The Silver Horde (1930) - full transcript

Boyd Emerson loves the wealthy Mildred Wayland, but so does Boyd's unscrupulous rival in the Yukon salmon fisheries, Frederick Marsh. The two battle for Mildred's hand and for control of the thriving fishing business. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Go away, no can do.

Let us wait.

You know, I got a hunch that
these guineas don't want us around here.

I'm going to give
this village one more chance.

See that house?

I'm going to get in there and tear it down.

Open up inside. We're friends.

We're off the long trail.

We're tired and hungry.

We'll pay.

Vamoose. Get out.

Come on, Fraser.

Will you two boys stop playing games

long enough to tell me
what this is all about?

Quit that, Balt.

Well mister?

Just teaching him manners ma'am.

This village seems to have
strange notions of etiquette.

Strikes me you've got
rather original manners yourself.

Is this your usual introduction?

I'm sorry. I lost my temper.

My name is Emerson. Boyd Emerson.

Mine is Malotte, Cherry Malotte.

I'm boss around here.

Did you say the name was Cherry Malotte?

That mean something to you mister?

Why, no, no. No ma'am.

I, I got a terrible bad memory for names.

This is George Balt.

Behave, George.

George is, well, he's my watchdog.

He was acting under my orders.

We'll try to make up for our bad manners
if you'll stay for dinner.

Will you?

Clamion will look after your dogs.

I'd forgotten what decent linen felt like
and the touch of pure crystal.

Takes a gent of refinement like myself
to appreciate a swell layout like this.

After the trail, it's like a dream of peace.

It's about as peaceful

as smoking a cigarette on a keg of dynamite.

You walked into a neat, little knockdown
and drag-out mister.

Is that why I got the chilly reception?

They thought you were on my side,
and Balt thought you were on theirs.

You see, the salmon syndicate
owns this town of Kalvik,

the chief fishing port, salmon.

And the village has orders
not to give shelter, even to a dying man.

Well, that's against every
decent law of the north country.

Syndicate's afraid strangers
will come, find gold or copper,

and stampede the workers
away from the fishery.

- And they're trying to force you out?
- Fair means afoul, mostly foul.

But they wouldn't harm you, a woman.

Wouldn't they though?

The man who owns the syndicate

considers murder
just an incident of business.

Fred marsh.

- Someday nice and slow...
- Quit it, Balt.

They tried to steal my fishing place.

You see my cannery shed out there?

It ain't got no machinery in it
on account of marsh.

- He wrecked my boat.
- George, be quiet.

I simply can't understand it.

How a woman used to, well, things like this

chooses to live in this north country.

Endures hardships and violence.

Oh, I rather enjoy it at times.

And other women have done it.

Yes. Other women but not...

Excuse me for changing the subject,

but may I trouble you to slip me
the preserved peaches?

Say, are you kicking me
for any special reason mister?

No, no. Oh, oh, excuse me.

I meant to kick him.

That is, I mean, I...

Pardon my glove.

Queer partner for a young fella like you.

Neither one of us
can afford to be too finicky.

I picked him up on the trail
just about all in

three days ago.

I fancy he could arrange board and lodging.

You mean in some jail?

I'm afraid so myself.

If you'll excuse me,

I'll crawl in the old hay.

Say, just what the, what the...

Oh, you think you're so smart
just because you're bigger than me.

And her, playing la-Di-de music to him
like some society dame.

Wait till he finds out who Cherry Malotte is.

You know, eh?

You think you'll tell?

Not me, brother. Not me.

I ain't saying a word.

Been having a tough time mister?

I guess they've been kicking you around,
haven't they?

Feel like talking about it?

There's nothing much to talk about.

I thought I could beat this north country,
and it beat me.

That's all.

Gold mining?

It's a tough game.

But stay with it. You'll get a break.

I've had breaks, the wrong kind.

Two years of breaks. I've had enough.

It's tough.

But there's something more to life
than rolling up a pile of money.

I know. Sounds like
something out of a copy book.

