The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989) - full transcript

The film's thin veneer of social propriety (the story of how the VietCong came under Hanoi's control) is merely a cover for a rolicking old-time battle tale, complete with a hard-tack sergeant, his rebellious sidekick, and a demoralized base that needs to be whipped into shape before the VietCong attack.

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Looks abandoned.

Or worse.

Let's go, Shortwave.

It was Chinese New Year.

The Tet holiday.

The communists had
called a 36-hour truce.

It should've
been a routine patrol.

But we weren't
taking any chances.

Get DiNardo up here.

DiNardo was my right hand.


The kind of gung-ho fighting machine

that Marines are famous for.

We'd been to this village before

and a lot of smiling,

shaking hands and bowing

to show that we
were the good guys.

The people were friendly.

We like them and they liked us.

DiNardo knew enough Vietnamese

to be a big hit.

So it really hurts
to see their heads on stakes.

This rotten war was
getting to us.

We'd stay too long,

we seen too much.

Jesus Christ...



Got more in the wells.


No amount of training

could prepare you for an
experience like this.

Shortwave said he'd seen worse

on the streets of Detroit.

But that's the kind of bullshit

you use to keep from going crazy.

Murphy was the one
that's hit the hardest.

He was a green college
kid from Indiana.

The closest he'd been to death

was his grand dad's funeral.

Sergeant Hafner!


This is insanity.

This is effective.

Charlie's got this valley
by the balls.

Won't nobody step outta
line around here.

Sergeant Major!


We got a boy, Sergeant Major.

He's alive!

Please, kid.

Calm down.

C'mon, Juicy?

Wanna Juicy?

Juicy, Juicy, Juicy.

There ain't no
ceasefire around here

that's for damn sure.

Somethin' comin' down.

Somethin' heavy.

Oh, we gotta find out
what it is.

We gonna leave
the village like this?

Torch it.

We radioed headquarters,

but they didn't read the signs

like we did.

Just another bunch
of dead gooks.

What else is new?

DiNardo was pretty
steamed up inside

so I put him on point.

Best therapy I could think of.

As point men go,

DiNardo had few equals.

He had a sharp eye

and a good nose for trouble.

Hold on. It's DiNardo, sir.

What do you got?

Two VC by a cave.
I'm gonna pop 'em.

We got contact.

Murphy, I want you to check
out the area.

Need to know how many
dinks we're dealing with here.

You sure you wanna do this alone?


My turn.

Besides, I had needed a bath.

Okay Nard, you got the ball.
If I ain't back in ten,

use your imagination.


Stay on 'em.

Jesus Christ.

You look like a fucking ghost.

Whose were these?

I lost...

Lost my whole patrol.

What's your unit, son?

There were thousands.

We saw...

We saw thousands of 'em.

What's your name, son?

I don't...

I don't know.

No... No... I'm whip-bounding.

Two clicks back...

Abandoned camps.

Looked about company size.

Well, there's a company,

- there's a battalion.
- Come.

Tell DiNardo to get everybody

- ready to pull out.
- Right.

C-4's in place, Sergeant Major.

Might be a pretty good
idea to blow it up.

Yes, sir.

Dinks up ahead!

Twenty, maybe thirty.

You know the program, DiNardo.

Do your thing.

I want you bunched up
around the casualty.

Let's move.

DiNardo was like a brother
I never had.

He's always getting into trouble.

And I was always gettin' him out.

But when the times got tough,

he was the one
I knew I could count on.

For a while, there had been
some tension between us.

And it needed to be resolved.

But now was not the time.

Now, I needed the best
rifleman in the squad

covering my back.

Any VC in your area?

No VC here.

Only fish made in bottles.
Yeah, I bet.

Where the boy come from?

We found the boy in An Lap village.

An Lap village?

I don't like it. Let's move.

Let's get outta here.

I don't like the looks
of this at all.

Get on the horn.

There's not a swinging dink here

that ain't recruiting age.

Tell DiNardo to lock and load.

Watch the one
with the hairy face.

Lock and load, DiNardo.

It don't look good.

Sergeant Major's saying: Watch
the one with the beard.

Shortwave, get your dumb black
John Wayne ass down!

Get down!

Get that Fifty on the boat!

Ceasefire! Hold your fire!

I want these boats under water.

