The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Ties That Bind (2014) - full transcript

Whicher is engaged by Sir Henry Coverley, who suspects his wife Jane of infidelity and his sleuthing leads to his talking to the Coverley groom Josh and his wife Ruth, the village post mistress. Eventually he seeks out Jane's lover Matthew Thorogood, who insists that he genuinely loves her. However he is nowhere to be seen when the divorce case comes to court and he is later found dead. Whicher is surprised to meet Emma Finch, who has a child by Matthew and who confides that they were going to get married. Emma's brother Linus, who disapproved of Matthew, is charged with his murder but swears his innocence. Whicher revisits the Coverleys and notes that Jane seems unmoved by the death of her lover whilst Ruth informs him that Sir Henry has been in correspondence with a mysterious woman. To save Linus Whicher must lay bare the truth behind the Coverleys' marriage.






WOMAN: Children, get back here.

Excuse me.
Mind where you're going.





- There you are, sir.
- Thank you very much.

- There we are, sir. Room number 10.
- Thank you.


Let's see what's most expensive.



Just set it down over there.
Of course.

MAN: Thank you.

Come here.


- Mr Whicher.
- Good day, Sir Henry.

This way.

Who is the man? Do you know?

No. When they left the hotel this
morning they separated.

Your wife went off in the direction
of the station. I followed the man.

He tended to one or two items of
business, then he went into a
jeweller's shop.

- He bespoke a ring.
- A ring?

I was able to overhear
the name and address he gave.

Thorogood. Matthew Thorogood.

It means nothing to me.
He lives in Wainsbury, sir.

Good God. That's less than ten miles

I sit on the bench at Wainsbury.

I could have passed him on the

And yet they met in London.

I expect it would be difficult for
them to meet locally without being


And I imagine it adds a certain...
piquancy, meeting in the big city.

I've written everything down for you.

I'm sorry, sir.

Don't be. You've done what I hired
you to do.

Can you stay on in Wiltshire until

I'd like you to sit down with my
lawyer, Mr Lodge.

There are places in the village
you can stay, Great Marston.

I don't wish to seem impertinent, but

I wondered if you should take a
little time,

just to think about what action
you might want to take.

I've heard some marriages,
can survive this sort...

I'm afraid my powers of forgiveness
don't run to this.

I'll get Lodge here in the morning.
Very well.

Thank you. My driver's at your
disposal. Good day, sir.







How can I help you?
Mrs Hallows?


I've been told that you might have a
room I can rent for the night.


There now.

Anything else you have need of?
No, thank you.

And it's just a night, you say?
Yes. I'll be leaving around nine.

You're welcome to have dinner with
us. My husband runs the forge.

He'll be in as soon as the light
fades. Thank you.

I won't charge extra.

Good, then. Well, you know where I

Thank you.



That is good timing, Mr Whicher.
This is my husband, Joshua.

Good evening.

Good evening. Come and sit down. This
is the best chair.

Thank you. Have you been to Wiltshire

Yes, I have. A few years back.

For what we are about to receive
may the Lord make us truly thankful.


You travel a fair bit? With your

Yes, I do, on and off.

I envy a man who travels.
Mr Whicher?

I've only been two places in my
life. The village where I was born
and here.

Oh, and Wainsbury, on high days and

I've seen nothing of the world, me.

Well, I should say that's world
enough when you have everything you

So you had business
up at the manor this afternoon?

Nothing stays secret around here for

With Sir Henry, was it? Your
business? Yes, it was.

He's very well regarded. He's a good
landlord. Takes an interest in what
goes on.

Which is more than I can say for
her. Lady Jane's all right.

I not saying she's not. I'm just
saying she could take a bit more of
an interest.

You know her, do you, Mr Hallows?

I work up at the manor a fair bit.

Sir Henry has a string of racehorses
I help look after.

She's always been polite to me.

She's just a quiet thing, that's
all. Sad somehow.

Well, perhaps she has cause to be.

Why's that?
No reason in particular.

I just mean, we never know, do we?
About other people's lives?

Are you married, Mr Whicher?
No. No, I'm not.

There's someone special is there?

There is. I can tell.

Don't worry. I'm only teasing.
I shall say no more.

Your report's very thorough, Mr

Your first divorce case, I'm told.
That's right.

I persuaded him into it.

I'm no expert on these things
myself, but I've been looking at the
new laws.

The divorce court judge, Lord

Apparently he's even more
of a stickler than his predecessor.

If there's any doubt at all about
the evidence, the case will be

Both the hotel manager and the maid
said they'd be willing to make
statements if need be.

Good. And then we have your
testimony too.

You're prepared to be a witness, I
take it?

That's part of the job.

The spouses themselves, of course,
aren't allowed to testify,

but if Thorogood would, we could
make things really watertight.

If the man's intentions towards Jane
are serious, I can't see why he'd
object to doing so.

If. Yes.

You have doubts?

Well, I don't really know what his
intentions are, or your wife's, sir.

All I know is what I saw that day.

Would you be prepared to pay him a
visit, Mr Whicher?

You could pass through Wainsbury on
your way back to London. See what
you can do?