But there's something bigger
than finding a gold mine.

And that's finding yourself.

Well, I'd need a guide to find even myself.

Got some pretty good guides
in this country mister.

Oh, it isn't so easy to quit.

Quitting can be harder than hanging on.

But I'm through.

Don't say that.

I don't believe it. You're just tired.

Things will look brighter in the morning.
Brace up mister.

I'll be just as broke in the morning.

Broke? What of it?

I guess you've never been broke,

cold, stony broke.

Then you've got another guess coming.

I've been so broke a dime
would've looked as big as a soup plate.

You won out though.

I guess you do need a guide.

Money is easy to get.

Too darned easy.

Tell me.

What would you do to get money?

Ask me what I wouldn't do.
Just give me a chance.

You know, I think I will at that.

Of course, it ain't none of my business,
but we've been here ten days now.

Eating regular, ain't you?

Am I squawking?


Only I'm worried account of how
they go out together every morning.

And they're gone all day.

Oh, that was a run.
Does things to the old body, doesn't it?

And I thought I never wanted
to see a dog sled again.

Come on, let's tell the boys.

Hello fellas.
I've got some good news for you.

Balt, shake hands with your new partner.

Him? My partner?

Listen, balt, you've got
the best fishing site in Alaska.


But you need money to put machinery
in that canning shed of yours.


Boyd is going to get it for you.

Do you remember Tom Hilliard?

Tom Hilliard. Yeah.

Tom Hilliard was in Nome.

He was a banker but a good man anyway.

Well Tom is in Seattle now.

That's where Boyd is going,
and you're going with him.

Boyd will get the money, you'll buy
supplies and round up your fishing gang.

You mean it?

You won't be scared of rough work?

Will you fight?

Will you fight dirty?

The dirtier, the better.

You'll have your hands full
in Seattle with balt.

He's never been in a city before.

So long, Fraser.

You're going on a strange trail
this time, balt.

You mind Emerson, savvy?


Why are you doing it? For me?

You may be cussing me before you're through.

It's not because,
because you're sorry for me?

Sorry? For a big, healthy bohunk like you?

You've put me on my feet.

You've helped me find myself.

Well, I'm just pointing out the way.

You've got to fight the trail yourself.

Goodbye Boyd. Good luck.



Chakawana, I'm afraid I'm being a darn fool.

Yes ma'am.

Kind of loud, ain't it?

Loud? It's class, big fella.

Would I steer you wrong?

Look at me.

But that skimmer, eh?

It's terrible.

Oh, listen.

All my life I always wanted a hat like this.


Well, I'm glad I noticed this. Eh?

Our next stop will be a manicure parlor.

You mean one of them places where women

cleans your fingernails and shines them up?

Oh, gosh, I don't want to...

- Come on, don't be a hick all your life.
- I couldn't do that.

Honest. A woman fooling around
with my fingers?

I'll go back to the hotel
and wash my own hands,

and wash them good too. Come on.

Well, that settles that, I guess.

The loan will be put through

and 200,000 placed to your credit
by the end of the week.

And I can go ahead and order my machinery,
charter the boat?

You've been mighty generous about this,
Mr. Hilliard.

Nonsense. It's only that I happen to be
familiar with conditions up there.

By the way, how's Cherry?

That is Miss Malotte?

Remarkable woman, isn't she?

She's been a great pal
to me Mr.Hilliard. A real friend.

Kind of pal one man is to another.

Yes, of course. Quite so...

man to man, you might say.

I'll see you in a couple of days then.
Thanks again.

So long.

- Dorothy?
- Yes?

Brother, you got a pair of mitts.

If you ever had your fortune told,
you'd have to hire three palm readers.

You see, we're both big,
strong silent men from them open spaces.


Look Lady, you didn't do this one so good.

- You don't want them too shiny.
- I want mine too shiny.

Do that with the little shoe brush, eh?

So this is where you hot sports hang out?

This is his third manicure since noon.

I've been looking all over for you.
We go to work tomorrow.

