The Stay (2021) - full transcript

Two couples rent a secluded house for a weekend getaway, and encounter an odd caretaker while facing a dangerous secret.

Yeah, man, everything
is measured, cut, marked.

Just needs to be mounted.

Right, you can
take it from here?

You're hopeless, man.

No, no, it's cool, I got it.

I will just come back
after the trip

and take care of it,
finish it up.


No, no, no, we know about you
and power tools, bud.

No, I got it.

Jeez. Yeah, I know.


Right. Oh my God, man.

So, did you use this thing
to cut a cake

or to skin a bear?

This big-ass knife
you got in this box

marked "wedding stuff."


I don't remember it
being this big.

I was really drunk, though.

Right, yeah, I set myself up
for that one.


Yeah, no, I got it.

I'm just gonna lock up.

I'm gonna drink
some of your beer,

eat some of your food,

that way I can avoid
Misha's cooking.

Yeah, it's that bad.

Right. Yeah, okay,
well, hurry your ass up.

Let's get on the road.

Fucking kidding me!

What was that?

Jim and Neil's dog came over
to our property again.

Oreo? He's harmless.

Yeah, well, he comes over
to the yard

and he pisses
all over my stuff.

I had a million-dollar job
on Avolencia last week

and all my gear
smelled like dog piss.

I told Jim if he did it again,

I was gonna toss him back over.

Don't tell me that you threw
Oreo over the fence.

I didn't throw him
over the fence, jeez.

I picked him up,
I set him down

over the shortest portion
of the fence.

He squirmed out of my arms
at the last minute.

Threw him over the fence?

Jesus Christ.

You love to blow shit out
of proportion, you know that?

If that was
your precious garden, though,

- oh, man...
- You know what?

Let's not do this right now.

They're gonna be here
any minute.


Have you been reading these?


- Really?
- Yeah.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to barge in here like this

and acting all crazy.

I just...

I mean, this is amazing.

Look, I promise you,
I'm gonna make the best father.

And this kid,
he's gonna be an all-American

by his freshman year
of college.

Or she, she will be
an all-American.

No, I don't know.

What don't you know?

This could be a game changer
for us.

Hayden, a baby
doesn't fix a marriage.

A baby isn't magic.

Sometimes it makes things worse.

Let's just talk about this
when we get back,

and we need to get ready.

They're gonna be here
any minute, come on.

We have to go.

I got it, I got it.

You guys should take in
this fresh air.

I'm comin'. Comin'.

Yeah, man, not bad.

Not bad.

I'm so relieved, it's...

It's pretty good.

You doubted me?

You don't think
I can put together

a kick-ass weekend?

Well, now that
we're rewriting history,

we'll just forget that vacation
from two years ago.

Yeah, let's definitely
forget about that one.

Wait, I didn't hear
any of you guys complaining

when you all got
a full refund, so...

Well, it really is beautiful
out here.

- It actually is.
- Yeah, it is.

It's quiet.

All right,
so is there a bellhop

or we got to get
these bags ourselves?

Oh my God.

- What?
- Look.

Oh my God, you guys,
he's not moving.

Who's not... what?

- Hold on.
- Stay here.


Hey, man, you okay?

I don't think
he's breathing, man.

Oh! Ah!

Oh, Jesus!

That's the point, though,
you never know.

Never know what?

Never know when the element
of surprise might, uh,

surprise ya.

Is everything okay?

Ooh, son.

One of you guys dealing drugs

or a hip-hop guy or something?

Yeah, I like me
a practical ride,

but that's a gas guzzler
right there.

Whatever tickles your pickle,
though, am I right?

Ladies, ladies, ladies.


I live down on the property.

I'll be your concierge
for the weekend.

I'm Misha, and this is Nora.

Ah, pleasure.


I like that.

Yep, Bo hyphen Lee.

It's a family name.

Bo, Hayden.

I'm the one
who booked the place.

Yeah, it's Bo-Lee.

That's my buddy, Chris.

And it looks like
you already met the wives.


You boys are gonna
have yourselves

a damn fine time
this weekend, huh?


As the song goes,
follow the leader.

You know, say, man,

seeing you
on the ground like that,

we thought you were dead.

Maybe I was.

Nah, helps my spine.

Old back injury.

Yeah, my chiropractor
says the same thing.

Lay on the lumpy ground
with some gravel.

It does wonders for your back.

Watch your step.

You coming, Nora?

Great job.

Thank you.

All right.

So we got, uh,
we got an L shape.

There's a bedroom
down that way.

There's two more down there.

Each got their own bathroom,

you know, a commode
and everything.

Given there's two pair of ya,
it might be a good idea

to sleep on opposite ends
of the house anyway,

know what I mean?

That's the living room
over there.

Fireplace, feel free to use.


Uh, kitchen, got a kitchen,

uh, table, chairs.

