The Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1981) - full transcript

"Godfather of the kung-fu film", Chang Cheh, made this treasured and beloved adventure featuring a sword, training manual, treasure map and a secret message. The kung-fu which ensues is as impressive as it is glorious.

Before the 1 91 1 Revolution

Dongguan Yuan Shung Wun was the first to about the country's future
& welfare

During the Ming dynasty

Yuan many times defeated

...the Qing invaders

Unfortunately, Yuan Shung Wun...

fell into a trap

and was cut into pieces in public
by Ming Emperor

Many soldiers were stranded in Liutung

Shung died a wrongful death

A lot of his generals and followers,
out of rage

...turned to and served the Qings instead

The ones stationed at Central area

...were those from Guanliu

This is called "scaling"

One wouldn't expect the loyal Yuan

...would end up like this

A torture like this meant a thousand cuts

Yuan's family is also wanted
by the administration

A loyal servant saved his youngest son
Yuan Cheng Chih

...and sought refuge at Hua Shan

The chief of the Hua Shan School

was the best swordsman around

This is the son of governor Yuan

Governor Yuan has died for his country

I have not taken in a pupil for years

For his father's sake

please accept him as your pupil

You can live here

He is Yuan Cheng Chih

Master, if you don't move
your chess pieces quickly'll lose

I am no match for you now

I'll teach you one technique for
every game I lose

I am no match for your teacher
and you've...

Iearned all there is to know about
secret weapons

That's all attributed to you

I am afraid I haven't learned

...half of what you know

Let's finish this game of chess

I should go with your teacher

I have nothing much to teach you

Teacher has to go too?

There are natural disasters in Xin Xi

...and thousands are starved to death

Your teacher and I have

gathered a group of friends...

to help raise funds for the disaster

The meeting is coming up;,
we ought to move on

Your teacher is asking for you

Cheng Chih

Teacher, Uncle Muk Shon said...

you will be setting off to
provide relief for victims

That's right. You've been here for
17 years

...and I haven't been away since

It's about time for me...

to go and meet friends

The meeting date is coming up
and cannot be delayed

...but your Wenyuan kungfu
is almost completed

Maybe in 10 days' time, or a month at most can master it at will

I'd rather you stay here...

to complete your kung fu

...and look for me then


Come with me


This is our founder...

great master Fang

Bow to him


Our school has 12 commandments
which include

compassion, self-enrichment, chastity

preserving the innocent, respecting elders

knowing right from wrong,
associating with righteous

...and so on

It's all written here, read it


You are a clever and an upright person

I'm sure that you won't violate the rules

Sometimes it's difficult tell the right from wrong

A good person may be a bad one

...or vice versa

I have only recruited 3 students
in my whole life

Your brother, lron Abacus Wang Zhen smart

Your other brother lnvincible Fist
Gui Xin Shu is...

of simple-hearted deep manner
& has a good foundation

Both of them started training

...years before you

Their pupils are of the same age as you

...but you haven't met them

We have to set off

You needn't worry about
this student of yours

...who is good in kung fu
as well as in character

Cheng Chih, come...

The checkerboard serves as my weapon

...and the chess my secret gizmo

When you played chess with me,
you used the white one

I am giving you the white one a souvenir

Thank you, Uncle

Anybody here?

"This treasure and the manual
are for the chosen"

"Enter at your own risk"

"Hsia Shiue Yi the Golden Snake"

"Enter at your own risk"?!

This elderly person must be
someone extraordinary

I have by chance run into
this corpse of yours

...and am going to bury you

Please rest in peace

The one who gets this box should
open this letter

Whoever gets this box
gets the treasure inside it;

But must bury me first

...before you open it

I bury you...

not because of the treasure

If you would bury me...

please dig deeper into the pit
before burying me

That way I can stay deep down
in ground free from worms

I'll do as instructed

This elderly person is really weird

I wonder what's inside the box

You're a righteous person.
Follow my instructions bury me and you will be
highly rewarded

When you open the box,
poisonous arrows will shoot out

The map inside the box is a fake one
and is poisonous

It's to punish the crooks;

The genuine map is in this small iron box

Wei, there's something strange
about this cave

Looks like it has been set on fire
not long ago

That's precisely what third uncle said

For 18 years...

we have been unable to locate this villain

Maybe he's back at his old hide-out;

So we should take a look at Hua Shan...

and see what the situation is at the cave

I'm afraid third uncle may be right

So do we report back to our master

...and get more people to help us?

