The Sweetest Heart (2018) - full transcript

Maddie (Julie Gonzalo), who owns a cupcake business, gets help from an investment banker, but a potential new romance between them is complicated by the unexpected return of her first love, Nate.

I can't believe this is our last
evening together.

Hey, there's nothing
last about this.

You know what I mean.

It'll be a quick four years.

At Duke, maybe while
I'm at culinary school,

but then what?

Well, let's see.

I'll come back here,
I'll come back to Indian Lake,

figure out how to use
my degree and you'll-

Convince Mr. Wilson to sell me
the old creamery?

Once he tries your cupcakes
he won't be able to say no.

That's the hope.

And we'll get married, here,
at the lake.

In the evening?

Have three kids.

I love it.

It's the perfect plan.

Maddie, some people go their
whole lives waiting to find

that one person that they wanna
grow old with.

I just got lucky and found
you now.

Me too.

What's this?

It's my promise.

It's beautiful.

See? You can't get rid of me
that easily.


I slaved over these all day
so you better be hungry.

Chocolate velvet?

And you didn't even let me help.

I had to send you off
with your favorite.

I love you, Maddie.

I always will.

I love you, too.


What do you think?

Too sweet?

Not sweet enough?

This one may be my favorite.


Because I wasn't sure if
I should bring it out today

but I really wanna showcase
something new.


You are going to be great.

Well, if not it's back to baking
in my kitchen again.

Thank you, again, for setting up
this meeting with the banker.

I love my little cafe
but it's not gonna make it

if we can't expand.

Especially with everything
starting to break.

Well, my cousin said as far
as investment bankers go

he's a real rising star.

She also said he is
very handsome and single.

Thank you, Emma, but I think
I'll just focus on saving

my business for now,
if that's ok.

Oh, shoot!

I gotta go.

Thank you.


Ok, cupcakes are out,
business plan is printed,

and why does that
not sound good?

It's choking out a lot of steam.

Is it still making good coffee?

For now.

Let's just focus on that today,

Well, what about the oven?

What about it?

Last night's batch cooked
quicker than usual.

What if things start to burn?

Ok, I know the cafe
needs an overhaul

and hopefully today's meeting

will get us one step
closer to that,

but today let's just focus
on quality.

That's what we're selling.

The rest is just logistics.

What are these?

Our new sugar cookie cake
with brown butter,

rosemary, and pine nut frosting.

You made these last night?

How do you do it?

Do what?

Make me feel better?

It's not me, it's the cupcake.

And the fresh rosemary.


Now, let's make a deal.

So originally this was one space
so we won't lose any character

by opening it up.

We're just gonna gain more
seating and catering and just...


Well, from what you told me on the
phone this is exactly what I pictured.

Small town, charming...

it's a very different feel
from Chicago.

Well, we really appreciate you
coming all the way out here.

It's only an hour away.

And I am glad I came in person.

The space is really unique.

Yeah, I fell in love
with all these details

and I wanted to create cupcakes

that would capture
that same feeling.

And I grew up around here
so I know all the shop owners,

which is always really nice.

Is your family still here?

No, no.

Actually they moved to Florida
a few years ago,

but I never really wanted
to live anywhere else.

You know, actually, this is...

this is the old creamery

where my grandparents had
their first date.

And since my grandmother taught
me everything she knows

about baking it just...
well, it seemed perfect.

I think we can use that.

Use it? How?

Well, if someone wants to invest
in your cafe

they're gonna wanna know
that you've been doing this

for a long time.

That it's not just
some passing phase

and you're really invested
in being here.

Well, I guess I'm lucky
in that respect.

I've known what I wanted
to do since forever.

Now, I just gotta keep going.

Well, gourmet and made-to-order
cupcakes this good?

I don't think you'll have
a problem.

Well, we will if the oven
keeps quitting on us,

but the space is just
too limited to get ahead

or even just repair.

So why not a simple
business loan?

Because I've already taken out
too many loans to get this far.

I know that, but the investors
don't have to.

You start with passion,
build in potential.

Passion she can do.

And a cute grandma
story never hurt.


So where do we go from here?

I gotta run some numbers,

contact a few people and see
if anybody's interested.

How's that sound?

That sounds perfect.



Don't forget your samples.

One of every flavor.

How could I?

I don't want to jinx it

but I think that went really
well, don't you?



From a business perspective.

Ok, you know what?

You and your whole
passion comment.

Get back to work.

Do we really want it snowing
at our wedding?

spring is really soon

and summer's my busy season,

But snow? It's just not
what I imagined.

I know.


Sorry I'm late.

I had to get the oven
looked at again.

Oh, well, don't worry.

You're not even two minutes late

and I still haven't decided if
I'm having a salad or a burger.

Oh no.

Don't tell me you're doing
the no carb diet

now that you're engaged.

Well, considering we haven't set
a date yet, no.

And even when we do, no.


It's just I don't wanna
rush this.

Let me rephrase that.

I just... I don't want to rush
the perfect day.

How's that?


I still can't believe the girl I
played bride with in fifth grade

is getting married.

Do you remember our veils?


Excuse me, I gotta take this.

Work calls.

The one we the one we made
out of dish towels?

Those were very chic.

Maybe I should think about
bringing those back.

Maybe it's a good thing you
became an interior designer

and not a fashion designer.


I bet I could make an entire
wedding dress

out of terry cloth.

Don't freak me out.

Anything bridal freaks you out.

That's not true.

I've pictured my
wedding day before.

Once. Like, a million
years ago.

More like ten years ago.

And it's not my fault
it fell apart.

Ok, I know you don't like
me saying this

but you need to get out there.

