The Stranger (1991) - full transcript

A well-off family is paid an unexpected, and rather unwanted, visit by a man claiming to be the woman's long-lost uncle. The initial suspicion with which they greet the man slowly dissolves as he regales them with stories of his travels, tales that are at odds with their conventional middle-class perspective on the world.

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Who is it from?

I cant guess from
the handwriting.

M. Mitra

Must be someone on your
mothers side.

I dont know of any
M. Mitra.

They say, therell be no power
cuts during the holidays.

Well? Whos it from?

Whose letter is it, Mummy?

- Just a moment.

Ok. Like a massive...


Is it some bad news?

I dont know.

Dont know?

Whos that from, Mummy?

Your great uncle!

The one who ran away from home?

But hes been missing for ages!

35 years! He left in 1955.

I was only two then.

And your uncle?

He left immediately
after graduation.

I dont remember him at all.

Later, my mother told me

Last time we heard from him
was in 1968.

He never wrote to any of his

Only to Mr. Sital. A post
cover every 6 months or so.

From various places in Europe.

It was not possible to reply
because he gave no address.

This Sital was a family friend,
wasnt he?

He was grandpas neighbour.

He has been to see us also.

Oh yes. He was in the
Governors accounts department.

He has retired and is living in
Shanti Niketan, isnt it?

It was from him that
uncle learnt about us.

Where has he written from?

New Delhi.

Qutub Hotel.

Anyway, just read me
the letter, will you?

I must say his command of
Bengali is admirable.

My dear Baby.

Baby? Who is baby?

Let me read it, will you?

My dear Baby.

I dont know your real name.

Oh! Im addressing you
in this fashion.

I hope you wont mind.

Thats very florid style.

When I left home, you were
no more than a baby.

I have finished my travels
in the West...

and have only just arrived here.

Learnt from
Mr. Sital that...

youre my only
close relation left...

and are settled happily.
Your husband and son...

I shall soon resume
my wanderings.

In the meantime,
I dearly wish...

to spend a week as the
guest of my niece...

in the city of my birth.

You wont know this uncle
of yours by sight...

as I wont know you.

I realize that in the
instance my request...

amounts to an imposition.

In our country,
in the old days,...

hospitality was extended even...

to total strangers.

It is the thought
of this tradition...

that gives me the courage
to make this request.

I have decided.

We leave by the Rajdhani
Express on the 16th...

and arrive in Calcutta
on the 17th morning.

I shall then turn up at
your house in a taxi.

It is certainly up to you
to accept me...

as a guest or not.

Let me assure you.

Im used to experiences
both bitter and sweet.

Yours affectionately,...

Uncle Manmohan Mitra.

You have no memories
of your uncle.

You even recall whether he is
stout or thin or tall or short.


So there is only one thing.
Send an immediate reply...

by telegram, a letter wont do.

Tell him a bare faced lie?

What do you mean a lie?

That people go on holidays...?

Doesnt know Im an executive...

as if I were a professor?

We are enjoying a long holiday
on autumn, wouldnt I?

That youre not professor.

How can you be sure that
this man isnt lying?

You know how common fraud
is these days?

Theres a priceless art collection...

in that sitting room alone.
Subjects worth a million rupees.

Take just one bronze figurine...

from the top
of the book shelf...

and you can make a fortune...

by selling it to a
foreign tourist.

You mean he is coming
to commit a theft

Uncle was a great
favourite of my mother.

Dad too was very fond of him.

It was not without reason.

Uncle was very gifted.

Never stood second in his life.

Here a person can change
beyond recognition.

It doesnt seem so
from the letter.

Ill assume that he is
indeed your uncle...

and a model of virtue.

Wont you give your husband
a little thought?

What do you mean?

Says hes coming on
the 17th, Friday.

That hell stay for a week.

Means, the whole weekend
would be ruined.

The autumn festival
starts on 21st.

I thought Id relax
during the holidays.

Now comes this old man...

claiming to be your uncle.

Come in dear sir. Sit down.
Have a meal dear, sir.

Dont like it at all.


Your attitude, what else?

You cant send this telegram
in answer to this letter.

As a thoroughly decent letter!
- I dont deny that.

In fact, its a little too
decent. - Thats the trouble.

How can a man whos been
away from home so long...

write such elegant Bengali?

Maybe he got someone else
to write for him.

But the sentiment is
surely his own.

No. Theres a snag in it.

Very well.

Is grand uncle coming, mummy?

Ask Daddy.

What is it now?

Are you cross with me
or something?

A fake uncle is better than
no uncle.

Is that what you wish to say?
- Wish to say only one thing.

Whats the need for a
letter or a telegram?

He says he is coming here
on the 17th.

Let him come.

If I find him a fake...

or he’s real, but has come
with an ulterior motive,...

then you wont have
to do anything.

I myself will whisk him
away with a broom.

Just think - a fake great uncle!

National Film Development
Corporation Presents

Film by Satyajit Ray.

With Utpal Dutt, Dipankar Dey.
Mamta Shankar. B. Bhattacharji.

Robi Ghosh. Dhritiman Chatterji.
Subrata Chatterji.

Pramode Ganguly.
Ajit Banerji.

Barun Raha

Art Director:
Asoke Bose

Dulal Dutta

Hitendra Ghosh

Produced by:

Written, Scored and
Directed by: Satyajit Ray

Sweep well under the cupboard.
Theres a lot of dust there.

Madhu, when youve done
the bed...

bring a flask of cold
and put it on the table.

You stay there and call,
but when he comes...


Come down for the luggage,
You there.

What is your name?


Lord Krishnas pupil
or Sudhindra Boses son?

Your name?
- Anila.

Did you get my letter?
- Oh, yes.

I didnt get a reply.

I hope you didnt write
asking me not to come.

No, no.

You think I dont know
Ive put you in a spot?

Asking you to accept someone
youve hardly seen...

as your uncle...

Why do you say that?

Its good to find a thing
one had taken as lost

I presume your husband is...

in the office - Theres no
work tomorrow and day after...

and the Durga festival
starts on the 21st.

I see.

Can I get you a cold drink?

A little rest and then
you can have your bath.

Very well, but no ice please.

Half a mind to buy some
sweets for you and the boy.

Then I realized I didnt
know where to go for these...

would probably end up
buying inferior stuff.

The old confectioners Ganguram...
still there?