The two of us will go in
and grab this villain

...and get the glory

We could turn out lucky and
get the treasure map

But, Uncle Ju Cheng

What's to be afraid of?
That golden snake villain

has had the veins and sinews
of his arms and legs cut

He is as good as a cripple;

we will easily succeed

Yes, you are right

These two corpses look like

...those of Master golden snake's foes

They look like villains to me

Let's take a look

"Golden Snake Hsia Shiue Yi"

This has some meaning!

The treasure map may be inside

This clay figure looks it's been moved

Dig it up and see


This is ingenious

There is a secret mechanism on
side of the iron box

Use both hands to grab it
and the box will open

Let's follow the instructions

Wei, you're dumb

Don't blame me for your death

That golden snake villain treacherous

His kung fu manual and
the treasure map are here

The Golden Snake Manual


They deserve their death

They look villainous too

This elderly fellow is bloody cunning
& manipulative

The kung fu in the manual looks incomplete

This is right

But why has he left

it all so mysterious

and written inside the fold!

This is the treasure map
of the place they mentioned

He wanted people to explore
the mystery of the manual

...before finding the treasure map

Whoever gets this treasure,
go to Shilang at Zhejiang

Find a lady named Wen Yi
& give her 100,000 worth gold

Sounds exaggerating

"To Teacher"

I've written a letter to Teacher

...and have explained everything in it

If Teacher comes back, or sends someone

...please give this letter to him

Since I've practiced the
Golden Snake kung fu, though

I don't want treasure.
I'll follow his instructions

...and look for Wen Yi at Shilang

And hand over the treasure map to her

Whether I should use...

this Golden Snake sword and awl;

I've already asked Teacher in the letter

If he allows me...

please deliver them to me at Shilang

Sir, please come in


Sir, it's full

Do you mind sharing a table?

What are you doing?

Sir, if you don't mind

...please join me at this table

Thank you

Please sit

By accent, you don't seem to be
from Zhejiang

From Guangdong originally.
Now I live in Hua Shan

What are you doing here in Zhejiang?

To visit a friend

Up there...


Wen, come down

Don't you follow rules?

What if I don't?

We Lungyou School have been

tracking down that 2,000 worth gold
for quite a while

You jumped in and took them

You don't follow the rules

The gold is yours?

Since you've got it, you should share them

Consider it as an advantage

Don't even think about it



Lungyou & the Shilang schools
never had any conflict

For the sake of the Wen family
in Shilang, you...

Cut the crap

If you're any good

...give it all you've got

Be careful

Thank you



They are trying to rob you

They failed already

Why take a life?

Don't think that you can preach me

...though you've saved me

But I have to thank you for
saving me just now

Have another round


You have good technique

What's your name please,
& which school are you from?

I'm Yuan. I saw both of them in danger

...that's why I pulled them up

I don't mean to show off front of you

No wonder she is getting more outrageous

...because she has a good help

Is he your boyfriend?

I respect you as a senior

you must be careful what you say

We have met by chance

...and our acquaintance is not deep

Let's be calm and talk this out

There's no need to resort to weapons

If you are afraid, you'd better leave

You've no connection whatsoever with Wen

That's good. When we've settled
this matter

...we can become friends

You're quite devious...

despite your young age

He is no match for you

You've driven him away

Why did you have to kill him?

There's only one of me

and so many of you

Shouldn't I be cruel?

You are bullying me

Come & get the gold if you think
you're good

Once I got it and then
you might come after me

Aren't you ashamed?

You little bitch

You are getting more and more impertinent

I wonder if your grandfather...

has taught you such bad manners

I have long known about
your martial arts skills

You needn't blandish that before me

Go and show off to my grandfather

Don't use him to threaten me

If he is any good

he won't allow his daughter to be defiled

...nor have a bitch like you

It's no use crying.
C'mon, give us the gold

I don't want it either,
I'll give them to Sha's widow

I'm not giving it

Birds of the same feather flock together

Like father like son


If I don't leave a mark on your face

I'm afraid that you'll forget


For the sake of Mr. Yuan

I'll spare her life today

Let's go

You're afraid when you see a good fighter

You are a bunch of bullies

So shameless

Although you're young

you value friendship, let's fight

So others don't label me as a coward

Please be gentle

Well said




I am no match for you

Thank you

Mr. Yuan, see you later


He really let you go easy

It's good you know this

Here is 2,000 taels of gold.
I'll give you half of it

I don't want it, I help you
not because of the gold

What, have I hurt you?


