The Silent Mountain (2014) - full transcript

How war affects the people in the spectacular Dolomiti Mountains at the outbreak of WWI between Italy and Austria-Hungary in 1915.

I remember that day
as if it was yesterday.

It was a peaceful spring...

here in the south
of our empire.

The first World War
was already raging

for almost a year now...

hundreds of miles away
in the east.

But people were
already talking about war,

even in our mountains.

That's when
I had this dream.

Every night... the same dream.

I was on top
of our mountain...

opposite an Italian soldier,
a wolch.

Suddenly, the wolch
ran at me...

as I pull out my rifle.

Back then, I wasn't
baffled by the dream.

I couldn't wait
to join the war

and finally
get away from home,

fight for our country...

against the traitors.

But then, the soldier
caught up again.

He was still alive.

Now, it was on me
to finish him up.

But when
I touched the trigger,

I saw that he wasn't
carrying a rifle.

Take it in your hand.

It's your fault.

No, it's not.

Is the fuse out, Ander?

It's a dud, right?

It's a dud?

Lechner, you moron.

What did I do?

You let it get wet.

Hey, leave him alone.

It didn't get wet.



Lechner can't swim.


Come on!

Thank you.




Have you lost
your mind, huh?

Leaving mass...
your sister's getting married.
To a wolch!

I don't want anything
to do with wolch!

Italians are our family.

Not mine.

The folks in our village
were outraged

that my father married off
my sister Lisl to a wolch.

Most of us hated the Italians,
but now everybody

was celebrating together
as if they were best friends,

just like my father predicted.

One more stunt
like this today,

and I'm gonna let
you have it.

Your father
will calm down soon.

I had never seen
my sister Lisl so happy,

there with her new husband,
Angelo Calzolari.

When I was four years old,
my father built this hotel.

It was an instant success.

People came from all parts
of the world,

but I hardly ever
saw my father again.

The more foreigners,
the more reputation

and prestige for my father.

Now, it was time for my father's
most ambitious project ever,

the first mountain
tramway in our valley.

And how convenient
that Lisl's new husband Angelo

was the engineer he needed
to compliment his dream.

We did it, Angelo.

Your father has big plans.

Want some?

I knew that my teacher
was secretly in love

with my sister Lisl,
and it didn't make things easier

that her husband was Italian.

He hated them
more than anyone.

But your time will come.

You will see, Ander.

Times are changing.

I can feel it.

And then, your father
will be proud of you.

He will see
what you are made of.


I see you do fancy her.

She's stunning,
your new sister-in-law.

She's a wolch.

My grandfather was also
Italian, from Piedmont.

Blimey, so you care
less of me now?

Mm-hmm, not enough at all.


May I cut in?

So you do like
the wolch, huh?



Excuse me.

Are you all right?

No... no... no partire?


No partire.

No... you are...

no partire, you... you...
you don't want to leave?


No go.

No partire.

Well, um...

then, no partire.

Then... then...
then, don't leave.


They are looking for you.

For the family picture.


What are you waiting for?

And now, quiet, please.


Tsk, tsk, tsk.


Don't move!

The Italians declared war
on Austria.

War, right here
in our mountains.

The news instantly turned
our two families...

into enemies.

We are cleaning up now.

No, another half an hour...
half an hour.

Here, here! Follow me.


You have to hurry up now.

Angelo, take care of yourself.

I'll see you very soon.

Francesca's in the last car,
I just brought her her suitcase.

Come on, let's go! Avanti!

You come back... promise?

See you soon.

It's a bit cold, but it...
it... it'll be fine.

Don't, um...
turn on the light

without covering the window...
the windows.

Well, the local riflemen
head to the front tomorrow.

That includes me.

They are... we will...

we will wait there
until the Kaiserjãger arrive.

They're in the eastern Russia,
but they'll get here soon,

and then we'll definitely
win... win the war.

The Kaiserjãger,
they are the strongest

mountain corps in the world.

I was reading a... a very, very
interesting book, actually,

about the... uh, yeah.

We'll probably
be cold at first,

but, um, there are other
blankets underneath here.

And... and... and... and if you
are... are hungry, then, um...

These bastards.

It's true.

