The Surprise Visit (2022) - full transcript


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.
That mean what I think it means?

Ha, ha!
We fixin' to be parents!



Hey, what's wrong, baby?
What's wrong?

Nothin'. I'm... I'm not
good enough to be a mom.

I'm doin' too many drugs.

No, no, no, no.
You'll be fine.

You'll be fine, baby.

You're gonna be
such a good mother.

- You think so?
- Oh, I know so.

I hope so.
You're gonna be such a good dad.

Yeah, you're gonna love it,

But we gotta stop doing...
using, okay?

No more... no more using.

Babies come out real hurt.
Yeah, yeah, no.

Sure. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

I-I'm just gonna... I'm gonna...

I want to give our baby
everything in the world,

whatever they want, you know...

a-a Big Wheel, a pony, right?

I don't want them...
I don't want them

to want for nothin', you know?

Wait. How are we gonna
pay for a baby?

We can't even pay
our phone bill.

We can't even buy food.

Uh, hey, I'll get a job.

Who's gonna hire you
right now?

No one's hiring in the COVID.

Hey, just don't think
like that, okay?

Belle, I'm gonna take care
of you, okay?

You know that, right? Hmm?

You trust me?

You ain't got no money, Casey.

- No, no, no, shh.
- Maybe I should just...

No, no, no, no! No.

I can do this, okay?

I will do this.

Don't you worry, okay?

It's what I have always wanted,

Now, let me just...
let me figure...

let me figure this out, okay?


No, Casey!

We can't do that no more.

You're gonna be a daddy.

You gotta get in the straight
and narrow, okay?

No more drugs.


Yeah, you're right, Belle.
You're right, Belle.

We gotta get on
the straight and narrow.

That's what we'll do.

That's what we'll do.
And you'll get a job?

Yeah. Yeah, I promise.

Yeah. I'll get a job.

I-I'm gonna talk to my dad,
see if he'll maybe...

maybe he'll give me some money,
maybe he'll give me a job.

I think he will.

Yeah. He needs the help.

And... And the lady he works
for, she got a lot of money,

but she don't pay much.

- Jobs, jobs.
- Exactly, exactly, yeah.

I think, yeah, that should work.

It'll work, right?

I don't know.
You think it'll work?

Yeah, yeah, I do. I do.

Don't worry, baby.
You can count on me.

All right? Okay?

Count on me.

I'll do anything for you.
All right?

You scared me!

You okay?

No, I'm running late.

You're still going?

Yeah, I have to
speak to my mom,

and we have those estate papers
to sign,

and then she keeps asking me

if there's anything
of my dad's I want.

I should come out and get it,

I can't believe I'm never gonna
get to speak to him again.

Why don't I come with you?

What about that
big presentation?

I can push it. All right?

Being with you right now...
that's what's important.


Oh, I was hoping you'd ask.

- I know.
- Thank you.

Well, don't think me yet.

You know how your mother
and I can get.

No discussing politics.

We're in D.C.
What do you mean?

Politics, come on.

No poking the bear.


I'm gonna get changed,
and I'll throw some things

in the bag, okay?

You gonna tell her
we're coming?

- No, I want to surprise her.
- Why would you surprise her?

My mother loves surprises.

- No, she doesn't.
- Yes, she does.


All right.

Hey, Mama.

I know I can't bring you back,

I plan to make you proud.

I'm gonna be a daddy.

And I'm gonna give her
the best life.

Things will change.

Life will be better.

I promise.

I love you, Mama.

Hey, Dad.

How you been?

What'd I tell you
about comin' around here?

I wanted to see you.

I can't lend you
any more money, son.

I'm sorry.

Just a few dollars?


Dad, come on. I-I ain't got
no one else to go to.

Can you at least get me a job?

Mrs. Dixon would never
hire you,

and the shape you're in, I...

I can't say I'd ask her to.

What are you talkin' about?

Son, you need help.

I'm fine, Dad.

I just need some money
and a job,

just money and a job, can...

Some money and a job, Dad.
Come on, please?

Can't you help me, please?


- I can't.
- Please.

- I won't.
- I'm desperate, Dad!

I told you the last time,
it was the last time.

- What am I supposed to do?!
- Get cleaned up!

I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

Not my problem!

I'm hungry. Belle and I
don't got no money for food.

Oh, man.

How is Annabelle?

She's pregnant.

You're fixin' to be a grandpa.

