The Survivor (1998) - full transcript

After mankind moved into space, the old planet Earth is forgotten, a polluted wasteland where only expelled prisoners still survive. One of them is Tarkin (Xavier Declie). When a capsule with the president lands on Earth, Kyla (Richard Moll) captures the politician because he knows a spaceship will come to the rescue, and that will be his chance to get off the prison planet. Tarkin, however, fights Kyla to free the president. While Kyla rules over an army of gladiators, Tarkin has to rely on the president's little grandson...

MAN [ON SPEAKER]: Prisoner3759, James A.

colonial surgeon from the French
speaking colony of Eurasia,

you have been tried by
the Allied Federal Court

and have been found guilty.

The punishment for this crime
is life without the possibility

of parole.

By action of the convening
authority in the matter

hearing this crime,
such sentence,

having been unanimously
approved and confirmed

by this court,
and no pardon or clemency granted,

it is now my solemn duty to
carry out the punishment.

Have you any last words before
sentence is carried out?



Parlez vous anglais?

Fuck yourself.


Warning, outer lock open.

Stand clear.

Release in 7 seconds.

I cannot stress enough the
severity of the situation.

Tension is running
dangerously high here.

The conference hasn't
even started yet,

President Bradford,
and theout-world colonial delegation

has everyone in an uproar.

They're threatening all out war
if their demands aren't met.

These truculent threats
are just a brazen show.

They want everyone to believe
there's still a warrior

race, Vikings in space.

The key is to grant them some
small concessions that allow

them to retreat with honor.

You'll leave that to me.

But there's talk that
your policies are too weak,

that you haven't
been firm enough

with the imperial parliament.

They're saying you're sick and
too ill to attend, or rule.

I have spent 10 years nailing
down peace in the Federation.

I will not allow a bunch of
renegades to sabotage it.

I will be there in
two days in plenty

of time for the conference.

You just keep a lid on
things till I get there.

I'll do my best.

I'm counting on you.

Bradford, out.

This situation could
get out of hand,

we could be facing
a damned Holocaust.

I just hope I stall the
ambassador until we get there.

He bought it.

I hope so.

I look terrible.

No, you look great--

for a hologram.

Once I get over this,
whatever the hell it is,

I better get a
new one digitized.

Even I could tell it wasn't me.

I'm not sure I trust
these doctors of yours.

Ah, it's because
you're paranoid.

Only way you're concerned.

And don't think I
don't appreciate it.

Do you have that report
on fleet readiness?

It's in my quarters.

All right.

Then, let's take a look
at it, just in case

those callers start bluffing.

Gramps, gramps!


Hey, buddy.

Why-- how are you doing?

I've been practicing
this new card trick.

Well, come on, show me, how?

O'Shack taught it to me.


Pick one.

Just take a card?


All right.


Now, I need you to hold my hand
and think hard about that card.

All right.

Are you thinking?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

I'm-- I'm thinking.

I'm thinking.

All right.

I'm beginning to see it.

It's-- it's the queen of clubs.

Oh, dear.

Well, uh, you were close.

Oh, man.

Well, maybe a little
more practice, huh?


Well, I hope your school
workis coming along as well, huh?

Ask Devin.

Well, sir, it
seems he's developed

an allergic reaction to math.

Well, we had better hopes for
you than a life of petty crime.



Will I ever have a dad?

Well, you know, buddy,
sometimes things don't work

out the way we'd like them to.

Well, sometimes we have
a lot of people around us--

I'll take that as a no.

Sir, it's time for--

It's getting late, Daniel.

Time for us to be going.

Night, grandpa.


Good night, pal.

Why doesn't gramps wantme
to know that he's sick?

I can handle that.

Well, you're a prettysmart kid,
you know that?

Smart enough to know that
you think I'm going to bed.

But I'm not going.

Oh, is that right?



All personnel, please

report to emergency stations.


Sir, it's time to
go to the life pod.

- What about Daniel?
- Don't worry.

He'll be taken care of.

What's going?

Someone set the
alarm in engineering.

Commencingemergency evacuation procedure.


There you are.

Come on!

Come on, leave them.

Leave them.

