The Swan Princess: Royally Undercover (2017) - full transcript

After mysterious visitors arrive in the Kingdom, Princess Alise, Lucas and their friends go undercover on a secret spy adventure to see if they can be trusted. They will need all of their superior detective skills as well as some super cool gadgets to solve the royal mystery and save the Kingdom.

I can smell it, can't you?

I sure can. It smells
just like your sweet tea.

And your breakfast scones.

Heh. That's because it's epiliña.

Spice of spices.

Ha! Look. It just grows wild.

Whoa, there Ferdinand. There's
a lot more where that came from.

Wow, how much can we take home?

After we sign the trade agreement,

you'll have all the epiliña
you could ever want.


May we?


We'll take everything you've got.

Oh! I'm afraid, Count Antonio here

has already spoken for this lot.

Not at all.
It's yours, I insist.

Oh, no. We couldn't.

You mustn't worry about me, princess.

Every year, I manage to go home
with more than my fair share.


But my fair subjects, before we sign

this historic agreement,

allow me a fond reflection.

Ugh! Here we go.

Sold to Count Antonio?


Princess Odette,
I knew your late father,

King William very well.

- I once saved his life in battle.
- Ahem.


Uh... Or rather, he saved mine. Ha.

He was a manly man.

People often said we
looked like twin brothers.

Um... Cousins.

- Ahem.
- Distant cousins.

Ha, ha. Yes,
but that was a long time ago.

Back when I was covered with muscles

and had a thick head of hair.

Ha-ha-ha. Remember, dear,
that hair of mine?

Yes, Your Highness.
My father spoke of you often.

And he would be so pleased
to know we're signing...

- agreement today.
- Derek.

What's-his-tonio bought all the epiliña.

You can't let him do it, Derek.

Oh, no.

Run, Ferdinand.

Our hope is that this treaty...

The dam is breaking.
Quick, get to higher ground.

Oh, no.

My boy. My boy.

I can't find my boy.

Help me, please.

Can you help me find my boy?

Prince Derek. Wait.

Prince Derek.

It's decided then.

As soon as we return to our kingdoms,

we'll raise money to rebuild the dam.

It sure won't be easy.

Or cheap.

And yet, it falls to us.

We must do some good in the world, no?


Your royal highness.

Until we meet again. Hyah!

Take care, my friend.


You took my epiliña.

All the epiliña that could be saved

belongs to you, young chef.

Your Majesty.

Your royal highness. Princess.

And fellow people of our grand kingdom.

Our dear Queen Uberta

will now make a royal proclamation.

My fellow servants and dearest friends.

We don't know the people
of Trumbeau well.

But they are good people,
like you and me. Ha, ha.

I... And they have suffered
a great loss.

I ask that we join together as one.

And give whatever we can to help
rebuild their shattered lives.

♪ All across the world
So many hearts in need ♪

♪ When we help each other
Is when we start to see ♪

♪ Every journey starts
With just one step ♪

♪ Do what you can
And just believe ♪

♪ We are one
When we stand together ♪

♪ We are one
Learn to lend a hand ♪

♪ Through the darkest times
United ♪

♪ We are brighter than the sun ♪

♪ Watch what we can become ♪

♪ When we are one ♪

♪ Like the branches of a tree
Blowing in the wind ♪

♪ We are bound together ♪

♪ By the strength
We have within ♪

♪ Even mountains move ♪

♪ When we all sing
With one voice ♪

♪ Hand in hand we come together
Let us all rejoice ♪

♪ We are one
When we stand together ♪

♪ We are one
Learn to lend a hand ♪

♪ Through the darkest times
United ♪

♪ We are brighter
Than the sun ♪

♪ Watch what we can become
When we are one ♪

♪ Watch what we can become
When we are one ♪

♪ Watch what we can become ♪

♪ When we ♪

♪ Are ♪

♪ We ♪

♪ Are ♪

♪ One ♪

I think a certain someone's old enough

to take these bulbs to market.
Don't you?

I do.

Oh, and, Lucas.
Make sure to tell everyone

that all the money
will go to rebuilding the dam.

And stop by the castle to give
these to Princess Alise.


We'll never stop thanking her
for bringing you home to us.

It's not that.
It's she always invites me in.

So I'm not a prince or anything.

Ha, ha. On your way, son.


I got it.


I'm not dressed to come in.
Don't be silly.

Whoa... Ah!

Where are you going?

I'd hoped he would stay and play.

