The Silent Enemy (1958) - full transcript

In the Mediterranean in 1941 the Italians start using underwater chariots to mine the undersides of allied ships. Explosives expert Lionel Crabbe arrives in Gibraltar to organise defenses, but finds only two British divers available to help him. Even more worrying, it seems likely that the Italians are secretly using neutral Spain across the bay as their key base.

Subtitles by Nostromo

19 DECEMBER 1941

The two battleships '' Queen Elizabeth ''
and "Valiant"

were sunk in Alexandria harbour by six men,
of the Italian 10th flotilla..

They came from a submarine,but the
underwater weapons they used were new

Human torpedoes, chariots.

Each was ridden by two divers,and
each carried an explosive warhead

Which were detached from the valves

and slung by wires under
the hull of the target ship

Those chariots have altered the naval
balance of power in the Mediterranean.

They may yet alter the course of this war

Already they have chosen their next target


Gibraltar, gentlemen.
The gateway

Whether we like it or not, we are
the gateway to the Mediterranean.

If the enemy shuts us down,
Malta is isolated so is Alexandria

The 8th army loses its supply route
we lose North Africa.

So we got to keep open,simple as that

In war, most gateways
have a lock on them..

A lock called security
We haven't.

That's the difference.
Let me show you.

Look at there in Algeciras,gentlemen,
someone is watching us.

We call him the duty spy

He sits there 4 miles across the bay,
in neutral country of Spain.

and he watches everything
what's happening on this rock.

He is watching us at this window

he watches your ships as
they enter and leave the bay.

-Any questions?
-But how,Sir,where from?

The enemy has consulates in Algeciras
Luckily so have we

You mean there are agents over there tell
the subs when the convoy arrives

and their boys attack it here?

The sooner we are on our way to
Malta, the better.

Algeciras is not their
only source of information

you see that airstrip down there

Just beyond is the Spanish frontier

Every morning thousands of men

come down that road across the
border to work in the dockyard here

Every evening they go back again into Spain

We do everything we can to
screen them,it is a pretty hopeless task

Thank heavens we are only
here for a few nights

Now,gentlemen,now at
least you know the picture

You are anchored up here.
Here's the submarine net.

We shall do everything we can to
protect you, but ...

but it is essential you all have
a sharp look out to be kept all night

Any question? ... Right!
Let's get into the details.

Something about Gibraltar we
do get regular air mail from home

We also get the occasionally
bright boy from London to tell us

how to run a war.It's probably
a White Hall warrior on this one

Crabb! Crabb ! Wake up!

-Lt.Crabb,we are here
-What is it? Where's ..oh?

-Oh,I wish you wouldn't do that,Mr Hopend
-We are over the rock.

-What rock?
-Gibraltar,of course.

As a rule we forget that we're
excited about the first view of Gib

I am an exception
besides I am tired.

-I can not imagine why?
-You have been asleep nearly all the way.

You couldn't imaging the
party last I had last night either

-You got a family,Mr Hopend?

You're lucky.And keep
your farewells for them

I am a lonely man so crowds
of people turned up to see me off

Never met most of them before
and probably will never see them again.

That's Gibraltar,eh?

-Who are those ships out there in the bay?
-They are a convoy at anchor

And that's where the ?
get mined stuck in a hole,is (?)?

Careless talk

Ever managed to blow up anything
inside the harbour?

They've tried but we have the
situation under control.

-Divers and that
-On the ships? How many divers?

Landing in 2 minutes. Hang on,tie everyone

When we're out of the airstrip
we are going to drink.

I know the rock very well
I can give you any tips ...

You can give one now.Where
do I find the Admiral?

At the naval headquarters.
He is a very busy man

but I'm sure he will put everything
on one side to welcome R.N.V.R. Lieutenant

Mr Hofend, I just bought
myself a brand new uniform

for the first time since the war started

and I propose to creased it
properly by visiting that admiral.

And now then how many divers did you say?

-He'll see me.

Come in!

-Have you an appointment, sir?

Sorry Sir,no one allowed
in the Admiral's office

without first seeing the
Assistant secretary

3rd Officer Wren Masters,Sir.
This is her office,Sir

- Well,where is she
- Inside with the Admiral,Sir

Look,If I have to see
her before,I can go in,

and she is already inside
how the devil do I get in?

It is a problem,Sir,isn't it? Of course
you could wait until she comes out,Sir

I see,could you tell me how

Even if she does comes out,Sir,
I doubt she let you go in

-Not unless you have an appointment,Sir
-Oh she won't,won't she?

You listen to me,I came out to this blasted
rock of yours to get on with the war.

And if you think, a whole army of wrens

pannies,ats,waps,can stop me
for getting in you are very much mistaken

That's a nasty cough!

Are you 3rd Officer Wren Masters?

-I am
-I want to see the admiral.


-Christian name?
-Lionel Philip Kenneth.


I am a Lance Corporal
in the Chinese army.

Lieutenant R.N.V.R.,ID card?

Thank you. Why do you
want to see the admiral?

I arrived in Gibraltar an hour ago.

I'm a bomb and mine disposal officer

and I can't dispose of
anything until I find it.

Bomb and mine disposal. Oh yes.
We had a signal about you

- Incredible,can I go in now?
-I'm afraid not. It is quite impossible.

-Who says so?
-I do,Lieutenant

Quite alone,without the assistance of
any Fannies,Ats,Swats or even another Wren

I'll wait.

Won't do you any good.
He's far too busy

Why don't you go for a walk?

Miss Masters,I have not
been sent to Gibraltar

to go for walks now will
you please tell the Admiral


See what I mean?

How do I get to that breakwater down there?

Well,now being a Flag Lt with an
admiral star,I suppose you walk,old boy

Which way?

