The Silent Party (2019) - full transcript

The day before their wedding party, a couple arrives at the country house to finalize the preparations for the celebration. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Hey, can you slow down?

I'm going super slow,
I'm not going fast, please.

-This is not slow.
-No, ok, but we told my father at one.

What time is it? Half past two.
It's half past two.

Watch out...

-Don't take the right.
-Why not?

-It's not allowed.
-If there's room. What's the big deal?

If you'd heard me out,
this wouldn't be happening.

About what?

About hiring the other place,
the one closer.

What other place, let's see? Where?
That hideous place we checked out?

It wasn't that bad.

Yeah, well, the curtains were
an eyesore, but it wasn't that bad.

The curtains?
It wasn't just the curtains,

it was everything, it smelled rotten
in there. I can't, I can't.

-I think it's red now...
-Come one, damn it...

Watch out.

The Hidden Moon.
You dad chose that name, right?

You kidding? Same question again?
My granny. All this was hers.

Oh, your granny, yes.

Wait, you're stuck there, wait.

-You manage with that?
-Yes, yes.

-Not that way?
-No, over here.

Hurry up.

-Hey, I think my suit got all wrinkled.
-We'll iron it.

No, I said not there!
Further back, you ass!

Oh, and bring those two
chairs over here.

-Hello, birdie. Hot?
-A little.

-What's up? All good?
-León, how are you?

-I've made a few changes.
-Yes, I see.

If you don't like it I take it all back
the way my princess wants it.

-The thing is, Dani, we didn't check.

We did at midday.

When the sun comes down
there's no shade,

and some tables will roast.
I don't know if I'm clear.


Come, lovebirds, settle in.
We can take it all back, Dani.

No, no...

I tell Sebastian to move
everything to the back and...

No need.
But the tables seem a bit apart. Right?

Better. Better scattered.

So everyone can hang
out with their friends.

-The party flows better that way.
-Yes, fine, it'll work out.

-You took so long, what happened?

The highway packed?

Yes, anyway you're always
ahead of time with Laura.

-She's fast, like her father.
-Shut up!

-Good, it's cool here..
-It's nice and chilly inside.

-No, not this here.

No, everyone is coming and they'll
see the pictures, I don't like them.

Your granny always kept
that one here, favourite spot.

Yes, but my granny is not here, so...

She would've loved to see you here,
getting married.


Still, no pictures, please.

-Okay, no pictures.
-Put them away.

-Okay, okay, let's go.

Such a temper!

And I'm giving you my room!

Main bedroom for my princess.

-Need a hand, Dani?
-No, no, I'm fine.

-You good?
-Yes, yes.

-Come in.
-Thanks for the bedroom.

Come in. Welcome to the family.
Behave, huh.

-Where do I..
-On the bed.

-On the bed?


My darling!

Come, I'll show you why
I made those changes.

-It's good for the party, my child.

-Thanks, Dad.
-I'll unpack later. Be right back.

Come with me, come on.

I'd rather place the scaffold here.

Do you agree?

-Don't shout at him, Dad.

-Okay, princess.
-I'm coming.

-Oh, there you are.

Come here.

-I couldn't find you.
-Come, join us.

-No, anxious.


Come on, let's make a toast.

A toast for Laurita's brains,
beauty, and modesty.

And this sweet birdie's deep love.

Look after her, kid.



-Should we check the guest list again?
-What a pain.

Enough with the guest list.
Relax, they're all coming.

But there's ten tables
and one hundred guests.

-Checking would be good.
-Carolina is bringing the kids.

-Andrea and Lu?
-With kids, too.


-And Pedro?
-Who knows.

My friends and colleagues
are all coming.

They love dancing, eating,
drinking and partying, so don't worry.

-You hungry?
-Hello, Doctor Grandi.

Look, I just got a call
from Judge Anselmi's office.

They say they tried to
contact you but couldn't find you.

They said he won't come to the
wedding due to personal issues.

Let me know if you need anything.

Fuck this shit. Excuse me.

-Hey, Lau, take it easy.
-With what?

With the booze.

I almost didn't drink anything.
I'm perfectly fine.

-You've been drinking for a while now.
-No. Shut up, you weren't here.

I wasn't drinking.

We'd agreed to rule
in a certain direction.

The verdict is ready.
Alright, why don't you sign?

-What's up with your dad?
-I don't give a shit...

I don't give a shit
that you don't come.

-He doesn't want to spoil the party.

I don't know.

-You want?
-No, I'm not hungry.

-Eat something.
-I'm not hungry.

-You are drinking on an empty stomach.
-I'm not hungry. I don't want to.

-Stop bothering me.
-No, I'm not bothering you. I worry.

-Fuck off.
-Don't talk to me like that.

-I said nothing wrong.
-You weren't nice.

