The Silent Revolution (2018) - full transcript

A group of twelfth-grade pupils decide to show their solidarity with the victims of the 1956 Hungarian uprising by staging two minutes of silence during lessons. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Danger. On track three stops Entrance:

The railcar from Stalin city.

Continue with the American sector ...

Of West Berlin.

Transit passengers must keep their card ready.

(Voltage full orchestral music.)

- So nice good Tach.

- Your papers please.

What's that?

My toothbrush.

Do you want to leave?

- No. I am Page.

- bellhop over at the Kempinski.

I was just 'ne night shift. That is for tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

- And where do you want?


We visit the grave of my grandfather.

And you only latschst with, or what?

Nope, hab 's green thumb.

(Music fades)

- Happy Birthday Grandpa.

Shall I never understand how one can shoot dead.

For nothing and no one?

Ne Kurti ... Dead is dead.

(Church bell)

(Fast serene orchestral music)

Kurt man, we must go!

Man Theo haste, see? Look what they have for radios.

Yes but we need the movies.

Come over.




And how is that now go without money?

Well ... Let me KIECKEN.

That's it!

Are you sure?

(Music fades)

please their cards. Thank you, have fun.

- This is never what. - Now wait times.

- Thank you, have fun.

- We were already there. - Thank you.

(Merry orchestral music)

Hey, by the way again thanks.

We just walked in with you.

Yes, we have noticed.

(Music ends)

Hungary. The people rebelling against the Soviet occupation.

In Budapest demonstrated last Sunday ...

100,000 people for freedom of the press, free elections and ...

The end of Soviet domination.

They call for a government ...

Under opposition leader Imre Nägy.

Theo man who throw out the Russians.

"Never again his servant" called these students ...

And then burned the flag of the hated occupation.

But when the protesters tried ...

to storm the Broadcasting House,

responded state power by force.

Courageously Hungarian freedom fighters fought ...

- Look what going on is.
Against the superiority of the Soviet tanks.

The Hungarian army that would end the insurgency,

but joined the uprising.

Hungary not shoot Hungary, is the motto.

The tank units have been expelled from the city.

Is this the hour of victory for Hungary's young freedom fighter?

Hi Theo.

(Discussions in Russian)

- There they are.

- Tagchen Evi. - Have a good evening too.

Are you making a round of us'?

- Hello. - Hello.

- And, you were at the movies?

- Clear. - Yes and? Have you seen the boobs?

- Yes, but most of all ... - And are the so sharp?

It is all the time topless?

- It is the whole movie topless.

- Pst. - Na, Evi.

Because it's there's so hot in the jungle.

Mensch Meier, ey.

I also want to see Liane's tits.

- You're coming with Erik?

No way I look me in the dirt.

We have seen something else. The newsreel.

- Ah, he has seen the newsreel. - because goods and naked girls in there?

No, have shown the Hungarian uprising.

Hundreds of thousands demand the withdrawal of the Russians.

That's a counterrevolution, led by fascists.


- Hungary precipitates counterrevolution.

On October 23, tried foreign imperialists ...

In Hungary, a counter-revolutionary coup ...

to start against the Socialists.

- But Imre Nägy is their leader. - What a riot at all?

Husband, Paul, you simpleton.

The fact is that they are trying to send the Russians home.

And that's great.

Exactly the Knallköpfe can finally pull leash.

Get out.

Shit, where?

Run off! Come over.

(Voltage Full Music)

Come Kurt, come on!

(Calls in Russian)

(Music fades) It was just a joke.

Kurt man stand on!

- Thank you. - You also? Dumplings?


- Father?

really lead to the fascist Hungarian Uprising?

The situation in Hungary is complicated, Kurt.

Explain it to me but please.

I also did not have the knowledge of the details.

The reports come a time delay.

Only understands that in Hungary a counter-revolution ...

is against the socialist people's power in the swing.

It's probably just as with our Uprising '53.

Since foreign provocateurs had their hands in the game.

We also talked about in operation today.

- Were you again in the West?

Was he back at your father's grave?

- but was his birthday, I've brought a few flowers.

You bring me into trouble, do not you understand that?

When the son of the chairman of the City Council goes to the West,

order flowers at the grave of an SS man lay down.

- He was just a mechanized infantry. - In the Waffen-SS.

Where did you see the pictures of the Hungarian uprising, in the cinema?

Theos was the idea?

(Gentle classical music)

- According to the.

- Karl, Jacob.

Come on kids!

Family Lemke, cope.

- I am already done. - Must eat even the gruel.

Quick, Dad crying already.

- Yes Yes. - Jacob?

- I'm almost done. - Karl, go now.

What is that?

- A shamrock.


Come over.

(Music gets louder)

(School bell)

Dad, wait briefly.

Bye, Theo.

- Love you, Theo. - I also you.

(Music fades)

According to the?

- According to the? - Huh?

You write in the spring graduation.

Concentrate on that is important.

- Yes I know.

Do times keene worries. I have everything under control.

I'm proud of you, son.

- Tomorrow Theo. - Tomorrow.

