The Similars (2015) - full transcript

On the rainy night of October 2, 1968, eight characters waiting on a remote bus station for a bus heading to Mexico City start experiencing a strange phenomenon. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

2ND OCTOBER, 1968 - 12:37 AM

It seems like the entire world
is falling apart tonight.

But Martín has no reason to worry about.

Everything he cherishes is
located inside this office.

Safe and sound from the rain and from
other dangerous, unexplained phenomena

that affect our world.

At least...

that's what Martín believes.

When a man can enclose everything
he treasures within four walls,

he hasn't much cause for alarm.

Martín, a victim of time and oblivion.

Martín, trapped in a routine
that he both loves and hates.

One that he'll leave soon enough.

Or... at least,

that's what Martín believes.

However, Martín isn't the important
character in this story.

As a matter of fact,

he's merely a piece in
someone else's game.

And that heavy storm falling only
a few feet above him is as insignificant

to Martín as rain
falling in any other country.

At least... that's what Martín believes.

We're back, and we're worried
about this radio interference.

To our listeners out there:

this rain is not normal.

We know that--

Still haven't heard anything?

No, not yet, sir. I told you.

The storm delayed all bus lines,

and we're the last stop
on their schedule.

The least you could do is call them!



You're listening to the XIE Radio Coyote,

broadcasting with 100 000 watts
from Mount Teotepec.

Modern music and all the news you need,

24 hours a day.

Brought to you by our sponsors--

Mom, I need to build
a scale model for school,

but my miniature house always breaks.

If you are looking for scale models,
we have everything you need right here.

Miniature trees, houses,
and cars of the highest quality.

Wow, they look so real!
Thank you, Edy Lan!

Scale Models Edy Lan,
the closest you can get to reality!

- English Hospital, good evening.
- Yes, hello.

- Good evening!
- Hello? Is someone there?

Could you put me through to
Mr. Alberto Engers, room 191, please?

Who is calling?

Ulises Martinez!

It's an emergency! I'm calling from
a payphone outside the city!

One second, please.


Ulises, where are you?

Thank God, Mr. Alberto!

I've been trying to leave
this place all night long!

Are you still in Guerrero?

All the buses are stuck because
of the rain... and I had to let you know.

How is María?

Bad, I don't think you'll make it...




May I use your phone?

Sorry, sir. We have no line for
outside calls, only between stations.

I've been waiting for four hours.

Four fucking hours!

The sky is falling everywhere!
Didn't you hear the news?

It's raining just as bad in the city.

At what time is the next
bus to Mexico City?

Oh, lady, I was just
telling this gentleman that all.

All buses are delayed due to the storm.

No, please don't tell me that!
I need to get to the city,

it's an emergency!

Ma'am, the 815 bus was supposed to be
here by 9:00 p.m., but nothing has come.

- Can you call a taxi for me?
- We don't have a phone line.


Maybe you should try the public phone.

Calls don't connect well, but maybe
you'll get better luck than I had.

Thank you.

Could you please send a taxi
to the bus station?

For Irene.

Thank you.

Tired of driving to work? A car
should be for having fun as well.

We invite you to come to the new
Drive-In Theater "El Zopilote,"

located in the corner of
Plaza El Milagro and Avenue Los Patriotas.

Bring your family to get
one of our specials.

Oh, thank you.

That's very kind of you.


I need to get to Mexico City.

Is the taxi coming?

That's what they said.

Do you feel alright?

That taxi ride will be expensive.

We can share it if you want.
I'm also in a hurry to get to the city.


to drink.

Yes, of course.


Thank you.

- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.

What's your name?


What's yours?


I left him lying next to the bed,
but I'm not sure how hard I hit him.

I need to get to the city,
or neither one of us will survive.

Wait, calm down. "Neither of us"?

Who did you hit?

How far along are you?

Eight months.

We're in the same situation.

My wife is giving birth right now,
and I'm not there.

I was on the phone with my father-in-law,

but the call got disconnected.

I need to get out of here.

My wife isn't well, I am not well.

I even fainted a while ago,
and I don't even know why.

- Have you notified the police?
- No.

I don't want to...

I want to see my family.

