The Swap (1979) - full transcript

Vinnie gets out of jail after serving 10 years and tries to find out who killed his younger brother - played by a young Robert de Niro.

[music playing]

[emergency sirens]


[phone ringing]

Luigi-Kenetti Motors.

What did you say?

All right, I guess.

Cheese, I can't.

I've got, um, seven hours to go.

But what do you mean?
I wanted a job in film, right?

So how is Erica?

Beautiful, what time?

Hmm, hmm, hmm, could
you make it noon?

Oh, all right, all
right, yeah, I'll try.

All right, yeah, see ya.

[dramatic music playing]

How long, Vito?

An hour and 37 seconds,
I'm counting down.

A real short timer.

I'm so short, this is
going to be my last cigarette

in this joint.

[music playing]

[interposing voices]

Yeah, it's OK.


Hey, Vits.

What's up?

Nicoletti, Vito, 73958402,
one shirt, gray suit, black tie.

Vito, Vito.

Did you pick up the clothes
I asked you to get for me?

Yeah, everything
is at the house.

My mother's got a feast for you.

We got pasta [italian].

Fine, but, Joey,
I want to make

a stop before we go over there.

Yeah, where to?

I want to go to the cemetery
to see where my mother

and my brother are married.

Sure, Vito, my day is yours.

Yeah, there they are, Vito,
the first two under the tree.

[melancholy music playing]

Hi, Mama.

Hey, Sammy.

I stand here, but I don't
believe it, 25 years old.

Those damn, dirty bastards
snubbed your life out.

I swear to you, my
brother, I swear to God,

I'll find out who
did this, Sammy.

And I'll kill them
with my own hands.

Hey, Pops, the Nicoletti
graves over there,

do you take care of them?

Nicoletti, yes, they had
nice funerals, simple but nice.

My brother's got some
flowers on his grave.

You know who put them there?

Some woman, she
comes every week.

Do you know who she is?

No, but just like clockwork,
she comes every Thursday

morning for years.

She's pretty, young,
and a little gaudy.

Look, I'd appreciate
it if, uh, you didn't say

anything to anybody about this.

Memory is not kind to old men.

Good day.

You're finished now, Vito.

Let's go home and eat.

We've got to
make another stop.

Is Father Testa still around?

Yeah, at the old church.

We'll go there first.

[ominous music playing]

You still looking for
altar boys, Father?

Hey, Vito, Vito, my boy.

Ah, you look good.

Yeah, sit down.

Sit down.

You know, I knew you
were coming out today.

You look wonderful.

You have too much blarney
for an Italian, Father.

The old neighborhood,
it's changed.

Most of the old gang
is gone, your mother.

I never did thank you for
taking care of the funeral.

Her last words were about
you and your brother, Sammy.

The old house,
it's going, too.

There was no one else left.

You were gone.

And, uh, your brother, they--

it's almost $1,000.

It's all I could
get for selling what

was in your mother's apartment.

It's yours.

This was, uh, Sammy's.

A man's whole life
in a cardboard box.

Sammy died for you.

It's best to leave
the dead buried.

You don't understand, Father.

It's not for me.

It's for Mama.

I let her down.

So what will you do if
you find the murderer?

Will you kill?

[music playing]


Are you Erica Moore?

I am.

Please, excuse me.

My name is Vito Nicoletti.

My brother was Sammy Nicolette.

I believe that you knew him.

Yes, I did.

I was wondering
if you could spare

me a few moments of your time.

Well, I don't know.

Look, I've waited 10
years to talk to you.

Please, sit down.

Now, what can I do for you?

Well, I really don't
know how to begin.

You see, when Sammy was
killed, I was in prison.

I just got out this morning.

And I just wanted to get around
to see some of his old friends.

I think I understand.

You'd like to get closer to
the memory of your brother

through his friends.
Is that it?

Yeah, yeah, that's it exactly.

You got a nice way
of putting things.

It's my job.

I work in publishing.

That's what this office is for.

That's very interesting.

Anyway, Mrs. Moore, the last
letter I got from my brother,

he said he was going up to
your house for the weekend.

Three days later, he was killed.