-Fuck off. Just that.
-Be nice. I'm being nice.

Let's chill down.
Alright, let's chill down.

-I'm chill.
-No, you're not chill.

Why does he scream like that?

Because he's like that.

Alright, do what you want, Anselmi!

Relax. I mean it.

-What's that?
-I'll be back.

Enough, enough...


-Enough, please.
-Check out this Glock 17...

9 milimetres, the coating...
Feel it.

-No, I don't want to.
-See how sensual this gun is.

Grip it. There, tight.
You're a woman, take it tighter.


When you give me a granddaughter,
when you have a little girl,

the three of us will go on
holidays to Traslasierra,

we'll go camping, and we'll go hunting.

Your little girl will be as happy as
you were when you were a kid, you know?

You don't pass a gun like that.
A gun is handed over...

Enough. You hear me? Enough.

-It's my wedding. Enough.

Four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten...

Yes, I know. But I'd rather
we paid for half of this.

What did you bring this money for?

I told you we didn't need
to bring money.

And the bar, too.
We'll cover that.


-Because I want us to pay for that.
-What for? No need.

My dad want to pay for it.
Let him pay for it. He enjoys it.

What's the problem?

-I just don't like it.
-Oh, please.

You know what we have
to do with all this money?

Take it on our trip and
spend it on stuff that...

No... Oh, you've messed it up.

Leave it, that's our money,
we've earned it for ourselves.

Why won't you listen to me?

Oh, honey, I told you
I was busy with this.

Seriously, I'm focused on this.


-Besides, your dad must be around.

-Come on, come here.
-It's okay.



-How are you?


-No, no, no.

-Come on!
-No, I'm leaving...

Come on. Just a while.
There you go.


Come, take a look at this girl.
Look at her. Come, come here.

A short MILF, the perfect mix.

But that's the girl who was
there when we were arriving.

-Dude, I told you.

When we were coming
with the Brazilian guy.



Where were you?

Walking around. I... I don't know...

-I got confused and didn't find the...

I fell in...

-You ok?
-I'm ok.

I've been sitting there
for two hours calling you.

-I was worried.
-I got lost.

Where are you going?

Don't fall.

My daughter is not easy to read.
She's got a lot of character.

She comes and goes.
She disappears.

I remember a summer we went camping to
Traslasierra with four friends of hers.

We took two tents. One for
Laurita and me, one for the girls.

We had a great time.
Made a campfire.

The second day...

we'd taken a volleyball net, we made
a little court, played a match...

I don't know what happened.
This one maybe got jealous, since...

I was playing for the rival team.

Things is she lost a point and started
cursing and getting pissed in a way...

she finished off by walking away,
cursing at us. She was gone.

We played on,
didn't want to please her.

We kept on playing and, I dunno,
two, three hours went by,

and she didn't show.

Suddenly it was getting dark.

I asked the neighbours for help
and we set out to find her.

"Laura! Laurita! Laura, Laura!".

I started to freak out,
I think "I'll go to the police".

But where were you?

Suddenly I look and there she is,
strolling down unconcerned.

I tell her "come over here,
you little shit. Where were you?".

"I was contemplating the river, dad".

Thirteen years old.

You remember, kid, or not? Huh?

-You don't remember?

But you remember going to Traslasierra?

-Oh, alright.

You won't eat, honey?
You haven't touched it.


I'm very tired, I'm sorry.
I need to lie down.

You alright?


It's all set for an incredible party.

Oh, no. No, no.

No, I'm tired.

But this afternoon you wanted.
Now you don't?

I honestly don't get you.
I make an effort, but I don't get you.

Laura, what are you doing?
Where are you going?

Hey, where are you going?

What's this?

-What's this, you filmed it?
-Good stuff.

-Delete that now.
-Wait, what's wrong with you?

You two stupid?

That bitch wanted us.

No, she didn't want us, fat ass.
She wanted me.

It's always you, huh?
They always want you, right?

Look at me.

Bitches go out with you,
have fun with you, fuck with you.

Always with you, Gabo.
What about me?

What's with you?
What the fuck?

Wait, Gabo. Gabo... Come on.
Come back, Gabo.

I don't know. One of them was big
and the other was thinner.

And there were more people.

Wait, wait. You said it was one guy,
now it's three?

What's this, an interrogation?

No, Laura. I need to know.
I need you to tell me.

What happened?

What did they do to you?

Baby, what did they do?

Laura, hey.

What did they do?
Did they touch you? Huh?

Lau, baby, did they touch you?

What? They raped you?

Come here, let's go inside,
we're gonna call the police.

No, not the police, no.

Laura, come here. We will call
the police. We'll report it.

No, no report.

Where are you going?
What are you doing with that gun?

Seriously, let's go inside
and call the police.

What? Are you scared?
If you're scared, stay.

