The Soldier (1966) - full transcript

A story of a boy, forced to grow mature before his time and to die too early because of the cruel war circumstances. This film is dedicated to all the children who have died during the National Liberation War.

In 1942, this game could be of particular importance.

Like many other peers, he would like to be ...


Jovan, I go to the guerrillas! Stay at Aunt Branca.

But I want to be with you! - You can not!

Let me go! Let me go!

Let me go! Let me go! - Jovan!

Jovan may have caught up with his father, but he could not throw a puppy.

Back he could not. The Germans burned the village to the ground.

Those who were not killed, led away with them.

Jovan then went to the house of Uncle twelve kilometers away.

There, too, was empty. The house burned down.

Jovan and his puppy left alone.

Saiko Lake?

Saiko Lake?

Saiko Lake!

Saiko Lake!

Hey, you! Marsh home!

But Jovan was no longer at home.

He had not eaten for eighteen hours.

Therefore, the smell of hot soup soldier irresistibly attracted him.

What's your name?


Go. Come here

Now, when he was among them, they do not look so evil.

They ate and rested, like other people.

These certainly are not burned the village and killed his neighbors.

These were different.

When they went on, they told him not to go after them.

But where Jovan could go?

He went behind them surprising and unexplored path.

Great, Jovan! - Wow!

Hey, Jovanovic. Guess what I have?

Chocolate? - Similarly, a friend. Help yourself.

Thank. Thank you very much.

You will? - Not. This is all yours.

It is with raspberry cream. - Jovan! Mayor is waiting for you!

Go! Speed ​​up!

Now we do not

ready for action



tanks and artillery

sufficient to keep our current position,

do not allow the proposed offensive operations.

Because of this, it is necessary,

to our regiment

as soon as possible to send reinforcements.

Stop! Do not be afraid! No one will not do anything!

Where are they?

Speak! - That where are they?

Do not pretend to be clever!

Why pretend to be smart? I do not know what you're talking about.

So, he had no idea what it is we do.

Look. Nothing.

I dont know. What would you like?

Sleeping on the German stock, and does not know what we want.

I do not believe him. I do not believe.

Tell me where they are hiding!

Where I hide that?

Cigarettes, chocolate, soap, razors. - Nowhere they did not hide.

He's lying.

What lies once Zoran searched him?

Jovo, do you believe all in a row. - Come on, stop, you two!

Do you think we do not know what you steal from the Germans every day?

Why would I steal? - He's crazy. Any longer.

Not. I would be caught.

Only if you're a fool. - Look.

But ... - Here, now still ask why.

What for?

We sell them, dunce. Get a share as we are.

But the Germans are my friends. - Friends?

Yes. Why not?

They feed me.

And I can not steal from them.

Can not?




Train to some of our more officers,

they would not have asked for two blankets for sleeping.

It's even thinner addition.

And in general, what do we care. Listen, Jovan.

Take this to Lieutenant Miller. He was cold.


Come on.

Come, I will not pay you.

Sell ​​it on the black market. You'll get a lot of money.

Who said that he is stupid? - Steva.

If he was so stupid ...

Someday I'll ... - Drop! What do you expect? Police, eh?

This is for you?

Yeah, right. Just yesterday sought.

Three thousand dinars or less! You take rest.

Nikola! Go with it!

Why? I would like to ... Stevo - Set aside the talk! You too.

Give me something to selling. - You're still small.

And well, scattered. Everything!

What are you afraid of?

I will not say anything.

Here, I'll take one pack. You do not care, huh?

Do not be afraid. I really do not tell anyone.

Do you know why?


I will tell you. Due to the dirty streets in a dirty town, where I was born.

Ever since I was born,

I was starving.

I know what it means to lack of money.

For the first time in my life I ate, when I went into the army.

When neither would have looked at you,

if I see myself fifteen years ago.

Thank you for cigarettes among other things.

CITY commandant's office

Today you have all the time in silence.

I'm tired. - Am I so bad?

None, you do not love me.

I love you.

As a person. - But not as a German.

You know very well what people think when they see us here together.