Bastards are
hunting the Italians.

Tell them to stop.

Where to?

We are on our way
to Riva.

No Riva for you...
get out now.

Where do you think
you're going?

Go on, get back
behind the wire.



Stop him!

Hey, get him!

This is our chance...
let's go.

Stop! Halt! I'll shoot!




I... I can't go to Italy.

Italia partire me no.

Nueva York.

In America.

In America, si.



I'll go to New York.


I don't know.



New York.


We will go.


We'll go to America.

Let's move! Hurry!

Let me through.

Everybody! Attention!

Every Tyrolean has the right
and the responsibility

to defend his country.

In this hour...

as Italy has
betrayed our Kaiser

and maliciously declared war
on our homeland...

it is you who are
the last line of defense

for our families and soil.

The Kaiser expects unconditional
fulfillment of your duties.

Ten hut! Fire!

What's going on out there?

I solemnly swear by God
the almighty.

A pure and sincere vow.

A pure and sincere vow.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, I overslept.

To fight the enemy
courageously and stoutly.

To preserve and protect
our ordnance.

To preserve and protect
our ordnance.

And to always stand
by our flags.

And to always stand
by our flags.

The same as any brave soldier
would for his country.

The same as any brave soldier
would do for his country.

This is the biggest firework
that exists.

The Red Eagle.

If you're in danger,
you have a...

a problema...
you have a problema...

You light the fuse.

You understand?
You light the fuse.

It'll go up in the air.

And I'll see it,
up there in the mountains.

And I'll come down...

and I'll help you.

You understand?



Fall out!

Rifleman Gruber
reporting for duty, sir.

Close ranks.

Look after yourself.

It's good,
I'll be all right.

I love you.

Everybody, attention!

Right face!

Company, march!

Hey, alpini.

What is it?

Oh, alpini.

Alpini! Alpini! Alpini!

Are you out
of your mind?

Quiet down, for Christ's sake.

What's going on?
I was just taking a leak,

and this idiot
almost shot at me.

Ander said they were alpini.

Don't worry, you'll stop
laughing soon enough.

Where would the alpini
come from

on this side
of the mountain, huh?

Get back in line.

I don't want
the first one to die

before the war even starts.

Let's go.

Are you frightened?



When you go to war,
you always have two choices.

You could get caught
with your pants down,

or up and ready to go.

If it doesn't catch you,
good for you.

If the worst thing happens,
you still have two choices.

You either survive,
or you die.

If you survive, that's great.

But if you happen
to die...

You have two options again.

You'll either end up alone
in a single grave

or in a mass grave.

Let's move!


What happens?

Come on.

What can happen?

Savoya! Savoya! Savoya! Savoya!

It's not easy for you,
Gruber, huh?

What do you mean?

Fighting against
your own family.

What is it, teacher?

Are you still
having a hard time

because I wouldn't give you
Lisl to be your wife?

Come on.

My daughter needed
a man, a real man.


Out there, under that rock,
we make camp.

Holy crap.

Look at them.

There are so many.

About 200 or 300
are sitting down there.

Well, it's a hundred times
more men than we have.


The alpini are better equipped
and better trained than we are.

When do the Germans
join us?

We can't wait for them.

But God is on our side.

All right, then, tell him
to get us some more ammunition.

We can put more fires up.


Come on!


It's about time.

Let's unpack... quick!

Those first few days
of the war

were like one big adventure.

We knew our mountain
so much better

than the attacking Italians.

We made the wolch believe
we were big battalions

instead of tiny platoons...

and the Italians retreated.

What's the matter,
huh, Gruber?

He misses
his old Gruber lady.

That's not funny
at all, you morons.

This war
has only just begun.

Come on, give it up.

Let Kofler play that box.


Today, we really showed them.

How long do you think
this war will last?

Don't worry.

You will get
to shoot some wolch.

Someone's coming!

Nobody shoot!

Those aren't alpini!

First lieutenant Sven Kornatz,

Bavarian Jãger Battalion One
of the German Mountain Infantry.

Captain Karl Gruber,

Imperial and Royal
Infantry Battalion Sexton.

We were waiting for you.


Come on, you lazy bastards!

Everybody pull!


Put your backs into it!