- Me, work?
- Got the money from Tom Hilliard?

And you can start buying
your machinery and supplies

and rounding up that fishing gang of yours.

See you in the morning. Early.

So long.

He's kind of grand, ain't he?

He's my secretary, sorta.


Say, how About you and me
making a sirloin steak look ridiculous?

After you get through shoeing this horse.

I'm simply a wrap-up for strong, silent guys.

Hey Lady, you forgot this one.

It's romantic, of course,
but you can't really marry him dear girl.

Emerson is still a pauper.

You're just being one of these fussy,
old-fashioned fathers.

Alas, I'm afraid it's the fate of fathers
to seem old-fashioned and fussy.

Boyd is not after my money, more is the pity.

And we could be happy without a penny.

You don't really believe that,
old girl, do you?

Well, no, to be entirely truthful.

You're used to pennies.

You're spoiled, my precious lamb,
and downright selfish.

Because you want me to marry Freddy,
isn't it, old boy?

Well, to be entirely truthful...

I won't, do you hear?

I won't marry Freddy.
I don't care if he is your friend.

- I tell you, I won't marry...
- Come now, comfort of my declining years.

Welcome Freddy, old boy.

Just been discussing you.

Not too unkindly, I trust?

I've just been saying
I wouldn't marry you on a bet Freddy.

- But why not?
- Because her father favors it, of course.

You should've a little respect
for your father's wishes.

Oh, I have. Darn little.

That's all right. I'll find the way.

The conquering hero?

Hello, Emerson, my boy.
Glad to see you again.

Freddy, I'd like you to meet Mr. Emerson.

You've heard us speak of him.
Boyd, this is Mr. marsh.

Frederic marsh?

And this is the young man
who went to seek his fortune in Alaska.

- Found it, I trust?
- While looking for it, I had the pleasure

of trying to find shelter
in your town, Kalvik.

Oh, I'm sorry. We have to take harsh steps
to discourage competitors.

Well, this time you encouraged one.

I might as well tell you right now,
Mr. marsh,

I'm going to run a fishery at Kalvik.

That's interesting.

But I doubt if you'll get
financial backing for such a scheme.

Then you may be surprised to find that
I've already arranged for credit.

Today, right in this town.

And my fishery won't fail.

- And no crooked work will make it fail.
- Why Boyd.

Good. And good luck to you.

If there's anything I can do to help you
or any little bit of advice, why...

Dinner is served.

What an infant.

You know, I'm terribly afraid he's not
going to succeed at the fishing game.

You know, so am I.


How do you like my gang, eh?

All college men, ain't they?

By golly, we don't want those hippies
in this gang.

That's Svenson. He's the boss.

You don't tell me?

I thought he was their music teacher.

Svenson is a pretty
good scrapper, only he weakens.

He's all right for the first,
oh, maybe an hour and 15 minutes,

but after that, he gets tired.

Just a big quitter, eh?

That's why I lick him every spring.

Is it a habit,
you two guys fighting every year?

Got to lick him,
otherwise, the men won't work for me.

That's the rule of the fishing gang.

They only take orders
from the best scrapper. Eh?

Hi, svenson.

By golly, that was a good fight we had.

You licked me plenty.

And I can do it again,
you monkey-faced button head.

Next time I think I'll lick you.

By golly, you're attempting to be a dude.

Dude, eh?

Listen, you pig eyed pot walloper,

my friend was just saying
you look so ladylike,

he thought you played
one of them, uku, mandolins.

Who said that?

No, I didn't now.
No, I didn't now boss. No, I didn't...

- Get back on your job, you big turtle...
- That's my joke.

Back up there.

And stay there.

Hey, partner.

Say the good word and we sail tonight.

It's all off. We're whipped.

- We're loading, ain't we?
- Well, we're not sailing.

Hilliard stopped our credit.

We can't pay for any of that stuff.
We can't even keep our ships chartered.

- But hilliard promised us.
- Well, something made him change his mind.

Said his board of directors
wanted more time to look into it.

