The Swindlers (1959) - full transcript

Mario is in Hannover to work as a miner but after loosing his job he decides to go back to Italy. When Totonno steals his passport to avoid the police and later on he offers him a new job as "magliaro" (cloth seller), Mario changes his mind and decides to follow Totonno to Hamburg. In Hamburg, Totonno and his friends have to sell Mayer's cloth but they meet with the hostility of a Polish gang and Mario falls in love with Paula Mayer.

Beautiful pasta!

- Please, sit down.
- Why here?

The room is full.

I pay, and must be served
as the others.

- Did you read the prices?
- I read them!

- You're not at the market!
- You want to see the money?

This is a restaurant.
I pay and sit where I want!

- There are many vacant tables!
- What is this yelling?

- I don't know.
- Call Umberto.

It bothers you
if I sit among the others.

I am leaving.

Young man!

What is it?
Are they giving you a hard time?

Are you leaving?
Come sit with me.

- Boys, there's an Italian here.
- Bravo!

- You are our guest.
- Yours!

- Ours.
- He commands with our money.

Thanks, but I'm going to the
station. The train leaves tomorrow.

What are you saying? Sit down.

Pietruccio, get the gentleman's
coat and suitcase.

- We were kidding.
- Sit down.

- Your money, mine...
- Drink, and warm up.

- It's Italian wine, Chianti.
- They are all friends here.

- Cheers!
- Are you from the north?

- I am Tuscan.
- All of Italy is represented.

- A Tuscan, A Roman and myself...
- Neapolitan.

- Neapolitans are everywhere.
- What are you saying?

Maybe I exaggerated, but
you don't know what I went through.

You work abroad and wait
three years to be accepted.

And then, after six months,
I wasn't able to put aside...

No. We don't want to hear about
problems. No need to talk about them.

They are written on your face.
Let's eat. Is the spaghetti coming?

- Let's think about food.
- Alright.

If it's overcooked I won't eat it.

- No, he'll drink it.
- It must be cooked just right.

Hey! Naples is singing!

Another spaghetti for the young man.

- We're starting to eat.
- Bring me some cheese!

Don Raffaele, excuse me.
We let this young man sit down.

He's away from his country,
in a foreign land.

He never laughs.

It's what the Consulate does.
It lures the workers into coming here

and then they see the truth.

So what should one do?
Go back to Italy

with the only things
he managed to obtain!

A lot of paperwork and a passport.

While for us, to renew it...
Darn them!

Eat and don't get angry.
Think about your health. Drink!

- Give me some wine, too.
- Hey!

- There's a gentleman here.
- Where?

Turn around slowly.

He's returning to Italy
and complains.

Tomorrow, in opening the train
window, he'll see the Italian sun.

He's returning to Italy and complains!
Tomorrow he'll see the Italian sun.

Are you a broken record?

Ferdinando Magliulo.

Forget about your problems.
You've made us sad...

- Excuse me!
- What did you do?

Rub. It'll go away. Me too...

You ruined your pants.

- What can you do?
- It doesn't matter.

- Is Ferdinando Magliulo among you?
- No.

This wine is totally fake.
It rinses out right away.

- It went away.
- Clean yourself in the bathroom.

No. I'll go home
and come right back.

I hate feeling wet.
I'll go change.

See you later at Copacabana.
Wait for me there.

Excuse me. This gentleman
must see your ID.

- Here. What is this thing?
- It's a formality.

Did something happen?
They never asked for my ID before.

This gentleman must verify your ID.

Right away.


I had my passport here.

I showed it to that Roman gentleman.
Where did he go?

- You are witnesses.
- To what?

Young man, we don't know you.


- I want that Roman man to come.
- No one took your passport here.

Go with this gentleman and
everything will be settled.

Tell him that you saw my passport.

- Go. You'll explain it to him.
- Certainly.

I had a passport,
and I want it back.

It won't end here.
I will go to the Consulate.

I'll find you!

I want my passport back!

I don't like these sleazy things.
First you feed him and then...

Tell Totonno to straighten things up

or I won't let him come
to my restaurant again.

Young man.

Young man!

Hey, young man!

- Pig! Scoundrel! Thief!
- Be quiet!

You're hollering in front of the
Consulate? You're a madman!

- What are you doing?
- I will kill you!

Here. Take it.

Here it is.

Darn it!

I returned yesterday to give
it back to you, but you were gone.

I was surprised and thought:
"Where did he go?"

I am not the person
they were looking for.

I needed the passport
because I don't have one.

They took it in Belgium
for something silly.

It takes time to get it back. They
issue them to you workers right away.

First I'll bust you
and then report you!

Calm down! Report me?

You don't know who I am!
I found it on the ground.

- I was going to the Consulate.
- You stole it. You just said it.

- Then go to the police.
- Of course.

Go to the police, to the Consulate!
Nobody will listen to you.

