The Short History of the Long Road (2019) - full transcript

For teenage Nola (Sabrina Carpenter), home is the open road. Her self-reliant father (Steven Ogg) is her anchor in a life of transience. The pair crisscross the United States in a lovingly ...

(gentle ethereal music)

(water splashing)


How did you get up there?

First rule of magic.

You know that.

That's not funny, you scared me.


It's time.

I think it's fine.

Can I just finish my hot dog?

I just don't see what the big
rush is.

CLINT: We keep moving.

(upbeat music)

♪ Come along ♪

♪ Such a wonderful joy ♪

♪ I want to be your lover boy ♪

♪ Why don't you ask your mama ♪

♪ Is it alright ♪

♪ Well to take a little ride ♪

♪ In the still of the
night, still of the night ♪

♪ Oooh ♪
(engine revving)

♪ Love me please ♪

♪ You look so good and you're s
fine ♪

♪ I've got to make you mine ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Come along ♪

♪ Please hear my plea ♪

♪ Come along with me ♪

♪ Come along with me ♪

♪ Come along ♪

♪ Come come come come along ♪

♪ Come come come come along ♪

♪ Come come come come along ♪

♪ Come come come come ♪


NOLA: Looks awful.


Come on now.

♪ You'll be asking me ♪

♪ Is it really true ♪

Thank you.

Got it?

(gentle music)

So Cheryl must have had blue

You know the book you're
reading there is out of date.

It used to be that to
determine the eye color

was a single gene trait,

but now they're saying that it's

eight different genes that

the amount of melanin in an

If I have blue eyes,
and you have brown eyes,

then Cheryl must have had blue
eyes too.


You don't know?

What's your guess?

My guess is blue.

There you go.

That's in your book, right?

She's probably still
somewhere in the South, right?

South, California, the moon.

Doesn't matter.

It was just a question.

Yeah, well the point is that

she zigged and we zagged.

(people chattering)

800 books I believe.

I mean, who has that in their

Oh miss, I'll check that out for

Do you have a library card,

(steady music)

You don't have to pay 400
dollars for a new sink.

No, they're just trying to rip
you off.

Alright, there you go.

There it is.

It just fits on like so.

There's these little nubs on the

It fits perfectly on it,

and you turn it clockwise and

So it must come in pretty handy

knowing how to fix everything,

CLINT: Yeah, we wouldn't get
very far

without knowing how to fix

Humans have been a migratory

since we've been on Earth.

Nola and I are just
going back to our roots.

She's been on the road since

she could even walk.

WOMAN: Really?
CLINT: Mm-hmm.

WOMAN: You weren't worried
about her adjusting?

CLINT: Adjusting to what?

Life without brain-numbing

Then no.

You know, we're pursuing I would
call it

the low budget high
experience model of living.

No amount of money can buy
an education like that.

I mean, we've been...

(door slamming)

You know, you could've fixed
that with your eyes closed

and one hand tied behind your

She was ready to go out and buy

a whole new sink.

You're just always
looking for new converts.

You know, society will be much
better off

once we build an army of
self-sufficient agitators.

If we consume less, we produce

But you'd earn less.

Yes, but you notice that I did

teach her how to fix the sink.

You see?

Now, granted, the world is not

to bend to our ways, I will give
you that.

Not everyone wants to live like

Of course they do.
(upbeat music)

Fear is the only thing
holding these people back.

They've got their driveways,

they've got their
backyards, got their pools.

We have our freedom.

NOLA: Right now we just
have a lot of laundry.

(upbeat music)

♪ Baby, you're what I came for ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Alright ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I'm calling your name out
there baby ♪

♪ So sweet and fair, yeah ♪

♪ I'm real sad that you are
leaving ♪

♪ Leaving me so sad ♪

(gentle dramatic music)

Let's go.

You can picture the rest up in
your head.


Some people watch it
'til the end, you know.

Yeah, some people don't
know what they're missing.

(dramatic music)

(people chattering)


Come on.

What's going on?

I can never stay until the end
of a movie.

We're always on your time.

I can't watch 'til the end of a

without you making me hop

Do you know how exhausting that

(steady music)


Let's go.

Thank you.

(ethereal vocalizing)
(steady music)

Night Nola.


(birds chirping)

Am I to expect another full
day of the silent treatment?

Can't give your old man a break?

Guess where we're going next.

Doesn't matter.

Okay, well then how
about I give you a hint?

Your namesake.

I've said too much.

We're not really going.

You said I could only go once
I'm 21.

Well I'm sure we'll still find a

to get ourselves into trouble.

Are you serious?

We're going to New Orleans.

No better time than now, right?

You promise.
Cross my heart.

Where'd you get that?

Found it at the pool.

Suits you.

Good morning, gentlemen.

GUY: Hey.
MAN: How's it going?

GUY: Is this your ride?

CLINT: This is the ride, yes.

This is The Hulk.

Oh, sweet man.

Thank you.
The Hulk?

Need a better paint job for that

Y'all come down for the van

What's that?

It's a big annual gathering.

One of those gatherings where

everyone heads back after to

cozy little homes and describe

how they had a crazy weekend in
the wild.


Nola and I, we get ourselves
million dollar views

wherever we go without
paying property taxes.

So, you travel full time?

Yes sir.

What did you do before?

Well, I actually had a bar.

What was it called?

CLINT: Nola.

It was called The Mercury Bar.

This was in Albuquerque?

Weren't we there like last

No it was two Summers ago, man.

North Carolina.

Hey, good morning.

Good morning.

Head's pounding this morning.

How'd you sleep?


♪ My love has gone ♪

♪ My love ♪

Where to?

New Orleans.

Yeah, yeah, we will.