Oh, that's a stall,
like one of them conferences.

- It was marsh.
- Oh, take it easy now.

It's not marsh, not marsh alone.

He couldn't stop every bank in this town,
and I've been to all of them.

It was marsh.

He waited till we got in the hole.

Oh, someday nice and slow.

And I'll say, excuse me please Mr.marsh.

Snap out of it.

Remember you promised Cherry.




Pack some things, some pretty things.

I'm going to Seattle.

A chummy little booth on the balcony mister.

You shouldn't say such things about Freddy.

He's too big a man
to stand in the way of your deal.

Oh too big for me, eh?

- You're not jealous of Freddy?
- Well, why shouldn't I be?

I know your father wants you to marry him.

Dear Boyd...

If your heart is really set
on going away, leaving me...

Well, don't say it that way, Mildred.

It's for us.

If Freddy marsh is really stopping your deal,

I'm sure father knows something about it.

And I'll speak to father.

Oh, it won't be asking help.

It'll only be telling him
to call off his dogs.

Not that way. I won't ask any favors.

But you won't be, I will.

Just leave it to me.

Come on, let's forget it and dance.

Shall we?

This is a mint.

You know, going out with you
always makes me feel

something wicked is going to happen.

I'd hate to disappoint you.

I'm sure you won't Tom.

Same old Cherry Malotte.
You haven't changed a bit.

You haven't changed a bit either, have you?

- Still got your apartment Tom?
- You ought to see it.

I wonder.

Let's have a showdown Tom.

What's holding up this Emerson deal? Marsh?

It's tougher than that.

It's marsh, backed by Wayne Wayland.

He's told me to lay off.

Taking orders Tom?

I'm afraid you have changed, after all.

I've taken orders only until
I had a chance to talk with you.

It's up to you Cherry.

Alright, let's talk business.

Are you stuck on this fellow, Emerson?

Oh, that's funny.

Me falling for a young fella like him?

He doesn't even know I'm in town.
That's how crazy I am about him.

Well, I'm glad to hear that. I didn't want
to see Emerson make a chump out of you.

Say, that boy hasn't got
a crooked hair on his head.

Why, he's the cleanest, straightest...

I thought so.

No, you aren't stuck on him.

You lied to me Cherry.

Lied like a gentleman.

Let's get down to cases Tom.

Kind of pretty, isn't she? Some society girl?

His girl Cherry.

On the level Tom?

She's Wayland's daughter.

That's why Wayland is blocking the deal.

I suppose he thinks Emerson
isn't good enough for her, eh?

Not rich enough.

And he's trying to keep him
from getting any richer.

Are you going to let him do it Tom?

It's up to you Cherry.

I guess I had a hunch all the time
there was a girl somewhere.

I'm afraid I didn't want to believe it.

And I'm darn sorry Cherry.

Don't be sorry for me. I'll get along.

You've handed it to me right on the chin.

And I had it coming.

Oh, let's get out of here.

Where will it be?

How about that apartment of yours?

Hello? Hello?

Hello? Hel...


Hey, what's the idea?

Why don't you learn to talk over a phone,
you big lug?

Who is it, a dame or a guy?

Hello? Who?

Oh, oh.

- Emerson gone out?
- Yeah.

Two hours ago, all dressed up
in them funny pants for riding horseback.

He's gone out.

I don't know. No.

More bad news, I suppose.

Someday Boyd, every day like this.

Only we'll ride my horses, not your father's.

Now, don't grumble
and spoil our little breakfast.

Telephone for Mr. Emerson.

Hello? Yes, this is Emerson.

What? No.

You really mean it?

My board of directors
decided after all to approve the loan.

Well, I don't know how to thank you.

Don't thank me.

And I really can go ahead?
Well, that's just wonderful.

Thanks. Goodbye.

You did it for me.

And I thought
you hadn't even seen your father.

- But I haven't. I...
- Fibber.

Lovely little liar.

How else could it have happened?

Happy, wasn't he? He's like a big boy.