And since you were one of the
last people to see him alive,

I was hoping that for-- for
personal reasons, you know,

if you could tell me something
about his last few days.

People liked Sammy.

He was very personable
and intelligent.

I remember the day we
drove up to the house.

Sammy was reading
a film series book.

[music playing]

What you reading?


The book.

How's your job?

A drag.

I hear you're working again.

Yeah, I'm doing a translation
of Celine's [french].

It doesn't feel like
we're doing 70, does it?

You want the top up?

No, that's all right.

Thank you.

ERICA: When we got to
the house, our neighbors

had prepared a surprise
party for Andrew and me.

Sam was so shy, he
stayed in his room.


Come on out.


[piano music playing]

Where'd you get the dolly?

The what?

I sprained my ankle last winter.

We just forgot to return it.

You look very good.

Thank you.

You got some place here.

I think it's too big.

I broke Andrew up last Sunday.

When we woke up, I
picked up the telephone.

And I said, hello, room service?

Come on.

Let me introduce you.

Aw, can it wait?

Come on.

Please, how about when
they're leaving, huh?

All right.

ERICA: I wanted to
introduce him to the guests,

but Sam wouldn't mix, preferring
to stay in that wheelchair

playing the cripple.

What a little boy.

He even pretended to
limp when he met Carole.

That's Andrew's wife.

Now, you knew that.

No, I didn't.

Was that the first time
that you met this Carole?

Yes, well, no, to be precise--

I saw her briefly once before.

VITO: When was that?

Earlier, on the
way to the house,

Andrew stopped for
cigarettes at a gas station.

Excuse me, a
cigarette machine?

Right inside, sir.

ERICA: Carole was
in a sports car.

Andrew saw her, and I saw him.

He used to have a wandering
eye in those days, coincidence,

I guess.

So Sammy was playing
the cripple for Carole?

Yes, and she fell for it.

She helped him
across the grounds.


It's this, uh, war
wound that acts up.

You seemed all right before.

I know, but it just happened.

That's too bad.

Which war?

Aw, I can't remember.

Come on.
Let's walk.

It'll come to me.

Come on.

Anyway, later Sammy
and Carole came in.

Their clothes were
soaked to the skin.

They had fallen
into the swimming

pool, wheelchair and all.



Come on.
Let's go inside.

I'll get something
from Erica for you.

Don't bother.
I'm fine.


What happened?

Well, uh, you see, we kind of
lost control of the wheelchair.

Well, if you're going
to come to dinner with us,

you'd better change, soon.



Why don't you get
them some towels?

Is he coming?

Sam, there's someone
I'd like you to meet.

He's a producer.

I think he could be helpful.

Can I catch up with you
later, like, after dinner?


You, um, haven't
introduced your friend.

Oh, this is, uh--


I'm Andrew.

This is my wife, Erica.

ERICA: Andrew wanted to
take everyone to dinner

and introduce Sammy to
a film producer he knew.

Sammy begged off.

He and Carole had other plans.

I'll bet.

How do you like it, baby?

[music playing]

There they are.


You did know where we were.

Uh, this is Mitch
Negroni, his wife,

Marge, Dennis Faye, and, uh--

Uh, uh, Christina.

This is Carole and Sam.

Sit down.

What are you drinking?

Uh, scotch and water.

Hey, weren't you in the
wheelchair this afternoon?

That dress looks
really well on you.

Thank you.

It's a little long.

I hope you don't
mind my wearing it.

It's your style.

Here we go.

Perfect, let's go
in for a dance.


Carole, dance?


- Well, I have no doubts.
- I envy you.

Coffee, great.

Can I help?

No, thanks.

We all having some?


Oh, no, thanks.

I've had it.

ERICA: I remember she went
to bed before any of us.

She slept in our bed.

Andrew refused to wake her.

Wake her up.

She's asleep.

I heard you.

Now, stop it.

There's no shortage of room.

We can sleep downstairs.

Now, what's the big deal?

- You tell me.
- Uh, I'll-- I'll get her up.

- Hold it.
- Look, I don't mind.

No, that's not the point.

Now, for tonight, we can
sleep downstairs, can't we?

Of course.



In retrospect, I was acting
like an irate teenager.

Andrew was terribly
insensitive to my feelings.