You're a poor devil
who wasn't able to do a thing here!

Now you're making a fuss
for three hours in a cell.

I'll pay for those three hours.
Did you ever see this much?

What're you doing? Crying?

Darn it, Grosseto! Here.

- I don't want money.
- Go on, take it.

We are friends.

Come here.

Get inside. Why are you crying?


- I don't want it.
- You don't want it?

It's not about money.

I want to work.

I want to earn it.

I sacrificed a lot.

Is it possible that a job... A job!

You have these nice clothes.

And this car...

How can you understand
someone like me?

I wasn't born in this car.

- You don't have a job? Create one.
- How?

Create it.

I'm a peddler. Here.

A peddler, with this car?

Even a peddler can buy this car.

Then I can do it, too.

Of course you can.

But you must know how.

It's not like you become a peddler
just like this. It's an art.

I am a hard worker.

It's not enough.

I will try.

If I introduce you, maybe
they'll hire you. It's cold!

It depends on Don Raffaele,
and those who have the stuff.

All the Italians here are Neapolitans.
It's a masonry.

There are Greeks, Spanish,
a Turk who nobody understands.

Here it is. I am independent
and I work for myself.

The Almighty likes to have fun!
First he decides

that you're born in Rome
where it's always sunny

and then he makes you go to work
in Germany where it's freezing!

- Totonno, Napoli-Roma, 3 to 0!
- Who gives a darn! Let's go.

You'll show up with that face?

You must show you are active here,
know languages...

- I don't speak German.
- You speak English, French...

- Good morning.
- Hi, Totonno.

All good guys, all friends.
You'll see.

- You want to give it to me?
- No. Wrap it up.

Sure, wrap it up...

You who are new, tell me
if you like this fabric.

- Yes.
- Would you use it for a suit?

- I surely would!
- Bravo!

The stuff is good.
It costs 30 marks.

- 30 marks?
- Let me see.

Look at this stuff!

- Look how it's carded.
- They have modern machinery.

In my days it was difficult
to make this stuff.

Now it's easy, thank God!

- Calm down.
- Totonno is right.

- You don't like progress.
- What progress?

We used to fall asleep
with a pipe in our mouths.

And now you sleep with cigarettes.

- You cause trouble and I fix it?
- Don't exaggerate.

Let him work.
What've you got to lose?

He can't do anything!
He'll return to Italy in two days.

What should I tell Don Raffaele?

- We don't know him.
- What are you saying?

If he were Neapolitan, he would've
been ok. Come here!

I'll take him today and teach him the
trade. Then you'll ask him to stay.

But you must clean him up.

Come. I'll introduce you
to Don Gennaro.

What a young man! He has a beard
now and this ugly coat.

But cleaned up, he will be the best.

He is convinced, too. Alright?
Let's not talk about it anymore.

Have your beard shaved.

You're being difficult with me?
I had you make many deals.

- Did you have to bring him to me?
- Don't worry.

Don Gennaro looks like a bulldog
but he has a Neapolitan heart.

Have him shave.

- Where are we going?
- You like it here? It's lovely.

- Weren't we going to work?
- We are working.

- Here?
- Listen to the birds.

Yes, the birds.

Be quiet.

There they are. Let's go.

- This is a cemetery.
- Yes.

I have an appointment
with Professor Studendorf.

She went...

What are you doing?
Come in. Let's go.

- What should I do?
- I don't know.

Be quiet. Here are the relatives.

I'm the sales representative
of an Italian fabric company.

Sorry if I don't speak German well.
It produces wool, silk, cotton.

I must deliver three pieces of fabric

that the professor ordered.

Bring the bag. Let's show
this gentleman the fabric.

Professor Studendorf ordered
three pieces of fabric.

The first, cadet gray. It's dark,
and you give me the white one?

Cadet gray is for ceremonies.
You're off to a great start.

The second, a youthful color
for afternoon occasions.

The third, Prince of Wales
is suited for the professor's trips.

He is a good person.
He's already hooked.

Here comes another hook.

I'm sorry if I don't speak
German well.

I am a sales representative
of an Italian fabric company.

Did you hear that?
The professor is dead.

Professor Gustav Studendorf!

His cordial ways, his cheerfulness!

She is crying again.

What will we do?
The cuts of fabric have been ordered.

I brought them and the professor
gave an advance of 20 marks.

A good wool cut is not
a strictly personal article.

I inherited four suits
from my father.

The memory of the deceased
is present with the clothes he wore.

So you have them made.
You'll feel him close to you.

It's 410 marks.
He gave 20 in advance.

That makes it 390.

Who should the invoice
be made out to?

You'll be pleased.
She's going to get the money.

I'll never be capable of doing as
you do. You looked like someone else.

If to sell, one must come up with
something, I'll never make it.

- Don't feel like working anymore?
- You call it work?

How many workers are
in the factory where you were?

You want to sell to them?
They don't have money.