Mr Thorogood?

Er... What is it?

I need to speak to you, Mr Thorogood,
about your recent visit to London.

Ah, that.

Come round the back, will you?
And I'll let you in.

You'll be named as co-respondent.

Heavens. Unexpected.

He has the necessary witnesses.

But if you're prepared to testify
about your relationship with Lady

the trial could be over very quickly.

Well, perhaps this isn't such a bad
thing. Good, in fact.

At least if Jane's divorced
we can think about a future

I'm happy to co-operate. Sign a
statement, whatever it is you

You do understand the seriousness
of the situation, Mr Thorogood?

The trial will be reported in the

Yes, well, I'd always hoped to
achieve a little notoriety one way
or another.

Lady Jane will be excluded
from the society she's known.

Financially it's likely
she will leave the marriage with

Do you have the means to support her?

Only... it seems you don't.

That's a little harsh.
This place can look quite smart,
when it's tidy.

I say, I don't think this is any of
your business, Mr... Whicher?


Mea Culpa and all that,
but I really don't need a sermon.

I've had enough of those to last a

I just want to be sure that you
appreciate the consequences of an
action like this.

You've come between a man and his

Lady Jane's future will be entirely
in your hands.

Yes. Thank you.

I'm in love. That's the thing.

What is it you need me to do?

MAN: Thorogood! Thorogood!


I know you're in there!


You won't get away with this!

I'll be back. Don't think I won't

Damn you, Matthew! Damn you to hell!


STREET VENDOR: Lovely stuff.

The finest in town. Come on, come on.



MAN: Oh, yes, of course.

- But it should have everything else
you need. - Yes, I should say so.

I'm glad you'll take the room.
So I'll expect you on Friday?

- Friday will be fine. Thank you very much.
- Yes. Thank you so much.

Goodbye, Mrs Piper.
It was lovely to meet you.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.

- Ooh, hello.
- Who was that?

He'll be taking the attic room from
next week. He seems very pleasant.

How was your trip?
What does he do for a living?

He's a draughtsman of some sort.

Does he have any references?

Sorry, but I just don't like the
thought of... Having a strange man in
the house.

Well, you were a stranger once.

It's my livelihood. I have to make a

How did you get on?
Fairly well.

What sort of case is it?


I thought you didn't take that sort
of work?

Well, I don't, normally.

The gentleman who came to see me,

he was desperately trying to find out
the truth about his wife.

Case should go to trial soon.

Is that a new dress?

Oh, yes. I thought with the warmer

Well, it suits you very well.

I was thinking that I don't
especially like it.


It's two minutes past.
Where in God's name is the man?

I'd better go in and speak to the

I thought you said Thorogood was
willing to come?

He was. What's happening? Why aren't
we going in?

Lady Jane. My name's Whicher. I'm
the priv...
I know who you are.

What's going on?

I'm afraid that Mr Thorogood hasn't
arrived yet, ma'am.

You mean he's not inside?
No, ma'am.

Forgive me, but when was the last
time you spoke to him?

I forbade her to see him.

Until this ghastly thing is over.
She's still my wife. More's the

I'm afraid he's adjourned.

What? He can't!

He won't hear the case
without the main witness.

Adjourned until when?

A week today is the most likely
date. But we have other witnesses.

But we built our case
around Thorogood's testimony.

Then change it! Isn't that what I
pay you for?

I assume that Thorogood was sent a

Of course. And he acknowledged
receipt of it.

I'll send you a new date
as soon as we have it, Mr Whicher.

All this humiliation for nothing.

Do you want me to go and look for
him? No!

No, thank you.

LODGE: I'm very sorry. I'm afraid
your journey has been somewhat

Mr Thorogood! Matthew!

It's Mr Whicher!

Excuse me? Are you looking for

Yes, I am. Why?

I don't mean him any trouble.
Do you know where he is?

If only I did.

I've not seen him in days.


Oh, no.

No, no, Linus.

Who's Linus?

Do you know who did this?


When was the last time you saw

Friday. And then he asked me to meet
him here yesterday morning, but he
wasn't here.

Do you mind me asking your name?


Are you family?

If he had to travel as far as London,
how would he get there?

Would he take the train?
London? Is that where he is?

I don't know. Possibly.

He has a horse. But I don't think
he'd take her as far as London.

Where does he keep it?

Thorogood? Yeah, he keeps his horse

She's not here now, mind.

He took her out on Saturday.
Said he'd be back that night but
didn't appear.

- What time was that?
- About half-past four, I'd say.

Did he say where he was going?

She had a shoe loose
so I warned him not to go too far.

He said he was going out Marston
way. Marston Manor?

I don't recall exactly, but I know
he said Marston.

Which way would he ride to Marston
from here?












So... Why exactly were you out
looking for him, Mr Whicher?

I'm a private enquiry agent, working
for a gentleman named Sir Henry

I needed to speak to Mr Thorogood
in relation to my enquiries.

Have you ever been on the Force, Mr
Whicher? Only your name...

Yes. I was at Scotland Yard for some

- You were in charge of the
Road Hill murder. - I was.

It can't have been easy,
not getting that conviction.