Don't use our frags.

There's plenty of dink
grenades up here.

I'd like to know where these needle-dick

dinks are getting new AK-fuckin'-47s at.

What the hell's goin' on here, Spider?

You on R and R?

Get down here and
help Hawk sink those boats.

Shortwave, you get in touch
with the damn chopper yet?

No, sir. Sergeant Major.

Keep trying.

Hey, DiNardo!


I want an accurate body count.

I got it!

Twenty males. Nine females.

Three goddamn tots.

You'll love this shit.

VC regulars.

Just beautiful.

Happy Chinese New Year.

Murphy, are you ready yet?

I want that chopper in
here, right now.

Doin' my best, Sergeant Major.

Yeah, well. That's not
quite good enough.

Try harder.

Golden Eagle,
this is Shortwave.

What the hell am
I gonna name you, huh?

How 'bout, Pee Wee, huh?

Can you say, Pee Wee?

Pee Wee.

- Pee Wee.
- Pee Wee.

Pee Wee, I named you Pee Wee.

Pee Wee Reese.

The greatest baseball player

for the Brooklyn Dodgers
that ever lived.

Don't get too goddamn
attached to that boy.

You know, what?

He sure as hell
doesn't look like Jimmy.

But he's got the
same spark in his eye.

You know what I mean?
Look at him.

It doesn't get any
goddamn easier.

Does it Nard?


So, Sergeant Major. Where
the hell are we going now?

A little goddamn firebase.

Gloria's the name of it.



Ain't too far from here.


Fuck! We're we hit?

Don't worry 'bout it.

We're comin' down.

Take it port side.
Sergeant Major!

This sucker's dead meat.

Get us down. Now!

You got it, chief!

Set it down. Now!

It's alright. It's alright.

We'll be getting outta here.

Be cool!

We're goin' down.

Just cut the fuel!

Get the fuck outta here!

C'mon! C'mon!


C'mon, let's get the Ghost
down to the aid station.

Murphy, see to it that
the kid gets de-loused.

DiNardo, your radio with me.

Let's move. Let's move.

Where's your CO?

He's in the CP jackin' off.

Yeah, he's at the pod now, sir.

Must've jerked off for the
second time by now, baby.

Good afternoon, sir.

You are the CO?

Who're you?

Sergeant Major Hafner.

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol, sir.


The French Foreign Legion had

difficulty in this country, you know.


Street Without Joy.

You read it?

Yes, sir. I have.

Your opinion?

It's history, sir.


Very good.

And you know that fortified positions

linked by mobile reconnaissance

has survived the strategy?

Are you paying attention, soldier?

Sir. We have just encountered
heavy enemy activity

in the vicinity of An Lap.

Don't be impertinent, soldier.

The Sergeant Major and I here
were discussing history.


Well it seems to me that you would
like to know what the hell...

Nothing is 'seems to be'.

You remember that, soldier.

Yes, sir.

Even the incomparable Clausewitz

underestimated the
value of airborne artillery.

Then, how could he possibly know

given the historical contexts.

Sir, the gooks are on
the move out there.

Of course they are, Sergeant-Major.

It's the Tet holiday.

Every gook in the country is
on the way to his mama-san's

for fucking fish heads and rice.

We just rescued
an American prisoner, sir.

And he's given us vital information

about heavy...


Come here. Come here, soldier.


Lemme I ask you a question.

Does she or doesn't she have

the greatest set of tits

you've ever seen in your entire life?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir!

That'll be all, gentlemen.


Oh, by the way, Sergeant Major.

Put your men to work on

repairing the mess tin refs.

Haven't had ice cream in two weeks.

Complete air superiority

and they can't freeze a couple

gallons of fucking ice cream!

Let's get outta here.

So... ah.

Staying, Sergeant Major?

Hundreds of places to live.

Sergeant Major...

I would say,
this is a perfect time

for a change of command.

For Chrissakes,

he's already brain-dead.

If we don't do it

it's gonna get everybody killed

including ourselves.

Sergeant Major...

Sergeant Major!

Goddamit, Nard, I hear you.

Wait until nightfall.

I don't want him killed.

No problem.


Ceasefire! Ceasefire!

What the fuck was that?!

Incoming rounds.

Oh, hell. They got the CP.



Get the fuck here, now!