I'll go alone. You stay,
I'll go by myself.

I'll go with you. Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.

I'm not afraid, give me the gun!
I'm not afraid.. Afraid of what?

Get off the car.
Get off the car!

-Wait, wait, wait.
-Shut up.

Where are your friends?
Fucking kid.

-Maxi. Maxi, come. Come, dude.
-What? What is it?

-That girl is here.
-What girl?

-He has a gun.
-Dude, he has a gun.

Wait, wait, wait.

Run, run, run!

-Tell me where are your friends!
-There, they're there!

Laura. Come back.

Stay there.
You stay right there. Laura!


They're gone.

Is this a rape?

What's that?

-This kid just showed it to me.
-No, no.

-No, no.

-This looks like a rape to you?
-Wait, wait.

Wait, no, no, no.

-You're crazy
-No. Wait! Wait, no, Dani.


-Stay with him.
-Dani, no, no.

-I can't believe this.
-Dani, no, no.

I can't believe this!


-You're crazy!
-Stay with him.

Daniel! Dani!


What did you do?

What did you do?

What did you do?

Move, move!

Wait, wait.

Is there anyone?
Is there anyone inside the house?

-Is there anyone?
-I don't know, don't think so.

-No, you do what I say, asshole.
-Hold it, hold it.

Don't move.

-What's going on?
-Ask Laura what's going on.

I'm asking you what's going on.

Laura, the night before our wedding,
fucked another guy.

She wants me to think
she was raped.

What? What did you say,
you son of a bitch?

-Excuse me, I want to go.
-Where's Laura?

-In the house with those guys.
-Where? What house?

Down the dirt road 200 metres.
Excuse me.

You're not going anywhere.
You take me where you left my daughter.

If she's hurt, you'll be responsible!

Don't look at me.

-What's his name?

Maxi what?

Maxi Navarro.

-And what's your name?


You two always do this?

You liked it?

You liked it?

-You liked what he did to me?

You liked what he did to me?

-You liked?
-Stop, stop.

-You liked?
-Stop, stop, please.

Oh, shit!

-You ok?
-It's ok.

Look around, Daniel.

-There's nobody else?

This is the little shit?

He saw everything
and didn't do anything.

It was the other one,
the one in that photo.

-Which one?
-That one.


-Give me the gun.

Listen to your father.
Give me the gun.

I love you.
Give me the gun.

-Come with your father.

-Come. I need you, come here.


-Come, baby.

-We're gonna look for a flashlight.
-What flashlight?

The flashlight to light up.

I need you to make it easy for me.
I want you to wait here.

-Stay, it's a men thing.

-I want you to wait right here.
-No, let me go.

-Let me go, let me go!
-Do as I say.

-You've done enough..
-Get off me.

Son of a bitch.

-Don't make it harder. You hear me?
-Let me go, let me go!

Open the door!

What are we going to do?

-What are we going to do?
-Wait, let me think.

Delete the video from the phone.

No, wait, you sent it. You delete it
so it's deleted from the group chat.

-What's wrong?

-I lost my phone.

-I don't know, I don't have it.

I left it in your house.

-You kidding?
-I'm leaving.

No, no. What are you doing?

No, no. Stop, we gotta...
We gotta go back.

-Have you lost it?
-We need to delete the video.

That guy has a gun,
how do we get to the house?

-Let's call the cops.
-The cops?

And say what? That he raped a girl
and now they're after us?

Don't ever say that again,
you hear me?

Don't say that again.
I didn't do anything, asshole.

If we delete the video,
it's her word against ours.

Let this one pass us.

Point it there. No, no, there.

To the right. This side.

There's nothing.

What's that moving?
Point it there.

Where are you going?
No, no. Stay, stay.

We stay here.

They're coming, they're coming.

Stay down, stay down.

Freeze or I shoot,
freeze or I shoot, damnit!

Don't move!

Don't move, damnit.

Hands up. To your head,
to your head!

On your knees, on your knees
or I kill you right now, motherfucker.

Don't kill us.
We didn't do anything.

Daniel, I kill this one
and you kill that one.

-We didn't do anything.
-Who did it?

-Maxi, it was Maxi.
-Where's Maxi?

You wait right here, fuckers.

Come on, Daniel. Turn the flashlight
off and go that way. I'll go that way.

Move, that son of a bitch is not far.
These two will wait here.

What happened?

You'll get hurt,
you'll get hurt.

Don't move.

Enough, it's enough.

-Gabo, where are you?

Chunks, Chunks...

Chunks, come, they got me in a house
called "The Hidden Moon".

Get me out, chunks!
Get me out!

-Get out!
-Tell him more!

Tell him!

Tell him to come and get you.

-Get me out!
-Louder, cry!

I can't believe it!

Old fucker.


Please! Please!