Don't go yet, take the gold


Thank you sir

"Xi Tak Hall"

I'm looking for a young man named Wen

He's about seventeen or eighteen

We have a number of young men here

I don't know who you are looking for

Come out...

You have mortally wounded others

Come and pay for it

Come out...

What happened in here?

You are looking for the Wen family

He is cruel and overbearing

Yesterday he came to collect the rent

Qing asked to be given a few more days

He pushed him against the wall
and is now badly hurt

Qing's son and nephew fought with him

and are all badly injured

I'm afraid that the three of them
won't live long

Such man is really devious

Sir, we want justice


Yes, we want justice...come out

Whoever is acting so unruly here...

must be tired of living

Are you alright?

Are you being asked by these guys...

to fight against us

Sorry. I'm just afraid that
someone might get hurt

Then everyone will be in trouble.
So I helped out

You have such good skills

Why descend to their level?

This is our young master

This young man is looking for someone

What's your name please,
and who are you looking for

I'm Yuan and I'm looking for a friend
called Wen

Is he staying here?

I'm Wen, are you looking for...

He's younger than you are

He's about seventeen and
is from other place

He is...My younger brother Wen Qing,
I am Wen Jing

Please come in and have some tea

Please ask your brother to come

I've something to give to him

Ask Mr. Qing to come

...and tell him Yuan wants to see him


Please wait, he'll be here soon

It's our pleasure to have you here

Please sit

You forgot this package,
I've come to give it back

You despise me, don't you?

I don't mean that at all

Thank you for your kindness. Good bye

You can't leave

I've something important to ask you

Please stay here today

I've to take care of some business

We will meet again some other time

We shouldn't delay him then

Alright, if you really have to go

Take this package too

You won't stay at our house no matter what

because you despise me

I'll stay then if it's your wish

Good, brother Jin

Ask them to prepare the meal

Qing Qing...

Brother Qing, I'll drink to you again

I'm treating Yuan. Why are you here?

I've had enough. It's been a tiring day

...and would like to take a rest

Your presence here is indeed an honour...

and I'd like to talk with you all night

You're tired, let's talk tomorrow

You can sleep in my room tonight

Your room is not fit for guests

He should rest in my room


What do mean by "what"?

What's wrong if I sleep with mom?

So impolite. The guest will laugh at you

I'm used to living in the mountains

Don't worry about me

Alright then

Brother Yuan, follow me please


This is my bedroom

Make yourself at home

It's you!

This is a lovely night with beautiful moon

You shouldn't let it go to waste


Let me play you a song

What is this? It sounds good

You're smart

I never play for anyone

They only know fighting

and don't appreciate this

What's the matter?

I really love it, honest

You'll be gone tomorrow

What is it for?

I know I have a bad temper

I know you despise me...

which is why you won't come again

and I won't see you anymore

I know nothing about the ways of the world

You were right in saying I despise you

but now things are different

Is that so?

You must have something on your mind

that's why you're acting strangely

Tell me the reason

You'll despise me even more if I told you

No I won't

Alright then

My mom was raped when she was a girl

and gave birth to me

I am an illegitimate child with no father

This is neither your nor your mom's fault

The culprit's to blame

But he is my father

People insult me and mom at our back

Those people are shameful

You're my friend and I'll come to meet you

What do you think?

You promise

I promise

It's midnight

Why are you sneaking around here?

What are you doing here?

Ask yourself

We are enjoying the night
and you're intruding

Apart from mom no one is allowed here

You don't listen to grandfather

Why is he here then?

I invited him, it's none of your business

Okay, we've had our fun

Let's all go and rest

I'm not going, sit

I grew these flowers,
you're not allowed to see them

I have seen them already

Can you tear out my eyes?

I want to smell them too

You bully me...

I plucked the flower and no one can see

You're happy now

I meant well and you treat me like this

Doesn't your conscience bother you

You've only known Yuan for a few days


I don't need you to be good to me

You can ask grandfather to kick us out

I'm here with brother Yuan

You can go and tell grandpa

How can you treat your brother like this?

He is not my real brother

My mom's name is Wen,
this is my grandpa's home

He is my cousin

If I had a father and my own home

I needn't suffer all this

I think he is good to you

...and yet you are mean to him

If I'm not mean to him

He'll step out of line

You're so childish, how old are you?