Oh yes, there are many new ones.

Why this tastes a lot
like Coca Cola?

Is this made here?
- Yes.

Good Lord! - This isnt how you
spell Thumbs up, Satyaki?

Oh, no.

Thats better.

You go to school, I suppose?

Yes, now we have a months
holiday for festivals.

On the way, I saw some houses
with decorations...

which suggested Id come
during the festival.

Have you watched a Durga festival
in all these years...

youve been away?
- No.

But Ive seen
Lord Krishnas Chariot.

Dyou know where?

Madison Avenue in New York

Its the same here.

Swarming with white skinned
followers of Krishna.

They are the men that
ring out the Chariot, not us

Do you know the 108 names
of Lord Krishna?


My grandma used to sing it.

Ill teach you.

Youll have a bath, wont you?

If it isnt too much trouble.

Not at all. Your rooms

Satyaki will show you.

You have a lovely house.

My father-in-law built it.

And your husband
has inherited it?

Come, Satyaki

By the way, I know nothing
about your taste in food

Dear, Im Omnivorous
and a small eater.

So, you have nothing
to worry about.

Has he come?
- Yes, just 10 minutes ago.

What shall I say?
Seems a jovial person.

He uses endearing terms when
talking to me. I quite like it!

But you havent addressed
as dear uncle, already?

Im not so gullible.

Goodness! Does he
resemble your mother?

No, but one thing he
shares with her.

- A singing voice.

Hes already been singing
for you?

Oh, no. Just a couple
of lines.

Hows his Bengali?

Better than yours or mine.

What? I find that
very suspicious.

- What now?

Ask to see his passport.

Theres no sounder proof
of identity than that.

Are you out of your mind?
You think a woman can do that?

You do that when you meet him.

I cant be bothered.
Im hanging up.

Weve come.

Kurta Pyjama. I hope
this dress will do.


I had nothing that
I could wear here.

So I bought these in Delhi.

Come in.

Thats fish.

Sit down, please.

Since youre omnivorous,
you mustnt skip any items.

But I also said small eater,

I suggest you put aside
the meat for dinner.

Ill have the fish now.

Do you know what this is?

I told you how long since I’ve
tasted Bengali dishes.

You wouldnt believe me.

This is curried spinach.

You know Popeye the sailor,

Oh yes, its spinach that
gives him strength.

Heres something new.

Good Lord! What are these?
- Fancy crisps.

The women of Midnapore
prepare them at home.

Edible embroideries.
This could only happen in Bengal.

Give me one, mummy.

Wont you join us, dear?

Ill eat, when youve finished.

That means, you havent
become a Memsahib yet.

You say you havent tasted
Bengali cooking all these years.

But there are any number of
Bengalis in the West.

In New York alone,
we know so many of them.

Havent you had anything
to do with them?

Once Ive broken free
of my moorings...

why hobnob with Bengalis

But you havent forgotten
the language.

You speak it well,
write it well.

Ill take lentil first
then fish.

So do we.

You know what, dear?

Unless you wish to forget your
mother tongue, you dont forget it.

But if you do, you can
do so in 3 months.

And for that you didnt have
to leave the country.

In Delhi, I find children
addressing their parents...

as Mummy and Daddy.

Do you do the same, Satyaki?

- Certainly not!

The crisps are eaten
with lentil.

Shall I give you one?
- Very well. Fancy Crisps

Why did you leave home?

Mother told me
everyone loved you.

And you were a fine student
with a bright future.

But yet why I left home?
- Yes.

Theres a lovely word in
German, Wanderlust.

It means the irrepressible
urge to travel.

Is that the only reason?

Its true that Ive always
felt that urge.

But there was another reason.

Will you take the fish now?

Id rather have the mutton.

Fish bones will hamper
my speech.

Enough. Enough.

You havent said
what the other reason was.

So you are listening to me,
are you?

Ill tell you.
Itll amuse you!

I used to draw very well
as a small boy

Yes, mother used to say so.

I had decided to join
an art school...

after finishing my studies.

One day, in my first year
at college...

a foreign journal fell
into my hands.

I opened it and found a
full page picture of a bison.

Not a photo, but a painting.

You know what a bison is?

Yes, they have horns
on their heads.

Yes, this bison was charging...

with head bent and
horns sticking out.

You know, dear? It was an
extraordinary painting.

Such poise!
Such a bold stance!

As if it was painted
by Da Vinci.

Who was this painter?

Who was that unique draughtsman?

Then I read the caption

It said the bison was painted
2000 years ago...

in the stone age...

in a place called
Altamita Spain...

by a cave dwelling
primitive man.

I found it so astonishing
that I said to myself...

Salutes to you Mr. Bison.

Whatever else I may become,
I shall never become a painter.

Because there is no art
school in the world...

where you can learn
to draw a bison like this.

This gave me the urge
to explore the question...

of savagery and civilization.

And to this was added

The two together made me
leave home.

Youve said you were planning
to set off again.

This visit to Australia.

I havent been to
that part at all.

This is Greek coin, a Drachma

This is Polish - Zloty.

This is Mexican - Pesito.

This is a Sol - from Peru

Anishs uncle also collects coins,
I know what theyre called.


I dont collect coins.

Its not my hobby.

These were lying with me.

And now they belong to you.
- To me, really?!

You can show these
to your friends.

Ive already told my friends.

Some of them, not all.
- What?

That we now have a guest
in our house,...

who may or may not be
my great uncle.

Theyre going to see you
in a little while.

Come along now.
Dont you want him to rest?

Im going.


A German word.
It means, well meet again.

Just think - Andes, the highest
mountain in South America.

On this mountain, at a height
of 8000 feet...

a city built of stone.

For 4000 years the city
had laid hidden...

from human eyes,

Then, in 1911,...

the year Mohun Bagan beat
the British football team...

and won the IFA shield,...

that very year an explorer
called Hiran Bingham,...

suddenly chanced upon this city.

What name did I say?
- Machu Picchu

Here you are.

Have you been to this city?

Of course, the picture
is taken by me.

I went twenty years ago
on mule back.

I was struck dumb.

Everything there is
made of stone.

Yet there are no stones
for miles around

Where they found the stone...

and how they carried it
up to the hill side,...

nobody knows.

It was truly wonderful,
the Inca Civilization.

Tell us another story!
- No, not a story.

