The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982) - full transcript

A mercenary with a three-bladed sword rediscovers his royal heritage's dangerous future when he is recruited to help a princess foil the designs of a brutal tyrant and a powerful sorcerer in conquering a land.

Lower away!

Easy as it goes, lads!

- Boats down, captain.
- Very good, sir.

Shore party,
stand by to board!

Shore party ready.

Over the side then.
There you go, men.

You heard the captain, lads.
Cast off!

Lo you now
of days long past,

of a time when
the world was young,

when sorcery thrived
and wild adventure
was forever in the offing.

And of this epoch,
little is known,

save that which is veiled
in the mists of legendry.

It is within these mists
that our tale begins

on tomb island,
a rocky crag perched

at the far edge
of the world.

We're not to be disturbed.

- Wait for us at the boats.
- Yes, your majesty.

Get on with it, witch!

A sword…


It lives!


Who art thou?

Titus Cromwell,
king of Aragon.

What is wished of me?

We need your help
in conquering Ehdan.

It's the richest kingdom
in the world, and I want it.

Why dost thou crave
my services?

Thou art a king
with an army.

Four times I've been defeated
by king Richard of Ehdan,

but with your help
I will be victorious.

And what wouldst
thou bestow upon me?

Your life is enough.

After all,
how can we be sure

a toad like you
even has the power to aid us?

Oh, no, dark lord.

You are my master,
my god!

As thou can see,
my art is powerful.

I will allow you to live,
as long as you serve me.

Betray me,

and I will joyfully
send you back to rot in hell,

Xusia of Delos.

Thou shalt have thy kingdom,

and I,

I too shall have
what should be mine.

A thousand leagues away,

the wondrous kingdom of Ehdan
was celebrating 20 years of peace

and tranquility.

Once a haven
for barbaric plunder,

Ehdan had been transformed
into a prospering civilized nation

by the wise and strong
king Richard.

Come, Richard.

We mustn't keep
everyone waiting.

What troubles you?

The nightmares.
The dreams still haunt me.

What did Amilius tell
you about them?

He said…

What he said was that it's
too much of this kingly life.

Unbeknownst to them all,

Cromwell's armies,
aided by Xusia's black sorcery,

had already stormed
across the borders of Ehdan,

leaving behind
a wake of ungodly death,

disease and destruction.

King Richard is finished.

Half his army lay
rotting before us.

We can now deal with the good king
without the aid of a sorcerer.

Besides, if we don't kill Xusia now
while he's still weak from his conjuring,

we might never
be rid of him.


Thou has sent for me?
Why, behold our hero.

Get to the point.
I'm weary.

Well, then,
you shall sleep… forever.

Even without Xusia's sorcery,
Cromwell could not be stopped.

Only one army stood
between him… and the city.

Tavis! My son.

Bring a leech!


No, don't talk.
Wait for the leech.

There is no time.

The eastern army
has been destroyed.


Father, it's black…




Go. Roust Duncan.
He will ride with me.

The others I leave
in your charge.

Take them and escape.

A boat awaits you
on the river.

Go now.

Quickly, Malia.

Take me to battle, father.
You'll need me.

I do love you
more than life itself.

If I die,

it will fall upon you

to avenge me.

Do you understand, Talon?

I understand.

And so it came to pass

that the remnants
of Richard's armies met
Cromwell's black hordes

in a final
desperate battle.

Here on the sea cliffs
of Elizrah,

the fate of Ehdan
had been decided.



where's my father?

Don't worry about the king.

The battle is lost,
and we must save the queen.

Cromwell will be
after her next.

Let's finish it.

No, Talon!
Listen to me.

Avenge your father
another day.

Cromwell will try to stop your
mother's escape on the river.

You must save her.
You hear?

The future of the kingdom
is in your hands.

Now go.

Go! Go!

To the boat, children.

Henry, come back!


You bastard!

Oh, no!

- Mama!
- No!

I'll spare your daughter,

if you officially
proclaim me king.


Pull it out!

Malia, you fool!


Find that boy on your lives.

Don't return without him.
I want him.

I want him.

For years the boy
was to be hunted,

but Cromwell's assassins
found not a trace.

Talon had simply vanished
into the void.

Years passed,

and rumors began to rumble
through the outland kingdoms

of a fearless adventurer,

a warrior who roamed
trackless deserts,

mighty mountains
and shining seas.

These rumors
grew into legends

about this man
who was at once a buccaneer,

a slave, a rogue, a general.


