The Swordsman (2020) - full transcript

"Three different swordsmen meet each other for their own reasons." Tae Yul, a swordsman in his thirties goes out to find his only daughter after losing one of his eyes. Min Seung Ho, the ...

As officials have surrendered
to the rebel forces

But if you survive you will
get help from troops outside the city

reclaim the king's palace

Maybe at that time, we did
n't just lose the king's palace

Even though you are the king's best guard

but warriorjoseon

kill your own brother.
Order immediately to surrender

You still want bodyguards?

You think your warriors
only do this? / Get back

Get caught

Dad, how? Now
I'm better, right?

Very delighted. Certainly can sell
and get more money

Very funny


It is okay

Go, hurry

It looks like the eyeballs are swollen

Maybe slowly blood around the eyes

Will it get worse?

Do not worry. In Hua Sien Tang

there are good medicines for the
eyes. The owner is there

I owe me a favor.
I'll tell him

We're counting on you / Yes

No matter how good medicine, if not
used regularly it will be useless

Now it's still not
too late, have to go


There is clearly a way to treat it.
As a child, there was no way I couldn't care less

Afraid of what? Why are you
hiding here, don't dare to go down the mountain

Still not bored?

You think the mountain world is so relaxed?

I .. as long as you
are fine, I'm satisfied

It's okay dad doesn't want to go,
at best I go looking for him myself

They asked to change prisoners.
Every woman 25 burrows. Men..

their request was outrageous.
How better?

Your Honor, it is difficult for the government to
provide that much money.

Better to let the families of the
prisoners handle it themselves

Right. For the time being
the state finances must

used to
maintain the power of the king

But that also couldn't be
helped. If they ... - You mean

violated the treaty with the Ming government

Are we able to challenge it?

Your Majesty, it is our opinion, to find
out their true purpose


Looks like this, will our children
also be taken hostage?

This is the era of the strong eat the weak.
For the strong, the weak are prey

What's your plan?

I heard you want to resign?

Yes. I've been here so long

Sir, now is not the right time

Really want to go?

Have you ever heard of the
Huang Group ? I heard they were buying and selling prisoners

Not only that, they
were assassins

I heard their leader sneaked into the drift

don't know the goal. The government
against the Qing was clearly two groups

All of this ... better
discussed before the court

I'm sick of seeing that person

Maybe he thought the country
like this was his fault

What if he doesn't
care what you say?

He will step in,
fight with yang

strong. Isn't that the
attitude of a warrior?

Take a look

It's cold, right?

Here is the border,
lots of foreigners

Have a look. / It's hot

You are welcome, Joseon people

You help us

Want to buy in the
Huang group still have to get on the ship

here, still have to
feed and shelter

I understand. But suddenly
that much money, we ..

Mother / We're not pushy / It's okay

Go with your father

Those who open prices.
Just talk to them / But ..

They have been made
slaves. The new payment will be released

Bring your daughter, maybe your
wife can be released

I hope..

The chairman is waiting, do you want to die?


If you dare to make trouble again,

I will break your neck


Sir, I beg of you ..


Dirty hands dare to touch me

How insolent!

Interfering lightly, maybe a good thing

Why are you so brave?

Who are you? Come down quickly.
Show your true self

We are Qing emissaries

Your king also has to respect us

If you dare, just catch me

Come on


We're leaving too

Really don't understand the
joseons. The Ming country is also stronger

Why do you still insist on
maintaining self-respect?

He says he doesn't understand that
there are still people who respect this country

Are the sick parents, as
children, not caring about the parents?

Parents are dying

maybe the child will die first

If the child dies first, is
n't that also unfilial?

This kingship also belongs to our chairman

He said Chairman Huang

It's been a long time hearing the chairman's big name

Also very fluent in
joseon, making people salute

Among the children of the fruit, there is the mother of the Joseon people

Oh yeah, joseon is so messed up, right ??

You should quickly learn Qing

From now on will see each other, right?