- It wasn't. - Still...

That girl you suspected, she
confessed in the end, didn't she?

Yes. Some years later.

So you were right, all along.

Blow me. Inspector Jack Whicher.

With any luck this case won't prove
so thorny, Inspector.

I've a fair idea who's responsible.
A local man. Linus Finch.

Some sort of a feud
between him and Thorogood.

He attacked him in the street last
week. I gave him a caution.

Wish I'd done more now.
Might have saved a life.


Stand back, please. Give them some
room. Keep back, the lot of you, I
tell you.


OFFICER: For goodness' sake!

MAN: It's Matthew Thorogood.

No, no! Matthew!

Emma. Emma. Come away.

OFFICER: Stand aside!

Stand aside, I tell you!

Fair few coins he had on him. Rules
out robbery.

So, what do you make of that wound,
Mr Whicher?

Something sharp, pointed perhaps.

Sharp edge of a rock?

Foxes would account for the arm, of
course. Not a pretty sight for his
next of kin.

His house had been searched, Sergeant
Evans. I don't know if it's
connected, but...

Had it now? I shall ask Linus Finch
about that.

WOMAN: There he goes!

EMMA: Linus? Let him go!

What are you doing?
He hasn't done anything wrong!

Linus! Linus!

Let him go!

Linus! Linus!



Who is Linus, Emma?

He's my brother. And he's not a
murderer. No matter what they're

You thought he'd ransacked Matthew's

He'd only have been searching for
money. Something to help us.

Why would you think badly of him?
You don't even know him.

The reason why I'm asking you these

is because I want to get to the truth
about what happened.

Is Matthew... Is he her father?

We're betrothed. He loves her and he
loves me.

How long have you been betrothed?

More than a year. Linus only wanted
Matthew to marry me.

He would never have killed him.
How would that help?

He just wanted Matthew to do what
was right.

So why didn't he?

Matthew was always dreaming of a
fortune. Always asking me to wait a
bit longer.

But when I saw him on Friday,
he was so excited.

He'd been doing some business
and he said it was almost over.

He said he'd have some money.
Money for us to start our lives.

Two minutes, if you don't mind,
Inspector. Thank you, Sergeant.

I didn't do it, Em.
I know that.

You believe me, don't you?
Of course I do.

I had a go at him in the street. I
admit that.

I searched his house, but that's all
I did. Why did you search his house?

This is Mr Whicher, Linus.
He knew Matthew. He wants to help.

I was sick of him avoiding me.
How was I supposed to pay for

Where were you on Saturday, Mr
Finch? At work, most of the day.

You work at a shop, is that right?
Yes, the chemist's shop.

I was there till three.

Then Mr Abbott, the chemist,
gave me a few hours off,

because I had to go back in the
evening to do a stock-take.

What time did you go back?
Half-past six.

What did you do with your hours off?

I went fishing. I always do if I
have any time.

Emma knows.

Did anyone see you? Speak to you?

I go to a quiet spot. I told the
Sergeant, I didn't see anyone.

Where did you go to fish?
Up towards Marston.

Is that where he was found?

Oh... Oh, God!

God! God, what a mess.

It'll be all right, Linus.
How is it all right?

Why did you have to go near him?

Calm down, Mr Finch.
I'll hang for this! They'll hang me!

Perhaps it wasn't Marston I went.
There's another...

Listen to me. You have to keep calm
and stick to the truth.

They'll need firm evidence against

Until then you have nothing to fear.

Go to Christopher, will you?

Ask him to come and see me.

All right.


How did you meet Matthew?

Linus took me to the races at
Cheriton. Matthew was there with

Christopher Skerrit. Linus's friend.

He's a jockey, works for Sir Henry

Matthew started riding over to see

Took a house about two months ago
to be closer to us.

How did Mathew make a living?

I think he had some sort of
allowance from his family.

What do you know of them?

He didn't really talk about them.

He was so lovely.

So clever. He used to say poems to

So sweet.

You should go home now and get some

I'll go and visit Christopher
Skerrit, pass on the message.

Thank you.
All right.

Will you help us, Mr Whicher?
We don't have anybody else.

I'll find out what happened. I

So Thorogood was an alias?

He was in a lot of debt.
Reason enough to change your name.

I found this.

"To Matthew on the occasion of his
Christening. Gloucester, 1842."

A Gloucester man, eh?

It must have meant something to him
for him to keep it.

I have a feeling
his father might be a church man.

Certain things Matthew said.
Turns of phrase. It's a notion.


JOSH: There you go. Come on.

Hey, hey.

Mr Whicher!

What brings you to the manor?

I'm looking for a man named
Christopher Skerrit.

That's him. Can't say what sort of
mood he'll be in though.

He's just found out his friend died.
Murder they're saying.

Yes, I'd heard.

Fine animal.

This is Hyperion. Finest colt in the

Won his second race on Saturday,
didn't you, boy?

Ruth says I live for the horses.
But there's never been a horse like

I'm going to be staying on in the
area for a few days, Mr Hallows.

I was hoping I might have my room
at the post office.

I'm sure you can. Ruth'll be
pleased. Thank you.