I daresay he thinks he did it himself.

That's the way I want it to be.

I don't understand you Cherry.

Do you want me to weep on your shoulder?

Just because he doesn't like me
doesn't change him, does it?

He's a nice boy.

You're a mighty good loser.

Don't weaken, old man.

That was our bargain.

Emerson gets the 200,000,
and you get my copper mine.

My word for it, it'll make you rich.

What are you going to do Cherry?


I think I'll head back to Kalvik.

This little scrap is just started.

You may need someone who knows how to fight.

Maybe fight dirty.

Hello Boyd.

Pretty busy these
days, aren't you? How's it going?

Oh, just great.
Machinery is all in, the traps are set.

- It's up to the salmon now.
- The fish will keep their date.

Oh, I'm going to win this time Cherry.

Sure you are for her.

Oh, I've got to, for her.

Well, I have to be getting down
to the docks. I'll see you later.

You got to hand it to that kid.
They're working night and day.

In only three weeks, he's got that old
cannery of balt is all ready for the run.

- He's sure a hard worker.
- A lot of good that'll do him.

I'll stop Emerson if I have to...

Remember what happened
to Boris Putman in Sitka, don't you?

- We don't want no more killings.
- Don't worry. We won't have any.

Alright. Lower away boys.



I didn't think you had the nerve
to come to my camp.

It's only a friendly visit.

- Once I offered you my advice.
- And I told you what you could do with it.

So you did.

But I'm patient.

And I came to advise you to get out of
Alaska before you're shipped out...

In a box.

You don't scare me a little bit.

We don't like competition, you know.

I've got some awfully good men.

Well, before your men get me, I'll get you.

I don't hire men to do my dirty work.


It's a pity you haven't
the same scruples about women.

That was a neat little trick you pulled
on Tom hilliard with a woman.

You leave Mildred's name out of this.

Mildred? I assure you
I wasn't thinking of her.

Well, then what are you talking about?

Such a nuisance. Really, it's touching.

I'm sorry you won't listen to reason.

Too bad.

Come on. Let's go.

Look at that. There's a trap.

Ain't that pretty?

Well, all I can say is, a lot of trouble
to go to just for cans of salmon.

Salmons is fine eatin...

Guess you were never in the army.

I picked this place because I know when
the salmons run, they'll come here.

Think it's bad he talks to the fish.

Now, marsh is going to make trouble.

I figure he'll send out men with nets
to stop our salmon.

- Can he do that legally?
- Sure, he can. Legally.

But we don't catch salmons with lawyers.

Oh, there you are. Now wait a minute.

By golly, I got some bad news.
My gang is quitting tonight.

Quitting? They can't.
The salmon are coming any day.

I know that but they quit just the same.

Mr. marsh promised more bigger wages.

But, we made a contract in Seattle.

Will I have to give you another licking?

By golly, I think this time I'll lick you.

But we don't fight.
Mr. marsh gives more money.

What? You won't fight?

Scared, eh?

I always thought you was yellow.

Won't fight like a man. Getting sissy.

By golly, you can't
say those things. I fight.

You hear that? I fight.

This time I'll lick you
so you'll have a funeral.

You poor, lopsided sausage.

- Tonight?
- In the woods yonder?

Soon as it's dark.

Now, don't you worry.
They've got to work if I lick svenson.

And I'll beat the ears off him.

Sure. Svenson won't last more than an hour.

Look here, balt. I won't let anybody
fight my battles for me, understand?

Now you let me handle that
lop-eared slant head.

Quit, eh? I'll show them.

Either I fight him
or there won't be any fight.


Good, hard muscles.

Big too.

But, ah, you don't know how to fight dirty.

Well, I'll fight him fair.

Svenson? Fair?

Maybe. Maybe I could learn you enough.

Who do you think is
going to win that fight, eh?

Hey, balt, you got my white meat ready?

Listen, you tripe eating old he goat.

There ain't going to be
enough left of you to plant.

You better kiss him goodbye.

