The Shortest Distance is Round 3: Fallen Flowers (2021) - full transcript

Haruto and Aoyama, once a couple, are now completely without contact. As Aoyama's secrets are gradually revealed, Haruto, now the shop manager of an underground escort club, is starting to question whether the man he loves is wort...

Mr. Aoyama!

A year has passed,

but I still dream about him every night.

The shortest distance III: Fallen Flowers

One year ago,
I lost my penis in an incident.

The guy responsible
was a former host called Seiya.

At the time,
- we were competing for clients at the same club.

A hotel worker came to my aid,

and I was hospitalized for a month.

But, even despite that,

Mr. Aoyama accepted me.

I can't please you sexually.

That's not true at all!

Though Mr. Aoyama is gone,
I still live in our apartment.

But on that day,

I learned who he really was.


I'm the same as Ruka.

Do you still wanna sleep with me?

I know.

Seiya did that to you, right?

Aoyama was one cruel bastard.

What do you mean?

Everything that happened

was part of his plan.


The Aoyama that you knew

was only the tip of a giant iceberg.


Don't tell Ruka about this.

I'll call once
I hear about Takumi's boyfriend.

Yeah, about that...

It might be Seiya.

Mr. Aoyama said he was dead, though.

Seiya's still alive.


Haruto, is that you?

I'm sorry.

I killed one of our clients.

I saw a delivery guy
leaving Takumi's place so I tailed him.

Turned out to be Seiya.

I thought as much.

What? You knew?

He broke up with Yazaki?

Not exactly.

They still see each other.

I'm coming in.

I'm sorry, Mr. Yazaki.
I haven't dropped by much.

Please don't worry about it.

What are you reading?


That's so like you.

It is?

Are you hungry?

Yeah. Seeing you has somehow
given me an appetite.

Great! I'll fix something up.
I'm no chef though...

Thank you.

I made us some kitsune udon.


Wow! It looks great!

My mother often made udon when I was a kid.

We were so poor,
she couldn't add ingredients.

It only contained onions and broth.

So you keep telling me.

That woman was my father's second wife.

She was a lady of the night, but she had a
refreshing personality and I loved her very much.

When I was involved in an incident during my high school days,
she was the only who stood up for me.

What kind of incident?

Back then, I worked part-time as a local rent boy.

Then one day, the scariest PE teacher
at our school came to us as a client.

I had always disliked the guy,
so I threatened him.

I told him to pay me
or I would inform the school.

Upon hearing this,

he went straight to the police!

I never knew that!


I'm grateful for
you feeding me like this, but

I want to eat the udon by myself.


Thank you.

I don't think you can.

I can't keep relying on you.
I need to rehabilitate.

Mr. Yazaki.

I think you can come out of hiding soon.

What do you mean?

I've kept this quiet
but I've found a good source of income.

Some kid called Takumi.

He was a straight college student at first
but I've spent a year breaking him in.

Seiya, what are you planning?

I'm gonna make Takumi work
at Shibahara's club.

It's being managed by Yuki.

I can't go back to that world.

So I'll make Takumi work there
and support me instead.


- That's hardly admirable...
- This isn't the time to be admirable!

I don't care what it takes,
I want to save you from this miserable way of life.


This time...

It's my turn to help you.

What's Seiya up to?

Shibahara, you're too naive.

That's why we should've killed them both!


What? Ruka?



Right. I'm sorry.

Yes, please do.

Why did you kill him!?

Because he was an asshole.


Are you hurt?

No, I'm fine.

Mr. Shibahara said he'll sort this mess out.
In the meantime, Let's get outta here.

Sorry to cause you so much trouble.

Hey, it's over here.

Ken, check this out!

Put it down and gimme a hand.


I'll ensure the body is never found, but

there's gonna be a lot of questions asked.

I'll close the club until things cool down.

I'll pay the organization your remaining debt.

Naturally, you'll pay me back
with interest once the club reopens.

