The Sun Is Also a Star (2019) - full transcript

A hopeless romantic ambivalent about his future in medical school falls for a hard-luck young woman who doesn't believe in love. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Carl Sagan once said
that human beings

are like butterflies
who flutter for a day

and think it's forever.

13.8 billion years ago,

the Big Bang
created the stars,

the planets, the galaxies.

Observable fact,

rational thought,

pure science.


The Big Bang also led
to my home.

New York.

A city filled with





The choice we make.

The path we choose.

I always believed
it would take a lifetime

to understand the human heart.

In the end, all it took

was a single day.


I gotta run.

Accept destiny.

Okay, um,
I have my appointment

at the immigration office
at 8:00.

Don't put yourself
through that, baby girl.

Give it up.

We've been through lawyers.


We've tried for
too long, Natasha Kingsley.

We leave tomorrow.

We're going home.

But this... This is my home.

New York is my home.

I gotta run.

Have a good day at school.

♪ Come, come, my baby come

- Lester Barnes.
- Natasha Kingsley.

I... I set up
the InfoPass appointment

in order to retry
my parents' case.

Everything's in this file.

Do yourself a favor,
let me read it.


Okay, here we go.

Father's name?


Your brother?


- Younger?
- Peter's 11.

Was he born in the U.S.?

No. He was born in Jamaica.

- We moved when he was four.
- Any family members

that are U.S. citizens?

No. I've looked.

When are you all set to leave?





Your case is no longer
under USCIS jurisdiction.

What does that mean?

Your removal is final.


So, there's nothing
you can do?

You know,
I've been to Jamaica.

It's a beautiful place.

Everything there is irie.

You know,
you're gonna be okay.

Yeah. Forget it.

Hey, hey, hey.

You're going to Jamaica.

Some people are going
to Gaza in here.

Some people are going
to Syria, Afghanistan.

You're gonna be okay.

Everybody tells me
that I'm gonna be okay

and I'm tired of it.

'Cause I've been here
for nine years.

I'm supposed to be
going into senior year,

focusing on AP Chem,

and college and all of that.

But instead I am here.

And this is the last place
I wanted to be.

This is the last place,
'cause this is my home.

Okay. Okay. Okay.
I'm sorry, all right?

Maybe there's something.

Take this.

That's a friend of mine,
does some pro bono work.

Jeremy Martinez.
He's a lawyer.

Call him.

Hi, I'd like
to set an appointment

with Mr. Martinez
today, please.

My name is Natasha Kingsley.

What is this regarding?

My family is being
deported tomorrow

and we need his help.

I'm sorry, Mr. Martinez
is pretty booked today and...

Listen, listen. My family

- is leaving tomorrow...
- Mrs. Kingsley...

My family is leaving tomorrow.

Can you please help me out?
Can you? Please.

Just this one time.
I'm begging you.


All my parents
ever dreamed about

was to bring us here.

Listen, I can give you
15 minutes at noon,

which is his lunch.

But that is it.

Okay, that's all I need.
Thank you.

Thank you so much.
Thank you.

My parents both
went to college

in Montego Bay.

They met accidentally
during a tropical storm.

He ducked into a clothing
store for shelter,

and she was
the store manager

wearing a name tag
and looking official.

She never thought she could
fall for such a romantic.

But he was always reaching
for the stars.

Even if he had to fight
to reach them.

Deus ex machina.


I wanna help save lives

and make the world
a better place.


Okay, Umma.

Today is so important, Daniel.

It's the ticket
to the rest of your life.

I know, Umma.

Lookin' like the one
percent, little brother.

is a very good school.

Very good.

- Good morning.
- Mmm.

I don't understand

what you're saying, Mom.


Man, Dartmouth.


Good luck
on your big interview. Huh?

It's all on you now,
Danny boy.

One percent of what?

Charlie forgot
deposit slip again.


It's okay, Umma.

I'll take it to him and Appa.

After your interview.

Then, straight to school.

- No friends.
- I won't.

Do not be late.

Yo, I can't tell
if I'm riffing too much

in this song or not.

The line, it's, uh...

Focus on the "we."


- Second one.
- Second one?

Yeah, how you punch
the "we"...