If he finds me, he'll kill me.

- And you think he'll come here?
- Yes.

Does he have a car?

A Valiant. A green one.

Can I have a cigarette?

Yes, of course.

You shouldn't be smoking.

I don't.

That taxi is going to cost us a fortune.


Would you like to share a taxi with us?
We are going to Mexico City.

Ma'am, do you speak Spanish?

Ma'am? Please.

Ma'am! Calm down.


We just...


What did she say?

I don't know.

This storm isn't limited just to Mexico.

We received reports of devastation
in Canada, Bolivia, even Norway,

devastated by a storm that's
been raging for hours.

While at the same time in Mexico,

we are at dawn, over there daylight--

...without precedent.

Meteorologists can't detect--

...of this phenomenon.

We could be--

...worldwide hurricane. Impossible--

Good evening.

You scared the hell out of me!

I'm sorry.

Would you like a paper towel?

Thank you.

Are you alright?

You seem worried.

Yes, I'm fine.

Thank you.

I'm going to share a taxi with
a lady so I can get there.


They were born, but...

They were born?

- Yes, Ulises...
- What do you mean they were born?

You are the father of twins. They look
just like each other, and just like you!


This rain is making us all crazy.

As if we needed more crazy
people in this country.

May I?


Martín and I spent the entire day
listening to the radio

about what's going on
at the Polytechnic Institute,

and about the meeting
tomorrow in Tlatelolco.

I don't think now is the best time
to bring a baby into the world.

Don Alberto, can you hear me?



Who is Martín?

The ticket salesman.

He's a good-for-nothing.


Give him a break. Since his wife died
20 years ago, he's just been here

waiting to receive his pension fund.


Turn that fucking song off!

Do you want to come outside?
So you're not stuck in here.

Heavens, no.

What would I do out there?
My place is in here.

And don't worry about Martín.

However, that other man who's been
screaming all night long...

That guy gives me the creeps.

- There's something weird about him.
- Well, I thought he was kind.


People out there are nervous,
aren't they?

Like that lady who screams in
a language I don't know.

I met a lady like that in my
hometown when I was a kid.

They call them Chamanes.
Those people know things you and I don't.

And I'll tell you this, they're harmless.

My taxi is almost here.

Don't leave in that taxi, ma'am.

- You mustn't go.
- Please, let me pass.

- You can't leave! Your life is in danger!
- Let me go.

I must get to the city!
You don't understand!

I must get to the city!
You don't know my situation!

Let me go now!





Turn that thing off!

Ulises, something is wrong
at the hospital.

We need you here! I have to go with--

Hey! Leave me alone! Help!


Something is happening to
the lady in the bathroom!

Come on!

That man is the devil! Get away from him!

- She's over there!
- Get away or he'll possess us all!

What's wrong with him?


- Ma'am!
- What's wrong with her?

What is it?

We need to know if this
has happened before.

Looks like epilepsy.

We need something for her to bite.

She's dead.


María, my wife.

She is dead.

She is dead.

Is everything alright? I heard screaming.

- How long has she been like this?
- About two minutes.

We think it's an epileptic seizure.

It's obviously not that.

And where did you come from?

I arrived in a taxi
with some lady and her kid.

In a taxi?

Is it still there?

I need you to ask
that mutant ticket salesman to call

an ambulance, fast!

We have to go.

Good luck, I hope she gets better.


Hey, taxi!

Do you think any other cabs
are coming in this rain?

You're lucky you didn't take that taxi.

The driver had some strange sickness.

How long have you been here?

"How long have we been here?"

Can't you see it's just
a sick child and me?

I'm soaked, and you can't
even say good evening to me.

My apologies. It's just that we've
been waiting here for a taxi.

There's an emergency and
we need an ambulance.

Oh, you have an emergency.

- Have you looked out that window?
- Yes, ma'am, we have.

All buses are delayed,
and we have no way of leaving.

I know there are no buses.
That monster with the wrapped face

just told me.

She's more stable now.
Thank you for all your help.

We're sorry. We really don't
want to seem uncaring, but--

My wife just gave birth and I can't--

Well, congratulations. But who cares
about everyone else now, right?