Then, just days before
the 11th anniversary

of Cromwell's victory
over king Richard,

a band of mercenaries arrived
on the outskirts of Ehdan.

- Why do we stop here, general?
- I have a debt to pay.

But, sir, king Lonbosha
is waiting for us at Maladon.

He can wait.

Relax, Darius.

I hope this isn't a mistake,

Lonbosha might lose his kingdom
while we're here.

Then we'll win it back.

Out of my way, witch.
I've been summoned.

I carry a message
crucial to the final conflict.

I implore you to pardon this intrusion,
lord and master.

Speak, dog.

Arrangements have been made
to crush prince Mikah's rebellion

and to deliver Alana
to Cromwell for marriage.

For eight years,
I have been submerged
in the black sleep

to heal the wounds
of Cromwell's treachery.

After I slept,
I conjured.

And now
I shall conquer.

In two days' time,

with the rising
of the seventh moon,

Cromwell's power,
Cromwell's bride

and Cromwell's flesh
shall be mine!

What do you want?

Your generals have gathered
in the war room.

They await instructions
on plans for the final conflict.

You handle it.

But, sire,
it is imperative…

It is imperative that
you obey my orders,

if you wish to live.

Yes, my lord.

Tell Cromwell not to worry.

With him leading us,
we will crush the rebellion
and capture princess Alana,

unless your information
about the rebels proves false,
count Machelli.

Take these orders,
and return to your men, Rodrigo.

I will send word
as to when our rebellion begins.

Yes, prince Mikah.

No animals allowed in here.
Hush, dog. Quiet.

You look like a thirsty lot.

- Bring us a bucket.
- A bucket, yes.

If you warriors are looking for work,
you've come to the right place.

Why is that?

The people in Ehdan
are about to rebel.

What kind of an animal are you?
I can't quite tell.

Here, you've had too much to drink.
Move on!

Go on.

As I was sayin'.
There are two bidders for your swords:

King Cromwell,
the usurper,

lord Mikah,
the last legitimate heir to the throne.

What legitimate heir?

Mikah's father was
king Richard's closest advisor.

The people believe him and his sister
to be the rightful heirs.

All is set, Mikah.
Proceed as planned tomorrow.

Excellent, count.

Tomorrow the throne of Ehdan
shall belong to you,

its legitimate heir.

It's ironic that
the people of Ehdan

should owe their freedom
to Cromwell's war chancellor.

They will owe me nothing,
my friend.

Justice is its own reward.

- You're a good man, Machelli.
- I must go now.

You and I will have no further contact.
It is no longer safe.


you will be well rewarded
for this.

Thank you,

your majesty.

Has my sister
made it safely into the city?

Yes, my lord Mikah.

The princess Alana
is waiting inside.

Oh, it's good to see you, sister.

Oh, Mikah.

You're late.

Now come and have a look.

A map of the castle's
secret passages.

how did you get this?

Cromwell's whore, Elizabeth,
is partial to our cause.

She pilfered them
from Cromwell himself.

With allies like these,
how can we lose?

Yes, but what is he plotting?
He's got all the neighboring kings here and…

Shhh. It matters not.

I've just come
from speaking with Machelli.

The rebellion begins tomorrow.
Spread the word.

Quickly now.

I can hardly believe it.

Tomorrow I shall be king.

- The crown will be yours.
- Yes.

But I'll not wear it, Alana.

The crown
belongs to the people.


What have we here?
A nest of cobras?

There's only one snake
in Ehdan, Cromwell.

Is that you, Alana?

I was hoping you weren't
a part of all this.

Go warn the others.

Your rebellion

is over!

Take him.

Oh, no.

Oh, yes.

Now I poke you
with my dagger, huh?

Not this time, slut!

You got lucky with me
outside your den.

I'm gonna mount you
like you've never been.

With what?

She's a wild one,
this one.

Let's have a look
at your goods.


- My, what have we here?
- No!

Take her down.

No! No!

Beat it, pig, or die!

That's a small threat.

That's a very small threat.

Why, you scum!

Try that again!

Stop shaking.

You're safe now.


Kalipa says your brother was captured
by Cromwell himself.

We have to get the word out.
No attack tomorrow.

Right. This way.

In here, milady.

Dates? No beef?

As you wish.

Just a leg? Or shall
I bring the whole cow?

One leg will do.

Word is being passed.

You Edhanians know good wine.

I didn't bring you here
to get drunk.

Well, why did you
bring me here?

Is your sword for hire?

It depends.

I would pay anything
for it.

Well, if the price is right,
my sword is yours.