- Right afterwards.
- Yeah.

You're gonna be
the next big thing.

Man, I'm not the one
going to Dartmouth.

I'm not in yet.
Depends on today.

Yeah, you got this, dude.

Hope so.

Hope so.


MTA crushing it as always.

We got a train
delay at 68th Street.

We're gonna be moving shortly.

You might be panicking,

but don't.

Let me just

say a little something
for you.

So, I take my daughter
to school every morning.

Me and my friend, Levi,

we got overly
in a conversation...

We're taking the bus
next time.

...which almost made our kids
late for school.

We get down to the subway
and we miss the train.

Shut up, asshole.

And that
particular morning,

it just happened to be 9/11.

Had Levi made that train,

he would have been the one
that goes into Manhattan

because he worked
at the World Trade Center.

What I'm trying to say is,

don't panic because
of you being late.

You never know why

you were meant to be here
at this time.

Grand Central Station,
next stop,

ladies and gentlemen.

Always remember to open up
your heart to destiny.

That was quite a story.

Made me think,

"Wow, he needs a therapist."

Yo, I got some time
before work.

So, windows, yeah?

His legs are the same size
as the rest of his body.


Well, there's your future.
Right there.

What, that guy
dancing right there?

No, you can't dance that well.

Guy that's right there
in the middle.

He looks like everything
was going well in his life

and now, nope. Nothing.

That's too bad. Poor guy.

There's your role model.

- The monk?
- Yeah, the monk.

He looks happier
than everyone else.


I think we're missing

Something's going on.




It's just a cute girl, Daniel.

I mean, okay.
She's really cute, but...

No one ever does that.


Look up.

Everyone is so busy
looking straight ahead,

they don't bother to look up.

- Holy shit!
- What?

- Wait, where you going?
- Her jacket.

- Deus ex machina.
- So?

I wrote it this morning.

It's Latin for
"God from the machine."

I don't know what that means.

Open up your heart.

What? Sorry,
what are you talking about?

Daniel, where are you going?

Open up your heart
to destiny.

Excuse me.

I can't find her.

Yeah, I don't see her.
Wasn't meant to be.

But, hey, man, you tried.

I think I'm gonna
see her again.

I don't think so, man.

I'll text you
after my shift, okay?

All right. Wish me luck.

With the interview
or the girl?


Text me when you come back
to planet Earth, okay?

The next stop
is East Broadway.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. Sorry.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

What the hell?

Hey, he's okay.

Here, take my water.

I'm so sorry.
You okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

That was close.

Can I help you up?



Sorry about pulling you down.

Can I ask your name?


I'm Daniel.

You saved my life.

Thank you.

Do you want to sit down?

I normally don't wear a suit.

It's for my alumni interview
for Dartmouth.

No school today?

Uh, no. No school.

What's with the notebook?


Just poems.


Yeah, I just dabble
in it for fun.

Not a big deal, really.

What are they about?

Oh, no, no, no.
Wait, let me guess.


- Not all of them.
- But most of them?


Well, I don't believe in love.

It exists whether you
believe in it or not.

And that's a provable fact?

Yeah. How could thousands
of songs and poems

be about something
that doesn't exist?

Boy, please!
Words on paper.

What would convince you?

If you can't use the
scientific method on it,

then it's not real.

Anything in this world
that's a fact,

it's a fact because we can
either observe it,

measure it,
or experiment with it.

If you can't do
any of those things,

then it's legit,
deadass not real.

But you gotta admit
people are feeling something.

They're feeling hormones.

And we just call it love,

so that we have something
grand to live for.

Otherwise, life seems
really mundane

and just a random
series of events

that you have no control over
until you die.

Depressing, right?

You make it sound depressing.

Because it is.

So, no magic, no fate,
no "meant to be"?

What if I told you
I could get you,

to fall in love with me?

How is that humanly possible?

Just give me a day.

One day.


I can't. I don't have a day.

Do you have an hour?

An hour.

I'm not changing
my mind, though.

No. My appointment's at noon

and I'll be home
right after that.

Your mother is worried sick.

You have to come
pack your stuff.

Dad, this lawyer might
be able to help.

Stop being
such a stubborn child.