The tea had to be made
better, like making joseon

Sir must know what to do

In Joseon, you won't
catch stray dogs carelessly

I'll tell you, first, tie up
all the dogs, then kill them one by one

Then, at first the sound of crying,
finally shaking the tail

Even though we are a weak country,
please guard your attitude

I heard that in Joseon, there is a
great swordsman, that is you, right?

I seem to be speaking
impolitely. Better to change the atmosphere

How about seeing the
sword style show ?

Act according to the situation

Officials are watching

I heard the movements are
unpredictable, do according to my instructions

Your sword style is just for show?

Apparently the sword style was really great

Thanks to you, I am very happy to see him

I hear
the best swordsman joseon however

mediocre. I
can finish him off

Do you really think like that?

You mean, maybe I could lose?

Very interesting

Follow me

Maybe you are wrong.
The monk owes me

What? He clearly told me

You rotten monk

He's not lying. The drug is owned
by high officials, it is difficult to get it

The price is not cheap either

Good. Let's go

We certainly won't ask for free

This is genuine leather, can get a good price.

This can be obtained easily

Just put it here. Give them money

No need. We are not beggars

My dad says nothing is
free, there must be some other purpose

Dad, let's go

They have arrived

Dad, aren't they those bastards?

Hurry up

Apparently arriving early,
what an honor

Political games are a
problem for officials

I'm just a merchant here
to have fun

If you want to have fun, it's
perfect to come to Joseon

It smells good

How about doing business together?

Send slaves for
twice as much. It must be very profitable

Very happy with
your offer , but I have no talent in business

Isn't comfort woman a
business by accepting money?

This is not a place for comfort women

His style is not inferior to men's

I heard the swordsman joseon is pretty good

I can see it?

Only for self-defense,
only a few moves, that's all

Please rest, sir. Excuse me

I heard he's a master of swordsmanship

He's not just anyone?

Don't have any relationship with them

Apparently believed the
rotten monk . I'm really stupid

When did you buy it?


How many?

I'm leaving already

4 sen

Here is the money


Tae-ok ... isn't this tae-ok?

are you okay

Aunt goes through life day by life

Wait, let me see

This little girl is so big

Thanks to drinking milk I grew up

Will definitely make a
lot of men interested huh

Long time no see

That cold attitude didn't change at all

Yes, like a statue. You
still like him so much

Tae-ok, men
often speak unbelievably

That man, so far not
talking much, that's right ..



Long journey must be very tired.
Auntie will prepare food for you

Very comfortable

You say young woman?

Just don't want someone in a relationship to
look after sick people. You don't need to think much

If so, there happened to be a girl

If other people are not a good thing.
Finding out secretly

Yes, I will

Take it / Thank you, sir

Give this to your mom

Thank you sir..

The hand of a swordsman is only a sword

Cannot hold meaningless objects


I asked the king's permission, let you
follow me, what do you think?

When the swordsman
only follow his own master

just can shine, don't you think?

I have resigned, I am no longer
interested in the position

As long as I want,
I will not remain silent

I can order
all of them released inside Qing prison

I heard you practiced the
sword with the late king

Before you draw the sword

think carefully, what
will happen to joseon

Is there any need to catch it?

No need, just let him be

It will be more interesting

Tae-ok is awake

Where did you go?

I saw him very early in the morning
was gone

Don't know the way,
where can you go yourself ?

You're here, can he go far?

Will be back soon, wait

Apparently you live here

How did you get here?

Seeing me as poor, looking down on me?

No need for that

You could say today
I am your savior


If you look after the sick, can you
ask them to prepare medicine for me?

I promise

You are willing?

As long as I can get
medicine, I'll do anything


my father ..

Before his eyes heal, we will
find a place to live for your father

thank you

Really thank you .. thank you

Where does my father live?

New house?

So happy yes

Lives with his father in the mountains

I want to accept him as an adopted child

Give him something valuable

I feel..

like seeing a ghost

You looked like that too when you
disappeared. Now suddenly appeared

the child has grown up

Growing up to be a beautiful girl

We will survive in peace

the same as now

If so, that would be even better

But even if you hide,
will the world be at peace?