This time Ill show you a trick.

Ill ask you a few questions.

Lets see if you can
answer them correctly.

Tell me, Which is large,
Moon or Sun?


How do you know?

Just a moment.

Suppose this is Moon...

.. and this is Sun.

In the sky, they look the
same size, dont they?

Thats because the sun is
much further away?

How much?

Ill tell you.

The sun is 95 million
miles away.

While the moon distance is
only five hundred thousand miles.

Thats why, Sun looks bigger.

Suppose the moon had been
200000 miles away,...

then it would have
looked bigger.

Like this. Isnt that so?
- Yes.

And suppose the moon had been
800000 miles away...

Then it would have looked

Somewhat like this, isnt it?

But neither happens.

The moon is just far enough away
that it makes it look the...

the same size as the Sun.

Thats why, when the Moon
takes it position,...

in front of the Sun
and slowly covers it,...

disc matching disc.

Solar Eclipse!

Yes, total eclipse of the Sun.

And when the earths shadow
falls on the Moon...

then also the two
discs match perfectly.

Lunar Eclipse!

Total eclipse of Moon!

What dyou think
made that possible?

You dont know.

Ask the wisest man on earth
and even he will say...

he doesnt know.

Nobody knows.

Its a mystery!

I say its one of the greatest
mysteries of the universe.

Sun and Moon.

King of the day!
Queen of the night!

And the shadow of Earth on the Moon...
all exactly the same size.




Come here a moment.

Im convinced.
- That hes your uncle?

Yes, and a very nice man.

So you are gullible, after all.

In these few hours, you found out
everything about a man?

Women are capable of that.

They take people on trust.

And surely you can tell a lot,...

from the way a man acts and
walks and the look in his eyes.

And there is no doubt that
he has been abroad.

He knows German.

And he has given my son
some foreign coins.

Foreign coins?

I suppose you know one can
buy foreign postage stamps.

There are dealers in coins too.

Tell me what coin you want.
Ill get you one tomorrow.

Anyway, I only said what I felt.

Has he given any reasons
for leaving home?

It was in that connection that
he used a German word

Which means an urge to travel.


Yes, but he pronounced it


The word is used in English too.

And pronounced in the
English way.

I studied German at the Goethe
Institute for a couple of months.

Then lost patience!

I still have a stock of 5
or so German words.

What else did he say?

About what?

Leaving home, what else?

He said a lot. Ill take a long
time to tell you everything.

Im interested to know.

Bison. Does that mean
anything to you?

Theres a guest in the house.
You are the host.

Do go and say hello to him.
- Wheres he?

Must be in his room.

Hes been out with
Satyakis friends.

Came back a little while ago.

Come on, get up.

Youd better see about
the broom.

- What is it now?

I have one favour to ask of you.
- What?

Please pay your respects to
him and touch his feet.

Sudhindra Bose.

No. no, most certainly not.

When your mind is free of doubt,
then you can touch my feet.

Not before then.

I have said in my letter
a line telling you how...

I know who you are.

But you dont know who I am.

Unfortunately, theres no
quick way of finding out.

If I am the real person
or a fake one...

only time will tell you.

You decide whether youre
prepared to wait.

But why do you say
there is no quick way to know?

I feel.

Well. It actually bears
your name...

and your picture too

Then its all right.
Why are you...?

What does this prove?

My identity, youll say.
I say, not even that.

In these days of
global corruption,...

do you know how easy it is
to forge a passport?

Therefore, you have every
right to disbelieve me.

I cant say that to your wife.

She is looking after the guest
in an exemplary fashion.

And it is a question of
blood relationship.

It applies to her, not to you.

Look there. I havent opened
my suitcase yet.

If it comes to that, I can be
out in the street in five minutes.

But why do you say that...

my wife likes you

Forget it.

I am curious only about one thing.
- What?

Why did you decide to come
back after so many years?

Well, youre free to believe me
or not.

It wasnt my wish to
come back home.

Ive done my job in the West.

Now I want to travel East.

I have to stop in Delhi anyway.

Till now, I havent felt any ties
of affection for my relatives.

Perhaps of the fact that Im
getting on in years.

Thats all right.
You may rest now.

Ill just go and have a shower.

You win for the time being.

- Its okay.

Did he show it to you?
- Yes, almost without my asking.

Then why say for the time being?

He must be the real uncle.

That man can twist me
around his little finger.

Dyou know what he said?
- What?

He says that passport
proves nothing.

He says passports are being
forged everyday now.

Ask to see his passport. - Ask
to see his passport now what?

How could I know that
your so called uncle...

was such a shrewd customer?

What it is, I dont know yet.

I think Ill find out...

tomorrow evening.

What do you mean?

I have asked Pritish to
come tomorrow evening.

Why him?

We need someone who can
talk straight.

You know very well...

that your husband is not
such a man.

I suffer from a chronic liability
to come out into the open.

Pritish has no such complaints.

I have told him everything
and he is most intrigued.

He has handled such cases
of impersonation before.

Is he going to
cross question him?

He can be very blunt,
this friend of yours.

What dyou mean?
Cross question?

The man claims to be your
great uncle.

Thats why, weve taken him
as a guest.

We have to feed him, dont we?

Itll cost us at least
Rs.5 a day.

And yet we know next to
nothing about the man.

There are certain essential things
we must know about him.

Pritish will find out and do it
as decently as possible.

To me it seems
perfectly feasible.

That a man who had left his
home when his niece was two,...

now wants to see her again
after so many years.

I see nothing wrong in that.

Very well.

If he has come for sentimental reason
then I have nothing to say.

But if I find your uncles
up to no good...

and if he turns out not to
be my uncle?

Well, you know what to do.

Sweep him away with a broom!

Chanda here.

Cant you recognise my voice?

It sounds so different.

Its nothing but excitement.
Has he come?

Yes, he has.

Of course, its true.

Well, how do you find him?

Hes only arrived today.

My husband and I are bursting
with curiosity.

Ever since you told us, weve been
able to think of nothing else.

I hope you havent told
any one else.

Believe me.
Weve been itching to...

but we havent said a word.

Well, now that you know,
Goodbye then.

No. no, wait, Mr. husband
wants to talk to you.

Im handing him the phone.

I have a request which
you must keep.

What is it?

Wed like to drop in
for just half an hour.

I see. But what if he finds
out that...

I give you my word.