A piece each!

Is there only the factory?
There are no homes, stores...

There is a restaurant
where there's a beautiful lady.

So let's go.

- It's "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs"?
- Right.

Looks like a fake town. Where is
the restaurant with that lady?

- There it is.
- Go.

- What should I do?
- Say hello to her.

- Say "Guten morgen". You know how?
- Yes.

Then go say it to her.

Go. I'll join you.

Are you spying?
You have a feather?

Are you an Alpino soldier?
Go away!

Go home.

How can I be understood?

I met a waitress here.

A beautiful lady.

Finally I found you.

Oh, God! My gosh!

What happened?
Oh, my gosh!

- Oh, God. My backbone!
- Come on!

- My gosh... the backbone!
- Remain calm.

- It's surely nothing. Let's see.
- Easy. Have pity.

I'll be an invalid
the rest of my life!

When tragedies happen...

I was doing so well! Darn you
and darn when I met you!

It hurts so much.

I have a terrible pain. I am alone
and abandoned in a foreign land.

Help me. You are merciful!

Don't you have a miraculous balm?

An ointment?

You have one? Go get it!

- Help me!
- Where did you hurt yourself?

Totonno, answer.

- Did she leave?
- Well?

Well what? You look like a madman.

- Come on. Unroll.
- You didn't hurt yourself.

- No. I will hurt you.
- It's so painful!

Hurry. Lay the carpets
on the floor! We'll sell them.

It hurts!

When she comes down,
she's obliged to see these carpets.

Be quiet. Here she is.

Oh, God!

I really hurt myself.

I can't feel my backbone anymore.

I will be paralyzed
the rest of my life.

Oh, God!
I am on the other side.

A much more
comfortable position.

She won't notice anything.

He came to visit the woman
he met when he worked here.

And I had an accident.
It's all his fault!

If we hadn't come,
it wouldn't have happened.

What are you saying?
Arrange the carpets. You seem stupid.

Oh, my God!

What a terrible pain!

You can't imagine how much
I am suffering.

Should I be worried? Will I
be able to have a wife? Children?

Now I'll tell her I'm a salesman
and that you cause lots of trouble.

What a tragedy!

Rub! Save this young man!

You will be rewarded.

I'll tell her to check the carpets
because I don't trust you.

She'll have us check them.

My gosh, what a heavy hand!

Easy, delicately.

Rub like this. Easy.


That's it. Lightly.

Don't leave. You are good.

You are beautiful, soft.

Are you Pinocchio's
fairy godmother?

You have turquois eyes
and blond hair. Thank you.



I'm walking.
It doesn't hurt anymore.

It must have been the ointment.

I am jumping for joy!

I am dancing a Strauss waltz,
I am doing pushups.

You noticed, you old hag.

My carpets are on the floor.

You don't slip anymore with carpets.

A rug costs 150 marks.

My head is worth a lot more.

What are you doing there?
Put the carpet in front of the door.

A demonstration of how good a carpet
looks in front of the door.

You're walking on it?
Those aren't carpets.

He's going to say hello
to his friends in the factory.

He's going away. Say goodbye.

Lovely! How magnificent!

Many things can be done with
a carpet. It heats up the atmosphere.

It is soft, comfortable.
You can sit on it. Sit down.

The Turks do everything with them.

They eat, drink and sleep on them.

Feel how soft it is.

Will you buy it?

- All of them?
- All of them?

Mario, let me smoke too.

You were lucky.
You got a job.

I hope so. I began this morning.

It's a bit our fault.
We must move, look...

There are many trades
in the world. Not just the pickaxe.

These dealers earn in one day
what we earn in a month,

- and they all have cars.
- They must have an education.

- No. They chose me!
- Is it a legal job?

Someone who earns so much
in so little time...

- They are experts.
- Lucky them!

They don't give up as we do.
We're just sheep.

It must be my friend.

That's my friend!
Look at his car!

I'm going.
I can't make him wait.

- Bye.
- Lucchese, you still make statues?

One day I'll sell them for you.

- Don't forget us.
- I'll come see you. Bye, guys.

Pugliese, sing. Your melancholy
will go away. Goodbye!

- Bye!
- Bye.

Lucky him who was so fortunate!

This is your part.
You took me.

- Thank you.
- Don't thank me. Count.

- It's 50 marks!
- Exactly.

You would have earned that
in a week!

Darn it!

Oh, heck!
Maybe that wretch...

- Pinocchio's fairy godmother.
- What is it?

Look if they want us.

- Who?
- Don't you see them?

Darn it! Hyenas, jackals!

For one day that things
were going well...

Here they are. They've reached us.

There's nothing we can do.

We must stop.

Come on.

Another fright like this one...

So it's as I think.
What you do is swindle.

- Well?
- I was never chased by the police.

I was.

I was looking for a job.

If I wanted to be a swindler,
I'd have stayed at home.