However, you
can still hear the sound of crying

I heard I was arrested





Tae-ok is leaving?

The Hua Sien Tang was looking for him earlier

There seems to be a good thing

Yes, thank you

How do you want to convince your father?

Can treat father

and become the adopted son of the rich

There's no way to disagree

No parent is
willing to let their children go

But also parents
can't win from their children either

No need to worry

Jeez, who are they? How scary

Come on, hurry off

Who let you go?

Everyone's out

What are you guys doing?

Didn't you tell us to rest?

Shameful action

Is this the king's order?

You dare to insult the chairman

Apparently Joseon's kung fu is terrible

Today, I will show our prowess

So for women,
don't you feel too much?

Are you all right?

The boy girl is brave

Who else is that person?

This child, because his
sick father happened to pass by here, that's all

Didn't mean to find
trouble, please understand


OK, you knelt
apologetically on his behalf

I'll forgive him

How dare you be rude / Don't talk



Good, I can let you go

But, your rude daughter, I
have to teach her a lesson just to let her go

I didn't see it wrong,
it was a swordsman

Huya! - Let go!

Don't care about me

Please stop here

I'll go with
you. Save your swords

I rely on you

Forgive me

Whose child am I?

Why should
I hide, I don't care about it all

You tried so hard to raise me

Father who raised me.
I'm fine, dad don't need to worry

Oh yes, there are ways to get medicine for dad

What does it mean?

Being the adopted son of a high official,
looking after the sick for several years

You want me to sell you

to treat my eyes?

After recovering see what

Take a break. Come home tomorrow

You don't think, I think neither

dress nice and live comfortably

Although not the princess

at least be a princess who lives comfortably

Anyway, I've decided

Want to go home, dad go home alone

Mr. Cen has resigned
and returned to his hometown

We also have to find a way out


send our prince as prisoner?

I will write a letter to Your Majesty

You guys wait some more

It seems that I have to
accept adopted daughters

Really unsettled

Situations like this should
be increasingly careful to act

This is only for a moment

Even if the sky falls, Joseon
won't have any problems either

Are you really considering giving up?

You ask me as a warrior?

I, as a servant, dare to ask you


Everyone's belief

nothing more important than the safety of the people

even though it's a king's conviction


My father

please help me look after my father

Fine, don't worry

You must be fine


Don't forget the insult
. The anger of me and the people

Beheading Hu Di's head.
- Against state law ... - Stop

You said he had a stick


You just saw

That person..

I'm sorry

Very interesting

Really interesting

Children have grown up, it is
impossible to live in the mountains forever

The world is so chaotic. Maybe
being an adopted child would be safer

I'll come over often

Do not be like that. Better to go over
there and see him, he's just about to go home

Looking at it for a while, my heart
will also be a little comfortable


What is this? / Never before was so
happy, accepting a girl

It was because the clue was drifting away, in the
end the mother and child hanged themselves

Poor child

In the future will be a wild child

Change clothes. Get ready, you
will go to uncle's house

Yes, dad

Have all of your belongings
been prepared?

Yes sir

Waiting for miss ..

Beheading Hu Di's head

I've read your letter


You think like this,

I will submit to you?

I want to see
how long your gaze can last

Thanks to dad, the child will go first

The girl is that person's daughter

As the king's assistant

only cares about the daughter's own life

Use this way

apparently you are worse than stray dogs


You came on time

They break into my residence,
want to harm my family,

catch them quickly

I didn't wrong you

because I believe then close my eyes

What are you talking about?

at that time I challenged the government
because it was consumed by your words

You know, me too for this country

Not. It is only for your own sake


Where is that guy?


Fuck, you die ..

My daughter..where is my daughter?

Mr. Lee just told
me to help calm Se Yi

You said ... Mr Lee Mok-yo?

This is all my fault

I'll help you

do not interfere

Around here, where were the
swordsmen gathered?