You must be from the city!

Enough. Calm down. We're all in
a hurry to get to the city, right?

Then let's go to the ticket counter
and not move until we hear back

from the station.

- We need a telephone.
- That one doesn't even work.

That woman is suffering from
something I've never seen.

Some kind of accelerated
genetic mutation.

She's growing hair on her face.
Didn't you notice that?

We have to get her to a hospital!

This is happening to Rosa, too.

It's that demon! Spawn of the devil!

We have to kill him,
or he'll do the same to all of us!

- Satan sent him!
- What?

Sir, please let us use your phone.
It's an emergency.

There's no line,
not even between stations.

That demon must have done it!

Look, we need to find a phone somewhere!

Let's go.

No, you won't be able to leave!

You won't be able to leave!

Why is it locked?

Give me the key.

You think I'd be using this
if I had it? I don't have it!

This demon stole it!

What? I didn't take anything!

It couldn't just disappear!

Why are you wearing bandages?
What's up with your face?

What do I have?

I have this!

Get away from the demon!

Spawn of evil! Angel of Satan!

Please put down the shotgun.

Kneel, Lucifer!

I don't know what's happening,
but I swear it's not my fault, sir!

Don't look, my love. Please don't look.

I'm just a miner!

Please don't shoot me.
For my children, please!

How do I get this off me?

- Help me tie him!
- Do it yourself!

Can't you see this woman
is having a seizure?

Irene, help me.

To tell you the truth, we just don't
understand how this wasn't spotted

by those weather monitors
you've mentioned, Jorge.

The truth is, the current social climate
in Mexico City is not in its best

with this students revolts every day.

Neither it is anywhere else--

We could say that we are living in
an agitated social climate.

In my opinion, it will only get worse.

Look Jorge,
I find Ruben's comparison ridiculous.

These rebellious students are nothing
compared to the global hurricane that...

It's a virus.
There's a virus in this station.

That's impossible. The incubation
period cannot be that short.

What are you? A doctor or something?

Indeed, I'm a medical student. Why?


I'm going to look for that key.

Not just at this station.


The virus is not just at this station.

...the weather tonight and
the social climate in our country

are more than evident.

We've been receiving reports of chaos
in the streets.

89 car accidents

just in the metropolitan area.
12 store robberies,

17 homicides, and many wounded.

The taxi driver who brought us,
had the exact same thing.

Yes, his face was wrapped
in bandages like this fool,

but I told you it's not a virus.

Shut up!

- Sit down.
- Tell them to shut up, Mom!

Sit down. Be quiet.

They didn't speak like that
when you told it to me.

Ignacio, quiet!

Be quiet.

You can't do that in front of people.

Calm down.


Ignacio, stop it!



Fast! It has arrived...

The water has arrived...


The water has...

Do you have a prescription for that?

It's a special medication.
Ignacio has a problem.

What did you give him?
What's wrong with Ignacio?

She brought the virus! She did it!

Enough with that! Drop it!

You're not even a doctor!
I know she brought the virus!

Listen, asshole!
You're the only virus around here!

Fucking drugged-out hippie!

I think you're
the one who brought the virus.

People like you are the reason
this country is fucked up!

You probably work for
the fucking government!

I told you, I work in a mine!

What about you? Playing the hero
like all those other students...

People like you don't get it.
You think we're all the same.

They want us to think that.

That we're all the same shit!

Aren't you?
Why are you going to the meeting?

You're going to Tlatelolco

to cause trouble
like the rest of those idiots!

And once you get caught,
you're all innocent, right?

That's what you think!
That all innocents should be arrested!

- All innocents should be arrested.
- Ignacio, shut up.

- We're going to Tlatelolco, Mom.
- That's enough, Ignacio.

Shut up, Ignacio! Enough.

Shut up.


Ignacio's doctor is in Tlatelolco.

We have nothing to do
with those instigators.

Something very strange is happening here.

I can't find the key.


Help me get you on your side.


Help me get her on her side.
Careful, she'll choke!


What are you doing to her?

Go see what that is.

You're all right.
You're going to be all right.

Here! Take the bandages off me!

It's happening again!
Take the bandages off me!

