The Silenced (2015) - full transcript

Korea in year 1938. Joo-ran is a sickly girl who is transferred to the Gyeongseong Boarding School for ill girls. She is given a new name; Shizuko. At first life seems to be not different from other boarding schools. Joo-ran learns that before she came, another girl named Shizuko had suddenly left the school without saying goodbye to her friends. Soon after other girls in the class are reported to have gone home as well, after disappearing in odd circumstances. Now the young girl is confident, that there is something wrong about the Gyeongseong School. Joo-ran starts a risky research to uncover the secrets surrounding the school, which puts her life in danger.

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Yan Zhiyuan

Pu Sudan

Screenwriter director Li Haiying

Beijing school

The disappearance of the girls

1938 Beijing school infirmary school

She here yet

She's really here?

Where where where

The car

Get off me


Now she will fill it



I am president Kato Sanae

In principle, transfer is not allowed mid semester

I was also the first to break the routine

Welcome nice to meet you

Thanking you in advance Shizuko

When do you leave for Tokyo?

We will be leaving in a few days

My husband will go first

Now your alone

Do not worry

You will be well again

The body will recover

What are you doing?

Follow me.

All of it?... Why?

Will you allow me to keep this?


That is the school rules

Why don't you understand the Rules and Regulations?


It's still warm

Probably because I just took it out the dryer.

I generally don't like it warm

It will be alright

Personal care products according to the Japanese order

This is a personal log

Well, now write the first page

Day by day

Every morning to me on a new page

And also

Do not cry

I'm called Shizuko

Shizuko / Shizuko?

We will treat her as family.

Ok everyone

Now proceed with it by hand

Kirra you demonstrate to Shizuko

My name Kiira

Nice to meet you

(that sound asians make)

Do you know how to embroider?

Take a look

Now it's beautiful cherry petal

A small piece but eventually will be a spectacle

After completion it will be sent to Japan

It will be in competition with other schools

If we win, we can study abroad in Japan

The Studies in Tokyo are better.

It's a very good place

Have you been there?

What? Tokyo



I herd that in Japan this flower is everwhere

How delightful

One... Two... (giggles)

One, Two, Three, Four,

Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

Ten, Eleven

Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen


After sixteen

Sixteen people no absence

Bed preparation is completed

Im' Grateful

Im' Grateful

Im' Grateful

Lights - out

Brought her



She really is an eyesore

What is your situation


You dumb?

I want to know in order to be classify you

What did you say, Classification?

Give me the answer

Your illness contagious?

Is it not contagious?



Can't hear you

You are a fool


What your lungs

Really off-putting

Noisy go back to sleep

go back

Your strange

I heard you coughing up blood last night

Weaker than expected

Certainly it's been very hard right

She has always been cautious


It will help you get comfortable


We select two healthy students during the semester

To study abroad in Tokyo

If a weak student like you got elected

As a teacher I'd be happy


Wanna go?

I will give you a prescription with injections

I remember taking it about seven per day

I wish I could bear fruit



What happened in the end...

I didn't expect it

Is not it funny

Because you have the same name

What do you mean

The other girl was also called Shizuko

A close friend with Kazue and Yuuka

Sizuko went back home suddenly,
because she was in failing health.

But, That doesn't make any sense to me

I can not blame you

How you got the name

They are childish!


Is ther any problem?

Ah No


You sad they took your Diary?

In fact, here is a secret


It's not complete

I'll keep the...


You just said a secret

It was originally estimated to be used

Which we stumbled

I did not come for a long time

This is the real secret

It is contrary to the rules and regulations

Secretly hide


What is your name

Real name

I'm Youn-duk, Hong Youn-duk

Ju-ran, Cha Ju-ran


Sounds like you.

Given by my mother

My disease

How about you

I'm not afraid of being contagious

Your mother looks very healthy

My mother died

I think my father and his new wife are afraid of

The chance to infected by me

So cowardly

Back to Tokyo

The first that came out from my mouth

I'll keep it.

You keep a Diary?

Haven't you heard its against the rules

3 m 87






3 m 91


It is my most fundamental duty to make

students a Physically healthy woman

Actual results of their studies

And of course, correct attitude is also important

The most important thing is a healthy body

The drug is provided daily

We can improve our immunity

Upgrade and maintain everyone's metabolism

They are for your tailored prescription under

Just follow me.


We will start it

We started running

I really like medicine before a meal.

It gives me a good appetite
and makes my head clear

More sober-minded

I became more healthy

Good SLeep

Also gain weight

Other Sizuko...

What was she like?

Was she good or bad?

Beautiful or not beautiful like...