Huh. Nobody.

Mighty Mouse never get us out this shit.


Mighty Mouse and Underdog.

I don't know...


No. No. No.

How much time you got up here?

Yeah. Seventeen more days.

I'm gonna miss you.

Yeah, I'll miss you too.

Varia, it's Jones here.

I read you, Sergeant.

I'm on my way.

Who're you?

Sergeant Major Hafner.

Where's Captain Williams?

Unconscious, down at sick bay.
We had incoming last night.

Poor guy.


What's your status?

First Sergeant Jones, sir.
Just in from patrol.

Sit down.

Well, you're my First
Sergeant now, Jones.

Wha'd you see out there?

Three hundred on the move.

Maybe more.

All regulars.

Yeah, we can add
about two thousand to that.

Maybe in ballpark.


An Lap. Yesterday.

Crap's gonna hit the fan, Top.

And this fuckin' place ain't
prepared for the shit.

This firebase can't be defended.

How many people do you have
out there, that ain't brain-dead?

I don't have anyone
who's willing to trip over

his guts for the
Vietnamese way of life.

This I know...

Any illusions about yours or my
brand of democracy, First Sergeant?

We're gonna re-fortify this shit-hole,

then we're gonna protect it like
it was your daughter's cherry.

I hate, I'm gonna die here.


There's no doubt in my military mind

that we are in a deep-shit
situation, people.

Now, if any of you dog-faced dope smokers

don't feel like pulling your
share of the load around here,

you can pack your shit
and get your young asses

off of my firebase right now.

Sandbag this west sector, now!

Move your ass!

Somebody get me a
goddamn vehicle up here

and drive this heap of shit outta here!

I want these fresh
lines squared away.

Break your legs
and do a purpose dig.

You find them, tonight.

There is hope, damn tomorrow.

It's as simple as...

What the fuck is that?

Combat photographer.

Crazy as a bedbug.

They say, he's got the best
Cambodian Red around.


Oh, we'll see about that.

Hey... God what a defensive fighter.

Matter of fact, not a bad idea.

I understand you got some
pretty badass Cambodian Red.

Ain't the truth, isn't it?

Fine, my weed here. Been
smoking opium for a month.

This takes the edge off ev'rything.

Goddamn. That's my favorite kind.

No, shit.

Give it to me.

Wha-why should I give it for?

I said fucking give it to me.

Hey man. This should cost me
two cases of peaches, man.

You've been strip-searched by a Marine.

Because I suggest
you reach in and find it.

But you sure as hell,
you don't want me to do it.

Now, do it right now!


All right, all right!

Hey, call a dog laugh.
Hey, all right.


I hate this game.

Sergeant Major.

Can I keep it?

Yeah, you found it.

It's all yours, Nards.

Give him a rifle and
put him on the line.

Yes, let's go Doctor Leary.

You can't do this.
I'm a civilian.

Yeah, well you've just been
fucking drafted, sweetheart.

I'm an innocent objector.
Hey, alright I'm comin'.

We work for a living now.

So you're staying!?

What about the nurses?


Yes, there are nurses
up at the station.

Doin' this field exercise.

Shit's gettin' pretty goddamn
deep around here.

Is there any nuns or Girl Scouts,
that I should know about

on the firebase?

That's what happens when
you inherit wealth.

Lucky you.

Yeah, lucky me.

Aid station, Sergeant Major.


I want these troops patched
up and back out on the line,


If they can fire a rifle, they
can send my gratitude.

I take it you're in command?

You take it right.
What's your trade or field?

Captain Flanagan.

199th Evacuation Hospital.

Sir, did I hear you say you want

my wounded back on the line?

That's affirmative, Captain.

We're facing a regiment
of VC out there.

Breaking it down
into layman's terms,

that's five to one in their favor.

I'm not too goddamn
crazy about you ladies

being on my firebase
in the first place.

But I guess I can learn
how to live with it, can I?

I understand.

I want you to get a
list of supplies together

that you gonna have
to have turned over to.

First Sergeant here take care of this.

Good morning, Miss Flanagan.


The rank's Captain.

I'm real impressed.

Maybe you are made to see it.

C'mon, First Sergeant.

Headquarters still didn't buy
my analysis of the situation.