Go out this door here,

there's like a courtyard
and whatnot.

You got lots of land here,
a barn, stables down there.

You got the run
of the property,

you know, except, uh,
except those trailers.

That's where I stay.

Mm. People always ask, uh,

they're asking about internet
and cable TV.

No, sir.

I got some DVDs you can borrow
if you like.

If you need to get on the web,

there's a coffee place
down in town,

and there's a bar
across from the Payless.

I go down there to watch
the kung fu fights.

They got good cable.

No, we're just here to unplug
for the weekend anyway.

And I'm sure my wife,
for one weekend,

can be off of Facebook.

No one is on Facebook
under the age of 60, dear,

but I will need
to get on Insta.

Is that the site where dudes
go to find other dudes?

No! No.

It's Instagram.

Maybe you and me, we can hike
into town this weekend.

We can, you know,
find some shops

and find a little Wi-Fi.

- Yeah.
- Gee, I don't know.

That's a hell of a walk,
like 12 miles.

I can see you ladies
like to get sweaty.


Uh, got some keys here for ya.

I'll leave these here.

Can't figure something out,
just give me a holler, knock,

come on in, I don't care.

I like to walk around

That means no clothes on.

- That was a joke.
- Okay.

Or was it?

Clean up after yourself.

The good Lord hates a slob.

Good Lord hates a slob.

Oh my God.

Okay, seriously,
where did you find this guy?

I guess that's why
I got such a good deal

- on this place.
- Yeah, no kidding.

I knew we shouldn't have
left it up to your cheap ass.

Oh, no, Chris, he's not cheap.

Don't you remember?

He got the plastic
champagne flutes,

not the Styrofoam last time.

I remember that.

All right.

Well, I'm gonna go unpack.

Hey, guys, let's all freshen up
and meet back here,

and I will make us
some sangria.

- Ooh!
- By sangria,

she means sangrias, plural.

- Nice! Nice!
- Ooh, Lordy.

All right.

Let's do it.

This place isn't so bad, right?

Bo-Lee is a lunatic.

I'm sure you two
will become fast friends.

Is that a shot at me or at him?

Oh my God.

I'm kidding, relax.

Well, he certainly was into you
and that outfit.

Let's just make the best
of this weekend.


Let's just make the best
of this weekend.

Babe, you never know
when Bo-Lee Norman Bates

might be lurking.

I know.

You know how those guys are,
I mean,

they've been out here
their entire lives.

Just ain't as woke
as us city folk.


He didn't give you the creeps?

Eh, he's harmless.

Bit of a weirdo, but harmless.


If he oversteps this weekend,
I'll be sure to say something.

Oh, I'll be fine.

I can handle myself.

Trust me, I know you can.

My badass
and hard-working wife.

- Mm.
- I'm gonna get changed.

Okay. I just need to compose
a few e-mails before Monday.

It's supposed to be
a work-free weekend, remember?

I know.

It'll just take a sec.

And it's hardly work anyway.

Well, good luck anyhow.

There's no Wi-Fi here, remember?

I just need to compose them
while they're still in my head

and I'll send them Sunday night
when we get in.


And then this motherfucker says,

"I don't need to see your ID,
just hers."

I'm like, "Fuck you, man!

I don't look that old, do I?"

- Come on.
- And then you looked

in the mirror?

Look at Nora bringing the heat.

Look at your girl, huh?

I'm telling you, man,
this is why I could

never win a fight with her

because she's too quick for me.

- Too quick.
- Well, I mean, come on.

You do, you look young
for your age, he does,

but you don't look under 21.

Well, shit, neither do you.

- Ooh!
- Oh, no, you didn't.

No, you didn't.

Do you see this?
Do you see this?

Do you see the shit
that I put up with?

- All the time.
- Oh, well, please.

You don't look under 21.

- I mean, come on.
- No, first of all,

you... Misha looks like
she could pass for 21,

and second of all,
you don't say

that kind of thing to a woman.

- Mm-hm.
- What is wrong with you?

Chris, help me out, man.

She does not look under 21.

- Yeah, Chris.
- Chris, what do you think?

Yes, Chris, what do you think?

Um, what was the question?

No, I, uh...

Look, I... I know
that she's not 19,

so, uh, I can't,
uh, really say.

But it's simple.

The question is,
does Misha look

like she could pass for 21
or no?

- And the answer is yes.
- Yeah, he's thinking.

We've got company.


Suppertime, suppertime.

Sorry to barge in.

Got a bulb blew
down there at the barn.

Owner keeps them up here
in the washer/dryer room

in y'all's place,
so here I am.

Do your thing, man.

It's your place.

Oh, no, no.

No, I run things here,
but, you know,

this weekend it's y'all's home.

Carry on.

Okay, that spitting
in that bottle?

- That's nasty.
- It is.