- Good morning clouds. - Morning Theo.

- I brought you something. - Really? What?

- A lucky charm for High School's.

- If yes insanely rare. - Oh, well.

Hebst you visit for me so that's not lost?

- Ready.


- Quick, flags Apell.

- pioneers and FDJ members rested.

We open this flag ceremony with the greeting of the pioneers ...

For peace and friendship among nations. Be ready!

Always ready!

And the greeting of the free German youth, friendship.


- Do the Russians caught you? - Yes, but nothing happened.

You've really 'nen Vogel. That could be trouble.

What was the matter?

Theo has' thrown nem Russians a nut to the head.

Why that?

Well, because the Hungarians.

Do you also have a cast?


The uprising is so brave of the Hungarians.

- Morning. - Morning Paul.

If you the uprising so interested,

you could go later to the old Edgar ...

And RIAS hear or Paule?

Nee know ... nee.

But, in the West will be different reports than here.

It's just propaganda and it is forbidden.

- So I would 'go along. - Then I'm also doing.

- Yes, but we do not go.

With you whistle we would have lost the war in the Czech Republic.

I would put a bullet through his brain Nazi ...

And thus vollspritzen the wall.

- Is disgusting, Erik. - It is true.

Come on Paule!

- My parents did not talk to Edgar. - Do not know what yet.

- Do not go to Edgar Paule, you know - peace here!

That finds you all hot, huh?

Nonsense. but we are all together.

(Calm Harfenmusik)

Well, you have been turned on.

- You have to make for yourself keene worries. - Nope, I do not do that.

Here lives someone?

Yes, my great-uncle.

What happened then?

The Russians have torched him '45 the yard.

Did my uncle found.

(Music fades)

- Paulie.

- My dear.

Nice to have you come visit the old Edgar times.

We have 'ne question, Edgar.

We like to know how to report in the west over the Hungarian uprising?


And as you come to the old Edgar, will you?

Do you want to secretly listen to RIAS?

There you are at the right address.

- Then comes with time.

Come in, come.


Here's RIAS Berlin. A free voice of the free world.

Hungary: Last night had the Hungarian rebels ...

In their struggle for freedom against the Russian occupying power ...

suffered tragic losses.

The number of fallen freedom fighters ...

Could not be accurately determined.

It is estimated that there are several hundred casualties.

Among them was the captain of the Hungarian ...

Football team, Ferenc Puskäs.

Puskäs is dead ?!

- Human hundreds have since fallen!

... Put in the Russian army back their armored division one,

to address the desire for freedom of the oppressed people.

In Strasbourg, therefore, the Representatives of Europe raised ...

And remained in memory of the fallen Hungarian folk hero ...

Two minutes in silence.

(School bell)

- Hear all times.

We make 'ne minute's silence. Because of the Hungarians.


We say nothing. Two minutes.

In remembrance of fallen comrades.

Are you crazy, Kurt?

How so? What's the point,

kill that socialists socialists?

- Yes, he's right. - You do not get it.

- fascists and capitalists want to make the Soviet Union broke!

- bullshit.

- One of the fascists, they have shot,

was your idol, Ferenc Puskäs!

- Puskäs is dead?

That is not true.

However, Erik. Puskäs is dead.

- Was?

Imre Nagy leads the opposition. He is a socialist, not a right,

you know it exactly.

Exactly, the Russians should do the bending.

So you do not have to Ku'Damm, for tits movies.

Mosel is the same! Do we agree on.

Who's for a moment of silence?

- Hungarians who die there are as old as we are!

Twelve. Majority.

Is totally irrelevant to me.

We repeat the fabric.

- The pre-revolutionary situation in Germany!

What was the attitude of the SPD in 1918?

(Ticking Clock)


- Paul?

No nothing.

- This gives then another five, Paul.

Put your hands out of your pockets when I'm talking to you!

Kurt, you tell us.

Kurt, I know you know it.

Why do not you say anything?

(Ticking is louder)

(Separate multiple clocks tick)

Why do not you speak, Kurt?

(Full voltage piano music)

And you, Theo?

Very funny, huh?

Say something, damn it!

I want to know what's going on.

I want to know what's going on here.


... Here's the matter?

(Music gets louder)

I want to know what's going on!

This is a sign of protest.

What are you saying?

- Repeat please what you said.

A sign of protest.

Protest against what?

Against me?

(Door slams shut. Music stops. Exhale)

- Comes Theo, let's have a smoke times.

Listen, everybody. We have never been so much a class as today.

Man Kurti, come back inside already.

I think we should not overstate the matter.

Are good students, our high school graduates.

Convinced socialists.

but we do good work here, comrade.

Or do you think we have to be here that blame?


Who knows what came over, huh?

I think we should keep the matter between us.

You know who fears every cloud, not good for farmers.

If you think so.

- Comrade Ringel, for a moment, we'll be done.

I'll be in the same matter.

- Comrade Mosel me already about the fabled disobedience ...

- The high school seniors informed.


Ahrgh ...


Are you crazy?

- Want even one? - Stop it now!