Come on, move it!

Brand-new equipment.

We just got it.

Modern times.

They'll see these
all the way to Bruneck.

10,000 watt.

But how?


Gruber, is the line
still dead?

I want to have
a line today.

A telephone?

In the mountains?

We have everything
to win the war.


Time to change guards.




I'm supposed to relieve you.


So what happens
when you go to war?

Where were we?

Uh, the mass grave.

Mass grave, that's right.

Well, you either end up
on top of the pile

or somewhere underneath.

If you're on top,
well, then good for you.

But if you find
you're underneath,

you'll be left
with two choices.

Either you remain
just as you are,

or you become a tree.

If you do stay as you are,
well, good for you.

But if you become
a tree,

you've got two choices again

because you either turn
into a leaf tree

or a cone tree of some kind.

If you turn into a leaf tree,
well, then good for you.

But if it's a cone tree
you become,

you'll find yourself
facing two options again.

You either grow and become
a lovely piece of wood,

or you're stunted
and you get...

If you grow and turn into
a piece of wood, good for you.

But of course,
if you're cut down,

you'll find there's
still two choices.

You'll find you either
end up in a sawmill

or possibly
in a paper mill.

If you find you're in
a saw mill, then good for you.

But if you end up
in a paper mill,

you'll find
you have two choices again.

You'll eventually turn into
either writing paper

or possibly toilet paper.

If you become writing paper,
good for you.

But if you turn
into toilet paper,

you'll end up having
your head in someone's ass.

That's our village.

What are we waiting for?
We have to help them!

They are shelling the hotel.

And what are you guys
gonna do about it?

Sir, if we run down now,

we'll be back
by the morning.

You want to be
court martial-ed?

We are at war!

Get used to it.

Good night.

The Italians will try
to get up here.

If so,
they will try to come

over the east
or the south face.

Before we enforce our position
on the plateau,

we have to secure
the south face.


You can't see this
on the map,

but the south face is steep.

No one can
make it up there.

You can see a lot
of things on a map

if you read it correctly.

Are you saying
that I can't read maps?

I'm saying that one battalion

is heading
to the south face today!

The teacher, ugh.

What an idiot.

It's coming from over there.

By those rocks.

To the right.



Don't shoot.



Come on, Ander,
this is ridiculous.

It's coming from down there.

It's a 100-meter drop.


No one can
climb up here,

not even ibex.


Those bastards.

I'll get my men.


There's only
the three of us.

One is enough.


Shoot them, shoot!

Shoot it!

The Italian soldier returned.

He kept running,
and nothing would stop him.

But now, I just couldn't
pull the trigger

as he ran across
the battlefield.

All I could do
was wonder why

the wolch carried
this teakettle.


Hey, stop it.

It won't get me
out of here.

Apple pie, I made it.

Stop talking,
someone could hear you!


Pronunciation's really good.

Get back...
back in the kitchen.

Come on.

What do you have here?

Looks good.

That's an apple?


We will see
if he has temperature.


Go... what are
you doing here?

What happened?
Ah, just a little
alpini attack.

Who is she?

A kitchen head
from Hungary.

How's my father?
And Ander?

Here's a letter from him.

Your father doing
all right... Ander too.

And I have orders
to stay down here.


Don't waste ammo!

Shoot straight, lads!

Lechner! Keep your tongue in!

Lechner! Come on!

Lechner, can you hear me?

Damn it, Lechner.

Open your eyes,
open your eyes!

Lechner, come on, boy.

Stop it, he's gone.


What happened to you?

Your mother
and your sister found me,

and have been helping me.

I thought you wouldn't
recognize me.

You speak so well.

You are a hero.

Everyone says that.

You saved your father's life.

How long
have I been here?


11... 11 days.


I love you.

I love you too.


You feeling better?

You see, I told you.

Your time will come.

Everyone is talking about
how many wolch

you killed out there.

They say you shot one
right in the face.

A real hero.

A present for you.

You have to rest so you can
return to the front soon.


Beautiful folk songs.

Come back after the war,

and I'll show you a couple
of other things you'll like.

After the war.

What's the matter?

It's moving.

It could be a boy.

You think so?

Oh... not again.