Well,there are at the end of
the dockyard and out on the mole

Extraordinary fellow

-Shut up! Enjoy your dip,Sir?
- Lovely.Boiling hot

Diver's Rum ration

Best of luck

Aren't you doing all right,Rattler?

If it is not, you can kiss
me good bye on the bottom

Come on

Are you in in charge of this diving party?

Well,actually,Old Boy, I am a Torpedo
Officer,mine sweeping flotilla

but I like swimming
so I thought I lend a hand

-Name's Bailey,how do you do
-Crabb. Bomb and Mine disposal

There are no bombs.I'm afraid,old boy
We never get an air raid

Peaceful little place,really

Do you think we can find any mines
for this officer to dispose of,Knowles?

Delighted,Sir,provided they
don't dispose of us first.

-BTW this Leading Seaman Knowles
-How do you do,Knowles.

And over there Able Seaman Morgan
about to dive with a destiny in the deep

Total strength diving party
in Gibraltar: 2

-What about you?
-Just done my farewell performance,old boy

-Got to sail back home and beauty tomorrow.
-We'll manage on our own,Sir

Have you ever managed to examine
one of these mines?

Oh,yes,old boy

They stick them on the holes
with sort of inner tube pair

We swim out at the night cut the tubes
and mine sinks

Unless it's magnetic
Then, we just pull

Of course,some of them blast
without us finding them at all

Not surprising really

Even more surprising they don't
blast when you do find them

Have you've ever managed to
take one of the fuses to bits?

Give us a chance,old boy, three chaps
in the whole ruddy bay to clean up

We haven't got time

to turn the beastly things ashore
and dissect them in a workshop

Come to that,we haven't even got a workshop

Do you mind if I have a go?

-What dive?
-Yes,it looks fairly simple to me

-Ever done it before?
-No but I can swim

-What do you think,Knowles?
-Well,Sir, the ball got to start sometime

Since you're going back to UK

All right

Knowles you show him the drill
I am late for lunch

Best of luck old boy

Just go down go down the
ladder a few feet old boy

and then come up again.It's a piece of cake

See that you can breathe all right

And Knowles you better tie a
rope around him in case he can't


Here now,lighter

this is your oxygen bottle,normally you
just breath in air through this back(?)

If you start feeling short of breath

tuck your bottle like this get
yourself extra whiff of oxygen,right?

I see

Now naturally you are breathing
through the mouth,so mug this in,Sir

Tight firmly
Slowly. That's it.

And now the goggles,Sir
Pull them down nice and firmly

Give yourself a good seal
That's it

It's a pity Mr Bailey has to go,
he has done a fine job

So maybe you can
replace him

Nice to have one officer
around with the outfit

Makes it seems more respectable

One last thing,nose clip on

You must have that on otherwise
you might breath in half the ruddy ocean

Thank you very much

Let's get the rope around you,Sir

No,I'm sorry to do this to you,Sir

but we can't risk losing you
not the first day we found you

Now just remember,breathe naturally,
and I'll get four tugs on the rope

when it's time to come up,right?

Up we go,then Sir

Now you'll find Morgan down there,Sir,
he is only doing a practice himself

Did you say your name was Crabb,Sir?

There never was a much better
one for this job,really


Leading Seaman Knowles,Sir,
Naval Diving Party,Sir

-What are you doing?
-Pulling on the rope, sir.

I can see that. What have
you got in the end of it?


-Is he a diver?

What the devil are you
trying to do,drown him?

No Sir,get him up,Sir

I think he's coming now,Sir

Miss Masters about turn

Oh,it's alright,Sir,he's got
his pants on,sorry,Sir

About turn Miss Masters

What did you get me up for,Knowles,
I never enjoyed so much in my life

You got a new diving officer,my lad,
Just wait until I get my clothes on

I'll get to see that admiral,if I
have to take that female dragon

and stick her upside down over
one of her own filing cabinets

Do you know these blasted goggles
is full of water I can't see a damn

The officer I was telling you about,Sir,
Lt. Crabb

He arrived today from England,to
take up a bomb and mine disposal duty

Lt.Crabb,you should know by now

you would not salute
unless you're wearing a cap


The same apply to trousers put them on


So you want to take over the diving
party and find the mine yourselves,eh?

Yes I think it is important
which types they are

and we can't do..

Yes I know all that I shouldn't
be wasting my time talking to you

Do you consider you medically and
psychologically suited to underwater work?


Well as a proper qualified diver

I think Leading Seaman Knowles could
best give you the technical details,Sir

I don't want the technical details
I want an answer


You saw his face,when he
came out of the water

-Always tell a man,Sir
-Right,you got the job

Report to my chief of staff

you will be briefed with
everything you want to know

-Any questions?
-More men in a diving boat,Sir

I shall like more men in the cockpit,Sir

Yes,so should I

When you find the mine come and see me

Make an appointment with
Miss Masters first,of course

Would be a pleasure,Sir

-And Crabb

It's important job.
Don't make a muck of it


You ought to be wearing
weighted shoes,you know,Sir

In the last time,he doesn't wear them.

All right stop looking so fidgety,
get me a pair of shoes

Only get started on the next one

You'll have a rest in between,Sir
we have another 18 ships to clear,you know

We have a rest,when it is dark

I'll believe that when it happens



You'll have your job,Sir

Look out

It's a new type of mine,Sir,
never seen something like it before

This (??)

Search lights on.We'll be there in
a couple of minutes.

You all right?


I don't feel tired when I'm diving
seems to catch me when I come up

I know,Sir

I'm sorry I shouted at you this afternoon

That's all right,Sir,all of us have
to go off steam sometimes.

I'd have to go

-What does this mine look like?
-There is a torpedo shape.