You don't wanna be my sad,
single friend

when I'm married
with, like, six kids.

I have been out there before,

Ok, maybe not plenty but,
you know...

You can't keep comparing
everyone to Nate.


This has nothing to do
with Nate.

I haven't seen or spoken
to him in years.

You know that.

Even if I did I'd still be fine.

Then why aren't you dating?

Because I've been busy with the
one relationship I can control.

Please, do not tell me that
you are talking about the cafe.


You do realize how pathetic
that sounds.

Ok, pathetic may be a tad harsh.

And yes, I do.

That's why I'm gonna order us
some burgers.

Good move.

Good move.

Well, I would be lying if I said
we weren't a little surprised

to hear you wanted to bring
your program to Indian Lake,

but we're very happy
to have you.

I couldn't leave my hometown
off the rotation.

Even if my family
doesn't live here anymore.

Well, Dr. Langston speaks
very highly of you.

He says you're one of his best
new cardiologists.

Hopefully that means
he'll consider me

for his new research program,
if the grant goes through.

I'm sure he will.

I don't know.

There's a ton of interest.

But it's all about standing out,

Just like college.

You have to pack on the
extracurricular to get noticed.

So you developed a crash course?

A six-week course.

In clinical communication
after cardiac surgery.

Good bedside manner
is everything.

Especially to the people
you're treating.

But sometimes, when you're
pushing for advancement,

that can get lost.

Well, I can see why he speaks
so highly of you.

Nate, this is Charlie Simpson,

one of our best
physician's assistants.

Aren't I the only one?

Still the best.

Charlie, this is Dr. Barzonni.

Dr. Barzonni, it's a pleasure
to meet you.


Have a seat, Charlie.

Charlie here is gonna give you
a quick tour of the hospital,

set you up with
corporate housing,

show you to your office,
the lecture hall...

More importantly, our newly
renovated cafeteria.

The kitchen is huge.

That's great.

I know that you grew up here
but we could also

show you around town
if you'd like.

It's, been a long time.

Probably too long,
so that would be great.


Again, Nate, very glad
you're here.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

I'm not so sure
everyone will be so happy.

I'm sorry, what?


Ready for your tour?


Maddie, we're ready for you.

Yeah, ok.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm not usually a cake person
but your maple buttermilk

with french toast flakes may
have just changed my mind.

And location as inspiration?

Well, I just feel it's all part
of the overall feeling.

And that comes out in the
quality of what you bake.

Well, it definitely sets
you apart.

And your vision for growth
is clear here, but,

well I'm sure Alex has told you

that my time is
extremely limited.

At this stage in my career
I'm only taking on projects

that I feel very
passionate about.

I... I want to do things
that make people feel good

out in the world
and add a bright spot

to their communities.

So I would need to see
that same passion from you.

This is all I ever wanted to do,

and I've poured everything
I have into it.

And I don't plan on stopping.

I can see that.

Which is why I'm willing to come
and take a look at your space.


This is pretty feel-good.

How is Monday,
week after next, say 9:00 am?


So is this.

I can't believe the investor
behind Equator

is coming to Indian Lake.

She's amazing.

I could say the same thing
about you.

She was clearly impressed.

Well, I don't want to get
too excited.

Well, she still has to look at
the space,

consider franchise

What if I just want to expand
what I already have?

You know, keep it
super personal?

Just focus on getting
a deal done, first.

Work out specifics later.


Anything else?

You might wanna work on
some hard numbers

for the expansion and remodel,

and she's gonna wanna look at
your assets so your building,

your recipes, your logo,
they're all great.

A website would really help.

Other than that I am pretty
much out of it.

So that's it?

More or less, yeah.

Actually, there is one
more question.

You want more cupcakes,
don't you?


Also, I was wondering
what you were doing Friday.

There's an art opening
in the city.

Wait, you said no to him?

I get that you wanna focus
on work right now

but I can't believe
that you said no.

This is next level.

I can't even get a date.

I just didn't want to mix
business with pleasure.

I thought you said he was
pretty much out of it.

He is.

But look, it's just
a little art opening,

I'm sure he just needed a date.

Yeah. You're right.

He looks like the kind of guy

who'd have a very hard time
finding one.

That's probably it.

Ok, wait a minute.

Why are we talking more
about Alex

rather than the fact that
we are this close

to landing an investor?

You're right, it
is very exciting.


Thank you.

Can we go back to talking about
your ideas for the remodel?


- I'll get us some coffee.
- Thank you.

But you are going to run out
of excuses sooner or later

and what was that?

You're gonna have to date.

She's right.

You're impossible.

Hey, how are you?

Ok, so what happens if this
grant goes through?

For me?

Well, fingers crossed Langston
finds a spot for me

on his research team.

Hey, full-time researcher.

Yeah, that's kinda the dream.

But for now-

You're stuck with me.


Although I don't think there's
much else new to show you, man.

At least, not in the nine months
I've been back.

Yeah, I haven't tried these
yet but I hear they're tasty.

She really did it.

So you two are gonna
go see venues?

I'm going to look at venues.

Luke is going to drop me off
on his way back to work.

Right, Luke?

Trust me, I'd rather go
with you.

This new project sounds
pretty intense.

Construction is stressful.

You always say that.


I just wish he'd slow down
long enough to set a date.

You will.

Unless... he's got cold feet.

Oh, please.

He adores you.

You know that.

Besides, he doesn't look like
he has cold feet.

Trust me, I know.

Then why does he seem
perfectly content

staying in the engaged phase?

Because it's a really nice phase
to be in.

Maybe you should just enjoy it.

You sound like my mom.


You're right.