He wont find out.

Itll be just one of your
usual social calls.

Well go casually.
Have a casual chat

And then come away casually.

All you have to do is tell Sudhin
not to introduce me as an actor

At least he mustnt know
in the early stages.

Do you want to come
this evening?

Weve double shows on the
weekend, dont you see?

All right, then come
this evening.


Whats up?

Ranjan and Chanda are coming
in a little while.

They say they wont let him
know theyve come to see him.

Jolly Good. Ring up all your
other friends too.

Dont be silly.
- Why not?

They can share the responsibility
of entertaining the old man.

And listen.

Please introduce him
as my uncle.

May I come in?

I hope Im not intruding?

Not at all.
Let me introduce you.

Mr. and Mrs. Rakhit

Manmohan Mitra.

I dont think weve...

You havent. He is
Anitas maternal uncle.


No. Im making a mistake.

Another friend of ours.

I think it was Manjus uncle.

Manju never had an uncle.

You have three maternal
uncles, dont you?

No, two.

Two. The elder one
is dead.

The younger one left
35 years ago.

Im getting all mixed up.

You mix up things all the time.

Anilas uncle left home
35 years ago.

He came back this morning.

Where from?

The West.

But this is sensational.
Another Bhawal Sanyasi!

Do you know of the
Bhawal Sanyasi great case?

I do.
- World famous case.

Do you know how long it went on?
Ten years.

There is no question of
a court case.

- No.

You mean the fact that
hes Mrs. Boses uncle...

is undisputed.

Well, you dont know
the lawyers these days.

Theyd have wrung you dry.

And youd find yourself out...

on the streets again
with a begging bowl.

I see these are your famous
homemade biscuits.



Now that he is back, shouldnt
you announce it to the press?

Ill not.
Im not.

And if I find that a single
journalist has got on to the fact...

I think youre at the
bottom of it.

They wont get a
single fact out of me.

But I could see a headline
before my eyes.

Do you know that prodigal has
two meanings, Mr. Rakhit?

Two meanings?

One is wasteful.
And the other is repentant.

Im neither.

Im happy to hear this.

May I ask you something?


We didnt know a thing.

Now that we are here, you know?

Are you back here alone?

There is no one else
to keep me company.

You mean you never married?

Wife would mean a family
and a house.

The whole point is, I didnt wish
to be tied down to a home.

I see, I get it.

If youve come back to
Calcutta after ages...

did you start your journey
from Calcutta?


Well, how dyou find the city
after such a long time?

Mind you, Im in and out
of Calcutta.

But Im used to hearing
the city denounced.

Why? Its certainly a
civilized city!

You think so?
- Why not?

Oh, the people are happier
in the streets.

The high rises ascending

and in the midst of these,...

even after 35 years.
I find men pulling rickshaws.

How can you have a civilization
without these contradictions?

You seem rather bitter
about civilization?

What would you say
about a city like New York?

Why, its colossal?

Judging from what we
see in the movies,...

family after family with
long faces squatting on it,...

while a placard says,...

we are homeless.

Are you coming straight
from New York?

No. South America.

Brazil. Great heavens!

Whats the matter?

Hes probably thinking of Pele.


Youve been in Brazil and
you havent heard of Pele?

Oh yes, footballer, isnt he?

He scored a goal
with a back kick.

Mr. Rakhit my knowledge
of football...

is shockingly limited.
I only know about...

two Bengal teams,
Mohan Bagan and East Bengal.

Football and another thing,...

something you must have
missed in the West.


Something which is the
monopoly of Bengal.

In fact you may call it
an invention of the Bengalis.

The sweetmeat Rasogolla

Talk sessions.

There are simple sessions
on park benches and by the lakes...

and in coffee houses.

That which Bengalis thrive on.

Talk sessions made in Bengal.

Dyou know 25 years ago,
in Greece,

there were gymnasiums.

Health gymnasiums, werent they?

Not just looking macho...

and juveniles dictum.

We learnt it at school.

Mens Sana in corpore sano.

The Greek thus exercise both
the mind and the body.

And there was a time when both
took place in the gymnasium.

All these leading much of

Plato, Socrates, Alicibiades
used to come.

There were discussions...

on Philosophy, Politics,

Art, Literature.

They were known as Dialogue,
You can still read them.

Now how would you describe
such an activity?

Why they sound very much
like our talk sessions?

No gossip no backbiting,
no braggado.

I dont wish to discuss the talk
sessions that the Bengalis indulge in.

There must be some examples
of productive discourse.

But what happens in most cases?

At least what happens
in our time...

and the norms have gone down
these days,...

could only be described as
empty twaddle.

Its discourse was at that
level here.

Then Tegore would have
joined in them too.

True enough.

Tagore may get indulged in
talk sessions.

Did he, Sudhin?

Did Tagore ever indulge
in talk sessions?

I havent really introduced
him to you.

He is a well known actor.

Stage, Screen, TV, everything.

Wont you call that civilized?

Do you find material
for comedy here?

Read nothing but tales of
woe in the paper today.

I think theres room for satire.

As long as our politicians
are there...

- dont mean anything
as classy as Aris... - Aris?




Yes. - Well, its not
quite at that level.

More like skits.

For instance, a certain

Im giving you an example.

A Bengali gentleman.

Actually, someone
from East Bengal.

Mind you, Im also East Bengali

Well, so am I.

So is my wife.

And you?


And you Sudhin?

West with a vengeance.

Sorry. You dont count.

Anyway, this gentleman...

Stand up, stand up.

Very well.

This gentleman has gone
to the Writers Building...

to see the Chief Minister

He feels that on
certain occasions,...

English works are better
than Bengali.

Well, there he is.
In front of the lift...

the police stops him.

The police asked
where do you want to go?

The man said Ive come
to see C.M.

CCM? You mean
CPM? (Communist Party Marxist).

Do you have an appointment?

Yes, right now.
4 cm - I mean, pm.

Why sorry?

Whats there to be sorry about?

Left so soon?
- Right.

Well. Mr. Rakhit, can I
ask you something now?

- How do you find me?

Youve come to see me,
havent you?

Whats the use of a new paper
where theres a telephone?

It must be very hard to keep it
to yourself. Isnt that so, Anila?

Its full of the stuff of drama.

Suspense, suspicion, conflict...

I hope you dont mind
my saying so, Mr. Rakhit.