Well, there's a way we do not see anymore. On the street.

Let me go with you. I beg you.

Not. - I'll be very careful.

Can not.

Let me go.

You want it as well as I do. - You do not know what I want!

I have to go.

I have a present for you, Milanka. Please, wait.

Just a minute.

I do not want to be seen.

Chocolate, milk chocolate. And sugar. And a bottle of schnapps.

I will not ask anything in return.

Even one kiss.


Be here in the shadow of the fence. There you will see no one.


Hi, Jovan. - Hello.

I did not know you were still here.

I'm here.

Do not you have relatives to whom could leave? Maybe in the village?

Only Aunt Dragoslav. And it is the same as Aunt Branca.

It is impossible, then. Here I am so no one speaks.

What are you, like the Germans?

So. They are nice to me. Do not worry, I will not be here all the time.

When I grow up I will become a partisan, like my father.

It does not mention the word guerrilla. And please do not talk about my father.

To them, I do not say it. You're different.

Why? Because we are fellow countrymen?

Do not trust people so easily. Remember that.

Do not trust anyone. Especially today.

Jovan as directed Jovan?

Chetkovich. - Yeah. Your father partisans?

Do you know him?

Not. I do not know.

Where's your mom, Jovan? - She died.

Long. Even when I was little.

Would you like to help your father?

If you could? - Yes.

Do you know where he is?

Unfortunately not. But we can help him here.

Here, in this city.

Branko told me that the Germans you

allow to roam freely in their commandant.

Clean the boots and the like.

It means, perhaps, you hear what they say?

Many important things that we are interested in.

If I tell you what,

would you like to eavesdrop, and then tell me, huh?

I do not know.

You love the Germans? Yes?

They are nice to me.

Here they recently caught one of my friend.

And it means the friend of your father.

They took him to the office.

Maybe you saw him there?


Yes. - You know what they do with him?

They beat him. - This was just the beginning.

They killed him, Jovan.

Very easy.

They wanted to force him to confess everything that they were interested in us.

He in no way admitted.

We have to beat these bandits.

If not,

we never will be free. And do not go back to our homes.

This person could be your father, Jovan.

Do you understand this?

Number five.

The conclusion of the second regiment

from this area

It leads us to the precarious strategic position.


we do not have enough people

neither for

tactically normal operations.

Ensuring communication complies with the half of the necessary people.

At ease.

I want to talk to non-commissioned officers.

Where Corporal Shayver? - Mr Major, he was not on duty.

Then he will give the order.


Headquarters should be packed. Ready in the way early in the morning. Prepare everything.

Mr. Major, which means that we go?

This means that the general Gensler

It arrives three days earlier than planned.

And by train rather than by car.

I spend ins ...


Electric power plant.

They destroyed the station!

Hurry! Hurry!

Hurry! Retractable! Retractable!

Merge all! All, all, all we go! Come on!

Hurry! Hurry! On the trucks!

On the trucks!

Machine guns on the trucks! Hurry! Here! People travel!

Ride! Ride! Guns here! Quickly!

You said you'd come by car.

Had. They changed the plan.

The boy said. Can I still share?

We have no real explosives. Not for the train.

Reinforcements came to him yesterday.

Now they are six hours to move the whole regiment.

And you know what that means.

If the Germans immediately go on the attack, our no chance.

A few days later it would have been otherwise.

We must hold them. Delay the train.

These soles could serve quite a long time.

Speaking ...

would be if they had real explosives in the bag?

Yes. Hopefully.

Good. We'll get.

Water is already in full swing.

You want me to made tea?

You are welcome.

I would not do it for any other woman. I hope you appreciate it.

And now look.

Where's your tea?

In the red box.

On the shelf next to the clock. - Where a teaspoon?

In the box.

I thought you did not invite me into the house. Never.

How did you change your mind?

That suddenly the question?

Women change the view ten times a day.

Oh, this war, sick of it.

But do not be a war, and you, I would never have met.

You know, my father was a soldier.

He wanted me to be, too. And I always said no. Never.

And look at me now.