Hell, they had experts staying
in air-conditioned offices in Saigon

who understood that we're a whole lot
better than anyone in the front line.

We had asked for
ammunition and reinforcements.

What we got was the mail run,
a few cases of beer and a VD film.

They just wouldn't believe we were
up against a regiment of Vietcong.

They didn't even bother to
send a replacement CO.

Nice knowing you, sir.

There were times when
we all wondered whether

headquarters was
fighting the same war.



Get me the fuck outta here!


Damn, all you arty motherfuckers.

I'm an officer.

An officer?

If I'd knew you were officer,

I'd left your ass right
out there, motherfucker.

Nardo, we got contact.

Visual. Two figures.

Two hundred yards.


Yeah. Hi! Hi!

We friend.

No, no. Stay there, stay there.

American, mai loi.

What you got, Murph?

Ah, just a couple of girls.

Wanna come out? Whaddaya think?

Me friend.


I smell sapper.

Cut 'em down.

Goddamit, Murphy.

I said take your weapon...

Fuck you, you just fuck it...


For God's sakes, no!

Listen to me.

This is Vietnam, you understand?

Pretty girls got balls.

Instead of their mommies
putting books in their hands,

and sending 'em to school,

they wrap 'em up in dynamite
and send 'em off to kill GIs.

You got that?

That's the enemy, Murphy.

That's the enemy!

Get it together!

Charlie just reminded us
he had nothing to lose

and everything to gain.

You had to admire his
strength of purpose.

He'd been fighting off foreigners
for hundreds of years.

The Chinese, Japanese,
the French and now, us.

We knew. We just knew he
was never going to give up.

That night, Charlie pulled the
biggest publicity stunt of the war.

The last thing the folks at home
were expecting to see

on their TV sets that
day was a ravaged embassy.

Any news that the Tet
offensive had started.

Had been told the war was almost won.

They would not be so trusting again.

All headquarters told me
was to hold the firebase,

whatever it took.

A little religious communication

might not be a bad idea
this late in the game.

I myself, I don't take any chances.

I talk to Mohammed,


and to Jesus H. Christ

and any other religious
honchos I can come up with.

There is no sense staying as
an atheist in a combat situation.

Now we don't have a chaplain here,

but I don't see that as any major setback.

You can rest assured,

you will not go in that bag

until I've said a few
appropriate words over you.

I figured about 450 yards.
Set up the main tube.

Pound them!

Recoil 25 four!

Fuck their guns!

All right, hold your fire!

Wait now. Wait for my command!



I can help.

Give me something to do.

I've done field dressing.

This is a big chance to be a hero.

I want you to maintain
constant contact with DiNardo.

You got it?

Yes, Sergeant Major.

Hold your fire, goddamn it!


Yeah, what's it like?

What's it like!?

How many of 'em?



Charlie was testing us.

He lost his first assault
on the northern side

when we were better prepared.

Then through his waiting,
DiNardo's position

on the east perimeter
was tougher for him.

But not so strongly defended.

Nice thinking, Charlie.

You damn your fathers
with our pants down.

Pull back!

Get on the horn to Haffner!

Tell him we're being overrun!

Shortwave! This is Murphy!

Tell Hafner we need backup.

Right now!

That's affirmative!

Let's go!

Jones, this is Hafner!

DiNardo's getting overrun.

There are gooks through the wire.

Gather as many as your troops
together as you can spare,

get 'em over to him, right now!

We're on our way!

Move out!

Let's go!

Let's go. Payback time!


Howdy, you scumbag!

That's right! Go back!

All the way back to Hanoi!

Murphy, Spider, Hawk!

You're all on death detail.

Get out there
and kill the wounded.

I don't want any surprises, overnight.

Murphy, if you can find it
in your sweet little heart

to bring back a prisoner.
I'd appreciate it.

No problem.


What's goin' on with you?


Jesus Christ!
They're killing wounded.

Don't tell me you're
feeling sorry for 'em, Sergeant?

They're soldiers just like us.


Snipers! There!


You have a good time?

You're fuckin' crazy,
you know that?

You're really diggin' this shit.

What were you
back home, a rapist?


I'm just another
dumbass, like you.

All right, hang in there.
It'll be all right.

This is your ticket home, man.

It'll be all right.

Hang in there.

Okay, Mr. Commanding Officer.
Where's the medevac?