Me too.

And then the king said,
"Or rather, he saved my life."

Do you think grandfather
really saved him?

I don't know. Papa didn't like
to talk about war.

He looks so nice.

He was nice, very nice.

And if he were here today, he'd
be one very proud grandfather.

What? I've never seen
that before. A new star?

How did I miss that?

I shall name it after my heart's
true love, Uberta.

Uberta P-2-8-5-1-0-7-5-4.

"Hello. Tree Climber here.

Any coders out there?"

Roger that, Tree Climber.

"Skinny Professor here.
Who are you, Tree Climber?"

It's Lucas.

Ha! It's me, Lord Rogers.

How did you learn Alpernian Code?

"I taught myself."

Ha-ha-ha! Clever boy.

Come to the castle tomorrow

and I'll teach you more.



I believe I see Derek and
Odette's kingdom, Count Antonio.

I just don't get it.

I thought Lucas and I
would be best friends.

Don't be too sad, princess.

He'll change,
people change all the time.

Yeah, look at Jean-Bob, he used to be...

A handsome prince, it's true.

Oh, I was gonna say tadpole.

- Ha, ha...
- Odette,

look who's come to visit.

It must be Lucas.

Your royal highness. Princess.

Oh, you have to meet my mother.

Oh, my.

Oh... Your Majesty.

Count Antonio of Borremeo
at your service.

You're so pleased to meet me.

Oh, indeed.

Derek didn't tell me that
you could pass for his sister.


I'm just saying, you've got
a tower of gray hair.

Let's keep it real.

Let's go inside.
Shall we?

Kookoo, Cocoa. Hush now.
We are guests in this kingdom.

My apologies.

They are hunting dogs
who wish they were guard dogs.

A chocolate from Borremeo?

Oh, Borremeo.
You must be Antonio.

Ha-ha-ha. His chauffeur, Bruno.

And you are?


Wow. That's the best chocolate ever.

When you and your parents
come to Borremeo,

I'll buy you bags full.

If I could do magic like him,

I'd make those dogs disappear, pronto.

I am not a dog house.

But who is that fella anyhow?

He's like the uncle every kid wants.

Magic, chocolates and super nice.

But add the scary dogs and he's
like the uncle who shows up

for Thanksgiving in a weird sweater

and he's all sweaty and he's always got

a little food on his face and...

I stop talking now.

So generous. Your people
have donated all this?

I'll bet you've sent even more.

Haven't you?

How many? Two ships? Three?

Oh, I don't know. Four?

Let's talk about your people.

Well, I would like to show you

the gold they've given
to rebuild the dam.

I cannot wait.

You might be wondering
what's on this ship.

Chairs, 122.
Shoes, 300 pairs.

Corn and, uh, rice, 500, uh, bushels.

Beans, all types, 500 barrels.

One hundred shovels.
One hundred axes.

Ow! Oh, we mustn't bore Antonio
with details, Rogers.



No gloves, Uberta?

Let's get you inside before you
get even more liver spots.

I don't have liver spots, Rogers.

She does. Ah!

Oh, my. You pulled me up as if...

As if I were weightless.

Only because it is nearly so,
dear queen.

So Derek tells me
you lost your dear wife.

It is true, years ago.

I am so delighted...
I mean excited...

Oh, no. I'm sad.
Oh, I'm very, very sad.

It is lonely. In fact,

since I arrived here, for some reason,

I no longer wish to be alone.

All of this, donated by your people?

It's enough to rebuild
the dam and the village.

Such generosity.
I beg pardon, Your Highness,

but Miss Margaret says
she's come to make a donation.

Bless your heart, Miss Margaret.

Surely, this woman

needs her money
more than those we are helping?

I could never deny anyone

the privilege of giving.

Within that barrel chest
and those massive arms

beats a tender heart.

Rogers, you wanted to see us?

Are you okay?

Count Antonio is the devil.

The "devil" devil?

No. The Tooth Fairy devil.
Yes, the "devil" devil.

Look what I found in the stable
next to his carriage.

Hmm? The devil does use
a pitchfork, does he not?

Yes, but so do the stable workers.

Well, what about his hat?

He never removes it.

What could he be hiding?
Horns, maybe?

You know who else
wears a hat all the time?

That sweet, little Miss Margaret.

I never trusted that woman.

Ha, ha. Rogers.
And isn't it obvious

he only wears pants to hide his tail?

He's come to hurt us.

