The Skulls (2000) - full transcript

Luke McNamara, a college senior from a working class background joins a secret elitist college fraternity organization called "The Skulls", in hope of gaining acceptance into Harvard Law School. At first seduced by the club's trapping of power and wealth, a series of disturbing incidents, such as his best friends suicide, leads Luke to investigate the true nature of the organization and the truth behind his friends supposed suicide. He starts realizing that his future and possibly his life is in danger.

What can I do for you
this a.m.?

We got oatmeal.
We got ham.
We got omelets.

- We got ham omelets.
- I'll have a ham omelet.

More oatmeal, dude.
And try to keep it on
the plate this time.

Yeah, dude, more oatmeal.
God, and try to keep it
on the plate this time.

Sometimes you can be
such a bitch.

Hey, buddy. Come here.
I know it's 8:00 a. m...

and you haven't had
your triple-soy
decaf latte yet,

but a kid with your kind
of breeding should have
some manners.

I suggest you
apologize to the lady.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Oh, sophomores.
You gotta love 'em, huh?

The usual?
That would be lovely.

The race is at 4:00 today.
You gonna be there?

I don't know. I've got this
really riveting econ seminar...

on the origins
of the gross national
product, so...

- I wouldn't want to miss that.
- Yeah, I would, actually.

For the lady.
Thank you, sir.

- I'll see you out there.
- Yes, indeed.

C. Wright Mills'
The Power Elite.

The main thesis
is what?

That at certain institutions,
elite groups are formed that'll
network the rest of their lives.

Then that brings us to
the question,

Is America really
a class society?

Or is it the meritocracy
we're taught it is since
we were in kindergarten?

Mr. McNamara?

Um, well, actually,
I believe that it's
both, sir.

How can it be both?
It's been my experience...

that merit is
rewarded with wealth,
and with wealth comes class.

Nice recovery,
Mr. McNamara.
[Students Chuckling]

Nice car, ladies.
Tell me, when did
you convert?

Since we borrowed it yesterday,
as if you give a shit.
Like you give a shit, man.

I don't believe you, man.
I want you to
keep stealing cars.

When I'm a lawyer, I'm gonna
make a fortune defending
my high school buddies.

Starting with you three.
How you doing,J.J.?

- Your hair looked better long.
- I was thinking the same
about you.

I like it
the way it is.
Thank you.

See, Lukey?
Things do change,
even for losers like us.

- I never called you a loser.
- That's okay.

You got your books,
your boats and your
Ivy pride, right?

- Right on, McBride!
- We'll see you around, buddy.

McNamara, move this boat out
or you're disqualified.

Sorry, sir.

Sorry, I'm late, man.
It's all right.

As long as we're not
late at the finish line.
All hands on.

Ready, shove!

Where did Mr. McNamara
learn to row?

In local sewers, I imagine.
He's a townie.

Mother died in a car crash
when he was one.
Father, unknown.

Ready, row!

[Man] He won us
the Ivy championship three years
in a row. That's a fact.

He's growing on me.
Is that right?

No need to check
him out, huh?

Why, it's Caleb Mandrake.

He was a Skull
the day he was born.

I can't see the race.

Imagine it.

So sit back and let the starter
line up the boats here...

as we get ready for the
beginning of the Ivy Sprints.

Lane number one,
wearing bluejerseys,

are last year's
All Ivy champions,
the Bulldog Eight,

led by the unbeaten team
of stroke, Luke McNamara
and cox, Will Beckford.

The promising Harvard Crimson
boat is in lane two...

stroke by Pat McCarry and cox
by Lisa Littlered Williams.

This is the start
of the Ivy League Sprint.

The start will be "attention,"
then the gun.

Finishing out the field
is Cornell in lane three
in the white and red,

Princeton Tigers in lane four
in the orangejerseys...

and Dartmouth in the green
in lane five.

Penn's on the outside
wearing blue and red
in lane six.

- Attention.
- [Pistol Fires]

Come on. That's three.
Push your legs. That's four.

Come on.
That's five. Push!

Six! Come on.
Give it to me.
Seven. That's it.

That's eight.
Come on, Luke.
Come on! Nine.

That's ten.
Let's settle.
Lengthen and settle.

Give me two seats.
We'll settle at 36.

That's beautiful, Luke.
Keep it right here, Luke.
That's nice. Looking great.

The Bulldogs take
a two-seat lead.

Harvard and Cornell try
to keep up with them as
they cross the halfway point.

It looks like
another Bulldog victory.

[Woman Shouting Commands]

Don't let them catch us.
Come on!

That's five!
That's six!

Come on with the legs!
We got 'em. We're walkin'.

Keep it right here, Luke.
That's nice.

We're four seats ahead.
This race is ours.

We're men with bad intentions.
I want five with
bad intentions.

That's one!
Bad intentions.
That's two!

- What's going on back there?
- George's oar lock broke.

- [Announcer] The Bulldogs
broke an oar lock.
- Okay, George. Out in three.

Toss your oar, George.

One! Two!

Three! Bail!

All right. Take it up!
Come on.
Gotta take it up.

- Up!
- Take it up. Take it up.
Take it up.

Seven oars against eight?
They don't have a chance
in hell.

I don't believe this!
The Bulldogs are still going!

Go! Go!

Give all you got right here.
We're seniors.
We cannot let this happen.

- What do you say, Luke?
- Take it up!

Luke say it's a go.
Come on! Give me two seats.

Give me two seats right now.
I need it now!

Fellas, hands to ankles.
This is it. Commit now!

[Luke Counting Pace]

- Give it all
you got right here!
- Give it!

Right here!
Give it all you got!
We got a seat!

Right to finish!
Let's win this!

We got five strokes!
Come on! Come on!

That's two!
We got a seat!
That's three!

That's four!
Let's win this!
[Pistol Fires]

That's it!
We won it! We won it!
You guys are beautiful!

We did it!

[Audience Cheering]

Are the others
after him?

He turned them all down.

Either he doesn't want
to join a secret society,

or he's waiting for us.

to be S-A-V-E-D

from the bonds of S-l-N

Glory, glory, hallelujah
hip, hooray, amen


Go! Go! Go!

