The Swimming Pool (1969) - full transcript

Lovers Marianne and Jean-Paul spend their vacation in a villa near St.-Tropez. The main feature of the villa is a swimming pool, stage for most of the action. After a visit Marianne invites former lover Harry and his teenage daughter Penelope to stay. Tension between the grown-ups rises especially when Jean-Paul seduces Penelope. The consequences are deadly.



Scratch my back.

No one does it like you.

- I'll answer.
- No, stay here.

- I'll be right back.
- You stay here!

Let me go.


How clever!

Expecting a call?

You're wanted on the phone.

- Who is it?
- I don't know.

You should've asked. I'm coming.

Yes... Who?

On the Shore Road, yes.

Who was it?

Do I ask questions when you phone?

If you did, I'd answer.

Guess who it was.

I don't care.

It was Harry.

Is he around?

Any time we hide some place,
he's the first to call.

His daughter is with him.
He's showing her the Riviera.

- He has a daughter?
- So it seems.

I never knew.

Neither did I.

How old?

I don't know.

Harry's daughter! She must be something.

Everyone says that, "Harry never changes."

No better, no worse. Always the same.

Your latest monster?

Paris to Saint Tropez
in just over seven hours yesterday.

- Like her?
- You bet.


My daughter, Penelope.

Marianne, who I always talk about.

Say hello.

Great to see you again!

- You look swell.
- You, too.

Go around back, I'll bring some drinks.

Believe it or not, this is my daughter.

You're full of surprises.

Fred told me you were here.

I didn't know.

Why did you leave without telling me?

- You were in Canada.
- That's right.

It's lovely!

That's what I like best here.

It's big.

Great pool.

What will you have?


Orange juice?

I must be in Milan the 17th.
So we can explore a little.

I'm showing Pen around.

Let me have a cigarette.

Why don't you come to Milan with us?

We're fine here.

He only has a month off.

Poor Jean-Paul!

So this is Marc and Lucien's place?

- Never been here?
- No.

Where are they this year?

In India.

Just like them!

They lent us the house.

It's not bad.

You should stay a few days.

- Here?
- Yes. There's lots of room.

What do you say?

I don't care.

You decide. Yes or no?

I don't care.

She doesn't care!

Then you'll stay.

Don't you want to swim?

Good idea. Be right back.

Take the room downstairs.
It's got its own entrance.

Don't you want a swim?

- Nothing to drink?
- No, thanks.

- You live with your mother?
- Yes, in Lausanne.

- Are you a student?
- Yes.

May I have a cigarette?

You're your father's daughter!



Come, I'll show you the house.

How old are you?


Are you happy?

Can't you tell?

I'm always happy when I'm with you.

It's all I need.

Why did you ask them to stay, then?

I thought you'd be pleased.

He's more your friend than mine.

Yet they say that you and Harry...

Who's "they"?

Well, everybody.

Don't be a bore!

Don't undo it.

Turn around.

I love you...

Don't be silly.

What are you thinking about?

It's funny...

You talk a lot about the others.
But never a word about Harry.

Because there's nothing to tell.

Sooner or later, you'll have to tell me.


Maybe you started all the talk yourself.

And there was really nothing.


Lovely, isn't she?

Not bad.

Funny to see you as a father.
It changes everything.

A mistake of my youth.

- Do you regret it?
- Not at all.

Who's her mother?

She's English. You don't know her.

She makes you look older.

Don't exaggerate.

She looks older than she is.

- Anybody at Saint Tropez?
- I wouldn't know. We never go down.

What do you do all day long?

The Grand Passion, then?

More than ever. Surprised?

I'm hungry!

Here's some fresh hot coffee.

Thanks, Emily.

It smells good.

Just like in the old days!

- Do you make the jam yourself?
- No, sir, not these.

Too bad.

If you want more coffee, there's still plenty.

Thanks a lot.

Charming, your maid.

She must've been pretty.

No serviettes...

Coming, Pen?

- Later.
- It'll get cold.