I understand.

Just in case, you better keep away from here.

You need to hide for the time being.

I'll call if I need you to do anything.
Be sure to remain contactable.

Mr. Aoyama.

I bit off Yuki's cock.


You'll really make me a joint owner now, right?


I understand.

Hey! Get the fuck off me!

Oh, and get me a cup of noodles.
The spicy ones.

And make it snappy.
I'm fucking starving here!


Where's Masaru?

Convenience store. He'll be back soon.

- Sit down and watch.
- Okay.

Who's this?

The new guy, Akira.

What's your deal?

I was an IT company director until recently.

My business was taken over,
leaving me broke.

I was screwed,
but Mr. Shibahara helped me out.

I mean, I'm a pretty inquisitive guy, right?

Besides, I've always wanted to
work for the underworld.

Why's he here?

To learn. We're gonna show him
how we do things.

Nice to meet you.

I can't get hold of Aoyama.
- Do either of you know where he is?

Seiya, don't try to protect him.

Aoyama brought in one of his students,
then tried using you to eliminate him.

And what about you, Yazaki?

We know he was one of your partners

and that you tried outsmarting us
by fiddling the books to steal our money.

Where is that money now?

Shibahara, I don't care what happens to me,

but please don't hurt Seiya.

He's one of Aoyama's victims, too.

That's nothing to do with me.

Okay, okay! I'll tell you everything!

Just leave Seiya alone!

I'm all ears.

I have an apartment in Azabu.

It's a secret location known
only to Aoyama and me.

That's where he manages
the account books and seals.

You better not be lying.

It's the truth!

Untie him.


What are you doing?

Akira, gimme a hand, will ya?

- What's the plan?
- Pin the old man down.

On it.


Don't do this!

Sure you're not lying?

I guess not.

I'm coming in.

In the meantime,
Ruka and I went into hiding.

Pancakes! Pancakes!
You better turn out good!

Despite having killed someone,
Ruka was in a joyful mood.

Here you go!

My unique brand of pancakes!

They look great!

Give 'em a try!

Thanks, I will.

Well? How are they?



I wrote a poem about pancakes years ago.

Wanna hear it?


What's wrong?

I spoke to Shibahara.

He said you and Mr. Aoyama
were an item some years ago.

What of it?

Can you tell me about it?

About what?

Your relationship with him.


Because I don't really know
what kind of person he was.

The man I knew and the one you dated
are like two different people, right?

It's a long story.

I don't mind.

I have all the time in the world.


Do you know the word "Rakka-Ryusui"?


Mr. Aoyama taught me it.

He said it's meant to
signify fallen petals flowing downstream.


If you reverse the middle two characters,
it spells my name.

Where did you get this diary?

Mr. Aoyama and I used to exchange diaries.

Fancy exchanging diaries with me?


I can't wait to read it.

It's nothing special.

He said that "Rakka-Ryusui" is also a metaphor

that means idling one's time away
or parting with others.

Now I think of it, it's clear that
Mr. Aoyama had you in mind even back then.


It's Shibahara from Rain and Soda Water.


I'm calling to say you passed the interview.

Can you come by my office?

Of course!

Thank you!


Got it.

Okay, I'll see you later.

Don't you need to get that?


Please leave your message after the beep.

Seiya! I got the job
at Rain and Soda Water!

You're really hard.

Even though my body can barely move!

It's thanks to you
that I'm always ready to go.

That's why you're all mine.

Mr. Yazaki.

I'm putting it in.

Seiya, make us one.

Mr. Yazaki!


Mr. Yazaki! I stink of sweat!

Don't worry about that.

I want to enjoy your scent once more.

Mr. Yazaki!


Does it hurt?


It feels good!

Mr. Yazaki!

I'm gonna cum!

Me too!

Mr. Yazaki!

I want you to cum hard inside me.

My pleasure.


This is the diary I exchanged with Mr. Aoyama.

I know.

He told me.