What are you saying?

You don't know who I was
and why I am here.

You live like animals and have
the nerve to judge others.

You preach morals
because you work in a factory.

Everything goes well if there's
the factory. But if it wasn't there,

would you know what to do
on your own?

While a swindler like me
manages to live.

I am 35, and I want to live well.

I realized that, even if late.

Maybe you wouldn't talk like that
wearing a silk shirt,

or always eating well
and winning over beautiful women.

Have you ever seen
a beautiful woman?

Wake up. Totonno has to go.

- He can wait.
- He won't wait for you.

Forget it. Come here.

Excuse me.

Fraulein, get up.

Sitting back down?
I told you to get up!

Go to the Americans.
They have money.

Good thing you just drank
one glass of champagne.

Enough. Now go away.

- You're sending her away?
- She is a professional.

You want her to take the 50 marks
I gave you today? Come on.

- The girls are waiting.
- Let them wait.

- You were worried, right?
- What do you want to drink?

Make the usual drinks.

- Give me a cigarette.
- Right away?

Goodbye, everyone.

- Bye.
- He does it every night.

You'll go and leave me by myself?

Get hustling. I brought you
on purpose. Choose one.

Darn it!

A girl for my friend.
They'll take care of it.

Mario, sit down.

Take your trench coat off.
We didn't do introductions.

They are our girlfriends,
Marlene, Ursula,

Annalise and Annalore.
Mario is our friend. Handsome, huh?

He's right.
I'll take care of it. Frida!

Frida, come here.

- Where will I take her?
- She will take you!

They really haven't paid
the bail to have Salvatore get out?


- Frida, what are you doing?
- Nothing.

- You're alone?
- Yes.

- Sit with us.
- Thank you.

- Get engaged to this friend.
- And Salvatore?

No one will tell him.
You'll get engaged for one night.

Nobody talks to him.

- Mario, you like her?
- Frida, do you like Mario?

- She likes him.
- You should have been a pimp.

- Short stuff should talk!
- I'm 1.55 meters. Military limit.

When you presented yourself
they didn't even let you in.

- They rejected you at a glance.
- Are you taller than I am?

A tango! Fraulein, come here.

- I can't dance tangos.
- It's easy. I'll lead.

What is your name? Mine is Frida.

My name? Balducci Mario.

- Balduccio!
- No, Balducci Mario.

Yes, Balduccio.

Good morning!

- Who is it?
- Another one, a new one.

- In Naples it's pouring.
- It's not sunny here, either.

- They should be three.
- Check.

- We broke it.
- We're fixing it for you.

- Did Totonno come?
- Did you see him?

Do you know where he lives?
We got lost last night.

- We must go work together.
- He left.

- What?
- He went to make the usual round.

I don't think he'll be back soon.

- He left with his suitcases.
- He always does that.

- Seven days here, seven days there.
- With the suitcases?

- Maybe he had cumbersome stuff!
- I say what I saw.

He left, and when he returns.
We'll see.

If he doesn't return, it means
he wants to be independent.

To Herr Mayer's health,
the lady's

and mine too.
And to all of yours.

In Hamburg you'll realize
what a deal I had you make.

You have entered Herr Mayer's
commercial organization,

the most important in Germany.

But you must deserve
this possibility that I'm giving you.

You'll have fortune and wellbeing,
merchandize in advance,

10% less than what you're paying
to Don Raffaele,

you'll live in Hamburg,
city of pleasure, nude women...

But remain calm.
And be thrifty with it.

I am responsible for the fort.

I guaranteed for you
with Mr. Mayer.

Now you laugh,
our new boss laughs.

Mayer says everyone must have
a legal sales permit.

- Of course.
- It's the first thing.

He who never had one, talks.

I don't understand them.
Are they really all Italian?

No, they're not all Italian.
They are Neapolitans.

They speak another language.
I don't even understand them.

- When it's convenient for you.
- Yes.

Here is our "Rudolph Valentino"!

Mr. Mayer needs good salesmen.

And Mrs. Mayer needs
good dancers. Here he is.

- Go away.
- You get me in trouble, and dump me.

Mayer is in love with his wife.


It's logical. With those legs...

Forget it. Come with me.
I'll show you what life is.

- Is she really his wife?
- Yes, but he's a cuckold.

Isn't anyone here?
What happened?

Don Raffaele is breaking
all the crystal.

Listen to her!
When she came to Brooklyn,

she made the biggest gangsters cry.

- Gilda Mignonette. You know her?
- No.

- You don't?
- What happened?

Totonno wants to compete
with Don Raffaele.

He brought the best salesmen
to a German boss.

- Is Totonno back? Where is he?
- They're all at Copacabana.

Kitten, good thing you and I
are peacefully on this chair.

Did you know?
What did you do?

Everyone knew it.

Everyone knew Totonno's intentions,
but nobody did anything.