And get home now.

Please, we have
to do something.

This is honestly
our last chance.

Come pack your stuff.

I'm gonna throw it
all in the trash.

Will you please just listen
to me for once?

- Hello?
- Is this Daniel Bae?

Yes, this is Daniel Bae.

My apologies, but Mr. Martinez

needs to reschedule
our interview.

- Reschedule?
- Tomorrow morning, 8:00.

Yeah! I think
I can make that work.

Okay. Wonderful.
Thank you so much.

Uh-huh. See you then.



What was that all about?

- Just parents being parents.
- Hmm.

Loosened your tie.


Uh, my interview
got postponed to tomorrow.

But back to love and science.

So, this study

had researchers put a bunch
of couples into a lab

and had them ask each other

a series
of intimate questions.

Sounds ridiculous.

At the end of the study,

they had to stare
into each other's eyes

for four minutes
without saying a word.

So, you think
you're gonna make me

fall in love by asking me
these questions?

Okay, so there
are 36 questions.

Okay, so we're doing this?

But nobody's got time
for all that.

So, how about I pick
ten randomly?

Okay, question number one.

What are the five
key ingredients

to falling in love?

This is so idiotic.


Uh... Mutual self-interest

and socioeconomic


Well, my ingredients are
friendship and chemistry.

Mmm. Of course they are.

My last three are some
sort of moral compass...

Common interests are a must.

And let's see,

the X factor.

What in the world
is the X factor?

Don't worry. We've got it.

You know what...

I hate to break this to you,

but taking this little quiz

isn't gonna make me change
my mind, Mr. Plaid Tie.

Did you just call me Pad Thai?

Plaid Tie.

Because not only
is that completely racist,

but also culturally

as my family is from Korea,
not Thailand.

Well, that is not what I said,

so you can stop waiting
for an apology.

Oh, I'm waiting for something,
but not for an apology.

Where are you going?

I told you I have a meeting.

Uh, we still have
27 minutes left.


So, you coming or what?

So, where do you see yourself
in five years?

Is that actually
one of the questions?

I might be improvising.

Well, I want to be
a data scientist.

What's that?

It's a scientist
who analyzes data.

We take large amounts
of information

and strategize on how
to apply it practically.

Like how?

Like traffic flow,

four-day work weeks
for big companies,

personal time
versus productivity.

All that jazz. Come on.

You're passionate
about it, though, right?

Yeah, well,
I'm passionate

about walking on the moon.

But I can't live
off of passion

any more than I can
live off of love.

It's a long life to spend

doing something
you're not really into.

It's a long life
to spend chasing dreams.

You should really kick it
with my dad sometime.

Am I reminding you
of a 50-year-old Korean man?

Without the accent.

So, he's not crazy
about you pursuing poetry?

Oh, no. I'm first-generation.


It means it doesn't matter
what I want.

According to my parents,
I'm meant to be a doctor.

Oh. You know, at least when
you're a doctor making bank,

you can thank them
for not letting you

be a starving artist.

It's hard to be passionate
when you're hungry.

This is me.

You're kidding.

This is where my interview
was supposed to be.

Come on. Honestly?

I'm serious.
What are you doing here?



But you gotta admit,

this definitely
proves my point.

Fate is real.

Wait, I think
you mean coincidences,

'cause they can happen
without meaning.



I'll wait here for you

and then we'll finish
the questions.

Daniel, I should really
go home right after this.

Today is a big day.

So, I think this is where
we say goodbye.


Am I gonna see you again?

The odds aren't in your favor.

I'm guessing 1 in 8 million.

I really think
I could have changed your mind

if I had the whole day.

Too bad you couldn't prove
your hypothesis.

It was nice to save your life,

Nice meeting you, Daniel.

You know, good luck
with everything.

Honestly, I hope
the interview goes well.

Figure all that out.


Thanks again.

You know,
I'm gonna prove my hypothesis!

Love is real.

This isn't the last time
I'm gonna see you.

If I gotta hit up
all the boroughs,

we're gonna see
each other again.

You can't stop
what's meant to be.

The Theory of Multiverse

was set forth originally
by Hugh Everett

in quantum mechanics.

