The Swimmer (2021) - full transcript

Sees the discriminative tendencies in sports against LGBTQ people, and how a sportsman learns to accept and love himself despite that.

Hello there.


You must be Erez.



It's practical.

All the swimmers are already here.

Choose a bed,
the room is all yours.

There are clean sheets
and towels in the closet.

Come to me
if there's anything you need.


Come on, they're waiting for you.

Dima, the last one is here.


It's for the flip turn in the water.

You gotta go boom, off the wall.

Both feet.

First do this,

stretching and everything.
Work on it.


Okay. -Yeah.
-Good luck. -Thanks.

Let's take a look at you.

So, any chance of punching
the Olympic ticket?

That's what I'm here for.

I wish everyone here
thought like that.

You're still here?
Get moving, lane 4.

Nevo, FYI, we've started practice.

Move it.

Gentlemen, 45 seconds,
don't break before that.

Ready and go!

Yoav, who gave you permission
to stop?

Very good, Erez.

Man, that bastard.



Hi, I'm Erez.

You really showed off today.

We've met, at the finals...
-Yeah, the age group record holder,

50, 100, 200 meters.

Dan is a former age group record holder.

We swam together as kids in Jerusalem,
that's the last time he won.

Remind me
who whooped your ass, huh?

I'm Nevo.

Hi, I'm Erez.

Don't get to know him,
it's a waste of energy, he's fucked up.


Hi, I'm Nadav.

Where are you from?
-Upper Galilee.

Have you had your Bat Mitzvah yet?

Well, ladies and gentlemen,

this is your chance to get a peek,
you faggots.

The water's freezing!
-Stupid dogs don't bite.

How come I never saw you
at any competitions?

I came here from England.

Then how do you know Hebrew?

From home,
my family's there.

My dad is Israel's consul general.

In London?

It's not as great as it sounds.

Gimme the shampoo.

Are you skimping
on the soap?

Come on, give it to me.

You decided to grace us
with your presence?

Sorry I'm late.

Okay, gentlemen,

all eyes on me.

The best of the best,

the cherry on the icing,
is here.

Each one of you, only five swimmers
from across the country, need to know,

this is a life-changing trajectory.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

to be a champion.

Our training camp starts now
and ends in three months.

There are athletes here
from many different fields,

but that shouldn't concern you.

You're here only to swim.

Anyone looking for anything
other than that won't be here.

This is the money time.

You'll each be trying
to qualify for the Olympics,

but we're in Israel
and there's no money.

Only one of you will be
punching the Olympic ticket.

In a moment
Yael will go over the rules here.

Never be late.

If you're late,
you don't go in the water.

No alcohol.

When it's lights out,
you're each in your own room.

How will you fall asleep
without sucking me off?

Don't even joke about
being like that, you hear?

Okey dokey?

You baboons...

What did he say?

Learn Russian.

Okay, okay.
-It's late, guys.

Everyone in the water!
Let's go!

-Let's go!

"Madonna's rules to conquer the world:
Don't stop practicing

Be creative
Find a role model for inspiration

Ask for help when you need it
Never stop dancing"

Don't forget to breath. Love, Liat

The holy grail of success.

She's your idol?
Dude, that's fucking old.

Some people believe in God

and I believe in Madonna.

This is how they eat
at Buckingham Palace.

This is how we eat
at the kibbutz dining hall.


Where did you live?


Near the Peter Pan statue.

Ever heard of it?

I've heard of Peter Pan.

Are your parents still there?

My dad is supposed
to come for a visit. -When?

Next week, to take me
to a hotel for my birthday.

The only place
I feel at home is the pool.

I love the water.

That moment at 6 am when
your body touches the freezing water...

makes me wanna puke.

I die a little with every whistle start.

And I hate the water.

You hate the water?

Can I tell Dima?

I hate water,
but I love winning.

15 more seconds.

Don't look down,
so you don't fall, sweetie.

A little more, last push.