The Roman was able
to work undisturbed.

In fact, Raffaele takes care
of everything.

Don Raffaele dresses you.

Don Raffaele pays the bail
to get you out of jail

when, because of your stupidity,
you end up there.

I'll kick everyone out,
send you to Naples broke!

Remember, when out of pity,
I gave you the first piece of fabric?

On the name of the Madonna
of Pompei that I worship

I swear that this time
I'll have Totonno remember,

what he did to me.

And I was the first one to forget!

She knows Italian.

She did the Campaign of Italy!

Totonno, in Hamburg
did you do anything with her?

- I won't tell you.
- Why?

- Because you are ugly.
- Come on!

Vincenzo, excuse me.

- Will we be better off with Totonno?
- First we must decide...

- I have my wife here.
- You should've left her in Naples.

- I left mine there.
- I love my wife.

Me too, but you've decided
to be an adventurer.

And you want to do so
with your wife?

An adventurer?

- What have the others decided?
- They agree.

But they fear losing their other job
and want to know your conditions.

I am offering a better job.
The conditions are those I told you.

- What does he want?
- I don't know.

Nobody knows anything?

You don't know anything either.

- An American cigarette?
- No, thank you. I'll smoke this one.

- My husband says...
- I understand.

- Come with me.
- I can't.

It's better to avoid
that they come here.

Watch out for the German.
He must not understand a thing.

Totonno, let's clear things
right away.

I don't have to answer to anyone.

Fifteen minutes are enough.
Talk to who you should talk to,

reach an agreement
and then return here.

Don Raffaele does his business
and I do mine.

I did not oblige anyone.

They all came spontaneously.

Federico, I'm cold
and going back inside.


- It's an insult to Don Raffaele!
- What do you want?

Run! A car!


What're you doing? Spying on
me from all the Hannover doors?


Always without shoes,
without a jacket.

What did you do?
Let me see.

Look at yourself.

What happened?

I don't know.

Yes, it's true.

We saw each other one morning
in a hotel.

It's not proper to forget
having seen a lady.

But it's proper to forget
where you saw her.

- Understand?
- No.

- We want to live in peace.
- You must give us security.

If you want to work, come.
Otherwise, I won't oblige anyone.

The rest are just stories
that don't concern me!

He always raises his voice.

It's crazy!
They always want to talk...

You're better!

What were you doing there?
I thought they'd sent you to Italy.

- No. I sell.
- Sell?

- He sells!
- He and I are old friends.

We are old friends, too.
He is a good boy.

I'm returning to Mr. Mayer
right away, madam.

Is he coming to Hamburg too?


I'll take you with me to Hamburg.
Are you happy?

I need a trusted young man like you.


What did they do to you?

You are lucky. If things go well
for me, they go well for you, too.

But I won't send you to sell.
You are not suited.

You can do better.

For example, get in good
with the wife of the boss.

You look at me?

She likes you.
You surely noticed.

So start hustling.

She's the wife of the boss.
Smoke a cigarette.

- Where did you meet her?
- I don't know. I saw her one day.

- Ciccì!
- Armando!

- Ciccì!
- Armando is here!

- Where were you?
- What a trip! It snowed.

My wife threw up
and my boy had to pee.

What a city! This is New York.

You haven't seen anything yet.
We'll become rich!

- We'll become rich!
- The others?

- Armando is here!
- How are you?

Armando, how are you?

You are so handsome!

- I thought you'd never come.
- What are you saying?

- It snowed.
- Did you have chains?

- Chains? He can't drive.
- He doesn't know how to drive.

- How will we sell all this stuff?
- We must do it.

- Armando! Where were you?
- You have no idea!

I was sure a Cossack
had blocked you.

- Good!
- I've travelled for three days.

All the German restaurants!
Wurstel, kartoffeln and beer!

- My stomach is bloated.
- Totonno organization here.

- Spaghetti and clams.
- Really?

- Tell him.
- Really.

For the food, we organized
with Gaetano...

That's nonsense. Tell him what
he's to do. Warp the packages.

- Come on!
- Wait.

My wife is outside.
Where shall we sleep?

The boss organized
a nice royal palace.

I'll accompany you
or you'll get lost among the ruins.

- Armando!
- What does she want?

- What do you want?
- Come.

- Let's go see what happened.
- Come on.

- The car tires blew up.
- What?

- They don't suddenly blow up.
- I was inside.

There was a man on a motorbike.
I heard the burst.

Nonsense! Let's go see.

It was slit with a knife.
Who did it?

Some kid.

- You didn't notice?
- I was looking at our son.

And then they talk about
Neapolitan street kids!

Look at what the German
street kids did.

No. It was a man on a motorbike.

No. A man wouldn't have done it.

What happened?
Speak slowly so I can understand.

- They slit his tires.
- Big deal!

Everything alright?

- They have fun with tires here.
- What?

- They slit a tire.
- Put the car in the parking lot.