I've got eight people who will
be dead within the hour.

We're running out of morphine.

Where are the supplies I ordered?

You listen to me, Flanagan.

You listen good.

Communications bunker is history.

We are on our own.

There will be no resupply.

So you tighten up and
make do with what you've got.

You're a captain.

Be a goddamn captain.

Just the guy I was looking for.

Woo! Hot damn it, Murphy.

I told you to bring me back a live one.

Hey, he's still alive.

He's fine, pretty still alive.

For that matter, so am I.

Get him at the aid station.

I want this little dink talkin'
to me in twenty minutes.

No problem.

What the hell are you doing?

Leave him alone!

Leave him alone!

Look lady, this is called
extracting information.

You understand that?

So we torture prisoners
now, do we?

You goddamn right.
This ain't Nebraska, lady.

But you don't do it in my hospital.


Goddamn it, talk to me!

Talk to me!

What kind of animal, are you?



Lady, you have any idea

if Charlie got in here.

What will they do?

He will rape you.

Your nurses.

Until you are dead.

But you know what?

They'd have to kill me first.


I'm not that... The Animal.

Sergeant Major.

Now, I mind being your radio operator.

I was trained Recon.

No patrols.

Goddamn it,
you're a short-timer.

You just don't need it.

Hi guys.

Can you stand a
little more excitement?

Whaddaya got, Nard?

They're digging.


At the edge of the tree line.

And they're headed
right this way.

My little Cong tells me that

two big guns are arriving
the first thing in the morning.

Where's your little Cong now?

He's probably shaking hands
with Buddha right now.

You'd think you could
get into their camp?

Sergeant Major.

You're in Bangkok.

It's Friday night.

And you got a fistful of dollars.

You think you could get laid?

Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, I think you could too.

Shortwave, let's go to Bangkok.

Okay. Go on.


Keep your head down.

We learned we were up
against the Dong Nai Regiment.

Under the command of Colonel Cao Van.

He wasn't exactly one
of my favorite people.

He'd overrun 9th Motor
Transport last year.

And that'd really pissed me off.

So I thought I'd let
him know we weren't

gonna lay down
and die that easy.

It was time to sprinkle
some shit in Charlie's rice.

Goddamn it, Jones. You have any idea

how close you just
came to get blown away?

Where the hell do you think
you are anyway, Iwo Jima?

No, this ain't exactly Suribachi, either.

I didn't know that you
were a flag-waver, Jones.

I care.

I don't care for a lot of it.

What I care for, care for a lot.

Know what I mean?

I've been a dedicated soldier

for twenty-three years.

Does that tell ya
something, hmm?

Yeah, I came in
the Marine Corps

when I was seventeen years old.

So hell no.

I wouldn't change
a goddamn thing either.


Goddamn it!


DiNardo, I'm on a mine.

Closer, Coates.

Give me a knife, man.
I got ya. I got ya.

Goddamn it.
There's a patrol up there.

I'd like to see you back in one
piece. You understand me?

Oh, we'll just
leave him here, man?

Yeah, we're going.


DiNardo! Comin' in!


Fuck your password!

Yo! Comin' in!

What's the password?

♪ Moonlight over Saigon. ♪

♪ It's so enticing. ♪

- How you've been?
- Lovely.

You're little flat, Murphy.

It's the wording.

I think that got my name on it.

Good night.

How did you do this?

With a knife.

That's a little silly.


I guess it is a little silly.

What's your name?


Kinda remind me of my girl.

Her name's Polly.

We're gettin' married in May.

We're supposed to be
married last November.

But leave got canceled.

But that's okay.

I like May better, anyway.

You got a piece?


A rifle.

You have a rifle?


You might need one.

Tomorrow, were gonna
be attacked for sure.

Why don't you take mine?

Aren't you gonna need it?

I'll find another one.

Safety on. Off.

It's got a full clip.


Wish me luck?

Good luck.

Soup's up. Let's break a leg.

All over the country, Charlie
was giving us big trouble.

Nothing was out of his reach.

I just hoped there was someone,

somewhere who
hadn't forgotten us.

Fuck me dead!

No love for you today, mother?

Where we going, Skipper?

A fuckin' outpost called Gloria.
It's on the map.

Don't wait for it.

It's gonna go! Get clear!