- That is nasty.
- Oh, yeah.

We know lots of guys
that do that.

- I played baseball...
- What are we, in 1940?

Oh, shit. Brad,
one of my best friends,

he still does it,
he sells real estate.

Drives around,
shows clients properties.

He's still spitting in it,
keeps it

in the center console
of his Mercedes-Benz.

- He does not.
- Yes, he does.

It's true.

I met Brad and he's charming.

He's nothing like
Bo fucking hyphen Lee.

Yeah, please, poor Brad.

He's not here
to defend himself.


Well, I'm all set.

- What's in the bag?
- That's a lot of bulbs

you got there, Bo-Lee, jeez.

Bo-Lee, I gotta... I'm sorry,
I got to ask you

a serious, serious question.

Would you ever consider
selling real estate?

Oh my God.

What's so fucking funny?

Nothing, man,
it's just... I'm sorry.

It's just... it's an inside joke

about a guy we know
is all, yeah.

Yeah, we're just joking.

- Tell me.
- Sorry?

Tell me this joke.

No, really, it's... it's a long,
boring story.

Stupid, really, it's dumb.

- It was a joke.
- Being silly.

Having a little too much fun
is all.

Either you tell me the story

or all y'all are out.

- Hey, come on.
- Tell me the story

or I'm gonna go get my gun

and I'm gonna make you
tell me the story.

Okay, okay, let's, uh...

Be cool, okay?

I'll tell you the story.

Look at this fucker here!

Look at this fucker!

"Oh, oh.

Oh, now, fella, let's be cool.

I'm the sheriff
around these parts."

And all y'all's faces.

Y'all's faces.

Okay, we like joking here,
but when you threaten people

with a gun,
what the fuck is that?

- That's not cool.
- Well, he doesn't have a gun.

- How do you know?
- Right?

Is that... is that Italian?

I put you folks on tacos or...

fried chicken.

Anyhoo, I'll get out
of your short and curlies.


Okay, what I want to know

is who was that fried chicken
comment directed towards?

Was that... was that for me?

Oh, he didn't mean it
like that.

He's just joking around.

Yeah, well,
he needs to learn some tact.

- Tact? For that guy?
- Fried chicken, really?

Seriously, that's a tall order.

- Oh my God.
- Hey, hey, I don't think

that he meant it that way.

Here's the thing,
I need to know

who is the Mexican
in this scenario

because I think
he's talking about me.

Is it me?

There's the better question.


Taco guy?

I'm taco man.


Guys, are we going hiking
in the morning?

- I got to call it a night.
- Yes.

I'm not a morning person.

Yeah, exactly, you're not.

I mean none of us are, right?

And the gallons of sangria?
Come on.

I'm calling it, I'm calling it.

No, no, I'll get these.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yes, it's just
a couple of plates.

It's just a couple of plates,
go to sleep.

- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm positive.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- All right, buddy.
- Nora, you coming with?


- Thank you all for dinner.
- You're welcome.

Your famous pasta
was delicious.

And I'll see you
in the morning?

See you in the morning.

Although, reluctantly
for some people.

- Goodnight.
- Well...


Well, aren't you a sweetheart?

Are you gonna help me?

No, it's just
a couple of plates.

You've got this.

Jesus Christ.

I think I drank too much.

Hayden always makes you do that.

I'm gonna shower.

I'm gonna close my eyes
a second.

Oh, Christ.

The kitchen is clean.


Oh my God.

This is so you, you know?

"Let's have a nice weekend,

And then you do a complete 180.

I'm going to bed.

Clean up after yourself.

Fucking bitch ass.

Were you trying
to fuck with me?

The bathroom window just now,
were you trying to scare me?

What are you talking about?

I've been right here.

It's cold as hell out there.

Why would I go outside?

You think it was Hayden?


He wouldn't mess with you
in the shower.

That's crossing the line
even for him.

Well, something was.

I bet it was
that fucking Bo-Lee guy.


There's nothing out there.

It was probably just the wind.

No, I already looked.

It just felt like
something was watching me,

and then I heard a noise twice.

I'm positive
it was not the wind.

You felt like you saw someone

and then you felt
like you heard a noise?

No, I didn't feel
like I heard something.

I heard something.

Don't do that.


I'll go look.


You're quitting?

It's vacation.

Jesus fucking Christ.

So jumpy, handsome.

Sorry, you scared
the shit out of me.

You trying to start
the next epic brush fire here?

Yeah, you're not kidding.

What are you doing out here?

Well, I was heading to bed,

and then I saw you over here
puffing away.

I thought you quit
those things, by the way.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Nora is gonna kill you.

Shh. Nah, she already knows.

I think she wants
to kill me anyhow.

Oh, and what the hell
is up with you

going to bed so early,

leaving me all alone in there
with Misha?