They're the ones who...

- Is my husband here?
- Did she come to check on us?

- He's out. Will he return today?
- I don't know.

The lady is right.
There is a parking lot.

- What parking lot?
- You don't understand these things.

You always all talk together.

She didn't know her husband
wasn't in Hamburg.

You go tell her.

- The tires cost 150 marks.
- Who will give him the money?

- It seems that he has to pay.
- Still talking about the tires?

Don't argue. There are people around.
Excuse me, madam.

- Good evening.
- Good evening!

Good evening.

I'd make you spend a good evening!

- Quiet. She understands Italian.
- Good!

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- This paper doesn't convince me.
- When you pull the string it breaks.

Are you making things difficult
again? Wrap those packages.

We only wrap packages.

Do you like Hamburg?

Let's go drink something.

Go! What're you waiting for? Go!

Yes, go.

It's different from Naples, huh?

I don't know.
I've never been there.

You are not like the others.

- You're not Neapolitan?
- No, I'm from Grosseto.

Where is that?

- In Tuscany.
- Tuscany! I've been there.

I like Florence very much.

- In Italy you pay a fine for it.
- What do you mean?

You pay for kisses.

- You pay for kisses?
- For kissing in public.

Kissing in public!

Sit down.

Do you like it here?

I grew up with these people.

- With these people?
- Yes.

I was born here,
in this neighborhood.

The poorest neighborhood
of Hamburg.

It's strange. You came to
find fortune in Germany.

And I went to work in Italy.

To eat and be less cold.

- I didn't have this at the time.
- In Italy? Where?

It's a bit sad...

Change this, please.



What is she saying?
I don't understand.

What do they want?
What was she saying?

She said that if she is a slut,

so am I.

The only difference between
her and me,

is the age.

You know what it reminds me of?

The war in Grosseto.

What were you doing in Hannover
in that hotel?

What we are doing here.

This morning we'll work, but
the tire damage must be considered.

It won't always be like this.

- Are you still here?
- Here comes Casanova.

- Come here.
- Congratulations.

You make funny remarks
about people that you work with?

Did it go well? Did you show her
what Italians can do?

- What are you talking about?
- I want to know everything.

- What should I say?
- Are you being a wise guy with me?

- Totonno, let's go!
- I'm coming!

You must tell me everything later.

- Have you finished?
- Yes.

- What is going on?
- It was done on purpose.

First Armando. Then Ciccì and
Pasquale. Someone is upset with us.

Darn you!

You knew.
You negotiated with the German.

You're here being the boss
while we're exposed to danger!

Slit tires, a car against a pole
and who knows what else will happen!

This trade has
its unexpected incidents.

You must solve this situation.

You told us to come here,

to work for you
at better conditions.

I work. You must take care
of the rest.

If you can't take care of it,

make a phone call to Don Raffaele.

- He'll tell you what to do.
- I'll bust your face!

You'll bust his face?

So much fuss
for a few Polish gypsies!

- It's what I was saying.
- Who are they?

Mr. Mayer had told you.

Amiro Stefanowski used to be here.
He's Polish.

He got the salesmen for us.
Polish, Spanish, Hungarian...

Just a minute.

So you knew.

- You want to be a wise guy.
- You didn't tell us anything.

I was to tell you there were others
before who sold?

You don't put friends
in such situations.

- You should have warned us.
- And what you promised?

Better conditions,
serenity and wellbeing.

The fact is, until it concerned
the tires, it was no big deal.

- But things are getting worse.
- Talk to Mayer.

- Sure.
- But first go to that Pole.

Stefanowski. He has a cafe.

- I'm not going to him.
- What?

Shall we go ask him
for a work permit?

- Tell him to leave us alone.
- That we don't fear him.

Mr. Mayer will return tomorrow
morning instead of tonight.

Did you have an appointment
with Mr. Mayer?

I didn't.

- Ok, we've agreed.
- On what?

- On Stefanowski.
- All right.

- We will all go.
- Of course.

He made me ram against a pole!

The Spanish and Polish places
are at the end there.

- It's divided into nations?
- Each street, a different one.

Let's go see.
Who knows where he is.

- Not here either!
- I knew it.

Naked women shows! Let's stay here.
We'll look for the gypsies later.

- He has bad intentions.
- He's shooting his last bullets.

We must find the Pole.
Let's go.

- What does he want?
- Let's go!

- Look at that stuff!
- He's not here either.

- Only drunkards and sluts.
- Then let's go farther down.

There is an Italian cafe
that makes espresso.

- Let's go have a coffee.
- Right. I was forgetting.

If you Neapolitans
don't have coffee...

- Are the Romans any better?
- No, but you can't understand.

Did you see my passport?
China, Japan...

- Rome isn't on it.
- Do they put visas on passports?

- In Rome they'd take your passport!
- You are so funny!


Go away!