It posited that every version

of our past and future
histories exists,

just in an alternate universe.

This means that for every
choice you make,

an infinite number
of universes exist

where you made
a different choice.

In this way,
we get to live multiple lives.

I'm not quite sure which
universe I'm living in now.

Law offices
of Jeremy Martinez.

Perfect. Okay, thank you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Uh, I'm Natasha Kingsley.

I was just about to call you.

I am so sorry,
but I have some bad news.

Mr. Martinez
was biking in to work

when he got clipped by a car.

But he was lucky.

Just a few bruises.

He'll be back around 4:30.

Can you come back then?

Law offices
of Jeremy Martinez.

Of course. Of course.

Um, I was supposed to help
my mother but I'll be here.

Great. I need you
to fill these out.

I already have my case files.

You still need
to fill these out.

You can take a seat
right over there.


How can I help you?

"Have you ever
been convicted of a crime?"

Hey, get back here!

"Are you willing
to offer allegiance

"to the United States
of America?"

I pledge allegiance

to the flag of
the United States of America

and to the Republic...

"Have you ever
been involved

"in anti-government

Protect kids not guns!

Protect kids not guns!

"What does America
mean to you?"

Flip your hair a little bit.

We've had a lot of cases
like yours recently.

I think Mr. Martinez
may be able

to help you reopen your case.


I can't make any promises,
especially these days.

But be back 4:30 sharp.

- Hey, Tash.
- Oh!

Hey. Doing nicknames now?

Yeah. How'd your thing go?

Uh... I have to come back
at 4:30.

I guess that just
gives you four hours

to just hang out with me or...

I mean,
I should still go home.

Okay, yeah, how long
does that take?

45, 50ish minutes?

One way?


That's like two hours.

Just to be home
then turn around?

Okay, you make
some fair points.



I have, uh, this thing uptown.
My parents.

- Your parents?
- Yeah.

I just gotta
drop something off.

It's not a big deal at all.

Do you wanna come?

- I'm sorry.
- For what?

I'm sorry this isn't exactly
the sexiest first date.

Never agreed it was a date.

Oh, it is. You'll see.

I wish I could just bottle
your confidence and sell it.

'Cause I'd make
a shit ton of money.

I'm not that confident.


This is it.

- This is your family's store?
- Mmm-hmm.

Your family,

the South Korean immigrants,
own a black hair care store?


My family
of South Korean immigrants

do own a black hair
care store.

Passion project?

It seems random, but it's not.

See, in the 60s,

wigs made from South Korean
hair were extremely popular.

Around that time,

the South Korean government
banned the export of hair,

making it difficult for anyone

other than Koreans
to make wigs.

Then the U.S. government

banned wigs
made from Chinese hair.

This gave Koreans full control
over the entire wig industry

and the wig business evolved
into the more general

black hair care business.

Which, South Koreans
currently control 60 to 80%.

Aisle one is shampoos,
conditioners, dyes,

a bunch of other things
that I don't understand.

Aisle three is weaves,
uh, wigs...


This place is huge.

Uh, can I get you anything?

I think I'm set on gel,
but thanks.

No. No!

Uh, I didn't mean a product.

Uh, my dad's got a fridge
in the back

with like soda and...

Mmm, got it. Okay.

Yeah. Thanks.

- A soda would be great.
- Mmm-hmm.


Why not?

Doesn't seem like your style.

You never know
what might work.



I think you'd look beautiful
with a giant, pink afro.

Well, not the whole
thing, just the ends.

- Cool.
- Yeah.

Your hair looks really soft.

You think it can take
all that dye?

Well, you're the black hair
care expert.

So, why don't you feel it
and tell me?


It's a one-time-only offer.

Aw! What's going on here?


Oh, God.

This is my older brother,

This is my friend, Natasha.

Friend? Oh!

I thought maybe
he just caught a shoplifter.

What did you just say?

Hey, we get a lot of those
in a store like this, right?

- I'm sure you understand.
- Wow.

What the hell is your problem?



- Tough guy in a suit now. Huh?
- Daniel, let's just go.

Don't touch me.

Let's go.




The money pouch.


Hey, want me to translate

for your friend, Danny?

Uh... Hi, Mr...