Depressurization warning,

life pod release in 60 seconds.

Daniel-- where--

I believe they're
fine, Mr. President.

Prepare for
emergency pod drop.

Impact in 45 seconds.

MAN 1: [inaudible], grenades.

MAN 2: Got it.
MAN 1: Flare.

MAN 3: Yes, sir.

MAN 1: Take your seats.

MAN 4: Cover up!

He's going to
need his medicine.

So when we land, you find him.

But first we gotta get there.

You're hurting me.

Deal with it.

30 seconds.

There's a planet beneath us.

It's Earth.

Who could've done this?

Who could have done this?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Oh, God!

Oh, no.

Oh, no.
- O'Shack.

Oh, no, no.


Where the hell are we?

Earth-- what's left of it.

It's where everything
started and almost ended.

About 50 years ago,
they converted it

into a penal colony, but
later they gave up on that.

And now?

No one's really sure.

Doesn't look so bad.

Looks can be
deceiving, captain.

Oxygen content
is dangerously low.

There's little,
if any, atmosphere

protection against
solar radiation,

toxin levels are off the scale.

God only knows what
lives in these jungles.

I'd say we're in a
world of trouble.

O'Shack, come on.

We're going to be OK, right?



We need to find
Bradford's pod, fast.

When his locator
signal is weak,

it's going to be
hard to pinpoint him.

How do we find him?

We do it the old
fashioned way, we go looking.

MAN: All right.
Let's go.

Let's move out.

What happens if Bradford
doesn't get his medication?

In 4 hours he'll
probably be nauseous,

in 6 he'll start to tremble,
in 24 he'll be lucky to be alive.

in, escape pod one.

Escape pod one,
are you out there?

Escape pod one, do you read me?

They're all dead.

Are you all right, sir?

You're going to be fine, son.

You're going to be just fine.

I'm OK.

Look, let's get them off
the ship immediately.

Come on, son.

Check the perimeter.

Make sure we're secure.

Grab over here.

Come on.

SPEAKER]: [inaudible]??

Negative, captain.

Everything seems fine.

Captain, Captain.

Beck, I repeat,
you're breaking up.


Thought I saw something,

but the area is secure.


Sir, it's clear, sir.

We'd better get out of here.

What was that?

Probably just some animal.

Well, Mr. President,
how nice of you to drop in.

I should've known you had
something to do with this.

Point, you see any movements?

Seems clear.

MAN [OVER SPEAKER]: Keep tight.

Seems a little stronger now.

We're heading west.


What the hell was that?

Point, Beck, come back.

Point, Beck, come back.

Oh, Christ.

Hold your fire.

Hold your fire.

Stay close to me.

Something just moved.

I don't know,
but I think we're in deep shit.

Look out!

Let's get the
hell out of here.

We've got to keep going!

Keep going.

You've got to keep going.

Don't stop.


What about you?

Let's go, corporal.

Get them out of here.

That's an order.
- You heard him.

Let's go.


Who the hell are you?


Follow me.


This way, this way.

This way.

Keep going.

Hey, he's just a
boy, and he's hurt.

Then leave him.

How do we know
we can trust him?

You don't.

Oh, shit.

Go, go, jump.

Get on with it.

I-- I--

I can't swim.

Now's a good time to learn.

I can't.

You bastard.

Who the hell do you think
you are anyway, Tarzan?

You could have
gotten us all killed.


Who the hell are those guys?

They call themselves the Cali.

In their tongue,
it means the dead.

Oh, great.

We must go.

They'll be here soon.

As you can see, it isn't much.

Our population is
shrinking so rapidly,

we'll be extinct in five years.

The water's radioactive,
food poisoned.

We were left with
nothing, no medicines,

no vaccines, nothing.

Skunk, left to rot and die.

But your civilization
calls this justice.

Kyla, it was inside the pod,
just as we expected.



You know what to do.


Back off, or he's dead.


Nice move, though.

I tell you, guys, you're
just going to love it here.

Quick, before
I change my mind.

the power of lifeand death,
Caesar's prerogative.

But what is Caesar without Rome?

What is Alexander without
worlds to conquer?

You-- you seem to be doing
all right for yourself.