- Oh, man.
- That's... That's...

That's why I need money.

Okay, I want to be a good dad.

I-I will be.

I want to get better.

I-I don't want my kid
to look at me like this,

look at me like you do.

You get clean,

I'll be happy to ask
Mrs. Dixon

about a job for you,
but until then,

the answer's gonna be no.

Whatever. Screw you.
You're just a gardener.

Thank God your mother isn't
alive to see you like this.

Why'd you have to say that,

Why would you say that, Dad?

- Son, calm down.
- What's wrong with you?

Why would you say that to me,

Why would you say that to me?

What's wrong with you?
II'm sorry!

You know I was with Mom
when she died.

I was taking care of her!
Where were you?

I was the one
who took care of her.

- Calm down.
- Where were you?

Looking for the bottom
of a bottle.

The hell you say.
The hell you say.

Why would you kick me
when I'm down, Dad?

I'm your son, Dad.
No, you're not.

You are my embarrassment.

I have to get back to work.
Please get some help.

I'm sorry, son.
Screw you!

Hey, Hugh.

I'm about ready to go
to the airport.

I'm on the way.

She never uses that cane
like I tell her to.

Can't believe she slipped
and fell in her own house.

- Is she okay?
- Yes, she's fine,

but I'll have to go
stay with her for a few days.

To be honest, it feels like
I haven't seen anyone

since all the COVID nonsense,

so I'm kind of
looking forward to it.

By the way, was that Casey?

Uh, yes, ma'am, it was.

He knows he's not supposed
to come around here.

I told him that.

No need to apologize, Hugh.

How's he doing?

Well, when his mama died,
he went off the rails.

You know, she meant the world
to him,

and, you know,
when she wasn't there for him,

I don't know,
he just went nuts,

and I didn't know
how to be there for him.

And him being the spitting
image of his mama, well...

it just kills me to see him,
especially when he's...

Anyway, you probably need to
get on the road.

Mrs. Dixon,
I need to ask you something.

Could you see your way
to maybe hiring my kid,

like, giving him a job,
hiring him?

I'm sorry. I don't want to
put you on the spot.

You know,
maybe a little hard work

is just what your boy needs.

I'd be happy to hire Casey,
on a trial basis, of course.

Ah, you'd do that, ma'am?
Thank you so much.

Oh, my goodness.

I mean, I can't guarantee
anything, but I can say that,

you know, deep down inside,
he's a really good kid.

I know.
I-I trust your judgment, Hugh.

You bring Casey on
as you see fit,

but it's up to him to make
the best of it, you know.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Okay.

Yes, ma'am.
Thank you so much.

So I'll see you Monday.
I'll be back Monday.

- Okay.
- See you then.

Thank you, ma'am.
Drive careful.

- Okay, I will.
- All right.

♪ I'm gonna make a baby ♪

♪ They always call me crazy ♪

♪ But I never make a sound ♪

♪ I never know the times ♪


Belle, I got an idea.

What? You get a job?

- No, no.
- Huh?

Well, did he say
he'd get you a job?

- No.
- Hey, you scored.

- Yeah.
- You said you'd stop using.

Listen, baby,
I promise I'll stop using,

but I-I got an idea, okay?

What is it?

What's that?

We rob that old lady.

What are you talkin' about?

Just that old lady
my dad works for.

She's so rich.
What do you think?

I think you're crazy.

No, no, no,
it ain't crazy, baby.

We'd be set, all right?

She's got so much jewelry,
she wouldn't even notice.

Just one necklace, one ring...
change our life.

All right?
Our baby never want for nothin'.

- Really?
- Yeah, yeah.

She... She'd grow up
like a princess.

The world would be her oyster.

Yeah, she'd never suffer
like we suffered.

Huh? How you know this?

Everyone in town knows
about Mrs. Dixon.

You ain't never heard of her?

She's always walking around
dressed to the nines,

wearing some big, fancy jewels.

Is she rich like Dolly Parton?

- Yeah, just like Dolly, baby.
- Mm.

What do you think? Huh?

I don't know.

We ain't no thieves.

Listen, this is our chance,

to get the hell out of here,
all right?

People like us... we don't get
the opportunity to do that,

but this one's ours.

We gotta take it, okay?

You really think
we could do it?

Oh, 100%.

She just left town for few days.
Ain't no one there.

- What about your daddy?
- Ah, he...

he ain't got no business there
in the middle of the night.