She's such a pain!

- Aren't you eating?
- I'm not hungry.

Wonderful coffee!

Is Marianne still sleeping?

Must be.

She always liked to sleep late.

Is she still working?

Not right now.

She's not neglecting herself, is she?

It'd be a pity.

You're not keeping her
from working, are you?

Her last article was tops.

She's terrific when she wants to be.

I adore her!

I'll wake her up.

May I?

Jesus Christ!

Not bad. When is it coming out?

Very soon.

Like it?

Yes, very much.

Will it be a hit?

That's the idea.

Is it hot outside?


What shall we do?

Whatever you want.

Tomorrow I'll take a long siesta.

It's so hot in the bedrooms.

Will you let me try your monster?


Why not?

Built by Ghia. V8 engine.

Four cylinders, four camshafts

and four carburettors, my boy!

And how much does it cost?

A lot.

The ditty business must be booming.

How about you? You like your new job?

It's okay.

What exactly do you do in your ad agency?

Dream up ideas?

More or less.

Does it work?


You've given up writing?

You did the right thing.

There are times when I'm fed up.

And I want to run away.

That'd be just your style.

Good night, madam. I've finished.

Good night, Emily.

- Hurry up.
- Wait...

You've lost already.

Want some, Jean-Paul?

Just a drop.

Just the card I was waiting for!

- Who won?
- Harry.

- Are you sure?
- I saw him touch first.

Age before beauty, I always say.

I'm at the top of my form.

You should work on your flutter kick.

And you on your breathing.

That's the cigarettes.

You got my watch?

Thank you.

Aren't you tired of being cooped up here?

Want to go down to Saint Tropez with me?

He's unsociable, you know.

Don't tell me.

Well, I'm going.

I've got so many friends there.
If I don't go see them...

- Coming with me?
- Some other time.

I'll steal a cigarette.

OK, I'm going.

See you.

Don't wait for me to eat.

Be good, Pen.

Why didn't you go?

Didn't feel like it.

If you want to go, ask him to take you.

I think I'd cramp his style.

I bet he won't come back alone tonight.

- He wouldn't dare, with Pen here.
- Says who?

I'm sure Penelope
is watching from a window.

She's a big girl.

You'll see!

I'll get you!

Which one do you prefer?

Which what?

Which of these two lumps do you prefer?

This one. Why?

Me, too.

Funny. One always has a preference,

even for worthless things.

Where's Harry?

Are you cold?

A little.

I don't really like the summer.

I only like the in-between seasons.

Aren't you hungry?

We won't wait for Harry.

It's almost 8:00.

How long have you two known each other?

Two years.

Almost two and a half.

And my father?

Five, six years. Or seven.

We met at his place, remember?

That's right.

You were like two brothers, then.

I lost touch with him.

Here we are!

This way, girls!

We've brought everything.

Take this.

The flowers!

- They're all friends?
- All. And intimate...

Try to behave, my angels.

The people that live here
love peace and quiet.

I don't know the rest and I regret it.

Hello, Pen. OK?


This is Mireille.

And this is Sylvie.

- And this young man?
- Who, me?

Come and help me.

Let's dance, Pen.

Take care of this.

Try to be nice.

No fun opening these if you don't drink.

Very interesting.

In certain cantons, you pay almost no tax.

My drama is that

I fall in love with every pretty girl

and it paralyses me.

I never had any youth.

I was a virgin till I was 25

till my second marriage.

That's why.

Is it true?

No, alas, it isn't.

It'd be perfect for me.

I love Switzerland, it's so beautiful...

Excuse me.

- I'll be right back.
- What's your name?

Why did you leave?

That boy was boring me to death.

You saw my father and Marianne?


Doesn't that bother you?

- It doesn't mean anything.
- So you think!

Some nights, anything goes.
Almost anything.

It doesn't matter.

I'm afraid. I don't know why.

The sky's so blue, it's almost white.

It's going to be hot.

- Is it late?
- Almost noon.