Just tired is all.

I'll be more fun tomorrow.

Not too tired to come out here
and steal a smoke.

No, man, she, you know,
she thought she saw someone

outside our bathroom window,
so I...

told her I'd come out here
and check on it.

Two birds, one stone.


Well, shit, hey, give me
one of those cowboy killers.

Thank you, sir.

Someone outside
your window, huh?

I don't know, man.
You know Nora.

She always gets so jumpy
and paranoid

when she's not surrounded
by asphalt and...


Starts running
Texas Chainsaw scenarios

through her head.

Plus, that Bo-Lee guy, man,
kind of freaked her out.

Yeah, well, our boy, Bo,
I don't think he's got

too much practice
interacting with people.

That's what I told her.

"It's Bo-Lee, by the way."

What's going on
with you and Misha?

You guys all right?


What makes you ask that?

Nothing, you just said
that I left you alone with her

tonight is all.

We're going through
a little bit of a rough patch.


Everything all right?

Oh, you know, the normal stuff.

Work, money, communication.

I can't stand
that fucking bitch anymore,

so there's that.

- Come on.
- I don't know.

Just got to work through
a couple things, that's all.

Anything you want
to talk about?


You know, I've got a feeling

that this trip is gonna be
real good for us.

We're gonna get
some things resolved.

Start out with a clean slate.

What about you
and your girl, man?

Aside from the occasional
peeping Tom or Sasquatch,

whatever the fuck it is
you guys think

you saw out here.

- We're good.
- Yeah, well...

Well, I'm happy to hear that.


Man, I hope you and Misha
are all right.

Yeah, thanks, man.

All right.

I'm going to bed.

See you in the morning?


- See you in the morning.
- See you in the morning

bright and early.


Oh, you're in a big hurry
to get your ass kicked.

You know we're racing
to the top of that mountain

we saw on the way in,

and I'm feeling
real good today.

What? All right,
you're talking shit already?

Okay, well, it's on then,
let's do this.

Oh, yeah, I don't know
about that, man.

You guys had
that surfing competition,

she caught, like, twice
as many waves as you did.

Then she beat your ass
at arm wrestling.

Okay, all right, that's good,
don't encourage her, man.

What about you?
You getting in on this?

'Cause I would love
to take your big ass down.

Guys, are we on vacation,

or are we doing a Spartan Race?

No! Gonna let you two
competitive freaks go at it.

I'm gonna stay back and watch.

And speaking of freaks.

Are you still drunk
from last night?


Let's do this.

Yeah, let's do it.

You look fine, come on.

Don't let him stress you out.

Maybe lighten up on her
a little bit.

This is what we do, man,
she kind of digs it.

This is, uh, our weird way
of working things out.

That's a very weird way
of working things out.

Maybe you are still
a little drunk.


Hey, is that a beer?

Come on, man, share.

Hey, ladies.

Y'all going to a party?

No, just a hike.

She looks like
she's going to a party.


Just a hike.


Didn't get my invite
to the party.


Let's, um, let's wait
for the boys.

I don't like the feel
of this guy.

Just tying her shoe.

That's why Velcro
is the way to go...

...if you can afford it.

I guess.

I just don't think
he's seen many women like me

around here.

Seriously, oh my God.

- Where are they?
- Ugh.


Wearing down already, Nora?

- What's up?
- No, we're waiting on you guys.

So, don't look now,
but the psycho Bo-Lee killer

is over there in the woods
watching us.

Yes, he was just talking to us.

- Where?
- I don't see him.

- I said, "Don't look."
- What?

Oh, sh...

Seriously, he was just there.

He was just talking to us.

He was eyeing me up and down.

Yeah, he was over there
like 20 seconds ago.

- He was digging.
- Yeah.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Yes, he was right there.

Okay, I'm creeped out.

Oh my God.

- Where'd he go?
- He's not there anymore.

Come on, let's get
this train going.

No, but he just disappeared,
I don't...

♪ Bo-Lee, the vanishing hick ♪

Oh, it looks a lot more steep

You sure you're ready
for this, Haydie, baby?

Yeah, I was born ready.

Misha, last chance.

It's a hard pass for me.

I told you already,
I know better

than to challenge her.

You go get
your ass kicked alone.

Guys, the light here
is so pretty.

Let's get our group pic now
before the light changes.

That's a nice little setup
you got going there.

Oh, yeah. I love it.

So this little thing
holds my phone,

and I can take pictures
or videos

with this little thing.

It's great, it has something
like a 50-yard range.

All right, y'all.
Come on, scooch in,

scrunch in over there,

and let's just look like
we like each other.

There's no Wi-Fi out here.
How does it work?

It's a camera, not a phone.

You don't need service
for a camera, Grandpa.

Another Grandpa crack.

Didn't know the extra years

were already a fucking problem
for you here.