Five, four, three,

two, one...

This is the cherry on the icing,
you're all talented.

But only the strongest one will make it
with us to the Olympics, understand?

To the Olympus.

I'm talking about two points.

Head, body, okay.

Don't do this stuff...
-What's with you guys?

This is just a warm-up!

And ten...

Five, get ready.

I want it perfect, Yoav.
Strong, not like a grandpa.

Come on, Nadav.

Don't take him as an example,
you're young, you still have a chance.

A chance for what?
-Being a mensch.

Focus, concentrate.

Concentration is like porcelain,
one little crack and it's ruined, understand?

Come on.

Come on!
-Hey, that's not fair!

What are you worth, Nevo?

Huh? Tell me.

Probably not that much.

Focus, Nevo.
Show me what you can do.

-A little more.

One down.

One more.


What's wrong, Nevo?
Is the Israeli sun giving you a hard time?

Come on, keep going.

The sweat made me slip.


Shut up.

Nevo, no excuses here.

Only a bad craftsmen
blames his own tools.

Go, Yoav!
-Very good, Yoav.

At least there's one person here
who understands what I'm talking about.

Very good.

Who do you think you are,
a Zulu tribe??

Way to go, Yoav,
I didn't think you'd last 30 seconds.

Fuck off...

Chill, Erez,
Dima doesn't like drama.

Yeah, now I understand that.

You don't understand anything.
Dima doesn't play games.

You guys are his chance
to make it back to the top, understand?

Way to go, Yoav.

This is what a real champion
smells like.

You're gross!

What matters is winning in the water,
not while working out.

Who saw my goggles?

Tomorrow is a new day.

Give 'em back, you bastard.

Look at you, you faggot.

How long do we have now?

An hour, then back to fuckin' Dima.

Ten seconds.

Where were you?
-I overslept.

Hey, you guys exchanging recipes?

Let's move it.

Is he trying to hit on him?

Chattering like two old ladies.

That's it, it's over.

He just stands there,
looking around, confused.

I shout out to him,
just fuckin' focus!

For God's sake, Dan,
you're such a baby.

How are you?
-Who do you think has to clean that?

How's training?
-It's going well. -Yeah?

How are you? -Good.
My belly's getting bigger.

You gotta stop eating white bread.
-I don't feel full.

Nevo, come here.

Come here.

His parents are overseas.

This is my dad.

Hi, I'm Nevo.

Oh, there's Dima.

They used to swim together.

You're lucky your dad's here.

I'm so tired.
-So, what do we have here?

Does it look swollen?
-Hello, Eitan.

Put some ice on it,
it'll be fine.

I'm glad my son is on your team.

Today's training was tough.
Hey, not nice.

I can't feel my leg.
-Take it easy.

Come on.
-See you.

Where to?
-You'll see.

See? Right here.

This is where you were created.

Ew, Dad.
-Not technically.

This is where
I fell in love with your mother.

What an amazing swimmer,
a real fighter.

The girls at the training camp
tried psychological warfare on her,

the coach would put her down,
but she won, no matter what.

She got me all mixed up.

Up until I met her, everything was clear.
I swam like a robot.

From that moment on,
no Olympics, no nothing.

Listen, this is
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Being in the Olympics will ensure your future
in what you love the most.

Not many people get to do
what they love in life.

-Did he say anything specific?

It looks like you and Nevo
are both contenders.

That's what he said, Nevo and Erez?

Kind of. Look, I'm happy you found a friend
who challenges you in training,

but you gotta look out for yourself.

Focus only on swimming,

prove to Dima that you're the best.

Call an ambulance.

Just give him mouth to mouth respiration,
you'd love that.

Shut up!

Wow, Erez!

A new institute record!

Well done.

I can't do a quarter
of what you did.

Okay, guys, get into the jacuzzi
before your muscles cramp up.

Let's go.
-Yes! -Wow, jacuzzi.