That was a bad challenge, Erik.

It's allright now.

According to the!

- So, after work. Under the shower and then home.

- Thou shalt director.

- Say nothing to Papa. - Yeah, right.

- Herein.

(Teekessel pfeift)

Come on, Theo. Come over.

You wanted to see me?

Oh, and.


With pleasure.

Well sit down.

Sit down.

- Sugar? - With pleasure.

How are you?


- And the family too?

Yes, that's going well.

Beautiful and the father?

Well the well, yes.

Working hard, huh?

Mhm, jaja.

- You know, Theo, I was once an ordinary worker.

- farm workers.

I had my life been a worker, like your father.

And you probably are.

If the comrades had not given such people me the opportunity

- to become new teachers and to lead a wonderful school here.

Socialism is not yet perfect.

But that's good.

For us, the good.

I know. They now want to know for sure why ...

No, I want to know nothing.

I just want to with a student,

who comes from a similar ...

And must finish school next year, drink some tea.

- I'm not sitting here so with a petty-bourgeois Pinkel,

- that for which adheres better, but with one who knows

that for the first time we have a chance workers.

A historic opportunity. A future.

And we do not want to obstruct us.

Theo, you can do high school next year!

And then you open to the future.

And if you're so close times nothing to say,

then that's not bad.

But when a whole class for two minutes has nothing to say?

If all silent?

This is strange, Theo.

- One can hardly believe it?

- There must be an explanation.

(Calm Harfenmusik)

For that we need an explanation.

The farmers say

Rummages in the fall of earthworm,

winter brings frost and storm.

And in a storm, the smart farmer prepares.

- Good night, Theo.

Good night, sir.

(Music fades)

The situation in Hungary's capital Budapest ...

seems increasingly to be clarified.

After hundreds of thousands of freedom of expression,

for free elections and for more independence ...

demonstrated by the Soviet Union,

today announced opposition leader Imre Nägy ...

announced his new government and recognized the revolution.

The Soviet Union announced militarily ...

withdraw from Hungary.

The capital Budapest has been by Russian troops ...

handed over to the new government.

- Theo, Theo heard the Russians disconnect.

- What's going on here?

Theo, they have made it.

The Russians draw from, the Hungarians have a new government.

(Fast Blues Music)

Children dance dance!

Is it a reason to celebrate.

The freedom of peoples.

To freedom.

(Quiet jazz music)

Are you coming times, clouds?

- What is it? - I want to show you something.

(Music fades)

- According to the?

Sorry, we go now.

- Uh, no, wait a minute.

- They should wait for a moment, come.

- I still have something to say.

- Ne ne, waiting again, is again purely please.

Yes, I previously had such a very strange conversation ...

With the director of Black.

- Why, what did he say?

Yes, the thought that there's something brewing.

Why, what?

Something one about a earthworm in the fall ...

And that a storm is coming, or so.

- Yeah man, I forgot, but the message was clear.

They will examine the minute's silence.

- Was?

- He is afraid for his job.

And he said that can cost us our diploma.

- Why a high school?

- Because a minute's silence an unpleasant,

is a political demonstration.

Yeah, whatever.

But I have thought about it and found a solution:

- When someone asks why we have been silent,

then we say because Puskäs has fallen.

- Who? - The soccer player Ferenc Puskäs, exactly.

We have been silent for an idol.

Of enthusiasm for sports, not out of political conviction.

But that's not true.

Nah, that's a excuse

otherwise there's a stink.

- We should show us apolitical? - Exactly

The Russians disconnect.

The Hungarians have won. The thing is over.

We need an excuse.

I do not want excuses me.

Lena is right. We can not get out to talk to us Puskäs.

What good is a revolution if it is only in our minds?

The revolution?

Say, you do not have it a bit smaller?

You have to sometimes bumbling, so it is.

Theo is right.

- The animal can give trouble.

- Can I ask 'ne question again?

Why do you need a high school diploma?

Because you...

Your seems to have big plans.

So why do you need a high school diploma?

- I'll go on the assumption

that you just do not ...

want as your parents toil all day in the LPG?

No, I believe in socialism.


It's good.

You have to believe in something.

Otherwise it does not work.

In socialism or capitalism or to the king.

- No matter.

Important is,

that you look at a system ...


Yes, but you have not done.

- You have done anything else,

- than you have Solidarise yourself with the Hungarians.

Did you as a ...

it be known freethinkers and that may no system.

The individual...

must add, otherwise there is anarchy.

- have an idea which I not averse ...

- But that does not matter now.

- Have you understood what I want to tell you?

- And.

You are now enemies of the state.

- Pfft, what?

- You are enemies of the state because their ...

you thought freely, following action from these thoughts.

And since I do believe that your manager is right when he says,

- that is brewing a storm.

Well, I suggest that we vote.

Well. Who is the excuse?

And who for our expression of solidarity?

Nee Kurt, this time we'll make it secret.

Yes, please.

There was enough trouble with Erik.

(Voltage Full Music)

The majority of the white lie.


(Quiet piano music)

Oh oh.