Two boxes for the officer's company, just for them.

Come on! Entrainment! Prove.

And it go back. This is for the 'B' company. I got it? - Got it.

You're heading to the fourth battery? To name on the other end of the village?

This special train arrives at 14:20.

Are you sure? - Yes I am sure.

To protect his officers

Germans can change the time of arrival of a special train.

Alexa station will look for the other.

I have agreed with him. - What place is the best?


There is security on the bridge. My sister lives there. Sometimes I go to it.

Good. We need to know their movements.

Go to Dobrovats immediately after the meeting.

Speaking ...

If it succeeds, we will move to another area then.

We must beat them there, where we do not expect.

You must be very careful.

They ozvereyut.

You have never seen a German retribution.

I have seen.

It's all.

Stay here until I let you know. Until tomorrow evening maximum.

What is now going to be? - I said nothing.

To continue its work. Clean shoes, and sometimes steal cigarettes.

What are you going?

I will leave the city in the near future.

You go to the guerrillas? Join the rest? Why?

May be. - Take me.

You are welcome. Take me. - It's impossible.

You promised. You said that we would find my father.

Maybe one day. - Not! Now!

You promised. - I did not promise, Jovan.

In vain promises something in the war.

Let's do now.

Listen to me.

Take me. You are welcome.

I beg you.

I beg you.

Do not look at me like that, Milanka. - And how to look?

Is it my fault? What can I do?

Nothing. We all do what we have to do.

And this is good.

A train? - Yes.


What do you want?

You know these people?


The youngster was lying. - Mr Major, the woman he had seen us.

Lad lived in our barracks. He could learn anything.

He was only eleven years old. What does he know?

Nothing is impossible for these people. Baby!

Over the past three months

frequent crime

against the German armed forces.


each person caught

when trying to make a hostile act against the Wehrmacht

It will be executed within two hours.

You must know,

that these criminals ...- Calm down, you know what to do.

these crimes

they make for the sake of you

and in the name of your country.

Thus, they are subjected to each of you to danger

and endanger your life.

We are not aggressors.

We are your ... - Andrew! Get out of here!

You will be noticed. - Trust us ...

What can you do? You are not to blame. And is not responsible for it.

If you can tell me where is my end

responsible, then you know a lot more than me.



You are welcome.


For we keep the peace,

which is so important

and for you, and for all other nations.

The only way to maintain law and order.

Only in this way can those whom you love,

your most intimate, live in peace.

Name of the great German Reich

you declare guilty

for crimes, sabotage and murder

members of the German armed forces!

For such acts committed

death penalty!



The fire!

You can not understand it, Jovan. For you little.

But Marco and other

They were killed because of what I did!

And the corporal was my friend.

Though German, but he was a good man.

And it still would not prevent him from killing us. Both.


You have to understand.

Out of war is neither good nor evil.

No justice.

We all quickly turn into savages.

We forget all the wonderful, which studied for thousands of years.

War - the greatest crime that we humans can accomplish.

Since this is a crime against ourselves.

As a suicide.

Corporal first ate well, when I went into the army.

He was poor.

If this is a crime, why do you fight? - Because it should.

The Nazis would have enslaved us. And we, and the whole world.

And you know what that means. You've seen.

it often happens in life.

It is necessary to choose the lesser of two evils. Here it's all complicated.

Where are we now? How far are we from the guerrillas?

Two - three hours. Maybe.

There we will find only one person.

But they are everywhere, Jovan, across the country. Organize resistance,

help us, your friends.

Is there even the partisans?

In the forest?

There are for sure. Not so much as where we're going.

Maybe my father was with them.

In our country a lot of mountains. And many partisans in them.

Do not get too carried away.

I will find it. I'm sure.

And he's looking for me.

And who would want your father to see you when you grow up?

He wants me to be educated in Belgrade. There my uncle, Slavko.

He makes shoes.

Good shoes.

Your father's a smart man.

He wants me to be an engineer or a doctor.

And I want to stay with him in the estate. You know, I love animals.

I had a puppy, Saika.

She disappeared.