He said I reminded him of a boy he once loved.

He also said he exchanged diaries with him.

Being somebody's replacement never bothered me, though.

Mr. Aoyama!

Mr. Aoyama!

Mr. Aoyama!

Mr. Aoyama!

Mr. Aoyama and I had sex many times.

Each time we did it,
I fell more in love with him.

He also told me he loved me too.

But, one day,

he told me he wanted to introduce me to someone,
and took me to meet Shibahara.

Aoyama has sold you to me.

The man is nothing but a fool.

He's still infatuated with the brat
who destroyed his social standing.

Knowing this, you still have feelings for Aoyama?

I'd do anything for him!

You like that, Ruka?

Feels good, right?

The body never lies.

No matter how much you love Aoyama,

my mouth has made you hard as a rock.

Your stomach looks like it's gonna burst!

Shibahara told me everything.

From Mr. Aoyama getting sued by his student,
to losing his teaching job.

As well as the fact that
he never gave up on his student.

He also told me Mr. Aoyama devised a plan
using his connections in the underworld

to get his beloved student back in his arms.

When did you find out that student was me?

Only recently.

Knowing he loved you that much,

really made me envious of you.


It must have been tough for you.



Mr. Aoyama kissed these lips too, huh?

Allow me to take his place.

You're different from the last guy.

I'm the owner of this club.

I know it's sudden,
but you already have requests.

Already? Wow, that's fast!


Our clients are always excited
when a cute, young boy starts.

That's great! I'm gonna work hard
and make my boyfriend happy!

Since it's your first gig, I'll introduce
you to my most trusted client.

Haruto, that feels nice.


I don't have a cock.

Shibahara told me.

I don't have one, either.

Yeah, I know.


That's the spot!

Yeah, right there!

It feels too good!

I'm Takumi. Nice to meet you!


I'm Akira.

Wow, I've never had a threesome before!

I'll go take a shower.

Now it's my turn to make you feel good.

What's that?

Shibahara gave it to me.

It's made of a special metal
with high thermal conductivity,

and is designed to convey
each other's body temperature.

It's really warm inside you.

You feel warm too!

Haruto, you slept with Shibahara, didn't you?

He paid me to do it.




Don't stop!

Knock it off! I'm not joking around,
you're gonna rip my nipple off!

I'm being serious! Please, let go already!!

What are you playing at?

Where's the brat?

In the shower room.

Spit it out.

What's Seiya up to?

Is he after revenge?

Or is he trying to steal back the money?

If you don't wanna die,
I suggest telling me everything.

What are Seiya and Yazaki planning to do?


Who's that?

You don't know?

You were right.

We should've killed them both
when we had the chance.

Send the kid to Yazaki.
This will be my final warning.

I was always envious of

the last man Mr. Aoyama loved.

But, when I first laid eyes on you,

those feelings of jealousy vanished.

I was more interested in sleeping with you.

While doing it with you, I felt I could finally
forget my feelings for Mr. Aoyama.


Sleeping with you made me forget about him too.

Haruto, I have a favor to ask.

What is it?

I want you to help me with a plan.

A plan?

Yeah. I'm gonna kill Shibahara.


That bastard killed Mr. Aoyama.

You hate him enough to kill him too, right?

I've imagined doing it so many times.

But I've never had the courage to do it alone.

He's backed by a powerful organization, after all.

But after meeting you,
I feel I can pull it off.


Are you being serious?

Don't worry. I'll be the one who kills him.

Once he's dead,
we'll steal the money from his safe.

That's where I need your help.

You don't anything to worry about.

It's Mr. Aoyama's money in the first place.

Once we take it,
let's divide it up and run away.

If we don't kill Shibahara, we'll
always be forced to live as his slaves.

Is that what you want?

Shibahara made this for me
should I ever find myself in trouble.

I'll use it to kill him.

When Mr. Aoyama died,

my heart died with him.

But now I've met you,
I feel like I wanna live once again.