It's got a propeller attached
to the whole by two metal clamps

There's it will be now,Sir

Morgan's waiting
alongside with a diving hood

Sounds exciting this,
we used to spend all the night

cruising up and down,dropping depth charges

and thinking again of one of
those underwater bastards

If we get that mine off,that's
what the Italians will be calling us

Come on, Knowles.

Good luck. If you find the
diver, drown him.

-I'll go with you,Sir
-I'll let you know if I need any help

Crew off the ship,all except
the Skipper,Sir

-What was he last port of call,Capt...
-Lisbon.Started engine trouble

-Going down now?

Better watch up.Those traps
maybe booby-traps

If they are you know as soon as I do

When it's clear I'll secure
the rope and you pull it in


It's a nasty looking thing,Rattler
Pretty horrible

Have a cigarette.

Divers shouldn't smoke, you know.

Shouldn't dive either

Don't you think those
clamps got booby-traps on it?

Blasted swell

I'm going in

Take it easy

It is very rough,you got a baby
torpedo on the other end of that(?)

Broke made fast?

We'd like to take it on shore

We got to take to bits

-We'll find somewhere,got a cigarette?

All right down there?
Did you find it?

A beauty Capt.. just give us 10 minutes to
get clear and you can take your crew aboard

Thanks very much.It's a pity
we couldn't our cargo to Malta

What are you carrying?

-No,high explosive

Good night

Take it easy. Wait for that
next breaker.


-Here's Morgan Knowles too
-About time too

I brought the tools
and a field telephone,Sir

What,that in that pick-nick basket?

The tools are underneath,Sir.I thought
we'd earned some breakfast as well.

Remind me to have you made a Petty Officer

I think it's caught in the sand,Sir

Right,stay here,I'll get it.

Lovely place to bring a mine ashore

Beautiful sand surrounded
by barbed wire and a minefield

How are we going to
get it through that barbs?

Gave up asking question three hours ago

Look at the man,he's like
a mother with her baby

It didn't blow up in his
face until he start singing to it

Keep away from it

Is this you have to
take it through the wire,Sir?

How many men(?) I not understand

Perhaps you like to take it
to the dockyard over there in Spain

I can't think of anywhere else

I thought you've given up asking questions

I hear my Commander whatever I've got to do

More bombs and (?)
sooner I get them for you

-Say you don't want?
-I don't say I don't want them..

I merely said I can't stock
them here in this airfield

-Why not?
-Because there isn't any room

Look,everywhere on the
runaway,we are jammed tight with aircraft

They are all full of fuel.

I can't risk their safety by lying
high explosive anyone near them


Let them??? will you?


I'm very sorry.I hope you can
perhaps find somewhere else

It is not even possible

Good grace,Crabb,what
on earth are you doing?

Good morning,Holford.

We are just enjoying a bit of breakfast

-Here,have a banana
-Thank you very much

You know you're in the wrong uniform,
summery one started this morning

And what devil do you think
you are doing on my airstrip?

We been carrying out a
sweep of mine in your sea,Sir

Can't risk any of them drifting ashore
damaging one of your aircraft,can we,Sir?

Why no,of course

Well,good show,thanks very much.Press on

Come along.Holford.

Very co-operative to know these naval chaps

They realize the situation we
are into the best of help

Now I'm going to remove
the clock first and

then the detonators

Get the phone over there
and write down everything I tell you

-Good luck,Sir-Go on get on with it

Removing last screw now

He can't get it further away,if it blows
up we have to bury ourselves in Spain

Shut up.

Starting to withdraw 3rd and
last detonator carriage


And for heavens sake keep
quiet,if I jog this one we'd had it

Mr Crabb, the Admiral
send me to ...

It's quite safe now.

The admiral send me to find you

He wants you to have
lunch with him at his house

Then I'd better go and change
into the right uniform,haven't I?

I see but now tell me how the
timing mechanism works

You cannot be too technical

Well,Sir,the mine has 3 detonators
and 2 clocks

The clocks were set to fire at
48 hours after leaving port

But they weren't the
important part of the job

That was the propeller
and it works like this

You see,Sir,irrespective of the clocks

the propeller will turn as
the ship went through the water

And after a certain number of
revolutions will explode the detonators

So the ship will blow up at sea
and we've been shipping torpedo

Very ingenious

But if the mine was planted in Lisbon

why didn't it explode
before the "Willowdale" got to Gib

I don't think it was,Sir

She only went into Lisbon at the last
moment because of engine trouble

It would have been impossible for an enemy
agent to have done the the job from there

You mean it was done here

and she would have been
blown up on her way to Malta?


But the Admiral already told us

There has been no submarine
activity over the last week

Go ahead,Crabb,say what you think

Well,Sir,you are the British
consul in Algeciras.


All right, George.You may as
well tell him our suspicions.

He's guessed them anyway

Does the name Tomolino
mean anything to you?

-Antonio Tomolino?

I should say was the best marine
engineer and designer in Italy

One of the greatest experts in
the underwater warfare in the world

As far as we know,he usually
works for the 10th Flotilla

You are remarkably well informed ,Crabb

But you may not know that
he got married a year ago

His wife's name is Conchita
and she apparently needs sea air.

He took a villa for her and built a
large window into one of the walls.

The villa is in Algeciras and the
window faces straight towards Gibraltar.

They've been there ten months.

That's a pretty long honeymoon

even for an Italian

If the 10th flotilla is operating
from the Algeciras.

They must be relying on frogmen diving
from some lonely part of the coast

They can't be using chariots because they
need a base and workshops for maintenance

-I presume you've noticed those,Sir

So would the Spanish authorities.We don't
even know if there are frogmen there

All we know for certain

is that Tomolino and his wife
are living in the villa Carmelo

Are you doing anything more about it,Sir?