There goes our escort.

Picked a fine time to
leave me, Lucille.

Alright, saddle up!


Eat this!

All right!

They're breakin' through.

Murphy, you hold this line!

Get back! Get the fuck back!

Let's go!

Fill it in!

Quickly, get it
moved out, right now!

C'mon, Murphy!

Hold the line!

Is that it?

Sure is.

Which ones are our guys?

The ones in the middle.
I think.

Alright, squeeze the
cheeks together.

This fucker's gotten warmer.

Guys, I'm goin' in low.

Just see 'em where you see 'em.
I'll come out over the trees.

Let's make it hard for Charlie.

This is fucking hairy.


Boys maul up that Twelve-Seven.

I see it!

In the tree line.

Alright, I got it. I got it.

Got a rocket right up your ass.

Damn it, missed!

Fucked up their garden.
Somethin' awful.

Yes! Yes!

Hi. May I take your order?

Yeah, we need
C rations, ammunition, radio

and above all,
bring back the Air Cav.

You want French fries with that?

No, but I'll tell you what

you can have a clean shave

next time you come back.

You look a goddamn hippie!

Aye, General.

Back at noon.

The Air Cav has bought us
a little more time.

God knows when they'll
come our way again.

The dead piled up

and too many of them were ours.

We were killing Charlie wholesale.

But he didn't seem to care.

Yes, we'd do the same if
Charlie occupied South Carolina.


Fuckin' war.

They called it a 'police action'.

You took some hits, Skipper.

You've estranged the game
through this thing.

Gimme another one, Chief.
I need fifteen, yeah.

Got it.

Guys, I know you
got other missions

but I need some volunteers.

I'm on vacation.

There's a ceasefire. Can't you tell?

We cease. They fire.

You guys like a
little excitement?

There's a firebase in
rat's ass called Gloria.

They're in deep shit.

How 'bout it?

Fuck it, why not?

Beats the mail run.


We're like heroes.

- Yo, Skipper.
- Yeah.

We gassed and done, the fuckin' CO
wouldn't give us the aircraft.


The supplies are waiting too.

Says who?

Fucking ground officer.


It's time to play captain.

Hey you. Boy.

Who you callin' 'boy'?

Number One, shut your mouth.

Number Two, I'm Captain Moran.

Sorry, Captain. I was just...

I don't care what
the fuck your name is.

What I care about is the
aircraft, right over here.

I'm taking that one.
I'm taking those two, as well.

I swear to God, if you waste
any more of my time.

You're a fuckin' dead guy.

Yes, Captain.

Start cleaned up, soldier.

Carry on.

Six-One-Two, this is Six.

Thirty second pass, over the canopy.

Let's burn Charlie's ass.

Gunners on your left, you'll
notice targets of opportunity.

Please fire at will and thank
you for flying Moran Airlines.

Yeah, yeah!

Help's coming. Help's coming!

It's down. Let's get 'em in a hurry.
C'mon, crates. Move!

The choppers were
bringing what they could.

But it didn't change a lot of line.

We were surrounded, outnumbered

but no place to go.

There was no doubt
in my military mind

the next attack could be the last.

It was a do or die situation.

As ordered, General.


Don't call me "General", no more.

I got you arms and some
medicals and a radio.

Hope that works.

I gotta go.

What's this?

Thought you said,
you needed a shave.

Good luck, General.

Six-One, Two. This is six.

Let 'em know who we
are on the way out.

Six, this is Six-One.

Ah, I got some rockets left.

We don't get paid
to bring them home.

Leave some widows behind.

Six, this is Six-One.

Sweep the deck,
set Two-Niner-Seven.

Them motherfuckers.

They're at it again!

Alright, that's it.

Deadeye, you cut
those fuckers down

before we go out of business.
Got ya!


Yeah! Baby!

Ah, yes.

Pee Wee.

Pee Wee.

The nights were always
beautiful that time of the year.

But you were no safer at night

and the long hours of stillness.

Worked on your fears.

Night was the time you wondered
what the hell you were doing here.

And when do you get your
balls blown off tomorrow.

You can do some ugly
pretty thinking at night.

For some of us, the nights
were gettin' far too long.

You're turning to
shit on me, Nard.


Look at yourself.

You don't look like any kind of
goddamn Marine I've ever seen.