No, no, in fact, it wont be
easy to keep up the pretence.

Now that it is no longer
necessary, I feel...

much relieved, is that it?

Whats the matter?

I cant get it out of my mind.
- What?

Ranjans expressions.

Ive never seen him
deflated like that.

I must say Im beginning
to like your uncle.

Theres no doubt hes
a learned man.

One can see he was
a good student.

What I like most about him
is his sense of humour.

He knows how to laugh and
how to make people laugh.

We know next to nothing
about the man.

What hes been doing
all these years?

Where hes been? Why?


Very surprising.

Listen, your uncle may be
an early riser.

Im not going to stir
before nine.

Whats the matter?

Whats in your mind?

Will you please tell me
whats the matter?

Its wrong to hide anything
from your husband at bed time.

Do you know that?

This is not marriage counsel.

I made it up.

Now come on, out with it.

Come on.

Why did it come to my mind
Why? Why? Why?

What came to your mind?


If a man disappears,...

how much time is given
before hes taken for dead?

7 years.

Uncle left in 55.

He sent that card to
Mr. Sital till 68.

Grandpa died in 70.

He had made a will.

My mother got a share.
So did my elder uncle.

Grandpa was very fond of
my younger uncle.

Now I see.

This surely calls for applause!

Your grandpa must have
provided in his will...

for your younger uncle.
Isnt that what you believe?

Then if he did, how would
uncle know?

We can think of it later.

We have to find out now whether
he did make such provision.

How will you find out?

Isnt there anyone, wholl know?

I dont know.
I cant think of anything else.


That lawyer friend of your grandpas.
He came to our wedding.

A bit deaf and stinking rich.

Yet he gave us a book of
verse as a present.

Remember what a laugh
we had over it?

Tridib Mukherji?
- Right!

He was 70 or 80 at that time.

What makes you think
hes still alive?

He may be.

And if he is,
hed certainly know.

Why did I have to think of it?

Why, why?

Are you regretting it?
- Yes, I am. Very much so.

I have no doubt in my mind
any more that he is my uncle...

and the only reason
hes come is to see me.

There cant be any other reason.

You refer to him as your uncle.

But have you ever
addressed him as uncle?

I havent heard you doing so.

Do you know, why I havent?
Its because of you.

You put such doubts
in to my mind.

I want so much
to call him uncle.

I try to so hard.

The word comes to the tip
of my tongue, but...

good thing it hasnt come out.

Listen, you must try
to be strong now.

The pill may prove bitter.
And you may have to swallow it.

You must be ready for that.

Youre saying he is here
because of ties of blood.

What if I say hes come
to fill his pockets?

All these travels cost
a lot these days.

Im convinced hes come
to claim his share.

Thats the only reason.

How can you be so mean?
So ruthless?

Who thought of it first?

This is what put it into
my head - crime fiction-

The thought of a will
wouldnt have struck me at all.

First, we must make sure that
your uncle had a share. Right?

We must verify that.

Weve to find out the truth,
however bitter it may be.

TC, isnt it?

Are you out of my mind?
Phoning him at this hour?

Tell me, TC or TR?


Ballygunge Circular Road.
I dont know the number.

He hasnt come for his share.

I have no doubt about
this any more.

Hes come only to...

Is this
Mr. Mukherrjis bungalow?

The lawyer, Mr. Mukherji?

I see.

But hes alive, isnt he?

I see, I see.

All right.

What I want to know is...

who were Mr. Mitras
warishan (heirs)?

Who went to Washington?

Warishan - heirs!

Oh, air.

- H-E-I-R-S -

I see, heirs (Warishan).

Yes, Mr. Mitras heirs.

Were his three children.

Did he provide for
all 3 in his will?


In Mr. Mitras will.

Yes, yes. The elder son
got his share.

The daughter Nila got hers.
Sizeable amount.

You see, he was the
leading ENT specialist then.

I met him in his chamber.

Id been to Delhi.

It was before the time of jets.

At the time of landing,...

my ears got blocked.
They refused to open.

I came back to Calcutta...

to meet Mr. Mitra.

He was on the rise then.

He inserted a tube
into the nostrils.

Blew air through it.

His youngest son
Mr. Mitra.

Yes, Monu.

- Did he have a share too?


But he was missing at the time.

All that we knew was that...

he was still alive.

Dyou know that hes come back?

No, I dont.

Will he get his share now?
- What?

Will he get his share if
he comes back?

Why not?

Money is not camphor
that it will evaporate.

Hell get it if he
stakes his claims.

Of course, hell have to
prove his identity.

Will a passport do?

Oh yes.

Where is the money now?
With whom?

With the executor Mitra
has appointed.

Its in the Bank in his account.

Is he likely to be a
friend of Mohini?

Why French? More likely
to be a Bengali.

When Mitra died,...

I was away in Singapore,
at my son-in-laws.

What is that?

Savage Music.
- How did you come by it?


I have found out.
- What?

Who you are?
- Well, who am I?

My great uncle.

Real or fake?
- Real.

How did you know?
The others dont.


So Ill call you
great uncle from now?

And more than a great uncle.
- What are you?

Hopping great uncle
- Hopping great uncle?

Yes, Im always ready to
go hopping.

All my life Ive been hopping
from place to place.

Ill rest here a few days
and then go hopping again.

Do you like it here?

Ill stay as long as I do.

Then youll go hopping again?

Wait, Ill teach you a new word.
Very funny word.



Kupa is a well and munduk
is a frog.

A frog in the well?

Yes, just this,
how terrible it is!

Dark, Dank, Smelly, Slimy...

and yet the frog never
moves from there.

There are such frogs
among people also.

They are called stay at homes.
Im not one of them.

Thats why, I am on the move
so much of the time.

What if I go out too?
- You must.

If you dont, how can
you eat armadillo meat.

What meat?

Meat of the ant eater armadillo.

Who eats such meat?

If I tell you everything Ill
run out of stock of stories.


And then youll have
your reward.

God! Both my pharynx and
larynx are gone.

A hearing aid that serves
no function at all.


He believes your uncle
did have a share.

But he was away in
Singapore at the time...

of your grandpas death,...

in case your grandpa...

thinking his youngest son
wouldnt return,...

has changed his will
at the last moment.

Mr. Mukherji was in
no position to know.

That must have been it.

It didnt strike me
that way at all.