Go! Quick!

Take the bandages off me!

Help me!

Somebody please help me!


Ma'am, I'm right outside.

It's happening again!
Take the bandages off! Now!

Please! It hurts!

Ma'am, I need you to open the door.

Help me!

I've been shaving for an hour,
but it just keeps growing!



Ma'am, let me see what's wrong.

What's happening to me?


What the fuck's happening?

Doctor, please! Make this go away!
Please, doctor! Just make it go away!

Make it go away, don't leave!

- You see it too?
- Yes!

It's the devil!

The devil incarnate!

What's wrong with all of you?


What's going on here!
Tell us what's happening!

How should I know?

He's the spawn of the devil!

Kill him!

I'm telling you, we must kill him!

Shut up, you son of a bitch!

Shut up!

Tell me how you're doing this,
or I will kill you!

I'm not doing anything!

Did the government send you to test
some gringo population control agent?

- I don't know what you're talking about!
- Or is it Soviet?

I work in a mine!

Or is it some hallucinogenic drug?

I told you! I work in a mine,

over at Filos Hill!

I'm the maintenance manager.
Let me show you...

- Don't move, asshole!
- Please calm down!

You, shut up!

Answer me!

This thing you used...
Is it of American or Soviet?

How does it work?

You were planning to spray
this in Tlatelolco, weren't you?

Why start your experiments here?

I don't know what you're
talking about! Let me show you...

- I said don't move!
- Calm down!

He's trying to show us something!

Irene, please! In my briefcase...
My identification from the mine...

Please! In the back of the briefcase,
inside my wallet.

What wallet?

I just work at a mine.

I have nothing to do with the government.

I spend half my time here,
the other half in the city, I swear!

Be careful!

I swear to God!

Untie me, please!

Untie me!

This doesn't even have a picture on it.

No fucking mine!

Tell me how you're doing this
or I'll kill you! I swear I will!

- Doing what?
- How about the magazines?

Can you explain that?


- What magazines?
- Something wrong with your plan?

I bet you were taking
your results to the city,

but got stuck here because of the rain.

You're telling me you have nothing
to do with this man's face?

Ignacio, stop! Stop it!

Ignacio, quiet!

What's your connection with her?

- None! I swear!
- I don't believe you!

We're not going to solve
anything this way!

You must see the magazines!

Did any of you drink anything?

Or is it some kind of gas?
Some hallucinogenic gas?

Don't move, asshole!

He's telling the truth!

You can't see it, can you, Ulises?

See what?

I just want to go see my children!

You're not going to see anybody.


Stop hitting him!

- He can't see what we see!
- He's lying! Can't you see that?

We have to restrain him!

Help me tie him up!

Rosa! Stay calm, Rosa! Stay calm!

Tie him up!

Rosa, open the door! Rosa!

Go away, Martín!

I don't want anyone to see me like this!

Open the door, Rosa!

I'm going through the same thing!


Why don't you try putting
the boy to sleep?

Ignacio doesn't sleep.

He loves to read.

He spends the entire night reading
and playing with his toys.

All innocents should be arrested.


All innocents...

- should be arrested.
- Enough. Ignacio.

Why does he keep saying that?

Please, untie me.

Untie me.

This guy doesn't even have a license.

Some guinea pig the government got itself.

In my wallet, there's a picture--

There's nothing in your wallet!

It's raining outside. There are no buses.
No one's coming for you, so shut up.

Nothing you say makes any sense.

What's the government got to do with it?

How do we know you're
not the one doing this?

- I would never work for the government.
- No one here works for the government.

Get that through your head!

I have nothing to fear.

My name is Alvaro Garcia Herazo.
I'm 25 years old.

I was born in the city,
but I came here to study medicine.

- What else do you want to know?
- Why were you going to the city?

To the meeting at Tlatelolco square.

Any problem with that?

Let's see now. Who are you?

My name is Irene Escudero.

I was a teacher until I married
and came to live here three years ago.

What's wrong with all of you?

You think we have time for meet-and-greet?

We must help Rosa!

And me! And that woman!

You haven't told us who you are.

I have nothing to do with anybody.