[People Cheering]

Hey. Hey.

What's the matter?
You gonna turn into
a pumpkin at midnight?

Or are you worried
you're not gonna turn
into a Skull?

I'd join the Girl Scouts
if they paid for grad school,
which the Skulls supposedly do.

- Supposedly supposedly.
- I got my Harvard Law
application today.

- How much they raise tuition?
- It's just over three grand
this year.

Damn. Three grand?
Three grand.

Which means that even with
a dozen or so part-time jobs
and my scholarships...

excuse me... I'm still
gonna owe this university
let's say...

hundred grand,
110,000 when I get out.
Don't forget interest.

So even if I can get
everything deferred,

I'm gonna owe this school
110 grand and Harvard Law
another, what, 150?

That means you're gonna have to
get one of those corporate law
jobs at 80, 90 hours a week.

And then I could
afford a car!
A used car.

A used car. And you know
how attractive the ladies
find those.

Which means you're getting
no play... even less than now...

which is like...
Like what?

I appreciate that.

So when I finally get free
to practice the kind of law
that I want to practice...

You'll be 10 years from a heart
attack and a few more
from the grave.

My future's killing me.

It's killing me.

Forget about the Skulls.
Start this year off right...

and tell Chloe
how you feel about her.

Let's try to remain
on planet Earth here,
shall we, William?

Chloe went to Miss Porter's,
and I can't even dance.

Chloe's parents...

they own a private jet,
and I've never even
been in a jet.

- You starting
to get the picture?
- Thank you.

Thank you.
Thank you.

I went out with a Skull
freshman year.

How'd you know
he was a Skull?
We got
into this argument...

about secret societies
and how they're different
from fraternities...

because secret societies
are for life.

So I just mentioned
the Skulls, and he got
really uncomfortable...

and left the room
and never came back.
Must be one of their rules.

Rumors are
they got lots of'em.

Rule Number One:
Not picked by midnight
tonight, not in.

Here we go.
Bow your heads...
the Skulls.

It's tough to tell
where the secret society ends
and the university begins.

We know you're up there.
Yeah, we know
you're down there.

Don't expect an answer.
The C.I.A. was founded there.

But back in World War II,
when they were good guys.

Oh, yeah, the good guys.
Say what you want:

All I know
is that if it's secret...

and it's elite,
it can't be good.


Gentlemen, let's eat.
The pizza's here.

Come on, baby.

What's up?
What's up? Pizza's
up here. That's what's up.

Hi, Lis.
Hi, Lis.

[Bell Chiming]

[Man On Radio, Indistinct]


[Man On Radio]
The time is now
12:00 midnight.

At least now
we can eat, huh?
Yes. Eating.

[Phone Rings]

You're gonna have
a heart attack at 30.
I can see it.

[Man On Phone]
Lucas McNamara, please.

May I ask
who's calling?

Luke, it's for you.

He won't say who.

How does anybody
know you're up here?

Our secret must be
out, darlin'.
Shut up.

Are you ready
to be reborn?

Who is this?
Pay phone.

Outside Ad building.
Forty seconds.

[Line Clicks]

Who was that?
Luke, hey...

[Phone Ringing]

The astro lab.
Twenty seconds.
Lose the bike.

[Phone Ringing]

[Ringing Continues]

[Line Clicks]

[Camera Shutter Clicking]

Here we go,

[Camera Shutter Clicking]


Guess this one didn't make it
through the reborn part.

[Man #2]
Check his breathing.

[Man #3]
I don't know. Maybe he didn't
react too well to the drugs.


- Where can I get
some more of that shit?
- [Laughing]

Get up and shut up,

- I'm sorry, Mr. Monk.
- Congratulations, Skulls,

on your rebirth...
a Skull above any other.

- Say it.
- [All]
A Skull above any other.

- Louder.
- A Skull above any other.

No outsiders shall ever know
the work of the order...

or the composition
of its membership.

Before you can enter our world
and begin your year,

our council has a small task
for you to complete.

- You might call it a test.
- The university's
secret societies...

have been playing a little game
for over 200 years.

Mascots. We steal theirs,
they try and steal ours.

We have one left
for a complete set.

At Snake and Skeleton Society.
Their mascot, a python.

Is this so-called python

But remember this:
A snake without scales...

shows its veins.

You have until dawn.

- We have been watching.
- We will be watching.


[Man #2]
A moat and no drawbridge.
These are very strange people.

So, gentlemen,
what are we waiting for?


- It's locked.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.

Locks just happen
to be my specialty.

[Men Murmuring]

What did you say
your name was?
Luke McNamara.

Caleb Mandrake.
I know. I've been serving
you breakfast for three years.

I'm sorry.

You know, all you guys
in the dining hall look alike.
It must be the little hats.

Yeah, must be the hats.

Where in the world
did you learn to do that?

The skills
of a misspent youth.

I used to be a genuine
menace to society.

There aren't any
snakes in here.

"A snake without scales
shows its veins."

They said...

They said that the snake
was at the building,

but that doesn't
necessarily mean that
it was in the building.


Shows its "vanes."

Of course.
A weather vane.

Let's go.

[All Muttering]


You ready?

This must be
what they mean by
"a Skull above any other."

Towards you.

One more time.
[Both Grunting]


Don't let go, Luke!
Don't let go!

Hold on, Caleb!

Don't let go!
Hold on!

Hold on.
Don't let go.

Pull me up!
Pull me up!



Hey, where's Luke?


You are a menace
to society.

Oh, man!
[All Laughing]

"The university's
tenure system only
rewards mediocrity,

"allowing our faculty..."
"to wallow
in selfish pursuits,

"making secondary
their primary purpose:

teaching undergraduates
to think."

Bravo. That's a great
article, Will.

Bob Woodward I'm not,
but give it time,
give it time.

[Door Opens]

Ah, hey.
Here's what I call
the genuine article.

What's happening,
you guys?

So, what was it like
last night?

What was what like
last night?

Let me refresh
your memory.

We were about to eat
tofu pizza...

when you got a call
and ran out the door
like a bat out of hell,

and here you are now
looking like you've been
dragged to hell and back.