The heat is on,
Nimrod Palma is leading in lane 3.

We saw him this morning
in the preliminaries with a great finish,

with a result of 57.86

He came prepared to the finals and is now half
a second faster than this morning's heat.

Beside him is Eran Garumi
who won't give up,

the question is,
who has the best finish,

who has stronger legs.

Nimrod touches the wall first
with an incredible result!

No, no, no.

Too heavy, like a whale.

Let's go, Erez.

Gentlemen, good genes and talent
are only 20%,

80% is hard work.

And laziness can be
in your DNA too.

One sec.
-We start in 15 seconds.

Ready, goggles, and boom.

Careful not to fall in the water.
-Don't! -Get a load of him.

He wasn't in his room all night
and now he shows up late?

Dan. -What did I do?
-Let's go, Erez.


Erez! -What?!

You're crossing a line, Erez.

Come on!

Let's go, Erez.
Take your marks...

Wait, stop.

Why the hell
are your legs spread open?

This is how I always start
for a sprint.

That's like a dancer,
not a swimmer.

Legs together.

Dima, let me start
and you'll see it's okay.

Come on,
you're delaying everyone.

-Who taught you to jump like that?

My dad.

My dad.

No parents here, Erez,
only your coach.

So close your legs.

Take your marks...

First of all, how are you?

I'm good.
-Yeah? -I'm fine.


You swam very well.

Keep up the good work
and everything'll be okay.

All right.

I have a lot to say to the others.

Nothing in particular to say to you.

Just one thing.

I singled you out as the winner.

But suddenly an obstacle appeared.

Swimming is
an individual sport.

No friends.


I don't know if what I'm seeing
is what I think it is,

but I must inform you

that if I see your name

coming up as being involved
with other swimmers

or disturbing them,
God forbid,

nothing will stop me
from going to the institute

and to your parents

and making sure
you get thrown off the team.

Understand what I'm saying?
-Yes, of course.

What do you understand?

That we need to think
only about ourselves and swimming?

Very good.

Only without the question mark.

Think only about swimming.

Anything else?
-Yes, actually.


I'm willing to do anything to succeed.



Oh, Am I interrupting?
-No, no.

We're done.

Slowly, slowly.
Rocks, rocks, rocks.

Rocks. Step, step.

Walk down the step.
Good. Rocks.

Slowly, slowly...

And... right here. Sit down.

Sit down.


Happy birthday, Nevo

Happy birthday, Nevo...

Oh my god...

Jesus... Oh god.

We're celebrating, eat whatever you want.
-You shouldn't have.

Here, we'll share the guilt.

When are your parents
coming from London?

My dad's not coming.
-And your mom?

I don't have a mom,
she's dead.

I'm sorry to hear that.
-It happened a long time ago.

But she's always with me.

A white owl looking
for something to hunt.

My grandpa taught nature studies.

Hoo hoo...

Hoo hoo...

Hoo hoo...


The secret bird pose.

It gives me strength when I need it.

Let's get going.

Where's the food?
-What are we eating?

Ready or not, here it comes...


Want one?

Yoav? You're first.

-I want one.

Dan, choose one.

It's real hot!

Careful, it's real hot.

Choose one.
-Is there any salt?

There was...
-I want one.

Careful, it's hot.

Real hot.

Real, real hot.

Did everyone get one?

There are
vegetable and fruit sticks too.

Yael, it's delicious.

Thank you, thank you.

We can start eating.
Bon appetit.

Now I wanna eat too.

We have here...
-What's so funny?

...our little secret campfire.

Be careful.

It's hard to see.
Here's your guy.


Take care of her, okay?

I was looking for you.

Want a potato?
-No thanks. -Yes!

I'm still full from before.

When did you eat?
-I'm going.

Before morning practice.

Yoav, Yoav.

Did you eat a raisin?

I eat loads.

Now I want one too.

You're gross.

Clean yourself up.


I said, no.

Ow! Stop it.