Nothing. I just work here.

You're great at your job.

My name is Martín Aguilar.

I've been sitting in that office
for 30 years.

I'm retiring in two weeks.

I just want the buses to get here
so all of you will leave me alone!


What about me?

Who are you?

Gertrudis Reyes Marks.

I work in the restaurant industry.


I read an article about you.

No, I don't think so.

Yes, of course I did. You are...
that woman.

- The owner of Pinist.
- Pinist?

The one with the schizo kid?

You won't speak about my son that way!
And you won't get near him, either,

or I will call the police!

It's alright. I'm just surprised
that the owner of Pinist is here.

I'm not the owner. We have several
partners, and they all know I'm here.

And my son is not a schizo.

He has a disorder,
but they haven't identified it yet.

He's the kid from the restaurant incident.

My son did nothing!

I bet it's caused by all those injections.

Of course.

I warn you, though, if that kid loses
control like he did that time...

I will not allow that mess to happen here.

No, that won't happen.

Let me examine him. I've been very
intrigued since I read that article.

I don't want you near him! I don't want
you touching him or infecting him!

We have a bigger problem than the kid.

How do we make that demon to confess?

- Shut up!
- My love!

- Ignacio, please!
- You have to...

He's going to turn!

It's normal.

He always gets like this when it rains.

He's terrified of the water, you see.

I can't even bathe him.

- If they're panic attacks, I can help.
- No, don't get near him.

No... it's not panic.

It's just...

The water...

- The water is here!
- Ignacio!

The water is here!

- Let me see.
- Give me that or he'll get bad!

Let go of me!

The water is here!

He'll get bad!

Why are you injecting
an anti-psychotic in his neck?

Let me go!

This rain is not normal!

We must counteract it fast.
Can't you see that?

Let go of me!

Let go of him!

Ma'am, control yourself!

How do you know that fucking witch
hasn't caused this?

Because she looks like you!

Shut up!

- Shut up!
- Enough, my love.

I'm certain that his levels
of acetylcholine are too high.

Why are you injecting
a neurotransmitter into a child?

Don't you tell me how to cure my son.

Shit student!

Is it true what they're saying
in other stations about acid rain?

No, this has nothing to do with acid rain.

On the line is Dr. Emil Rossenstok,

of the Mexican Meteorological Institute.

He'll explain all this.
Good evening, Dr. Rossenstok.

There's a lot of interference.
Can you hear me?

It's been raining for some time now.
I recommend that no one leaves home.

Samples are being analyzed in London
in response to what happened in Bolivia.

You mean, those strange calls from people?
We're getting them here too.

This rain contains substances
completely unknown.

I recommend not to any have more contact

with them until we
have further information.

Something is happening out there.

It's not just here.

You shut up!

Untie me, please!

- I said to shut the hell up!
- All of you stop fighting!

I need to show you what
I saw in the magazines!



Her too?

Why are you looking at me that way?

Your hair...

It's happening again!

Tell me how to stop it!

You're infected, too.

Get over there with them.

All the Ulises behind the column.

Move it.

Ma'am, we have to get
away from all the Ulises.


What happened to your desire to help?

I rather die in the rain than fall prey
to a fucking government experiment!

Ma'am, you must come with me!

We have to escape before
we're contaminated, too!

We're not going anywhere
until the bus arrives.

Can't you see what's happening here?

They're turning into Ulises
in the order they arrived.

The indigenous woman,
the guy from the station, Irene.

We're next! We have to get out of here!

Why are the windows bulletproof?

I don't know.

Where the fuck are the bullets?

- Where the fuck are the bullets?
- Ignacio, please don't.

You won't be able to leave.

Stay away! I said stay away!

All of you, stay back!

The only way we can stay...

is if we lock all of the Ulises up!

Do you intend to kill us all?

Why are you talking about me in plural?

We have to report this experiment.

And put this place under quarantine!

No one will listen
to your report right now!


Ma'am! Move it, goddamn it!

I'm leaving! Fuck it!

I have proof that the same thing
is happening out there.

What proof?

In the ticket office.

If you want to see why
this is the devil's work...

go to my office at the end of the hall.

Keep your distance.