If uncle had a share,...

Mr. Sital would
certainly have known...

and informed uncle...

and uncle wouldnt
hide the good news.

Why not?

A man whose hand is tied,...

is also likely to
have a closed mind.

Tight fisted.

A man who comes to see his
niece after 35 years...

empty handed,...

he is bound to be tight fisted.

Anyway, well surely know...

what kind of a man he is
after tonights grilling.

What are you doing?

Whatever else uncle
may be hes no thief.


Was this here yesterday?

No, it wasnt.

Pal bronze.

Rajput miniatures.


Is it your collection, Sudhin?

No, my fathers.

I noticed this instrument

Is that a Sitar or a Tanpura?
- Tanpura.

So you sing, do you?
- Occasionally.

She not only sings
but dances too.

A dance recital would be
too tall an order.

But it would be nice, if you
could give us a song.

What about it, dear?

Havent heard a Bengali song
ever since I left home.

Ill sing when youve
finished your tea.

Very well.

Where is Bablu?

Hes gone to his friends house.
Where the Durga festival is on.

By the way, if you wish to smoke,
please go ahead.

Some people dont smoke
in the presence of elders.

I dont believe in such
show of respect.

Is it the Durga Festival that
has brought you at this time?

I didnt even know the
festival season was on.

Do you know how many times
the Goddess Durga...

slew the Buffalo Demon?
- I thought only once.

Dyou know Ganesh has the
head of an elephant?

I did, but Ive forgotten.

I heard all the mythologies
from my grandma.

I still remember them.

How do you think our
country is shaping?

Dyou read the papers?

Caste and religion, which
create serious problems.

The newspapers bear
testimony to that.

Do you believe in Dharma?

By Dharma you mean
religion I suppose.

But in our scriptures, Dharma
means something quite different.

I mean religion.

Ill answer your question later.

Have you finished your tea?
- Yes.

Ready, dear?
- Yes.

Silence please.

Who plays the Veena..

Who plays the Veena
in such dulcet tones?

Who plays the Veena..

Showering melody upon
my secluded life.

Who plays the Veena
in such dulcet tones?

Who plays the Veena..

My heart opens up like
the morning lotus.

My heart opens up like
the morning lotus.

And wait for a pair of
damp feet to approach me.

Who plays the Veena
in such dulcet tones?

Who plays the Veena..

Grace and beauty awakens...

and my heart
fills with joy.

Grace and beauty awakens...

and my heart
fills with joy.

A fresh breeze flows...

and stirs everything
to a new life.

A fresh breeze flows...

and stirs everything
to a new life.

Reaching the depth
of my being,...

who plays the Veena
in such dulcet tones?

Who plays the Veena..

My heart has known pain.
Both the happiness and sorrow.

But I have had no song
to express it.

My heart has known pain.
Both the happiness and sorrow.

But I have had no song
to express it.

And all my desire
comes out into the open.

And all my desire
comes out into the open.

And the river and forest
trembles in sympathy.

Who plays the Veena
in such dulcet tones?

Who plays the Veena..


Reminds me of my sister.

What was the question?

Whether you believe
in religion or not?

Oh yes, religion.

Mr. Sen Gupta. I happen to be
a bit unorthodox in my views.

Thats all right.

I dont believe in something which
creates barriers between people.

Religion does that.
Particularly organised religion.

For the same reason,
I dont believe in caste.

What about God?

Gives light to the blind,
life to the dying.

Who will give light?

Who will give life?

The trouble is, it is
extremely difficult... believe in a
benevolent God these days.

The daily papers alone make us
question that belief.

What can you do?

I am of the same
opinion as you are.

But, what about science?

Voyager has sent
pictures of Neptune.

What do you think of that?

For a change,
lets hear what you think.

Nothing special.

Mine is the opinion of
an average educated person.

And what is that?

The advance in technology
has been phenomenal.

Something we couldnt
dream of a few years back.

Now look at something else.

Millions of people mostly
young are injecting...

the deadliest of drugs...

into their system by means
of hypodermic needles...

and signing their
death warrants.

What technology is there to put
a stop to this, Mr. Sen Gupta?

Youve been living in the
West, havent you?


Why? The West is ruled
by technology.

If it is something
so unsavory to you,...

why dont you go and
stay with the jungle folk?

But that is Clairvoyance.

It certainly doesnt come
under the purview of science.

You mean, you have actually
lived with these jungle folks?

After leaving home, I spent 5 years
in the country in tribal areas.

Starting with the Santhals,...

I studied the Kols,
Bhils, Nagas, Mundas...

Murias, Marias, Oraons, Todas...

Its an endless list...

You actually spent time
with these tribals?

Have you ever tasted rat-meat?

Snake meat?
Bat meat?

I told you I was omnivorous.
Im not using a figure of speech.

Its plain truth.

It doesnt seem likely that in
these 5 years you earned anything.

On the contrary, I reached
the end of my resources.

You must be wondering where
the resources came from.

I dont imagine your father
sponsored your disappearance.

Ill tell you what happened.

My grandmother,
the late Giribala Dasi,...

whom I mentioned
a little while ago,...

was extremely fond of me.

Went to the length
of spoiling me.

I stood first in my
matriculation exam,...

as well as in my
intermediate exam.

When I got first class
in B.A.,...

my grandma made me a gift
of a large sum of money,...

Saying, youve brought
great honour to our family.

May God bless you.

3000 rupees was no joke
in those days.

So, I left home
with my own resources.

I didnt have to beg,
borrow or steal.

I get it.

But you said you had
run out of your resources.

Here a question naturally

Who paid for your trip abroad...

and then,
after you arrived in London?

And the 5 years not
just in London,...

but in various cities in Europe.

What did you do there?

I struggled to make
both ends meet.

Struggle - a favourite
word with the Bengalis.

But I dont call it struggle.

I think of it as nutrition for
the brain and for the muscle...

and as the first step in
getting to know your fellow beings.

When did you return
to the jungles?

All these experiences,
it seems to me,...

took place in civilized cities.

Have patience, dear beloved.

I may go to Mathura soon.

My autobiography wont get you
much nearer the truth my friend.

Youre trying to reach
the core of the person...

by peeling the layers
of the onion, arent you?

The task is not an easy one.

Even so, for the sake of
the record, let me tell you...

and by the time I had started
writing for various journals,...

as a result
I had a bank balance,...

which again led me to my
second phase of scholarship.