I'll kiss you,
you goggle-eyed galoot, with a hatch.

- Ready kid?
- Turn him loose.

Don't forget the lead fist.

Punch, punch, punch, punch, punch.

Come on, get him.

Get up, brother. Come on.


Get him, svenson. Come on.

Dial in that lead fist.

Beat him up.

Go ahead, kill him. Kill him.

Come on. Come on. Put her there boy.


Hit him back. Hit him back.

Tear that crab down.

- Here's your winner.
- You win. By golly, you're a good fighter.

Why did you do it Boyd?

Can't let anybody else fight my battles.

Balt. Balt.

The salmon are in. They're in the traps.

You heard him. Look alive. Everybody.

My salmons are in.

Fishermen on the pier.

Salmons are in. Take in the traps.

Roll out, you scroungy loafers.

Pete. Salmons are in.

Salmons. Salmons.

Head out.

Come on. Get your salmons.

Hey. Get that tack ready down there.


I still think it's a lot of trouble to go
through just for canned salmon.

And don't think I'm stopped because
Emerson whipped that idiot svenson.

I haven't played my last card.

Got you dealing off the bottom
of the deck though, haven't they?

I came here to give you fair warning.

And I'm giving it right back to you.

You lay off the boy, marsh.
Give him a chance.

I'm giving him a chance,

and I'm giving you a chance
to clear out before I run you out.

We're not leaving.

Very well. You've made your choice.

If that trap is operating tomorrow,
I'll send out my boats and wreck it.

That means someone will be killed, marsh.

You know, that's exactly what I was thinking.

Well, I gave them their chance.

Send out the boats.

Send them out. Do as I tell you.

It's marsh's fleet. I knew he'd try it.

Svenson. Get the men in a boat.

Hey men. I got to be beat by a marsh.

Let's get out of here.

All ahead boys.

Come on.

That's Wayland's yacht.

I'm going aboard. Get word
to our men out there to come ashore.

Interesting, right?

I wonder what the beggars are brawling about.

Primitive and all that, isn't it?

What does it signify, Wayne?
Blessed if I know.

But I see Fred marsh
coming out in the launch.

He'll explain, no doubt.

Here you are.

Come back and fight, you, you...

You darn afraid cats.

I guess that'll learn you.
You yellow monkeys.

Hey, where's the kid?

- Emerson?
- Yeah.

He went over to that yacht.

What's he coming up here for?

You can't come on this boat, bud.

- Come on. Get out.
- You can't get on this boat.

Get off.

What's the meaning of this, Emerson?

I'd think you'd have the decency
not to come here.

See here sir. You can't...

Please Boyd. Not here.

I wish to speak with Boyd, father.


But what's happened dearest?

I think you might better tell me that.

Brawling like a street tough.
Attacking Fred Marsh's men.

Did marsh tell you that?

- And did you believe him?
- I believe what I choose to believe.

About this and about the woman
with whom you are so,

well, friendly, to be polite about it.

I mean Cherry Malotte.

Cherry? But she's...

Everything sweet and refined and decent,
I suppose.

Perhaps that's why
you never told me about her.

Why, I didn't think you'd be interested.

Rather lame Boyd.

But I found out about her.

How you brought her back with you.
How you sent her to hilliard.

- You know that's not true, Mildred.
- Pretty shabby, wasn't it?

And such a woman. A hanger-on in men's camps.

That's a lie.

You choose to call me a liar to defend...

It's lies, I tell you. Cherry is my friend.

I rather gathered that. A very dear friend.

So very dear that you came to me
from her arms.

I won't let you
say things like that about her.

I'll bring her here. She'll tell you.

Do you think, really,
I'd be interested in the type?

Meanwhile, of course, our engagement.

Mildred. Mildred, you don't mean that.

You can't.

- Where is she?
- She went away.

Don't lie to me. Where is she? Where she go?

She went away last night
in a boat with clamion.

Come on in.

Tell me the truth about Cherry
or I'll choke it out of you.

Sure, it's true.

What of it?