Open the door at the end of the hall.

Obviously, that woman is crazy.
She'll eventually kill her son.

- It's clear that the boy has a problem.
- She is the problem.

That boy will die
if we don't neutralize him.

Of course it's not just rain,
doctor. It's a hurricane!

I meant, that the substances
found in this rain

have nothing in common
with the H2O particles that we know...

What I mean is that
this rain is not water.

It doesn't come
the from CO2 in the clouds.

Please, ma'am. You can see
they're all crazy, untie me please.

If you speak again, I'll break your mouth.

Ignacio, come back here.



Ignacio, come back!

Rosa, wake up!



No wonder Martín was so
afraid from the beginning.

Rosa, wake up!

Ignacio, open the door.


Open the door and let me out!


Open the door!

You promised you wouldn't
do it again. You promised!

Open the door and let me out!

Open the door, damn it!

Open the door!



Hey, kid!


Help me, please!

Untie me.

Untie me.


What are you doing?

Hey! Kid.

Kid? Can you hear me?

Untie me!


I'll get you and your mom out of here.

Untie me! I can help you!

Hey! Can you hear me?

- No!
- Untie me!

Untie me!


What are you doing?


What are you doing? No!

Open the door!

Open the door, damn it!

You promised you wouldn't
do it again! You promised!

Open the door!

How could he close
the door without the key?

He's not going to let us out.

You have to understand.

He's just playing.
It's just a game to him,

but I never thought he'd take it this far.

Your son...

Is he doing this?

The rain has something to do with it.

I can't protect him anymore!

He's going to kill us!

He has had special abilities ever since
he was little, but never this strong.

That's why, at first,
I didn't think he was the one doing this!

Shut up and let me read.

This is the comic book my mom
read to me when I was little.

Should I read it to you?

The Similars


"In the midst of an infernal rain...
they arrived.

They needed rain to travel to our planet.

The raindrops were their mode
of transportation.

They came, took what they wanted,
and they left.

They didn't destroy cities or kidnap
people, like they do in movies.

They didn't invade our planet either,
because there was nothing to invade.

They just came, took
what they wanted, and left.

And what they wanted was...
precisely, that thing that makes us human.

The next day,
no one would remember their visit.

And precisely, because of their lack
of identity...

no one would notice the
similarities either.

In the same way that a group of ants
believes each one of them is different.

But for us, giant humans watching
them from above, ants are all the same.

To us giants, ants are just a game.

Only someone who was truly different
could notice what had happened.

However, no one was different.

From that day and on,
and until the very end of our existence...

everything changed.

Life on planet Earth
would never be the same.

Yet, at the same time,
everything was the same.

The end."

This is what I saw.
Look at all these magazines.


Do you want to go out?

I can tell you who has the keys.

But if I tell you...

you have to kill him.

You still think the
government put this here?

Of course!

Someone put these here.

Ulises is not alone.


You think the government
put this here, too?

They're my parents.

And if you don't kill him
within five minutes,

I'll make sure
your newborn twins die too.

It can't be!



What are you doing to the kid?

- Tie them up!
- What?

There's something weird
about that fucking kid!

What are you talking about?

That kid is doing all of this!
Tie them both up!

I'm won't tie up the boy!

Tie them up!

And you, little fuck! If you do
anything, I'll blow off your head!

I'm going to get the keys.

The keys, asshole!

I don't have them!

Stop fucking with me!

They're in your pocket!

Someone put them in there!

- It was Ignacio.
- Shut up!

Everybody out!

Let's go! Out! Now!

Hurry up!

Move it, asshole!


Let's go!


What did the man who was tied up tell you?

Ignacio, why did you let him go?

- Everybody move it!
- He's the devil!

The fight is on! Whoever holds
the weapon, holds the power!

- All innocents should be arrested.
- Stop this now, Ignacio! Please!

I have to give him his medicine!
It's the only way! Please!

That fucking kid is causing all this!

All innocents should be arrested!

And this asshole is helping him!

He had the keys!

That's your explanation?

He wants to kill me.

I don't want to kill anybody!
You're a bunch of crazy fucks!

I just want to get out of here!