- Bae.
- Mr. Bae, I'm Natasha.

You're a friend of Daniel's.

Would you like something
before you leave?

What, for free?

Not this aisle.
Come with me.


Relaxer for your hair.
Make your hair not so big.

Thank you, Mr. Bae,
but I like my hair big.

Oh, if you like big,
you should get yourself a man,

'cause little Danny here...

Yeah, 'cause my dick
is an inch long,

still twice as big as yours.

I gotta go.

You know, it could not
have gone any worse.

What a combo.

I mean, maybe I should have
gotten the relaxer

just to make him like me more.

I'm glad you find this funny.

Dude, tragedy is funny.

Sometimes you gotta laugh
to keep from crying.

Are we in a tragedy?

That's what life is.

You know,
we all die in the end.


I'm sorry.


you're not your dad.

And you're for sure
not your brother.

And they shouldn't be mad
at you because of me.

They should be mad

because you stole all
the good looks in the family.

Thank you.

I still have three hours.

So, where to?

I have one
of my favorite spots.


- Soccer.
- Really?

Yeah. All I hear is the ball,
like, thudding on the ground.

It doesn't even
make any sense.

'Cause soccer, isn't the ball

supposed to stay
on the ground?

Yeah, I mean,
unless you kick it.


Thank you
for bringing me here.

Makes you feel minuscule
and so important

at the same time.

Passionate about it,
you should be an astronomer.

No, but really, though.

But you love it.

Change is a constant
in the universe.

Stars, planets, even galaxies,

are always on the move.

Tugged this way and that.

By the powerful, ever-present
force of gravity.

At times, they even collide.

This may sound alarming,

but collisions
can actually be beneficial...

and sometimes beautiful.

- Okay.
- Next question.

Hmm. Okay.

Perfect timing.

- Where are we going?
- Noraebang.

- Uh, in here?
- Mmm-hmm. Korean karaoke.

No, I'm not doing it,
Daniel Bae.

I'm not doing it.

You know,

in Noraebang you don't
choose the song.

The song chooses you.

There goes that overly
dramatic poet again.

- Glad you recognize.
- Yeah.

Do you know what I recognize?

I recognize that

almost every poem I've read
is about three things.

Love, sex, and the stars.

Stars are important.

Didn't we just learn that

- at the planetarium?
- Sure, but...

I don't know. Why not more
poems about the sun?

The sun is also a star.

Just 'cause it's the most
important star

doesn't make it poetic.

The sun is a benevolent star.

A giver.

It's our greatest symbol
of hope.

That's worth writing about.


I'll only write poems about
the sun from now on.

Thank you.

And sex.

Gotta be ready in case
the song calls for it.

Good morning, everyone.

The star explosion
schematic view.

Today is not a coincidence.

It led me to you.

- I gotta go right now.
- What's wrong?

These dreams are
screwing up my entire life.

I can't do this.


Natasha, what's wrong?


Natasha! Just wait!


What just happened back there?

Just talk to me.

What are you so afraid of?

What are you so afraid of?

Of being late
to my appointment.

Or are you afraid of this?

I know this is real.

And I know you feel it, too.


Daniel, I know you think
that us meeting

is fate or destiny
or whatever,

but it can't be real,
because I'm probably

never gonna see you again.

What? Why not?

Because I wasn't born here.

Because my family
is being deported tomorrow.

You're leaving tomorrow?

Yeah. For good.

You're just making it harder,

But there's gotta be
something we can do.

Just wait, Natasha, just wait.

There's gotta be
something we can do.

I'm right here.

I'm not a dream. Okay?
I'm right here.


- Thank you for saving my life.
- Natasha.

- Natasha. Natasha!
- No. Leave me alone.

I don't even have your number!


Perfect timing, Miss Kingsley.

Follow me, please.

He's a little banged up
after the accident,

but extremely dedicated
to his cases.


Mr. Martinez,
this is Natasha Kingsley.

Thank you.

- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

Thanks for squeezing me in.

- Sorry.
- No, it's okay. Please sit.

I've had a chance to
review your file and, uh,

what I'd like to do
is see the judge

who issued
this removal order, okay?

I went to school with him.
He's a good guy.