I'm just, you know...

- You ready?
- Yes. I am.

I hope you know your hazelnut
cappuccino cupcakes

are what's keeping me going.

My new client is a bit
of a nightmare.

Always here to help.

See? I told you.

Work stress.

I'll send pictures.

You better.

Hey, Chloe?

I think we need to get some
more honey lavender.

And we only have
two hazelnuts left.


And you'd be...

What're you doing here, Nate?

So, you, you're back
at our little town.

For work?

Just for six weeks.

I'm touring different hospitals
with a lecture series.

You guys do know each other.

We dated for seven years.

But four of those
were long-distance.

That's still a long time.

A very long time ago.

Can we help you with anything?

Coffee? Cupcake?




Yes, that would mean
me helping you.

So we have a sugar cookie
cupcake with brown butter...

Well, I can't say no to that.


I'm Charlie, by the way.

I don't think we've ever met.

I guess not.

I'll get those cupcakes.

Well, I'm not gonna lie to you,
this is

this is a little weird.

You just popping in like this.

Well, I would have called but
you told me not to, remember?

Could have sent a pigeon.

Look, I'm not proud of
how we ended things.

How I handled it.

We were young.

I just... things were
just changing so fast,

I got overwhelmed.

You got cold feet.

Ok. Ok.

But you were the one
who ended it. Officially.

I just said what you wouldn't.

I'm sorry, I have to get back
to work.

I just wanna hear how you are.

How things have been.

For ten years?

I can't believe this
is your place.

I mean, I can because you always
knew it would be someday,

it's just...
it's pretty amazing.

Your grandma would be
really proud.

Well, thank you.

At least you got to see it.

I guess that's something.

What do you mean?

Well, we have an interested

but if that doesn't pan out

we might not be open for long.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize.

Of course not.

I gotta get back to work.

Are we going?

Not yet.

Am I helping you now?

I'd like to order four dozen
cupcakes, please.

For right now?

If I'm not too late.


Hi, Alex.

It's it's Maddie.


I was wondering, do you-

do you still need a date
for Friday night?

You don't think it's too much?

It's an art opening.
In the city.

Give us a twirl.

You look perfect.

Thank you.

And it's just a friendly
night out, anyway.

Plus, he lives in Chicago.

Let's not doom it before
you even get there.

No, I won't. I'm excited.

And you must be, too,
for the community fundraiser.

I'm excited for the cause.

Not sure about all the work.

Well, I upped your order
to include

more of the sugar cookie cakes.

I hope that's ok.

Are you sure you still
wanna donate?

I know it's not the best time,


You've had to taste every
new cupcake flavor I've had

since I was, what, 13?

It's the least I can do.

Besides, there's too much
history in that community hall

for it to be torn down.

Let's hope everyone feels
the same.

Speaking of history,

I heard that Nate Barzonni's
back in town.

It's ok to feel uneasy about it.

I'm fine.

I know.

But that doesn't change the fact

that no one ever forgets
their first love.

Just remember: it doesn't mean
you're not over them,

despite what people say.

It just means they'll always be
a part of you.

Now, let's get you to the city
to have some fun.

I'm not entirely sure
I know what that is

but it's impressive.

I think I see a face.

I don't think that's a face.

Well, whatever it is, it's
definitely something functional.

See? This is why you need
to come

into the city more.

Why? So I can help you
figure out

what paintings mean?

Yes, and so we can go to
more of these together.

Thank you.

So, you really never wanted
to move to the city?

Un-huh. I like to visit
but I really love the quiet.

The community I have.

I find that really sweet.

And you've always known
what you wanted?

Took me most of my 20's
to figure that out.

Think of all the time you saved.

Yeah, maybe.

But some things worked out
better than others.

So you never had
a vision of this?

This is what I wanna be?

- You mean when I grow up?
- Yeah.

No. Actually, that's not true.

I wanted to be a cashier
at a grocery store.



I thought you got to take home
the money every single night

from the drawer.

That's very
entrepreneurial of you.

I gotta keep up with this
lifestyle somehow.

Stay there.

I definitely know what that is.

Just a little something
to say thank you.

For what?

For changing your mind.

I'm really glad this worked out.

Me too.

Good morning.


Yeah, I hear that and I choose
to ignore it

as long as the coffee
still tastes good.

So far.


Looks like someone had
a good night.

The art was odd.

But kind of amazing.

And your date?

He's very nice.


And I'm just taking it slow.

So you're gonna see him again?

Well, we really didn't
set up a date

but but yeah, I think so.


Well, I guess it is safe
to give you this.

And what's this?

Dr. Barzonni, I'm assuming
that's Nate.

He ordered six dozen cupcakes.


But he wants them delivered.

Apparently there's
some kind of reception

after his first lecture.

That's fine.

He wants you to bring them.

Why do I have to?

Can't you?

Apparently not.

But he promised it would be good
for business.

In our quest to find

the most minimally invasive
cardiac surgeries

we've unfortunately buried
our heads in the sand.

That's why when we step out from
behind the computer screens

we need to remember to operate
from the heart.

Be human.



Technology can't provide that
for us,

so that's our job.

That's where we start.

Now, since this is
our first lecture

and you have willingly signed up

to listen to me drone on
for another five,

I want to reward you all
with some local treats

from Cupcakes and Coffee Cafe.

Maddie Strong, the very talented
owner and baker,

has been kind enough to bring
them in herself.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

Hey. How are you?

Here you go.

Thanks for coming.

You didn't leave me much choice.

I think you know I would have
placed the order either way.

Well, even though I just had
to grab napkins,

the kitchen here is fantastic.

The food is incredible.