I'm sorry I did not mean anything

didn't mean anything?

didn't mean anything?

I Just...

Do you think this means nothing

Shit! Who do you think you are?

Nothing! You are nothing!

How else ah you kidding

Who are you to look down on me

You bastard die die

I'll kill you I will kill you

Get off her!

Oh.. Shizuko

Kirra, are you ok?


I'm fine you?


Are you angry?


How come?

I will not be angry


Really wow Kazue

To always train hard

(that sound asians make)


Everyone knows that Kazue and Yuuka will be selected.

But still she always works hard

Really strange

What is there?

Come to an end through the grass

No one should have been there

I heard the sea


you said you haven't been

Oh ah right

No wonder you're going anyway

I've never seen the sea once

To see accross the sea, would be Tokyo

Tokyo an ok place?

Can we go without permission?


We can't

Where do you plan to go?

The sea

Isn't it nice?



Why... are you nice to me?

Because you look weak

Why is that?

And you are very strange child

4 m 12




4 m 8



3 m 89

One hundred twenty-three

3 m 89

Thank you very much

What did I do?

I dunno

You really say strange things.


This is the smell of my breath

After taking the medicine, its nice

Thanks to you anyway


You went to the basement with the lung disease girl

Don't bother going there with Shizuko

How do people do as they please

Xiahun and that tuberculosis are not being infected. Yuka

Shut up

How can you call her lung disease

How can you be so vicious

you're so touched by this, cruel

Why should Shizuko be around us

When she intimates us like yesterday

So she should leave?

She can't just disappear overnight

I think this is best

This will increase your strength in the long jump

Not what


You're so terrible


What are you doing

It just came like this


You ok?

I'm ok sorry

Shizuko there's been an accident

Eguchi is missing

See what you think of this

It's randomly littered

That's all I can think of


There's no one in the attic or the cafeteria

You are responsible for the canteen there Yuka

The rest of you follow me

Come on

Seems the morning began in turmoil

What a shame

As I said Eguchi was picked up by her biological mother

You must feel a deep loss

When people leave we worry

Anyway please do not be sad

I want the usual normal

We thought of Shizuko

And she was really exactly the same

Both were the next to disappear without a trace

Because they are monsters

Just behind I found

What I sent her as a gift

You also know that the child has been quiet this is her amulet

But she didn't take it

I wonder

Why talk about Shizuko

Tell me

What are you unaware of

Nothing for me to hide

For Shizuko is...

You did not see she is important to me

Maybe think of a better place

So will want you to leave

You find it difficult to accept it

What are you


Yan Tak


I might have seen Eguchi

Although a little wrong in bed

But that

Was obviously Eguchi

Leave it

I mean

Did you not wake up from a dream

Do not be silly

Yan Tak


To whom


So as to write the facts

First written down

Also finish reading your own

They are the same regardless of the letter or diary

Anyway you often say strange words

Yesterday I heard in the principal's office

If you have been eating this flower

You can no longer pant

How good

If so

If the two of us can go to Tokyo

You say you've seen her before disappearing

Remember where?

Over there

Is Eguchi




Something you say?

You say there Kirra and who

Transfer students

Don't be overly sensitive

Kirra is going to a different school this morning

It was a tough decision

No one told you yet?

You said you saw her?


My opinion is too sensitive

Replace the injection

Call period of time to look at it

If there is any discomfort and change

You must tell me immediatly


Along the way, Kirra was successful

She left so smoothly

Finally, we are going to leave it

Why do you never once mention it Tokyo

You run daily

Not because of Tokyo


What is Tokyo to you

I was an orphan

No place to go

But I heard I was good at running

So I come here

Not because of Tokyo

I fear no place to go

Everyone guess would be you and Yuka

Do you think so

I don't Know

I was not curious

Do mind being with Yuka in Tokyo?

I want to go with you

Don't you want me too?

Sure enough, you don't answer


From the beginning

They know me as I am a good person

But they don't care about me

But you



What was that!

Why does it matter

I Do not know

I do not know how

Look at me

I mean, look at me

Anyway, the thing is irrelevant to you

First pay attention to the point

I do not know what will happen

Best keep this a secret

I feel myself getting a bit strange



Heavy and hot

Help me Yan Tak


I'll go first

Shizuko do you have something to say to me

Before I hesitated not to say

I don't think I should have anymore Injections


I feel completely recovered

No more coughing

No more breathing issues

My body is also very light


You want to stop

Well it does not matter

The selection criteria for the best students

I would like to know exactly what that is



Dine while listening

Selection of the best students in the semester

Sent to Tokyo to study publicly

We all remember it

Now is time to choose

The open grant special courses

Each person will have one on one counseling

And this course

Selection of the best students will have a direct impact

Students will start from the most likely candidate

Candidates are to be reduced to a minimum


The first person I select is


Please wait

Yan Tak


What do you what

This is exactly what you've been doing

What kind? In the end look what you have taken away

Die die




What happened

Yan Tak

It's So strange

I don't feel pain

Who you are is who you are

What are your true colors

Who are you in the end

Quickly say ah say ah

What are you doing!