To take away what...
What we love.

To take away Uberta.

Now I'm losing her.

I'm sorry, Lord Rogers.

No, no, it's silly.

Of course, I should be happy for
her. He's a man of distinction.

A Renaissance guy,
a washboard-bellied raconteur.

And I'm just a jealous old toad.

- Good night.
- Good night, sweetheart.

Good night...

I'm speechless. Me? Oh.
Your wife? Oh. Oh, Antonio,

I don't know, I mean...
Oh, who am I kidding? Yes.

A big, fat yes.

Queen Uberta has fallen
in love with you.

She can't possibly
think I would marry her.

You know me, I'm a flirt.


Do you think she heard us?

I knew it. I knew Antonio
was a rapscallion.

Didn't I say it? Ah!


I don't understand
how love works, Lord Rogers.

But if Antonio doesn't love her,

why does he compliment her all the time?

And hold her hand.

We must figure out what he's doing

before he breaks her precious heart.

Keep an eye on him around the clock.

You mean, we'll be like spies?

Not like spies. Spies.

And not just you and me.
We need a team.

So how's the young tulip farmer?

Um, great.

- Lucas, we wanna know if...
- Ahem, ahem.

Mm-mm. I suppose it may be a little

boring for a boy who's lived
on an island

full of wild beasts.

It's fine.

Yes, here, every hour
of your day is planned out.

Same thing day after simple, safe day.

Oh. You wanna be a spy?


Could we borrow Lucas for a few days?

Yes. Anything you wish, princess.

We're gonna be so cool.

Now look, General Puffin. We all
understand that you're retired.

I'm all in.

And that your spying days are over.

- Read my beak. I'm in.
- Just hear me out, please.

- He's in.
- He's in.


Oh, usually when you go to
the retired guy, he's reluctant.

- Nope.
- Okay.

What's my cut?

Your cut?
I want 20 percent of the take.

There's no take.
In that case,

I want 50 percent.

We're doing this for queen
and country. That's it.

Okay. I'll take the country
and you can have the queen.

That's my last offer.

Get off that lily pad

and get in line before I serve
your legs for dinner.

When do we start?

There might be a time
when we need something

that looks like a rock.


He can't even keep up in slow-motion.

It's time I shared my secret.

We've reached the entrance.

Hang on.

I hope there's a mattress
at the bottom of this.

A mattress? Ha!

See? I told you the castle was fun.

Let's do that again.

We've got bigger snakes to sizzle.

- Whoa.
- For years,

I have secretly toiled. Sleeping
just 1.3 hours each night,

inventing these tools.

Just in case we need to spy on an enemy.


Cool bow ties.

This may look like a bow tie,

but this little feature
makes it a blow-tie.

Ha, ha!

Meet show-tie, grow-tie,
mo-tie, whoa-tie, and dough-tie.


Just in case you need a snack.

Chocolate chip.

This one's for a young spy
who needs to disappear quickly.

And that is just one of its features.

This is so me.
I'm gonna be the best spy ever.

Well, you might just have
some competition there.

Not to brag, princess,

but my survival instincts
are pretty good.

They didn't help you push
that blow-tie button, did they?

I was just...
Now, remember, we're a team.

Now, everything you need
is in these packs.

Our plan is simple.

Alise, you'll tell your parents
you can't wait

to take all the donated toys
to Trumbeau.

So, then, you'll simply ask if you can.

Of course, they'll say yes.

But on the way to Trumbeau

you'll swing by Antonio's kingdom.

There, you'll figure out
who Antonio really is

and what he's really up to.

Meanwhile, I'll stay here

and make sure he doesn't steal Uberta.

I mean, steal all our secret stuff.

Send me word

and we'll expose Antonio as a fraud.

Do you understand your mission?

Well I, whoosh, to Antonio's kingdom

and, boop, boop, boop,
gather intelligence.

Yes. But "boop" secretly.

Well, I never "boop" any other way.

Good. Better, "Boop, whoosh!"


Take the toys
to the children right away.

I like it. Rogers?

Oh, I suppose it would work.

But who would take you, sweetheart?

Papa and I can't leave now.

Oh, she's right.

There's so much to do.

I think it's a perfect idea.

And if transportation is the
problem, Bruno will take them.

On second thought, maybe it's not...

I insist.

No, it's too generous.

Way too generous.
It's like, generous is here

and your offer is way up here.

Please. To deny me the
satisfaction of doing my part

is to deny the horse
his urge to run free.