A degree in anthropology...

and then on to
the United States.

United States?
- United States of America.

- Indians.

Oh, I see - American Indians.

A cabin boy again?

No, Sir.
Dont mind.

I may sound like I am beating
my own drum.

But there too I stood
first in the examination.

As a result, I didnt
have to struggle anymore.

A well known Anthropological Society
paid for my travels in the USA...

on condition that...

I regularly send them written
accounts of my experiments...

along with photographs.

I fulfilled the condition.

In North and South Americas,...

I spent time studying
43 different tribes.

It was this experience,
which really opened my eyes.

Very well.

You sit down.

Youre beginning
to sound hoarse.

As you wish.

You listen while I talk.

Correct me if I am wrong.

The upshot is...

all these experiences
has led you to believe...

that the so called urban
civilization is an eye wash.

Real civilization is to be
found among the tribals.

Let me tell you that although
I am city born and bred,...

I am not ignorant
about tribal life.

I have read quite
a few books on the subject.

I know they have their own
language, their own religion,...

their art, their culture,
their music, etc., etc.,

What is etc. etc.?

You must tell these people what
youre hiding behind that word

Otherwise how will they know me?

How will they know about
tribal civilization?

You tell me what
I have left out!

My good man, the main things!

Science, technology

Youre thinking only of
Neptune and voyager

Just turn your thoughts to Man

In the most primitive
barbaric state...

try to figure out how they
could learn hunting, pottery...

and everything needed to
lead a decent human existence

Then theres architecture

Even a simple mud hut shows
evidence of architecture

Do you know the igloo?
The dwelling of the Eskimos?

Do you know that two kinds of
ice are used to build it?

One is opaque, which
is used in the roofing.

And the other is transparent.

Which is used to build
rectangular windows.

How will you describe
such a kind of activity?

Isnt this science?
Isnt this technology?


Do you send for a shaman to
treat you when you are unwell?

I have had recourse to that.

I had no option.

Where would you find a
doctor in a jungle?

But dyou know the kind of
the shaman he is?

The properties of 500 medicinal
plants are on his finger tips.

He was able to cure me.

Normally, I wouldnt
send for a shaman.

Not when I sit on a sofa
having tea and biscuits with you.

Why do you insist on twisting
around something,...

which is basically very simple?

Why dont you see that
Im not a savage myself?

Its my greatest regret
that Im not a savage.

That I cant draw bisons
like a cave hunter.

But how can I help it?

Ive Shakespeare and Tagore
Marx Freud in my blood stream.

Thats why, I cant do
without field notes.

I wouldnt need them,
if I was a savage, would I?

You claim to have
studied the Murias.

I do.

What do you think of what
goes on in the Ghotuls?

The sexual freedom that
the young Murias enjoy,...

Sorry, Nili.

What do your field notes
say about that?

Doesnt that amount to
extreme promiscuity?

Or would you call that
civilized too?

What you feel in your
heart, I feel in mine.

What I feel in my heart,
you feel in yours.

Holy wedlock.

That is civilized.

A little while ago you
called yourself omnivorous.

Have you tasted human flesh?

No, I havent had
the good fortune.

Good fortune?

Ive heard human flesh is tasty!
But I havent eaten it.

My claim was a fake one
Anila - Im sorry.

Where in the scale of
civilized behaviour...

would you place cannibals?


Its barbaric!

Do you know who is
really civilized?

Its the man who by using his thumb,
presses a button...

which releases a weapon which
obliterates an entire city...

with all its inhabitants...

and you know where,
whos more civilized?

Its those who take
the decision...

to use the weapon,
without turning a hair.

Well, Mr. Sen Gupta.

The surname doesnt come
easily, does it?

Still you are so unsure
of my identity.

May I request something?
I have used a pen name.

A name very dear to me
in my early years.


I suggest that you use that.

Yes, Latin expression
meaning No One!

And apt name for me, isnt it?

Thats exactly what
were trying to decide.

Whether you are No One
or Some One.

Do you know what
a serious problem...

youve set for my friends here?

Do you know, theyve lost...

their peace of mind
since you came here?

Its just because
theyre decent people...

that they have been too
generous with their hospitality.

But youve refused to
make it clear to them,...

whether youre welcome
or unwelcome as a guest.

Youve said your passport
proves nothing.

Surely, you yourself know
if its genuine or fake.

Then why cant you come out
and tell them the truth?

Ill be off now.

Listen, listen.

Did you really have
to be so harsh?

He is unfit for
civilized society.

He has no right to encroach
on your hospitality.

Why talk of encroachment,

when he is only here
for a short while?

And you swore not to grill him,
but go about it gently.

He should know where he stands.

I know your wife and I know...

what she is serving him
for lunch or dinner.

Not field rat meat, surely.

If I hadnt kicked him off.

Hed have stuck
to you like a leech.

You dont know these
parasites, I do.

I dont know how to...

I feel miserable.

Even at dinner,
he didnt say a word.

If I knew Pritish
would talk like that,...

Id certainly not
have asked him to come.

He mentioned traditional
hospitality in his letter.

Is this a sample of that?

What we have to do now is...

to wipe out from his
mind the feeling of hurt...

that tonights behaviour
has caused him.

Shall I ask you something?
- What?

Did you have the least idea

hes spent half his
life in this fashion?

None at all.

Extraordinary life,
full of strange experiences.

Its certainly been an
education listening to him.

But at the same time,...

I felt a distance
growing between us...

and uncle is someone
you can warm to.

In this case,

what you feel for him is
reverence and respect.

The problem is...

erudition works on the brain,...

not on the heart.

You cant bring yourself
to behave like a savage.

If you could, you could have
easier access to your uncle.

That can never be.

But there is no doubt that
we have to make peace with him.

More than anything else,
he is our guest.

As such, we have no right
to hurt his feelings.

You can address him as
uncle if this would help.

I wont mind...

that I will,
if it comes from my heart.

I refuse to be a hypocrite.


What is it?
- Hes gone.

His room is empty.
- What?

Hes gone away with
all his belongings.

This key was the
only thing left.

This is just what I feared.

What shall we do now?
- Wait a minute.

Let us put two and two together.

Should we inform the police?

Give me the directory.

Who do you want me to phone?

Im working on a hunch.
Give me the book.