- Hmm.
- Come on, it'll be so easy.

What do you think, huh?
You trust me?

- I think you're crazy.
- Yeah, but do you trust me?

Huh? Do you?

'Cause I need you to trust me.

I trust you.

I'd do anything for you, baby.




It's me.

Mom, you here?

I wonder where she is.

Mom, you out here?

Where is she? Huh.

Hmm. I wonder where she is.

Maybe she's out
running errands.


Hey, Juliette!


Sorry to startle you.

I didn't know you were comin'.

Well, we wanted to
surprise Mom.

Do you know where she is?

Unfortunately, your Aunt Kathy
slipped and fell at her house,

and your mom went
to stay with her

until your cousin
could get there.

I-Is she okay?

- I think so, yeah.
- Okay.

Well, I'll leave you two be.
I'm just checkin' on stuff.


Hugh, thank you for taking
such wonderful care of my mom.

Of course.

If you need anything,
I'll be over in the mill

for a few hours, okay?

Okay. Good seeing you.

You, too.

Well, I guess
it's just you and me.

We got the place to ourselves.

Let's open a bottle of wine.


We'll wait a few hours.

Ain't no one awake at 4:00 a.m.

Oh, yeah, that's smart.
That's real smart.

I'm telling you, Belle,
startin' tomorrow,

it's a whole new life.

Water's always warm.

We're gonna teach our kid
how to swim.


It'll be margaritas
and sunsets.

- Ah, sounds like heaven.
- Don't it?

How nice would it be
to wake up by the beach,

and you... you hear waves,
and you...


- Yeah.
- ...shhhhhhhhh.

- Shhhhhhhhhhh.
- Shhhhhhhhhhh.

Well, just think...

next week, we'll be
sittin' on the beach.

Mm. I'm already there.

God, I love you.

Love you, too.

Would have loved
to have grown up here.

It was magical.

Um, we used to, uh,
swim in the pond

and play hide-and-seek
in the forest.


Did anybody find anyone?
It's huge.

Well, games lasted a very
long time, but I usually won.

- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.

- Mm. Miss Princess...
- Mm-hmm.

- the woods.
- Hey, you.

Daddy even taught
this little princess

how to hunt and fish
in those woods.

I loved him so much.

To your dad.

You ready for this?

You sure they ain't home?

Yeah, I'm sure, baby.
It's fine.

If the crick don't rise,
it ain't gonna rise.

In and out, easy-peasy.

Just grab a few pieces
of jewelry and skedaddle.

Sound good?

- Easy-peasy.
- Yeah.

I'm just scared.

Hey, don't be, okay?

Just keep thinking,
"Mexico, here we come.

Mexico, here we come."

Mexico, here we come.

Just keep thinking that,
okay, baby?

- Okay.
- All right. You ready?

- Yeah.
- Let's go.


I ain't never done
something like this.

Just relax.

This place is huge!

Think... it's just
their country home.

What if they got
one of those alarms?

Fancy places like this
always got one of them alarms.

They ain't got no alarm.


Never needed one.

Everyone in town knows this
place used to host fox hunts.

Place is stocked up
more than an armory.

Everyone's too afraid
to get shot up.

You mean they kill
all the baby foxes?

Oh, I know, baby.
Ain't that messed up?

Hey, don't worry.
No one's home, all right?

Let's go.

Hey, she left the lights on.

You know... you know,
she might be home.

Nah, rich people always leave
their lights on, Belle.

I know she's not here.

Oh, no.

I'm just kidding.

That's not funny, Casey.

What was that?

Wake... Wake up.
I heard something.


I heard glass breaking

- Are you sure?
- Yes.


These people are rich.

Told you.

Did you hear that?

Hear what?

I swear to God,
I think I heard something.

Maybe your mother came home.

My mother came home
and broke a window?

Okay, wait... wait here.

Wait here.

- See? I told you.
- Okay, wait here.

- There's someone down there.
- Where are you going?

Just wait here.

This place is like a maze.

Look at this, Belle.

This here is Dandy-Q.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

I'll bet there's a safe
in this room.


What was that?

Did you hear that?

Call 911.

I don't have any reception.

- You're freaking me out.
- 'Cause I'm freaked out.

Are there any guns
in the house?

They're all in
the hunting cabinet.

Somethin' don't feel right.

C-Can we please just
get the jewelry and go?

Somethin' don't feel right.

Can we please get the jewelry
and just go?