- Not so fast.
- Oh, but my sword is poised.

Nothing in life is free.
First, a task.

So what do you want?
A throat cut?

I want you
to rescue my brother.

And what am I to be paid?

Two hundred talents.

That's not what
I had in mind.

Five hundred talents.

All right.

Anything you want,

but only for one night.

So tell me, where is
this brother of yours?

He's in Cromwell's dungeons.

You want me to snatch
your brother

from the king's dungeons
for one night with you?

That's a slim bounty
for such a task.

Why, you bastard!

All right.

The life of your brother
for one night with you,

but I expect my bounty
perfumed and prettied.


50 of our people have been
trapped in skull cave

by king Cromwell's
red dragon archers.

Is there anything we can do
to help them?

No, milady.
Nothin' can save them now.

We can't just sit by
while they're being butchered!

What about you?

Can you help us?

What do you take me for?

- 'Tis suicide.
- Quiet, Craccus.

Risking his life
is his profession.

Risk, not throw away.

What's the matter?
Is your sword too small?

And what am I to be paid
for this small chore?

You're being paid enough
for 1,000 such tasks.

Oh, I can't wait
to bed you, wench.

You raise my expectation.

I'll rescue your rogues.

But first I want a taste of your lips
to send me to my grave.

Brash hulk.
Who is he?

I don't know.

Well, at least you won't
have to pay your debt.

He won't live
to see the sun rise.

Out the back, milady!

Come out and live

or stay and die.

The choice is yours.

You have five minutes
to decide.

Come, lads!

Your rebellion is over!

The king has your leader
in chains!

Give yourselves up!

You heard the jackal.

Do we fight or surrender?

They're pouring oil!

Get back there, scum!

Stand by for torching!

Arrows set!

All eyes on the cave!

Not a single rebel
is to escape!

This is your final chance!

Surrender or roast!


Take aim!


Everyone has come to recognize
him as the true heir.

With the prince captured,
I guess his sister Alana
is the rightful heir.

It's all a bit muddled.
We farmers tend to stay
out of such affairs.

How do you plan to rescue
lord Mikah, warrior?

Just get me into the castle,
and I'll think of something.

This will lead us
into the castle?

According to this map,
it will lead us right
into the dungeons.

Light me a torch.

Give me a hand with this.

Now is that any way
to treat your husband-to-be?

You're right, Titus.

Take me, my lord.

Oh, Titus.

Tonight you will be
my queen,

and soon the queen
of the entire world.

And I will make love to you
like no other can.

With what?

Love or not,
you will be my queen.

Nothing can force me
to marry you.

Not even the life
of your brother?

Your majesty.

Your majesty.

this is no place for you.

I've brought you
some food and wine.

You've labored long.
I thought you'd be hungry.

Hungry, indeed,
but not for food.

Dear Elizabeth, your new life
as my consort suits you fine.

I was meant to be yours,
my king.

Leave us, verdugo.

So, prince,

are you going to tell me
where Xusia is?

What are you talking about?
Oh, Mikah!

How else could this
rabble uprising grow thus far?

Xusia must be behind it.

He's the only one
who could truly challenge me.

You're being challenged
by a myth.

Xusia of Delos died
a thousand years ago.

I, myself, raised Xusia
from the dead.

Little did I know
what I let loose upon the world.

A wild tale.
It's no tale.

I've stalked Xusia
for ten years,

watching for signs
of his devilish work.

He's using you as a pawn
to gain control of my kingdom.

Your kingdom?

Nothing you call yours
is truly yours, Cromwell.

My god, man, there is
a demon in our midst,

and he is the leader
of your cause.

Now you tell us
where he is and save us all.

I am the only leader
of this rebellion.

Very well.

There must be someone.

- A mentor, an advisor perhaps.
- There is no one.

He may not look
like a demon.

In human form,
he could look like anyone.

But there'd be traces
of a serpent in his face,

wildness of a jackal
in his eyes.

You're mad.


What's the matter?
I'm too old for this.

Come on.
I'll help you.
I can't take another step.

I'm not leaving you here.
Go on. Save yourself.

I'll carry you.
Come on.

Over here. Come on.
Let's go over here.

Is this the only way
into the dungeons?
Yes, my lord.

Don't call me that.

What a place.
How much further is it?

A hidden entrance
into the dungeon is
only a little further.

What is it?

What do you hear?

Is someone…


You go first, warrior.

Perhaps we should wait
for you here…

to guard the escape.

You do that.

You want to get us caught?

There are guards everywhere.

Where are you going?

