The Shortest Distance is Round 2: Rain and Soda (2021) - full transcript

Overcoming many obstacles, Haruto and Aoyama have finally become an item. They affirm their love for each other and agree to leave for faraway lands, but the following morning Aoyama disappears. Where could he have gone!? Before l...

Mr. Aoyama!

A year has passed,

but I still dream about him every night.

On that day, he disappeared from my life

and broke his promise to me.

We planned to leave Japan

and live overseas where nobody knew us.

"Haruto, forgive me."

The shortest distance II: Rain & Soda


Just as I recovered from my injury,

Mr. Aoyama's body was found.

I don't know who killed him.

And even if I did, it won't bring him back.

When Mr. Aoyama died,

my heart died too.

What's up? You look dead inside.

Are you thinking about Aoyama?


Who are you?

I'm Shibahara.

It's a shame what happened to Aoyama.

What do you know about him?

Come with me.

I'll tell you everything I know.

This is my bar.
It's due to open next month.

Here, customers can enjoy a drink

while watching beautiful men dance onstage.

This is Ruka.

I mean him, not the drink.

His name is written as "drifting flowers."

It's a very beautiful name.

I don't care about that,
tell me about Mr. Aoyama!

All in good time.

There's an order to my story.

I invite the customers here,

and Ruka entertains them
with a drink made specifically to their tastes.

There's a reason for this approach.

He tells me if he's interested
in a customer or not

depending on the color of the drink.

That's his favorite color.

Which means he's taken a liking to you.

Long ago,

Aoyama and I were a couple.

It's more than 10 years ago now.

He was still in high school.

I advertised for a part-time job
at a store in the gay district.

The promise of 50,000 yen a day
caught his attention.

He came from a poor family
who couldn't afford to send him to college.

But he dreamed of becoming a teacher
since childhood and wanted to go no matter what,

so he vowed to pay for his own tuition.

Since he was studying and working at the same time,
he needed a fast way to make money.

So he decided to become a rent boy.

He wasn't gay, but I showed him the ropes.

He was a natural and
became a hit overnight.

He started pulling in a million yen a month,
which easily covered his tuition.

After entering college,
we continued our relationship

and he moved into my apartment.

At the time, my work in the business
underworld paid off

and I became a director of an organization.

Do you know why you're here?

To shoot an adult video, right?


But this one is gonna be a little different.

We're shooting this movie
for men who like men.

I see.

Do you have any sexual experience?



I don't.

So you're a virgin?


What do you usually think about?


What do you mean?

When you jerk off.


somebody in my class who I like.

I often think about them being naked.

Is this somebody a girl?

Of course!


Jerk off and think about her.

Right here?

That's right.

It's an adult video, after all.

What's wrong?

Feeling nervous?

A little.

I've never done this in front of somebody.

I see.

That's not gonna sell any copies.

Which means you won't get paid.

I wanna see you ejaculate.

I'll try harder.

I guess you can't, huh?

I'm sorry.

Will having sex help?


Let's see you lose your virginity.

What do you mean?

Rape this kid.

Hey, wait!

Let go! Keep your fucking hands off me!


That hurts!

No! Somebody help me!

Despite my years working in the shadows,
Aoyama tried persuading me to get a respectable job.

But we had always lived in different worlds.

After breaking up with me,
Aoyama went on to become a high school teacher.

You already know what happened next.

After meeting you,
he eventually came back to this world.

I'm sure you also know that Yazaki asked him
to take care of the club's finances.

Here's 5 million yen for your
medical and living expenses.

What's more, should anything happen to me,

I've got a friend managing the club's finances.

I'll tell you his address,
so please remember it.

Yazaki has more than
100 million stashed away.

I wanna make up for
what you've been through.

Let's leave this place...

and live together overseas.

However, Yazaki secretly made
that money off the back of the organization.

Aoyama planned on stealing it
and running away with you.

In this business, we have a rule.

It's a very simple one too.

Those who steal money from others
will certainly pay the consequences.

That includes accomplices like yourself.

But Aoyama had some final words:

"I don't care what happens to me,

but please don't hurt Haruto."

He sacrificed his own life
in order to save yours.

I was immediately curious of the man
Aoyama loved so much.

Not to mention jealous.

Unlike him, I hate talking in a roundabout way
so I'm gonna be blunt.

Haruto, you're working for me now.


You worked at a secret club before, right?

I'm reopening that place.