All innocents should be arrested.

- The fight is on!
- Ulises.

Whoever holds the weapon, holds the power!

- Untie me.
- All innocents should be arrested!

This place is damned
and so is that fucking kid.

Those doors won't open.

Didn't you see?
Not even bullets broke through it.


Have you forgotten our deal?


Hello, Doctor. That's because your bullets
bounced off the wrong places, Doctor.

What are you saying?

There, there, and there.

You promised to control yourself!

Ignacio, please! Stop this!

Give me the medicine!

Give it to her!

Give it to her! What are you doing?

Where is the medicine?

Here it is, Mom.

Ignacio, don't.


Listen to me.

This is not you.

Something else is controlling you.

Do you remember
what happened in the restaurant?

Do you remember what you promised
the doctor so he wouldn't commit you

like your father?

Do you remember, darling?

I don't remember.

No! Untie me, Irene! Please, untie me!




Aren't you going to keep our deal?

No! Ignacio, don't do it!


Something bad is about to happen! Run!

Come here, you little shit!

Tell me what you know about my family!

Ulises, let him go!
For your own safety, let him go!

I don't think you can leave this place.

Since you broke our deal,
you no longer have the keys.

What do you mean I don't have the--

The keys!

What's happening?


What's wrong?

Ignacio, please stop!

Ignacio, please!

I'm going to kill you!
I don't care if you're a kid!

I don't think you can shoot me, because
you don't have the shotgun anymore.

Ignacio, please!

Stop, now!

Get away.

Get out of the way. I can't control it.

Ignacio, stop this now!

Ignacio! Stop, now!

Get away!

Get away! I can't control it!

Get away!

Quarantine has been
issued at the station. We must go.

Please don't go outside at all!

Avoid mirrors.

President Diaz Ordaz
has requested in his emergency message

to avoid contact with the rain
and with people already infected.

...panic has expanded as all kinds
of people are transformed

into this Mexican face
with a moustache and a beard.

Hospitals just reported--

No one knows why this specific profile,

but it's the same in the US and Europe--

Stay away from mirrors!
We are being transferred.

Dr. Rossenstok has confirmed that--

Help! Get me out of here--

Ignacio... me too?


Wait. Take it easy. Breathe, don't move.

He forced me into it.

Who are you people?

It's me, Alvaro.

I'm Irene, Ulises.

No, no...

Don't you realize? We are like you!

We are like you!

No, you're crazy.

Why doesn't he recognize himself?


Show him this.


What do you see?

What do you see?



is not me.

It's not me.

What happened to my face?

What happened to my face?

That's not me.

What happened...

to my face?

What happened to my face?

Hold on! Look at me!

In my wallet...

It wasn't me. I swear to God.

It wasn't me.

He made me do it!

He was controlling me!

It wasn't me.

The wallet...


This can't be true.

It's Ulises. It must be him.

He was the first to transform.
It must have started with him.

When we met,
he said he'd recently fainted.

- Why didn't he notice?
- I don't know.

Why couldn't he see himself
until now? What's happening?

What's happening?

Are they normal? Do they look normal?

- Do they look normal?
- It can't be.

It's that boy!

- I've had enough!
- No, please. Leave him alone!

- Get away from me!
- Please, just, don't.

He's just playing!

Play time's over!

I don't think that will work.
You've seen he has control.

I have control! And you...

You're coming to the office with us.

No. Why me?

Because you're the only one
who hasn't turned.

Move it!

Move it!

Tell us what you see.

What do you see in the
pictures and the posters?

Tell us what you see, damn it!


A poster of María Felix. One of
the actor who played James Bond.

I don't remember his name. Capulina.

The Beatles and Marilyn Monroe.

But they all have that man's face.

Are you sure they all have that face?

- Yes.
- Irene, what do you see?

I don't see them with Ulises face anymore.

Neither do I.

It's my fault.

This is just like in Ignacio's story.

What story?

It's a story that I used to
tell him, and now he...

He brought them here with his imagination.

He's recreating it. He's...

making it real.

What are you talking about?

You have already lost your identity.

That's why you can't see the similarities.

Soon, everything will seem normal.

And you will forget about all this.