What is this?

You turnin' into
some kind of goddamn.

Cambodian witch doctor on me?

What's next?

A hole in your nose?

A fuckin' plate on your lower lip?

Fuck the Marines.

I'm gonna act like
I never heard that.


I'm gonna act like I
never even heard that.

Fuck the Corps...

...and fuck the war.

If I didn't raise
you from a puppy

and hold your hand
all the way up

through the
United States Marine Corps,

I would step on
your goddamn dick

right here and now.

Do you think I care?

I mean, do you think
I'd give a shit anymore?

Aw hell, now seventeen are dead.

When I was seventeen,

I want to be just like you.

Badass Marine.

Go out and find myself

a shitty little war

and fight communism.


You're goddamn war hero.

But I tell you what,

at seventeen years later,

I don't even know
what a communist is.

What? Some dink in

black pajamas

runnin' around in rice paddies.

Ha, that's a commie?

Hell, that poor sonofabitch
hasn't even heard of Karl Marx.

This has dick to do with dinks,

commies, or Karl fucking Marx

and you know as well, as I do

it has to do with
your little boy Jimmy.

But he died, he took you
right along with him, didn't he?


Sergeant Major.

You just got too personal.

That's right.

Turn your back on him.

Go out there and bury your
goddamn head in the sand

like a fuckin' ostrich.

Maybe it'll all go away.

Goddamn it! He was the
only thing I ever loved!

You let me down, Nard.

I let you down.

That's right.

When the boy died,
you can come to me.

You let me put my arms around you

and cried with you.

You left for San Francisco and
stayed drunk for three weeks.


Got busted all the
way down to corporal.

I didn't go AWOL.

I went crazy.

And I went to hell.

May I please be dismissed?

Go to bed, Nard.

Go on.

How's it goin', soldier?

I'd rather be home, sir.

Where is home?

Little Rock.

You're better off here, boy.

Think so?


Just keep your
ass down, you hear?

- I hear you, sir.
- Okay.



East 50. On the double.

Anyone know
who these belong to?

This is Corporal Miller.

He's dead.

Hell the whole gun crew's dead.

And to add insult to injury,

Charlie took the Fifty fucking
caliber machine gun with him.

I don't any respect
for Corporal Miller anymore.

Because he allowed
his group to relax.

They let their guard down
for five fucking minutes.

And Charlie took
advantage of it.

Look at 'em God damn it!

Pay attention.

Stay alert.

Stay alive.

It's as simple as that.

All right. Move back
to the secondary.

Get back! Get the fuck back!

Gaines! Get over here.

Take the Fifty!

I'm goin' out on the flank.



With me!






♪ Fightin' first the cavalry.♪
♪ Ya-hoe. Ya-hoe. ♪

♪ Fightin' first the cavalry, ♪

♪ Higher it goes, the shootings free. ♪

♪ We might prevail, we save the day. ♪

♪ Yahoe, yahoe, yahoe. ♪

♪ Suicide mission, yes to me. ♪
♪ Ya-hoe. Ya-hoe. ♪

Ain't that fun!?

Yeah right! All right!


Hey, c'mon in!

Now, let's get fuckin' hot!

I'll be right...

Pee Wee!

Pee Wee!



How ya doin', Champ?

Out of luck.

I can't feel nothin'.

Don't worry.

We'll medevac you out.
You'll be in Saigon in no time.

I bet.


Yeah, yeah Nard. I'm here, man.

Do me.

Do me, now.

Get the hell outta
here, Flanagan.

You ain't needed.


I said, get the fuck
outta here, right now.



I can't.

Goddamn it. We had a deal.

I ain't going home like this.

That fucking deal
was for me, man.

You do it, now.

Do it!

Remember the kids
who sit damn straight...


Remember the kids who...

Oh, yeah.

Laid out the jewels...

Taped it to their heads...

To lace this goddamn broad

and his fuckin' pain.

I lost a lot of good men at Gloria.

But then, so did the Dong Nai.

The Air Cav shot them up all the
way back to the Phu Loi river.

In the four months of the Tet Offensive,

Charlie lost 55,000 men.

After that, the Vietcong ceased to
exist as an independent fighting force.

And Hanoi took control of their war.


Joseph L.


United States Marine Corps.


End of the story, Nard.

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