- So?
- It was just a really long
night, that's all.

Really. It must
have been a wild ride.
Did she have a name?

Uh, direct question,
direct answer:
Are you a Skull?

- Are you a Skull?
- I don't know.

You don't...
You don't know.
I don't know.

I don't know,
but in any case,

and I know this is gonna
sound like a load of crap,

but I don't really want
to talk about it right now.

- I don't mean to be an asshole.
- You said it, I didn't.

- Will...
- No. For three years,

we made fun of these
private school dicks...

that never gave us
the time of day.

And now you're saying
you're gonna hang out
with them?

- Will, this doesn't affect
our relationship at all.
- That's bullshit, man.

How can you say that?
You'll be doing stuff you can
never tell me about, right?

I swear, this doesn't
change anything.

Doesn't change anything?
Oh, great. Cool.
Doesn't change anything.

That's great.
Tell me everything then.

Yeah. Tell me where
you went last night,
what you did.

Why you're wet.
Come on. Tell me.

That's right.
Oh, oh, good.
Walk away.

We're talking ourselves
in circles, Will.

Are you gonna say something?
Are you gonna back me up?

Come on, Chloe. Take a stance
for once. Tell him I'm right.
Tell him I'm right!

- Don't yell at her
'cause you're mad at me.
- Don't tell me how to talk.

[All Shouting]

Guys, chill out
before you say something
you don't mean.


All right. Let me say
something I really mean.

No, Chloe.

Hey, you and I were
at Maury's, right?

Having a good time,
drinking, talking
to some girls.

And Caleb Mandrake
and your seven new
friends come in.

You gonna sit
with them or with me?

Introduce me, or is that
against the rules?
How do you know about Caleb?

You see, he's already
on a first-name basis...
No bullshit.

How do you know
about Caleb Mandrake?
Call it a guess.

But Caleb's not
the issue, all right?
The issue's us.



Hey, Will!

Will, we gotta work
this thing out, okay?
There's gotta be middle ground.

No, see, that's where
you're wrong.

When it comes
to friendship,

there is
no middle ground.

[Phone Rings]

This is Caleb Mandrake. May I
speak with Lucas McNamara?

Right away... sir.

Caleb Mandrake.


Caleb, can you
hold on one second?

No problem.

Listen, Chloe,
I'm really sorry, but...

I'm sorry.
[Door Opens]

what's happening, man?

Well, we didn't have
to wait very long.

Why? What's happening?
You know something I don't?

Do me a favor and check
under your pillow.

You might find
a little something
from the tooth fairy.

Mr. Lucas McNamara.

You too, Mr. Mandrake.

You too.


[Man] Who's first?
Nervous Chuckling]

I guess
they're expecting us.

Kent Hodgins,
over here, please.

Jonathan Edward Payne,
over here.

Hugh Dalton Mauberson,
over here, please.

Lawrence Thorne, here.

Caleb Mandrake,
over here, please.

Lucas McNamara,
this way, please.

I'm Judge Litten Mandrake,
and on behalf of the council,

In any fellowship,
you need someone you can trust,

someone to be there
always and for anything.

A soul mate.

And my soul mate
is Senator Ames Levritt,
class of'72.

Gentlemen, you've been
arranged in pairs.
Soul mates.

Each soul mate was chosen
to complement the other...

and to accept responsibility
for the other.

Mr. Wheeler.
Mr. Pitcairn.

- Thank you.
- Open them.

Our membership, like life,
has its pleasures,

its hardships...

and sometimes its pain.

But unlike life,
the connection between you
is eternal.

Let this seal the bond
between you.

Be silent as you endure.

Well done. Gentlemen,
put on your watches.

With the council
as your witnesses,
you have now become soul mates.

And now, gentlemen,
the rules.

We live by the rules,
we die by the rules.

Read your rule book.

There's a rule for every
possible situation.

Guard the key to our entry
and your rule book...

as you would guard
your own lives.

Most important, remember:
Our rules...

supersede those
of the outside world.

"A Skull above
any other. "

"A Skull above any other."

Well done, gentlemen.

As chairman
of the Order of Skulls...

and on behalf
of the council...

and the 322 alumni
throughout the world,

you are welcome.

Welcome home.

The proudest day
of my life, Caleb.

Thanks, Dad.
I want to make you proud.



They're beautiful.

Just like they were
this morning in the ground
outside the dean's office.

I thought
women loved fresh flowers.

I messed up
with you yesterday.

I'm sorry.

Feels like a bribe.

What's all this?

Luke McNamara,
Action Jackson.
Named after Jackson Pollock.

It's my senior thesis.
I am teaching my computer
how to paint.

No, wait.

Actually, pure randomness
is really what forms...

the computer's creation.

So am I the artist,
or is the machine?

Are we both?
Maybe it's nobody.

Or maybe it's chaos
in its purest form.

do you have to stay here
while this thing paints?

Do you think I can take
you out to dinner now?
Yeah. Know why?

Because Action Jackson
chooses when to begin
and when to end.

I am so getting
an "A."
[Both Laughing]

[No Audible Dialogue]

I can say I spent the night

On the telephone inside

Since I'm buying tonight,
How hungry would
you say you are?

How hungry would
you say you are?

I'm famished.

Well, famished is like,
what, 20 bucks?

Which means that
I'd better get some cash.

I should probably
check the balance.

It's been a big week
for me. I bought a book.

Twenty thousand dollars?

That's got to be
a mistake.

You are a Skull.

Son of a bitch.

I'm rich!


You're a Skull.

Chloe, I'm not gonna
disappear like that guy.

Just please,
be happy for me.

Fine. I'm happy
if you are.

When you're happy for me...
[Dialogue Fades]


Gentlemen, if you'll
please follow me.

Mr. Mandrake,
you will be in here.

Mr. Mauberson,
you shall be in here.

And Mr. McNamara,
you will be in here.

The rest of you gentlemen,
please follow me.

[Gleeful Chuckle]


Oh, hell, yes.


That's, uh,
Mr. McNamara.


[Knock At Door]

Are we having
a bit of tie trouble?