Are the others up yet?

I didn't see anybody.

- You've got some eyes!
- Look at yourself.

I don't want to get up.

Some days aren't worth the trouble.

I'd rather go straight on to tomorrow.

Stay in bed, then. Shall I close the curtains?

Harry was awfully sweet with you last night.

He's always sweet with women.
It's quite nice, you know.

And what about his daughter?

What about her?


What do you think of her?

I should ask you that.

She's strange.

If I understand, I should pack up and leave?

Maybe you should wait a bit.

Pen, darling...

I wouldn't have wanted
another daughter than you.

Your skin's so smooth

and you smell good.

Did you sleep well?

No, not very well.


You've all the time to sleep.

You'll get married some day.

Do you want some?

Later, thank you.

What are you reading?

Is it good?

I'm sure I already read it.

I hope you aren't bored here.

I'm not bored.

Know what I thought?

After Milan, how about a little trip to Venice?

What do you think?

To Venice?

Good morning!

Is this your cup?

Yes. Go ahead.

- Do you want some?
- Yes, please, just a drop.

Still find it hard to wake up?

More than ever.


You've told me often enough.

I'm concerned about you. That's why.

When's the wedding? I hope I'll be best man.

What wedding?


You'll end up marrying her.

She's so domestic.

Just right for you.

Marry her yourself.

I gave up marrying some time ago.

I'm all wrapped up in my daughter.

But you should. It's just your style.

Go to hell.

Pretty grumpy today, aren't you?

I got up on the wrong side.

Do as I do.

Change your dreams, not the worId.

I need to shop before everything closes.

Should I go, too?

Harry, can you take me?

I'd love a ride in your monster.

Coming at once!

You look fine despite last night.

I'll get changed.

- Do you need anything?
- No, thank you.

I'm going to shave.

You must be bored stiff.

Nice of you to hide it.

The schoolmistress is the murderer.

I know. Thank you.

It was a bad time for him. For many reasons.

He was counting on his book.
He was so disappointed.

And also...

- Did he attempt it again?
- I don't think so.

They say you never miss twice.

Yes, I know.

But his health is much better.
He stopped drinking overnight.

- He started a new life...
- He likes his job?

More or less. You know him.

He's always wanting what he doesn't have.

And you stay with him?

I'm very happy with him.

I feel he still needs me.

This is the first time
I get along so well with a man.

I'm tired of my lifestyle, tired of my work.

I'm fed up!

He never came to see me before.

My mother told everybody that he died at sea.

I believed it.

I did without him until last year.

Then, one day, he showed up.

And now, he's always around.

He wants me to go everywhere with him.

When people think I'm his girlfriend,

he loves it.

He protests, "No, no, she's my daughter,"

hoping they won't believe him.

And then, he gives me advice.
He takes care of me.

He wants to know what I'm doing.

Suddenly, last week,

he decided to take me with him to Italy.

I didn't ask him to.

But there was no refusing him.

No way.

He said he... He was fed up with Marianne.

That he turned her over to you.

But that he can have her back any time.

He says you've no talent, nothing.

He doesn't like you.

He doesn't like anybody.

But he wants everybody to like him.

So you're going to Milan?

Yes, but not right away.

Could you come and see me before you go?

I'll be waiting for you. You, too, of course.

Aren't they here?

They've just left, madam.

I didn't want to leave the house empty.

- May I go now?
- Yes, of course.

Good night, madam.

They're not here?

- May I help you?
- Yes, if you would.

We'll eat Chinese. OK?

Can you do the rice?

As usual.

You can't do that to me!

- Aren't you ashamed?
- Never.

To see you appear like this...

You're marvellous!

Too bad...

Want a drink?

Would you hook me in back, please?

You're crazy!

They'll be back any minute.

We were going to start dinner without you.

I wanted to swim in the sea.
Traffic was heavy coming back.

Let's eat.

Everything's ready.

Help yourselves, you must be starving.

Did you go swimming, too?

How was the water?