Anyway, the next
day the four of us

went on a trip on our
neighbor's boat for a cruise.

It all started out as fun.

I was trying to start the
day fresh and forget Carole.

[suspenseful music playing]

Marge, anything for you?

No, thank you.

I'm all set.

Excuse me for a minute.

City College, why?

I wouldn't have
guessed it with Andrew.

You're quite
different, you know.

I know.

I think he, uh,
has designs on you.

Why don't you
say what you mean?

I am.

What you want to
know is what I think.

You know how--

Come on.

Let's go on.

No, I'll wait here.

Do you mind?

Enjoy yourselves.

What's the matter now?

Why do you keep
asking fake questions?


Who is it?


Come in.

When I went looking
for him, he was locked

in a stateroom with Carole.

Everywhere I turned,
I found Carole.

Sammy tried to help, but
he couldn't reach me.

I wouldn't let him.

Sorry I disturbed you.

What is it?

I don't know what to do.

I feel sick.

I feel sick.

Get some air.

I've got enough of it.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Never mid.

I have to get off this thing.

Hey, what's with you?

Herald, going in?


Would you take
someone with you?

Why, sure.

Tell them I
wasn't feeling well.

Look, he didn't vanish.
Give me a minute.

Let me see if I can find him.


CAROLE: I'm busy.

Did you find him?

It's all right.

ERICA: I was put
aboard a passing boat

and returned to shore.

Sammy came with me.

He tried to help.

I'll never forget him for that.

The next day, we came home.

He went to work that night.

I never saw him again.

That's the story, Mr. Nicoletti.

I feel sorry for all of it.

Sammy was a wonderful
man and a talent.

Well, I'm gonna find out
just how talented he was.

He left me a box
of his old films.


May I see them?


Perhaps I may be able
to do something with them,

commercially, I mean.

I tell you what.

They may be nothing.

But when I get around
to seeing them,

if there's something there,
I'll give you a call.

Try to look to the future.

It's what helped me
in my difficult times.

I can't do that just yet.

What's on your mind?

Sammy's killer.

The police said
it was robbery.

Sammy stumbled in on an
everyday robbery and was killed.

That's not the way I
got it, but whatever.

I'll find out the
truth for myself.

So you're going to spend
the rest of your life

tracking down a nameless
killer, blood for blood?

It's an old Italian tradition.

These These are modern
times, Mr. Nicoletti.

No, they're not.

The whole world
understands revenge.

Only in romantic
novels, not in real life.

Maybe so, maybe so, anyway, I
want to thank you, Mrs. Moore.

You've been a very
nice lady to me

for taking your time out to
tell me about my brother.

Maybe I'll see you again.



[suspenseful music playing]

What did we stop here for?

I had to see a
woman who knew Sammy.

She give you any leads?

I don't know.

She told me that her ex-husband
got married to a girl

that Sammy was romancing.

No kidding?

Yeah, makes you kind
of wonder, don't it?

Hey, look, Vito.

You know, this has been a
long day-- the cemetery,

Father Testa, now this woman.

What do you say we go back to
the house, rest up for a while,

you get something to eat, huh?

Yeah, yeah, sure,
Joey, but I gotta

get my own place tomorrow.

I've got too many
things on my mind.

I've got to be alone.

Whatever you say, Vito.


JOEY: Vito.

Come in, Joey.

Everything copacetic?

How do those clothes fit you?

The clothes fit fine.

Hey, look what I found in
the kitchen, imported salami,

penne, and some cold beer.

Gonna have a
little picnic, huh?

Yeah, why not?


Did you get it?

Yeah, yeah, I got
it from the garage.

Let's have it.

- Are you sure about this, Vito?
- Come on.

Let's have it.

Vito, you know,
we've got to get you

back in step with the world.

There's some nice, uh,
warehouse jobs opening

up at the meatpacking plant.

Now the money is good.

And in a couple of
months, I know things

are going to look up for you.

Look, Joey, I love
you like family.

But I gotta do things
at my own pace.

First thing I gotta do tomorrow
is get back to that cemetery,

see if that girl shows
up at Sammy's grave.

OK, I'll, uh,
I'll drop you off.