Mr Crabb,you don't seem to appreciate
that Algeciras is neutral territory

I can't just break into Tomolino's villa

and ask him whether he has a
group of Italian frogmen as house guests

But you do keep him under constant
observation,don't you George?


I've got an extremely
pair of German binoculars

mounted on a tripod on
the balcony of the consulate

At this moment, one my
Spanish staff is guarding them

Is there anything else
you think I should do Mr Crabb?

Forzellini, come and have some wine

It is not good Forzellini

there are no women liked up
in Gibraltar.Only monkeys

There is something much more
interesting for me

They are working at the
main entrance to the harbour

Some sort of depth charge
projector, I think.

That man will never
relax until the war is over

Where did you say you found those

-In a shop,Señora
-I don't believe it

Señora Tomolino would I ever lie
to a beautiful woman?

Of course. But my husband
will find out where they came from.

I hope not. As a husband I am sure
there is nothing to be desired

but as a commanding officer
he sometimes lacks a sense of humour

And you are exactly the opposite
As an junior officer you are a clown ...

As a husband you'd be a louse
a Fellini.

No woman would have him
unless she is deaf as well as blind

In Florence,there is one who is neither

When the war is over I go back
and I'll say to her

- Have you heard from Maria?

Soon I shall be going on leave

For 2 weeks,Maria and
I will forget the war.

We'll be husband and
wife and love together

Then when I come back, I shall fight all
the harder for her sake.

How far is it across the bay to Gibraltar?

Four miles.

I suppose there are Englishmen over
there,same thinking same things as we are

With those binoculars,you
must see almost their faces


If you don't mind I want
talk to them for a minute

Of course.

Come ,Forzellini

Sit down,sit down

Now listen carefully

I've had a report that a British
cruiser is due in Gibraltar this evening

Our job is to see that
she never leaves there

We shall attack it tonight,
when the moon is at its weakest

Until we get more supplies of
warheads,I can only use one chariot

Forzellini with Fellini as his driver

Celloni, Neta, Neoli and Mario
will standby for a frogmen attack

if other targets should arrive

-Celloni,you will lead them

-You will not be taken part, Rosati.

-But,Sir,if Forzellini goes I should go.
-You heard what I said

Now carry on,everyone,leave the
house at 15 minutes intervals

Usual security.
I'll see you all later.


I passed the British-
Consulate on my way up the hill

-I noticed their binoculars were missing

If I thought that one of
my officers had taken them

I should punish him most severely

This is a neutral port.We have
not approve of appropriates

In any case our telescope
is much better

But I'm sure they will be returned.

No sense of humour at all

It is our duty to
blow up their ships ...

but we are not allowed
to borrow their binoculars.

-Vera Lynn is passenger
-Vera Lynn joined the ranks.

No,serious. We are going
to invade North Africa.

Don't be daft,we're already in North Africa

What do you think the 8th army is doing?

I mean from this end.
From Gib,the yanks and us

Then they work their way along
to Monty and his lots,see?

Who told you,Eisenhower?

Now look,there is a cruiser
coming in this evening.

For your information

that cruiser is arriving for a
refit before she goes to Malta

And even if she were landing
the whole American army in Africa

Your job is still to get those blasted
things ready before it's dark

And not stand there gossiping,
come on get on with it

That what comes with
eating with the Admirals

Pick up bad habits

-Cruiser inside the harbour
-Forzellini will find it.

Before he left,he told me
what he called this place

He said it was the most advanced
base of our navy in the enemy world

-What are you writing
-A letter to my nephew,Sir

Routine every week

-How old is he?
-He's four,Sir

Born here in Gib just before the war.

-I wonder what he'd think of it now?
-He'd love it,Sir

Right up his street,
all this lot,Cowboys and Indians

-I'd like to meet him some day
-I hope you will,Sir

Open Fire!

Stay ahead!

-Get back! It's over there
-Steer around.

Stop the engine.

That's the first time
I ever seen the enemy.

-Where did you come from?
-Fellini,answer the question

You have questioned me for two days.
I can't tell you anything more

We came from the submarine" Ambra".
By now she is back to Italy

-We'll shall raise your chariot.
-I will tell you nothing

-Who is the Capt... of Ambra?
-The name is Diocello Arillo.

-Where did you sail from?
-I can not answer that.

Come in.

Excuse me,Sir.I can speak
to Lieutenant Crabb for a moment?

-Did you find the chariot?

We're diving from the (?) until it got dark

and there is not a sign of it,Sir

Then go on until you do find it

The warhead didn't explode
we can prepare the rest

It might come in very useful some day

Some might have a bit of sleep

Any luck?

Right,Fellini.We shall question you
again in half an hour.Take him away.

Please, when is the funeral of
Renzo Forzellini?

That's the matter for the maintenance
department they dispose of the body

So ,they will dispose of it

Why do you want to know?

He was my friend.He had courage.

You work under the water?

So you will understand that I would
like to say my farewell to such a man.

Out of the depths have I
cried unto thee, O LORD

Lord, hear my voice:

Let thine ears be attentive
to the voice of my supplications

If thou, LORD, shouldest mark iniquities,

O Lord, who shall endure it?

-Who is that officer in the boat?
- He's a good man.

We found the chariot,Sir.

-Did you find any mines?

-? your work?

Rattler,I am going to confess only to you.


-I'm tired.
-So am I. Blinking tired

Not so bad just diving almost
every ruddy day and night..

when you get to spend the spare time

fetching up this ruddy Italian
chariot capture as well

You're not likely to say a ruddy hello

-We haven't got enough blokes,that's all
-Ah,that's what I said Crabb last night

Said what?

-I told him we're three and bit overworked
-You said that to Crabby?

And why do you want to be a diver?