My wife has been telling me
about your cupcakes for ages.

They're as good as she said.

Thank you.

Always a good idea to listen
to the wife.


- Yes.
- Hi.

Ok, these are amazing.

I was just wondering,
do you do parties?

Of course.

It's my daughter's sweet 16
and I think she'd be quite happy

with just a room-full
of desserts.

Should I order online or...

Well, I'm a bit old-fashioned,

so for now you can just call me,
we can go over the options.



You're gonna make me the hit
of the hospital.

Well, I don't know about that
but at this rate

I'm running out of cards.

You don't have a website?

Don't remind me.

I know it's a good thing
for investors to see

but do you remember
how hard it was for me

to give up my flip phone?

Technology's not really
your strong suit.

And I know you don't
like change.

Well, no, it's not that,

it's just that I haven't really
had time to think about it.

And now I have all this budget
stuff that I have to firm up

and honestly I don't know
where to start.

I can't really justify hiring
someone right now, so-

Why don't you hire me?

For free?

I'm serious.

You're a doctor.

Who took a lot of tech classes
in undergrad.

I know what you're trying
to do and I appreciate that.

Oh yeah?
What's that..

Hey, Maddie. These are great.

Thank you.

- See ya.
- See ya.

You're trying to make up
for what happened.

Maybe even be friends.

I'm sorry, Nate.

I just can't do that.

Well, at least let me help
with this then.

It's something I can do.

Want to do.

And we can keep conversations
strictly business.

Well, I'm sure you're
pretty busy with work.

Actually, I'm not.

Really? You?

You're always busy.

Aside from my weekly lectures
my schedule is more free now

than it has been in years.

So how about tomorrow night?

Say, 6:00?

I'll pick you up.



You ready?


I can't believe they still
have the Bambino.

I can't believe you still like
french fries on your pizza.

Well, I don't know.

Maybe my tastes have matured.

Thank you.


It's still amazing.

And you're a cardiologist.

Who's currently off duty.

Ok, so what else do we need?


So how many flavors do you have?

You clearly took off
my favorite,

the chocolate velvet.


Strictly business.

Fourteen, signatures.

But we can do made-to-order.

So if I wanted a rose petal
cupcake you could do it?



I mean, I could, but
that sounds terrible.


No, come on.

You put the rose petals on top,

make it into a little
ornate flower.

Ok, you did always have
a knack for the details.

Yeah, my vision, your precision.


That was your catch phrase,
not mine.

You still remember it.


And you're still a nut,
you know that?

You may be a fancy doctor
but you're still a nut.

Anything to make you laugh.

Sorry, I really
need to get this.

Of course.

Excuse me.



Yeah, that was-
that was definitely fun.

And bizarre, yeah.

Just working on the proposal
and the website.



Ok, bye.

Sorry about that,
it was just a quick...

No, no worries at all.

Ok, so where were we?


The website.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

So I was thinking,
if it's ok with you,

I'll come by the cafe
and I'll take some pictures.

They teach you photography
in undergrad, as well?

No, my iPhone did that.


So work on the descriptions
we talked about.

I'll come by, I'll take
some pictures,

and then we'll start building
your website.


You really think we can have
this done by my meeting?

I know it's quick, but...

I'm going to try my hardest.


Thank you.

I'm excited.

You've come a long way
since the flip phone.

I have.

You know, things have been
really stressful

with all of this so thank you
for making it fun.

You were always really good
at doing that.

Hopefully I still am.

It really is nice to see you,

It's nice to see you, too.


Well, maybe we should keep
this party going then.

Go for a hike,
just like old times?

Don't push it, Barzonni.

Ok, I'm going.

I'm leaving very business-like.

I should let you go.

Well, thanks again.

I really think
it's gonna be great.

Me too.



Ok, so this was definitely
not here when I was growing up.

It's the first place I came to
when I moved back.

It's the easiest thing
to do alone.

Especially when I realized
most people I knew moved away.

So how's it feel being back?

It feels ok, mostly.

It's just a little complicated.

Is that because of Maddie?


It's ok.

I'm the one that messed up.

We had our whole lives mapped
out but I guess work took over.

It still feels like there's
something there, man.

Unfortunately I don't think
you get another shot

at something that great.

I'm gonna get us some water.


For the interior
that's as low as I can go.

And I'll have Luke
send you his quote.

But knocking walls down
is fairly simple.


Thank you.

I just need to make sure I keep
everything as tight as possible.

So do you feel better now?



About what?


Well, he said he's gonna talk

to the country club this week

so you may be one step closer

to that poofy lavender dress.

Well, it's too bad I don't
have it for tonight.

I still don't know
what I'm gonna wear.

Big work party?

I hate to say it...

But it sounds kind of official.

It's not official.

Alex is just...

Hard up for a date.


Yeah, exactly.

Plus, I have to leave early
so it's gonna be a short night.

Why would you do that?

Leave early?

Because I still have
to bake six dozen cupcakes.

For tomorrow.

For Emma's fundraising?

You remember.

And now I have to finish
the proposal now

that I have all these numbers.


For a second I thought it might
have something to do with Nate.



Why would I say I
have anything to do with Nate?

I don't know.

You've been spending a lot
of time with him lately.

Yes, on the website.

That's it.

Plus, it's almost over, so...

ok, stop.

You know, just gather
all your swatches.

I'm starving.
Let's go to lunch.

So it's New Year's Eve,
the ball's about to drop,

he's still trying to close
one last deal.

You're a hard worker.

I just think he likes his
year-end above everyone else.

I got the deal signed, didn't I?

Excuse me.

You ok?

You seem a little quiet.