I rule a rock in the
middle of a wasteland

on the shores of a poisoned sea.

I am the lord of nothing!

But you can change all that.

All you need to do
is give me the code,

just enter the proper sequence,
and a rescue ship would

be dispatched immediately.


I won't do it.

Of course you will.

You just need to be
properly motivated.

You can threaten
me all you want.

Threaten you?


Threats are for
men without power.

Lord Kyla, we have
found the other pod.



Who else have you brought me?

No one.

You were never a good liar.

We did find this, sir.

Now, who could this belong to?

A boy, perhaps, a very
special boy, one who

has not seen his father
in quite some time.

He thinks you are dead.

All the more reason I should
find him and introduce myself.

Don't you think?

My hands, they hurt.

It's all over your face, too.

It'll dissipate
in a little while.

His skin is not
used to the sun yet.

What kind of a world is this?

A harsh one.

He's bleeding internally.

His ribs are broken and
his lung is punctured.

Keep him warm.

MAN: You can't tell that
just by looking at it.

Can't I?

Isn't there anything
that you can do for him?

Like what?

I don't know, but
I can't just sit

here and watch this man die.

Get him off well
in the next 18 hours

and he might stand a chance.

Don't worry about me.

You have to find the president.

He's right.

We only have less than
24 hours to find him,

or there'll be no rescue ship.

Well, I got news for you.

He's locator didn't make
it through the river.

Oh no.

So we don't even
know where he is.

I bet he knows.

Well, if he does.

He has to take us to him.

I don't have to do anything.

In three days,
there'll be a conference

to determine the fate
of a million colonists.

The president has to be there.

Good luck.

I'm-- I'm begging
you to help us.

You don't understand
what you're up against.

Well, then why don't
you just tell us?



Lord of the insiders.

If he's got your
president, and he does,

he's not just going
to let him go.

Can't he be reasoned with?

Not a chance.

Kyla wants one thing,
something everyone wants

here, to get off this planet.

He'll keep your prisoners alive
long enough to do that, then--

I'll offer you a complete
pardon if you get him out.

How do I know I can trust you?

You don't.

I bid you welcome, father.

I apologize for
the surroundings.

I'm sure it's not
what you're used to.

But under the circumstances,
it's the best I could do.

Leave us.

With the men, I have to
keep up a certain imagine.

You understand.

I'm not sure that I do.

In a pack of
wolves, if the leader

shows weakness of any kind,
the others turn on him

and tear him to pieces.

These men are wolves.

This is the world to
which you have sent me.

This is the world
in which I live.

I don't want it to be this way.

I never wanted it
to be this way.

You were impatient, Kyla.

I was young.

When a man is young, he does
things that when he is older,

he regrets.

You know, when I
was a boy, all I

ever wanted was your approval.

So I did all sorts of
things to try to gain it.

You had it, in the beginning.

Oh, I know that now.

But I needed to know it then.

Don't you understand?

I'm trying to apologize.

I've done terrible
things, I know that.

But can't you manage
to forgive me?

And then what?

Take me with you.

I'm still your son.

Don't leave me here.

Don't abandon me.

I'm sorry.

I can't do that.

Can't, or won't?

Either way it amounts
to the same thing.

Give me the code.


Sooner or later,
I'll find the boy.

And when I do, I'll make
it painfully clear to you

that his grandfather's

is the reason his body is
being tortured and broken.

Sorry about
hitting you earlier.

What are you looking at?

The stars.

They are the only thing
worth looking at here.

You know, you know, you
haven't said whether you're

going to help us or not.

Oh, you noticed that.

The president--

Forget it.

I know what you want
and I'm not going.

It's suicide.

But if the insiders
are as bad as you

say, then you're
his only chance.

Except for one thing,
it's not my problem.

Well, you'll never
forgive yourself

if you just let them kill him.

I will try to get
over it somehow.

What about the pardon?

I never asked for one.

You don't even know what I did.

Doesn't matter.

Oh, really?

I was a doctor,
did you know that?

How could I?

Next time, try asking.

You know what your problem is,
you've been hanging

around politicians too long.