I'm eighteen and must be younger than you

I don't have a brother,
let's be sworn brothers

Shall we?

Brother Wen, you're mad at me

You despise me, why do you want me
as a brother?

When had I despised you?

Come, let's swear as brothers here


You're my younger brother then

It's late, let's go to sleep

Don't wake aunty

Let's share our bed here

See you tomorrow

Brother, someone's asking for gold outside

Let's take a look

It's from the Lungyou school

Let's go and see

Don't be so fierce. My brother is here

Don't bother with this kid

Let's talk to the people in charge

Brother Qing, come quickly

These people are mean and want gold

What gold?

This little thief

He was snooping in my room

and the next day the gold was gone

If you didn't steal it who did

Why didn't you catch me then?

I was sleeping...

and didn't see you

But when I woke up...

You didn't catch me red-handed

You didn't even see me

You only have yourself to blame

How can you blame me?

But as I searched

There's a rumour that...

followers of Shilang & Lungyou clans
are both...

fighting for some gold and
ultimately Shilang took it

How can you accuse me of stealing...

without any proof?

Then we'll search the place

If we find the loots, you'll be in trouble

The Wen family is rich

We have lots of gold,
not to mention just 2,000

How can you tell it's all yours?

You get your gold...

either by stealing or by robbing

How can you...

insult us from the Shilang Clan?

Insulting you?
You think you have good reputation

I've never seen such...

a hostile woman

Then I'll let you taste...

consequences of a woman's wrath!

Brother, step back

...and let me make this clear

I've a doubt that this lady is
from Hua Shan school

So what?

Hua Shan is a righteous school

and is different...

from you thieves from Shilang

I'm not from Shilang

The Hua Shan School is not bad either

Who is your teacher?

My teacher is called Gui Xin Shu

...nicknamed the lnvincible Fist


What's the third of the 12 rules
of Hua Shan school?

Who are you to query me?

I'm from Hua Shan school too

This kid is bluffing

The three of us are also from
Hua Shan school

But we didn't know you

Brother Chui, he's the new student
of Uncle Wang

Teacher hasn't recruited
any student for a long time

Uncle Wang has good judgment

How could he recruit you as his student?

Right, the judgment of Brother Wang...

is naturally smart

You still haven't answered me

What's the third of
the twelve Hua Shan rules?

Who are you calling brother Wang?

My teacher's name is Muk Ren Qing

...and is known as the magnificent sword

Wang Zhen is my elder brother

Then you are our uncle

I dare not put it this way

Are we not good enough?

This lady still hasn't answered me

You want to lecture us

If the second brother is here

He will surely lecture you

You are talking nonsense

Did second brother ever tell you...

what the twelve rules are
when you first came?

Alright, I'll answer your question

The third rule concerns
killing of the innocent

Then you know; let me ask you

...what wrong has that kid done

Even if it is the fault of Shilang school

He's only 16 or 17,
and what has it to do with him?

In a strike that lady

has cut his arm;

Isn't this violating the rule?

The Hua Shan people are here

Let's wait and hear what they have to say

Oh, you want to teach others a lesson

But don't forget...

We haven't acknowledged you
as our senior yet

So what does it take for you
to acknowledge me?

You have to show us how good you are

...and whether you're worth it?

They'll have a fight

It'd be good to witness
the kung fu skill of this kid

Brother Yuan, come over here

This is my grandpa and my uncle Nan Yang

Fourth uncle Bai Yang
and fifth brother Wen Fang

Nice to meet you

Please don't stand on ceremony

Qing said that your martial arts
is exceptional

...and it's true

Let me try your Hua Shan school's kung fu

This technique is
'worshipping the Guan Yin' right?

You have used our school's technique

I would like to know

Are you aware she has transgressed...

sixth rule also?

The sixth rule :
Not to be disrespectful to elders

Who knows who you are!

How can I make you believe
I am your uncle?

I want to spar with you

If you are better than I am...

and you can take five attacks from me;

Then regard me as an impostor

It's agreed. I'll count

This is my first strike, you ready


Here it comes

Why didn't you believe me?

Why would I lie to you?

You can't block me with a single palm

...use both hands

For the other three strikes
they'll be continuous

How do you tackle my
"Thunder Hand", "Throwing a stone"

...and "Monkey wags its tail"?