Anyone want another potato?
There's lychee too.


-I don't want any.

Lighten up a little, will ya?
-This is great...

I think you need to put him to bed.
-Very funny, Dan.



Who are you angry at?

Don't you know that too much weight
will ruin your performance?

Come with me.

Why the sour face, Erez?

This place is like a breeding ground
for depression.

Let me tell you something.

This is the stage where if you don't
stay focused, something can break inside.

Nothing's breaking.

Aside from Dima who has his preferences
and I can't understand why.

I learned not to engage in guessing.

I'm going to win the Olympic ticket.

I know it.

Yes, but what about the things
that aren't only up to you?

Things like shoe size,
type of skin, amount of hair,

bone weight, character.

You're a real expert.

They say I'm crazy.

But they don't say I was the youngest
Olympic champion in gymnastics

in history.
-Are you serious?

Yes, I am.

Your dad knows.

You and your dad don't talk sports?

I'm in shock.

How did you end up
in this dump?

I mean, why don't you live
in some luxury mansion?

What mansion, Erez?

Competitive sports are a tragedy
for the body and the soul.

But we should be grateful that
there's a place for dreamers like us.

Hey. -Dad.
-There's a surprise waiting for you.

I'm going to see Dima.


Hey, skinny!

What's up, ugly?

This is Liat,
my girlfriend from the kibbutz.

Nevo, come join us,
my dad brought some food.

I think I'll go to sleep.

I'm tired.
-You sure?

Stay, you won't be in the way.

Being 24 hours a day together
isn't enough?

Well, you guys decide,
I'm going for a smoke.

No, you dummy, a little higher.

You're real thorough.

Come on, we gotta go.

We're still eating.
-What happened with Dima?

You're coming home this weekend,
aren't you? -Yes.

Good, Mom misses you.
-Did he say anything specific?

Don't let your emotions
run your life.

Is that what he said?
-Why are you so upset?

I'm not, I just know
what I'm doing with Nevo.

What are you doing with Nevo?

Psychological warfare.

Okay, good for you.
I trust you.

Come on, let's go.

Remember my 16th birthday?

You hurt my feelings,
because you stood me up to go to practice.

I wasn't really insulted,
I was jealous.

There's something that you want so much,
that you really believe in.

You've always been a champ.

This is your chance.

Take it.

Come in.

Have you seen Nevo?

What, you let him off his leash?

Are you okay?

You sure?

Want a painkiller or something?

I'm worried about you.

Hi, sorry to disturb you.
Am I interrupting?

You may not know yet, Erez,

but life is full of interruptions.

I don't know if I should say
what I want to say,

but I trust you.
-What's the matter?

I was passing by
Maya the gymnast's room

and I heard strange sounds.

How strange?

It's not the first time.
-What sounds did you hear, Erez?



Doesn't that worry you?

At the kibbutz,
if a girl has that kind of problem...

Thank you, Erez.

I'll take care of it.


Want a tip from Paloma?

Of course.

Like Dima says, solo.

Stay out of other
people's business.

I'm telling you that
with great love.

Let's go, Maya.

Hey, kid, everything okay?

Yeah, great. Um...

Dad, I won't be coming home this weekend.
-But your mom's waiting for you.

I know.

I just feel like
I should stay here

to rest and remain focused.

Dima didn't say anything about it?

He said it was under control

It turns out that Maya's food issues
were much worse than I thought.


She's not sick,
but it's out of control.

I still can't believe
they kicked her out.

Someone like her
should be in an anorexia ward.

My radar is fucked up.

Have you ever dated a normal girl?

No, I'm in the middle
of a competition, who has time for that?

Yeah, I guess.

I need to forget about all that nonsense
and focus on training.

I want to win the ticket
and throw it in my dad's face.

I can help you win second place.

Oh yeah?


How are you gonna shave
for the competition?

I don't shave.

I'm practically hairless.
I just use an electric shaver.