Me? Oh, sorry.

You guys were just talking about
deals and all that's running

through my mind is am I even
ready for Monday?

Are my descriptions good
enough for the website?

And then there's the whole
franchise thing.

I still don't know what to do.

You're gonna be great.

All you have to remember is it's
all about selling yourself.

You talk a big game and there's
no way they can say no.

What if I'm not good at that?

It's all part of the game.

What's that saying?
Fake it until you make it.

Well, again, not really my style
but I'll try.

What're you doing?

It's a little something
I like to call dancing.

If you're game?

Our goal is to restore
what's been damaged

and breathe new life into this
beautiful old community hall.

So dig deep and make
Indian Lake proud.

Thank you all for coming.

Ok, I think that's
the last sketch.

Do you need anything else?

No, I think I'm good.

Ok, then I should get
back to work.

Actually, did you call Tim
at the country club?

Oh right, that.

No, but I will-I will call
right now.

Luke, they only have
a few free dates

left for weddings this year,
and he's your connection.

I'm sorry. I will call.

I promise.

It just slipped my mind.

Every time I try
to make plans...

You know, forget it.

This isn't the place and
you need to go to work, so...

I love you.

I'll call right now.


Ok, so does anybody
wanna see the plans

for the community hall?

I would.

Nate Barzonni.

I was wondering when I was
gonna run into you.

It's good to see you, Sarah.

Is it?

Cause if I were you I'd be
the last person I'd wanna see.

That's fair.

Do you really wanna
see those plans?

Yeah, I do.

So, how was your night?

It was nice.

A bit exhausting, but nice.

I don't know how he does it.

Everything is always so...

Well, he's a money guy.

Yeah, well, I'm more of a pizza

and a movie on the couch
kinda girl.

In sweats.

Well, maybe you can be both.

Oh no.

What? What's wrong?


What's going on?

Why are you hiding?

I'm not hiding.

I... I am just a total cliché.


What're you talking about?
Do you know him?

Know him?

No, but did I have a huge
embarrassing crush on him

in high school?


I was the awkward nerd, he was
captain of the football team.

See what I'm saying?
Total cliché.

That is so cute.

- Cute?
- Yeah.

He didn't even know I existed.

Well, he does now.

Ok, I'm gonna go pick up that
box of spiced ham

and I'm gonna be right back.



That was incredibly awkward.

I'd actually say you're
a real hit.

Your cupcakes are almost gone.

He's still a good guy.

Yeah, unfortunately.

He's been a huge help
with the website and...

No one tells you how to handle
this after all these years.

There's no rule book.

You know, I've spent a lot of
time lately talking to people

about the old community hall.

People with very strong opinions
about how it should be restored.

But the way I see it, you just
need to acknowledge

what it was and enjoy it
for what it is now.

There is no rule, you just have
to do what feels right.

Thank you.

Ok, we have a dozen
cupcakes left.

- We can do this.
- Let's do it.


I have to say, I'm even
impressing myself.

Well, we've got three more
to go so knock yourself out.

Yeah. You know what's missing?

Don't you dare say
chocolate velvet.

No, I wasn't gonna say it.

I wasn't even thinking it.
At all.

I can't believe
it's all happening.


I feel sick to my stomach.

And I don't even know
what to say

about the whole franchise thing.

It's a lot of pressure.

Just be true to yourself.

And know that you're gonna have
a killer website to show.

Maybe not until 2:00 am
but still.

I still can't believe that these
are from your phone.

They're beautiful.

Just wait until I'm done
editing them.

Wait, what're you doing?

No, stop.





I know. I know.

Back to work.

You know, I was thinking...

Ok, that was way too easy
to sneak up on you.

Good morning.


How long have you been here?

Do you really wanna know?

I thought I was early.

It smells amazing in here.

Well, I decided to make
a dozen maple buttermilk,

that's her favorite and
she's getting plenty of it.

And then three dozen of
everything else.

Have you slept at all?

No, I can sleep tomorrow.

Today Christine Benoa is coming
to the cafe

and everything needs
to be perfect.

I don't look tired, do I?

You look great.

So what can I do for you?

Yes, can you go check on
the cupcakes?

I'm just looking over the
business plan one more time.

I'm on it.

Oh no.


What's wrong?

It's the cupcakes!

They're a little burned.


No, not burned, crispy, crispy.

Just crispy.

They can't be crispy,
they're cupcakes.

I know, I'm sorry.

I don't know what to say.

No, no, no, no.
I'm sorry, it's that oven.

I need to re-do them.

What... re-do all of them?

- Where? How?
- At home.

What other choice do I have?
She's gonna be here at 9:00.

You can't do this
all by yourself.

There's not enough time.

What if I come with you?

Who's gonna run the shop
when it opens?

I don't know, but I'm
the only one who knows how

to help you with these.

Actually, you're not.


Hi, Nate?

It's me.

I know it's early
and I hate to ask but

I really need your help.

Ok, so we need to make six dozen
cupcakes for the cafe

and another four for the super
important investor

who's probably already
on her way

and I don't even think there's
enough time in this timer.

Ok, stop.

Deep breath.

We got this.

We got plenty of space.


Yeah, I'm just screaming inside.

Just a little bit.


We got this.

We can do this.

You were right, this space
is a total life-saver.

Thank you.

And your french toast flakes
are pretty perfect.

Maybe I should reconsider
my profession.

I still can't believe
you're a cardiologist.

I mean, that's insane.

Would it be any more insane
if I told you

that my heart really
lies in research?

Did you just make a really
bad medical pun?

Maybe, but I love it.

Did you know there's this
small town in Italy

where nobody has heart attacks?