- Human Kurti.

Do you have a cigarette?

My last.

Thank you.




- Aaaaaah! - Aaaah!

- Aaaaaaaaah! - Jaaaaah!

- Ahh. - Right!

Los Kurt, you're also angry! Let it out!

- Aaaaaah! - Aaaah!

- Aaaaaaaaah! - Jaaaaaaaaaaaah!


(Dogs howl)

We still have a problem.

Erik must participate.


- Eve. - Eve.

- Sorry that we so late interfere. Erik is there?

Yes, he will be pleased.


- What do you want?

Let that shit, man. Leave it.

The Russians zieh'n from from Hungary.

And how do you know that?


Were you again at Edgar, huh?

Like the if the boys slouch on his sofa.

- Human's good now, Erik.

Black says it is being investigated.

Yes sure.

- We want to tell everyone

that the minute's silence was only in remembrance of Puskäs.




And you see it that way, Kurt?

It's been a majority decision.

If you do mitträgst, others do also.

That is not an answer. Are you for it?

No, I'm against it. But I resign myself.

So what?

Yes, I am in.



please you write all the chapters. 3

And you, Lena, please go to the director.

Now, Lena.



Good morning, Lena. Sit down, please.

Comrade Kessler from the district education office has some questions for you.

It's about the moment of silence that you ...

have organized in history lessons.

Why did you remain silent?

We thought...


Excuse me, Lena.

We do not know each other.

A healthy spirit of opposition is always welcome in our schools.

I just want to understand why you have been silent.

Because Puskäs has fallen.

Who please?

- Puskas

A soccer player.

Because Puskäs has fallen.

It was said that he died at the Hungarian uprising.

Since we were sad.

He's a role model.

So are you saying,

that you have ridiculed the teacher Moselle

because you are a sports fan?


But that's then something completely different.

Erik, you should ...

- To the Director.

County school superintendent.

According to the.

- You shall bring the class book.

Where you sit, Theo?

So you have thought in the silence of fallen Hungary?

Just out of mourning for Puskäs.

- You know, the Major.

Game of the Century '53, 6: 3 against England.

- Second leg 7: 1st

Not for political reasons?

No, not political. Not at all.

Who started it?

Came from the group. Was so rumgeplaudert.

Do not know by whom.

Erik has but claims you had started.

That can not be.

A sports enthusiasts class.

It will be glad to hear you,

that Ferenc Puskäs is not dead.


- And.

FAILS of the RIAS.

Western propaganda.

Now, I wonder, of course, where ...

And why you hear the sender of the enemy?

Not at all.

Was also so rumgeflüstert.

Na top.

(School bell)

(Dramatic drumbeats)


What hast'n which tells a nonsense?

What do you think?

Ringel said you had me appointed as leader.

Which we want to play against each other. It is obvious.

So did not you say?


For sure?

Do you think I'm lying?

- You or calendula. - Sit down please.

This is now a problem.

- For all of us.

A very big problem.

Comrade Kessler is now writing a report.

The devil knows where that story leads.

Man, Feindsender hear so just before high school!

Can I say something?

Ringel not going to clean us.

He turns us to the word in the mouth.

Will the play us against each other?

No groundless accusations.


He said Erik had betrayed me.

- Yes. - Yes, and I have that?


These are Gestapo methods.


Say you realize how men like calendula and I ...

who fought against fascism ?!

You are outrageously Theo!

You are an ungrateful pack

that did not deserve the privileges of a high school.

(Dramatic music)

Today, the entire high school class will receive a warning.

Theo Lemke. I hereby censure.

You showed up in special disobedience.

The criticism comes in also into your diploma.

(Music fades)

Even a reprimand and Theo made no high school diploma.

There is nothing more happen.

- Certainly.

but I had one more request, Comrade Black.

Can we Theo for a day out of school to take tomorrow?


Read out loud.

Not you. You.

I did not have my glasses.

Then take my.

- In what terrible mess ...

the raging counter-revolutionary gangs ...

Hungary had fallen in the past week,

portrays the Austrian journalist Bruno Frei.


- An Austrian.

Mind you.

An observer from the West. Continue.

The city had changed the Lord twice in recent days.

The rebels had their headquarters in the former local ...

Arrow Cross opened.


Arrow Cross.

The fascist, anti-Semitic Party of Hungary until '45

(Voltage Full Music)


Read on.

21 employees of the Communist Party,

- the insurgents in the storming of the building ...

- initially captured, in broad daylight were on the ...

hanged forecourt of the building -.

- So, my dear son.

- There is chaos ...

- in Hungary.

- And the Russians are the only ones that keep us from

that the chaos spread.

- In the West, the fascists sitting government until Adenauer.

You think you're on the right page, Kurt.

In solidarity with the freedom fighters.

But you are in the boat with the fascists.

But perhaps you are your maternal grandfather even closer,

I want to admit.

(Music gets louder)

(Sounds dramatic music)

(Music is quiet. Depth drumbeats)

That's good here.

Hey Hermann, pause end. Keep clean the gutter.