You'll work there as a manager,
and compensate the organization with your takings.

I don't care what you call the club,

but you're assuming your old name:


You were the number one host, after all.

"Rain and Soda Water."

What's that?

The name of the club.

Rain and Soda Water.

What does it mean?

It's slowly starting to rain.

The raindrops burst on impact with a puddle.

Like the bubbles in a cup of soda water.

I wrote that when I was kid.

My teacher really liked it.

I'm assigning Ruka the task of keeping
an eye on you.

As the club's owner,
I'm dropping 30 million yen to get it started.

Once business picks up,
pay me back as soon as possible.

In addition, you will pay the organization
two million yen a month for the next 24 months.

Meet those conditions
and you're a free man.

You may choose to continue working,
or you can quit.

Don't bother running.

We'll search high and low
and definitely find you.

And when we do,
you'll meet the same fate as Aoyama.

We can do it.

I'll bring in the customers too.


Our clientele consists of men with high-ranking social status
and financial independence.

They come to our club in search of beautiful young men
brimming with sexual charm.

That smells good!

Hey, what are you making?

I'm boiling some oden.

Really? I'm thinking of making beef stew tonight.

Sounds nice!

Tell me, do you have any sexual experience with men?

Yeah! I have a boyfriend.

I was into girls before I met him, though.

Hey Takumi, wanna come to my place
after class tomorrow?


My parents are away on vacation.

Wait, are you saying
what I think you're saying?

Let's do something fun together!

Sure! You bet!

Is this your idea of "something fun"?

- Hey, don't move!
- Okay, okay...

- Now smile!
- Like this?

You look cute!

This one!


- Put this on.
- But that's yours!

- There's no way it'll fit me.
- I bought a big size just for you!

- What? Are you stupid?
- No! Just put it on!

- Oh, hell no!
- Come on! Please!

- It'll suit you!
- It ain't happening.

- You'll look great!
- Not a chance!

- But it's cute!
- Give it up.

Come on!

I knew it!

I was right all along. I just knew
you would look good in a dress and make up!

I look good?

Yeah! You look cute!

I broke up with her not long after that.

But I was completely hooked by then.

Oh shit!

I'm coming!

Just a sec!

I have a delivery. I need you to sign here.


Here ya go.


Can I use your bathroom?


Go ahead.

Yikes! I forgot to remove my makeup!

Nice place you got here.


Don't make a sound.


You're into guys, aren't you?

Of course not!

Get undressed.

- Huh?
- Quit saying "Huh."

- Don't hurt me!
- Get undressed now!

Just drop your pants.

Oh, you're hard!

Let me go!

Is this turning you on?

It's getting bigger.

You're getting excited.

Want me to suck it?


What did I tell you?

Quit saying "huh" all the time.

That's enough!

What's this? You're a virgin?

No, not there!

Your ass gets moist easy.

Please, stop!

Feels good, right?

Stop it!

I'm gonna cum!

You were carrying a full sack!

Now it's my turn.

I've been with him ever since.

That's quite the story!

My boyfriend tells me
he used to do this kind of work.

He says he was the club's number one.

But he quit and delivers parcels now.


One day, Seiya and I...

Sorry, Seiya's my boyfriend's name.

We wanna open our own shop.

Maybe a fancy café in Naka-Meguro.

That's why I wanna make some money here.

Takumi, do you like being treated roughly?

Yeah, but it depends on the person of course.

I wouldn't mind if it was a handsome guy like you!

Okay, take off your clothes.


Where do you like to be touched?

My nipples...

Pretty sensitive, huh?

Oh boy! Just that is enough to make me cum!


I wanna suck you off.

Ruka, I'll let you take over.


I'll decide if you're suitable for our club or not.

Oh my!

I've never used one of those before.

You must be used to this. It went right in.

My boyfriend broke me in.
He has a huge cock!

I thought it would be cold,

but it's really warm!

It's made of a special metal

with high thermal conductivity.

It feels good!

Feels better than the real thing, right?

Yeah, it does!

It feels amazing!

I'm gonna cum!

That felt so good!

One year ago, I lost my penis in an incident.

But, even despite that, Mr. Aoyama accepted me.

I'm sorry.

I went through a lot.

I can't please you sexually.

That's not true at all!

You're gonna love this!

What is it?

Shredded kelp.

My dad is from Kansai,
but my mom is from Hokuriku so

she puts kelp in everything.

Really? I'll give it a go.

How is it?