Totonno, what are you doing?
We must talk to that man.

- I was dancing.
- Forget it.

- Are you Italian?
- Yes.

- Have you been living here long?
- 50 years.

- Then you know everyone around here.
- Pretty well.

Do you know a place
where gypsies hang out?

How do you know
if someone is a gypsy?

They are Polish gypsies who work
for a man called Stefanowski.

Polish? On this same sidewalk
there is a Polish cafe.

- Really?
- It's farther down.

Hear that?
Did you put sugar?

He isn't here.

- What will we do?
- Let's see if he comes tonight.

We'll wait for him.
Let's sit down.

- What do you want?
- I'm leaving.

- Where are you going?
- To get some air.

Stay here. Where are you going?

I'm going to make a call.
There is no phone here.

Then say it.
He's going to telephone!

- Go on!
- I am leaving too.

- Good for you!
- But I'm coming back.

Are you leaving too?

That's it. Leave.
We came to a night club.

I'll wait for Amiro Stefanowski
by myself.

- The brunette is cute.
- That one?

She's dancing
with the guy with the jacket.

Darn! What is he doing?

He's dancing too?

He looks like a log.
Men don't know how to dance here.

Look how he dances rock 'n' roll.
It's a rock 'n' roll!

Have another laugh!
I was right.

I didn't want to come. I knew
it would end up like this. I'm going.

- Goodbye!
- Totonno, where are you going?

Totonno, come here!

Totonno, don't get nervous.
After many hours of waiting...

- We don't even know who he is.
- What do you want?

- We still listen to you...
- You are clowns.

I should expose myself for you?
One runs one way, one runs the other.

He dances, you're laughing...

Nobody is laughing or running away.

If you are having fun,
keep on doing so.

I can't stay with you any longer.
I'm going to take a walk.

- Where are you going?
- Where am I going?

I don't know.
Where are the other two?

- Totonno!
- Leave him alone.

- Frau Erika. Is she new?
- Yes.

Does she come from Sweden?
With a whip?

Wow! My friend Stefanowski,
I waited for you,

but there's a whip here.

- This is the fifth sausage.
- That is hunger.

They saw us and got frightened.

- Afraid of you?
- Of all of us.

Did you see them? What about you?

- Then eat.
- Get out!

Hey! Last night Totonno
got angry and left.

- Where is he?
- I didn't see him.

- He's probably sleeping.
- Open the garage.

Your wife must tell Totonno
that we went to work.

Alright. My son kept me up all night.

- He never slept.
- It's the air.

- She can't hear me. She's sleeping.
- Lucky her!

Cicci, prepare the car.


Are you crazy?

The police!

The police sirens!

I didn't think we'd have
a strike like real workers.

You, who are an expert
on unions...

Is it my impression or these strikes
are just a gyp?

The boss doesn't gain,
but neither do you.

It's a sacrifice. We do it to obtain
what we're entitled to from the boss.

Totonno is the worst boss
we could have chosen.

- Good evening.
- Hi.

Don Gaetano!

What about that answer?

How many times must I tell you?

Nothing can be done in Munich.

Maybe you can try in Frankfurt.

But not everyone.
The Frankfurt area is full.

I can't go on living like this.
Full of fear, the police...

At the end of life, do you think
that we earned more than a worker

who earned little,
but regularly and always?

I wonder why my mother
didn't teach me a trade.

She didn't even send me to school.

We were born in the street, and
we'll leave our blood in the street.

I only know how to be a peddler.

And I'll continue to be one, with or
without the permission of others.

So tomorrow you'll go back to work.

First you must pay the gypsies
and fix everything up.

- Don Gaetano, will you shave me?
- Go ahead. I'll be right down.

- Vincenzo, are you coming?
- What should I do here?

And you?

Mario, you must get that money.

From who?

From the person who gave you this.

If you don't ask her for it, I will.

I'll ask her for it,
and she'll give it to me.

She had better, or her husband...

- Is it blackmail?
- Yes.

Did you see them?
They don't greet, they threat.

If I don't find the money now,
I've finished.

If I pay the gypsies

I'll overturn the situation
from this to this.


Will you call, or will I?

- Are you crazy?
- Will you talk to her, or will I?

- Hello? It's me.
- Say you want to see her tonight.

I wanted to ask you if tonight...

She hung up. She couldn't talk.

But she said yes. Let's go.

Don't have any qualms.
She enjoys helping you.

I know, because I'm an expert

on ladies and not such ladies
which is the same thing.

So let's go to the lady.
Let's go!

Are you sure
that the appointment was here?

Are you tricking me?

- Don't believe it? Do as you wish.
- Then let's call.

If she isn't there,
I'll call her husband. Let's go call.

Totonno, you are a friend.
You've always helped me.

- So you wanted to screw me.
- No. The appointment was here.

- Maybe she couldn't go out.
- Let's hear the reason. We'll call.