(Music ends)

According to the.

You're the first man in our family ...

- I know that, but ... - Do not interrupt me!

Excuse me, Father.

- You're the first man in our family,

who can attend a better school.

- The first.

All others are killed in wars.

- Or have worked all their lives underground, in power plants.

Or how do I as steelworkers.

But you're smart, Theo.

- You're like Grandpa Hans, a Sly!

What is it?

I am also a Sly.

Yeah, crafty.

- Now you are one.


Here's RIAS Berlin,

a free voice of the free world.

Are you the sad rest?

The revolution can not start. The students are too tired.

Ever since Hungary's new government under Imre Nägy explains

that the country emerges from the Warsaw Pact,

beat the Russians back with full force.

- No.

An armored division attacked the capital Budapest,

But the brave Hungarians fall again unafraid to arms,

and defend their newly won freedom.

From the radio building capital Budapest ...

reaches us this cry for help:


Peoples of the world. Marches forward ...

and lends a brotherly hand. Save us ... "

- The fucking Russians put back a tank ...

Can we not make anything?

the only interest to us?

Perhaps the Americans intervene.

- Definitely not.

(Quiet piano music)

(Music fades)

That will not do.

(Voltage Full Music)


My God!

(Music fades)

I thought it was the way appropriate to

not to inform Mr. Director Schwarz of their coming in advance.

Comrade People's Education Minister, what unexpected honor to welcome you here.

May I introduce myself? Director Schwarz.

Comrade Ringel has informed me.

Since I was in the area, I thought ...

- I look there times over.

It would have been our pleasure

Them to prepare a proper formal reception.

By whom? The counter-revolutionaries?

(Music fades)

Theo. Last night, Edgar.


The set upon horns.

- You are crazy. - Morning, Paul.

What's wrong with that?

- Friendship. - Friendship.

- Good Morning. We have visitors.

National Education Minister Lange is personally our guest today.

Good Morning.


You can go now.

I notice surprised looks.

- Who of you wondering about my visit?



- Then you were so aware

that an attempt at counter-revolution is not trivial.


Or did you think that the matter of the blame for the Lord ...

According to the.

- ... be done?

- Yes, Theo.

You heard right.

This is a counter-revolution.

And I'm going to find out who are the ringleaders.

What do you know about the Gestapo?

Is that a rhetorical question?

Your father is so Hermann Lemke.

- He has personal knowledge.

- Quiet.

I am a communist.

I met the class enemy.

I met him in battle. And I will not watch

as the class enemy tries to undermine socialism.

- Or more simply:

Who is against socialism, which I cut it in the face.

What job you would like to take time?

Want to be a film director.

Ah, an artist.

No, sports films.

- Ah yes.

These are all about the ...

Sportbegeistertste class of the Republic.

- And you...

- So you think in God.

Do you believe in God?


- And you think also in Mary's virginal conception?

Do you think that Mary conceived her child virgin?


And your faith for the freedom of the working class?

- Leave my sister. - Quiet!

You are the daughters of the veterinarian Winkler, right?

Veterinarians are the worst.

Who the farmer pulled the shirt and eaten fat.

- Like the minister.

Who was that?

- Without a doubt, your sympathy expression must ...

be considered for Hungary as counterrevolution.

- I demand...

within a week the names of the ringleaders,

otherwise, the entire class of high school in the whole country ...

- ...locked out. - What?

Comrade Kessler will carry out further surveys.

If you do not your silence brecht,

it is at the end of the week include this class.

You can go now.

You can now go and think,

- to how this thing going to end.

- Erik Babinsky.

Please you stay still here.

The others can go.

Sit down please.

This is a report of the investigation,

Comrade Kessler has done here.

Thus you're obviously the ringleader.



You have given the matter the name.

You said, and I quote: "It's a sign of protest."

- Or not around?

Yes, but only to teachers Mosel to explain the situation.

I've just not partake.


So then you were not the leader.

- No.

I am definitely not the ...

You do not know who my father was?

Franz Babinsky.

The Rotfrontkämpfer?

Yes exactly.

He was in a concentration camp, right?

He died for socialism.

I would participate in any counter-revolution.

but this is very misleading in its report, Comrade.

- Excuse me, Mr. Minister.

- But if you do not there were,

- I would like to know why you said in the survey,

that you were silent because Puskäs?

- And I also would like to know

- which is why you hear the RIAS as a committed socialist.

I do not have...

- I have to leave, we do things differently.

You can show that you do honor your father.

- First, I want to know

where her at all the RIAS hear!

Edgar, so ...

The other, so I was never there, but the others ...

Go to this old gay named Edgar!

(Ticking voltage Full music..)

Has 2.3 liters.

(Ticking stops)

- Wait.


(Music fades)

Stay times but are Erik, man.

What else does he want?

You hold it still for fun, right?

- Ne, for 'ne counterrevolution. - Did you tell us, Erik?

Nee Kurt, I did not. Can you continue to hide behind the class.

- Was?

But some will tell you,

- otherwise we fly from the school. - That's rubbish.