Stop, or your
leader dies.

My luck rots.

Get the door, governor.

Throw back the bolt.

It's me, Rodrigo.

What the devil
are you doing here?

Cromwell's men were waiting for us
at the sewer opening.

They intend to crucify us
during tomorrow's feast.

I should let them.
Teach you a lesson.

Free everyone.

- Which one of these cells holds Mikah?
- None.

They took him to
Cromwell's torture chamber.

Poor Mikah.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, get up.
You're not animals to grovel.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you.

Who are you?

My name is Estard Devereux.

I was once
Cromwell's architect.

After I built this castle,
the king had me imprisoned.

- You built this place?
- Oh, yes.

They threw me in here
five years ago

to ensure that the castle's secrets
would never be revealed.

What secrets?

Oh, hidden passages,

secret exits

and more.


- I want you to tell me all you know.
- Oh, I will. I will.

Sire, the dungeon guards are dead
and the prisoners are gone.

- Elizabeth, you wait here.
- No.

Trust me.

Kill everyone
in the chamber now.

An angel.

Save your strength.

Use it or put it away.

You did it.
What did you expect?

I owe you one, my friend.

No, your sister owes me.
Now go before it's too late.

Come on.

Thank you.

Well, get going!
I'll stay.

We get out together,
or we die together.

Well, come on then.

There they are!

Come on! Out of the way!
Get out of the way!

I'd love to stay, but…

Come here!

Come on! This way!

- Who dies first?
- I'll be the first.

Don't act as if
you don't know who I am, Xusia.

It's your old friend,

Now we'll see
how a sorcerer fares…

against cold steel.

I'm no sorcerer,

but I'll gladly test
your steel, old friend.

He's mine!

After him!

Don't let him get away!


How dare you intercede!

Please, forgive me,
your majesty,

but it is a mistake
to play with Xusia this way.

This man's no sorcerer!

Please do not be fooled
by this ploy.

Xusia's cunning
knows no bounds.

Have you forgotten
what this man has done
to your red dragons?

He must be one
of Xusia's demons.

Forgive me.
I mean no disrespect, Your majesty.

I live only to serve
the greater glory of your name.

Indeed, Machelli.

Fine duel.

Pity we won't learn
who's the better.

Easy, my lord,
the wounds must be cleansed.

Yes, my prince.

What happened to Alana?

She is to be married
to Cromwell tonight.

Like hell.

And the warrior
is to be crucified.

I should have helped him.


rally our men.

We will crush Cromwell
or die.

Go back into the castle?

Well, how else?

Coming in, old man?



Well, did you find him?

- Aye. King has him in chains.
- Good god!

What did he do now?
Have at one of the king's sluts?

It's not clear, but they mean
to execute him tonight.

Damn. Go!

Roust the men from the house.
Check the ale shop for stragglers.


I fear we can't get
to him, Darius.

- There must be a way into the castle.
- We might all perish.

Damn you, Phillip,
then we all die.

Many a time Talon has saved our skins,
or have you forgotten?

I just think
we need more men.

You got'em!

Who are you?

Captain Morgan,
an old cohort of Talon's.

How many are you?

We number only 20,
surely not enough to aid you.

Blast you, Erik.

Spread the word
of Talon's plight.

Half the sea dogs in this port
owe their lives to him. Now, go!

See, Phillip, you have so little faith.
Now gather the men!

Myra! Myra, look.
Look who's just returned.

Oh, Elizabeth!

- But has Cromwell set you free?
- No, I was saved.

- By whom?
- I know not, but he risked all for me.

This savior, did he have
a gauntlet of steel?

Why, yes.
Do you know him?

Aye, all too well.
Damn his heart.

He goes out for a joint of beef
and ends up rescuing a king's wench.

- Now it falls to us to fetch him.
- He's been captured?

The lad will be crucified

We can't let him
die for us.

- We must save him!
- We will.

Let me go with you.

- I know the way into the castle.
- Tell me the way.

I beg you,
let me lead you to him.

To the sword then.

We should never have followed
that bitch in here.

Quiet, barnacle!

It was those landlubbers
that brought us into this trap.

Shut your mouth, sea dog,
before I take this chain

and wrap it around your neck
till your lousy head falls off.

If these bars weren't between us,
you'd be swimming in your own gizzards.

When we get out of here,
I intend to settle this.

I'll meet you, scum,
anywhere you choose.


Enough, or I'll skin
all of you!

What's on your mind,
potato head?

Cromwell sends you a bargain
out of the goodness of his heart.