You think you can
just go up to someone

and tell them what you
want and convince them

it's what they want.

I don't have to
listen to this.


What are your options?

Well, I guess I should
have known better than to try

and reasonable with--


The crime was murder.


We'll do it on our own.

Good plan.

I just wish you'd
told me you wanted

to kill yourself before I
risked my life to save you.

You go ahead and hide here
then, but we're getting out.

I am so sorry to
keep you waiting,

but I had other
matters to attend to.

But now, you have my
complete attention.

When the court
condemned you to death,

I should have given
them my approval.

But you didn't.

You were unable to
kill someone you loved.

Another example of why I should
rule and you should serve.

I, on the other hand,
have no such problems.

But I'm faced with a dilemma,
you see, I need the code.

And you are the only
one who knows it.

I could torture you directly,
but in your present condition,

I might kill you before
you told it to me,

and then I'd be stuck on
this miserable little planet


Which leaves me these two.

And I pick-- eeney meeney
mineymoe, catch a da-da-da-da--


You know, throughout the
ages torture has always been

a truly devastating weapon.

It has taught men who is the
master and who is the slave.

When properly applied,
it can destroy

a man's body and his spirit.

But this machine is
special, state of the art.

Want to see how it works?


Sure you do.

What's the code?

I don't know.

How do you like it?

Anything to tell me yet?

You know what,
we've got all night.

I don't know the code.

Well, then tell me
something you do know,

something to make me stop.

The boy, I can
help you find him.


It's CO2 for the standard
search for a frequency.

I don't know it, but
I know which one.

With any scanner,
you could find him.

You could find him.

Well, now, this has been
a productive session after all.

Sorry, Mr. President.

It's all right, son.

Wherever he is, let's
just hope he's safe.

We leave in five minutes.

You just keep your
side of the deal.

I'd rather not.

I might hurt someone.

That's the whole idea.

Counting on you to take
care of him while we're gone.

When will you be back?

As soon as we can.

It's loaded.

Hopefully, you won't
have to use it.

This will be your best
friend if we don't make it.

If we're not back in two
days, we're not coming back.

You understand?

Let's go.

When I get back, I'll
show you how to use it.

Cheer up, OK?

We will be back.

So why does a man trying to
save lives turn to murder?

He raped and killed my wife.

She wouldn't have wanted me
to do it, but at the time,

I didn't care.

He was the son of a
provincial governor.

I broke into the governor's
mansion, crept out in the hall,

and I killed him.

No anger.

I didn't say anything to him.

Didn't make him beg.

I just killed him.

And then?

I turned myself in.

Some shortcut.

What's wrong?


I bought these shoes for
an imperial convention,

not to be playing Tarzan
in some bug infested jungle.

It's going to get infected.

I'm going to have to
have it amputated.

It ain't that bad yet.



There's only a few of them.

The rules of the
outsiders is simple.

For every 1 you see,
there's 10 you don't.

Their chief's name is Yor.

Whatever happens, show no fear.

If you show weakness,
they will kill us all.

Why does Tarkin trouble
with demons from the sky?

They are not demons,
but great warriors.

They have been sent to help
in a battle against the insiders.

If that is true, why does
that one tremble with fear?

He has heard of
the coming of Sul.


Already can hear
his footsteps.

When will we hear this thing?

You will hear the
earth rumble and there

will be fire in the sky.

Is she the one we wait for?

She is the one.

Her hair is a gift of Sul.

What's he saying?

You're not the one,
and he can prove it.


And just exactly how
does he plan on doing that?

My Cali translation
is a little rusty,

but it's something
along the lines,

like, feeding you to his knife.


If there is to be
a test, let it be me.

Is this the way
of the outsiders?

Is this honor to be
gained in fighting a woman?

No, but in fightingher,
there is no dishonor.

For, if she's the one,
Sul will protect her.

If she's not, you will all die.

What are you doing?

It's all right.

I know how to fight.

You don't understand.

No, you don't understand.

I know how to fight.

They think you're
the chosen one.

Yeah, thanks to you.

So try not to bleed.

Oh, OK.

I'll try to keep that in mind.

If you do bleed,
they'll kill us all.

What's he saying?