Jovan. Do not Cry.

Why everything has changed?

Why all is lost?

Everything changes, Jovan.

Everything is changing.

Stay here.

Go here.


We go now? - Just another poosmotrimsya.

You do not depart from me.

It's him?

The man we're looking for? - Yes.

It's him.



Abort! Abort!

Abort! Abort! Abort! Tы slыshishy ?!

What? What happened to her? Why she attacked you?

Go to the first house.

And bring her a clean gown. This minute!

Come now!

Do not Cry.

They left.

We're your friends.

Take it easy.

Now everything is fine. Come on, calm down.

What's your name?




Nine! - Come on, calm down.

They left.

Now you'll be with us.

She's better?

Not. It will be a long time before it gets better.

And listen. Never speak about the Germans in front of her.


Take one? Please, just one.

Why not? If you catch it.

Come on, quick!


Climb on the cart! Come on! Quickly!

Be calm. Absolutely calm.

Otherwise, they will kill us. And you, quickly!

Where did you go? - Home.

Your family? - Yes.

And this? Beautiful and young.

Why was trembling? What happened to her?

Do you know.

She is ill.

It is possible ... ... fever.

You go on! Get out of my way!

Two hours later, it would be no room for such as you. This minute!

I got it.

It's okay.

They left.

You old people are always the same! You do not want to see anything!

You know what was in Slavkovtse? Why would there have been any different?

In Slavkovtse ukrыvali guerrillas.

Germans cleaned all the villages in a row. You know perfectly.

I know nothing. You too.

I tell you, run into the woods, it is too late. You will all be killed.

Do not listen to his people. This jerk will teach us what to do?

You do not know. I said one guerrilla.

You and your partisans. Why do not they come to protect us?

Now this is not their business, and to fight against the Germans!

This is the only way to survive!

But you do not understand. You think only of my own skin!

You talk like a child. You do not even know if they are there.

There they are. He's right.

How do you know? Who are you anyway? - Now it does not matter who I am.

Listen to it. Germans can come at any moment.

They will not do anything to us.

We did not start this war and we will not take part in it!

Why are we ?!

Immediately leave the village.

I give you three minutes time. On all of you.


But why?

What are we guilty? We are not at war with you.

Do not argue and listen. Get out!

Listen to him. Do not you see, he is asking for the road?

We live peacefully and do their job.

Why not stay? - The fire!

But we do not harbor the guerrillas.

Search the village and you will see ...

We go to the guerrillas.

You stay with these people.

You need them. - Not. I'm with you.

There are old people.

Many children without parents, without anyone.

I was working in the yard.

When they entered.

Mom cried.

Away! Off in Sofia! Run!

I jumped into the barn. But one of them saw me when I came.

I heard then, as they expelled from their homes.

I wanted to go with them.

But he waited for me at the door.

He pushed me away from the door.

I dragged into a shed and knocked on the hay.

Then he shouted to the Germans the rest: here!

He shouted:

Go see. - Sofia, it is not necessary anymore.

Nine. Nine of them.

They laughed.

It passed. - It's not gone.

It lasts. Lasts. And last in my head.

I'll go with you.

I have to take revenge on them for everything.

Do not you understand?

I want to kill them! Kill them!




Come on, Jovan.

Come find partisans.

Can you see them?


Not. They never see.

But they are here.

We have them surrounded.

And now...

Let them. Let a little thought.

They have such power.

Guns. Mortars. Tanks.

And they hide behind women and innocent people.

This is not war. - Maybe it's not a war, but the old German trick.

In France, Poland, Holland. Always the same.

What would you do in my place?

The Germans are not here because of the old people and children, but for us.

Do as you always do. Just disappear.



At this time I can not.

How do you wounded? - One hundred fourty seven.

The wounded are not able to be in a hurry.

Therefore, we can not just disappear.

It would be a slaughter.


Stevan Chetkovich.

Tall. He has a mole on his right cheek.

Everyone says that I look like him.

Chetkovich say?

Do you know him?

My name seems familiar, but ...

unfortunately I do not know him. I do not know.