No one.

It's crazy how much
you can learn from that

and it's even crazier to think
that if this grant goes through

there's gonna be a whole
new research program

for people like me
to geek out on.


And just think.

At 18 you were gunning
for advertising.

I'm pretty sure that thing
dings when it's time.


I just... I can't risk burning
any more cupcakes today.

Do you want me to do
the cinnamon crumble?

You remember all this
like it was yesterday.

I was your stand-in sous chef
for how many years?

But still, it was
a long time ago.

Some things you never forget.

I'm sorry, Maddie.

For everything.

You know what?
It's fine.

We're fine.

Are we?

Well, no, not if you keep
distracting me like this.

I gotta get those
out of the oven.

You were right.

They're pretty perfect.

So we're really fine?

Well, fine-ish.

Does this mean that we can
officially be friends now?

Oh, come on.

It's a small town, you're gonna
have to see me around, anyway.

Ok, I guess we can give it a go.


Under one condition.

Less talking, more frosting.

We gotta get back in an hour.

Where's my spatula?

Over there.
Go grab it.

Nate, I'll admit I was a little
nervous when she called you.

Now I'm just nervous
you're gonna take my job.


But I do think it went
pretty well.

This is not good.

Please don't say that.

What's wrong?

I didn't think about the time.

What do you mean?

It's too quiet in here.

No one gets a cupcake at 9:00
on a Monday morning.

Why did I say yes to 9:00?

She's a smart woman.

I'm sure she knows that.

Besides, it's not like there's
a lot of seating in here.

You only get one shot at this.

I think you're right.

We need warm bodies in here
or it might look kinda sad.

Ok, Nate, can you just stay
here and drink coffee?

That's the beauty of only having
one lecture a week.

I got plenty of time to loiter.

I'm gonna call Sarah,
see if she can come down.

We're only two people.

I don't think that's gonna
do much.

Do you have a better idea?

Who wants a free cupcake?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Alright, everyone have a seat.

Cupcakes on me.

Thank you.

Hi Christine. Welcome.

Thank you.

Ok, be honest.

Is it too early for a fresh
maple buttermilk cupcake?

Ooh, not if it comes with a
very strong side of coffee.

I'm on it.

I'm going to take a look around.
Excuse me.

It's good to see you, Maddie.

Good to see you, too.

So, you're really trying this
whole friends thing out?

I just... I want what's best
for her.

I hate to say it, I kinda
believe you.

How long are you in town for?

Sorry, what?

This is a temporary work stop,

Yeah, I guess it is.

Christine, please.
Right this way.

Let me show you.

The ovens and the coffee maker

have been really
kind to us through the years

but their days
are definitely numbered.

So new equipment.

Yes, that's our first priority.

I don't get it.

Well, it's good to see
that it's so busy,

even in the morning.

Actually, lunch and after school
is our busiest time

but today's been a good day.

Anything else I should know?

Well, the website is up
as of late last night

and I have to say it looks
pretty amazing.


Well, send me a link
and I'll check it out.


It's all updated
in the proposal,

along with the numbers.

My best friend is
an interior designer

so we would be in good hands.

And her fiancé is a contractor.

So, easy for an expansion here
but in terms of franchising...

I'm sorry, can I... can I be
completely honest with you?

Well, you know I
appreciate that.

If the right place comes along,

something exciting like-
like this,

of course I'd be open to
a franchise but for now

I just really want to improve
the original.

Keep the personal touch.

So I just can't promise you
anything beyond that.

Not until I'm 100 percent.

Well, it's probably not what
I would have said

but I am about
bigger and better.

She seemed to really admire
your integrity.

Well, I guess we'll see
by this weekend.

Hey, we should
celebrate tonight.

- Tonight?
- Yeah.

Don't you think
it's a little premature?

You put it all out there,
you worked hard,

I think that's something
to celebrate.

Don't you?

Unless you've got other plans.




I'll send a car for you at 5:00.

Sounds perfect.

You didn't have to bring me
all the way to Chicago.

I would have been fine
with pizza.

Or anything, really.

It's a celebration, isn't it?

How do you feel about oysters?

Excuse me.

Could we start with a dozen
Bay King oysters,

tuna tartare, and the rest
we are still deciding.

Thank you.


Well, if I had more time

I would have made reservations
at La Colonial.

No, no, no.

This is perfect.

I'm still under dressed, so...

You are perfect.

To a very good day and
a very promising start.

To the venture.

To everything.

Especially us.

Am I losing my mind?

I- I wanna feel something, I do,

I just... I also feel like we're
really different.

And you know, the timing
is all wrong.

I just... I need to focus
on the cafe.

I don't think the cafe has
anything to do with this.


This has nothing to do
with Nate.

We're just friends.

Besides, that's another
impossible situation.

So you don't want to be
with him?

Maybe I need to stick
to the original plan.

Focus all my energy into work.

That'll work out better.

I wish it were that easy.


Deciding when and where
you wanna fall in love.

I'm not falling for Nate again.

I know.

That's because you never fell
out of love with him

in the first place.

I just didn't realize it
until now.

Focus, Maddie.
Just... just focus.

This is going to be
the perfect wedding.

I really like this venue.

This is even better
than I remember.

Yeah, the pictures you sent
were great

but in person it's stunning.

It looks nice.

Still no word from Christine?

Don't worry.

It's still early.

So, what do you think?

This place?

It could work.


Are you serious?

This is our wedding day.

It needs to do more
than just work.

Actually, I should get back
to the bakery.

Call me?

Luke, I love you, I do.

You say that nothing's going on

but something is so you need
to figure it out.