Ha, ha. Every word is like
flipping poetry.

Oh! Oh.

Did I say that out loud?

I'm sure the children would love
for Signor Bruno to take them.

Are you sure you can spare him?


He'll be with them
every minute of every day.

Then it's settled.


Kookoo, Cocoa.

Here comes a pro spy move.
Signor Bruno,

you know how you talked about
showing us Borremeo someday?

Yes, princess.

Well, aren't you tempted
to go there now?

You know, before we go to Trumbeau.

Wouldn't that defeat the purpose
to deliver these toys quickly?

I got this.

But if we go there now,
we can get even more toys.

And more toys means happier kids, right?

Whoa, whoa.

You make a good point.

But we already have so many.

And too many toys would only
spoil the children, no?

Hyah! Hyah!

Oh, really, Tony? Oh!

We need to get ears
on that situation, stat.

Oh, you don't say?
Where's my awesome spy gear?

Not necessary. Get out there.

But I will look suspicious.

A frog by the pond is not
suspicious, it's expected.

He'll know I'm spying.
He'll clobber me.

Oh, really, Tony?

Oh, you little thing, you.

It's a long fly ball to center field!

Good technique.

He really rotates those hips.

Are you sure we're headed South?

Trust me.
I grew up in the forest.

Well, you're not the only one, you know.

Then you should know
that moss only grows

on the north side of the tree.

So that's south.

Looks like someone's got
some serious spy skills.

Yeah. Too bad that's poison moss.

Ah! Get it off, get it off.


Oh, no.

"Dear Signor Bruno,
there's something we must do.

Why don't you take the toys
on to Trumbeau?

And don't be scared for us.
Princess Alise."

Ah! Those darn kids.

Find them, but don't hurt them.

Ahh. That feels better.

I feel bad for sneaking off.

You think Bruno knows we're gone yet?

Pretty sure.

What should we do?

I mean, check your spy pack.
Hurry, find that thing.

There's, like, a million things in here.

The thing you click
that goes "Whoosh!"

Click and "whoosh"!

There's gotta be something else in here.

Beef jerky?



They have to bite together
at the same time.


Kookoo! Cocoa!


Skinny Professor to Green Thing.

Come in, Green Thing.

Have you located the target?
Come in, Green Thing.

The name is Bob. Jean-Bob.

Who knew there were little
hallways for frogs

above the hallways for people?

It's called a ventilation system.

What's it for?

Spying, of course.

Ha-ha-ha! Oh, Tony.

Well, I hope you're enjoying the tour.

Target located.

I repeat, Precious Flower is with, um...

Skunk Breath.

Oh, that's it. Skunk Breath.

This room is just for my tan shoes.

How dare you cover those lovely feet?

Oopsie! Those darn keys.

In this kingdom, the king
always carries the keys.

Sometimes I think I'd remarry

just to have someone
carry them for me. Ah, ha, ha!

Now, this old room
I haven't looked in for years.

I can't imagine what would be...

Oh! That's right.

Wedding decorations.

I wonder if they'll ever be used again.

Eh... Ha, ha.

Something's happening.

What? What?

She's moving in for the kill.

Oh, Uberta.

I travel the world far too much
to make a worthy husband.

I can be very understanding.

Oof! Oh, dear. Is there
something you'd like to ask me?

Um... I, uh...

It doesn't really matter
who does the asking. Ooh.

Dear Antonio...

Distract her.

Will you...


Well done, Bob.


Uh... Thank you?

They're gone to Borremeo?

I tried to track them down, but...

Fool! Now those little brats
will nose around

and figure out everything.

Everything was going perfectly.

The flood, the rescue, the flirting.

The only thing left was
hijacking Uberta's ship at sea.

But now I have to change my plan!

Get back to Borremeo

and make sure those little pests
never come back.

Huh. Looks like a good place to start.

Number 9.

Ah... Shoo!

It's all right, Jasper.

Pardon, Highness. Apologies.

Careful, please.
I've only got one life left.

You almost destroyed our kingdom.

At Christmas time no less.

I was in a bad place back then.

Not as bad as the place
you're about to be in.

Because I'm taking you back
to stand trial.

Not by the ears, not by the ears.

Argh! Not by the tail, either.

Whatever you're here for,
I can help you.

I'm a palace cat now.

Oh, yeah.

When you set sail
with your relief ship, Derek,

- may I come with you?
- Of course.