Let's go.


You're running away, coward!
Where are you going?

Now you come late
to appointments.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

With that voice?
You don't know how to lie.

What an extraordinary thing!

I want to get a good look
at the face that can't lie.

You won't tell me what happened?


Nothing happened.

Someone must have noticed us.

I felt followed
and took a long walk.

Was it Martinez

or one of your friends?

No, it can't be Martinez.

He's a thief and must thank me
if Mayer hasn't noticed.

One time he wanted to interfere
in my business,

so I interfered in his.

Since then, we don't bother
each other anymore.

Don't be sad.

Smile, Mario!

Is it one of your friends?

Someone who wants to
blackmail me?

- Is that true?
- No. Nobody wants to blackmail you.

- Someone noticed us...
- I understood very well.

It's useless for you to defend him.

I'll find out immediately
who he is.

Know what a blackmailer does
when he loses his victim's traces?

He waits for him outside his home
to intimidate him.

I know these things.

Don't worry.
I can defend myself.

Smile, Mario.

We don't have much time.

I don't want that because of me...

One of these days,
something may happen.

But I don't think so.

I don't know.

Even if it happens, I don't care.

I really care for you.

Me too.

You warm my heart.

You're afraid.

You are always afraid.

I was like you.

So poor...

So alone.

So young...

No lie.

A tainted love!

Do you want to talk to me?

That bitch!

No. I came to talk to Mr. Mayer.

My husband is not home tonight.

You can see him tomorrow.

Mr. Mayer asked me to have
all of you in the warehouse

at 9 tomorrow morning.

If it's something urgent, tell me.
I'll see him later.

No, nothing. Thank you.

Mr. Mayer informs you that he
has partnered with Mr. Tramontano.

As of today, orders will be given
only by Mr. Tramontano.

As of tomorrow, you'll resume
your work in total tranquility.

We need not tell each other anything.
We are old acquaintances.

We do the same trade,
but you do yours, and I do mine.

Our trade is an old one.

It has its rules.

The main rule
is that a Don Raffaele is needed.

What's the purpose
of a Don Raffaele?

Don Raffaele is a bank.

And I treat you like a bank does.

And I want to be treated
like a bank!

I try to meet your needs.

But I want interest from you.

You'll return to work for me

with the same conditions as before.

And with that,

we'll take care of the gypsies too.

You'll stay with us.

I'll only say
a couple of words to you.

When a man doesn't have
a backbone or money to be a man,

he shouldn't even try.

Think what you want.

You're not convinced?

Are you a man?

Here. Shoot.


Shoot! Shoot!

Go away.

Totonno, wait!

Maybe it's my fault too, but
I couldn't get that money for you.

Scoundrel, scum!

You knew it didn't take much
to avoid this, and you didn't do it.

My young, naive friend,
the honest worker!

I believed you, and
you screwed me with that face!

You got money from her

and you bought Martinez's
protection. He caresses you!

Be careful. The party won't
last long. They'll...

Forget commerce.
Hold on tight to that slut!

- What?
- You only know how to be a pimp!

Let go!

That hangman!

One should never do good.

"I want to work!"

"Come work with me."

"I'll clean you up
and give you some money."

"And you'll thank me."

But I deserve it. Darn!

And that Neapolitan clown...
With a gun in his hand!

"Shoot... Shoot!"

I was to shoot to please you?

I shoot, you shoot...
Are we at "Ok Corral"?

"Don Raffaele Tramontano!"

Who are you?
What do you want?

Without those losers,
who are you?

And you tell me to leave?

You don't have to tell me,
because I am leaving!

I am leaving!

Excuse me,
but where are you going?

Wherever I want! Moscow, Brussels,
Paris... Wherever I want.

No. I am leaving Europe.
I don't want to work here anymore.

I am going to Japan
and will sell rayon

passing it off as natural
Japanese silk.

When you have a brain
and know all languages...

Do you need the prime material?

I got some pieces from the German!

He'll start shouting
when he notices.

Did he think I couldn't work
without him?

I can work anywhere.

Oh, God! Who are they?

They are relatives.

It's true.

If I stayed, I'd end up
accepting everything from you.

Martinez's protection!

Your money, too.

That is why I am leaving.

Until I've the strength to do so.

Think of the joy
in taking money from Mayer!

To give it to you.

I've always earned it
with my own hands.

I lived among people
who believe in that.

But what is the importance
of money?

I care for you.

Me too.

I'd do anything to be with you.

I would become the worst of men.

So that is way I must leave.

Would you come with me?

Not even for one day.

It would be wonderful
if I could say yes.

I showed you where I grew up.

I told you about the cold
and the hunger.

It is not easy to get money

even when you've decided
not to have scruples.

And if becoming rich takes place,

even when it comes with Mayer...

You don't know him.

You don't know who he is.

But I won't go back.

I wouldn't be able to make it.

We better say goodbye here.