Great with a little wind.

I thought you hated water.

I like salt water.

No, that's not how to use them.

You hold the first one with these two fingers.

You put the second one over it.

And you just move your index finger.

I'll never do it!

I'll get the rice.

Did you cook this?

No, I heated it up. It's comes ready to eat.

But you have to add spices.

Pepper, saffron...

Otherwise, it's a bit bland.

It's very good.

Rice has to be fried to be good.

And good rice is hard to find.

I love Chinese food.

Everything is cut up, nothing gets wasted.

And it's very light.

Vietnamese cooking is even better.

And the restaurants in Amsterdam,

the Indonesian ones...


You remember?

Don't you like it?

I'm going to bed.

Good night.

Good night, Pen.

I hope

she didn't catch cold.

I don't think so.

The first swim is always tiring.

I'll see if she needs anything.

Where did you go? To Pampelonne?

No, further down.

Was it crowded?

At that hour, everybody's left.

There are mosquitoes tonight.

All this light attracts them.

- Excuse me, I've got to go.
- Where to?

I promised I'd see Fred before I leave here.

- You're leaving?
- I am.

- When?
- Tomorrow morning.

You could've warned us.

I thought I had told you.

- And Penelope?
- She goes, too, of course.

Or else her mother would tear my eyes out.

See you later.

I want to go to bed early.

Maybe see you tomorrow.

You're free, you know. Entirely free.

- Why do you say that?
- You know why.

If you want to go upstairs, don't mind me.

No, it's all right.

It's my fault!


You're Pisces, Aquarius rising.
You were born to be loved.

But you don't realise it.

What do you mean?


Go and see her, don't stay down here.

She's leaving tomorrow.

I'll be leaving, too.

Tomorrow or after tomorrow.

This place bores me.

You're going back?


What about me?

Do as you like.

It's because of her?

I'm sorry.

Don't worry about me, it's all right.

I expected it.

Of late, you've been looking for something.

You took the first one you found.

And she's Harry's daughter. It excites you.

You're talking nonsense.

I don't know what you think.

I don't know what you plan to do with her.

It's your business.

All I can say is

I think you're making a mistake.

I'm going up.

Shall I switch off the living room lights?

No, don't.

- You'll sleep here?
- Yes...

That damn gate... Half open!

Where can I get it repaired?

In Italy.

Got a cigarette?

Over there.

You're alone?

- Did everyone go to bed?
- Ages ago.

You should've come with me.

- Still leaving tomorrow?
- Yes.

You've started again?

- When?
- Tonight.

Fine! It's your business.

You ought to be pleased.


I don't give a damn!

Why don't you go to bed?

What do you want?

Waiting for me?

Something to say to me?

Come on, say it!

Is it about Penelope?

I must be dreaming!

You poor jerk!

You can say goodbye to Penelope.

I'm taking her away tomorrow. It's over.

It's over!

What do you think?

That this can go on any longer?

That I'll keep putting up with your whims?

I liked you when you were 17.

We were totally crazy.

Life was a new game for you every day.

You even tried to kill yourself once.

Was it serious? Or a fake?

We never knew.

But it worked for you.

We treated you like an invalid.

You were not to be contradicted.

"Jean-Paul has to be handled gently."

So Marianne said.

And now,

what will happen to Marianne?

Have you thought of her?

No, you don't give a damn!

You're not concerned.

You want everything. At once.

A spoilt kid...

Poor little jerk.

And now, you slept with my daughter.

Are you proud of yourself?

Why are you telling me this?

I was always head and shoulders above you.

You could never beat me.

So you take it out on my daughter.

She's 18...

It makes it easier.

And now you're proud.

You've reason to be!

Are you jealous?

Help me out!

Help me!


Don't be a jerk! Stop it!

I'm cold and drunk.

Cut it out!

I've got a cramp and my stomach hurts!

Stop it.

Help me out!

Are you mad?

I'll never swim in there again.

We'll empty it tomorrow.