It was my idea. I purely ridden you ...

- And expectant 'to volunteer. - If I find good.

Rüdiger, shut your mouth! You were for it.

No, do not.

But you were there at Edgar.

Kurt can not imagine.

Do you see Theo,

- Just like ... - snout.

- But that ... - Shut up man!

'S okay if you want to take the fall,

but it will not work.

The ask you: Who was there listening to the radio?

And where we have heard.

- The facts at your fingertips and can not just go up.

We stick together, then nothing can us.

The throw out any whole class, what is the situation?

Maybe I should tell the truth.

Man, you're a pain in the hands of your truth.

All remain with the white lie.

Otherwise there's Bambule.

- Theo, wait 'times. - Nee Kurt, let me.

- I do not know what Paul has said - But ?!

Can you have quiet, Kurt.

I have eh already times with 'ner other.

The minister himself, yes.

- He is now reviewing the matter completely independent.

- Come Also, listen up!

- Independently?

When I hear that. Do not you think that yourself.

- Where do know the minister your name, Dad?

Now I want to know on whose crap ...

this idea has grown with the minute of silence?

I'm nobody now revealed here.

My dear friend, come to me now not like that.

You tell me now,

who has instigated all this stuff.

Now, damn it!

Kurt had the idea, but we have voted. The majority was in favor.

The majority...


If it really was Kurt's idea

then he has to answer for it.

I do not care, as I'm waiting until the end of the ultimatum.

If by then no ...

Then you call Kurt!

I should tell my best friend?

Are we clear?

Mom, can you not want?

Go now time to your room.

Thick air, I'm sorry.

What is actually a moment of silence?

And why do you get there so much trouble?

Good question, next question.


Can we talk?

Naturally. What's up?

Are you coming out shortly?


But I still have something from you.

- Must you not too hard delighted.

It's been a forgery, that have I stuck together, right Karli?

But a true four-leaf clover is something very rare.

I'm sorry if I've disappointed you.

But I can not be with someone,

which speaks out the time.

(Quiet music)

(Engine noise)

(Music is dramatic)

(Music fades)

Knock Knock.

Excuse me.

We had knocked.

My name is Kessler.

I am the county school superintendent.

Is it true that the graduates must hear from you RIAS?

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you to our ...

Popular tea dance and start with a boogie-woogie.

(Boogie Music)

- Jesus said:

Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me.

- We have just heard the Gospel according to Mark.

But what if that night ...

- You lousy bastard.

- Paul! - You betrayed us, you pig!

They picked him up. They have picked up Edgar.

I know you's were! I know it!



Do you want to tell us something, Erik?

- Please sit upright if your father talking to you.

My father.

- Is it true that you have testified,

- Edgar had asked his radio available to the class?

I know why they arrested the warm brother.

If so, you need to withdraw your statement.

Homosexual men is doing badly in the prisons.

Erik, please tell me you have nothing to do with your father's right.

This is not my father!

He was, however, you were too weak to remain faithful to him.

(Slow folk music)

I'll take you there.

What? Ne let ma.

Ick jefunden the pub as you were still not stop there.

And if you're wech one day ick it must indeed och find.

Good, but then I'll stay 'awake until you come back.

I want to know what comes out at the meeting.

Nüscht is jegessen as hot as it is jekocht.

(Music fades)

(Lautes murmur)

- May I again ask for silence.

May I again ask for silence!

- You're welcome!

It does make no sense at all,

that we at every detail of the letter ...

And the Minister herumdiskutieren.

- is still more important,

- that we can quickly submit a statement,

to protect the children!

The school administration must be pure.

This is a statement from the parents.

Yes, but, I mean ...

(Lautes murmur)

(Typewriter typing)

(Telephone rings)

- And.

- The Minister will see you now.

Many Thanks.

Comrade Lemke.

Comrade Minister.

Thank you for taking the time.

Sit down, what can I do for you?

It's about the students in Stalinstadt.

Yes, Theo is your son, I'm in the picture.

Sure, yes.

It is so that the whole thing ...

just a stupid prank was.

Theo is a juter students.

And he's certainly not janz counterrevolutionary.

The boy is so confident,

that the way forward can only be socialist.

And he loves football.

Well, and the boys love football ...

And you came to tell me these platitudes?

See this?

Since SA men have tried ...

Me be suspended on a wire.

You understand that my football does not matter.

I want the leader and I will exclude them from the high school.

- I just do not know if your son was also there.

Definitely not.

Would you say that you Theo is similar in character?

- I would say,

- there are similarities and differences.

He's obviously just as ...

dissatisfied ...


- We have not forgotten that they were there in the uprising '53.

But I've also joined me.

Let's hope that your son ...

Their example follows.

According to the.

- Quiet!

Sit down.

Theo Lemke please.

- All right, Klara?

Please sit at your place.

(Silent tick)

Who told you from the minute's silence?

not know this was ...

- whispered through the ranks, I know.

- Your father was involved in the uprising '53?

- Oh.

- You do not know?

- Mmmh.

- Nevertheless, it gave him the opportunity,

- here in Stalinstadt start over.