And he'll be able to stop
the deportation?

Well, he might let me file
a motion to reopen the case

and then we can reverse this
voluntary removal. All right?

And then, at least you won't
have to leave tomorrow.

And I should have an answer
from the judge in the morning.

And then probably
we should meet again.

10 o'clock all right with you?

Okay, uh, well, then what?

Well, then I'll ask
for a new trial

and submit a petition
for permanent resident status.


How's that sound to you?

Like somebody finally cares.

you're back early.

You finished with
the interview already?

What happened?

You can tell me.
You can tell me anything.

Why the long face, man?

Shut up, Charlie.

So, how did your fancy college
interview go, Doctor Bae? Hmm?

We finally got a doctor
in the house?

Someone to be proud of?

Oh, come on, you really got
nothing to say to me?

No, Hyung. I don't.

Hey. I told you not
to call me that.

Oh, shit, you're right.

Someone might find out
you're actually Korean.

You think
that little black girl

made your balls grow? Huh?

Oh, no,
you're the little bitch

who can't think for himself
without their approval.

Yeah, that's what you are.

Well, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry not everybody can be
as badass or edgy as you.

Staying at home,
eating their food,

breaking Mom's heart.

Fuck you! You think
you're better than me?


- Just let me ask you...
- Yeah.

I'd do her, afro and all!


Get some ice for your lip.

Doctor Bae. Doctor Bae.

Doctor Bae.

- Doctor Bae.
- Doctor Bae.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

Forget about Charlie.

The only thing that matters
is your interview.

And you go to good college,

you become doctor,
you be success.

What if I don't want
the same things

you and Umma want, Appa?

Daniel, it is about
the family name.

It's about honor
for all of us.

But what about what I need?

"I, I, I."
America is all about "I."

You do not throw away
your future.


If you do not go to college,
you're on your own!

"Yeah, Appa."

"Yeah, Appa."


When my mother, Min Soo,

fell in love with my father,
Dae Hyun,

she didn't expect
it would take them

from South Korea to America.

When my mom and dad learned

that they were going
to have a baby,

they struggled with what
to name it.

See, in America,

the family name
is called the last name.

My father said it showed

that Americans think
the individual

is more important
than the family.

But in Korea,
the family name came first

and told the entire history
of your ancestry.

When my brother was born
they picked an American name,

followed by a Korean
personal name,

followed by the family name.

Then a couple of years later,
they named me.

So, in the end,
they chose both.

Korean and American.
American and Korean.

That way, we would know
where we were from

and where we were going.

All right. Thank you.

Thank you.


Mmm. You look great.

Thanks. Your boy's not here.

Yeah, I know.
I need his number.

- You need his number?
- Mmm-hmm.

- From me?
- That's what I just said.

Danny's number? From me?

You gonna give it
to me or not?

What's your deal?

You have an Asian fetish
or something?

I just have something
really important

that I need to tell him.

You really like him, huh?

Yeah, I do.


Thank you.

Yeah, okay. You're welcome.

All right. Great. Great.

Yep, all right. Hey.

Don't break his heart.





How'd you get my...

Your brother gave me
your number.

My brother gave you my number?

I have it and it's me.

I have some good news.
Can you meet me?

Yeah. No, yeah.
Where are you?

- Lightning round.
- Okay.

What is your most
treasured memory?

- Oh. When we first got here...
- Mmm-hmm. dad took us to see
the fireworks at Coney Island.

We ate fried dough,
went on all the rides.

Just kind of magical.
Is that cheesy?

- He was different then.
- Your dad?


He's the reason we're here,
but it's not even his fault.

No, it's not his fault

that ICE does
these random raids.

And he was working
in the kitchen that day.

Nine years here, then boom.

Man, I'm sorry.

It's all sorts of complicated.

God, I love this city.

Don't fall.

I got him! I got him!

Day's sweetest moments
are at dawn.

Good morning.

I could get used
to waking up like this.

- Thank you.
- Hmm.

My bangs
are probably everywhere.

Any more questions?

Kiss me?

What time is it?

- Uh...
- You don't wanna

miss your interview.

- Oh, shit. It's 7:15.
- Hmm! Oh, we gotta go.