Does that keep her
from being a regular fella?

That kind of a woman.

Cherry is all right.
They don't make them no better.

And I never knew.

Oh, no. You never knew.

I don't suppose you even knew why hilliard
give you that money all of a sudden.

Did she really do that?

Don't tell me you didn't...

Why, we all knew that.

Even balt.

Cherry went to hilliard and, well...

The next day you got the dough, didn't you?

I certainly don't savvy all this fuss
over a few cans of fish.

And dragging me
all the way down here from Nome.

And you ain't told me yet what for.

Don't you worry, Queenie.
I'll tell you in plenty of time.

I hope it's something exciting.

It'll be exciting, all right.

It should be after that long trip.

- Just like old times, ain't it?
- You bet, Queenie.

Only you never used to smoke cigarettes.

Oh, I'm going to the dog something terrible.

Going to have company?

Ain't that nice?

One of the local girls Cherry?

High-told wench, ain't she?

Private, eh? Oh, excuse me.

Queenie is one of my old friends from Nome.

Quite a type, isn't she?

Isn't she, though?

Have a cigarette?

I want to talk with you.

Well? Go ahead.

We both speak the same language.

Just a couple of dames
in love with the same fellow.

Then you are in love with him.

I might as well go.

I can't use the same methods
you use to hold him.

Why not?

Something in your book of etiquette
about that too?

When I love a man, I don't need any rules.


I shouldn't have come.

I might have known your sort.

You don't have to put me in my place.

I know about me. Just like Queenie,
only I managed to get a better break.

I'm not interested in your confession.

Not a confession. It's a boast.

- You can have Boyd Emerson for all of me.
- Oh, no, I can't.

Boyd could never forgive me for
being, well, for being Cherry Malotte.

Can you blame him?

No men being what they are.

And women of a certain type
being what they are.

You don't know my sort,
but I can see through you like a window.

And not such a clean window at that.

Let me go.

You'll listen Sister and you'll like it.

Let me out.

I love Boyd.

I'm not ashamed of it.
There's nothing to be ashamed of,

no matter what you think in
that dirty little mind of yours.

If I'd wanted to hold him that way,
you'd never have seen him again.

I don't want to see him again.
I won't take him from you.

You'll take him because
you've been taking things all your life.

- I offered to share everything with him.
- Sure, you have.

There's a name for the man who'd
take that kind of money from a woman.

And you lied to him. Let him believe
you fixed that loan with hilliard.

You mean to tell me that he didn't know
you did that? And how you did it?

You talk to me like that?

You, why, you...

Oh, don't be scared.

I won't dirty my hands on you.

I'm Cherry Malotte. They know about me
from San Francisco to Sitka.

My reputation is got marks on it
I couldn't rub off if I wanted to.

I am what I am.

I don't know how they finally
settle things in this world or the next.

But when the day comes,

I'll stand there with my chin up
and take what's coming to me.

And I wouldn't trade places with you,

you white-livered, sweet-smelling hypocrite,

if they gave me a one-way ticket to hell.

Now get out of here.

I'll send him to you and I hope you're
as happy as you deserve to be. Get out.

Don't you start shooting off your lips.

You're all in kid.

You know we've been at it 30 hours straight?

Get to your bunk.

Not while you're still working.

I'm quitting in an hour myself.

Better turn in. You need it.

Go on.

Looks kind of drunk, don't he?

Don't touch me. Do you know
what they're saying about you? About me?

I can guess.

It's not true Cherry.

- Tell me it's not true.
- It's true, all right.

I thought you knew.
Everybody knows about Cherry Malotte.

Do you think if I'd known
that I'd have accepted your help?

Why not?
I didn't ask you any questions, did I,

when you came here broke and ready to quit?

- You weren't so fussy then either.
- Well, it's got...

It's not too late.

- Go back to her.
- She won't have me.

Not since she knows about you.

- She's going to marry marsh.
- No, she's not.

She'll forgive you. I know Boyd.

You know. What can a woman of your kind
know about her?