Wow! It's good!


How did it go with that kid?

Pretty well.

He seems like a good fit.

I wish I could have this.

So, did I pass?

I'll call once I've decided.

Gotcha. I'll be waiting.

Gimme that back.


It's very precious to me.

He said he has a boyfriend, right?

I might just know who he is.

He's back!

Welcome home, Seiya.


- Knock it off.
- I love your smell!

Hey, let go.

I've run you a bath.


I'll ask Shibahara to investigate Takumi's boyfriend.

Hey, Ruka.

What's up?

Why are you so good to me?

Since working for you,
I've enjoyed each day.

I'm just the same as you.

I was also hired by Shibahara to
pay back somebody else's debt.

There have been countless other men like me.

Men forced into the sex industry,

or had their organs removed and sold overseas.

Luckily, Shibahara took a liking to me, so

he made me his partner while
I worked as a rent boy to bring in customers.

So you already knew who I was?

Yeah, pretty much.

I'm gonna head back.

Shibahara will be angry if I'm home late.

What the fuck is this?

You put carrots in?


But I sliced them small...

I went for an interview today.


At the members-only boy's club you told me about.


You're hard.

Meet Seiya, our number one boy.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Yuki.

I haven't been hired yet, but I think I got the job.

I'm gonna work hard and earn money for our dream!

Welcome back.

Good evening.

You seem cheerful lately.

Oh? You think so?


That's the happiest you've looked since working for me.

You like Haruto that much?


He and I are a good match.

Ruka, I...

I'm gonna sleep now.

Oh, right...

Here's this month's cash.

Mr. Shibahara.

What is it?

There's something I want you to look into.


It's Shibahara.

I have a job for you.



You sure about this?

No problem.

Just send me the data.


Who was that?


Seriously? It better not have been that other guy!

How many times do I have to tell you?
- I broke up with Masaru.

Are you telling the truth?


Hey, Ken.

You've given me a boner.

How about it?

Let's fuck!

You like that, Ken?

You're so tight!


I'm getting close! Ken, I'm gonna cum!

I'm gonna cum!

Ken, I'm gonna cum!






Stop! I don't wanna cum yet!



Raise your ass higher.

- Like this?
- Yeah.

I'm putting it in.

Seiya, does it feel good?


I'm happy to hear that.

I want all of you inside me!

You're so warm.

I hear Yuki's been getting more requests lately.

That's right.

He's quite the hit.

What's so good about him?

Why would you ask something like that?

Well, it's only natural to feel concerned.

Is that jealousy I hear?

It's rivalry.

Where's Ruka?

He got a request so he's at a hotel.

I see.

I'm investigating the guy you're curious about.

It seems Ruka has taken quite a liking to you.

It appears he already knew about me.

He told you that?


I was born on a small island off Kyushu.

We had a lot of goats on our family farm.

I'd begrudgingly help my dad look after them, but

there was one male goat
who only seemed to like me.

That goat, Shiro,

was my first sexual partner.

To this day, the sex we had

is the best I've ever experienced.

When I hear this sound,

the excitement of that day comes back to me.

Ruka said he wanted to meet you.

What do you mean?

I think he wanted to see the man who

Aoyama loved to his last breath.


It was Aoyama who sent Ruka to work for me.

Even after that incident
with you cost him his job,

he still had strong feelings for you.

That's why he came to me
with a plan to get you back in his arms.

The reason being,

he needed to make use of my connections
in the underworld to help him pull it off.

The world you escaped is all connected.

Yazaki, Seiya, Ryoma...

even me.

The moment I heard you started work at Ryoma's bar,

I knew it was destiny.

In all walks of life, people's services cost money.

But Aoyama didn't have any.

So he gave me Ruka instead.

I'm just the same as you.

I was also hired by Shibahara to
pay back somebody else's debt.

Aoyama was a terrifying man.

He knew exactly what kind of boys I like.

He won Ruka over when he was still a kid

and, after bringing him under his control
both mentally and physically,

he gave him to me.

Aoyama has sold you to me.

The man is nothing but a fool.

He's still infatuated with the brat
who destroyed his social standing.

Knowing this, you still have feelings for Aoyama?

I'd do anything for him!

Where did Mr. Aoyama first meet Ruka?

Before he became Yazaki's lover,

and was entrusted with the club's assets,

Aoyama made a living working part-time
as a home tutor.

Ruka was one of his students.