- Come on. Come on.
- Yeah.

Yeah, it's interview time.
Come on.

You got everything?
Come on, come on.

Yeah. Careful.


I don't know.

You're going in there,

you're gonna kill
this interview

and I'll wait here for you
until my appointment.

You're good.

Are you okay?

- What if I have to leave?
- You're not leaving.

- How do you know that?
- Because I know.

The universe wants us
to be together.

You're not leaving, Natasha.

Don't you see? That's what
this whole thing is.

Even your jacket,
deus ex machina.

It's fate.

So you have nothing
to worry about.


Come on. You're gonna be late.
Go, go, go.

I don't want to go.


You promise
you're gonna be here?

I'll be here.

We'll finish the questions
when you get back.

- Go to your interview.
- I'm going. I'm going.

Hi, Mommy!

No, I...

I'm so sorry.

I should have reached out.
I'm safe, though.

No, no, no.

I graduated a long time ago.
Class of '92.

Are you a Queens boy?

- Yep.
- Yeah, me, too.

Your mother's name is Min Soo?


- Pretty, pretty.
- Thank you.

Yeah. Soccer team.


Must be fast.

Asian Culture Club
vice president?

Mmm-hmm. Yes, sir.

Excellent interpersonal

customer service skills.
What's that?

Yes, sir. My, uh, father owns
a black hair care store.

I work there part-time.

Any community service,
that type of stuff?

Mmm-hmm. I volunteer
at the children's hospital

in the Bronx twice a month.

It's rewarding.

I write poems
with the patients.

Takes their mind off
of being sick.

Oh, so you like to write, huh?

I do. I do. As a hobby.

Yeah, yeah.
No, I feel like doctors

should all be well-rounded,

but, you know, it's rare.

So, um...

So when did you first know
you wanted to be a doctor?

Never. Is that an okay answer?

Yeah, I guess. If it's honest.

It is.

All right. Well,
let's go with that then.

My parents want me
to be a doctor.

I never wanted that.

I just...

I want to be a poet.

So why the hell
do you wanna go to Dartmouth?

Uh, my parents are immigrants.

All they want is to give me
and my brother a better life.

It's all they ever wanted.

But what about what you want?

Doesn't that count
for something?

I don't know.

Okay. There's still
a chance, Mom.

Will you please just listen
to me for once?

All I'm saying is I'm here.

I have this appointment.
Give me an hour.

- Miss Kingsley, you're early.
- Hi. Is he in there?

- Yes, he is, but...
- Okay, great.

- I'll be home in an hour.
- Hey, excuse me.

I'm hanging up now.
Goodbye, Mom.

Your appointment's
not until 10.

Miss Kingsley you can't go
in there. He's in a meeting!

So sorry for the interruption.

Excuse me.
We're having a meeting here.

- Tash?
- Daniel?


What's going on here?

This is...

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.

You're fine. It's fine.
We were just finishing up.

No, we're not. We're just
getting started right now.

Can you tell me
what happened with the judge?

I don't think you wanna
be talking about this

in front of Mr. Bae
right here.

You can say anything
in front of him. Just tell me.

Can my family stay?

No. I'm sorry.

So you're saying
I have to leave today?

Natasha, if there was anything
I could have done,

I'm telling you,
I would have done it.

You said you could fix it.

I promised to try and I did.
I really did.

Oh, your promises
don't mean shit!

the current political climate,

and the way they keep
changing policies...

- I mean, I did all I could.
- You know what's so messed up?

I'm so sorry, Tash.
I'm so sorry.

You said this wasn't
gonna happen!

You promised me

- this wasn't gonna happen.
- So sorry. Natasha!

Hey! You didn't finish
your interview.

Natasha only has
a few hours left.

I'm not wasting
another second.

Don't you want
the recommendation?

Not more than I want the girl.

Natasha! Natasha!

Natasha, come on.
Natasha, please.

- Wait, wait, wait. Just wait.
- I can't wait!

- Wait.
- I can't wait.

I have to go home.

I have to pack.
I have so much to do.

I can help. I can help.

No, my parents are there.
Go back to your interview.

- Go back.
- I don't care.

I don't care about Dartmouth.