At the liquor store, there is a
gathering place for swordsmen

act recklessly. If something happens ..

My daughter has been kidnapped!

She is my only daughter

I'll send in
special forces . Get them all

Your Majesty, they have come

Come on in

You have come

We are currently discussing
good relations with your country

Better be united

At nights like this
tell us to find people,

That's outrageous / I'd
better just write it down

Deliberately hidden,
want to find where ya / Yes.

Just say not found,
then go drink wine

How dare you..

What are you doing?

Don't care, come on again, hurry up ..

Fast ..

I'm just following orders. Go
to the wine shop and it doesn't find you

Catch that person
and leave it to them


Over the bridge, then continue
on, there is a slave place ...

I deserve to die. Please forgive me

If you want money, take it ...

Take good care

The one who came to save you,

I swear they will die

Come on, continue ..


please help my husband

Please help me, I beg you

Damn ...

Not being beaten will not be frank

You don't want to be quiet?

You came to save him?

That person ... hurry up and let him go!

I will be there

I asked you ... can't answer?

Get off me, you bastards


What do you want?

An hour ago, he was still here

Young girls are imprisoned here


Cing Yi's face was so dull

My husband, be aware

You just leave,
what should we do

Open your eyes

The child hasn't been born yet, you
ca n't just leave

Take the daughter back quietly

Please understand. Already received orders,
trying to have no problem with Qing

If there is a big problem ..

can only hide

There won't be a problem

If this time you help
me, in the future, I ..

you can forever rely on me

Immediately follow orders


Could there be a big problem?

You're teaching me?

Tidaj..I do not dare

Because you are so cowardly

I was forced to come here

That's .. I'm sorry

When stepped on

completely destroy

Don't let a single escape

I'll do well

Where's Huya?

There, still not back

like a wild boar, looking for prey

Tomorrow they will come back

Take the girls there


I will try to persuade him

but stay alert, remember?


This is where the Qing envoy lives,
don't carelessly draw out the sword


We are Joseon judges

Not fighting won't hurt you

As long as you hand them over ...

Was Joseph's army
so talkative before the war?

If you give up, your life can
last for several years

But you dare to bring troops to
break into the residence of the Qing envoy

My king can't protect you either

I hope..

let go of my daughter

Take a weapon!


How could he have searched this far?

You clearly,

at that time to protect kuan hi ..

my daughter

My daughter

I hope

Don't just die

Stay alive, forever see

kaliian changed this country

I beg you, I'm willing to do anything

I beg you, save my daughter

He had no
mother since childhood , poor child

I hope



The man came again

You remember, that joseon boy who ran away

Now is not the time for
fun, we have to be on full alert

If not, you are the chairman ..


Forgive me

I spoke wrong

Your tongue wants your life

It seems,

to catch that person,

bring the daughter here


That's not necessary

He will find you himself

Do you know him?

Although for the moment it is
rather clear, but we must be careful

I will repay you

If left untreated,
vision may be lost forever

That swordsman you know

Just do all this?

Before you draw your sword,

think carefully first

What will joseon experience

On the waterfront there is a pier, where you
can see Huang's group's ship

Give up

Is this what you call belief?

Now I just hope the
country doesn't suffer anymore

For me, my daughter is the
country and everything for me

With your eyes,
can you beat me?

Sword Warrior

only know fighting the enemy
until the last drop of blood


Then the late king really
appreciates you and your sword

Can't see clearly

It's failed, just die

Follow me

If you beat me

I will return your daughter


Come on!


What petty!

This is your rule

Do not blame me

Cruel! It turns out you ..







It is okay

It is okay

Let's go

Let us go home

What do you think of that kid's sword style?

Even though it was fast enough, but unable to
see the opponent's movements, it was very reckless

Because of that it is easy to
know the movements


From now on, you
are Your Majesty's sword


Not the wrong way, right?

Of course

You just follow me

Now I feel
comfortable living in the mountains

Why are you going down the mountain?

Now, I also
want to see this world