You're nothing but
a worthless woman.

Not bad for a woman, huh?

Now what?

He's calling you a bitch.

Should've kept the knife.

Finish it.


It's their way.

I don't care.

It's not my way.

I look after children.

I teach languages, geography,
and rudimentary science.

Butchering innocent people
is not exactly on my resume.

Devin, maybe you can make
a small exception this time.

You've shant.

He needs to be tortured
for you to witness

and we'll be put to death.

Why does she not kill him?

She-- she--

She wishes for
the boy to fight

in the final battle
for the glory of all,

for the glory of-- of Sul!

You're going to
get us all killed.

Is this true?


This is the will of Sul!


We'll wait for your sign.

You coming?

I'm right behind you.

How are we going
to get in there?

This whole place used
to be a mining complex.

The underground is
riddled with tunnels

and passages, most of which
they don't even know about.

You still sure you
want to do this?

All right.

This way.

Well, if you're
going to do that,

at least read it out loud.

Today marks my
second Christmas alone.

And despite the
ancient treaty, there's

still not much peace
on this earth, still

less goodwill towards men.

For that, we have Kyla to thank.

What's the matter?

That was my dad's name.

I thought you said
your father was dead.

He is.

Now what?

What was that?

Ahh, we have company.

What is this place?

This is where the final
evacuations were staged.

This is incredible.

These must be the files on
all the people who left Earth

during the evacuation years.

Must be millions of them.


Where's he going?

Well, well, well.

Who do we have here.

Now, equal.

Walkie talkies.

Now, I'll guide you through
the complex from here.

I'm not sure how
accurate these still are.

But just keep letting
me know where you are

and I'll try to
guide you through.

Keep safe, man.

I'll be OK.

After all, I got a gun.

All right?

In an age known for
violence and depravity,

somehow I've managed
to make my mark.

You don't approve.

You've thrown them
into the dark ages.

I've returned
them to the essence

of what gives them strength.

Look here, they know it,
they feel it, and so do you,

even if you can't admit it.

What's going on?

We're having a party,
and you're both invited.

How are you guys doing?

So far, so good.

Let's hope so.


This is the last
passage, other than going

right through the front door.

come to a long passage.

It appears empty.

No surprises?

No, no.

It looks good to me.

Let's go then.

Oh, shit.

Guys, gu-- guys,
we have a problem.

O'Shack, you care to
be a little bit more

specific about that?

It looks like there

may be some old security
systems still down there.

No, shit.

Are you guys OK?

Oh, yeah, never been better.

And now for some
real entertainment,

our very own Bodo, and our two
illustrious federal guests.

What a life.

It should be electrifying.

What do we get if we win?


I hope they get back soon.

Me, too.

You're a good kid.

Should make a good
president some day.

I think they're back.

It's nothing.


Over there.

I think that's him.

Mr. President.

Mr. President, it's us.


I should have known.

I see you've all
met General Sentar,

soon to become Warlord Sentar.

That was the price
of his betrayal,

but he never told me about this.

I wouldn't.

I'll take care of you later.


Because I'm tired of weakness.

I'm tired of weak men.

And most of all, I'm
tired of Bradford

and his pathetic federation.

Well, he still
needs his medicine.

I mean, he's no use to you dead.


You know what's
in here, sweetie?


Not exactly.


I'm impressed.

An addictive
degenerative poison.

Trembling and the nausea
your Bradford is feeling

isn't from not
getting this stuff,

it's from getting too much.

But it did convince another
wise healthy man that he'd

become weak and sickly.

Hey, and now that the cat's out
of the bag, a little withdrawal

never hurt anyone.

Take him away.

Today is a day that
will go down in history.

We stand on the
threshold of a dream.

The day of our new beginning.

The day when we reach out to
take what is rightfully ours.

The day we leave
this place forever

and reach for the stars.

How are we going to do that?

We don't got the code.

You don't have the boy.

We don't even have the ship.


Anyone else care to
debate strategy and tactics?

I have the boy.

I have the locator wristband.

And soon I will have the code.

And as for the ship, he is
the president of the federation.

They're searching
for him already,

they just don't know
where to find him.