It doesn't matter to me
the way that you do.

You met me yesterday!

- Get over it! Get over it.
- I don't wanna get over it.

But you should!

- But you should.
- I'm not gonna get over it.

No, no. Here's what
we're not gonna do.

We're not gonna act like this

isn't the worst thing
on earth, 'cause it is.


But I'm coming home with you.

I'm gonna see where you eat,

where you sleep,
where you live

and I wish I could have
done it sooner,

but now is better than never.

Are you okay with that?

I just don't wanna go.

I just don't wanna go.
I don't wanna go.

I don't wanna go.

I don't wanna...

It's okay.

I look homeless.

You don't have to be nervous.

I'm meeting your parents.

Well, I mean,
the good thing is,

you can screw up all you want.

Never gonna see 'em again.

Pass me that one there.

Lord, Natasha!

Peter, go turn
that damn music off.

We didn't know
when you'd come home.

Uh, mommy, this is Daniel.

Sorry to meet you under these
circumstances, Mrs. Kingsley.


Dad, I'm sorry
that I stayed out.

He's the reason why
you not come home last night?

- Mr. Kingsley, it's my fault.
- Not a word, boy.

We've been up all night.

Thinking about you,
worried about you.

And you've come home
with this stranger.

Daniel's not a stranger.
He's my guest.

Your guest?

When you have your own home,
you can have a guest.

But this here's my home.

What makes this your home?

A home is a place
you fight for.

You don't even wanna stay.

It's not simple, 'Tasha.

What is it?

I just wanted to give you all
so much more than this.

I love you.

But we are leaving.


- Thank you, sir.
- Here's your bag.

I don't know how
to say goodbye.

Then don't.

We still have one more
test to go.

The stare.

Four minutes.
No talking.


I'm not sure if we're supposed

to hold hands
during this part,

but the hell with it.

It's all right.

I'm right here.

Carl Sagan once said
that human beings

are like butterflies
who flutter for a day

and think it's forever.

Compared to the lifespan
of the universe,

our lives begin and end
in a single day.

I've come to understand it
this way.

The stars aren't just
balls of gas

burning billions
of miles away.

They are also a reminder

of the brief time
we share on this planet.

At first, Daniel and I
stayed in touch.

But time and distance

are the heart's
natural enemies.

May each day be today.

Everyone we meet...

...everyone we love...

how we got here...

what path we choose...

and who we choose
to remember.

They are all
a part of our story.

But we cannot allow the story
to be written for us.

Because we don't have forever.


all we have is a single day.

I'm Daniel.

You saved my life.

Thank you.

I love you, Daniel Bae.

I guess the experiment worked.


Sorry I'm late.

No, just...
Thank you for coming.


So you found your way back
to New York City, huh?

Wasn't easy. As you know.

But my student visa finally
came through for grad school.

So what are you studying?


Um, I'm actually flying
to San Francisco tomorrow

to start my PhD at Berkeley.

Thank you.

Dr. Natasha Kingsley.
Look at you.

Thanks. But I need
to ask you a question.

Yeah, sure.

So, the day
my family got deported,

there was a boy, Daniel Bae,

who came to your office
to interview for Dartmouth.


I haven't been able
to find him anywhere.

I mean,
he's not online anymore.

It's literally
like he's vanished.

And I was wondering
if you have

any way of contacting him.

No. No.

When he ran out of my office,

that was the last time
I ever saw him.

I'm sorry.

I'll tell you something.

You know why I remember
that day?

- Hmm.
- Well, because I had

a million things
to do that morning,

and I had
this accident, right?

And I actually tried
to convince the EMTs

not to take me
to the hospital.

But I was glad they did.


Well, because...

my doctor became my wife.


Oh, my God!

I know, I know, I know.

So, you know,

sometimes you can't
control everything...

I don't know. I don't know.

Maybe just being open to fate,
maybe that's a choice.



Good luck with everything.
I mean that.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

That's it for me.

We've got some more talent
coming out, so just sit tight.

This is a poem
I wrote about the sun.




I like your glasses.

I like the hair.

I leave tomorrow.

I only need a day.

Mmm. Well...

I don't really have a day.

Give me an hour.