Well,Sir,our ship got your
signal asking for volunteers,Sir

He has been in service for 18 months,
and spent 9 of them under arrest

absent without leave four times

Don't take any notice
of these conduct sheet,Sir

terrible stuff they put about you,terrible

You could get them for libel in
Civvy street,you could so really

Possibly but this is the Navy.
Now,tell me why you volunteered?

The excitement,Sir the fascination
of a hidden world beneath the sea

the poetry of moving,slow
and graceful like a fish

In its natural element

I always wanted to try it,Sir?
To break the laws of gravity

To fly, up and down,
or round and round

The colours changing all the time.

To be free,Sir,free like
the birds in the sky

Thank you for coming,good morning.

But I was meant to be a diver,Sir

I think it was the whole
reason for my birth

If you're not out of this
office,within in 5 seconds ...

there will be the whole reason,
of your sudden death.

Yes,I take what your meaning,Sir

Got to try everything once.
Best of luck,Sir


When the war is over,I'll
probably be asking him for a job

How many more are there?

17 diving is popular this year

Now that you taken over my office
I suppose I could have feed you

Send up some
sandwiches please.

If it wasn't for our arsenal
of our little old depth charges

That cruiser over there wouldn't
be leaving the harbour

she would be sitting on the bottom of it

Cheer up mate, they may work us
too hard but that we got our flippers

I wouldn't swap them for a killing
job on board that lot

Or anything (?) where they call it

they are just a breach from
perishing perioperative

From one of those men my guardian angel
should protect me,forever,forever,amen

-Just off,Thorpe

-Very bad luck,you must obey doctor's order

Shores service from now on,
it comes to all of us in time

- Good luck on your way to Malta.
-Thank you, Thorpe.-Thank you,Sir

I'm sorry to lose you.

If you put that cigarette out

so we might get rid of that smokescreen

and discover what you are
supposed to be doing

Good luck,Chief,hope you
have the ship back soon

As long as we are not here with you

Where do you think you are? Covent Garden

Square that,get off

Don't look now,Rattler,well I think
your guardian angel is gone on leave

-Italian chariot jeep
-is it?

Is yours?

It's an oxygen cylinder

Is it really?

You were going to use it,were you?

That's right,Chief,it's probably
a bit technical for you

What's wrong with your oxygen booster pump?

Nothing that I know of,how's yours?

You might be interested to learn my friend

that I used to be an instructor in

and I'm telling you that
bottle is empty.

When did you last change
CO2 absorb cannister?

-Ten days ago,Chief
-Ten days

Talk about Charge of the Light Brigade

Haven't you not read the
the Admiralty Treat Orders?

CO2 absorbent granular
must renewed after used

from the latest ?? for further practice

You might not be the one to
wear that set in case of emergency

And you therefore might commit murder

-I don't like chose to wear it next
-What's your job?

-Underwater Working party,Chief
-More like a suicidal squad

Who is in charge of you?
I want to talk to him


I don't think he knows much about
oxygen booster pumps either

Then we just have enlighten him,why

Come on,now where is he?

Don't know,Chief.He's usually
down here with us

Of course,he might be extracting
CO2 absorbents granular

from the upper middle fufu valve,Chief

Very humorous,come here.
take that cigarette out of your mouth

You had your little joke now we are
going to see your officer and if we don't

I'll give you absorbent granules
when the monkey gets the nuts

Now step?

-It's a judgement, sure it is
-A judgement

And bring my suitcase!

Able Seaman Fraser ...
Ordinary Seaman Thomas ...

I decided to you on as members,
of the naval underwater working party

Start train immediately.
Any questions,Fraser?

I've done a little bit of bomb disposal,Sir
is there much difference with mines?

Other sausage,you make
a mistake,they blow up

Same result exactly. Thomas?

Also we really have got the job,haven't
we?I mean,you won't change your mind?

-Unless you change yours
-No,Sir but

There is one small point,
I think I should mention

What's that?

-I can't swim

We were looking for you everywhere,Sir
This Chief Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer.Thorpe,Sir.Specialist
in Diving Submarine Escape Apparatus

Having just been discharged
from of HM Cruisers to shore service

I was preceding through the dockyard

I saw these two men

-Special in DSEA?
-Yes,Sir,15 years of it,Sir

-Discharged to shore service?

-You mean you're looking for a job?
-Yes,Sir ...

Stretching the point I suppose
you could call it shore based

Like to join the under water working party?

Yes,Sir,I would,Sir

Good,I'll fix it officially later

You said we were short handed,Knowles
now we've got 2 new ratings

And you are lucky ,they both have got
a Chief Petty Officer in charge of training

Very lucky,Sir

Is that all right,Sir,about my
not being able to swim?

Chief.This man wants to
be a diver,and can't swim

That's not anything to worry about,Sir

Some of the best in the business
can't swim a stroke on the service

you'll leave him to me,Sir

Chief you are in charge

-Get them into their quarters


Where are the quarters,Sir?

Their quarters?

Ah,Miss Masters.Slight problem

The underwater working party
has no roof over its head

Oh yes it has I just arranged it.

You are in luck every modern
convenience and a nice view of the sea

-Where is it?
-I'll show you.

- Follow me, gentlemen.
- Party, front march

No problem,this bastion was named after
'' Captain Jumper of HMS Lennox ''

He was one of the first men ashore when
the British captured Gibraltar in 1704

Ask me,don't better to stay in
ship and mind your own business

-Corporal is a bastion,isn't it
-Watch your language,Fraser,ladies present

Can't open really

Here we are

All modern conveniences
and a nice view of the sea

It may be a bit primitive, but
one of the last available on the rock

-I'm not surprised,what was the other?
-The old prison.

The electricity is laid down
and it's got running water.

Are you all right?

Better turn it off before
you blow up the rock


-This dog,Sir
-What about it?