What do you mean by "normal"?

Yes, the pictures look normal to you.

Soon, your faces will look normal to you.

Then why Ulises saw us
with this face at the end?

I don't know. Perhaps because...

he was dying, I don't know.

I don't understand, but you're going to
make that kid stop this or I'll kill him.

I can't stop him!

Can't you see? I'm also transforming!

The only thing we can do...

is not making him angry.

My love.

You must stop this.

You've already killed one person.

I can't, Mommy. They have taken control.

Who has?

I'm trying to think of other things
so they don't remember I'm here.

I'm cheating, please don't call them.

What's going on?

Leave him alone!

- No!
- Tell me what's happening!

- You can't make him angry!
- Leave me alone!

I can't concentrate!
They're going to come back!

Who is coming back?

Shut up! I don't want to! Shut up!

- Shut up!
- Stay calm!

Stay calm!

It was your fault.
He didn't want to do it.

Stay calm!

You will be fine.

Push, Irene!

I didn't want to!

That's it. Breathe, Irene!


It's coming!


Irene, no! Wake up!


Wake up!

They made me do it!



I'm leaving.

What do we do with that thing?

Irene said her lover would
be arriving soon in a car.

Martín! Watch out! Watch out!

- Get out of there!
- Martín, get away from there now!

- Get away!
- Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!


My love...

Wake up.



He's not breathing.


The origin...


using too much energy.

Make contact... Big beings...

Very big.

He no believe they exist.

He believe only books.

He not know his game affect all people.

All world.

He not want harm, he not control this.

I know.

I know that.

What happens now?


Nothing happen.

Excuse me, Detective Reyes. Any ideas?

No, nothing yet.

We had several calls of strange things
during the storm but nothing like

this lunatic.

You know I'm against the death
penalty, but this animal...

Take her away.

He made us all look alike.
He did it, I swear it wasn't me!


Forensic found this on the perp's jacket.

It was a hallucinogen more
powerful than this little bag of weed.

I doubt we'll find any remains.
My guess is he took all of it.

The drug made him kill five people?
But why?

How should I know? The guy was
driving to Mexico high as a kite.

He was probably going to Tlatelolco.

What about all that crap
about the kid and looking alike?

Given the things these young
people put into their bodies...

Look, let's not beat around the bush.

If a young man of 25
is committing these crimes,

then we're all in the shitter.

It all about what's happening in the
city and that meeting in Tlatelolco.

- Is the baby alright?
- Sure.

That poor orphaned child was
taken from here hours ago.


What do we do with the mom and her son?

- Are you just going to let them walk away?
- What am I supposed to do?

- I don't know, but they're witnesses.
- The culprit is under arrest.

We have his prints on the murder
weapon and on the vehicle.

Anyway. Let's go.

They say it is always calm
after a storm...

but, for Ignacio, an eight-year-old
who has always been different,

calm will never come.

Nor will it come for all of us
who accompany him on this planet.

Because Ignacio feels
things we do not feel.

He knows things we do not know.

And he sees things we do not see.

It's all right. You'll sleep in he bus,

and in a short while
we'll be with Dr. Rafael.

I need some eggs and a good coffee.
My head really hurts.

That's strange. I feel the same way.
Perhaps the rain has caused it?

What a fucking strange night.

And with his power,
Ignacio has just changed everything.

Even if no one else can
remember or see it.

In what was only a child's game for him,
he changed everything... for good.

Now, more than 3,500 million people

will never be the same.

Or, it's more like they will
always be the same.

He knows there are always traces left.

He knows there always are those
who can remember his doings.

But this last one was very big.








You can no go to doctor today.

Lots of people...

Very much danger you with them.

Leave him alone and let him rest.
Can't you see he's had a hard night?

Martín wasn't the important
character in this story.

He was merely a piece
in someone else's game.

All the rest were pieces too.

Ignacio is the important
character in this story.

Ignacio is the important
character in every story.

Innocent people will get in big trouble
because of his visit to the city.

No one can stop it,
because no one knows of his dark control.

He's simply one
of those unexplained dangers

that lurk on this planet.

There are many, many more.

At least...

it seems that way.