Hey. Good day!

Good day, Josh.
Come on. Come on, boy.

Mr Skerrit? My name's Whicher.

I was with Linus Finch when he was
arrested for the murder of Matthew

Are you with the police?

Neither of those.

Linus asked if you would go and see
him. I said I'd pass the message on.


You were a friend of Matthew's too,
I understand?

He travelled to every meet. Betting
man. He'd stand anyone a drink if he

Do you think Linus could have killed

How would I know? He was angry with
him because of Emma and the baby.

But...I didn't think he'd go that

Did Matthew ever talk about another
woman, besides Emma?

No. It was always Emma for Matthew.
Ever since he set eyes on her.

I can't believe it.

Perhaps you should sit down, ma'am.
Are you sure it's Matthew?


Oh, Lord.
Go upstairs, Jane.

But what will we...?
Go and lie down!

I don't wish to be rude, Mr Whicher,
but what are you doing here?

Can I ask where you were on Saturday,
Sir Henry?

I'm sure you appreciate
the need for the question.

As a matter of fact, I don't. You're
not a policeman any more, Mr

I don't have to answer any of your
questions, let alone the absurd

I told the police that you have a
connection to Thorogood.

You did what?

It wouldn't have been right
to have withheld the information.

You had no business to do that.

I think you should speak to them.
Tell them what you know.

They won't want to speak to me,
I can assure you of that.

And if you must know, I was at the
races on Saturday, watching my horse

With five hundred witnesses.
I didn't get home until late.

Does that satisfy you?

I take it you won't be sitting
when Linus Finch goes up before the

I'll make sure I'm not.

Now, send the bill for your services
to Mr Lodge...

..and stay out of my affairs.

You heard about the murder then, Mr

- I did, yes.
- Everyone's shocked.

That sort of thing doesn't happen
round here.

There's something that I want to tell
you both.

It was me who found the body.

I'm a private inquiry agent.

I was looking for Mr Thorogood.

He was connected to a case
I've been working on in London.

A private inquiry agent?
I've never even heard of such a

I'll be helping the police with
their enquiries. Well, that's
something new, ain't it, Ruthie?

It must have been dreadful
to find the body, Mr Whicher.

Perhaps he's used to it.
Have you found bodies before?

You never get used to something like
that, Josh.

I'm sure you don't.

I'm very keen to find out
what happened to Mr Thorogood.

I...I thought they'd charged
someone? A shop assistant, I heard.

They have. But I'm not convinced he's
to blame.

Why ever not?

I wanted to ask you both
if you'd ever seen Mr Thorogood

either in the village or up at the

I'm afraid I don't know what he
looks like. Well, he was young,
around your age.

Handsome. Very smartly dressed.

You'd be surprised how many people
pass thorough Great Marston.

He had a horse. Bay with a black

I don't recall ever seeing him, I'm
afraid. What about you, Josh?

No. No, I don't think I ever did.

Are you sure?

He was a friend of Mr Skerrit.

And of Lady Jane.
Lady Jane?

Josh would remember the horse,
believe me.

I never saw him.



Hello, Ruth.

It's my turn to do the flowers for
the church. It's a serious matter.

Woe betide anyone who misses their


I don't know if you remember, Ruth,

last time I was here you said
something about Lady Jane Coverly.

Did I?

About her being sad and having cause
to be.

This tongue of mine. I never did
learn how to keep things to myself.

I was wondering
if you could tell me what you meant?

Being post mistress round here, next
best thing to being vicar in terms
of finding things out.

Not that I've ever opened a single
piece of mail.

No, of course.

I can't help noticing the sorts of
things that pass between people.

Sir Henry Coverly...

All I'll say is, he gets a large
number of letters, written in a
particular female hand.

A Wainsbury postmark.
I see.

Some of them are scented.

Now, I know Lady Jane must see
those letters and she must know what
they are.

Any woman would.


CLERK: Quiet, please!

Where was this found, Sergeant?

In Finch's bedroom. It was on the
floor in a corner of the room.

I broke a phial in the shop, cut
myself. About a week back.



There is some blood on the cuff.
Some small drops on the front.

I put it aside. I was going to ask
my sister to... Did you tell your
employer of this accident?


I didn't want him to know I'd been
clumsy. Did you tell anyone else?

No. Why would I?

It was only a small cut. I didn't...
Is that all, Sergeant Evans?

Yes, sir.

At present.



Linus Finch.

Having listened to the evidence
against you,

we are satisfied there is a case to
be answered here.



I'm committing you for trial at the
assize court.

Until then, you will be remanded in

- Murderer!
- I didn't do it!

EMMA: Linus!
- This is all wrong! I'm an innocent man!

- No! No!
- I'm an innocent man!

- No! Linus!
- (SCREAMS) I'm an innocent man!

MAN: Killer!

EMMA: Linus hasn't done anything
wrong. Please, sir, I have to see

This is nothing to do with me.
Please, I need to see him!

Calm down! Linus wouldn't do
anything like that.

I can't help you. I'm sorry.
Please, sir. Please!


I have to get back for the baby.

I'm sorry.
They won't even let me see him.