I will use "Closed hand",
" Cloud behind mountain"

and "Break a willow branch"

You got the first two right,
but not the last one

This technique requires defence
& simultaneous attack

But when you defend, the power is reduced

If the opponent is weak
then the effect is good

...but you can't tackle my last strike

Then I'll use
the 'thundering earth' technique

Right, let's go

Thundering earth

It's good you didn't meet me head-on

My elder brother has taught
his student well

My fifth move is the start
of the Broken Jade fist

You'd think the first move
is merely ceremonious

...and not effective against an opponent

Our great master developed every move

...for a focused attack. Watch

I'm sorry for being impolite, uncle

Please accept my respects

Please arise

We're almost the same age;
no formalities please


Brother Mui, try his swordsmanship


I want to test your sword skills


Brother, get me ten swords

Get ten swords here


Your friend's kung fu is really good

I'll use this broken sword, come on

You look down me.
Don't blame me for your death

I've prepared ten swords for you

Get another one

Why such a treacherous move?

There's no need to fight anymore

You said you are the student
of our school...

yet don't even know such a technique

And said it was treacherous move

This is our school's swordsmanship,
do you know that?

This is called
"The worm attached on the bone"

Yes, despite its name is very effective

Lets have a sword duel

Your skills are too mixed

These are all typical of
our school's style

Why you said that? On guard

Do you want to try again?

Do you still want to fight?

Do you acknowledge defeat?

Uncle Yuan, we failed to recognize you

Please forgive brother Mui

You admit you're wrong?


You should know have broken two of our rules

The sixth commandment is
you should respect seniors

The 3rd commandment is one
shouldn't kill the innocent

Ms. Suen has transgressed

She will apologize for her mistake

An apology is not good enough

The school's rule has been broken...

Our uncle shall deal with it

But it's all because you robbed the gold

So what about that?

Right, what's all this about the gold?

We were following orders...

to deliver the gold to help victims
of misfortune

The gold was robbed so I pursued

I knew it was the Shilang School
which did it

Then I met Brother Mui and Ms. Suen

...and we joined together to
claim back the gold

Brother, he is rash

But for my sake...

Iet that kid's wound heal first

I'll teach him one-armed sword techniques make up for it, what do you think?

As for the gold; since it is for...

my teacher to help victims of misfortune,

...we should return it to him

Returning the gold is small matter

But she must lose an arm as well

I'd like to see you try

You think I don't dare

Whose side are you on anyway?

You are my sworn-brother

...she is my junior


You think she is pretty

And you defend her even though she's wrong

A few thousand taels of gold
isn't a big deal

I'll give all of it to you if you want

But they have to give up an arm
in exchange

We're all angry...

and we can't clear up the matter

Maybe Brother Cui can come around tomorrow

...and I'll return the gold

Let's go then

When you come tomorrow...

Don't forget to give me this girl's arm

Brother, the gold is meant for
victims of disasters

We ought to return it to them

Ms. Suen has made a mistake

but she is my second brother's student

If we punish her...

I'll have to answer to my second brother

Anyway, you're still on her side

Alright, Qing...enough

For the sake of Brother Yuan

...the gold has to be returned

There's one thing that must be
clarified though

You are saying...

It goes without saying

...your Hua Shan's kung fu is great

But the technique you used to...

separate Qing Er and the other girl;

It all doesn't look like
it's from Hua Shan

Well, these are some moves
I learned elsewhere

Keen observation, I must say

It comes with age and experience

Nan Yang

You spar with Brother Yuan

...and spar with control


Please teach me

You're too kind

Uncle, do you recognize...

I cannot say for sure
what his skills are like

Let's try his weaponry skills

Nan Yang, quit

Thank you

Uncle, look...

Talk later

Your punches and kicks are good

Jing Er

Try Brother Yuan's weaponry skills

There's a hint

Fang Er

Go and help Jing Er



Fang Er, stop

That's enough

Brother Yuan's skills are matchless

I'm here to try his skills

Grandpa, we're sworn brothers

Don't hurt him

Let's see

Brother Yuan, come on

Allow me then


Who is this kid...


Please make your move

Please lend me this wooden sword


I dare not use real weapons

so I am using this wooden sword

Quite thoughtful of you!

The skilled artists can afford
to take risks

Right, let's go

The golden snake bandit sent you

Where is the bandit? speak up

Please, be calm

I sure can make out

Apart from Hua Shan kung fu...

you also know Master golden snake's

That's why I want them to spar with you

You think I'm too old to observe this

How are you related to
Golden-Snake Hsia Shiue Yi?