Cause I don't wanna feel
this way anymore.

No, nothing-

She said she'd call
by the weekend

and it's almost 5:00.

Well, it is Friday.

Maybe she's busy.

Or she's about to leave
for the weekend.

I think I'll call her.

Don't you think
that's a little...

ok, it's not pushy.

It's just, assertive.

Hi, this is Maddie Strong
for Christine Benoa.

Hey, I was just going
to call you.


I'm so sorry to bother you,
I just-

I didn't want to miss you
before the weekend.

No, no.

I've already come home
for the weekend.

It's fine.

You're anxious, I get it.

So I will make this as quick
and painless as possible.

I took a look at your website.
Well, I love it.

It's artistic and easy to use,
which is a bonus for me,

and as much as my brain
naturally wants to franchise

I think you're right.

We should elevate
what you already have,

expand next door, and we'll see
where we want to go from there.


Thank you so much.

You're welcome.



We got it!

We got the deal!

This is so exciting!

I know!

She said she loved
the website, too.

Ok, we have to celebrate.

What do you think?

Champagne at the Horizon
or pizza at Lou's?

Or you wanna thank somebody
for their help?

What're you talking about?

He was the first person you
called after all these years

and he was right there for you.

I love you, Maddie,
but you don't need to know

where everything is going
before you get there.

He's not gonna be here forever.

As doctors we're lucky.

We have a family.

A community.

We feel linked by what we do.

But not everyone has that.

Not everyone has
that special someone.

Or maybe they did
and they lost them.

Either way, while they're
under our care,

our patients need to feel like
they're a part of our community.

And if you ask me, Indian Lake
is a pretty amazing community

to be a part of.

Thank you.

You're getting pretty good at
this lecturing thing.

You got it, didn't you?

You got the deal?


Hey, you you still up
for that hike?



One hundred percent.

What's in the bag?

You'll see.

Don't worry about it.

All these years later.

It's still perfect.

That's why this is it.

Is what?

The inspiration for the cafe.

I remember coming out here
for a hike not too long

after we broke up so the lake
was a little hard for me still.

And then I got here
and it surprised me.

The view, this spot.

It's beautiful.

And that's when it hit me.

I could still have my dream
right here in Indian Lake.

So you decided to go for it?


I started saving up
the next day.

Baking out of my kitchen.

Selling anywhere I could.

I didn't think you could get
any more amazing,

but you have.

I don't know about that.

I do.

You got me a cupcake?

Not just any.

Chocolate velvet?

This is the best thank you ever.


I just... these last few weeks,

I didn't expect to feel
all this.

But it's all still right there.

I know.

You do? Really?

Well, what if this is just
nostalgia what we're feeling?

Then we'll find out.

I know it's a lot to process.

I just want to spend
more time together.

I can still picture growing old
with you.

That's never changed
after all these years.

It just took me coming back here
to finally realize it.

You only have two more weeks
of work.

Maybe I can stay on.

Don't say that, Nate.

Not if you don't mean it.

They need cardiologists here.

They've already mentioned it.

I just have to find the right
moment to bring it up.

What do you say?

Can we at least try?

And see?

No, I think that's a great
direction to go.


Thanks, Steven.

You signed the deal, didn't you?

Construction starts next week.

Can you believe it?

That is amazing.

Maddie, congratulations.

I think we should
really celebrate now.

La Colonial?

I'm sorry, Alex.

I just... I just wanted to come
talk to you in person.

You just want pizza?

Look, you're amazing.

And you deserve someone
who wants what you want.

Who loves what you love.

I just don't think that
that's me.

It's ok.

I get it.

I'm sorry.

Some things just work out
better than others, right?

Yeah, I guess they do.

Will you still be able to come
to the re-opening,

whenever that is?

I will try.

How's that?

That's good.


Hi, how are you?


Morning. Welcome.

Pass that down over there.

I can't believe the walls
are coming down.

It's all happening.

It certainly is.

I am so happy for you.

Well, the big re-opening
is gonna be

a big coming out for you.

It's gonna look amazing.

I meant about that.

Do you think I'm crazy about
giving him another chance?

I mean, I don't know
how it's gonna go, but-


Are you happy?

I am.

Then trust in that.

Well, I should say
the same to you.

I think it's time to break
the ground.

Is that the right saying?



It's amazing.

I don't even need coffee here.

The cold air just wakes
you right up.

I forgot how much I missed that.

I need coffee.

Lots of coffee.

You look happy today.

You trying to say I don't look
happy other days?

You know what I mean.

It must be all that good pizza
I've been eating.

Yeah, somehow I don't think
that's what it is.

You know what?

You're right. It's not.

- Dr. Caldwell.
- Nate.

Sorry, I was I was hoping

I could talk to you
about something.

It's important.

Well, great timing.

I'm sorry?

Well, I want to talk to you
about something, as well.

The grant went through

for Dr. Langston's
research program.

He's asking for you
in Boston right away.

So he just called this morning?

He said he wanted to run it
by me first just to make sure

I was ok with it.

With my leaving early?

Just cutting your course a week
short so that you could take

advantage of this
great opportunity.

Phil will give you all
the details this afternoon.

Nate, you deserve this.

I just never thought that
this would happen so soon.

Well, it has.

And as long as you're willing
to start pretty immediately.

How immediately?

Training starts Monday.


Are you ok?

I'm sorry.

This just is not how I thought
today was gonna go.

Wait, you said you wanted
to talk to me about something,

as well, didn't you?

I did.

So what is it?

What do you think?

You look beautiful.

About the cupcake.

It might be a tad sweet.

Thank you for always being
honest with me.