Tomorrow perhaps. Give him some time
to settle.

When we were children, I always used
to blame things on him and Father
would believe me.

Because I'm a girl, I suppose.

It used to make Linus wild.
I'm afraid of what he'll do.

Are you managing all right?
Could I give you some money, perhaps?

Christopher gave us some when he
came to see Linus. We can manage for
a few days.

Right. Very well.


STREET VENDOR: Buy, buy, buy!



You aren't in mourning, ma'am?

Er... No, for Henry's sake.

This must be a very difficult time
for you. You've lost the man you

You must be devastated.

How did you meet Matthew Thorogood?

I met him in Wainsbury.
How? Through friends, was it?

I really don't want to talk about
it. What were your plans? After the

Did you plan to marry? Mr Whicher,
please. Why are you...?

Matthew Thorogood had another lover.

Her name is Emma Finch. She has his

They were engaged to be married.
But you knew that already, didn't

Some people would say that would give
you cause to kill him.

What? You found out about Emma.
About the baby.

That must have been hard to take.

You were jealous. You were angry.
You arranged to meet him in the

No. You confronted him. You were

You struck him with a rock, he fell
dead. No, no. You're wrong.

Why? Why am I wrong? Tell me.

I didn't love Matthew Thorogood.
I hardly knew him.

I was 17 when I married Henry.
He was a friend of my father's.

My father was dying. He thought
Henry would take care of me, of the

This place was so dear to him. It
didn't occur to anyone that I
could run it.

Henry soon realised I wasn't the
sort of girl he wanted.

He hated that I had opinions. That I

He hates everything about me.

You wouldn't believe the things
that make him angry.

It seems to me that he's a bully.

I asked him for a divorce years ago
and he refused.

He had nothing to gain.

And if I tried to divorce him,
I would have to prove that he was
guilty of...

What is it? Incest? Bestiality, as
well as adultery?

You could have cited cruelty.

It's never been physical. the bedroom. Behind
closed doors. He's too clever
for that.

A few months ago, he changed his

We could get a divorce, as long as I
agreed to be the guilty

What caused the change?

I think he's fallen in love.

His latest mistress.

She's a widow - beautiful.
He's made that clear.

And she's rich.

He got through my savings years ago.

Racehorses are expensive.

So he found Thorogood.

Yes. He met him at the races

I'm so sorry about Matthew.

He almost made that day in London
a pleasure.

He only kissed me once.

There was more respect and
tenderness in that kiss than I've
ever known from Henry.

If you're hoping for an apology,
you'll have a very long wait.

I'm only interested in what happened
to Matthew Thorogood.

Now you know how ridiculous
your accusation sounded yesterday.

When was the last time you saw

I'd advise you to start answering my

Or what? The divorce court.

I understand they take a very dim
view of attempts to pervert the
course of justice.

Bribing a witness...collusion.

I'm sure there'll be other charges
for the press to report.

And there's the question of your own

Mrs Creswell. Birchmoor House.

Any case you were to bring
against Lady Jane in the future

would be discredited
by your own misdemeanours.

I pity you, Whicher.

Scuttling around the country,
doing people's dirty work.

Sitting in judgment.

What is it? No life of your own?

No wife? No family?

When did you last see Matthew?

Thorogood came here three times.

Twice to make arrangements, and to
meet her.

Once to collect the money.

When was that?

Saturday evening.

He was here when I got back from the
race. About half-past six, seven.

He demanded more money
for agreeing to be a witness.

I gave him a bag with 20 guineas in

What time did he leave?

Around half-past seven.

Linus Finch has an alibi for Saturday

From half-past six he was doing
a stock-take with the chemist.

He was there until later that evening
and then he left to go home.

Really? Mm. You were in court to
hear that today.

When were you going to share
your information?

When Linus was being led to the

Or would you have seen him hang?

You're coming with me, to the police

I'll go when I'm good and ready.

Now, Sir Henry.

And you're going to tell them
what you've told me.

- Thank you, sir. Thank you so much!
- Take care.

There goes the only suspect I had,

We're looking at robbery, then, eh?

- It seems likely.
- Has to be.

A bag with 20 guineas in it.

Men will kill for a lot less than
that, as you know.

Someone must have known that Matthew
had that amount of money on him.

I shall talk to people in pubs
between here and Marston.

He might have stopped on his way
home, boasted about his windfall.

I'd like to make some enquiries of my
own, if you don't mind.

Not willing to give it up, then, eh?

You were right about Thorogood's
father, by the way.

The Reverend Turner.

Has a small parish in the Forest Of

Arrived in town at lunchtime.
He's over at Thorogood's place.


Reverend Turner?


My name's Whicher.

I'm the man that found Matthew.

Oh, yes. Mr Whicher.

Sergeant Evans spoke of you.

You were instrumental in tracking me
down. I'm grateful.

My condolences.

Not much to show for a life, is it?

Most of it can go to the poor.

Sir, have the police spoken to you
about Emma Finch?

They did.

I wondered if you might want to meet

Matthew was a lovely child.

So full of light.

My wife and I...

we often used to say...

he was the sweetest gift we could be

He was never a bad boy.