Yeah, we are.

No worries.
I am the king.

It's a bit tricky.

Especially when you're
doing it on someone
other than yourself.

'Cause everything...
is in reverse.

There we go. Nice.
Looks like you've
done this before.

You know,
once or twice.

The skills
of a misspent youth.

Thanks, man.


Lucas, Caleb.
come here a minute.

Come here.

I have this fantastic idea.
Where did you spend
last Thanksgiving?

Last Thanksgiving
I was in a Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut?
You're gonna spend
Thanksgiving with us.

We have a Mandrake
tradition. We hunt,

but we only eat
what we shoot.

So if we get skunked,
then we spend Thanksgiving
drinking brandy and starving...

in front of
a crackling fire.

But not to worry.
Caleb is a superb shot.

Listen, I would love to come.
And actually, where I come from
we have the same tradition.

It's just what we shoot,
we call pigeons.

Ames. Ames,
I'd like to introduce you
to Mr. Lucas McNamara.

Senator. It's a pleasure
to meet you.
Pleasure's mine, Lucas.

We've been waiting
for that law school
application of yours.

I'm on the
admissions committee.

Ames, you know that's
inappropriate to discuss
in front of a candidate.

You're right, Litten.

So, Caleb,
what are your plans?

I'm just treading water,
waiting to see what happens.

Then your arms must
be getting tired.

They are, Dad.

'Cause you keep throwing me
into the deep end of the pool.

Excuse me.
I need a drink.

So, what do you think
of all this?

Well, to be honest,
it's all a little bit

It was for me too.
We share similar
backgrounds, you and I,

and I hope, similar values,
which could put the society's
influence to better use.

Do you have any questions?

Like for instance,
who pays for all this?

Rule 46 in your book:

"Each member is required
to leave a percentage of
his estate to the Skulls."

And-And the word "war"
in the ritual room...

what exactly is
the significance?

Those who wish to become
our leaders choose
the ordeal of war...

to prove themselves
worthy of the privilege.

What if we're at peace?
There are always wars
to be fought, Luke.

You ever need anything,
even if it's just to shoot
the proverbial shit,

you call me.


There seems to be a little
tension between your father
and the senator, huh?

They were schoolmates.

Soul mates. And it's gotten
substantially worse...

since my father beat
Levritt out for chairman.

That must be tough, man,
trying to follow
in those footsteps.

Oh, he's
an ambitious man.

The idea of getting to
the Supreme Court's
the only thing he loves.

Speaking of love...

When dreaming

I'm guided
through another world

Time and time again


At sunrise
I fight to stay asleep

'Cause I don't want
to leave the comfort

Of this place

Lucas McNamara, right?
Yeah, how did you
know that?

I know everything
about you.

Care to dance?

So let's go there

Let's make our escape

Come on, let's go there

Let's ask, can we stay

Can you take me higher

To a place
where blind men see

Can you take me higher
[Excited Chattering]

To a place
with golden streets

So let's go there
[Engines Revving]

And let's go there

Come on, let's go there

Let's ask, can we stay

Hey. What's up, man?
You missed practice.

Yeah, you know,
I've been busy.
Doing what?

It's a secret.

Lookin' good
with that left jab.
Big, tall guy like you.

All the time.
Atta boy. Atta boy.
Atta boy.

No. No!


Lucas. Lucas.

I've been looking all over
for you. I need to talk
to you right now.

Uh, Chloe,
this is Caleb Mandrake.
We've met, at Exeter.

Did we date?

Once or twice.
You obviously found it...

as unforgettable
as I did.

Um, catch up with you later.

Right. Sure.

Look, uh, Luke,
I feel really ridiculous,

but I left my key
inside of you-know-where.

I don't want to look like
a screw-up so early in the game,
so could I please borrow yours?

Of course. But last
I checked, Caleb,

they didn't kick people out
for being forgetful, huh?

Thanks, Lucas.

[Camera Shutter Clicks]
Dominating the entire room
in six-foot letters...

is carved the word "war."

The main room is
about 80 feet across,
and it's magnificent,

with nearly ten pillars...

made entirely
of travertine marble.

150 years of wealth.
I've never seen...

- Caleb Mandrake.
- You broke into my car,

you stole my key,
you stole my book.

Now I want the camera,
I want the tape,
and I want my stuff back now.

No problem, man.
Just calm down.

Here's your key.
You can have that,
but, um, I got your book.

I don't have it with me, though,
and we can get that anytime.
Okay? But just calm down.

[Man On Radio, Faint]

I'll be with you till dawn.
It's 2:45...


Will, man.

Hey, Will.

Will! Will!
Help me!

Somebody help me!
Help me!

Help me!

[Chatter On Police Radio]

I don't understand.

Will would... I mean,
he was the last person...

Sometimes we don't
know people as well
as we think we do.

Look, I have a few
questions. Then...

I think you should
get some sleep.

Did you touch anything
besides the doorknob?

l-I don't know.
I'm in here a lot.
All the time.

Why were you here at 3:00
in the morning? Do you
work for the newspaper?

No, I just wanted
to talk to him.

What would you have
to talk to him about
at 3:00 in the morning?

We had had an argument.
It was no big deal.

So you had a fight.
What was this fight about?

Don't put words in my mouth.
I told you we had an argument.

We were roommates.
That's all there was to it.

Calm down. It seems
like you're getting
a little excited here.

What are you
trying to say?

- What are you trying to say?
- Easy, son.

I'm just saying plain
and simple, what was
the argument about?

That's all.

Detective Sparrow,
Martin Lombard.
I'm the university provost.

Do we have to
do this now?

Can we give him
a break?

I have a few more questions,
but maybe this isn't
the right time.

I'll be in touch.
You can go, Mr. McNamara.


Get some sleep.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

Oh, my God.


I just heard. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

What am I gonna
tell his mother?

This should go too.

Hey, uh, you want
I should pack these too?

[Pipe Organ]



I have something to tell you.

Will was doing
an expose on the Skulls.

He had a lot of interest
from a lot of papers.

Even job offers.
I know.

I found his notes.

Why couldn't you have
told me about this sooner?