Why did he send you?

I have never seen him;

how could he have sent me?

Is this true?

Why should I lie to you?

I was at Huichow...

and met Mr Wen accidentally

He appreciated my skills
so we became brothers

What has this to do with
the golden snake?

If you don't tell us
where the golden snake is'll not leave here today

I am not related to him in any way

I haven't even seen him

Yet I know where he is

But I don't think anyone here
dares to go & see him

Says who?

We have been looking for him
these ten odd years

Quick, tell us where he is

You are in good health

you've waited a few years
before you could see him

He's dead already


Great misfortune

Mom, mom

Qing Qing, help your mom inside

Don't let others laugh at you

What's to be ashamed?
When she knew father's dead

...naturally her heart is broken

Who is your father?
The kid's talking nonsense

By tomorrow I want all the gold kept here

Let Yuan and the Hua Shan people get it


Ask Yuan to the backyard tonight

I have something I want to ask him

Go quickly


Excuse me


I have something to ask you

Where did the golden snake die?

Who saw him die?

I didn't see that

Well, in any case we must solve
this 'gold' issue

I'll come again tomorrow

Brother Qing



I am in fact a girl

I have kept this from you

I have been so dumb

I've never come across a girl
in the mountains

I should have discovered this earlier

I am Wen Qing Qing

I left one 'Qing' out of my name

It should be Hsia Qing Qing in fact

My mom has something to ask you, come


You're too kind

Please sit

He's...really dead

Did he die a painful death?

I don't know

I found his skeleton by chance

...and buried him

It was sort of a master-student

I learned a lot from him

I have waited eighteen years

...for him to take us away from here

Who would know he'd go first!

May I ask what is your maiden name?

Is it Yi?

Right, how did you know?...

Did he write it in his will,

...did you bring it?

Who's there?

Uncle, we are chatting here

How could you eavesdrop?

You don't behave like a senior

So shameless! You have an affair
with a man...

and now you teach your daughter
to do the same

Uncle, mind what you say

You shameless bitch

I am in a position to rule over you

Besides, third uncle asked to;
dare you disobey?

It looks like no one here

...regards us as family

Brother, he saved your life

You have a modicum of gratitude

Who'd have known people of the Wen family be so ungrateful!

It is true he saved my life

but why did he do it

If you remember, speak


Twenty years ago in Yangchow

I was caught by the law

What offence did you commit?

I am a man, I dare to speak out

I was going to rape a girl

...and was caught

I was sentenced to death

Fourth Uncle just happened to be
in Yangchow then

He was supposed to come and save me

...but he didn't;

Instead the villain came

...and saved me out from the prison

The two arrived at a deserted
temple at the outskirts

What's your name please?

You need not ask

Anyway, you won't thank me for this later

This is Fourth Uncle's weapon

True, I saved you because of
your Fourth Uncle

...who is a good friend of mine

Take this box back...

to be opened by your father or uncle

If you don't do as told
and lose the treasure inside

...or commit crime again;

That's what will happen to you

This is your travel expense

I'll come to your home in a month's time

What's fourth brother been doing?

What's inside this box?!

Open it

"To the Wens brother of Shilang School"


Fourth Uncle

Isn't he malicious?

Why does he do this, say it

Whatever your spouse does,
you'll think they are good

Well, he's my husband.
In my heart he is my husband

Qing Qing, I was young at that time

...and my family is devious

I don't like them

That day I heard noise of squabble
in the living room

...and went out

I heard your grandpa reading out
that letter

The Wen's brother of the Shilang school

Herewith is the corpse of
your fourth brother Ming Luk

Take it...years ago

...after he raped and killed my sister,
he also killed parents and my brother

I escaped alone

and swore vengeance

I must kill 50 in your family

...and ravish 10 of your women vent out my deep hate

From Hsia Shiue Yi the Golden Snake

Good, if he would only come

Tell everyone...

especially women, not to step out
from their rooms

We'll lead a team of kung fu fighters

to patrol, to prevent this villain
from killings

How many has he killed?


While escaping, the villain said that...

the 2 women who had been kidnapped
last time...

...have been sold to a whorehouse
in Yangchow

Send some men to Yangchow

...and search all the brothels


Why don't you do you were told?

I'm so bored

What's wrong with playing around... one's own courtyard?