Adventurous. Daring.

He went off to university and fell
in with a...a certain crowd.

Richer than him, I think.

We were waiting for him to settle

He would have done.

Matthew and Emma were engaged to be

Did he tell you that?

No. No, Emma did.

So we only have her word for it.

Just as we only have her word
that the child was his.

She's an honest girl.

Perhaps if you were prepared to meet

I haven't time. I'm taking the four
o'clock coach.

You think I'm hard-hearted, Mr

I know that you're grieving, sir.

I've dealt with girls in her
predicament many times during my

They'll say anything to help

She has a family to take care of
her, doesn't she?

Take care, Reverend.
Thank you.

Mr Skerrit.

What is it?

It's nothing valuable, if that's
what you're thinking.

Look, if you like.

It's a record of the races he'd

The odds. Form.

It's no use to anyone except me.

He wouldn't have minded me taking

Linus has been released.
Has he?

It seems he had an alibi after all,
for the time that Matthew died.


Matthew didn't visit you, did he,
Saturday evening?


After he went to Marston Manor?
Only, I thought he might have.

He knew better than to come and see
me the evening after a race. I'm
done in.

Hot bath and bed. That's me.



You all right?
I'm sorry, Mr Whicher.

Sorry? For what?

I just wanted to see the spot where
he died.

You must think me mawkish.

There's no need to apologise.

Murder draws a crowd. Always has.

How did he die?

Someone said his skull was smashed.
Is that right?

Yes, he was struck on the head.

W... With a stone, was it? Or...?

Are you sure you're all right?

Sorry. I've...never been so close to

Don't... Don't tell Ruth I stopped,
if you don't mind.

She wouldn't like it.

No. No, of course. I won't tell her.

Let's go home, shall we?



I'm very glad Mr Finch has been

It's dreadful when a respectable man
gets dragged down so sudden.

There but for the grace of God.

Yes, well, let's hope
he can put it all behind him now.

The story about his sister and baby
shan't be forgotten.

Folk are so unforgiving.

I think I'll go across the road for
a drink.

Mr Whicher might like to join you.

Would you? You'd be welcome, of

No, that's all right, Josh. Another

Dinner in an hour.

I'd better get this in.

Looks good.
We aim to please.

You know, I think I might join Joshua
after all.

Good idea.

Raise a glass to Linus Finch.


JOSH: You can't go.


- Oh, Josh...
- Will I see you again?

- No.
- Josh.

- Please.
- You'll soon forget me.


- Morning.
- Morning.


Morning, sir.

Go on!

I heard Mr Finch was released.

I truly didn't know...that we could
provide him with an alibi.

We saw Mr Lodge.

Our divorce case will collapse.

What will you do?

Well, I can't go back to how it was.

Before the trial, I wrote to a woman
in America who runs a school.

She believes passionately
in the education of women.

She's offered me a position as a
teacher. I mean to leave next week.

It seems a shame
that you have to leave your home.

It's not mine.

Not in the eyes of the law.

Well, I should be leaving.

I'm staying with the Hallows at the
Post Office.

I wanted to spend a few hours with
them before I left.

Josh told me you were staying there.
You know Josh?

Yes. We've been friends for years.

He rescued me once when I fell from
my horse.

We ride together sometimes.

In fact, he's the only person around
here who I'll miss.

Does he know that you're leaving?
I told him yesterday.

How did he take it?

He was more upset than I thought
he'd be.





I've closed for half an hour.

I have a headache.

Mrs Hallows...
Josh has been called up to the

Hyperion's been taken sick.

Oh, is it serious?
I think it must be.

I just pray to God he recovers.

Josh... Oh, I don't know what he'll

He can't bear to see things suffer.

Innocent creatures. He has to rescue

Mrs Hallows... You were searching
our room, weren't you?

Looking for Matthew Thorogood's

But you didn't find it.

I know it's not there cos I looked
for it myself this morning.

This came out today.

Matthew Thorogood has been named
as a co-respondent

in a divorce case concerning the

You think Josh killed Thorogood
because he was Lady Jane's lover

and Josh is sweet on her.

You can speak honestly, Mr Whicher.

I think it's possible that Josh
attacked Matthew

because he thought he was involved
with Lady Jane.

Josh doesn't love Lady Jane.

He's fond of her. No more than that.

You won't know this,
but married people,

they sometimes allow themselves to
imagine what it would be like with
someone else.

It's natural. Flights of fancy.

Josh has had a few over the years.

Our marriage isn't perfect. We don't
have children to bind us together.

But...he loves me.

Just as much as I love him.

He would never have acted on that
fondness and he would never have
killed for it.

Yet you still searched the room?

Josh isn't a killer, Mr Whicher.

He's a rescuer, a mender.







He's gone. Hyperion's gone.

Come inside. You look exhausted.

Come on. Come and sit down.

I can't understand it!

Christopher said he ran like the
wind on Saturday. He was young.

But when I got there,
he was already on the ground.

His heart, it was beating so fast.

His eyes were bulging.
He was covered in sweat.

It was like he'd been given
something. Poison?