Did you hear that?

There's definitely someone
in the house.

That ain't gonna be in here.
Let's go.

Any signal?

There's... There's a landline
in the office.



- Hey!
- Oh, my God.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry!

What the hell are you doing
in here?!

- No, no, no, no!
- You little bastard!

- No! Oh, God.
- Stop!

- I'm sorry!
- Calm down!

- I'm sorry.
- Stop it!

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Hey!


Are you okay?
Are you okay?


Daniel? Are you okay?





Daniel? Daniel?

Wake up.
Wake up, Daniel. Daniel?

- Come on, man.
- Daniel.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Daniel!

- Wake up, please, please.
- Oh, wake up.

- Please, please, no.
- Wake up.

Get away from him!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

I'm sorry. I ju... I just...

Daniel, Daniel, wake up.

Daniel, wake up.
Wake up.

Wake up, Daniel. You can't go.

I didn't mean to.
It was an accident.

- You idiot.
- I'm sorry. I didn't...

Daniel. Is he breathing?

Daniel, oh, my God. No!

- I'm sorry.
- No! No!

We... We need to
call an am-ambulance.

We need to call...
No. What are you doing?

- I'm calling an ambulance.
- No! No!

- What are you doing?!
- Give me that.

- What are you doing?!
- No!

Wh-Why did you do that?

He needs help.

Just... Just tell us where
the jewelry is, and we'll go.

What... What are you
talking about?

What jewelry?

W-Where's the jewelry?

Says a girl
who comes from money.

No. Come on, Casey.
Let's just go.



I-I knew you
when you were little.

She knows who we are, Casey.
What are we gonna do?

No, Casey. No, no.

No, Casey.


No, Casey. No, no.


No, no.

I told you I didn't mean it.

Please. Aah!

She knows what happened.

She's for sure to tell the cops.

I knew it. I knew we shouldn't
have done this.

Yeah, but we did, Belle.
We did.

There's no changing it.
So what are we gonna do?

I don't know. I don't know.

Hey, uh, I know I can't let her
tell the cops.

I can't do that.
I can't go to prison.

I won't.

There's gotta be
a way out of this.

Think, Casey.

Maybe we just go to Mexico.

We keep her tied up
and so she don't tell a soul.

No! My dad will find her
before we even cross

the state border, okay?

- So what we gonna do?
- I don't know.

I don't know. Just...

What do you mean,
you don't know, Casey?

You said this was easy-peasy.

You said we were gonna
go to Mexico.

What happened to Mexico, huh?

None of that happens, though,
baby, if she tells the police.

Now, please, just give me
a minute to figure this out.

I just need a minute.

Maybe she won't
tell the police.

Maybe we let her go.
She won't say nothing.

She's for sure gonna
tell the police, okay?

I done killed her husband.
I know that.

- Please just let me go.
- Shut up!

It was an accident, right?
I won't tell anyone.

That's what you said.
It was an accident.

You didn't mean it, right?


I just want to go to Mexico.

The margaritas and the sunsets,
you remember?

Margaritas and sunsets.

Baby, baby, there's only way
to guarantee

she won't tell the police.

- What's that?
- Just one way.

What? What are you saying?

I'm saying we can't raise
no kid from prison.

- You're not saying that.
- Yeah.

You know what this is.
No, Casey.

- Yes.
- I don't think

you're thinkin' right.
Yes, I am.

- No, Casey.
- It's the only way we can do it.

- No.
- Yes.

- Casey, no.
- Now we have to, okay?

Casey, that was not part
of the plan!

I don't want to, but...

Shh! We have to do this
for our kid, okay?

- I don't want a kid no more.
- Then what?

You think I want
to kill someone?

- No.
- We don't have a choice!

- No.
- God, I wish you would get...

Please, please, Casey,
please listen to me

just this once, please, Casey,
please, just this once.

Please just listen to me,

Okay, I'm doing this for us,
all right?

You gotta trust me.

I'm only doing this 'cause
I love you, and I love her.

I love our baby, right?

Okay, look at me.
You gotta trust me.

All right? All right?

You gotta trust me
on this, okay?


Trust me.

Okay, good.

All right, baby.


- How are you gonna do it?
- I don't know.

You know, I'm gonna find
the jewels first.

All right? Take this.

Make sure she don't leave, okay?

Watch her.

I can't raise a baby on my own.

I-I need him.

T-The baby need a daddy.

