth

Haige came here... take you home as his bride

But he's not the one I'm satisfied with

Go to sleep. I won't allow this marriage

When the knife cuts into the flesh, go along
the bone. Don't use sheer animal strength

You father should have taught you this...

Everything about him is marvelous except
that he doesn't have common sense

Haomei, you go and take the leather on

our backyard fence to Uncle Tanner

- Did you hear?
- Yes, Daddy

Let's go

Watch, let me show you

If you really want to learn skills,

you should watch, ask and practice

Let me try

When my father was alive,

a big man carrying a sword said to him that...

...he could cut a very thick tree trunk

in two with the back of his sword

My father said that...

...he could do it with his hand

How thick was the tree trunk?

This thick

There was a large crowd around the backyard

After a roar from my father...

Did he cut it in two?

No. He only made a twenty-inch crack

For this my father lost five acres of land

I say your father is not a loser,
cracking should be counted as breaking

Later my dad told me that... the time he farted,
losing some of his energy

Otherwise, he could have cut it in two

- Haomei
- Yes?

Your butt...

Is there a mole on your butt?

My dad said the girl
whose butt has a mole is my bride

What are you talking about? Nonsense!


Haomei! Stop!

Hold on a second I

I taught you to have the eye virtue!

Never look at what you're not supposed to!


Stand aside!

Watch, today I will spank him
like he'll never forget!

Dad. Please stop

I bet this!

Come on! Come on!

Come on! Come on!

You lose!

- Man, more wine!
- I am coming!

- Lame Man!
- Yes

Lame Man ’ where is your pretty daughter?

Lame Man, go ahead and feed my horse

Yes, sir. It will be well attended

Let's see what happens

What are you doing?

- Come on, let me touch!
- Let me go! Let me go!

Daddy! Let me go!

Let me go!

Daddy! Daddy!

Help me!

After you feed the horse,
come to the hall and help

Daddy! Help me!

- Haomei!
- Daddy! Help me!

- Daddy! Help me!
- Second Big Brother!

Daddy! Help me!

Second Big Brother, please don't!


- Daddy!
- Haomei!

You little bastard! Pull out your sword!

She is my bride!

Your bride?

This pretty girl?

You sleep with her? You sleep with
a little pretty lady Budhlsattva?

A little shit like you should have
this pretty lady fortune?

Second Big Brother has been killed!

Second Big Brother has been killed!

It wasn't me

ldidn't do it. I don't know

The Little Pigtail killed him!

You think the Lethal Swordsman
is easy to deal with?

The kid killed his second brother

The bastard will certainly
create a blood bath in our town

The Lethal Swordsman has been well known
in the Northwest for more than twenty years

The Lethal Swordsman has been well known
in the Northwest for more than twenty years

He always kills with one deadly stroke

If your father was still alive,
maybe he could have dealt with him

But now...


From today on, you are his woman

He lives, you live.
He dies, you die

Haige, Haomei is yours now

You must treat her well from now on

Get up

Pack. Leave at daybreak

The Lethal Swordsman and his men
will be here in three days

If you can't get out of the desert, you'll die

If you see a little swordsman here,
let him stay!


This is...


You, little brother

we Double Flag Town folks beg you

You can't leave

Since you killed Lethal Swordsman's brother,

he will come

What can we do without you?

Big Lame Brother, he must not leave

If you don't stay, we'll be
on our knees till we die

But he is only a child

Little Swordsman, your Kung fu is outstanding

If you can do away with this bully,

you are the hero of the people
of Double Flag Town

You can't leave!

The people are right

They are right

We should face the catastrophe...

...that we created

Come on. Go on eating

Floating sand stirring wind! I got it!

Be careful on your way

- Go quickly and be back soon
- I will

The Little Pigtail is running away!

The Little Pigtail is running away!

He can't leave!

You coward!

Are you trying to let him escape?

No, no

Stop dreaming! You can't get away!

You can't go away!

If you run away, whom should we turn to?

I'm not drunk

My feet haven't turned red yet.
Don't try to fool us!


he is going to find the Desert Eagle for help

The Desert Eagle?