But then after that, we'll
take a ride by the plant, OK?

Yeah, we'll see.

[music playing]

Was he a friend of yours?

Who are you?

Hey, don't get sassy.

I just asked you
if Sammy Nicoletti

was a friend of yours.

Hey, look.
Wait a minute.

I want to talk to you.
- Hey, get your paws off, man.

Hey, now wait a minute.

Hey, look.

All right, look.

Come any closer, and I'm
going to cut you deep.

Just take it nice
and slow, will you?

All I want to do is have a
little conversation with you.

Mm-hmm, yeah, I bet.

You're some kind
of weirdo creep.


What's that about?

670-XCK, we've got to
get a make on that car.

Yeah, Nicigio, he's
with the repo boys.

I get it.

Let's go.

Now, look.

Before you start going crazy
and pulling out knives,

I want to tell you
I'm Sammy's brother.

Sammy's brother?

I didn't know Sammy
had a brother.

Well, he does, and I'm him.

Well, why didn't you
tell me that before?

Because you didn't
give me a chance.

You just drove away.

How did you find me here?

I got friends.

Well, what do you want?

Well, for openers,
I want to know what

your relationship with him was.

We was just friends.

Just friends?

You mean to tell me you go to
a guy's grave for 10 years,

and you're just friends?

Yeah, something like that.

You're a bad liar, baby.

It's written all over
your face like egg.

You were romancing Sammy, right?

Yeah, we was
seeing each other.

Hey, my math ain't so good.

But you look to me
to be a young girl.

10 years ago would have made
you, what, 12, 13, maybe?


How'd you meet
my brother, anyway?

I was in his porno flicks.

What did you say?

You didn't know about
Sammy's porno flicks?

Well, look.

I was young, and, uh, Sammy
was the nicest person I knew.

He didn't want me
in those movies.

But, well, I didn't have any
other way of getting money.

So I made Sammy use me.

If you were so
tight with him, how

come you weren't with him that
last weekend before his death?

Well, it was just
fancy people, you know,

important people.

I mean, Sammy would
have taken me with him.

But I just figured I
shouldn't interfere.

Now that's it on the questions.

Hey, look.

Could you do me a favor, please?


I ain't got no place
to stay, and I need

to find a motel room somewhere.

Can you give me a lift?


[music playing]

Sign says vacant.

Well, thanks for the lift and
the liquor stop, Vivian Buck.

You know, I like your
name, Vivian Buck.


Sammy liked it, too.

He gave it to me.

Well, see you around.

I'd like to.

You like me?

Why are you asking me that?

I don't know.

It's just a throw-away question.

Well, I could.

OK, then I'll see you around.

Well, how about
breakfast tomorrow?

You got a date.

[music playing]

[water running]

I didn't know I had a fan club.

I knocked, but you
were in the shower.

Next time, I'll remember
to latch the door.

Let's skip the
formalities, copper.

You got a name?

Benson, Lieutenant
Benson, homicide.

I'm impressed.

Word is you're looking
around for Sammy's killer.

Well, I'm here to
tell you, go easy.

Don't go causing any trouble.

You've got a mean, dang
old temper, Nicoletti,

and I wouldn't want it hurting
any innocent taxpayers.


I ain't dumb.

That's what you say.

I can't stop you
from poking around.

But if you find something, be
a real good boy and call me.

If you don't, I'll
take it personal.


Like a tail light.

Is that it?

Yeah, for now,
just don't forget.

How can I forget when you
keep reminding me not to forget?

Let me talk to Dominic.

Hello, Dom?

Vito Nicoletti, yeah, I
just got out yesterday.

I'll tell you all about
it when I see you.

Look, Dom, I need a
favor, the address

of a guy named Andrew
Moore, right, the guy

who's running for governor.

Yeah, you can get back to
me at this number, 761-7168.

Thanks, Dom.

MAN (ON TV): --then
went to Geneva

and paid more than $8
million for the diamonds.

[dramatic music playing]

Vito, Vito.




Hey, help me, somebody!

Somebody, help.

Come here.

My-- my friend's been gassed.

Knock it down.

Vito, Vito, come on.

Get up.

Come on.

Help me.


Vito, Vito, are you all right?