It's a bitch,Sir


Good,we'll train them to smell out
Italians. And that cat too

-Don't tell me she's got kittens?
-No,Sid,just fleas

Like a nice present for the Chief

-We must come and have some tea sometimes
-There is a kettle

-Probably a home in a month.
-Than you,Chief

Don't you worry,Mum

with a little help of these four volunteers
we'll have this place ready in no time

And you.

Caution! We need to rub and
clean. Change! Let's go!

You should have started cleaning
10 minute ago.What's the matter with you

Thomas. You never learn
swimming there

-Good morning,Sir
-What's good about it?

Good morning, parrot.

What do you think this is?A rest home?
What are you doing that for? Drinking it?

Everyone up! And when I say
everyone, I mean everyone

Physical training is not
just for your big muscles

To get your pig-heads to working as well

What's the matter with you?

Stiff neck,shake your head,
do you hear anything rattle?

-No, chief.
-No,I'm not surprised,put your arms down

Diving training,
starts tomorrow.

Jump!Keep Breathing it!
Keep the air.

-I thought we've been trained
-Not by Chief Petty Officer

That's very good,Sir.
Just another half hour.

Thanks very much,Sir. Now we
got only one problem left in Gibraltar

Look boys,I don't want them up next week

I don't want them up tomorrow,
I want them up today

This nicely will hold

Come on Fraser,boy,come on,hurry up.

As soon as Fraser gets done and
Thomas to come up then you two go in

If you got anything to say
to me,say it,don't lug it


I'm off for a bit of practice but Rattler
and I were diving operation last night

For three hours,Chief

-What is your first name,Knowles?
-You know that,Sid.

All right,Sid

You and Rattler have done enough trips

to know there's not just the
matter of going for a swim,right?

I known divers twice as many as you more

Thought they knew it all,too
grand to take a pressure course

What happens,one day
they were in a hurry,forget the drill.

Get excited make too much
effort,carbon dioxide poisoning

Kills them just like that.

Just a matter of discipline,
like every thing else in this life

And now that I know your first name
I don't have to write it on your coffin

-Are you with me?
-Whatever you say,Chief

-They ? staff?
-Get them a penny,boy

Join the the navy, learn to swim
at the expense of the government.

You just remember this,The Royal
Navy got you out of France

and when the time comes that same
Royal Navy will take you back again.

And in the mean time

you and your (?) examine(?)that same
Royal Navy and what's more you like it

-What are you looking at?
-The British divers.

They are wearing themselves
out looking for mines

which does not exist.It's very funny


Like the water boat again

I'm the water boat. Why you look at me
for mines? I have no mines

Every day, I go to Algeciras to collect
water and bring it back to Gibraltar

That is the right route
Algeciras- Gibraltar.Gibraltar Algeciras.

That's exactly why we have
to search you Miguel.

Every day you make me late

It is not my war,I am Spaniard!
I'm neutral!I protest!

-OK ,all clear
-See you mañana, Miguel.

Why don't General Franco take
Gibraltar,and give it to the Japanese?

Tonight we'll have real work to do

Look at that

Ammunition ships for Malta but tonight
they will be anchored over there

We are still waiting for chariots

But we are all good swimmers

The mines can do a lot of
damage to ammunition ships.

-Did they others sorted clear?
-We are the last ones.

There we are that'll make
your tea taste much better

Well,take it slowly
Drink it slowly.

Here we are Rattler.

Just what the doctor ordered,eh?

Come on,Jock.

You get that inside you

There we are,Sir,two
days rum rationing in there


Bloody murderers!

- Thomas!
- It's best not to talk to him,Sir

Takes somewhat first time been in action

Quite a first time!

Three ships sunk

But you and the boys save the rest of them

I wouldn't call that a defeat,
in any language,Sir

Here's the transport,Sir

All right,boys

I'll look after the kids,Sir,you get on

Come on,my son

Up we get

We're going home.


Bloody ???

Excuse me,mate.

Stop mate

I've got one officer and 4 ranking divers
in there and they only had 2 hours sleep.

So I would be very grateful if you

I said I'll be very grateful

if you'd be kind enough to find
somewhere else to run the Aldershot tattoo

You would,chum!


I would

All right,chum

You tell me when they wake up,we send them
afternoon tea and biscuits.

Thank you,chum


On the command dismiss fall
into 200 yards down the road,dismiss

-Sorry chap
-All right,chum

Don't worry chap

we'll fit them with silencers next
year better for the Royal Navy


Hello,the working party Jumper Bastion,
Chief Petty Officer Thorpe speaking

Yes I saw it,Sir

Lieutenant Crabb?

He still asleep,Sir

-I'll don't like to wake him up
-What's going on?

Hold on a minute,Sir,he's just coming,Sir

-Duty Officer,Naval HQ

An aircraft is crashed in the bay

It was taken that Polish general Sikorski
back to England.

-They want you to go
-I'll talk to him

Crabb here

Right. We'll get going at once

They found the general's
body on the surface

but his briefcase is still
down there in the aircraft

It's full of official papers

We've got to get it before
it is washed up on the Spanish coast.

The lads are very,tired,Sir

I want them fully equipped and
down at the breakwater in 10 minutes

-That's an order! See that's it's done!
-Yes Sir.

All right,boys
Everybody up

All right,stop

-Full stop
-Stand by

Just about here,Sir

Stop the engines!

We'll go down directly to
patrol ship and start from there

The aircraft shouldn't be far away

-All set
-All set,Sir

We failed.I'm sorry.

Rosati, come and eat something.

In every battle ...

someone must win
and someone must lose.

-You did your best
-I'll lost two of our best men

And someone must
die.It's not your fault.

Rosati, it's over.There are
other things to think about

After this morning the enemy will know
for certain that we are working from here

-But the don't know how.