Ready to leave tomorrow?

That brings up a delicate issue.

I'm afraid I...

I have fallen in love with your mother.


Ha, ha. In love with Mother? Wow.

Yes. Uh...

Do you despise me for it?

No, not at all.

It just happened.

It's okay. Now you'll be our
friend and our father-in-law.



I'll excuse myself then.

And practice my proposal.

Ha, ha. Cherries in a cup, my favorite.

He's not going to get away with this.


Uberta, my bathrobe!

Now, the first thing we do

gaze upon my...

My perfection.

All right.

Here's a poor second, but...

Well, we can make this.

What a lovely...

Ah! Oh.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

Up, up.

Oh, my sweet.

Name, kingdom, and cargo.

Captain Lutz from Cumberland.

Permission to unload.
Make it fast.

Sir, sir. A boat's sneaking
into the harbor.

What? Not on my watch.

Where did it go?
It was right here.

Huh? Oh.
Come on, it was over there.

Hey, where are you going?

It was there.
It was really, really there.

You better stop them.

Sir, they were really there.

That was close.

You couldn't keep him away any longer?

You couldn't read any faster?

I read enough.

Antonio's got ships coming
and going all the time.

But he never sent any to Trumbeau.

So Rogers was right.

Sure looks like it.

Then what's he up to?

What's your next idea? Because
there's no sneaking in there.

Who said anything about sneaking in?

It's a castle.

And I'm a princess.

Yeah, but I'm a tulip farmer.

They don't know that.

Oh, no.

Hey, all great spies go undercover.

Wow, you look great.

Prince Lucas.

What's the trouble here, capitan?

No, no trouble, Marquis Nicollo.

It's just the girl here says
she's the granddaughter of...

Queen Uberta.

They, uh,

would like to speak with the king.

I am Marquis Nicollo.

And you are?

Princess Alise.

And I'm sort of Prince Lucas.

What business do you have for the king?

I have a question for him, sir.

Well, why don't you tell it to me

and I'll pass it on to the king?

Why don't you let us in
and I'll ask him myself?

The king is very busy.
Good day, children.

Your Count Antonio has come
to my grandmother's kingdom.

We think he's up to something.

And we're not leaving
until we find out what it is.

How'd you know that would work?

I didn't.

Do I trust Count Antonio?

Yes, Your Highness.

May I ask why you have traveled so far

to have this question answered?

It looks like my grand-mom
is falling in love with him.


And you don't want you grand-mom
to get her heart broken.

Is that it?

Yes, Your Highness.

Ho, ho, ho! Wonderful.

Aren't they wonderful children, Nicollo?

Indeed, Your Highness.

Here's your answer.

There isn't a man more honest
and true than Count Antonio.

And, heh, heh, he'll make
a most wonderful grandpa.

Oh, thank you, Your Highness.

Now you must promise to return
this evening for dinner.

Right, Nicollo?

But of course.

How can we repay your kindness?

If you can find my darn cat,
that would be wonderful.

I sure hope you find my cat.

Well, I didn't know Jasper was missing.

If you find him, bring him to me.

We will.

Count Antonio is honest
and true, is he not?

I could never believe
anything else. It's Antonio.

A thousand times yes, Your Highness.

Good. Good.

So if Antonio's a good guy,

how come there's no record of his ships?

I don't know.
Bad bookkeeping?

It's Jasper.
Here kitty, kitty.

- Puffin.
- Shh!

What are you doing with the king's cat?

He's gonna help us gather intel.

No, Puffin.
Antonio's a good guy.

Rogers was wrong.


- I mean, pasheesh, heh, it's hot.
- All right now,

if you've got something
other than a fur ball,

it's time to cough it up.

I can tell you where to get answers,

but I cannot go with you.

Ha-ha-ha. Sort them out, boys.
Sort them out.

Mackerel this way. Cod that.

Sort them out now.


Just a little taste.

You'll give us away.

So, what's the big deal?
All they do here is sort fish.

Antonio has done it again, boys.

Sort them out, boys.
Sort them out.

How'd he steal all this
from some tiny island?

Because he's the sly-est thief alive.

Just imagine what he's gonna get
from that Queen Ubeka.

Yeah, he'll be coming back
with all her gold any day.

Then that's it, boys.

Speaking of which...

Hey, you gonna have that ready
by the time Antonio comes back?

I don't know.
His plans are crazy.

Figure it out. That thing's
the getaway, you know?