I know him. This man is marvelous

I made horseshoes for him.
Maybe he's the man to fight the Lethal Swordsman

He asks for big money! Will he come?

Haige helped him once.
He will certainly come

How can we trust you?
You can't depend on a promise

What if the Little Pigtail doesn't come back?

- I guarantee he will
- How can you guarantee that?

I allowed him to marry Haomei,
so he is my son-in-law

If he won't return,

me and Haomei will wait
for the Lethal Swordsman to claim our heads

Yes, he should hurry up to get there

I'll be back

More wine

You owe me money. How dare you act rude here?

I owe you money?

Yes, I owe you money. I won't deny it

Desert Eagle helps the poor
and give tyrants their due

I deserve more and you know it

ljust owe you a little money

I admitted that. Why worry?

Watch. It's silver

Although my brother
is not a first class swordsman,

his sword art is outstanding

His swordsmanship must be extraordinary

Tell everyone we will meet at Double Flag Town

Are you having trouble with the Lethal Swordsman?

lkilled his little brother

lwanted to leave town with my bride,
but the townspeople wouldn't let me leave

They all said that the Lethal Swordsman
would come for revenge

I've come here for help

With or without you, sooner or later.

I would've cut him in two

Well, eat

Don't worry.
Death is fast approachng for the Lethal Swordsman

- Do you have any money?
- Yes. This is all I have

Fuck! I still owe that woman for the hotel bill

If you are able to help,
my father-in-law will pay you well

I'm always easy to bargain with. Eat!

When will the Lethal Swordsman arrive?

In two days

Well, I'll see you the day after tomorrow,
at high noon

Haven't you seen that boy's rolling eyes?

You can tell he's a bastard

He wouldn't leave his bride here, would he?

Women are men's foot-rags.
You can go anywhere to pick them up

We may witness a bloody drama

Wait for death.
The Lethal Swordsman is coming tomorrow

Wait for death! Wait for death!

The Little Pigtail will come back

It's hard to say

We are folks. How can he cheat us?

She's coming

Why hasn't the Little Pigtail come back?

He never knew the Desert Eagle in the first place!

He never knew him! You lied!

You go bring him back!

Bring him back!

Come on now. Leave him alone

The Lame Brother is not that sort of man

He will by no means abandon us

It's still broad daylight. We must have patience!

Let's wait!


Haige did it! He persuaded
the Desert Eagle to come and help us

Let's toast to him

I can't drink

You're our hero!


The Lethal Swordsman
isn't the rival of Desert Eagle

We're going to see some action!

The Desert Eagle fights the Lethal Swordsman

We're going to see some action!

Saaaa, floating sand stirring wind

Shoooooo, a swimming snake shaking its tail

Huaaaa, a hand rising and sword falling

Yeeee, blood splashing

Who do you think will win?

I say the Lethal Swordsman

The Desert Eagle is also a hero

Let's bet!

- No problem! I bet one goat!
- One goat!

Whoever regrets is a son of a bitch!

- Settled!
- OK! A goat!


Haomei, do you have a mole on your butt?

Haven't you seen it?

The door fell down before I saw it

Set a fire!

Do you want to die?

He hasn't shown up


Stay here!

- Daddy! Come back!
- Don't go!


Daddy! Come back!

lkilled your brother!
It has nothing to do with the others!

Go ahead, draw your sword!

Daddy! Let me go!



- Come back!
- Daddy!

Daddy! Wake up!


He's only a child

If you want revenge,
it won't be too late when he grows up

It's not decent for a swordsman

like you to kill a child!

Floating sand stirring wind

A swimming snake shaking its tail

Wake up. Drink

Who says that the Desert Eagle hasn't shown up?

I am the Desert Eagle

I am the Desert Eagle

I haven't drunk too much

Look at my feet. They're not red

From who did you learn the sword art?

Floating sand stirring the wind!

Where is the Lethal Swordsman?

Quit crying!

I already knew he wasn't your match

My money! Didn't we have a deal?

My dear nephew?

My dear nephew!

I didn't get the worst of it.
This sword has a gold handle

You cheated rne

You are not grateful, but I can't be unkind

If you need me,

I'll be at Dry Straw