- A secure livelihood for your whole family.

- Also for your brothers and sisters. They're still very young.

- Something like this should not risk it, Theo.


Who were the ringleaders?

It was whispered through the ranks.

- Lena.

- Theo. - Kurt!

Your mother lives right in Sweden?


And your grandmother ...

- Is a seamstress for the cooperative,

- looks bad and is standing alone?

Yes, comrade Kessler.

If it is to keep their jobs,

then tell me who is leading the counter-revolution.


It was whispered through the ranks.

I have now listened to the lies of your classmates, Erik.

Who is the ringleader?

It was a majority decision.

It's very easy.

I just need a name.


Who is it?

It was not from a from, but was whispered through the ranks.

I'm tired, Erik.

We do this now very briefly.

I have a file of your father Franz here.

Your mother gave you not the whole truth ...

- About him told what I understand.

She has lied to you.

- He was a Rotfrontkämpfer, that's right.

And that's why he came to Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

But he collaborated with the Nazis ...

And betrayed other Communists.

And when the Soviet army arrived,

- there we have it ...

- hanged.

(Depth piano tones)


(Voltage Full Music)

- now you have two ways to Erik.

- Either you tell me now who had the idea ...

- Or we publish the story ...

- about your father in the newspaper.


It was Kurt.


Are you really sure about that?

You loaded test the son of the city council chairman.

You'll repeat that in front of the whole class,

when the ultimatum expires.

- You can go now.

Erik, you can take the photo quiet.

It will remind you that you did the right thing.

(Music gets louder)


Target better.

Too late, Mr. Comrade Babinsky.

- Wiedermal too late.

- Kurt.

- What's happening?

- I ... - And now even talk ?!

- Erik, what happened?

At your command post!

- Erik! - Yes, Mr. Untersturmführer gang leader!

(Music fades)

Take the gun down, boy.

You damn Garbage-Nazi.

What happened then?

- Put that gun away, Erik.

It is not worth it!

The not.

- You'll be sorry, you whistle!

(Dramatic music)

(Music gets faster)

- Where will the the gun go?

- Erik!

- Erik remain standing!


Stay where you are!



(Calm organ music)

(Music fades)

How is my father die?

Erik, what is this, take the gun down!

Stay out of this!

- Erik, what are you doing?

- How's my father died? - What are you talking about?

- Children go away!

- The.

- The shoot me dead.

How died my father ?!

- Mummy. - Erik, please.

How died my father ?!

- Erik, I do not know what you're talking about.

(Rapid breathing)

Did you lie to me, Mom?

Has collaborated father?

What's this?

Yes, what is it.

- Christa, tell him the truth.



It's true, your ...

- He has...

Erik, your father was very weak.


- No! - Erik.

- Erik, I'm sorry.

- Why?!

- Erik, I could not ... - Why ?!

Mom, why?

(Dramatic music)



I've betrayed you.

They have the whole story about my father ...

- written in the newspaper.

- About my ...

And yours.

- I am sorry.

(Music gets louder)

(Music fades)

Thank you.


We want to talk to you.

Sit down.

Sit down please, Kurt.

Erik has claimed that you had the idea with the minute of silence.

(Silent tick)

is on record so far only one thing:

Erik gave it the name.

He called it a sign of protest.

- I want to be considerate of the political office of your father.

- And so I'm gonna ...

morning call first thing in the class ...

And you'll say,

Erik was the ringleader of this counter-revolution.

The class will not participate.

The class I will not ask it.

- With your statement I finish the investigation.

I give you this opportunity.

Erik waits anyway a prison sentence of ...

at least 10 years.

See you tomorrow.

I'll take you out yet.

- Many Thanks.

Shall I make you some tea?

- I have to ask you something, sit down please.

How important is for you the truth?

- The truth is the truth. - I asked mother.

You have to take the lesser evil, Kurt.

You tell Erik he who is already in the construction was,

and the thing is done.

Be glad that Kessler gives you that opportunity.


- Stop it now to ask your mother!

I command you to obey!

You have your whole life ahead of you, Kurt.

You will not because you mess up something your future.

A white lie is, nothing more.

With which I have to run around all my life.

In ten years ... in two; you'll laugh about it.

How would I ever laugh at it?

Did you laugh when you've hung Erik's father?

There was a collaborator.

What does it matter?

Did you give him away to the Russians?

Go to sleep now, Kurt.

- Tomorrow is an important day for you.

- Mom, why do you say nothing ?!

Go away from here and never come back.

I love you so much.

I'll always think of you.

Every day.

Every minute.


But now you have to go away.



sleeping children.

- Can you get out?

- Theo? What is?

- Go back to sleep, Karl.

What is it?

I go to the West and make since my graduation.

- Was?

They want now that I attached it Erik.

And you will not be asked, but I'm not.

- If you go, it's like an admission of guilt.

Then all others can at least make her high school.

And we both know that I had the idea.

That's the best way.

I'm actually just came because I thought ...

Yes I thought ...

Perhaps you coming to the West.