That'd be worse.

Still no news from your mother?

But you let her know?

She must've read it in the papers.
Anyway, she won't care.

See you later.

It's impossible to imagine him old,

with wrinkles and white hair.

Hardly anybody at the funeral. Surprising.

PeopIe are away on vacation.

But there was a man
from his record company.

It was strange when the director
took his car away.

He was so proud of it.

I prepared a light, cold meal.

I thought you'd be hungry, maybe.

Very nice of you, thanks.

I wonder if Pen is really sad.

Angry with me?


How quickly things can change!

You'll do as you like.
But I'm leaving tomorrow.

Me, too, as soon as possible.

You'll take her home?

She can't go back alone.

If I could, I'd leave tonight. But it's late.

Excuse me for disturbing you.

That's all right.

Detective Leveque, from Marseilles.

Are you Mr Leroy?

It's merely a question of routine, you know.

Any time there's an accident...

I know it's a bother.

Detective Leveque, from Marseilles.
Just a few formalities.

The police have come already.

I know. I read their report.

Eleven pages.

But they always omit some little detail.

PIease sit down.

- You were lunching?
- It doesn't matter.

I won't be long. Just a few details.

No, thank you. I prefer these.

Of course, it's about Mr Lannier's death.

They say he drowned about 4:00, that night.

Was he a good swimmer?

Yes, very good.

Was he a man who...

How shall I put it...

Is this Miss Lannier?

Inspector Leveque, from Marseilles.

Accept my heartfelt sympathy.

Just a few questions.

You may stay.

Did Mr Lannier often go swimming at night?

Sometimes, yes.

It was you, madam, who...

Who found the body?

Yes, it was me.

In the swimming pool.

- And where were his clothes?
- By the side.

PIease listen,

"Light blue trousers and a light blue shirt

"were folded on an aluminum table."

You see, it's detailed.

You agree with the police?

You'd seen Mr Lannier the previous evening?

Yes, of course.

- You, too, of course?
- Yes.

When Mr Lannier left to go to Saint Tropez,

was he wearing blue trousers?


And a light blue shirt?

Yes... I think so.

You're not sure.

No... Not quite.

And you, Mr Leroy?

I didn't really notice... Perhaps.

It doesn't matter.

You slept in the living room, that night?

Yes. It's much cooler.

May I take a look at it?

Yes, certainly.

And yet, when Mr Lannier ran into the gate,

you heard nothing?

Nothing. I'd taken a sleeping pill.

We've already been asked all this.

I know, but I have to double-check
everything about Mr Lannier's death.

And you're not being very helpful.

For instance,

we know Mr Lannier drowned in the pool.

But how?

Swimming, no?

Yes, swimming.

With his watch?

Do you go swimming with your watch on?

Sometimes. Mine's waterproof.

Mr Lannier's wasn't.

It was an expensive gold watch.

He must've forgotten.

He'd been drinking.

That's right.

He was seen drinking a lot, down there.

Yes, it must've been that.

I'll leave you now.

If you think of anything, even a detail,
let me know.

What detail?

Anything that occurs to you.

Going to stay some time here?

No, we're leaving.

Could I ask you

to stay until we've closed this case?

- Will it be long?
- A few days.

Of course, Miss Lannier can go home
whenever she wants.

Goodbye for now.

And excuse me.

Hello, Fred.

Yes, everything's okay.

Marianne's all right.

I can't tell you yet... It depends.

We're not going anywhere.

Okay. So long!

It was Fred.

He might come and see us.

He's back again.

Good day, miss.

You haven't left yet?

Is your mother coming to get you?

Jean-Paul's taking me back.

Mr Leroy?

Very sorry, but I have to speak to the lady.

Good day, madam or miss. It's me again.

Could I see you alone?

- In the house?
- No, we'll be better out here.

Have you been Mr Leroy's friend for long?

Over two years.

I just found out
that he's taking Miss Lannier home.

It's only natural.

Have you thought things over?

- No.
- I have.