Who is it?

The main door is open, Sir.

Since when?

More than an hour.

Your door was shut, so I
couldnt come and tell you.

Its all right.
You may go now.


There is no one
in Great-uncles room.

I know.
- Where has he gone?

I dont know.

Whats that?

Subscriber Trunk Dialing - STD.

Do you know
Mr. Sitals number?

Then you tell him.

Whatll I say?

Listen carefully.

Ask him first, if he had
been the executor...

of your grandfathers will.

If he says yes, then ask him...

if your uncle had a share and...

if the money is still with him.

Has he informed your uncle
about his share?

If he says yes, then tell him.

Well be soon on our way
to Shantiniketan.

And will arrive around
two in the afternoon.

Well have lunch on the way.

So he mustnt
worry on that count.

Come on, ring him up.

Come, dear.

How are you, young man?

Hasnt he come?
- Oh, yes.

The train arrived
more than an hour ago.

Where is he?
- Come, Ill tell you everything.

You said on the phone that
he is a little temperamental.

I found him quite
most emphatically so.

He came here last in 55.

You know, I had carried him
in my arms to the zoo.

Where has he gone?

Hes had nothing to eat
in the morning.

I asked him, dont you
want lunch?

He said, no.

Not even a cup of tea?

Then what was the point
in coming, I asked him.

We have met after
such a long time...

and all you have in mind
is a cold monetary transaction.

Is that not true?

What did he say?

He said, well,
he needed the money.

But the formalities
can wait because...

..hes come to stay for
a few days and will go back...

.. and catch a plane from
Calcutta. So there was no hurry.

In any case, today is a Sunday.
The bank is closed.

So hed have to wait
a day any way.

If you told us where
he is now,...?

Have you been there before?
- I have.

Before my marriage, three times.

Theres a tribal village
on the way called Baner Pukur.

Thats where he has gone.

Said before leaving India hed
spend some time in this village.

Dont ask him what drew him
there in the first place.

Such a long time since we met.

One would expect
he would sit down...

and talk about his experiences.

And you know the funniest thing?

Before touching my feet
he held up his passport to prove...

that he was really
Manmohan Mitra.

Well, since weve come
around to look for him,...

perhaps we ought to go and
see if we can hunt him out.

Very well. And if you find him,
just grab him and bring him here.

Thats what well do.

By the way,...

I hope hes not gone off
his rocker, has he?

Oh, no.
- Such a lot of money.

Ive been guarding it like
a treasure for over 2 years.

5 lakh. You can imagine what
the amount has come to now.

Dont worry,
he is perfectly sound.

You there.

Bring a cot and place
it here, will you?

Im expecting visitors.

There. Theres Great uncle.


Sit down.

Why did you have to do such
a thing without telling us?

I felt very restless.

Were extremely sorry for
what happened that night.

Shall I tell you the truth?

Im used to the ways of
the jungle folk.

If I find somebody throwing
his weight around,...

.. I cant put up
with that.

Youve had nothing
to eat since morning.

Weve come to take you back.


Not now.

It does no harm to fast
for a part of the day.

Therell be dancing
this afternoon.

I have arranged it.

Ill watch the dance
and then go.

Youll watch it too!

The kols are the oldest
inhabitants of India.

The Santals here are
related to this tribe.

150 years ago,...

the Santals rose in
rebellion against the British.

Youll come to Calcutta
to our house?

Since youve come,
I certainly will.

But not today, Ill go by
train tomorrow afternoon.

I have some work here
tomorrow morning.

Youre coming into some
money, arent you?


Such good news and you
didnt tell us about it!

There was a reason for that.

I felt,

since I hadnt fulfilled
my obligation to my father,...

.. I had no claim
to his property.

Then I thought, such
a large sum of money...

and since my father had
made it out to me,...

through sheer affection, then...

why refuse money?

Sit down.

Breath the fresh air.
Theres no more to talk about.

Do you like it?
- Very much.

What are you waiting for?

Shall I?
- By all means.

You see what your niece
is up to?

I have often doubted whether
she is really my niece.

Not any more.

Keep my suitcase as a
memento then.

I grew very attached to it.

I didnt know why
you have to,...

because youre yet to
be civilized in some respects.

Very well.
Your word is law.

And these note books,
you need them all?

But they are my
field notes, dear

Ive thrown away the ones
Ive no need for.

Well, Ill leave them then.
You pay excess baggage.

After all, youre a millionaire.

Wed all settled on coming
to the airport with you.

Yes, youd be unsettled
if you found out...

the plane was eight hours late.

You can count on the Sun
and Moon to be punctual...

but not the airlines.

Take these bags downstairs.

I told you to wait...

and heres your reward.

It was made by the Armadillo
Cater, 1500 years ago.

Say thank you.
- No.

Theres no better thanks
than that smile.

I have forgotten to
tell you one thing.

Ive written a book.
A sort of travel book.

An Indian amongst Indians.

An American publisher
is bringing it out.

Hes given me an handsome
advance on it.

Then you are really rich now.
- Indeed, I am.

Youll write?

What Ill do...
once Im in my element.

Just to say
youve arrived safely.

That Ill do.

One final duty.

What is it?

Have you heard of the
English word...


Yes. I learnt it in school.

Dyou know what it means?

Not really.

29 letters to convey
this meaning.

A sure sign of civilization.

Not now, let me go first.

I feel very embarrassed
if someone reads...

something Ive written,
in my presence.

Just a few lines to
thank you for your hospitality.

Well, Satyaki.

Its time your Great-uncle
started on his trips.

Wont you ever come back?

Its your turn to come to me.

Youve promised never to
become something....

- Dont forget.

Well then.

Ive been most remiss, uncle.
Please forgive me.

Youve been remiss.

Didnt I know what a serious
problem I had set for you?

But there was a reason for that.

What does a passport tell you?

The name of the holder
and what he looks like.

But it doesnt tell you
what the person is like.

To know this, it takes time.

That time was needed.

Is the touching of feet
common among of the savages?

Not that I know of.

Then instead of that, if...

Good bye, then.

Wait. Lets see
what uncle has to say.

But this is addressed to you.

A poem.

Blood is thicker than water

So my share goes to one...

.. whos more than
my daughter.

Whats that?

Its made out to me.

And Sitals signature.

Dont you see?

Hes willed his entire
share to you.

Mr. No one