I? Nope.

- That will not do.

Because I betrayed our friendship.

Man, Kurti.

Stop it always with the big Krams.

I can not let alone my family.

I can not do that to my parents.

- I'll miss so hot my siblings.

Then see to it that the matter comes to an end well, yes.

The others should be able to make her high school. Will you take care about it?


- With the wheel?

Until Königswusterhausen. Tomorrow I'll take the first train.

Just one.

I could probably tell Lena not leb.

- If you see her, then tell her ... - What?

Oh nothing.

Wolf, wolf!

- Create!

(Quiet piano music)

- Good luck.

Take care.

(Music gets louder)

(Door squeaks)


He is gone.

My son is gone.

Anna. Anna!

Kurt is gone.


I know.

(Voltage Full Music)

... In the American sector of West Berlin.

Transit passengers must keep their card ready.


- Morning.

please papers.

- Where do you go?

Südstern, I visit the grave of my grandfather.

- Mhm.

Your bag?


- Open up times.

- School supplies?

I soon write my graduation.

- At the grave of your grandfather?

No, I wanted to get on the ride.

- Mhm.

- Follow me.

(Typewriter typing)

You sit down.

Her son has stated

that he wanted to take the S-Bahn to the West,

the grave of his grandfather to visit the military cemetery.

Yes, he does occasionally.

- What was the grandpa for a rank?

- My father in law.

He was armored infantry in the Waffen-SS.

- So did you know that your son wants to go to the American zone,

to the grave of National Socialists to visit?

The grave of his grandfather, yes.

- He will come again today.

- I Acknowledge you this, if you want.


Then you can go.

Father, you can not do that.

Mother is waiting for you to eat.

Yes, Father.

See you.

Then sign still here, comrade.

- Bye, Big. - Bye, Theo.

- Goodbye, Dad. - Bye, Theo.

The big day, mhm?

Do not play the hero, Theo.

Nee is clear.

I am proud of you.

(Motor comes on)

- Stand!

- Friendship. - Friendship.

Sit down.

As you know, the People's Education Minister has asked me

to clarify today, who are the ringleaders.

For me, the matter is now is so

- Kurt monitor has admitted his guilt.

As just informed us his parents, Kurt ...

committed illegal emigration.


- The Minister wants finally getting quieter in this class.

- However, it is imperative

that every one of you ...

Here and now...

Confirmed that Kurt was the ringleader of this minute's silence.

According to the?

Can you confirm that Kurt has led you to the moment of silence?

No, it was not.

- So it was not?

What was it then?

We were all for it.

- Or at least the majority.

And you?

Were you for or against?

I was for it.

- Gut.

Then I refer you hereby school.

- Still now!

- You'll be Germans ...

Democratic Republic can not bear high school.

- Each academic education is barred to you with it.

- You have to leave the school building immediately.


(Voltage Full Music)

- This is not right, there was a majority ...

You're also fired.



It was my idea.

(Music gets louder)


And my.

- It was my idea.

Sit down!

It was also my idea.

My Also.

You should sit down.

Yes, and my idea's it.

Sit down I said!

- I was for it.

- Me too. - It was my idea.

- Sit down!

- My Also. - Both my.

Sit down I said!

- My Also. - Mine as well.

You should sit down!

(Music gets louder)

I hereby refer the whole class at school.

- You're tolerated any longer. - woman comrade.

- Also, you will have to answer, Director Black

(Music fades)

- And what does that have now brought to Hungary?


nüscht even of which has jebracht.

(Music stops)

And what do we do now Theo?

Must now everyone know yourself.

- Good, comes ran times.

Between Christmas and New Year visit many ...

Its relationship to the West.

Since the controls are less accurate.

That works never.

This is the chance.

But you have to know yourself.

We have to leave everything.

If you go, then at least two people, making it one ...

The parents alerted when you are caught.

How does that go?


We should go now.



we run away or do we stay here?

As I said.

Must now decide for themselves.

Is good.

Take care clouds.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree ...

- Good night Theo. - Sleep well, Karl.

And thank you for the ball

You're green not only in the summertime,

No, even in winter when it snows.


Then so be it.

Begin in January at the steelworks.

Why did you never told me about the uprising?

- Were you still doing '53, right?

I will not stay, Papa.

I go to the West and make a high school there.

- The punch you one if they catch you.

- You never could come back.

But you could come with me.

What, then run away and be proud of it? Bullshit.

Good night.

You know your father bad when you think that he runs away, never.

Never goes the way.

But why not?

- What's going on here? What?

Nothing. Here though is nothing.

Here he comes from.

Here he was born and ...

He does not go away.

(Muffled voices)

(Quiet piano music)

Come on guys, Grandma is determined impatiently.

Theo, come.

According to the.

- According to the.

Theo, come.

I go with Paul.

Bye Theo until later.

- Theo, come.

- Bye guys. - Bye.



- Mama?


- What is it?

Nothing that we drive.

- Bye, Theo!

(Music gets louder)

(Speaker announcement)

(Music fades)


ends (music

(Quiet piano music)