Some water.

My God, what happened?

Somebody tried to gas me.

As soon as I get dressed,
can you give me a lift?

Sure, Vito, anything
you say, anything.

I'll be back in
about 10 minutes.

Vito Nicoletti to
see Andrew Moore.

Follow me, please.

Mr. Nicoletti to see you, sir.

Oh, won't you sit
down, Mr. Nicoletti?

- Thank you.
- I'm Andrew Moore.

I was expecting you.

How's that?

Erica rang me up and
said you were looking

to meet Sammy's friends.

I naturally assumed you
would pay us a visit.

Uh, Paul, would you bring
some iced tea, please?


Now, what can I do for you?

I just wanted to ask you what
your connection with my brother


Sammy was a very promising
young film director.

Yeah, I know.

He made porno films.

Oh, really?

Well, when I first met him,
I was a financial broker.

And I had clients
who wanted to take

high-risk, fun investments.

A young attorney I
knew introduced me

to this promising, young film
director who was just beginning

his career in the
business and was

looking for capital investment.

That director was Sammy.

We met, became friends,
and I was impressed

with him and his talent.

So I invested in
several of his projects.

They made money,
and Sammy was making

his living in the business.

He loved making films,
couldn't leave it alone.

When I called him to invite
him for that last afternoon,

he was in the editing
room working late.

Wasn't that the
place he was murdered?

Yes, it's tragic, really.

He was so enthusiastic
about the weekend.

I could tell it in his voice.

Had I known it was
to be his last,

I would have tried to make
a better time of it for him.

VITO: I don't follow.

Oh, Erica and myself,
we were having troubles.

And, well, I knew I was going
to have to watch myself.

VITO: But what did it have
to do with my brother?

We drove up the
following morning,

Erica, Sam, and myself.

I remember, I had a new
Cadillac convertible,

and I was really
getting the feel of it.

Erica and Sam were enjoying
their conversation, philosophy.

I was bored with it.


There's nothing frightful
in us and on Earth and perhaps

in heaven above except
what has not been said,

once and for all time, Celine.

ANDREW: We arrived at
the house that afternoon

to discover our neighbors had
arranged a surprise party.

It's away from the pool,
so it's generally quiet.

It's fine.

If you don't like
it, there are others.

It's fine.

Are there any girls out there?

I hope so.

Anyway, they're all over town.

I know, but I'm here.

I'll see what I can do.

Uh, would you shut the door?

Excuse me, Mr. Lee.

Any Any time.

Where's Sam?

I don't know.

In the house, I guess.

Did you ask him to come out?



The next day, one
of our neighbors,

Mitch, invited us for
an afternoon cruise.

Sam seemed to be
having a good time.

[music playing]

Hey, I'm glad
you could make it.

I just hope I do.

I think we all will.

More people than I
planned for, as usual, hey,

you two, come on.
Let's have a drink.


Come on.

Well, the next
afternoon, we came home.

Sammy left for work, and that
was the last we saw of him.

Erica and I were
in shock for weeks.

Such a senseless killing,
the whole affair is so--

so very tragic.

Please, accept my
condolences, Mr. Nicoletti.

Thank you.

I understand we
have a guest, Andrew.

Yes, we do.

Mr. Nicoletti, this
is my wife, Carole.

How do you do?

I understand that you were
Sammy's girlfriend the weekend

before his death.

That's right.

That's when Sammy and I met.

He was a lot of fun.

I'm sorry.

The odd turns of fate, Vito,
I met Carole because of Sammy.

I suppose one could say every
dark cloud has a silver lining.

We were married a
year and a half later.

Well, I guess belated
congratulations are in order.

I'm just very, very sorry
for you, Mr. Nicoletti.

Well, for all of us, we
all loved Sammy very much.

Well, you've been very kind.

And I'm sorry to have barged
on you like this, but--

No, no, no, that's
quite understandable.

Now if there is
nothing more, Vito,

I'd like to get back to my nap.

Yeah, by all means,
get back to your nap.

If there's anything else
I need, I'll let you know.

What else could there
be, Mr. Nicoletti?

Answers, Mr. Moore, answers.
Mrs. Moore.

I wonder how much he knows.