All we have to do is
give them the coordinates.

And one thing else remains,
when Caesar took his legions

to a new land, he burned
his ships, telling his troops,

you have one choice,
to be victorious, or to perish.

We will make that
same decision today.

Skull, show it to them.

A cobalt salted
thermonuclear device,

a doomsday bomb, if you will.

Once activated, it
can never be stopped.

When it goes off,
it will destroy

everything within 100 miles.

Within a few short hours,
the land around you

will be a barren wasteland,
devoid of life for 5,000 years.

Consider this as we go forward.

Now, who is with me!

If I don't win,
everybody looses.

Let me ask you something.

How lucky can one man be?

Yesterday I was all alone.

Today I have my son,
my father, a beautiful woman.

Best of all, my
old friend Tarkin.

Life is full of irony.

For six years we searched fo
ryou, struggled to find you.

And then at the last
possible moment,

before I'm forced to
abandon the chase forever,

you show up here.

I'd kill you myself,
but that would disappoint the men.

After all, you've
killed so many of them.

So I'm going to let
this be a gift to them.

I need a volunteer.

You, and you, and you.

For your information,
that little toy he's holding

is called a fang stick,
rather appropriately named.

The purpose of the
blade is fairly obvious.

But that innocent looking
stub on the other end

contains a single
10 gauge shotgun

shell, make contact, and--

well, you'll see.

And what do I get?

Our sincere best wishes.

Let the games begin!

Why are you doing this?

Because I'm the daddy.

Come on.

Come on, babe.

Try it.

Maybe this time you'll get it.

Come on.

Try it again, please.

Come on, babe.

Try it.

Try it again.

Come on, baby.

Try it.

Give it a try.


Come and get it.

Come on.

Come on.


Give me the key.

No, you have to take it.

I said, give me the key.


Are you going to kill me?

Have you ever done
it, killed a man,

spread his guts all over
the floor, and watch him die?


Come on.


What do we do
when we get there?

Try for some
kind of a diversion

and then we look for a chance
to get Bradford out of there.

Just hope this works.

Come on, Tarkin,
you can do it.

Shut up.

Come on!

Get up!



Foolish, but noble.

And now, for the
moment of truth.

The boy first.


All right.

I'll give you the code.

Somehow I knew you'd say that.

Damn you.

security access code.

Now, if you would be so kind.

one, alpha, six,
William, seven, zulu.

Keyword, Tasker.

Systems accessed.

Location locked.

Rescue ship dispatch.

They think of
everything, don't they?

Come on!

Come on!

Meet me by the last hour on
the far side of the colony.

What are you going to do?

I've got a score to settle.

Something I should have
done a long time ago.

Let's go.

We can't stay here long.

The ship will be here
any minute-- oh, no.

Kyla's got my locator.

The ship will be
searching for him.

Hey, good boy, Dan.

Good boy.

Well, what about Tarkin?

Don't worry.

I have a feeling we'll
be seeing him again.

Put it down.

We really don't
have time for this.

We got to get out of here.

We can't leave him.

But, Danny-- Daniel.


Come on.

The man who brings me
his head gets to live.

Going somewhere?


And where I'm going,
you're not coming.

Because you're going to hell.

You know, before I go,
I think I've got to kill you.

It's like one of
those things, if you

don't do it, you
look back on it,

and say, why didn't I do that?

Try to die.


Now, how many times has daddy
told you not to play with guns?

You're not my father.


You wouldn't hurt
daddy, would you?


I told you, you
wouldn't hurt daddy.

No, but I will.

Mr. President, you
forgot something.

Sentar, you traitor.

Out of my way, O'Shack.

O'Shack, O'Shack.

Sleep, my friend.


I'm granting you a full pardon.

You have my word.

I'm not sure if
I can accept that.

I meant what I did.

I can understand that.

But I want to thank you both
for saving Daniel's life.

Here you go.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

So you're a free man now.

How does it feel?


It feels good.

So what now?

I don't know.

I never thought about it.

Well, you might want to
think about Saiginus 4.

Why there?

Oh, I don't
know, nice climate.

I'm sure they could
always use another doctor.

And that's where I'll be.