It'll go on in a second.

I'll go and light
a candle.

What's Francesca
doing down there?

I don't know.

Someone will recognize her.

I'll go get her.


Do you want to go
to the military command?

You can choose.

Either me...

or an entire battalion.


What are you doing?

The lightning!

Throw away your rifle, Ander,
the lightning!


Drop your rifle, Ander!

The finger...

I bit off.

He wouldn't let me go.


He wouldn't let me go,
so I bit off his finger.

Then I... swallowed it.

I swallowed... his finger.

His finger...

I swallowed his finger.




Hello, Lisl.


I wanted to see
how you were doing...

how the two of you
are doing.

Thank you.

If there's
something I can do...

Times are tough...

and we all have
to stick together.

I want you to know...

I'm here for you.

And for the child,
of course.

You need a husband.

I have a husband.

So you don't know?

What shall I know?


Your husband.

He's dead.

That's not true.

My deepest condolences.

We confiscated the list...

with all the names
of the full Italians.

I had a look.

His name was listed.

Calzolari, right?


I'm so sorry.

He'll be fine...

In the mountains.


They are in the mountain.

Who is in the mountain?

R... right...


They are in the mountain.


Morphine, morphine.

It will come soon,
it will come soon.

I'm really sorry,
it will come soon.


Congratulations for
the little boy.

What's his name?


I'm worried about you.

Your child needs a father,
you need a husband.

What do you think will happen
when the boy is older?

Without a husband?

Go away.

And with that half-breed
of yours.

Who will be running the hotel
if your father dies?

Please, leave me alone.

If you have the marriage
annulled, I'll say it's mine.

Just get out!


I guess I'll have to tell
the commander

that you're
hiding a wolch...

who is spying.

You know what you will get

for collaborating
with the enemy.

You have to leave.

Hold on!

There's another one.

Come on!

Pull! Pull!

And pull!

Don't shoot.

I know him.

Karl Gruber.

Go get Karl Gruber,
come on!

Let's open the trap.

No, no, no!

Hey, Gruber.

Hey, we need you.

Come on...
Gruber, let's go!

They can't just blow up
the mountain.

You have to leave.

Return to your positions.

I'm going into the valley.

No way.

When will they blow it up?




I'm going.

I said return
to your positions.

High command ordered
all prisoners

to be taken
to the valley immediately.

Flight risk.

Lieutenant Gruber.

Assign one of your men...

to take him down.

Everybody, back in position!


We hold this mountain!

We hold this line!

You heard the man.

For you.

Thank you.

I will...

would have preferred...

to leave you
a real cable car, Ander.

I know.


You good to walk?

I will make it.


Your sister's
in grave danger.

What? Wha...



If you go this way,
get to the... barn

just before you get
to the village.

Wait there...
then I'll come get you.

Good... take care of my sister.

Just go.


Got matches?

Good afternoon, Commander.

Good day to you, sir.

You're a disgrace.

Just returned from combat?

Look at you, soldier.

We will never win
the war like that.

Get another uniform.

You stink.

Yes, sir.

That's him, the wolch spy!

Get down!

You sorry little
Italian bastard.

I wanted to see you
on your knees.

On your knees, now!

Can't you hear me?

How dare you!

There! Down there!

There's another spy!


They're coming,
they're coming!

Get out, you shysters.

You just ruin
everything here.

There's a spy.
Get out!

What are you looking
for, huh?

All you do is mess things up,
get out of here!

You need to step out
of the way, ma'am.

You are not going anywhere.

Good luck.
Let's go!

Get out!
Come on, move it!

Get out from under there.

Get out.
Get to the left.

Don't look!

Don't look!


I am not angry
with you!

Ander! Where are you?

It's gonna be all right,
it's gonna be all right.

It's gonna be all right.

Did she seduce you?

She did the same
to me, Ander.

Don't worry,
we will sort it out!




Not the worst place
to die.

As the Italian soldier
came closer, he stumbled...

as if he finally found
what he was looking for,

and it was not me.

He held the kettle
and poured.

There was nothing in it.

We didn't know
where we were going.

We just knew it would
be together.

But I still dream
of the mountains...

with no soldiers...

just mountains.

Just silence.