- You...
- Let's not start calling names.

- I'm just a little tired myself.
- Oh, you don't want names, eh?

The truth hurts, doesn't it?
I'll name a few names.

You're nothing but a dirty, lying little...

That's what you are.

Well, you certainly named
a few names, all right.

And I could have loved you.

Could you Boyd?

Don't touch me.

Yes, I could have loved you.
That's the kind of a fool I've been.

Thinking you were a pal.
Helping me find myself.

I found myself, all right.
And I found out about you.

You've killed every hope I've had.

You lied to me. You cheated me.

Why, I ought to...

Noisy fella, ain't he?

Been drinking?

He ain't worth crying about honey.

No guy is.

No, I guess not.

But knowing that doesn't help much, does it?

And the funny part is, of course...

He's really in love with you.

Did you hear what he called me?

Say, I'd rather have the guy I love talk
to me like that and think he meant it,

than talk refined and poetic
and know he didn't.

He meant it, all right.

If he wasn't crazy about you,

would he go to all that trouble
to tell you how much he hates you?

It's true though.

If you weren't so stuck on him,
you'd see it in a minute.

Oh, us girls.

May I suggest an explanation madam?

You're going to get it mister,
and don't call me madam.

And that ain't all you're going to get daddy.

I apologize to all of you.

There's been a misunderstanding,
and I'm afraid it's mostly my fault.

- But I'm going to square it.
- Don't weaken kid.

I'm told miss wayland
is engaged to Fred marsh.

And I just want to tell you that she isn't.

- She can't marry him because...
- It's a lie. It's a rotten frame-up.

Why Freddy darling, how you talk.

You see, marsh is already
married to Queenie here.

Why, I never saw her before in my life.
I tell you, it's blackmail.

Better straighten this out, marsh.

Why, I...

I thought she was dead.

You mean you wished I was dead. But I ain't.

And I've got the marriage certificate
and everything.

Of course, such things can happen,
but not to my daughter.

I'm sorry I had to do this this way.

Be good to him, won't you?

You're very certain,
aren't you, that I'll have him?

Just two dames, stuck on the same fellow.

I'll send him out to you.

Don't let him go again.


Imagine, Freddy marsh married to that girl.

I can hardly believe it.

Hold it fella.


Let me go. Let me go, I tell you.
I got to find Cherry.

- You found her once and you were a fool.
- I know I've been a fool.

You ain't going to hurt her again, you hear?

A bad woman? Cherry?

Oh, she's worth ten like you.

You want to go somewhere, eh?
Well, go. Go hide your head.

Go to that pale-faced,
namby-pamby girl out there in the yacht.

She's your kind. You don't deserve no better.

- But, balt.
- Don't talk to me. I'm through with you.

Oh baby. What a blow-off.

Cherry is out on the yacht,
and she's gave Marsh the old run around.

Say, listen. Let us speak, will you?

Marsh is leaving town and...

Say, listen.

Well, what the...

That's Marsh's boat, ain't it?

Where is she? He told me she was here.

Here I am Boyd.

Waiting. Oh Boyd. Dear dear Boyd.

Let's forget what happened. I understand.

You still believe that Cherry and I...

Oh, she'll forget too.
That kind forgets easily. Some other man...

No, you don't understand.
I don't think you'll ever understand.

Don't talk Boyd. Just take me
in your arms. I'll forgive everything.

She's the one I've got to ask to forgive.

- Put your arms around me Boyd.
- The yacht is moving.

Oh. We're going home.

Boyd, you can't leave me. I won't let you.

You'll sit tight and keep your eye
on that Emerson outfit.

I'm only dropping down the coast
till this blows over.

Shove off, you pig.

Now what's the matter?

Excuse me please Mr.marsh.

Cheer up honey.

You'll get over it.

Sure, I'll get over it.



- It's because you're sorry for me.
- Sorry? For you?

Oh, forgive me Cherry.

There's no past, no yesterday.

Only tomorrow and tomorrow.

Oh Cherry, I love you so.