Will made me
promise not to.

If this article had
something to do
with his suicide,

I think the police should
know... they've been around
asking questions.

You can't talk to them.
Did this story have something
to do with Will's death?

Did it?
I don't know, Chloe.

I don't know.

I guess if
we were the friends
we thought we were,


maybe things might have
turned out differently.

I lied.

Will lied.

And now you're lying.

You're lying to me.

Move. Move!


Detective Sparrow.

Did you learn any truth
in class today, Lucas?

Your girlfriend told us
what your fight
with Will was about.

She's not my girlfriend.

Okay, then, your friend
who's a girl.

We also found something
quite interesting.
What's that?

Will Beckford had a contusion
on the back of his head.

Normally when people hang
themselves, they don't
have a contusion...

like they hit themselves
in the back of the head
with a sledge hammer.

Clearly, something violent
happened to Will Beckford
before his suicide...

or what was made
to look like a suicide.

Don't let it keep you
up nights, McNamara,
because we're doing our work,

and I know how deeply
concerned you are.

I'll get back to you.

Unless you want to get
back to me first.


He has got a left hook that
took a man out in 30 seconds.

He has what they call
a puncher's chance.

That is, if he gets inside...
He's not a boxer.

[Continues, Indistinct]


Tonight begins
the revealing process...

the final stage
of your admission
into the order.

Come with us
into liars' hell.

do come in.

I'm Dr. Rupert Whitney,
class of'73.
I'm head of protocol.

I'll be your guide
for the next few weeks.

The revealing process
is our most sacred ritual.

It's been a Skull tradition
since the late 1700s...

and it is the foundation
of your class's commitment...

to each other.

Each soul mate pair
will be placed
within the device.

And then you may ask them
any question you want...

about anything that you want.

The object is to learn
all that you can
about each other.

After they've revealed
all to your satisfaction,

release them.

Which pair wants
to go first?

Caleb and I will.

Hey, Luke,
what's your worst fear?

My worst fear?

My worst fear is that
I'll always be alone.

My mother was killed
in a car crash...

when I was so young
that I can't even
remember her face.

My whole life,
I never had any family,
up until a couple years ago,

when I met
a friend who became
like a brother to me.

And then last week, he was taken
from me too. Why do you think
this keeps happening, Caleb?

Huh? Any ideas?
I don't know, Luke.
Who can answer that?

You can. You can tell me
the worst thing
you've ever done.

I had an affair
with my mother's best friend.

Why are you so afraid
of your father?

My father always
covers for me,

always gets me
out of trouble.

I never take responsibility
for anything.

Fine. Then take
responsibility for this.

What's the worst thing
you've ever done?

- God, where do I start...
- Don't play games
with me, Caleb!

What's the worst thing
you've ever done? The worst?

- What are you talking about?
- I know what you did.

What are you
talking about?

Know where
I found this? Hmm?

Thank you.

I lost this,

and I wondered
where it went.

[Heavy Door Shuts]


[Locks Door]

McNamara, Mandrake,
the chairman would like
to see you.

I'll be waiting

[Men Murmuring]
He's a Skull.

- Would you excuse us, Marty?
- Certainly.

Well done, Luke.
Well done.

Don't give me your "well dones."
I wanna know the truth...

about what happened
to Will Beckford that night.

The truth.

Well, I think your soul mate
has a right to hear the truth.

Don't you, Caleb?

Your roommate stole
both my book and my key.

That's why I asked
to borrow yours.

Then I went to the ritual room,
and he was photographing

You broke into my car!
You stole my key, my book!
I tried to stop him.

- I want your camera, the tape,
and my stuff back now.
- Okay, here's your key.

You can have that.
I got your book.
I don't have it with me.

- We can get that any time.
- No, I'll tell you what.
You give me the key.

- I'll give you the key.
- We'll get the book together.
You won't say anything.

- All right. Calm down.
- I won't say anything.

- Nothing'll happen to you,
and everything'll be fine.
- How about...

if I tell you
I can't do that, all right?



Get off me!


[Screaming Continues]


He fell,

and he broke his neck.

Man, there was nothing
I could do.

Nothing you could do?
You could've called the police.

Caleb... Nothing...
Will is dead!

We didn't go to the authorities
because we knew where
that would've gotten us.

Caleb's future,
my judicial hopes,

our obligation to the Skulls to
keep our oaths would've been
ruined because of an accident.

So, we took this accident
and made it look like a suicide.

Let's not forget...
Will Beckford illegally
broke into a car.

He's a thief,
and he trespassed
where he didn't belong.

This isn't right.

Well, it may not be right,
but it worked.

This is your preacceptance
to the law school
of your choice.

I haven't even applied
to law school yet.
Imagine that.

It's all paid for.

I would do anything
to protect you.

Won't you do the same
for me?


[Grunting Intensifies]

Miss, would you bring me
another cup of coffee
and some fresh milk, please?

Sorry about that.
Excuse me.

You took quite a risk
by calling me.

You said to call any time
I wanted to shoot the shit.
Remember, Senator?

Do you know?
I'm on the council, son.

Even Litten Mandrake
couldn't pull off a cover-up
like this by himself.

Here you go.
Thank you.

How are you managing
with your decision
to remain silent?

How are you managing
with yours?

Our society's
a compulsive lot, Lucas.

The Skulls are a group
that cannot help
but dot every "I,"

cross every "T,"

keep a record of every deed,
every whispered confession.

The surveillance cameras.
So there's gotta be tapes.

Our organization
is putting all its resources...

into Judge Mandrake's
confirmation to
the federal bench...

as a precursor
to the Supreme Court.

One would hate for
an awful secret to arise,

which would derail
such an important agenda.

That... awful secret...

would be a valuable
piece of information indeed.

Perhaps a bargaining chip
with the council,

used possibly
to reacquire one's freedom?

To get one's
life back again?

Would you like
your life back, Luke?

[Men Arguing]

His birthday
was last week.
I know.

It's a peace offering.
[Arguing Continues]

- Turn yours down, man!
- Hey, guys, turn off
those damn televisions!

Hey, turn off
those televisions!

We have a guest.
Hey, boys.