And what do you do dumash?

We have one chance.

In Dragan Valley. There he cut off with one group.

We tried everything. However, the Germans were faster. - They're still there?

Yes. If you are still alive.

It seemed that they did not escape. Or maybe they were lucky.


they can save us?

Michaud! Give me the map!

You, comrade, brought this boy? - Yes.

His father Chetkovich. We were in one company in the novel.

Yes? - He died two months ago.

Are you sure? - I'm sure.

He even showed a picture of a boy. Jovan said, I remember very well.

In my opinion, now you know everything. To him I did not say anything.

It is better...

I'll tell him that. - Okay, good.

He went to the guerrillas five months ago.

Perhaps the second brigade.



I do not know.

Maybe he was in a certain battalion, which collapsed.

I was not in mine.

As a result, only four remain. I knew them all.



I'm afraid that here you will not find his father.

He had to go to another party.

Far away from here.

Very far.

On the other side of the mountain.


I will find it.


Is not it so?

Is not it so?

Carry them we can not.

What is it, people? We have one hundred and fifty wounded.

And why not tonight? - You know why.

Come across the plain. And through the rocks, on the rocks? Through these swamps?

With stretcher.

At night.

What do you suggest?

We can not carry them. Quit too.

Is not it?

Exactly. - When the Germans attacked,

kill them all, and with them two hundred innocent peasants.

We die and we, while we defend them.

We can not retreat.

And we can not wait for an attack on us.

There is only one option.

Attack first.

Two battalions, maybe three. On tanks? Suicide.

Attack on the forehead would be suicide. On this and not think.

We go around the mountain through to their side.

Then all of a sudden attack, perhaps at dawn.

The only way.

We will attack sharply. As sharply as possible.

Then quickly back, before they returned to life

and jerked his weapons and tanks on us.

And the wounded?

Slavko and about fifty people are still with them.

As soon as we attack, he begins to retreat.

In open areas? And in the afternoon?

Do you think the German artillery on them will be watching?

By God, there will be if we hit them well.

Good. We will defend Slavko and wounded. But who will protect us?

If you notice that we are coming towards them, attack disappeared.

I thought about it.

We organize sabotage. Over the German lines. - Dragan?

Yes. - He's still out there? - Yes.

I'll send a patrol in the valley.

They need to break through the German lines and find Dragana at the church.

If they hold diversion, we might get out. If not, we're dead.

Send seven of the best people.

Any news? - Not.

Maybe they had to go a roundabout way.

You are tired? Go to sleep.

How little we know in our village.

What limited our life.

People tell me about their hopes and fears

their desires, their faith in all of us.

Somehow ...

Now I see that everything else is less important.

It seems we think alike, Sofia. - I do not believe that it could kill.

It's easy to say.

But when you see all this,

however I hated

not. I think that she could not.

Stay with them? - Yes.

This makes me happy. I would like to believe that ...

They died. All seven.


Where is Jovan? - Here he is.



If a...

If that will not sabotage, hundreds of people lose their lives.

All of these wounded.

And innocent people. - But there must be a way out.

No no. Not in this case.

I know how to send a message through the German lines.

So tell the commander. I do not know why you're still waiting.

could that Jovan.

But they would ... They would kill him.

This whole thing. Maybe he would have passed.

He is smart. But who knows.

Unless you could expose the boy such a danger?

Recently, a few days ago it would not be dangerous for him.

He was with the Germans. I trust them. He was not afraid of them.

Now he is afraid of them.

I must tell them.

Why? - Not.

You're the only person who knows it.

Anyone else would not have occurred to him like that. It is better to be silent.

How can I? Look, all the wounded could save only he and no one else.

I do not know.

The woman does not know how to think so.

But I know one thing. If the boy dies,

you can never forgive myself. Never.

What happened?

What's the matter?


I think

there is a way to get through the German lines.

Seven of the most skilful people do not succeed.

You long been working in the city.

Here, everything is a little bit different.

You wanted to tell me something else, huh? - Not.

Milan, a boy can do it.