I know, I know.

Hey, get him.

I want his tail.


We've got a special place for spies.

Ha-ha-ha! Enjoy your new home.

Antonio's gonna break Grand-mom’s heart

and take every penny she's
collected for those poor people.

Ah! We hoped it was you.

Thank you. We're starved.

Oh, I thought you might be.

When I heard that you were here,
I thought to myself,

"Those poor children.

"They stuck their noses in

where they should not have."

You're one of them?

If only you hadn't interfered.

But now, well,

now you'll never leave this place.

What? You're a traitor!

Antonio and I have a deal.

I manage the king, and then,
when Antonio comes back,

I get your grand-mom’s gold.

You've got my grandfather's sword.

Do I?

Thanks to Count Antonio,

I've got a lot of things
that don't belong to me.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Rats! Ugh!

Each one is like
a little disease dispenser.

Hello there. I think we found
something you could use.

Oh, yes. Thank you.

Try this.

Which bow tie is this?

What's that supposed to mean?


What? Where'd they go?

The kids have escaped!

There they are.

Just stick with spy boy.

Here they are.
Over there.

Ah! How'd she do that?

I've got your back.

Ha! Over there.

Get them!

You're going back to your cell.

Told you you wouldn't get away.

What are you waiting for?

I don't know what it does.
Who cares?

Maybe it just turns into pancakes.

Why would it do that?

There's one made out of cookie dough.

Ha, ha! See you, guys.

Spread out. Make sure
they don't get out of this city.

No, don't worry.

Number 9 knows how to sneak us out.

And then maybe you've paid
your debt to society.

Oh, sweet freedom.

Let's go.

First, take us to the castle.

I'm not leaving
without my grandpa's sword.

Oh, help me out, boy.

They're as thick as flies out there.

We've gotta go now
if we're gonna stop Antonio.

We'll find a way through.

Let's go get the sword.


Antonio's ready to propose.

But it's not finished.

What's not?

Quick, help me dry it.


I don't see a way through.

I do.

Oh... Ah!

Ha! Ha!



Ha, ha! Oof!

You're not slippery enough
to get out of this one.

You got a move?
Working on it.

Sir, I found the king's cat.


Bring him over, princess.

I was about to do the same thing.

The children send their regrets.

But they decided to return home.



Oh! Thank you, young princess.

Poor boy. What happened to you?

We shall leave you alone, Your Highness.

And I'll make sure
the children get their reward.

Nothing of the sort. I want
to reward them personally.

Whatever they desire.

Name it, child.

It's hard to ask for,

but I noticed that
the good Marquis Nicollo

carries a certain sword.

It once belonged to my
grandfather, King William.

How did...
My grandfather must have lost it

in battle.
And somehow, over the years,

and quite by accident, I'm sure,

it ended up here.

Your Highness, I...

Is there anything else I can do?

I'd love for you
to give us a tour of the harbor.


Especially where they sort
and separate the fish.

Does that truly interest you?

Oh, very much.

I'll call for the carriage.

No need, Your Highness.
I'll take the children.

You're far too busy.

But... Hey!
But... Hey!

- Wait!
- Oh, it's no trouble.

Let go.

Let go.

Follow me.

This'll take us out of the city.

Hey, come on.

You let the children escape?

Well, they're not normal kids, Nicollo.

Find them or else!

Oh, yes, Antonio...

Precious Flower is busy.
Repeat. Precious Flower is busy.

If not a little crazy.

Good work, Bob! Jean-Bob.

Skunk Breath approaches.

My dearest Uberta...

You're late!

I, uh... I'm so sorry, dearest.

What's wrong?
Ugh! It's your breath!

I didn't know.
Well, now you do.

That's why I want you
to leave my kingdom today.

But dearest.
Don't cry, Uberta.

All will be made well
when we are married.

I can't marry you!

But, darling, why?

Because I have leprosy.


You're going to wish you had leprosy

when I get through with you.

He's up to something horrible,
Uberta. I know it.

Like what? Caring for the poor?

Looking like a Greek god?
I don't believe it!

You would never marry him!

This wedding is so on.


- Which way?
- I, uh...

We'll never make it in time.

Antonio's going to take it all.

How high can you fly?

You are looking at the holder

of the altitude record for puffins.

I can still see him.

Then he's gotta go a lot higher.



Now, we just got to hope Rogers

has some reason to look up at the sky.



"Skinny Professor, are you there?"

Brilliant young man.