Ha! Cromwell's goodness?

Silence, you black dog!

Now, tell me who sent you
to invade this castle,
and I'll be merciful.

Bring them in!

These two had nothing to say,
so I cut out their tongues.

Now speak,
while you still have yours.

Tell me who sent you here,

or I'll skin her
before your very eyes.

Kill him!

Kill him!


I hear the four kings
have arrived with 1,000 knights.

But only two will be allowed
to accompany each king to the feast.

Once we have assassinated
the kings and lords,

and Cromwell has exchanged
his vows with Alana,

we can send out armies
to sweep across the continent
to consolidate our power.

With the rebellion crushed,
no one can stop us.

Where's Cromwell?

He is preoccupied.

He has given me charge of
his army until further notice.

Let us finish with this.

General Thogan?

My knights will seal off
the exits from the feast.

- No one will get out.
- Good.

General Rumboldt?

When the signal is given,
my archers will kill
everyone at the feast.

General Renquo,

you shall see to it that
all the king's bodyguards are dead

before the assassinations begin.

What is the signal?

When Alana gives her vows.

Imagine, all the nobility
of Ehdan

and the kings of four empires
wiped out in one fell swoop.

Cromwell is a genius.

In three hours' time,

one man will control
the entire…

civilized world.

Their royal majesties,

king Leonidas of Minoa,

king Ludwig of Galese,

king Sancho of Valencia

and king Charles of the Franks.

Is that chief Talon?

It certainly looks like him.

It is him.

How can that be?
Last I heard, he was chieftain
of the black tribes,

helping them
to overthrow some slaver.

We owe that man too much
to let him die like some dog
at the hands of Cromwell.

Yes, but the treaty.
Damn the treaty!

There'd be no kingdoms at all
if it weren't for him.

It will mean war.
Very well.

Let it be war.

Cromwell! Cromwell!
Cromwell! Cromwell!

Join hands.

Who is here to help the barbarian
with the gauntlet of steel?

- Who are you?
- Never mind.

The barbarian is to be killed
at any moment. We must save him.

Unlock this door, wench,
and leave that to us!

Let's treat the gods
to one hell of a fight.

- For Talon!
- Talon!


Don't worry, little girl.

It won't hurt
until I hit the bone.

Do you, Titus Cromwell,

take this woman
to be your bride,

your queen,
the mother of your children?

I do.

Repeat after me.

Do you, Alana,

daughter of lord Mogolin

and last heir
to the crown of Ehdan,

take this man, Titus,

protector of Ehdan,

Emperor of Swabia,

Castul, Goth,

Aragon and Iberia,

of Brishia and Kelti

and all the northern kingdoms

of the west of Evmark,

master of suders,

lord and god over all
that is right and good,

to be your groom,

your lover, master

and the father
of your children?




Stand back.
Small world, your majesty.


I put your army on alert

and had them gather
seven days' ride from here.
They await your presence.

That's quite perceptive of you
to assume something might go wrong.

I have lived only to serve you,
your majesty.

With your army ready to strike,
we shall yet crush these rebel dogs.

This won't take
but a moment.

Men, thou art the devil.

Ah. Machelli,
the rebellion is finally on.

Now I must get you to safety.


Finish the dog.

You go after Alana.

- What are you doing?
- We await Cromwell.


To end his reign
and begin mine.

But Mikah…

Mikah is dead.

No. No. No.

The rebellion is dead.

I am the power!

Beyond that gate
lies my destiny.

You can be part of it
or a victim of it.

The choice is yours.

All right.

I've wanted you
for a long time.

You are the strength.

You are the power.

Take me with you.

You are wiser
than I thought, Alana.

Promise me

you'll obey my every wish,
my every command.


I'll obey you.

You obey this.

See me, Alana,

as I truly am.

Now you are mine.

Die, jackal!

And now
I shall have thy soul,

thy body, thy empire.

I have no quarrel with you.

Out of my way.

- Cromwell is mine!
- Now we have a quarrel.

Sly sword.

Then let's finish it.

Who are you?


son of Richard.


Why the long faces?

Good god, you've snatched
a kingdom.

Talon! Talon!

- Talon!
- Talon!

- Talon!
- Talon!

Talon! Talon!

And all that goes with it.

Don't we have some business
to attend to?

That we do.

So the debt's been paid,
eh, general?


Now to Maladon
to save Lonbosha's kingdom.

What do you want?
To join up.

I want to ride with you.

Well, then

let's be off.

We've a battle in the offing,
kingdoms to save and women to love.