Despite dropping out of high school
due to bullying,

Ruka wanted to enter college
and needed high school certification.

So Aoyama took advantage of him.

He did it for the sole reason of getting back with you.

You like that, Ruka?

Feels good, right?


Just sucking the tip

has filled my mouth with cum.

The body never lies.

No matter how much you love Aoyama,

my mouth has made you hard as a rock.

I'm putting it in.

How does it feel, Ruka?

Your stomach looks like it's gonna burst!

Ruka, jerk me off too!

Yeah. Just like that!

That's it!

Ruka, we can do this any time.

You can cum whenever you like!

Cum for me, Ruka!

Ruka, it felt that good for you?

You really blew your load!

Despite all that, Ruka still loved Aoyama.

Even though he knew Aoyama loved you,

Ruka gave his heart and soul to that man.

His devotion was a perfect example of unrequited love.

I'm ashamed to admit this, but

I completely fell for Ruka
after seeing that side of him.

I wanted to erase all thoughts of Aoyama from his mind,

and make his heart and body all mine.

But, one day...

Ruka! What have you done!?

My body is for Mr. Aoyama only!

His words of rejection towards me
couldn't have been any clearer.

I haven't slept with him
at all since that incident.

To punish him for his selfish actions,

I forced him to work at the underground S&M club
that I owned at the time.

Using his body would recoup the hefty expenses

that Aoyama racked up trying to win you back.

Did you try to test Ruka's love for Mr. Aoyama?

After losing his penis, Ruka became a popular choice
among our more perverted clients.

At times he would get ravaged
by more than 50 clients in a row

and get pumped in both ends with so much cum
I thought his stomach would explode.

But even then, he didn't waver.

He took it all in his stride with the firm belief
he would meet Aoyama again.

And that only pissed you off even more.

Damn right.

If only Ruka had asked me for forgiveness,

I would have gladly written off the debt
owed to me by Aoyama.


I've never seen anything like it!

Your body is made to be violated
by other men.

From now, your name is Shiro.

When I saw Ruka look at you
for the first time,

his face was just
how he used to look at Aoyama.

My guess is

that he sensed Aoyama's spirit
living on inside you.

When Mr. Aoyama died,
my heart died with him.


You can't fool me.

He's still alive within you.

Even if that was true,
what's it got to do with you?

I was relieved when he died,

but now I'm jealous of you.

You're pathetic, you know that?

If I had my way,

I would have had you both killed.

Then kill me! See if I care!

All you're doing

is chasing the ghost of Aoyama in Ruka's heart.

I'm plagued with regret.

Ever since I...

broke up with Aoyama 10 years ago,

my life's been filled with regret.

He was right about one thing, though.

You're inescapably attractive to us men.

Are you saying you wanna buy me with that money?


I wanna fuck you.

I knew from the start that

Shibahara wanted to sleep with me.

All the men that do,
have the same look in their eyes.






Shiro! Oh, Shiro!

What's wrong!? You're a goat!


I wanna hear you bleat like one!






I'm the same as Ruka.

Do you still wanna sleep with me?

I know.

Seiya did that to you, right?

Aoyama was one cruel bastard.

What do you mean?

Everything that happened

was part of his plan.

You know that Seiya was Yazaki's lover, right?

When Aoyama found out, he approached Seiya

and told him that Yazaki had feelings for you
and was gonna break things off with him.

Gaining control of Yazaki's finances,

Aoyama told Seiya about his plans
to take over the club,

and offered to make him a joint owner once you
and Yazaki were removed from the picture.

Taking Aoyama at his word,
Seiya attacked you.

Mr. Aoyama, I bit off Yuki's cock.

You'll really make me a joint owner now, right?


I understand.

Hey! Get the fuck off me!

Every step of his plan was for the
purpose of making you his own.

Now do you get it?

The Aoyama that you knew

was only the tip of a giant iceberg.

I'm coming in.

Oh, Seiya!

How you feeling?

I'm feeling great today!

Glad to hear it.

I'm sorry, Mr. Yazaki.
I haven't dropped by much.

Please don't worry about it.

What are you reading?


It's slowly starting to rain.

The raindrops burst on impact with a puddle.

Like the bubbles in a cup of soda water.

Just who are you anyway?

A devoted man who loves you dearly.

Haruto, I'm putting it in.

You're so tight!


Just... who are you anyway?


Haruto! Haruto!


Mr. Aoyama...

Why did you die?

English subtitles by Brendan Wimsett.