I'm here.

"Young Tree Climber." Yes!

"Check the treasury."

Check the treasury? Why?

"Don't ask why.

Just go." Oh!

"Everything gone.

Antonio on his way back to you.

Are you safe?"

Don't worry him. There's nothing
he or anyone can do for us.

You're right.

"Perfectly safe."

Oh, thank heavens.

Once Antonio gets here, that's it.

Nicollo's got his money.
He's gone.

We can't let him get away with this.

The getaway!
The getaway!

So Alise and Lucas
aren't at Trumbeau at all?

I'm so sorry, Derek.

I should've asked permission
before sending the children.

I was blind with jealousy.

Looks like we were blinded too.

We should've listened to you.

But you're sure the children are safe?

Perfectly safe, they said.

Then I'm going after Antonio.

I'll stay here in case
they return or send word.

You can't leave without

breaking the news to your mother.


Ugh! I don't envy you.

Whatever that thing is,

we're gonna use it before Nicollo does.

Hey, come on!

Nicollo said get this thing ready to go!

Still don't get this thing.

What's not to get?
It's a submarine.

Nicollo's going to take it out
to meet Antonio,

get his money and sail away.

Get his money underwater?

No, brainless.
This hatch here

hooks up to the bottom
of Antonio's ship.

Those kids escaped!

Oh, no!
Nicollo's gonna blame us!

We'll never get
our cut of the treasure now!

Nicollo wouldn't do that, would he?

I'm not sticking around to find
out. I'm taking my cut now.

Yeah, I'm gonna get mine too!

All we have to do is find
Antonio's ship.

And we'll make sure
Nicollo doesn't get the money.

We'll be all alone.

At least we'll be all alone together.

- Stop! Put us down!
- Whoa!

What are you doing?
What's happening?

I thought you'd be gathering
more toys for the children.

Stop! You don't know
what Count Antonio is up to.

I assure you, I do.

Then how can you do this?

Because sometimes one makes a decision

that can never be changed.

No, Signor Bruno. Please!

I'll be back with Nicollo.

You can share your concerns with him.

- Hey! Where are you going?
- Stop! Stop!

Gold. Gold! Ha-ha-ha.

Sorry, Your Highness,
but you're coming with me.

Run, Jasper!

Alise! Lucas!

Alise! Lucas!

Where did they go?

What's he doing back here?
That can't be good.

No way. I'm not letting that guy
help Nicollo.

- Whoops!
- Ooh!

Ha, ha! Anyone see that?

Always on my feet.
How do I do that?

The sword?

The kids!

Mother, it'll be all right.

Oh, I dread her reaction.

Men and women grieve
so differently, you know?

We'll get the money back.


Give it time, Uberta.

Time is the best remedy
for a broken heart.

It's true.

Time and revenge!

Why can't you do it?

Do you see any fingers here?

Going for a stroll, Your Highness?


Shall we go this way, Your Highness?

Well, when one end doesn't work,
try the other.

- Claw it!
- Huh? What?

You got claws, don't you?


Yeah, great idea.

I'll be done some time in November.


You have to pretend
that rope is Nicollo.

That rope ruined your comfy life!

That rope turned you from
a palace cat into an alley cat!

Oh, it won't be long.

It's now or never.
Let's do it.


Oh, yes. Antonio's
been hard at work for years.

It's only fair
that he becomes the new king.

We'll wait here for Antonio,

and then you and I are going on a trip.

Excuse me.
You do realize we're going down?

I'm working on it.

Whew! I like how you waited
until the last second. Not!

Starboard 20 degrees.
20 degrees starboard.

They were right.
They're made to dock.

Okay. Let me try.



Back down! Back down!

Oh. Okay.

Let's try it again.




Ha, ha. I bow to your
superior spy skills.


Now you're the king's dogs.

Who's good with the tail?

Look at them.
Nightmares with tails.

What's wrong, boys?

What's down there, huh?

Wait. Where's Number 9?

Over here!

This way.

Back up, boys. Let me open it.

Come on, Number 9!

Rats! Aah!


After them, boys!
Go get those rats!

You little brat!


Go, Alise! Go!

You must go.
Not so fast!



I'll deal with you later.

Now I know how you felt
when I disappeared years ago.