About everything.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I'm serious.

This is the first hot dog
I've had since med school.

You really ate them every night?

Maybe every other night.

I mean, I was so busy, I just
thought what can I grab

in ten seconds or less?

You've always been
a hard worker.

Sometimes too hard.

Maddie Strong.

What on earth are you
doing here?

And with Nate Barzonni?

You didn't know we were coming?

Of course I did.

I talk to her every day.

Where's Luke?


Sorry, I just got off work.

Can we talk?

Excuse me.


So what do you wanna do?

Do you wanna do
chocolate bananas

or you wanna keep it savory?

Follow me.


Look, I know you're frustrated
with me and I get it.

But my parents have been
together for over 36 years.

What does that have to do
with us?

I've always wanted
what they had.

But they had a really
long engagement.

So maybe subconsciously
I wanted the same thing.

I don't know.

But it doesn't matter now.


Because I've already found
what they have in you.

So if we get married tomorrow or
next summer it doesn't matter.

We'll figure it out.

Now, call me crazy,

but I've never actually had a
persimmon cupcake before.

But I'd be willing to try,

as long as you don't run away
from me this time.

I haven't been running away.

Ok, maybe a little.

But at least I remembered you.

The Wildcats?

Wait, did we go to
high school together?

Still not ringing a bell.

Their truffles were good but
it's hard when your cupcakes

are so much better.

You're just saying that.

Can I say I'm a fan?

Is this for us?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I just didn't realize we were
gonna eat so much en route.



Thank you.

I guess I just wanna say
thank you to you, too.

These last few weeks have
been everything to me.

And I'm gonna do everything
I can to keep that going.


Something came up this morning.

I thought you went to talk
to Dr. Caldwell.

I did.

And I know this may
not sound great,

but you remember that research
program I was telling you about?

The huge grant that they're
applying for just went through.


And Dr. Langston wants me
to be a part of his team.

But it means I would have
to leave.



To go where?


Are you serious?

So you go in to talk
about staying here

and you come out leaving?
On Monday?

I didn't say yes.

But you're going to, aren't you?

I don't know.

I feel so stupid.

I should have known
this would happen.

What're you talking about?

The minute I let you in again
you find a reason to leave.

That is not true.

Oh yeah?

Then why are we in the same spot
we were 10 years ago?

I need to go.

I wasn't looking for this,

I wasn't looking to leave.

You never are.

I don't know what to do.

This is an opportunity
of a lifetime.

And I'm not?

I love you, Maddie.

And I love you, too.

That's why I want you to do
what you were meant to do.

And I'll do the same. Here.

Alright, I'm just gonna
come out and say it.

The air is not gonna be half as
clear where you're going.

You know what?
You're probably right.

You sure you have to go?

It appears so.

Well, it's been a pleasure,
Dr. Barzonni.

Even if you're bailing
on us early.

You need to start calling
me Nate.

Ok, Nate.

Well, you know where to find us
if you ever wanna come back.

One more thing.

I know you're shy.

You should just ask her
out already.

Who, Chloe?

You don't wanna miss
something great.

Dr. Barzonni?

Someone left this here for you.


This morning.

You did such a good job,
this looks amazing.

- It's so good.
- It turned out great.

It did, it really did.

I still can't believe you warmed
up to a winter wedding.

I'll admit, it's not exactly
what I pictured

but it does feel pretty perfect.

Even with snow.

Hey, do you think you could
spare six hazelnut caps to go?

Well, our re-opening isn't
until tomorrow

so I think you can have
as many as you like.

I think we'll stick to six.

Hey, for the record,
they're not all for me.

Oh, no?

What can I say,
wedding planning is stressful.

They really help.

I'm sorry.

So am I.

Hey, Chloe?

Can you put six hazelnut
cappuccinos to go, please?


Thank you.

I've always prided myself
on overtime.

If you keep up these hours
you might just lap me.

It's just an old habit, I guess.

So are you settling in nicely?

I'm adjusting.

But do you like it here?
It's a very different thing.

I'm sure I will.


Well, with all the work we have
on our plate

I'm sure you won't even notice
one way or the other.

Yeah, that's the problem.

Are you ok?

I'm not sure that I am.

Here we go.

The place looks great.

It's almost time to officially

Well, let's get
this party started.

I can't believe you turned me
into a cake person.

This looks great.

Well, it's all because of you.

Money is not what made
this place great.

You and I both know that.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Excuse me.

Yeah, of course.

Did you try one?

They're delicious.

Excuse me.

I gotta go soon.

You bet.

I am very pleased.

You're right.

I didn't remember you
from high school.


But I have not been able to stop
thinking about you

since the day that
I walked in here.

I just didn't know how
to say that.

Until now.

So I was wondering if maybe
you'd wanna start over again?

From, like... now?


I'm Chloe.

I'm Charlie.

You look beautiful.

The place looks amazing.

I- I can't do this again.

Me neither.

That's why I'm here.

I told you I won't do
long distance.

I know.

That's why I'm here.

For good.

What're you talking about?

I know I said that it was
a dream job.

I was wrong.

It doesn't mean anything
if the life that I want

is here with you.

But you just started.

They have plenty of amazing

And my lectures went over
really well here, so...

So they offered you a job?

And I accepted.


I told you you wouldn't get rid
of me that easily.


This is everything that I want.

And if you'll have me I promise
I'll spend the rest of my life

making sure you feel that.

It was always you, Maddie.

What're you doing?

I think you may have
misplaced this.

Just think.

I can be your tech support.

I do need that.

Your sous chef?

Only in a pinch.

So what do you say?

Can we do this?

All in?


Yes. It's always been yes.