All right,
on the count of three,

let's all say,
"Hayden is old as hell!"

One, two, three!

Hayden is old as hell.

Boom, Grandpa's gonna
beat your ass!

Honey, can you grab my stuff

and I'll meet you
back at the ranch?

I'm gonna get you!

Cheatin'-ass motherfucker!

What do you say, head back?


Looks like Bo-Lee went out
for the afternoon, huh?


Probably to bury
some more bodies.

You want some more?

- No.
- Here, buddy.

He's done.

Come on, want to take a walk?

Oh, it's cold.

It's so pretty out here.

I know.

No, it is,
it's really beautiful...

It's almost like you forget
how not peaceful the city is!

I know.

It's so different here.

I know.

- But it's cold.
- You cold?


I am.

- Better?
- Almost.

- I don't care anymore.
- I know.

We got to be smart
about this, okay?

Like you said.

Not anymore.

I hate it.

I hate living in the house
with him.

- You don't understand.
- I know.

- You don't understand.
- I know...

- I can't.
- I know, I know.

I can't, I can't.

I know, I know.

And it's over.

It is.

Just haven't told her yet.

Hey, you know something?

- She's a good person.
- She is.

She doesn't deserve for this
to go down in a shitty way.

It's not like you and Hayden.

We just fell
out of love is all.

You're gonna leave her,
though, right?


You haven't left Hayden yet.

- Jesus.
- Hey, hey, hey,

that came out the wrong way.

Hey, babe, it came out
the wrong way.

I'm sorry.

This is a fucked-up situation.

- Right?
- Yes.

We just got to figure out
how to best advocate this,



I can't stand the way
he treats you.

Just cast away what he has.


What he had.

- What he had.
- Yes.

After this weekend,

it's you and me.

- I love you.
- I love you.

I love you so much.

- Yo, hey!
- Jesus Christ.

Hold up, bro.

Wait a minute.

Listen, that is not
what it looked like, all right?


We cool here?

My daddy had a sayin'.

From the Bible, I think.

"Be sure your sin
will find you out."


I smell fire and brimstone
coming for you.


Bo-Lee, please.

Please don't say anything
to my husband.

It's... it's complicated.

Please don't say anything.

Thank you.

I don't know, if it wasn't
for this Achilles injury,

I might've had you this time.

Oh, please, you're gonna
make excuses now?


Achilles injury is no joke!

It's like someone lit
the back of your foot on fire.

There you guys are!

- Hey, hi!
- Hey!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Bo-Lee!

Where are you going?

You don't need to leave
on our account!

Oh, uh, I mentioned
I'm not gonna be around tonight.

My brother's in town.

Gonna be staying at the casino.

No, you didn't mention it.

Yeah, yeah.

I might not even come back

My brother, he's a wild one.

We start dippin' into
that whiskey,

we get into all sorts of sin.

So, who won?

Your wife did, man!

She's a machine!

She smoked my ass!

Yeah, we're gonna have
to start getting

some new people on these trips

so I can have some,
like, real competition.

Oh, I gotta pee.

Shit, shit.


It's not in the car either.

I know it's not
in the car, Chris.

I put it right back in the bag.

It was right next
to my suitcase last night.

Okay, okay,
I'm just trying to help you.

I am fucked
if it doesn't turn up.

It will, it will!

- It's gotta be here somewhere.
- Shit!



Misha hasn't seen it.


How could it just
disappear like that?

Did you use it today?

No, I promised Chris
I wouldn't use it

until after the hike.


- Oh, man.
- What's up?

I'm not accusing him, but...

I mean, Bo-Lee, when he came
and changed that light bulb,

he could've just walked
right in here

and then snatched your laptop.

But he never came in here.

Look, he could've just
walked straight in here

and then straight out,

- we would have never known.
- You know, you're right,

and he had that big bag
with him, too.

So you think he just
came in here and grabbed it?

He could've came in here
when we were on our hike, too,

but all of our stuff
is still here.

Yeah, mine too,
as far as I know.

Fuckin' son of a bitch.

Babe, his car's not here,
he's not gonna answer.

Well, then I'ma go in
and take what's mine.

That's not a good idea, Nora,
listen to me, stop!

Hey, I hear you,
but you can't just go

breaking into his place.

I was just throwing
scenarios out up there, okay?

We don't know that he took it.

Of course he did!

Nora, there's nothing we can do
right now, he's not home!

Let's go have dinner, okay?

Then after dinner,
we'll come back

- and then I'll confront him.
- No, Chris,

what if he's in town now
selling my computer?

I don't have
Bo-Lee's number, okay,

but I will call the owner,
I'll go on the website,

I'll look for
an emergency number,

and we will track him down.

Well, tell them
I want to press charges.

I don't think that's
the right way to do it.

I think we should say,

if he brings it back
in one piece,

we won't press charges.