You're pregnant, and you're
robbing my mom's home?

We're doin' this so we can
make a life together.

You're never make a life
with him.

How can you?

Look at him.
Look at what he's doing.

I know you don't want
to do this.

You don't have to.

Just stop talkin'.

Please don't do this.

Mind your own business, lady.

- Please!
- Just stop talkin', okay?!

You don't... You don't get it.
We... It's already happening.

He done made up his mind.

He's manipulating you.
Don't you see that?

You have to think about yourself
and your future child.

- I am.
- But you're not!

Please don't do this.

You can still get out.


Just let me go.


Can't do that.

You can still say my...
my husband's death was...

was an accident, but you'll
never get away with murder.

You'll never get out of prison.

We ain't goin' to prison, lady.

We goin' to Mexico.

You will if you do this.

And your kid will never
see you, ever.

Listen to me.

I'm a lawyer.

I've seen hundreds of cases
like this.

A jury will never convict you.

They will know
whose idea this was.

No. No.

I wouldn't never turn on him.

You don't have to.

They will know it was his idea.

What you mean?

You ever been arrested?


Then you'll get off
with a slap on the wrist.

But if you kill me,
then your life is over.

Are you ready for that?

Are you?


It's obvious you don't want
to do this.

You have to think about yourself
and your child.

He never will.

What kind of man takes
his pregnant girlfriend

to rob a house?

Is that someone you really
want to raise a child with?


Ugh! Ugh!

It's perfect.


I told you, we hit the jackpot.

Oh, my God! You found it!

There's got to be
at least $7,000

maybe even $10,000
worth of jewelry here.

Oh, my God.

Holy moly.
Now, wait.

- Oh, wow.
- Hold on one second.

Hold on one second.
Oh, my God!

- Annabelle Marie Downey...
- What?

...I loved you ever since
I saw you picking out

your cotton candy
at the state fair.

Will you make the happiest man
in Loudon County and marry me?


Yeah, I will.

I love you.

Oh, my God! I'm so excited.

We gonna have the best life

We just gotta take care
of one more thing.

Just wait one second.
Maybe talk, and then...

We gotta kill her.

No, Casey. I-I can't.
She won't tell nobody.

- She will.
- I won't. I won't. I won't.

See? She won't, okay?
She's not gonna tell nobody.

She will, Belle.

- Casey.
- Give me that fire poker.

- Casey.
- No, no, no, no.

Casey, you listen to me.

You listen to me right now.
Belle, shh.

- No, no.
- Casey, wait.

She's a smart lady.
We used to play together.

I-I know your father.
Please, please.

- Casey.
- Please, God, no.

- She's a real smart lady.
- Belle, Belle.

I need you to be quiet, okay?
You listen to me right...

- Shh.
- Please.

We can do something else,
I promise.

- Please, no.
- Belle.

- Please, no.
- Listen, Casey.

This ain't you, Casey.
Casey, you know this ain't you.

I'm not gonna let you do it,

Would you please just shut up?!

And I need to take care
of this, okay?

No, no, no, no.

Casey, if you just...
what the heck, Casey?!

It's the only way
to get better now.

- Please, no.
- Casey! Oh, my God! No!

- You need to shut up!
- No!

- Ahhhhhh!
- Please!

I can't breathe.

I need some air.

You watch her.
I-I gotta get some air.


Okay, lady.

Y-You stay here.

Casey, what are you doin'?


Casey, what are you doin'?

Nothing, nothing, baby.

What's wrong?

Casey, listen...

I just needed some air.

Casey, I know you don't want
to do it,

and you don't have to.

Belle, I don't know
what else to do.

But you know I'm doing this
for us, right?

You know that, right?

I ain't no murderer.

I'm just tryin'
to give us a better life.

And we're this close.

You get that, right?

Tell me you understand that.

I need you to understand.


I do.

I love you so much.

But I gotta do this.

God, you're pretty.

I can't lose you.

You hear that?


Here. Close your eyes.

Close 'em. Come on.

Just do it.

You hear that sound?

The waves crashing on the beach.


I want you to picture it
down there.

Salt in the air.

Sun shinin' on your face.

Toes in the sand.

No more shoes.

Margaritas and sunsets.


Margaritas and sunsets.

I'd do anything for you.

I hope you know that.

I do.


Then you know
what has to be done.

All right. Why don't you go
check on her, okay?

- Okay.
- I need...

I need to psych myself up.