What are you doing!

You are who you are


Sedation Kazue

You are so cooperative

I wam so grateful very happy


Starting today I will teach several courses in this

Although it is an important process

But it doesn't have to be a burden

Because you are very good

Do not think about anything now

Comfortably alone on the line

She's similar and Shizuko is speechless

Shizuko ...



This one

So strange

I don't feel pain

Yan Tak

Yan Tak

I feel weird



Good heavy heat

I was obviously coming back

In any case she wants to be safe

But disappeared


I think there might be a mistake

Or dreaming

I do not think of other possibilities

Things inside the school pass so quickly

I also believe those words also

So forget me

She did so leave

I'm to blame

The information of the disappearances of the girls should be kept separate

Shizuko find Kirra

How many times do I have to say

Other schools were also expected to be later

In stages one by one in the past

Now that you've got the supplies

The timing and manner of prescription, I have the final say

Is not yet complete verification of medicine

Then wait for another indication of it

The experiment itself is a verification

You do not understand my words?

The so-called process

It is still in progress

Did you not see the analysis results

Because of negligent management resulting in sending two away you say this is it?

The results lead to other children's attention

This can also be counted in it?

If you are not willing to obey my commands, then withdraw now

Anyway, from the very beginning you didn't have a role

─ the final version of the experimental plan

Experimental plan

Related to body modification

Proceed from life control and drug therapy

Phased Implementation

Actively promote the people's feelings and

Body leap upgrades

Unable to perceive pain

Beyond the physical limits of the human body

Develop the inherent potential

The possibility of super-human ability to observe

Physical and psychological aspects

Not yet mature girls in experiments like the best

Training will be super-human soldiers

Information landmark

Experiment 1 record images

Experimental record images 2


It's me

As a result I was elected

How is this possible



Yuka No

Yuka don't


I'm sorry

Get down Yuka


You are not to be out the dormitory alone

(some kinda scream)


Ombudsman now has to catch up


Curriculum abolition of all let everyone calm down

I know

Yan Tak

I smell rice

It's close

It should be the village


Thank you

You must survive

Yuka won't last much longer

About 5 hours

So hold on for a while, then we...

Gonna record it?

Are you crazy?

Also how do the dead get shot?

Early termination of term

They gave her medication

Yuka dead


Now you really are the only one

This will be bad for her huh


But it will not be dangerous

Do you think the teachers are doing safe things

Yes, this time

I do not know what will become of the child

She might wake up

Or even wake up and become what

I do not know either

Because they do not know

Therefore, in order to clarify

Our mission is not exactly right

The teacher's role should

The possibility to dig


If there is no good material to be found

You have to find a new job

Really the key is to wait overnight

In short it's hard

When the results come out, then you can increase the support

It is necessary to confirm in advance of good supplementary items

Kato Sanae

You are this close

Now here under my control

After reporting to the above decisions under

Without debate

That one

I'm the president

You do not know what that means?


How can direct military school management

If in fear that if

To succeed you have decided on

You dare test me



Quickly asshole

Secret documents here

Spare my life from me Ombudsman

I will work hard...

If you give up everything here

I have nothing

You know very well it

Why are you so obsessed with this?


Or you want fame?


Want to get recognition

Sanae identity with Kato

As a true emperor of people

Dignified return to motherland

This damn Korea

I want to rely on their own strength

With their legs

Get out of here


Juran Juran

Help! Juran

Start it

The remaining students are mine



Thank you

My thanks to you

Not yet

I can not die





Yan Tak

Yan Tak

Yan Tak No..

Yan Tak


You have nothing to say

This one

Even reckless than expected

I have nothing left nothing to be afraid of



I want to kill you



She is a very important experimental product

You can not kill her


She was the first experiment to verify the effect of the new drug product

Request Support

This is important to keep








Put us into something like this

What are you talking about Shizuko

You now know it to be packaged much more beautiful

Yan Tak

I'm good for you

You were originally weak useless, now your not

Yan Tak

Now we can..

Go home

I will read it

Will not

It is said that this

Seems okay

It seems repaired

Try it

Give it a try

What the

Not yet

Line of the line

I really hope it's an upbeat song