Well, we'll just
have to find that film.

Ready, baby?

This day is full of surprises.

You're disappointed?

I don't know yet.

All I know is I got a headache.

Why don't you take an aspirin?

I would, but I don't have any.

Here, try one of those.

French, it'll get
rid of your headache.

I take them when I
get my monthly pains.

I get 'em bad.

You'll feel better soon.

You know what I like?

Mayonnaise and peanut
butter sandwiches.

I know some people who get
off on chocolate pudding.

It's been 12 years
since I had a mayonnaise

and peanut butter sandwich.

Now that's what I call cruel
and unusual punishment.

At least it's unusual.

Tell me, what does a man do
for 12 years behind bars?

He does a lot of thinking.

Is that why you came here?

That was the question
I was gonna ask you.

I've heard, uh, all
kinds of things about what

cooped up men do in prison.

Does that turn you on?

Are you gay?

Sure, but I'll show you
what kind of guy I am.

I'm going to make
it with you anyway.

OK, I like a party.

Is the door locked?

Forget the door.

I like a woman that
gets to the point.

Have you forgotten
how to do it?

I'm betting on
you to remind me.

Hey, I can take
my own pants off.


[loud beeping]

[dial tone]

Joey, Vito, some broad I was
with slipped me a Mickey.

Never mind.


That package I left with you,
it's got the name and address

of a film lab on it.

Can you get it for me?

11232 Santa Monica
Boulevard, listen.

Can you meet me
there in 45 minutes?

No, grab a cab.

It's quicker.

Right on time, Joey.

Want me to hang around?

No, you go home.

Care of business.

I'll grab a cab.

Vito, call if you need me.

I got this old film.

I want to take a look at it.

Do you want to
book a screening?

I don't know.

If that's the only way
I get to look at it,

then that's what I want to do.

Let me take a look.

This yours?

It's my brother's.


It's pretty
sticky stuff, porno.

Is that a problem?

Eh, not anymore, but the film
looks like it's been to hell

and back.

The sprockets are all ripped.

It needs a lot of work.

Well, just do
the best you can.


Nicoletti, look, this stuff's
got your company's name on it.

Does that mean the original
work on it was done here?

Not necessarily,
everybody's always changing

boxes and film cans, you know?


I mean, if you really
want to find out,

why don't you go in
the office and ask

Marge to check the records?


Don't mention it.

VITO: Marge was very helpful.

She dug in the files
until she found Nicoletti.

In there, I found copies
of papers documenting

all of Sammy's work.

It covered a few years.

So at the end of
the stack, I found

a couple of interesting things.

An invoice made out to
Sammy said he dropped off

some negatives for
processing and printing

two days before he went on
that weekend 10 years ago.

Attached to that invoice was a
paid receipt for the processed

film and negatives.

It was signed in what appeared
to be Sammy's signature.

Everything seemed nice and
neat, except for one thing.

It was dated two days
after Sammy's death.

How so can I see this stuff?

Well, it'll be ready
in a couple of days.

I need it quicker than that.

Uh, well, I think we
can have it ready for you

by this afternoon.

BENSON: Hello, Vito.

Hello, Lieutenant.

What's new?

I hear you're moving
around, seeing people.

So what's the big deal?

It's a free country.

Depends, Vito,
just how far you're

going to push this Sammy thing.

I'm telling you, leave it alone.

Believe me, Lieutenant.

It's the furthest
thing from my mind.

Don't play me the fool, Vito.

You've got that devious
Diego brain of yours

looking around for every angle.

Is that it?

All right, smart
guy, play it your way.

But you cross the line,
and I'll have your Guinea

ass right back in the slammer.

Got it?

Thank you, Lieutenant.


I want my money back.

How so?

Those headache pills
you gave me didn't work.

Where's your friend?

Get in, darling.

I want you to drive.

I'd love to, but I
don't have a license.

Don't worry.

I know all the police in town.

I'll bet you do.

Where to?

You should see the view.

I knew I thought you liked me.

I did, for about 15 minutes.

See what desperation
does to you?

Are you going to tell me
why you brought me here?

The film, I want it.

Film, what film?

The one you told
Erica you had.

Oh, that film, you
got it all wrong, baby.