I need to talk to you.
Sully, I'm sorry I missed
your birthday.

If you want to confess,
St. Something-Or-Other
is down the street.

- So why don't you
roll yourself into there.
- I'm not kidding.

I'm in real trouble here, okay?
If you don't help me,

Sully's birthday is not
gonna be the last one I miss,
including my own, understand?

- Why should we help you?
Huh, Lukie?
- I don't know.

Maybe you feel like turning
the other cheek. Or perhaps
you wanna be forgiving.

Or just maybe you wanna try
and be a better friend to me
than I've been to you.

Come over here
for a second.

More than likely,
you wanna take a look
out of this window,

'cause you'll probably see
a '63 T-Bird convertible.

Dual exhausts, four-barrel carb
and fully restored original
red leather interior.

And it belongs to me.

You help me out,
it belongs to you.

You wanna know what's up?
Big Boy changes the tapes twice
a day... 10:00 A.M., 10:00 P.M.

You can set your watch by it.
So now we know his schedule.

[Door Opens]

He's not going out the front.
He's going back
the way he came.

J.J., he's going back
the way he came. Over.

Okay, got him.
He's heading east.
I'm on it.


- Are you having a problem?
- Um, yes, sir.

it's a family emergency.
Excuse me.

Don't lose him.
We gotta find out
where he takes those tapes.

Hey. Wait.
Don't... Hey. Hey.

What do you think
you're doing?

Nobody's allowed into
the Sturtevant Collection
without a pass. Let's go.

Come on.

[Both Grunting]


You know what this is?
It's a bug.

It's a bug! Understand?
I want you to listen to me.

I want you to stop following
Lombard's people.

You've been digging,
and if you keep digging,
you're gonna dig your own grave.

You didn't think
they wouldn't figure out
what you've been doing?

Hell, they know
everything we do!
They know every place we go!

Your place is bugged!
My place is as well!

Oh, and your friend upstairs?
Her place is bugged too,
so she's not safe either.

None of us are safe!

I didn't... mean
to hurt your friend, Luke.

I swear to God,
I never meant
to hurt your friend.

Please. Please don't
give 'em a reason.


That's all they need.

[Door Opens, Closes]

Chloe, I need
to talk to you.
I'm late for class.

So talk.

Chloe, please!


I have a friend,
and he's made some decisions,

but it turns out
that they were all wrong.

Why? Why were
they wrong?

Because he was selfish,
and because he was greedy,

and he thought they
would give him everything
that he ever wanted.

But all they ended up
giving him was disaster.

So, now, this friend of mine,
he can go out on a limb,
and that limb could get cut off.

But everything about
being on that limb is right.

So what do I do?

We should sit down, and you
should treat me like a friend
and tell me the truth.


I think it's time that
we remove Mr. McNamara.
He's no longer loyal.

You are asking this council
to choose your son's fate
over Mr. McNamara's?

Our membership
will never allow such a corrupt
and unfair motion to pass.

- The membership will
have to understand that we...
- They must never know.

According to Rule 88,
if this council wishes
to make a decision...

which will be kept secret
from our membership,

it will require
a unanimous vote.

Then I move, under Rule 88,

that Mr. Lucas McNamara
undergo psychiatric evaluation
at our hospital,

and I hereby call for a vote.

The motion is defeated.

Ames, could I see you
upstairs for a moment?

We used to believe
in the same things.

- What happened?
- I've learned there are limits.


She likes to eat popsicles
after you make love.

I've had
my own peccadillos,

but, uh, my God, Ames,
she's only 19.

And I'm not sure your wife
or the voters of Virginia...

would be as forgiving
as I am.

Oh, well.

Shall we vote again?


This is how you break up
with me? With this
pathetic letter?

What... Oh, let me see.
"Can we still be friends?"

I wrote the letter. I don't
need it read back to me.
I know you wrote the letter!

No, we can't be friends.
You just remember
three things, pal:

You don't talk to me,
you don't call me,
and don't ever...

send me one of these
chickenshit letters
ever again!

Piece of shit!
[Sparse Applause]

Go, girl.

Smart play, Lucas.

Smart play.

[Knock At Door]


If I could have

Just a moment of you

Okay, they can't
hear us now.
Did they buy it?

I'm pretty sure.
You were very convincing.

Did you get everything
I need?
Yeah, it's in there.

I don't understand something.
If they're so smart,

they'd destroy those
surveillance tapes.

You don't know these people.
This is how they work.

They use each other's
nasty little secrets
against themselves.

Wait. If you changed your mind,
if you decided to run,
I could help you. M-My family...

M-My family
could help you.

I can't live like that.

I need you
to promise me something.

No matter what happens,
you don't get involved.
No, I can't do that.

- Please.
- No, you got me involved.
I'm involved.

- I can't move forward
if I think you're in danger.
- I'm gonna be there for you.

- Do you understand what
these people are capable of?
- I do understand.

- These people will kill you.
- I'm in love with you.

If I could have
I am.

Just a feel of you
I love you.

Would you leave your door


If I could have

Just a part of you

Let me drink of your tides

Oh, baby, the rain runs over
and you're scared

With no consequence

To be the liquid in a glass
that falls around
your lips and mouth



[Coughing Continues]


[Coughing Continues]


[Woman Singing,

[Coughing, Gagging]


[Tires Screeching]

[Horn Honking]

Okay. You got me.
Whoa, whoa. Hey.
Shut up!

Hey, there's no need
for the gun. Come on.

- Give me the tape.
- I got your tape.
It's right here.

It's right here.
Just come and get it, man.
Come and get it.

- [Lombard] Bring it to me.
- Come on. It's right here.

- [Groaning, Grunting]
- [Tires Screeching]

Come on! Come on!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!

[Woman Singing,

Come on! Let's go!

Let's go! Go!
Go, go, go!


Nice plan, Lukie.

Okay, here we go.

[Luke] There he is.
You stole my key!

You stole my book!
I want your camera,

the tape
and my stuff back now!

Here's the key.
We'll get the book later.

No, you give me the key,
we'll go get the book.

You won't say anything
to anybody.