Probably best
if I do that a little.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Are you comin' back?
- Yeah, I'm comin' back, baby.

I'll just be a minute, okay?

Hey, lady, what are you doin'?!

You're gonna get us
in trouble.

I won't. I promise.

I ain't know how to make him
stop, okay?

I ain't know how.

Listen to me.

You're a nice girl.

Y-You don't want to
go to prison over this.

You're too young.
You're too pretty.

Shut up, lady!

You ain't know me!

We ain't goin' to prison, 'kay?

We... We're gonna go to Mexico.

With what money?

The jewelry isn't real.

What do you mean?

My mother would never spend
money on... on real jewelry.

It's fake.
You're lyin'.

I'm not.

Look at it.

It's costume jewelry.

You can tell, can't you?
Look at it.

You really want to go to prison
over costume jewelry?

How do I trust you?

Do you really want to ruin
your life over this?

Look, you're...
you're a nice girl.

You don't want to do this.

You don't want to
throw your life away.

Trust me.

You have a family, don't you?

A mom, a dad?

Think about it.
Think about them, huh?

Your baby...

you have a baby on the way.

You can't do this
to your baby.

Yeah! Ah!


You got this.

You got this. You got this.

Come on. Come on. Come on!

Yeah! Ah.

Where is she?

I-I'm sorry.

Where the hell is she,
Belle, huh?

She said it's fake.

What's fake?

The jewelry.



You think anything in
that mansion looks fake, huh?

No. It's real.
It's very real.

Look at that...
shimmery, shiny.

Look at that.

She said just for costume.


Stop laughin' at me!

- Why are you laughin' at me?
- What?!

- Stop laughin' at me!
- Don't you...

She's a witness, Belle.
You can't let her get away.


- No!
- What?

You don't... you're so stupid.

If I'm so stupid,

then why you gonna
marry me, huh?

I don't want it.
No, no.

- I don't want it!
- Belle, Belle, Belle.

- I don't want it!
- No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.

No, no. I shouldn't have
said that, okay?

All right? I'm sorry.

I apologize, okay?

We all make mistakes, okay?
I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have
reacted that way, all right?

Now, we gotta find her.

She's a witness, okay?

She could get us
in a lot of trouble.

We could go to prison, okay?

- Okay.
- All right?

So l-let's get
some of these jewels.

Come on. Come on.

We have to find her, Belle.
Come on.

All right. Hurry.

All right.
Now we gotta find her.

Come on.

Let's go!

Come on.


Shit. We lost her!

I knew we shouldn't
have done this.

Why did you have to
let her go?

What was I thinking?

We're gonna have a baby, hmm?

Belle, I screwed up, okay?

I didn't mean to kill that man,
but I did, okay?

But we have to do this now.

You gotta pull it together.

How we gonna find her?

We just gotta think
like her, okay?

She'd try and cut through
the woods, right,

to get to a main road.


Belle, there!

There she is. Come on.







Come on.

- I heard something.
- Yeah, where?

- Just that way.
- This way?

There she is!

I think she went in.

She's gotta be in here.

- How do you know?
- Where else would she go?

Now, you take this.

When she comes out...

When she comes out,
you whack her.

- I whack her?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- You can do that.

- Mm-hmm.
- All right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, all right.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for what
I said earlier, all right?

I'm sorry for yelling at you,

I love you.

I do mean it.




I gotta hand it to you.

You rich girls run fast.

Now, where the hell did you go?


- Get out of there.
- Ow! Ow!

Come on.

No! Ah! Aah!



Casey, you okay?

What was that?

You want me to come in?




Casey! Oh, my God!

Casey! Casey, wake up.
Please wak...

Oh, my God.

What happened?

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

No, I think you need to see
a doctor for sure, Casey.

- Where the hell is she?!
- I don't know.

- Give me that.
- Casey.

Hold on. Just wait one...

No, we gotta find her,
and we're gonna nail her.


Where is she?

Here, you're bleedin' real bad.

There she is!

Oh, God.

Come on.

Come on, Belle, pick it up.

Come on.

I hear her.

- Where?
- She's coming from that way.

Well, let's go. Come on!


Come on.

Oh, and I see her.
I'm gonna get that bitch.

Ah, aah! Aah!

Ah! Ah.

Come on.



You hear that?

Come on, baby.



Shh, shh!

Shh, shh!

She can't have gone far.

That bitch is wearing slippers.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, baby. Come here.

