The Solar Film (1980) - full transcript

On the march for progress, mankind kept wasting plenty of natural resources underground, water and energy, polluting the environment without analyzing the losses and problems human beings ...






NARRATOR: The sun rose
upon a young, barren earth.

Slowly, vast and profound
changes occurred.

Water vapor, heated by
the sun, formed clouds,

condensed, and fell to
Earth, creating the oceans.

The heat of the sun produced
the winds and currents,

and life began its evolutionary journey.


Plant life, using the
sun to create oxygen,

made possible animal
life, and eventually, man.

How was primitive man
to deal with the power

that controlled his life?

Power that could provide or deny.


Fear turned into worship.

Some created rituals to
ensure the sun's return.

Some sacrificed to the sun.

Others used the sun to plan
their planting and harvests

and used its changing orbit
to warm their dwellings

in the winter and cool them in the summer.


And the more he learned,
the less he feared.

And knowledge only increased his awe.


Meanwhile, underground lay a vast store

of the sun's energy, trapped, waiting.



Oh, hmm, hey, this
stuff really burns good.

MAN: Hey Todd, I told ya.

MAN: It burns.









MAN: Hmm, wonder if this
stuffs worth anything?


MAN: There's money in oil!

- MAN: I'm rich!
- MAN: I'm richer.

MAN: Always topping me, Harry.

MAN: Let's call it black gold!

MAN: That's a good
phrase, it might catch on.





BIRD: That's some worm!






Boy, everything is great!

Yeah, terrific.

Yeah, good.

MAN: Right, right.

MAN: Nice.

MAN: Hey, remember the good old days

when we could just go drivin'?

WOMAN: Yeah, that was terrific.

- MAN: It's over.

- [MOPS]



MAN: Oil, more oil!

MAN: It's coming. more oil!

MAN: I told ya. nothing to worry about.

MAN: Importing more oil
only made matters worse!


ANNOUNCER: The value of the
dollar dropped again today

on world money markets with news

of the latest OPEC price increases.

Financial observers predicted.




MAN: And people began to worry!

MAN: I'm worried.

WOMAN: I'm very worried.

MAN: Somebody do somethin'.

MAN: Don't look at me, man.

MAN: Find more oil!

MAN: Tell me where, I'll make a hole!

- WOMAN: It's your fault.
- MAN: It's yours.

MAN: It's the weirdos.

MAN: Who you calling
weirdo, I'm a democrat.

MAN: Yeah, I'm the weirdo.

WOMAN: Then it's the democrats.

MAN: Maybe it's the republicans.

MAN: It's the two party system!

MAN: No man, it's the oil companies.

WOMAN: It's the environmentalists.

MAN: It's them Russkis.

MAN: You mean the Russians.

WOMAN: Why doesn't the
government do anything?

MAN: What government, the
people are the government.

MAN: Then why don't
the people do nothing?

MAN: You're the people.


MAN: Yeah I never thought of that.

WOMAN: What the heck?

MAN: That's a good point.

MAN: Excuse me, have you seen my dog?

He's a little white dog with a black spot.


BOY: The sun feels good on your skin.

You know, when you're wet and cold

and it dries you and warms you up.

WOMAN: When mama did the wash,

we'd hang the clothes on the line

and when we took them down,

I remember how warm they
felt and the fresh smell.

It was wonderful.

MAN: And with an early
spring we had plenty

of sun that year and everything grew.

We're still eating the
preserves Alice put up.

MAN: In those days we
built our houses of adobe.

First the adobe, a little
straw, and the sun did the rest.

Of course you have to be careful
of the straw, otherwise...

MAN: We have a solid north
wall and with the south end

of the house open to the sun,

you really won't need a backup system

because the orientation of the house...

MAN: Have your power sources, son,

watering trays colored
black to absorb heat,

glass goes on top, traps heat,

and that's called a solar collector

and then you pump the hot
water to any part of the house.

WOMAN: That more than
a quarter of our energy

is used for heating space and water.

So solving those requirements
gets us a good part

of the way.

MAN: One thing about solar energy I like,

it sure is clean and that's
important when you read about...

MAN: You're doing something about it,

you're not at the mercy of
those foreign oil producers.

Well not as much, anyway.

MAN: I've often thought that one

of the good things about solar energy

is it's pollution free,
which is significant.

MAN: If you stop and think about it,

you realize that the sun doesn't
send you a bill each month.

Over the years, that's...

WOMAN: The fact that
solar is accident free

goes a long way toward reassuring us

that we won't be faced...

MAN: With solar you worry
less about terrorists

and other people who use
violence to achieve their aims.

MAN: And my astronomy
professor says the sun

will always be there, at least

for another several billion years or so.

MAN: Actually, one of the
most important solar energy

developments involves photovoltaic cells.

That's getting direct
electricity from the sun.

In five years, it'll be
competitive to the stuff you buy

when you turn on your lights.