The Golden Snake is here, come


It'd have been better if I had been
hit to death

But he saved me at risk to his own life


You've to eat something

I don't want to

I thought you were a mute

I'm not. I just don't want to talk
to bad guys

Tomorrow is the death anniversary of parents, brother and sister

I must kill one of
your family member to avenge them;

Nothing will keep me away!

The next day, he went and killed

He was followed by dad and his men

Father along with Big,
2nd & 4th Uncle and his son

Fifth Uncle's son Xi Yang and Chung Yang

...have all come


Are you alright?

I'm fine, don't worry

Back down

Stop, he's my father

Go, I spare your life

Be careful

Leave, before I change my mind

Why are you crying?

You are so badly hurt

You cry for me

Since your fourth Uncle killed
my whole family

and until I killed one of your cousin
just now

I have killed a total of 40 people

I was supposed to kill 10 more;

But for your sake...

I stop killing

And won't...

and won't harm your family's womenfolk

When I recover, I'll bring you home

Don't worry, I won't die

If I die, there'll be...

no one to bring Ms Wen down
this high mountain

You're recovered

How come you are not happy?

I've promised to take you home
after I've recovered

I'm going to miss you

Then I'll stay


I've a treasure map

That was when Shing Cho usurped the throne

Emperor Kin Man escaped with some treasure

...and buried it all
in a secret place in Nanking

Emperor Shing Cho could never find

...but I've accidentally come across

I never got to find them

because I have to seek vengeance

Now I don't have to do this anymore

Tomorrow I'll bring you home and go to...

find the treasure;
after that I'll come look for you

He didn't want to leave me

I didn't want to leave him either


I couldn't stay with him just like that

When I went home,
everyone looked down on me

They couldn't protect their own daughter

When I came back unharmed

...they insulted me instead

I didn't bother with them

...and didn't talk to them either


I've waited for him for 3 months

One night, someone knocked at the window

I knew it was him

I opened the window and let him in

We love each other

so we had sex that night

And then I bore you his child

Open the door, I know someone's inside

Don't worry, I can fight out

I know about your affairs

I'm grateful that you didn't kill me
last time

If we become family,
we should forget about the past

Relax, I've promised her
not to seek vengeance

Don't think of eloping with her

Yi is my only child,
she has to be married properly

...and cannot elope

Otherwise she'll be looked down upon
by other people


So you'll stay and
we will prepare for the wedding

I've never thought that...

my own parents will...

Yi, take this lotus seed soup your husband


Yi, you are so devious

Why did you poison me?

Yi, you are so shameless...

to tell other people
about your own affairs?

In the last ten years...

I've never talked to anyone
from the Wen family

I shouldn't have stayed here
in the first place

But since I was with child
where else could I go?

I just hope that he's not dead

...and will come back for us

If I leave...

where else can he find me?

Now that he's dead,
what do I need to be afraid of?

I'm not afraid of them, are you?


Mother, you're right;
you did nothing wrong

Alright, I'll continue

They are the ones who stood here
at that time

A bit different

At that time Big and second Uncle
was still there

Wen Jing & Wen Fang weren't

Yi, come here

I'll die with you

You don't know it's poisoned

Whoever used poison is no hero

Yi come out

I'm not coming out, you kill me too

You think you have great ability

Don't hide behind a woman, come out

Come with us and have a good fight


The lotus seed soup contained
no poison but...

contained some secret prescription
of the Wen family

One would become weak after drinking it;

pass out & wake up after one whole day

Such poisonous drugs from
the Shilang School!

Kill me. Torturing people is no heroism

I've heard that you've found a treasure

Where's the treasure map?

Treasure is nothing, take it all

Release me and I'll give them to you


They cut off the veins and
sinews of his arms

...and forced him to give them
the treasure map

He's not been seen ever since

He would've escaped...

and they did not get the treasure map

You bitch, you traitor,
you'd better be careful

I'm just telling the truth

Someone ought to know of
the Golden Snake's misdeeds

He's dead, what am I to be afraid of?


This bitch has mentioned about...

the Five-Element Array of our Wen family

If you have the guts, come and try it

Mr Yuan, you'd better leave.
Don't fight with them

Not knowing if the Golden Snake
was dead or alive

they came back &
practiced hard the 5-Element Array

Although Big Uncle and Second Uncle
were dead

Nan Yang and Bai Yang's
kung fu progress a lot

The grandson of Second uncle Wen Jing...