Otherwise, hey, you bring
the hammer down on him.

Yeah, there you go,
that's smart thinking.

Come on, let's get some food.


All right, so I'm a freshman
on varsity, right?

At practice.

I'm terrified, because this guy

is not only a senior,
he's the captain,

and he's a starting
running back, right?

And I'm playing
scout team safety,

so I say to myself, I say,
"Listen," I said,

"Chris, you've gotta
make a hit on this guy

that's gonna lay him out,"

to get the respect
of the rest of the team.

Kinda like
when you're in prison

and you pick a fight
on the biggest guy

so that everyone else knows
you're not to be messed with,

- you know?
- Yeah, yeah?

You know all of this
from all your years,

you know, behind bars?

Well, yeah, look,
I watch enough Locked Up

to know that that's
a pretty spot-on analogy.

Am I right?

The point is, I read the play...

Read the play? No, no, no.

- You knew the play.
- Eh.

You were the third
string running back.

- Here we go.
- You just decide

to blow the play up!

- Freshmen, right?
- I will not confirm or deny

whether or not I knew
which play was coming,

but the point is
I did blow it up,

'cause I came running in
at 100 miles an hour.

But this crazy SOB

comes running in
at 200 miles an hour

and bam, we have a collision
that is heard for miles.

The rest of the team,
they stop what they're doing

to A, go nuts with applause
and cheers,

and B, to make sure
that we're still alive.

I take off my helmet,

and I run to the wrong sideline,

'cause I have no idea
where the hell I am.

And this guy sees me
running out there,

and he yells out to me,
he goes, "Hey, freshman!

I remember my first tackle!

You won't!"

Have I said this before?

Have I told you guys
this story before?

No, babe!

But what Chris fails
to mention is

that by the end of the year,

he was the starting
running back,

so I had to live
with losing my job

- to a freshman.
- That's not how it went down,

- was it?
- Well, I almost forgot.

Who's up for some tequila, yeah?

- Oh, mm-mm.
- Tequila!

- Yeah? Tequila time!
- Oh, no!

Let's do some shots!

Doesn't matter what you say,
'cause you're all doing 'em!


Yeah, he likes to drink.

Oh, God, I don't think
I could do another drink.

After today,
you deserve all the drinks.


By the way, guys,
I wanna make a bet,

100 to 1, he comes back,

he's gonna wanna play
a drinking game.

What is this, high school?

I'm gonna get as drunk
as possible tonight.

That's my plan.

- Mm-hm.
- All right, all right!

Shots, shots, shots!

There you go, ladies!

And one for my man over here.

I think that calls
for a toast, you know?

To good friends,

to good times.

To a happy life,
but most of all,

to my beautiful wife.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.




It's not so bad, actually.

Good job.

Always good stuff, man.

- Oh.
- It better be good stuff.

It cost more
than your car payment does.

What do you guys think?

Drinking game?

Told you.

I, for one, am not in the mood

to be bouncing quarters

and throwing
ping pong balls, no.

Hey, Debbie Downer!

We don't have
to play a game like that.

Why don't we play something
a little more grown up.

How about truth or dare?

Okay, what, are we having
a sleepover now?

Should I get my jammies?

No, no!

Come on, this'll take
your mind off of things.

I know you're upset about
what happened today, all right?

I called the owners,

they're gonna try
and get a hold of him,

and everything's gonna be okay.

All right? I promise you.

Thank you for making the calls,
I appreciate that.

Okay, good then! Let's play.

Oh, yes, girl!


Yeah, girl!

- Oh!
- Oh!

Oh, shit.

That's hot.

Wait, hold on.

- Shoot the shoe!
- Do it!

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Come on, man!

Shoot that shoe.

Don't you dare kiss me
with that mouth!

I was 17,

and I kicked her ass.

Don't mess with Nora!

Proud of that shit.

Pulled her hair all the way out,
started that mohawk trend.

I did that.

Pulled that shit out
on the side, baby.

Truth or dare?



I dare you to take
that phone out of yours

and read your last
three text messages out loud.

No, girl.




Of course not.

You and that fucking
precious phone of yours.

Yup. It's my fucking phone.


I got it, I got it, I got it.

When you two have
your little bundle of joy,

who do you want it to look like?


We ain't gonna have any.

It's not your turn, asshole.

It'll happen, buddy.

Oh, no.

No, you see, it's not.

Because Mrs. Under-Fucking-21
here, she's incapable.

You know what

you always fail to mention?

Is that his fucking sperm count

is as low as a fucking corpse,

you fucking old man.

What the fuck?

Well, science seemed
to say otherwise

when my ex-girlfriend
got pregnant.

You wanna go down that road
about what happened?

- Okay...
- About what happened

- to your girlfriend?
- I wanna go down that road.