So, Ruka...

Don't go through with this!

Killing Shibahara won't bring Mr. Aoyama back!


Besides, even if you kill Shibahara,
you'll never escape the clutches of the organization!

So, you're happy to go on like this!?

We don't have any other choice.

But I know that as long as I have you,
we'll get through this somehow.

Okay, I understand.


Shouldn't you be getting back to your lover?

Gimme 10 more minutes.

Besides, he ain't my lover. He's my income.

Mr. Yazaki! We have a delivery from Mr. Shibahara!

We'll leave it here!

Where you going!? This way!

- Seiya!
- Keep your voice down.


- What was it?
- Call an ambulance.


Somebody's collapsed outside.

What do you mean?

Mr. Yazaki.

I need to borrow something.

What are you up to?

Seiya, what do you need that for!?

Mr. Yazaki.

I promise I'll return.



Forgive me.

Mr. Shibahara.

What are you doing here?
I told you to keep away.

I wanted to see you again.


I took care of your fuck-up.
Your secret is safe.

Thank you.

I knew I could count on you.


I heard.

You slept with Haruto, didn't you?

What if I did?

You're not jealous, are you?

Yes, I am.

I always hated you, but

when I heard you did it with Haruto,
I suddenly felt really frustrated.


Mr. Shibahara, tell me...

Do you still love me?


Then make love to me.

Right now?


I'll use your gift to make you feel good.


What are you up to?

Oh? What do you mean?

Don't go anywhere.

Hey, who's there?

Get the fuck off my premises!


Quit hiding!

Whoah! Stop!

This is for Takumi and Yazaki.

Shibahara's death
was never reported in the news.

No doubt somebody
in the organization covered it up.

I guess this is "Rakka-Ryusui"?

Mr. Aoyama explained it.

"Rakka-Ryusui" also means
- when two people's feelings align

and they enter a state of mutual love.

There's something that I must tell you.

What is it?

It wasn't Shibahara who killed Mr. Aoyama.

What do you mean?


I brought Aoyama here as you wished.

Did you intend on using me from the start?

I even mutilated my body for you!

Don't look away!

That's when he told me:

"I don't care what happens to me,
but please don't hurt Haruto."

His words shocked me to my core.

Ruka, now do you see?

Aoyama never gave a shit about you.

He just used you to
get closer to another man.

Mr. Aoyama, is that true?

Even if it is, I'll still always love you.


Thank you.

Mr. Aoyama...

Let's make love.

Mr. Aoyama...

I'll use this to

send you to heaven.

It was me who killed Mr. Aoyama.

Why tell me that now!?

If you kept quiet,
I'd never have found out!

Because I no longer have any regrets.

I doubt you've noticed, but

I've loved you for the longest time.

When I was bullied at high school,

you were the only thing
I had to keep me going.

I can't wait to read it.

It's nothing special.

But when I found out that you and Mr. Aoyama
were in an intimate relationship,

I quit school out of shock.

Not long after that, Mr. Aoyama quit too.

I managed to track
- him down and hire him as my home tutor.

I figured I could get him to reveal
some kind of information about you.

I'd do anything for him!

I acted like Mr. Aoyama
was taking advantage of me,

but in truth, I was actually using him.

All in the hope of finding you.

Then, when he was no longer useful, I killed him.

Allow me to take his place.

I took a pretty roundabout way, but

it was all so we could be together like this.

Now I've finally made my dream come true.

That's why I no longer have any regrets.

I killed Mr. Aoyama,

so I don't mind if you kill me in return.

Kill me using this.


That's enough!

I forgive you!

Haruto, give it to me.

Haruto! Oh, Haruto!

I still see Mr. Aoyama in my dreams each night.

That's why I still write to him in my diary.

Mr. Aoyama!

Mr. Aoyama, I will always love you...

Because your heart forever belongs to me.

The shortest distance III: Fallen Flowers

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English subtitles by Brendan Wimsett