And they must not find out

The British 8th Army advancing
along the North Coast of Africa

Very soon they will land
another army,over there

In Morocco and

And the two will meet

And that army,or the great part
of it,will sail from Gibraltar

Unless we are able to stop them

-What are we going to do?
-Ask for men

then,like the British..




Wait,wait that's all I ever hear. Wait!

It's 6 weeks since I sent in
my report about the aircraft.

And what's been done about it

Except you type 500 letters and the
navy changes back to the blue uniforms


Shut the door will you

I sent your report,
to the admiralty.

They point out that the Algeciras
is neutral territory

and that the Spaniards are certainly
not assisting the frogmen

therefore no action could be taken except
on the highest government authority

And it is,of course,a
perfectly correct decision.

But the danger,Sir.

I am quite as much aware
of it as you are,Crabb

in fact even more so

The next convoy due in here will probably
be the most important one,we've ever seen

-The invasion force for North Africa,Sir?
-I didn't say that

I said, the most important
one we've ever seen.

-Quite soon

The allies aren't prepared
to invade Spain for you,Crabb

but they will expect that convoy to be
protected from underwater attack

whilst it is in Gibraltar

Any questions?

No questions here

-Right,carry on



I'll see you,chum


-What is...
-All clear here too, Miguel.

Clear out,clear out

You searched my cabin!

Already I'm late!
It's too much!

Ill' complain to the government-
I'll complain to the Red Cross!

I've brought you a Christmas present,

Real Scotch

Christmas? Is not Christmas
for two months?

Better take it .You might be
all be blown up by then

Here's one for you,Admiral

This is straight,on my level?

Right,on your level,amigo.

To thank you for letting us
search your ship so often

Amigo,good man,rule Britannia!

I thought you were late.

-We are late?

So,we will be later

-Arriba Espana
-God save King George

-Viva Franco
-Viva Roosevelt.




How much do you charge

to take me from here to
Algeciras in the morning

and bring me back to
Gibraltar in the evening?

-Do you understand?
-Si,si,excuse me.

I've got to speak to you, sir.

Don't look so worried,Thorpe

Mainly to pop over to
Algeciras with Knowles

and find out how the 10th Flotilla operate

What's wrong with that?

You haven't asked permission from
higher authority,Sir

And you forgive me,for saying so

I'm not prepared to let you go
under those circumstances

-Aren't you?
-You're my commander officer,Sir

And I wouldn't like to
see you get court-martialled.

King's regulations

naval instructions,clearly states,that any
officer acting without prior authority

Thorpe,don't quote the book at me

I am going and you are not stopping me

I wasn't intending to,Sir

You must ask permission first

You know,as well as I do,
I'll never get it.

I didn't specify get it,Sir,
I'd just said ask for it

Of course,you must put
your request in writing

and then you got to see that
the bloody address don't get it

you know what I mean Sir?

-Never mind,Sir

What time does the water boat
leave for Algeciras tomorrow?

-12: 45.
-12: 45! Fine!

Now then

In the morning, you make a written
application to the Admiral as follows:

Message begins

'' I request permission to make a day trip
to Algeciras

to investigate,activities
of the Italian 10th flotilla

Knowing how busy you are,and in
view of the urgency in this matter

I should assume that unless
I hear to the contrary by 12 45,

permission has been granted and
I should proceed accordingly"

Message ends

Mark the envelope ''Urgent and immediate ''
and send by hand,Sir

-Whose hand
-No names,no petrol,Sir



I maybe be able to speak a bit
of Spanish Sir,but...

-Well,how do I look,Sir
-Absolutely terrible

You look like a real Spaniard.

Very encouraging,mate,
we are supposed to be Swedes

Can you suggest a god place
for us to have a drink,Miguel?

Try the Cafe Estepona

Everybody going there.
All kind of people.

I leave at 6 I do not wait

Good luck,amigos

-What does he mean,Sir,all kinds of people?
-We'll soon find out

-Don't forget,I can only speak Swedish.
-Not so very interesting little chat

-Do you note the difference?

No war.It's another world.

Certainly is,Sir

-Buenos dias
-Buenos dias

That's what I meant,keep
your mind on the job


Here we are,Sir

Cafe"Estepona ''

Quiet,you handle Spanish

but anyone sees,we talk gibberish,
otherwise English

Keep look out for anyone
that looks like an Italian.

Señor,que debe ser?

Dos vasos de vino,por favor


Sorry,Sir. I've never took a
course in espionage

Somos suecos



-You keep your mind..
-No,not that,Sir,but his arm

-The tattoo!

Quick.Drink up
We'll follow him.

They look like sailors going
back on shore leave,Sir

The way he was kissing that
girl,say they've been here some time

A scruffy looking lad,Sir

Doesn't look much like the
10th Flotilla to me

I don't suppose we look
very much like the British navy

Going aboard that tanker,
let's have a look at it

Look at that

Must be Italian

What do you think is in those
drums they are hauling?

Diesel, probably.
We'll know in a minute

Diesel,just like you said
We drawn a blank,Sir

These drums could be fixed

The oil might be in the tube

and the rest of the drums
packed with something else

Special thing,Sir

Your thinking was it?

Did you see their faces?

Blimey,Sir,there is a lot more
than diesel in that drum

We got to find out what
is going on in that ship

Get aboard,they'd stop it

I didn't say we'll go aboard

How long can you hold
your breath under water?

Lovely voice,hasn't he,Sir?

We'll take it turns so do short diving

The one out of service
keep the look out

I want to check the whole hull
right up to the gunwale

The water-boat leave in half an hour,Sir

I don't fancy spending the night
with old Caruso sing me to sleep

I'll go down first

Yes,along the waterline and
keep your head down

Sorry,Sir but seeing
nothing under the ordinary

I'll take the last one.

Take the??