- Let's go down that road.
- You don't want to go

down that road...

...after you left her.

I should not have asked that.

That's my fault,
I should not have asked...

that was
an insensitive question.

I'm sorry, y'all.

Let's do another question.

Yeah, he's right,
let's do another question.

But first, I just want
to make it clear,

the reason that I left
was because I think

the decision to have a child
should be between two people,

not just the woman,
not just the woman.

Yes, it is between two people,
you motherfucker!

You can't force me
to have a child,

- and you never took me in...
- Who says you get to decide?

You're forcing me all the time,

- and you think it's two people...
- You are so fucking dramatic!

- Calm down!
- Go fuck yourself!

Why don't you...
why don't you go

have a cigarette,
whiskey dick, you...


Drink up, that'll fix it.

Fucking hypocrite.

Your hypocrisy is
fucking endless.

Fuck you!

Whatever you fucking say.

- Oh.
- Jesus Christ.

Shit, man.


I think I'm drunker
than I thought.

Chris just starts smoking again
like he never quit.

Shit, I gotta get
that computer back.

- Oh, God, shit.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, shit.

I got the spins, man.

You got the spins?

What, are you getting soft
on me, big guy?



Hey, buddy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Jesus Christ.

Come on, big fella.

Come on, big fella,
let's get you...

Let's get you up
and walk this off.

I don't wanna fucking
do shots anymore.


But Chris thinks
I should just leave it alone.

- Don't listen to him.
- And I'm like, I really need it.

I really need to...

oh, I've gotta do
something, right?

Hold on a second.

What... what the hell?

Whoa, girl, girl,
what's wrong with you?

- I'm good.
- You all right?


Come on.

Why do you...

That's not cool, man.

You get so aggressive
with Misha.

- You shouldn't get...
- It happens.

- But just mean...
- It happens.

- Too much. I'm fine.
- Okay, I'ma get you some water.

- No, I'm good.
- I'll be right back.

I'm fine.

You get mean,
why do you get mean?


I might lighten up on her
a little bit

if she wasn't fucking
somebody else.

What are you talking about, man?

- What am I talking about?
- You guys have so much history.

- You have history.
- History?

What's that old saying, buddy?

"History is just
a pack of lies agreed upon."

What the fuck?





Fucking Bo-Lee!

You know, I really shouldn't be
that surprised about Misha.

'Cause they say
50% of relationships,

somebody is having an affair.


Challenges? No.

Cheating, lying,
those aren't challenges.

They are reasons
to fucking end shit.

Apology not accepted.

All right, girl, come on,
come on, come on, come on.

Come on, come on.

- Is this still...
- Yes, it's okay.

It's okay.

Wake up.

Is she that wasted?

No, I think it's more than that.

I think it might be
alcohol poisoning.

Okay, we need to lay her down.

- Come on.
- Actually, I've got an idea.

Oh, shit.

- I'm just sleepy.
- Mm-hm.

Wake up, wake up, wake up.

Mm-hm, I see you.

Come on, come on, girl.

Dude, what's that?



This is a delicious vodka soda.

- I'm okay.
- She's gonna be fine.

Trust me.

Shit. Where is Chris?

Chris is outside still.

Must be a two cigarette
kinda night.

Okay, well, are you gonna
help me or what?

Or do I need to go get Chris?

She's fine.

What is that supposed to be?

Are you doing drugs now, too?
Is that what's going on?

That's why
you're acting so weird?


No, I'm not doing drugs,
but my beautiful wife, well...

Wait, she... she's
doing drugs now, too?

- Well...
- Is she mixing drugs

- and alcohol?
- Not knowingly.

But I put some in her drink.

You know when I was making them
in the other room

and I just brought 'em out here.

I put it in Chris's drink, too.

Makes it a lot less painful
that way.

No, no, no, no, no, see,

I didn't put anything
in your drink.

But it's gonna be more painful.

Good evening.

You know, a lot has happened

since you took
your little tiger snooze.

You've got a gag in.

My bad.

Listen, I will make you a deal.

If you promise not to scream,

I will remove the gag.

But I am asking you,
for my sanity...

I'm asking you not to scream.

Now more importantly,
I want to explain to you

what's going on here.


So nod your head "yes."


That's my good girl.

For your fucking sanity?

It's pretty clear
you're insane.

Where's Chris?


And Misha!

Did you hurt Chris?

Ooh, define "hurt."

Just tell me.

I'm fucking with you!

Yeah, I hurt him!

- I hurt him real bad.
- Oh.

I hurt him so bad
he died, actually.


Oh, God.

Oh, please, God.

You're fucking going
straight to hell,

you piece of shit!

You haven't even let me
explain to you yet

what's going on.

Once I do, you might
change your mind

about some things.

Misha was so sick.

You drugged her.

Did you kill her, too?

No. No, I didn't kill her.