I don't know. Perhaps.

Some sort of drug? A stimulant?

Is that what you're thinking?
It happens. I've heard about it.

There's so much damn money
to be made from races.

What would you give a horse to alter
the way it performed in a race?

I think it's opium that slows them

And then there's something else,
something new, that makes them go

That's all I know. Has this ever
happened at the stables before?

No. There was a horse a year back.
She went sudden, but...

Did you say anything just now?

I couldn't. It would seem like I was
accusing someone.

What do you know about Christopher

He's friendly enough. Comes in the
Post Office from time to time.

He likes to save his wages.

What do you want?

I heard about Hyperion.

Clear off and stop following me
around. You're starting to make me

What was it? One dose too many?

What did you say? That black
notebook. It wasn't just records.

It would have incriminated Matthew,
and you, and Linus Finch.

What are you talking about? Linus
Finch, who has a family to support.

A sore temptation, handling those
drugs every day.

I dare say when I ask the chemist
why he did a stock-take,

he'll say there's been
a few bottles gone missing.

I'll get an expert to look at that
horse. Get confirmation of the cause
of death.

That's if Sir Henry hasn't thought of
it already.

No-one else needs to know about

There's no real harm done.

There's plenty of horses where he
came from.

There's good money to be made, if
you want in.

What happened with Matthew on

He came here in the evening, didn't
he? No.

This was the business he was
bringing to an end.

I think he came here on Saturday
evening and he told you that.

You're wrong.
I think you argued.

You saw how much money he had on him

and you caught up with him on the
Marston Road and you killed
him for it.

No! Which horse did you use to catch
him up?

Hyperion, was it?
An irony there, don't you think?

I didn't kill him!

You're right about the drugs,
but I didn't kill anyone!

You bastard! You bastard!

Joshua! No!

Josh, that's enough. That's enough.

That's enough. That's enough.

It's all right. I'll take care of it.


I was angry with him, all right?

He was supposed to place bets for us
all on Saturday but he didn't even
do that.

He'd got money from somewhere,
so he was fine.

To hell with me and Linus.

But I never went after him.
And I never killed him.

Just these.

But no sign of those guineas.

I told you. I didn't take 'em!

There's another place we can look.

Get your hands off me!

Is that it?


No-one else has a key?

You're wasting your time.


I didn't put that in there!

I didn't do it! I didn't do it!


Severn and Wye train!

Platform 2! All aboard!

I need to see justice done for

Do you think he's guilty?

That's not really for me to say.

There's certainly enough evidence
to bring him before a jury.

What a world we live in.

When one young man will kill another
- a friend - for a bag of coins.

What brings you all the way
to the Forest Of Dean?

I wanted to give you this.

I picked it up when I was in London.

Matthew bespoke it before he died.




The "E" is for Emma.

It was to be her wedding ring.

Emma is in quite a fix, sir.

Her brother, Linus, was part of the
betting ring.

He wasn't anything to do with
Matthew's death.

But he will be tried for his part in
the fraud.

Matthew wouldn't want Emma, or his

to have to go into the workhouse.


You have a grandchild that needs you,

Don't lose her as well.

You'd be most welcome to stay for
the night. Thank you, but I must be
getting back.

Is this where Matthew grew up?

We've been lucky enough
to be here for many years.

Matthew found it dull, of course,
once he was past boyhood.

Ah, Hallows.

Ah, yes.

It's an unusual name, but not around

There's quite a colony of them in
the village.

The couple I'm staying with in
Wiltshire are called Hallows.

Ruth and Joshua.

Ruth runs the sub post office there.

Ruth and Joshua?

Ruth and Joshua Hallows?

- Do you still have Matthew
Thorogood's horse?
- Yeah. She's waiting to be sold.

- You interested?
- Could you look at the shoe for me?

Why's that, then?

- That one?
- It's new.

He must have had it changed
that day he took her out.

- Hello, Joshua.
- Hello.

I didn't think we'd be seeing you
again. How are you?

Ruth's at church. She won't be long.
Did you want your old room?

What's wrong?

Do you remember I once asked you
if you'd ever seen Matthew Thorogood?

You told me you hadn't.

I think he came here. I think you
changed his horse's shoe
for him.

Did I?

I didn't realise it was him.

Matthew Thorogood's real name
is Matthew Turner.

I've just come from the Forest Of

I know about you and Ruth, Joshua.

I don't know what you're talking

Don't lie to me, please.

Tell me what happened
on that Saturday evening.

He recognised you, didn't he?
Did he threaten to tell your secret?

He didn't recognise us.

He did come here, but he didn't
recognise us and he went on his way.

You left the village 12 years ago?

Your name is above that door. It's
not a name he would easily forget.

He didn't know us in the village.

He had nothing to do with us.

Reverend Turner was very involved in
your case.

"Case"? We're not a case.

Me and Josh, we've done nothing
wrong. It happened, that's all.

We grew up in a two-roomed cottage.

We shared a bed almost from birth.
It happened.

We weren't the first.

It happened a lot where we're from.

The Reverend said the villagers were
angry when they found out.

They drove you out.
Perhaps it was him who drove us out.