I won't say anything
to anybody,
and nothing'll happen.

[Camera Shutter Clicks]

[Both Grunting, Panting]

[Caleb Shouting]

[Grunting Continues]

Get off me!

- [Caleb] No!
- Oh, my God.
- [Descending Footsteps]

Oh, God! No!

No! Oh, God!

Oh, God!

[Cell Phone Beeps]
Dad! You have to
listen to me!

No, you have to
listen to me now!
Something happened!

Dad, I just killed a guy
in the ritual room!

Dad, I should call the police!

No, I have to call 9-1-1!

I can't just leave him here!

Yes, I understand!

I understand! All right!
All right, I'm leaving!

[Groaning Softly]

Luke. Oh, my God.
Wait. He's moving.

- He's mov... Look, he's moving.
- Jesus, he's still alive.

Yeah. Totally.

Did you see his arm?
Yeah. Fast-forward
the tape.

Wait. Hold on, hold on.

Can you go close up
on the lower right hand?

[Will, Weakly]
Help me.

Luke, who are they?
Who are they?

That's Martin Lombard,

the university provost.

[Will Groaning]
He's pretty far gone, sir.

- Who is he talking to?
- It could only be Mandrake.

Will do. Done.
Can you get any closer on this?

- Yeah.
- [Luke]
Lombard works for Mandrake.


- Closer.
- [Bones Cracking]


[Chloe Sobbing]

Oh, my God.

They killed him.

[Sobbing Continues]
They killed him.

What are you gonna do?

Luke, we were just
talking about you.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm sorry, Luke, but I
couldn't live with myself.

- I had to tell them
what you did.
- What I did?

Everything you told me...
how you and Will had a fight,
the accident...

and how you covered it up
to make it look like a suicide.

- He's lying to you, Detective.
- I'm not lying. I have
nothing to lie about.

I have evidence, okay?
Everything you wanted to know...
the truth... it's on the tape.

Mr. Mandrake,
we have your statement.
We'll talk to you later.

Keep Mr. McNamara company.

Get something to play
this tape on,
and call the D.A.'s office.

I want somebody
down here now.

I haven't seen so much snow
since my last ski trip.

I'm telling you,
this is the tape.
It's on here.

It's a split-screen thing.
There's four different
cameras running.

It's gotta be forward.

I don't... It was...

Oh, great.

You... You switched
the goddamn tape!

Come on. Tell us what you
imagined was on that tape.

Why'd you do it?
What do they have on you?
Why are you working for them?

- "Them"? Who?
- The Skulls! The Skulls!

The Skulls, man!
Who do you think is pulling
the strings around here?

They're watching you.
They're watching me.
They control everything!

They control everything we do,
including him! Even him!

I've heard about enough.

All right. Whoa. Hey.
You guys stay back.
Keep them back.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
You've gotta listen.

Martin Lombard
killed my roommate.

- Martin Lombard,
the university's provost?
- That's what was on the tape!

Yes, he snapped
Will Beckford's neck,
for Christ's sakes!

He snapped
Will Beckford's neck!
Oh, I see.

- The suicide thing
was just a cover-up.
- Martin Lombard?

- Yes, and he's in on it!
- Why did Martin Lombard
kill your roommate?

Because Litten Mandrake
told him to.

Oh. Judge Litten Mandrake?

Judge Litten Mandrake.
He runs the whole show.
That's ridiculous.

- It's the truth!
You're working for him!
- It's ridiculous!

Listen, please.
You gotta believe me.

he's in on it, okay?

I'm innocent here.
I'm telling you the truth!

I'm telling you the truth.

I'm telling you the tr...

You son of a bitch!
How could you
do this to me?

- [Grunting] Get off me!
- [Officers Shouting]

What do they got on you?
Huh? Huh? Aah!

- [Shouting Continues]
- Get him out of here!

What do they got on you?
How'd they get to you?

Listen to me!
I'm innocent!
I'm innocent!

[Exhaling Forcibly]

What are you doing here?

I saw the tape, Caleb.

What tape?
What are you talking about?
Caleb, come on.

Luke is in a mental hospital.
They may never let him out.

Please, help me.

Just tell the police
the truth. Please.

I think you better go.


Hey, Caleb, before I go,
one last thing.

The most interesting thing
on that tape was when
you left the building.

Will Beckford,
he wasn't dead.

[Door Opens, Closes]


Ow! Ow! Oww!



Hey! What happened?



[Knocking On Door]

Miss Whitfield?

- Miss Whitfield,
we need to speak to you.
- [Banging On Door]

Miss Whit...
[Lock Clattering]

Where is she?

[Gunshot Sound]

- [Tires Screech]
- [Grunts]

Get in, Chloe.
I'll take you to Luke.
I will. I'll take you to Luke.

Come on. Let's go.

There he is, Senator,
in the solarium.

[Knocking On Window]


Luke. Luke.

Luke, it's me.
It's me.

Help me now!

It's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here.

I'm gonna get you...
It's gonna be okay.

I'm gonna take care
of you, okay?

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

I've arranged
this car for you.

Wait. Wait.
Where do we go?
What do we do?

Now, you must remind him
that there is only
one solution to all this.

"We live by the rules.
We die by the rules."

l-l... Please, I don't
know what you mean.
He'll know.

Now go.

[Cell Phone Line Ringing]
[Sparrow Over Phone]

I'm leaving the hospital.
They're all yours.

You're gonna be okay, okay?

Let's fix you.

You're gonna be okay,
'cause you're out of there.
You're not going back.

Everything's gonna be okay,
you hear me?

[Screams, Gasping]

Oh! Luke. Luke.

Oh! Oh, my God!

[Gasping Continues]
Oh, Luke.


Son of a bitch!


Shit! Shit! Shit!

Hang on. Luke, hang on.

[Horn Honking]
Oh, no!

Oh, God!
Shit, no! Shit!


Come on.

Get off of him!


- [Chloe, Luke Groaning]
- [Brakes Screech]

- [Car Door Opens]
- [Chloe] No. No.


I've been following you
since the hospital.

- That's what
the senator wanted.
- I don't understand.

The senator has great faith
that if you think it through,
you'll figure it out.