I thought about that watch.

And there's another detail.

The report says
Mr Lannier's pockets were empty,

completely empty.

Not a shred of tobacco, no coins, nothing.

And no trace of perspiration.

Clothes as clean
as if they came from the laundry.

Yet Mr Lannier had drunk a lot that night

and danced a lot. So, you see,

if he'd been pushed into the pool,

and his wet clothes replaced by clean ones,

it'd be exactly like this.

Were you a good friend of his?

I'd known him a long time.

Had you been his mistress?


but it was four years ago.

Was it an official liaison? I mean...

- Did Mr Leroy know?
- He guessed it but...

These last days, did Mr Lannier try...

No, not really.

All this probably means nothing.

Excuse me for disturbing you again.

- Will it be over soon?
- I think so. I hope so.

- Found anything new?
- No, nothing.

- Then we can leave?
- Soon, I hope.


Tomorrow. Or the day after.

I'll let you know.


Angry with me?


You haven't said a word.

What should I say?

I can't think of anything but him. Can you?


I look at you...

I look at you alive...
Eating, walking, answering the phone.

It's as if I'm seeing you for the first time.

When do you leave,
with the case now closed?

How do you know it's closed?

The detective say anything?


What did he say?


But you know, Harry's clothes,

the ones found at the pool,

he said Harry couldn't have worn them.

How could he know?

They were too clean.

No sweat... Nothing.

And his shirt...

It wasn't blue, but white. I'm sure of it.

I remember very well.

And he said

that maybe

somebody pushed Harry into the pool

and drowned him.

And then changed his clothes.

And he says it's...

It's perhaps a murder.

He says that you killed him.

You understand?

That's why he came back.

He's looking for evidence.

What kind?

Maybe just a bundle of wrinkled clothes,
hidden somewhere.

Did you find them?

We wanted to see you,
find out how things are.

Sit down. What will you have?

Whatever you got.

Beer? Coke? A scotch?

- Beer will be fine.
- Me, too.

No, a Coke for me.

Did you see yesterday's paper?

They wrote "Lannier" with only one "n".

He's not very handsome there.

But it's him, all right.

- What do they say?
- Nothing much.

Where's Penelope?

Outside somewhere. Or in her room.

- Is she staying here?
- No, she's going back to her mother.

What about your vacation?

We're leaving, too, of course.

A game of rummy, Jean-Paul?
To take your mind off all this?

Did you find them?

We were over there.

He was drunk, he tried to hit me.

He fell in all by himself.

And then I don't know

what came over me.

Come on...

Don't stay here.

Tell me.

Nothing more, that's all.

I kept him from getting out.

You should've called me.

What will we do?

Penelope will have to go.

Tell her gently, she'll listen to you.

Promise to see her again later.

I'm not asking it for me, but for her.

Only for her.


Harry's clothes,

where did you put them?

I thought...

In the cellar, under the woodpile.

I don't believe what he told me.

I just wanted to ask...

My father... How did he die?

He drowned. That's the truth.

It was an accident.

- Goodbye, Pen.
- Goodbye.

I've no reason to keep you around.

I hope you know what you're doing.

I checked into Mr Leroy's life.

Didn't he try to kill himself in the past?

I didn't know that.

Did you think over what I told you?


- Did you find anything?
- Nothing at all.

You know,

a case is never definitely closed.

It can be re-opened.

Should you, some day, have any regrets...


Don't say "no", one never knows.

You can always come to me.

Goodbye, Inspector.

Goodbye, madam, and good luck!

Where are your bags?

Never mind. Don't bother.


Don't bother.

What do you mean?

Aren't you leaving?

I'll take the train later. Leave me alone.

Go away. Leave me alone.

What'll I do with the food that's left?

Take it all, Emily.

Thank you, madam.

Hurry up!

Is it because of...

I don't know exactly.

I feel as if... I don't know you any longer.

I can't bear it any more.

Let's leave together.


The taxi stand, please.

Send me a taxi to go to...