Nevo, it has nothing to do with hair,
and never do it with an electric shaver.

I'll shave you,
you gotta do it with a razor.

It takes off
the top dead layer of skin.

That's why it's important
to do your entire body.

Arms and back too.

Even your feet.

All the biggest champions
shave each other.

I'd do her.

Yael Kalman, assistant coach.

Hi, I'm Yael Kalman,
assistant coach.

Yael Kalman, assistant --

One sec.

Nice. You look nice.


Thank you, Erez.

How do I look?

Oh my god.
-What was that?

Hello, Dima.

What is this?

You look like a clown.

Shame on you
for behaving like this.

Dima, Dima.
-What? -What's the big deal?

They're celebrating,
sports are a celebration too.

I don't need you to tell me what
sport is, alright Paloma?

Okay, everyone,
stand in a semicircle.

Come on.
Nevo, you stand in the middle.

And get close together.

Have you thought about
what you're gonna do after you lose?

Okay, got it.


Everyone, go to your rooms.

You're screwed.

No running in the hallway.
Lights out.

Go to your rooms.
-Okay, okay.

Come on, lights out!

I'm so sick of this lights-out crap.

I gotta pee so bad.

You're screwed.
Pee out the window.

-I wouldn't dare.

Then I think...

I'll pee in this.

You're not for real, Erez.

Oh my god, I was exploding.

I was exploding.
-You're disgusting.

I also gotta go.
Let me have it.

Oh my god.

The head won't fit,
it's too big.

The bottle's full.

-Take a sip.

What'll you give me?

You're gross, Erez.

Whatever you want.

You're gross.

20, 19, 18,

17, 16, 15,

14, 13, 12...

Eight... -Come on, Yael.
-Seven... -Come on.

Straighten your legs.

Four... -Aren't they sweet?
-Three... up, up.

I didn't expect this from you, Nevo.
-Keep going.

Don't bother changing.

I said don't bother, whoever's late
doesn't go in the water.

I'm sorry, Dima.
-You shut up!

I'll teach you a thing or two.

What kind of swimmer dares to oversleep
a minute before the competition?

Please, Dima, it won't happen again.
-No explanations!

This is the world championship!

No athlete behaves like this!

Dima, I can explain.

You need to explain many more things,
and not only to me.

Someone snitched on Maya,

you don't do that in sports.

Nevo, wait a minute.
Nevo, wait.

I don't care.
-Hey, who dismissed you?

Come on, everyone. No bathing suits,
just jump into the water.

What, naked?

When I say jump,
what does it mean? -Jump.

Then let's go,
what are you waiting for?

Come on, let's go!

Let's go!
-Yes, ma'am. -Yael.

Come on, let's jump.

And out.

Drop and give me five.

One, two, three,

four, five.
Back in the water.


Five jackknives.

Oh no.

One, two, three,

four, five.

Move it.

That's terrible, Nevo.

You're embarrassing me.



Yoav, come here.
Come here!

He's talking to you,
so listen, you understand?

Good one!

That was awesome!

Want a towel, Yael?


I froze my balls off.

Hot water, thank god!

It's the best part of practice.

This is the best part of practice.

Come on, take ‘em off,

This is the boys' dressing room.
-I'm beat!

What's Dima's fuckin' problem?
-Yael isn't putting out.

Oh, She lets him fuck her for sure.

Man, if you shave all that off
for the competition...

He'll shave off
two seconds from his record.

There's nothing better
than a shaved pussy.

And a pussy that smells
like chlorine.

Get outta here!

I'll break your ass!

Sit down.

I bet you were gorgeous back then.

You still look like a movie star.

Let me show you something, kiddo.

I can't even look at this junk.

My old leotard that I won
the Olympic Games with.

It was very fashionable at the time.

Not like that, silly.

That's it!
The secret is in the arch.

Whatever isn't agile, breaks.
Head steady.

Focused look, and BOOM!

Yes, knowing how to finish,
that's the real challenge.