Him and his judgments.
I know more of God than he does!

God forgave us long ago.

Cos he knows that we love each

And we cherish each other

more than a lot of married folk
with scraps of paper to their names!

It must have been very difficult for
you. You have no idea what it's been
like for us!

To move away from everything you
know... make a respectable life,
build up all this.

I can see why you'd kill to protect

What are you doing?

We've done nothing wrong.

Now, you need to stop asking
questions and you need to leave us

Or, so help me...


I called at the police station on my
way here.

I left an envelope with Sergeant
Evans. Sealed.

It contains your secret.

If he doesn't see me again tomorrow
morning, he's going to open it.


I will have the truth.

I did it.
Be quiet, Josh!

He recognised me. Said he was going
to tell someone.

I went after him and I killed him.
Shut up!

With what?

What were you looking for in the
woods? You'd know what you'd done
with the weapon.

I was... You see, I don't think you
did do it.

I don't think you would kill to
protect this.

Because you're leaving, aren't you?

You're leaving with Lady Jane

All packed.



She's going to America.

I want to go with her.
Oh, God.

It's not and me.
It never has been. You know that.

I just want to start my life.

Ruth! Please.

Ruth! Ruth!


She's not here.

Lady Jane.

I'm gonna ask you - and I want the
Mrs Hallows...

I don't want you to lie to me!

You stand there and tell me, do you
love him?

Tell me the truth!

No! Mrs Hallows...
Then why are you taking him from me?

Haven't you got enough?

Haven't you got enough?
Josh, what have you told her?

I want to come with you, Lady Jane.



No, Josh.

I'm so sorry, I never meant you to

You've been a good friend to me.

Like a brother.

But I'm going alone.

I've never known a life without you.

I wouldn't want one.

Can you tell me what happened, Ruth?

Josh had nothing to do with it.

Did you kill Matthew?

I need to know the truth.

And the police, they'll want to know.

God knows. That's all that matters.

What about Matthew's father?

His mother?

Don't you think that God would want
them to know what happened to their

Did he try to blackmail you?

Did he harm you?

Was it self defence?

People aren't going to believe you
acted alone.
I did.

People will ask how a woman like you
could have killed a strong young man
like Matthew.

They'll think Josh was involved.
Well, I'm telling you, he wasn't.

Then tell me what happened.

Josh had closed up for the night.

Matthew knocked on the door.

He realised who we were

Stared at us like we were freaks
from a circus.

He was shocked, that's all.
He wasn't going to tell anyone.

Of course he would have told.
No-one could keep that to

Josh went with him to see to the
shoe. I left a note to say I'd gone
to church.

I took a hammer from the tool bag...
ran along the track towards

It drops down on the Marston Road,
just before the bend.

How did you get him to stop?

It's easy for a woman to get a man
to stop.

I made out I was crying.
That I'd hurt my arm.

It was dark.

As soon as he got down,
he realised who I was.

I told him I'd been riding into town
and that my horse had bolted into
the wood.

He was kind then, I'll give him

But I had no choice. So I followed
him down the bank and I struck him.


What did you do with the hammer?
I threw it into the river.

And you took the money
to make it look like robbery.

I knew I couldn't leave it there.

Tell them I'm a thief, Mr Whicher.

No. It's better that than have them

Let them know. I don't care any

Let Josh keep his good name.

I don't think I can do that.

What difference does it make why I
did it? I did it.


I'll do what I can.

Can I go and change my clothes?

If all the world is to stare at
me... I'd rather look my best.

Don't despair, Ruth.

I never despair.

It's Josh who needs your concern, Mr



All right?

She's younger than me by a year...

..though you wouldn't know it.

She was 14 when they found out.

Her belly had started to swell.

We tried telling Father it was
someone else's.

But he didn't listen.

He...kicked it out of her.

He kicked our baby out of her...




Come in, Sergeant.

It's Mrs Hallows. She's confessed
to the murder of Matthew Thorogood.

Good God.

You believe her?

What was that?

Ruth! Ruth!


MAN: There we are.

Lady Jane?

Thank you.
Thank you.

You sail from Bristol?
Yes. The day after tomorrow.

How's Josh?

He's not too good, I'm afraid.

I'm sure he'll find a way through.
He has his work.

Do you really think he meant to
leave his wife?

- I don't know.
- Didn't he love her?


Yes, he loved her very much.

What about you?

Are you still sure you're doing the
right thing? As sure as I can be.

I'll never be completely free of
Henry this way.

But then, of course, he'll never be
completely free of me.

No second marriage. He'll have to
learn to live within his means.

I deserve a life.

To love, perhaps...and be loved in

It's frightening.

But I don't want to look back at my
life upon this earth with nothing
but regrets.

Take care, Lady Jane.

Thank you.





- Need a hand?
- All done now.

Right. Allow me.
Thank you.

Is your case over?
Yes, it is.

To your satisfaction?

Charlotte, I was wondering if you...

..might want to walk out with me,
one of these days.

We could go to the gardens at Kew.

They're open now.

- Or we could go wherever you prefer.
- Yes.


I'll go wherever you want to go.

You only had to ask.