The sen... You work
for Senator Levritt?


Just get in the jeep
and get out of here.

Did you see
what was on that tape?

Don't ask me questions.
I've given you answers.

Now go.



We've got to figure out
what to do next,
because they're gonna find us.


Sparrow was working
for Levritt,

but he was the one
that switched the tape,

and he didn't help me
when I needed it.

He waited until
I got out of Sanctuary.

All of which means what?

What is Levritt
trying to tell us?

"We live by the rules.
We die by the rules"?



He told me to remind you
that we live by the rules,
we die by the rules.


Rule 119, right in
the middle of the page.

"A challenge may be presented
and gentlemanly
means pursued"?

"Gentlemanly means."
I don't get it.
I do.

Levritt wanted to make sure
that I had only one option
available to me.

Gentlemanly means.

What day is it today?
Uh, it's Friday.

The Skulls are gonna be
out on the island tomorrow.

Baby, come on.
Lie down.

Come on.

Come on.

So tomorrow I bring war
to the Skulls.

We are gathered,
as we have done
for over 200 years,

to celebrate the end
of the Revealing Process.

And now that you have shared
all with each other,

we would like to show you
exactly how much
you are appreciated.

[Men Murmuring, Chuckling]

A toast, to the successful
progression of Skulls.

- Above any other.
- Above any other.

Hear! Hear!

[Quiet Chattering]

No. No. Please,
Mr. McNamara, please.

You know you're not supposed
to be here, especially
the way you're dressed.

Oh, Mr. McNamara.
Come to collect your check.

Under the auspices of Rule 119,
I hereby petition for justice...

for the satisfaction
of differences between myself
and Mr. Caleb Mandrake...

in the matter of the death
of Will Beckford.

- [Murmuring]
- What's Rule 119?

119: "Of disputes arising
between members
of such serious nature...

that avail themselves
of no other solution..."

"A challenge may be presented
and gentlemanly means pursued."

- And what does that mean?
- He's challenging you
to a duel, Caleb.

[Men Chuckling]
A duel?
He must be kidding.

No, sir. I'm not.
Dr. Whitney?

It is...
part of our tradition.

The man's a fugitive.
He should be arrested.
Call the authorities.

Our rules supersede theirs.
You of all people know that.

Then I demand the right
to take the place of my son
in this duel.

You can't, Chairman.

"To avoid conflicts of interest,
all council members
are excluded...

from precedings pertaining
to their kin's fate."

It's Rule 119-B,
line 15.

There are two ways
out of this, Lucas.

One is you can withdraw
your challenge.

And the other?

Your dead.
Caleb's a crack shot.
You've got no chance.

I guess I won't be coming over
for Thanksgiving, then.

Dad, I have to ask you
this one thing.

Was Will Beckford
still alive when
I left the ritual room?

Son, I love you,

and I've never lied to you.

The answer is no.

it's time to begin.

Mr. Mandrake,
you have been challenged,

therefore the choice
of weapons is yours.

take your positions.

Back to back.

Tell them the truth
about what happened to Will.

I'm sorry, Luke.

Don't apologize to me.
Just tell them the truth.

No, I'm sorry for what
I have to do to you.

Cock your pistols.
Prepare to fire.

[Pistol Cocking]

Ten paces.
On my signal.

One, two,

- What you did to Will Beckford
was an accident.
- three,

- four,
- This will be murder!

- five, six,
- Are you ready to murder
your friend?

Your soul mate?

Just tell them the truth
and this ends right now.

nine, ten.

Tell them the truth!

- Just tell them
the truth, please.
- Fire, Caleb!


- Fire, damn it!
- [Shuddering]

Just tell them the truth,
and we'll get through this
together. I swear.

- [Shouting]
- Aah!


[Clamoring Intensifies]

Get my bag! Get my bag!
[Shouting, Indistinct]

Is there a doctor here?

[Clamoring Continues]

Stay back! Stay back!

- Just relax, Mr. Mandrake.
- Gauze! We need gauze!

Let 'em in!
[Mandrake Groans]

[Breathing Heavily]
You weren't worth the effort.


[Clamoring Resumes]
Where is my bag?

Move back!


[Clamoring Continues]

[Mandrake Groaning]

[Both Grunt]

[Grunting, Panting]

It's over, Caleb.

It's over.

You told me that there
are always wars to be fought.

This was your war.

And the good guys won.
Nobody won.

Not true.
Mandrake's finished.

He'll never be confirmed
to the federal court.

I'll become Skull chairman.
You'll be exonerated...

and help me lead
the new generation
of Skulls into the future.

Someone I loved once told me
that if it's secret and elite,
it can't be good.

He was right.

You used me.
No, Luke.

I helped you. Taught you
how to make the world
work for you, for us.

Do you truly believe you
can walk away from this?
All we've given you?

And someday, when I
call on you for a favor,

will you be able
to deny me?

And if you deny me, will it
jeopardize the life you've built
for your wife and your family?

I don't know if you can
live with those doubts, Lucas.

Watch me.

Well done, son.

Well done.

If I could have
just a moment of you

Would I be wanting


If I could have
just a taste of you

Would I be


If I could have
just a touch of you

But I turn myself


Oh, baby the rain runs over
and you're scared

With no consequence

To be the liquid in a glass
that falls around
your lips and mouth

If I could have
just a breath of you

Would you, could you

Infect me

If I could have
just a view of you

Would you leave your door


If I could have
just a part of you

Oh, let me drink
of your


Oh, baby, the rain runs over
and you're scared

With no consequence

To be the liquid in a glass
that falls around
your lips and mouth

And after the silence
think I'm stupid

But I don't open the door
for someone stupid

[Continues, Indistinct]

If I could have
just a moment of you

Would I be wanting


If I could have
just a taste of you

Would I be


If I could have
just a touch of you

Would I tear myself


Oh, baby, the rain runs over
and you're scared

With no consequence

To be the liquid in a glass
that falls around
your lips and mouth

And after the silence
think I'm stupid

But I don't open the door
for somethin'stupid

[Continues, Indistinct]

If I could have
just a taste of you

Would I be