Fifth uncle's grandson Wen Fang
aren't bad either

They've practiced the Bagua Array too

You've said enough

Do you dare to come with us?

Wen's Five-Element Array is unbeatable

I'd like very much to try and see

Mr Yuan, don't go

Take Qing Qing away and go
as far away as you can;

as far away as possible

Not a bad idea...follow us


This is our Five-Element Array

...which has never been beaten

You'd better rest for a while and...

think of a good way to fight;
we aren't forcing you

But don't blame us for bullying you

Thank you, I do need to think

Please have a bowl of sweet tea

That's the tea given to
Golden Snake before

Like father like son!

Wen's family must have done
a lot of bad things have traitors in the family

The Wens have been charitable;

repairing roads and aids to the poor

They do all the good things...

They won't steal, kill or plunder

Nan Yang, never mind her. Watch this guy


You win, return the gold to
you guys from Hua Shan

You take it and leave. If you can't win...

Shut up and bring the gold

If I knew...

I should have given them
the gold yesterday

Please try me

Teacher, look...the gold is here

Give us back the gold


I, Yuan Cheng Chih is pleased to meet you

Rise, please arise

I've heard that Teacher has got
a young student

and didn't actually expect to
meet you here

Don't be impolite, bow to uncle


You're too kind

Where are Mui Jin and Suen Chung Kwun?

They were taught a lesson

...and went away

I know that I'm not good enough...

that's why I've invited Teacher
to come along

This is Wang Zhen

...from the Hua Shan School

This must be Master Wen

My student is inexperienced...

and have lost the gold for victims

Master Wen, for the sake of
refugees at least

...please return the gold

I'll be highly obliged

We've already agreed with your brother

Our Shilang is famous for
the Five-Element Array

If he can defeat us,
we'll give you back the gold

My little brother...

is almost the same age as
your grandchildren

Why do you have to make it
difficult for him?

If you really don't like it,

you alone...

can teach him a lesson

The Hua Shan School has great fame

Are you afraid of our Five-Element Array?

Let me try then

Big brother, you are our chief

Please let me try

You take over if I fail

Brother, I believe that...

you have learnt a lot from Teacher

But you are not experienced enough

Let me deal with it
while you watch the Array for me

Wait till you have solved it

then we can hit it

I'll take this challenge

Are you going to fight with me?

As long as you people from
the Hua Shan school

...can win;

We will return you all the gold

In case you lose...

he will have to stay behind

Alright, let's begin


Earth counteracts Wood

Fire counteracts Gold

Move to "Qin" position

You can escape from our
Five-Element Array;

Your kung fu must be pretty good

But it doesn't mean you win this bout

The gold can be returned

...but you must do one thing

Give me a price, it doesn't matter
if it's a big one

We can negotiate

No negotiation on this matter

Leave Yuan behind

My little brother eats a lot,
it can be a good thing

...if you retain him

But maybe after a year or so'll lose

Your li'l bro taught you
the way out of this array

Reckon he must have learnt the know-how

How about let him try it?

The Five-Element Array

I haven't seen this in my life

I believe so

That's right, I'm naive

I'd would be so glad stay behind

For a chance to learn the
Five-Element Array from you

Show your weapon

I don't dare be impolite in front of an elder

Then use this hairpin...

to seek instructions from your elder

If you intend to teach me

why hold back so I don't learn
the whole thing

There is no such thing as the whole thing

Apart from the five-Element Array

...there is the Bagua Array

Let me see them both

You only have yourself to blame if you die

Come and attack

Jing Er, don't lose your ground

Be careful of his tricks

Be careful



You rotten scumbag



Why have you killed my mother?

Third uncle

She deserves to die

Brother Yuan

Don't feel sad

I am going to meet your dad

There is one thing

I couldn't say it last night

Is there any will from him?
Did he mention me?


Whoever gets the treasure...

should go and look for Wen Yi

He...still remembers me

I'm going to see him now

Brother Yuan

I only have one loved one;

my daughter Qing Qing






Teacher allowed me to use it

This is the golden snake sword

You killed my parents

I will wipe out your whole family

You needn't do this

Yes, this is the golden snake sword

He also left the martial arts manual

I'll use his legacy to destroy
the Five-Element Array

...and avenge his death


Use the Bagua Array


No more Five-Element Array

Qing Qing, all his family

...are dead

He is the only one left

He's also crippled;
this should be punishment enough

He is your grandpa after all

Master, we can take the gold now