♪ Are you safe? ♪

♪ Are you there? ♪

♪ These simple words ♪

♪ A mother's prayer ♪

♪ I reach for you,
And you're not there ♪

♪ I close my eyes,
And I still see you ♪

♪ All I ask ♪

♪ My humble plea
Is that you'll find your way ♪

♪ Home to me ♪

Enjoy your gold
at the bottom of the sea!

I'll take care of him.
Be right back.

Mother? Wow!

You can leave me at the altar
a thousand times,

but no one messes with my granddaughter.

Watch me.

Next time, you're getting
the side with buttons.

Bring it, Pony Tony!

So you staged everything.

You're just getting that?
You're slow, Derek.

We'll see about that.

So it was you who broke the dam!

Child's play.
Risky strategy.

Never doubted my ability.

You won our trust. You lied.

You mother was a fool!

Sic him!

♪ Are you near? ♪

♪ Are you far? ♪

♪ The questions burn
Inside my heart ♪

♪ I would give all I have
To bring you home ♪

♪ To have you near me ♪

♪ All I ask
My humble plea ♪

♪ Is that
You'll find your way ♪

♪ Home to me ♪

You stole money from desperate people.


And tried to hurt everyone I love.

All right! All right! I confess all!
I submit to your will!


I never heard you say,
"Will you marry me?"

- Um...
- Say it.

Will you marry me?

Not in a million years,
ha, ha, ha, you weasel!

Let's find Alise.


You might have broken a lot more
than your leg, you know.

Better me than you, princess.

I bow to your superior spy skills.

And so it ends.

You and Antonio are not the only
ones who can scheme and plan.

Ha, ha. You?

Pretended not to know anything.

Because, you see,
if even I couldn't believe

that the great Count Antonio
and Marquis Nicollo

would betray their king,

neither would my people.

Men as popular as yourself
need to be caught red-handed.

Take him away.
With pleasure, Your Highness.

I'm deeply sorry for some of the
things I said to you, Uberta.

Oh, nonsense.

Your wonderfully childish
jealousy saved this kingdom.

As did your eye-batting,
twitterpated schoolgirl routine.

Let's not talk about it.

Let's not. Ah!

"My leg is much better.
Thank you, princess."

And she responds, "Then please
come to the castle tomorrow."

Well, come on, Young Tree Climber.

Let's bury the hatchet.

Will you marry me, Lord Rogers?

"I'd love to."

Oh! Yes!
Yes! Ha-ha-ha!

I got it.

Welcome to the castle, Prince Lucas.

Hello? That's your cue!

Welcome, Lucas!

♪ I believe in you,
You believe in me ♪

♪ We can be ourselves,
Who we're meant to be ♪

Alise told us what you did
for her on the ship.

You're a hero, Lucas.

No, just a tulip farmer.

Maybe on the outside.

But on the inside, every inch a prince.

Yes, Prince Lucas.

♪ I was born to be me ♪




♪ I was born ♪

♪ I was born ♪

♪ Living my dreams
It's my story ♪

♪ So I'm gonna be
Be a hero ♪

♪ In my own way
Reaching for the sun ♪

♪ I'm gonna shine
In this world I love ♪

♪ I was born, born, born
I was born, born, born ♪

♪ Born, born, born
Born to be me ♪

♪ Born, born, born
I was born, born, born ♪

♪ Born, born, born
I was born to be me ♪

♪ Born, born, born
I was born, born, born ♪

♪ I was born to be ♪

♪ I was born to be me ♪

♪ I was born ♪

♪ Born to be me ♪

♪ I was born ♪

♪ I believe in you
You believe in me ♪

♪ We can be ourselves
Who we're meant to be ♪

♪ Find a treasure
Move a mountain ♪

♪ 'Cause what's in your heart
Shows you everything ♪

♪ I was born, born, born
I was born, born, born ♪

♪ Born, born, born
Born to be me ♪

♪ Born, born, born
I was born, born, born ♪

♪ Born, born, born
I was born to be me ♪

♪ Born, born, born
I was born, born, born ♪

♪ I was born to be ♪

♪ I was born to be me ♪

♪ When you're thinking
You're not strong enough ♪

♪ Just remember ♪

♪ To keep reaching for
Every star in the sky ♪

♪ And believe in yourself
It's your story, your life ♪

♪ I was born, born, born ♪

♪ Born, born, born ♪

♪ Born to be me ♪

♪ Born, born, born ♪

♪ Born, born, born ♪

♪ I was born to be me ♪

♪ Born, born, born
I was born, born, born ♪

♪ I was born to be ♪

♪ Born to be me ♪