Sammy left that film to me.

Everybody wants that film.

I guess I gotta see
what's on it for myself.

If I tell you why,
will you give it to me?

Scout's honor.

You're lying.

You mean you don't
trust a boy scout?

An ex-con.

You could be a murderer.

You're crazy.

Get out.

I don't figure.

Your husband's practically
a shoe-in for governor.

And you go seducing
me, ransack my room,

and now you kidnap me for a
few lousy rolls of porno film.

Porno film, that's it, ain't it?

Sammy must have had
you and Erica on film.

That must have
been some weekend.

You wind up with
Andrew, and Erica

winds up with a big alimony
and a successful business.

And everybody's happy.

You killed my brother because
he wouldn't give you that film.

You knew that Andrew
wouldn't marry you if he

knew you did a skin flick.

You'd be a liability as a wife.

You're wrong.

Well, maybe you
and Erica killed him.

After all, she had
a lot to lose, too.

Her career would be at
stake if she had a scandal

like that against her.

You're only part right.

Andrew and I were together
before that weekend.

We just put on a little show
for the social register,

but we made a mistake.

What mistake was that?

At the gas station on
the way to the party,

Andrew stopped for cigarettes.

I was there, too.

Erica saw me, but she
never put it together.

We played Erica for the loyal
wife, and she fell for it.

Andrew had promised to marry
me after he divorced Erica.

But Sammy's blackmail
got in the way.

Andrew had to stall the
divorce, but I was impatient.

I was onto a good thing.

I was just to seduce Sammy
away from his blackmail

and, with luck, get
my hands on that film.

This place reminds
me of a scene

in a French movie I saw once.

It really knocked me out.

[piano music playing]

CAROLE: The plan was going well.

Sammy was falling for it,
until that day on the boat.

I made two mistakes.

The first one was letting
Erica see Sammy and me

together in a locked cabin.

Are you getting up?

I'm happy where I am.

CAROLE: I knew it would
drive Erica crazy.

I couldn't help myself.

Erica was hurt deeply.

The second mistake
was more unforgivable.

When Erica was transferred
to the passing boat,

I thought Sammy would be sick.

I was in such a hurry
to get at Andrew--


--I didn't count on Sammy
coming back to look for me.

But after Sammy looked all
over the boat for Andrew

and couldn't find him, he
knocked on the cabin door.

I couldn't let him in.

Sammy knew Andrew
and I were together.

I had to move fast
to get that film.

I need that film.

Are you going to give it to me?

I guess I don't
have much of a choice.

But we gotta go back
into the city to get it.


I'll be a few minutes.

What is it, mi--

I want to know
who killed Sammy.

Are you crazy?

Yeah, I'm crazy.

You know Carole knew.

She's lying.

That bitch is dead.

She wanted the film, the
film you told her about.

I want to know who
killed my brother.


[dramatic music playing]


You got that film
ready for me to see?

Well, no miracles,
Mr. Nicoletti, but you

can take a look.

Screening room 3 down at the
end of the hall, just sit down,

and Harry will roll the film.

When do they start this thing?

You have to push a button.

Here, I'll do it.


[heavy breathing]


Hey, wait a minute.

That's Andrew Moore.

Yeah, yeah, it looks like him.

Stop this thing
and get that film.

I'm going to pay that
guy another visit.

[music playing]

There's no one left
to help you, Moore.

You're making a mistake.

You made the only mistake
when you killed my brother

to get that skin flick.

I thought Erica and Carole
were the only freaks.

One was a blackmailer, the
other one a greedy slut.

Vito, look.

I'll-- I'll give you money.

Anything, name your price!

How much is it
worth to you, Moore,

to keep the public from
knowing that you're a murderer

and a fag?

Whatever you want,
Vito, whatever you want!

You didn't have enough money.

[music playing]

How are you feeling, babe?

My guts are burning up.

Did you do it?

Yeah, I did it.

I ain't gonna make it, baby.

No, no, you're gonna make it.

We're gonna go to the mountains,
and I'll get you a doctor.

See, I know this little place up
there that we can go and hide.

Nobody will know us there.

You just gotta hang on
just a couple of hours.

Vito, I love you.

[music playing]