I found it.A tampered
hole under the bow,Sid

There must be a sealed compartment
inside we'll got to get in there

If anything goes wrong,you make
a press for it get back in the??

What about you?

It's an order,Knowles

Lets breathe

My god!

How clever and simple!

Of course,no one ever sees them

They go through that hole

And never make surface

I'd like to blow up one of these things

Come on we got to find out what
is on the other side of that ??gate

You were right about these drums,Sir.

Full of machinery and
explosive for warheads

-We've got to get out,Sir

They're coming here,Sir

In the water!

They are gone! Come on!

It was like a gigantic factory
carved out of the hull of the ship

Tomolino has designed it and
they built it when "Olterra" was interned

The Spaniards knew nothing about it
and nor did we

Well,let's also accept that now they
are in a harbour and where they operate

And what do we next,Sir?

I suggest you instruct your Chief
Petty Officer on how to ride a bicycle

Delayed messages is something
I learnt about in the midshipman

-Crabb,and I don't like them

If you ever tried a similar one
I'll have you court-marshalled,clear?


-Can I carry on now,Sir?

-Have a drink. You've earned it
-Thank you,Sir

-Sorry, I am in the wrong rig,Sir
-I told you the next convoy due here

is probably the most
important one we've ever had

The first part of it arrived today

They'll be here tomorrow
and tomorrow night,

on the following day they will be
joined by the second and larger part

On the day after that
the whole lot will sail

At least,I hope the whole
lot will sail,clear?

Yes,Sir but...

But you have given me very
valuable information today

but your job now is to protect this convoy

I don't think they will attack tonight
They are not prepared for it

But tomorrow night and the night after

-Any questions?

-See to it


Most of the ships that came in today
are supply ships,tankers and so on

The main part of the
North African invasion force

gets here the day after tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me know,Sir

I wish we could attack that convoy tonight

Be patient Rosati

When do you get all the new
boarded assembled tomorrow?

-They'll be ready

No wonder he kept on to get us that
blasted Italian chariot working.

- Look at him.
-He is going to test it tomorrow.

Always said they coming useful one day

Particularly the war head

I am not with you,Sid.

But if you weren't with us
in the old "Olterra" either mate

You'd know what he's thinking about

Instead sitting here
waiting to be attacked..

there will be a ruddy idea
to pop over there to Algeciras

with that thing and blow them all up

But he explained about that.Spain,
is a neutral

We must obey the laws
of International Procedure.

Hand me that depth charge,will you?

I mean we are still
civilised men aren't we?

There now,that should make a nice
old mess of it when I drop on tonight

Good luck, Rosati

The worst part of this,Sir

-Think they'll come ?
-They'll come!

Get in

Go have a look under
that tanker over there

You take the stern I'll take the bar

Yes,Sir much quieter down there

Good boy

They are doing another one
before she catches fire on this one

Sid there in the big one!

Plenty more of them.We shan't
finish this jump until the morning

He will be alright.We'll save
his leg.Don't worry.

I telephoned Jumpers Bastion

the rest of your men are quite
safe.They are sleeping now


You ought to get some rest too you
know. No one can go on forever

We'll have six chariots and
warheads serviceable by this evening

The tide should give you
little help over the target

You have done well,Rosati,all of you

Very well

But if we can cripple
that convoy before it starts

That'll be the biggest price of all

Have you any work to do

Nets repaired,Sir,
depths charges are all ready

It's a daft thing,Sir

She works, Chief!I just
tried it,she really works

Do you know that they can
see those ships,as well as we can

And last night will be nothing
compared what will happen tonight

-I've got to do it, Chief.
-All right,Sir

You and Knowles going to board that chariot

slip into the water under
"Olterra" blow it up

Just before the chariots leave her

Making sure that this convoy
is not getting attacked.

Very necessary,Sir

Nothing wrong with it

-Except I haven't permission to do it
-You said it this time,Sir

All right, Thorpe.

Good luck,Sir.

Come in.

I know it's late, but
I must see the admiral.

He is visiting the command ship of
the invasion force with the Chief of Staff.

-When will he back?
-After 2 hours at least

He's asked me to take these
letters up to his house

It will be too late by then.

You're expecting them to
attack again tonight,aren't you?

They know what those ships mean

Not far ago and
nothing to stop them

Easy meat

You must be very tired,
don't take too many risks.

Why should I?

-Could become a habit.
-I'm still intact.

You have a lot of friends,
a lot of people who like you

Whatever happens,whatever you decide to do
remember that,won't you?

He must be under the net by now.

Then probably surface in the bay
and then dive again for the run in

I hope our own patrol boats don't spot him

With a warhead on bows of that chariot
it will be too bad if they do

We'll stay on the surface,as
long as possible and save oxygen.

Why are you laughing at Knowles?

The admiral is on one of those ships

We could alter course and
ask his permission to carry on

If we gonna be sunk we might
as well be sunk by the enemy

We are ready to go at nine o'clock


There she is,we'll be there in five minutes

You stay on the chariot
I'll take the warhead

I'd set the fuse with short delay


Diving now.

Here are the letters. And those
are the latest signals.

Thank you

-Anything important,Capt.,whilst I was away?

Except that Lieutenant Crabb wanted to
see you urgently but he couldn't wait,Sir

Make him an appointment first
thing in the morning,would you?


Might deal with these
and then you can carry on

Thank you,Sir

-Good night,Sir
-Good night.

-Ready, Celloni?

The chariots should go first

Then the divers

Stand by everybody
We're diving in one minute.


We just received the signal,Sir

saying that you've been awarded
with the "George" Medal,Sir

On behalf for myself,Leading Seaman Knowles

Able Seamen Morgan and Fraser,Able Seaman
Thomas,our heartiest congratulations.Sir

You all deserve a ruddy medal

Subtitles by Nostromo