She's out there.

She's with Chris.

That... that is the key phrase.

The key phrase is "with Chris."

You see, your husband,
my best friend,

was fucking my wife.

And I could almost deal
with that.

The cheating, the sex.

But it's the lying.

It's the lying to my face

like I am a fucking idiot.

So you killed my husband
and your wife.

You killed two people, for what?

For your fucking ego?

You just ruined your life, too.

We all lose.

You should be thanking me,

because he was
disrespecting you, too.

- He was making you look stupid.
- Fuck you!

Fuck me, fuck them!

Fuck them for cheating!

Fuck them
for ruining friendships,

for ruining marriages,

for ruining our lives
when our backs were turned!

I knew.

I knew.

What? Bullshit.

Of course I knew.

Chris can't even hide
a cigarette behind my back

without me knowing.

You think he can hide an affair?

I was gonna fight,
no matter what the consequence.

But the consequence
did not include murder.

Because unlike you,

I'm not willing
to throw my life away

because someone disrespected me

who didn't even love me anymore.

Oh, Nora.

I got more bad news for you.

I'm not throwing away my life.

And I'm sure as shit
not going to prison.

Help! Murderer!

Help us!


How... how did you get that
on my phone?

I mean, you do know
someone has to take the fall

for this messy situation,

and it sure as hell
ain't gonna be me.

That gadget you have,

man, that thing
really comes in handy.

But you should
really be more careful

when you're
putting in your code,

'cause you never know
who might be

looking over your shoulder.

If you think
that little fake video

is gonna clear all of this up,

then you really are insane.

Of course not.

That's why I had to borrow
something else from you.

Hang tight.

Bo-Lee didn't snag
your computer.

I did.

Been doing all kinds of
crazy shit on here recently.

I mean, this thing
contains the ramblings

of a woman scorned.

I had a lot of time to plot
your wonderful revenge.


And now I needed
to add some stuff out here

so the timestamp matched,

but you realized
your computer went missing

before I could sneak it
back in here to you.

Yeah, well, actually,
this is my favorite part.

This is a little bit corny,
but I just love it.

It's this.

It's this, you recognize it?

You recognize it? Huh?

It's your wedding knife.

You used it to cut the cake.

For the cake ceremony.

I thought it was brilliant!

I mean, it really shows
your state of mind.

Now you're using it
as the murder weapon?

You naughty girl.

Naughty girl.

And what are you gonna do
when Bo-Lee comes back, huh?

Or have you thought about that?

I did!

It actually works out perfect.

Him leaving for the night?

I can finish you off

and make as much noise
as I want to.

And then when I'm done,

I'll take this, just jab it
through my love handle,

maybe add a few
little rope burns.

Play dead.

Bo-Lee shows up, sees me
on the ground half dead,

and I dazzle him
with my amazing story

about how I fought you off

in your murderous rampage.

Bo-Lee, that simple

He's gonna become
the MVP of this story,

my star witness.

See that?

That's the answer
to your other question.

Is Misha dead?

I wouldn't buy any Misha stock
if I were you.


Hayden, you don't have to...
Hayden, don't!

You don't have to do this,
you don't have to do it.


I'll just be a minute.

Oh, God, oh, God.

Oh, shit, no.

No, no, no.


Oh, shit.

Come on. Come on, come on.


I'm sorry that you have to die.

And that you have to take
the blame for all of this.

Life's unpredictable that way.

I mean, sometimes we are tested
and we prevail.

we are just too broken.

But it's the ending.

The ending
we're never prepared for.

And this is how yours ends.

No, I'm pregnant, please!

That's why I wanted
to work on our marriage,

because... for the baby.

Did Chris know?



Well, at least you spared him
that sorrow.

This is their fault.

Come on.

This is on them,
this is not you.

All right?

All right.

Come on.

They put me in this position.

Right, they put me
in this position.

Not me. This is on them.

This is their fault,
this is their fault,

not my fault!

This is their fault!

It's theirs!

Clever girl.

You killed Chris
and you killed Misha,

and then I had to intervene.

I told you this pain
was no joke!

You hit me in my weak spot.

Now I've gotta hurt you.

Oh! Fuck!



Bo-Lee! Bo-Lee!



Bo-Lee! Bo-Lee!

Come on, Nora, come on, come on.




Oh, goddamnit.

Ow. Ow.



Come on, you fucking
son of a bitch.

You fucking son of a bitch.

How's that pain, asshole?

God, ah!

Fuckin' bitch!

Oh, God.

911, what's your emergency?

Yes, yes, hello.

I have been attacked by a man
and he killed my husband

and he killed his wife.

No, I don't know...

Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God.

You die now, bitch!

Just hear me out,
just listen to me.

You might want to step aside.

I decided to come home early.
Good thing, huh?

Coppers on the way.

You're okay now.

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