What's wrong?

There's a sense of chaos in the air.
A mess.

The swimmers aren't waking up
for practice

and if you can't handle the team,
I have to ask myself

What exactly is your
purpose here?

I haven't seen anything.

Sports in Israel suck, Paloma.

If I had known,
I would've never left.

Even Siberia is better than this place.

Remember where we are.

Dreaming is nice,
But this is very real, Erez.

Remember that your goal
is to win the Olympic ticket

and that's what you're here for.

Take it off.

-Ow, you motherfucker. Move.

Wait, wait.
-Look at that.

Here we go...
-Look at that.

Yes, yes!

You have no idea how to play.

You play like a girl.
-It's my second time,

-Oh, here comes the dancing queen.

Come on, play.
-You cheater!

There we go!

You're such a faggot.
-Shut up.

What, your shoulder hurts?

Hey, sweetie.

-Are you okay, my love? -Um...

I'm starting to feel the pressure,
but I'm on it.

Yeah. I'm showing them, Mom, I....

I'm reaching my target weight and...

I got my heart rate down during training
and while I'm swimming,

so I think...
-But I asked how you're doing, sweetie.

I want to switch to video.
-No, Mom.

I want to see you.
-I don't want to talk, don't you understand?

Let me talk to Dad.
-Want to come home?

Can I talk to Dad?
-Calm down.

Just don't forget yourself,
try to have fun.

I miss you very much, sweetie.

Hey, son.

What time is it?
Why aren't you at practice?

He knows what he's doing.
Bye, sweetie. -What's up, Erez?


Calm down, kid,
it's just the pressure.

You're a champ.
Take the anger into the water.

I already have one coach,
I don't need another one.

That's the Erez I know,
a fighter.

Okay, Dad, I gotta go.
-I trust you.

Wow, that looks amazing.

Did you have an accident
or was it intentional?

I'm intentionally telling you
to fuck off.

Come on, guys.

Guys, today we'll do a simulation
of the competition.

You'll each swim your own heat,
giving it all you've got.

-Come on, guys, no complaining.

Nadav, you're in lane 5,

Dan's in four, Yoav's in three,

Nevo's in two... -What?
-And Erez is in one. Get ready.

Yael, why am I on the side?
I'm stronger than Nadav and Dan.

Erez, who give you
permission to speak?

I'll get tossed around in their waves.
-Then you'll have to lead, loser.

Stop whining.

Move it.
-This is your own heat, guys.

Give it all you've got,
like in the competition.

It's not an exact science, but you can take off
20-40 hundredths of a second

from today's results and
know what your results will be.

As of tonight,
you'll be resting up until the competition.

I'm sorry.


Get off the starting block
and take that crap off your head.

You're not going in like that.

On your marks...

Come on, Dan, go!

Come on, guys, faster,
don't give up!

I told you, there are no surprises in sports.
Come on, Nevo! -Come on, Dan!

Come on!
-Dan! -Faster!

Let's go, Nevo, use your legs!
-All the way!

Come on!

Use your legs!
-Don't give up!

Come on, finish!
-Nadav, give it all you've got!

Very good, awesome!
-My muscle! -Keep going!

My muscle's cramped.

Hurry, get the massage table.
Move it!


He needs a massage, right now!

Don't worry.

I'll take care of you.

It doesn't look too serious.

Okay, I'll take it from here.



Sshh... Stop jumping like a goat.

Lie quietly, let me do this.

Easy... Sshh...

It's okay, sshh...

If you swim at the competition like
you swam today, the Olympic ticket is yours.


I can't decide if you're brave or stupid.

Are you okay?

I've lost faith in Dima.

Why? He planned everything,
this isn't real.

He threw me off balance.
-Then show him.

He's a loser.

He's never done anything in life.

He competed in the Olympics,

you know that.
-I forgot you're Dima's ticket to the Olympics,

so you have to defend him.

Fuck it, I don't need this bullshit.
Just talk to him.