Sure she's gotta be
around here.

- Casey, I...
- I know I heard her scream.

I'm gonna kill her.

I don't like this one bit.
Let's just go home.

No, Belle, just shut up, okay?

Don't talk to me like that!

This on you, Belle, you.
All right?

We could've been
out of the state by now

if you hadn't of let her go.


Now, come on,
keep your eyes peeled.

Keep your eyes peeled.

I'm just gonna kill her
as soon as I see her.

I'm gonna kill that bitch
just like I killed her husband!

Where are you?!

As soon as I see her,
like I did her stupid husband!

You hear that?! Huh?!

I think I heard something.

Come on. Come on.

She got a head start,
but she can't have gone far.


I should've killed her
when I had the chance.


Like I killed
her stupid husband.

You're scarin' me.
Who are you?!

You know who I am, huh?

Huh? You wanna know who I am?

I'm the...
I'm the man who's gonna

do everything it takes
to save woman I love.

Help me flush her out, okay?

Okay, you understand that,

- Yeah.
- Do you?

- Mm-hmm.
- Then tell me you love me, okay?

- Okay.
- Tell me you love me.

I love you.

- Good.
- Now let's finish this.

Come on.

Come on, Belle.

She's gettin' away.


Oh, man.

Hi. I need a sheriff
at Old Highway 55,

Dixon Estate.



Oh, man.



Where are you?!

- Casey, the sunrise.
- Shh!

Where are you?!


God damn it!

What about your daddy?

No witnesses.


No witnesses.

You mean you'd kill
your own daddy?!

Hey! Hey!

I'm sorry. Come on.

Come on.

Come on.




Look, Belle, there's a cabin.

Come on, let's check it out.

I'm gettin' tired.

It's okay, baby.
Keep going.

Oh, shit!

Come on.


I know you made a mistake!

I know you have a drug problem.

Shh, shh, shh.

I know you're in the shed!

Your dad is probably
at the estate by now.





Casey, you hear that?

That's your dad.

- Shit. He's gonna find us.
- It's your daddy.

It's your daddy.

Here's what we gotta do.
All right?

You gotta go out there,
hands up,

and you got to say, "Sorry.

Sorry. We ain't gonna
hurt you no more."

- She gonna shoot me!
- No, she ain't.

She's not a killer.
How do you know?

No, no, I know.

I just know, okay?
She's not the murdering type.

Well, neither were you.

Shh! All right?

Just go out there, hands up,

and say we ain't gonna
hurt her no more.

Why won't you go?
I'm pregnant.

It don't matter! Okay?

It's gonna be prison or Mexico.

No witnesses!

No witnesses, okay?

On the count of three.

One... yeah, yeah... two...

Three, go!

- Don't shoot me!
- Stay back.

Where's Casey?

He's not here. He left me.

I don't believe you.

Where's Casey?
II-I don't know.

He... He left 'cause, ah,

he real mad at me for le...
not killing you.

Stay back.

I'm scared.

You're scared?
You're scared?

We didn't mean
for any of this to happen.

Where's Casey?


No, no, no!

- I'm sorry.
- Casey!

I don't want to do this.
I really don't.

- Casey, stop!
- You don't have to do this. No.

- Casey.
- No, no, no, no.

I'm sorry.
I don't want to.

- Casey!
- No witnesses!

- Casey, no!
- No, no, no, no.

- No witnesses!
- Casey, stop!

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.
I don't want to do this.

- No, no, no.
- Casey!


Oh, my...

I'm sorry, Mama.

I'm sorry.
You didn't have to kill her.

- I'm sorry.
- No, you're not.

You didn't have to kill her!

- I'm sorry, Belle.
- You didn't have to kill her.

You didn't have to do it.

I did, Belle.

You didn't have to kill her.
You didn't have to kill her!

I did it for you...



Why you had to do...

Why you had to do it?

Why you had to do it, huh?

Oh, mama.

Ah... I...

I-I'm gonna have a baby.

He... He went c-crazy.

H-He killed husband.
He killed the lady.

He killed the lady.

I loved him.

I-I love him.

I didn't...

I'll clean this up,
buy you some time.

You get as far away from here
as you can possibly go

and never look back.

You understand me?

You understand me?



One more thing.

You take care of my grandkid.

You give him a fighting chance
to have a good life, all right?

'Cause you're all the family
I've got.

Ain't nothin' as important
as family.


No witnesses.