The boy can fulfill. But we have no right to make.

And what are you telling me?

For it is your duty?

This is not enough. - duty soldier, not the person.

First of all, the wounded - it is our duty.

And you know it.

If the boy has the slightest chance to pass,

we have to send it. Do you understand? - I know.

But if we lose everything that is human in himself,

then what we are fighting? Never!


I have here three hundred fifty-six man

which must win three times greater enemy.

I have a hundred and fifty wounded, plus the heaviest.

Nothing else does not interest me! - Not true!

You're not the person who would have thought so severely.

I know that's not true.

In war, we ...

we should be as the case requires.

Yes. Yes. It's right.

How else? Constantly break itself?

This would completely destroy us, Andrew. - Yes.

Yes. This is what kills us.


Wake Jovan and send him here. You are welcome.

Only you can do it.

Just do not be afraid to dare. If you do not hesitate, they believe. Exactly.

Here's a lull right now. You see?

They will not shoot until you close the ring. I know.

Saiko Lake!

Saiko Lake!

Saiko Lake!

Saiko Lake!

Saiko Lake!

Go here!

Saika, where are you?

Saiko Lake!

All people will be changed in five hours.

All people will be changed in five hours. - Do not shoot!

Number seven! - Go on, lad!

Go here!

Hurry up!

What are you doing to hell here now?

My dog. She was lost.

I walked up the hill with his mother and sister. Saika ran away from me.

You could very easily die a fool!

Run for us! Hurry! Do you hear ?!

Otherwise ...

Sabotage, huh? What does he think he is, that I have here? Battalion?

What can I do with nineteen people? Tell me.

I'm like a mouse that wants to attack an elephant.

Although there is something. You know what it is, Jovan?

I do not know. - I will tell you. The Germans are very fearful night.

And you broke through their ranks at night? Why?


Were you scared?

Not. Did not have.

They are still poor people are driven to the mountains?

Yes. Entire villages were herded.

Do you know why? - To defend against us.

It's an old trick. Old dirty trick.

Aleksa. - Yes?

How many boxes of dynamite have we got?

Two drawers. - Good.

Say Milan. I'll start a diversion for half an hour before dawn.

Let it be ready with the battalion.

If I start a rocket, I can no longer keep them.

Let them attack immediately.

And you've got to go now.

My son.

Here he is!

Here he is! Jovan!


Do as I say, without debate.

You are welcome. I beg you, I'll go too.

Not a word!

Listen, Jovan.

Go to Sofia. Help her with the wounded.

When the attack is over, we'll go after you. Soon we will be together again.

Come on.

I go.

See you soon.

Sofia, I have to go with them. Please, let me go.

Jovan impossible. You are a child, you were not soldiers.



Maybe I will not see it.

Jovan, you have to believe that you will see it again.


Do I always have to lose everything?

His father, friends,

puppy, everything that I love.

You do not understand.

As no. Understand.

Well you know Jovan.

Go on.

Come on, hurry up.

Company commanders! Here!


I'd like to be with you. You are welcome. Do not be angry with me.

Now late angry.

Just wait, you will see Milan.

To me the only important thing is that you are not angry.


My father.

He's dead, is not it?


What did not you tell me?

I do not know.

Maybe I could not understand how you grew up.

How do you know?


I felt.

Now I think I know a lot more.

Therefore I say that I grew up? - Yes, I mean it.


You terribly?

Many people here on this mountain, afraid. Many of those

there in the valley too.

I had not feared. In fact, there is.

Until I went to the German machine guns.

It seems to me that the first time I was frightened when Marco and the others killed.

And we die?

Some of us.

Jovan. You have to stay here.

And join us later, when we get out of the ring.

Will you stay with me? - Not. It can not.

I wanna be with you.

It's all. And attention to the side.

You should learn to listen to orders.

One day he brought us luck. It can bring back?

In any case, it is now too late to return it.

He can be our messenger.


Stay here with Marco!

The second company! Surround them!

In Yugoslavia during the Second World War

killed in battle with the occupiers about two hundred boys.

This film is dedicated to their memory.