Do you have the energy
for Dima's bullshit?

You fell sleep, come on.

Come on, move to bed.

Come on, Dima.

To bed, come on.


Dima, go take a shower.

-I'm all right. -Okay.

Come on.

Being part of such an important moment

in the lives of a swimmer is...

is the most important thing to us.

So, how's the swimsuit?

Not too tight?

How does it feel?

Feels great.

You're something special.

You were born to be
in the Olympics.

You're one-of-a-kind
here in Israel.

Alright, time for a shave.

Rules are like blood

and oxygen in the body.

But I cut my hair.
-It's not the haircut, Erez.

What is it then?
-I have rules

and I'll never have to explain
what they are.

An athlete who has no rules

has no blood.

I have no blood?

I have no blood, Dima?
I've been preparing my whole life for this.

Dima, everything's going great.

In training and with my girlfriend,


Me and the staff think you're a hooligan
that needs to see a psychologist!

I have no problem seeing a psychologist,
but what's that got to do with it?

You belong in the nuthouse, Erez!

Because with Dima
there are no psychologists.

Only the coach.


I understand.
-What did you understand?

That I always have to be alone.

Just me and swimming.

Can you believe this?

I have to deal with this shit
one day before the competition.

I really don't know if you deserve
to swim tomorrow.

Why, Dima, why?
Please, what'll I tell my parents?

Why don't you just
tell them the truth?

Tell them that you're...
-That's enough, Dmitri. Enough.

Get outta here,
focus on the competition.


Is the shave you promised
still valid?

You're so slow.

I'm thorough, Nevo.

I think we're done here.

Good, now lie down.

Spread 'em, Nevo.

It's cold.

Doesn't it feel good?

It does, actually.

I've never done this
so professionally.

Should I take them off?

Yeah, it's better.

Come on,
just put on a towel.

-Stay still, Nevo. Don't move.


There's one I can't get.


Make a wish.

To win tomorrow
and make it into the Olympics.

That's two wishes.

Hey, relax, that's it.
That's it.

Stop it, Erez.

You son of a bitch.
What the fuck is wrong with you?


Get away from me.

What's with you?
-Get off me Erez. I'm not a pervert!

What did you do
with my bathing suit?

Get the fuck outta here.

Get the fuck outta here!

Get outta my face!
-I want my bathing suit.

I want much more!
-Calm down, Erez.

You understand, Nevo?
-Calm down.

I want so much fuckin' more!

Go fuck Dima
and win together!



Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.

Everyone here is overwhelmed
with excitement.

We'll soon find out which swimmer
will be landing a spot in the Olympics.

The Olympic Games are the
ultimate sports competition in the world

that takes place
only once every four years

and no athlete wants
to miss out on this chance of a lifetime.

Good luck.
-Good luck.

This is the moment the swimmers have
been waiting for, the moment of truth.

They're all strong...
-Good luck, guys.

These five outstanding swimmers
are fighting for the Olympic ticket.

Dan Shaked in lane 3 is bursting forward,
getting closer to Erez and Nevo,

he's catching up.

These guys are
fighting like lions.

Erez won't give up,
he's racing towards Nevo,

the rest of the swimmers
are far behind.

Come on, Erez!
-Nevo, wake up!

Come on!

-Let's go, let's go!

Let's go, Erez, let's go!

It's so close, who is going
to win, Erez or Nevo?

Swimming head to head,
shoulder to shoulder, last few meters.

They're both strong,
they both want it, but only one can win.

This is their crucial moment,
who will touch the wall first,

Erez or Nevo?

After leading during most of the race,
Erez slows down at the last moment,

Nevo bursts forward,
Nevo will touch the wall first.

We have a winner!

Nevo Yasur is the winner
of the Olympic ticket! -Yes!

A new star is born!
-Awesome, Nevo! -It was so close.

Nevo Yasur wasn't in the lead
most of the time, but he touched the wall first.