Just, getting my head on.

I thought you said we were
really going this time.


New Orleans is sinking,
and I don't want to swim.


(ominous rumbling)

Watch the rocket.


Clint, stop.

(tires screeching)



(ominous rumbling)




(clock ticking)

I need you to complete this.

Take your time.

(phone dialing)

Hello, yes, we have a minor

Her father, no other living

Yes, we have her waiting here.

Where's the bathroom?

SECRETARY: Just down the hallway

on the right-hand side.

(gentle music)

(metal clanging)

(gentle melancholy music)

(banging metal)


(banging metal)

(crickets chirping)

(engine puttering)

(people chattering)

Shame on them for letting
them all go to waste.

(indistinct whispering)

Well today's your lucky day.

All of those hot dogs are yours.

They were gonna go in the trash.

Thank you so much.

No problem.

NOLA: Thanks.

MARCIE: Where are you driving to

in the middle of the night?

I'm just on a cross country road

Where'd you start out from?


Arizona, I've never been there.

Thank you so much.

My pleasure.

That's a big van you're
driving all by yourself.

I hope you don't mind my saying

You know, I could never
drive such a big vehicle.

Yeah, my dad taught me.

And you're driving straight

all the way from Arizona.

I'm on my way to college.

And how old are you?

Listen, you need to work on your

Just say you're emancipated.

Look, I know you need to go.

There's a Sunday potluck
at the church in town.

And you're very welcome to come.

I hope to see you there.

(door slamming)

(tapping on window)

(tapping on window)

You can't park here.


My boyfriend kicked me out of
our spot.

Can you just let it go for one

The van is fine parked here.

You can't stay.

So you're saying a car is
more important than a person.

Ma'am, it's a parking lot.

Here's what I can do in this

I can either call the cops

and you can spend the
night at the station,

or you can leave.


(engine revving)

(gentle melancholy music)

(door slamming)

(man chattering on TV)
(people chattering)

It's cheaper.
No no no.

We gotta stay warm.

Do you guys need help with

No, no, we're set.

Come on, we've got to make a

Okay, let's make a decision.

Actually, that one's not really

Those can be really tricky to

We're just browsing.

MALE SHOPPER: Really, we're

(crickets chirping)

(people chattering)


(machine whirring)

(muffled hip hop music)
(people chattering)

(rap music)

Yo, there's someone in the


(boys yelling)

It's fine, it's fine.

It's all good, it's alright.
We're all friends.

This is my house!

Hey, chill out!
You're trespassing!

It's cool.

Is this your spot?

Is this your house?

It is now.

(upbeat rap music)
(all chattering)


Oh come on, you alright?

She's playing.
Uh oh!


No fun, come on.

(muffled rap music)
(muffled chattering)

(birds chirping)

(door slamming)

(engine humming)
(gentle music)




I prefer you didn't do that.

So where does that leave us now,


You want to drop out, you
want to live off the grid,

be a radical.

But I'm telling you,

you can't do it off the
backs of innocent people

who make an honest living.

WIFE: Carl, where are you?

Yeah I'm coming.

Just heard the raccoons.

Hear me?

Yes sir.

Good luck to you.


(people chattering)

Okay, make sure you get
some of that Frito pie then.

Mark, always so lovely to see

Macaroni and cheese.

Alright, good morning, Keith.


There you go.

How's Louise, is she good?

I know that she wasn't feeling

It's alright, honey.

Go and get some Frito pie.

Alright, here's a plate for you.

Well look who decided to show

What's your name?



Oh, god, what a beautiful name.

(people chattering)

Mind if I join you?

Oh boy, that was quite a turnout

Did you meet anyone?

A couple people.

That's great.

So, what's your next stop on
your road trip, Miss Nola?

Kinda just let the road
tell me where to go.

Well you can stay here
with us, if you'd like.

We've got a full house,

but there's always room for one


Come on in.

We have the house all
to ourselves tonight.

Brett took the kids to
grammy and grampy's.


Oh I'm frightened of this.

I'm frightened too.

This time, Mickey.

Come on, give me your hand, look

Here, let me do yours.

Here you go.


(muffled chattering on TV)
(clock ticking)

(dramatic orchestral music)

BRETT: Everybody in, let's go.


Hi mom.
Hi mom.

MARCIE: How was grammy and

Hi sweetie.
BRETT: Backpacks, let's go.

MARCIE: Put your backpacks on.

Okay everybody, this is Nola.

She's gonna be joining
us for dinner tonight.


MARCIE: You got what you need,
honey, huh?

How was volleyball, was it good?

Oh good.

Bentley, are you alright, hon?

Thank you Lord for this bounty

for which you have provided us

And for bringing a new
friend into our home.

Through Christ our Lord, amen.

ALL: Amen.

Pass the bread?


So Nola, Marcie was telling
us that you're on a road trip.

That must be exciting.


Are you going all the way to

NOLA: Maybe.

CHILD: Ooh, I want to come.
GIRL: Me too,

can I go with you?

Nola, elbows off the table,

Thank you.

(gentle music)

I could do that.

(ethereal vocalizing)

(chickens bocking)


So right now we're in gear.

Gonna go to neutral.
Got it.

And then we have to turn
the key, get it started.

So you start to turn it.
(engine revving)

What the hell do you think
you're doing?

Get out of the car, Bentley,

I was just teaching him how to

Are you out of your mind?

Mom, I'm fine.

What you did was reckless,

and it was dangerous.

I learned how to drive
when I was his age.

Don't you ever do that again.

(gentle ethereal music)

(tapping on window)

(crickets chirping)

That one looks like an octopus.


Tentacles, and a head.

If you squint a lot, maybe.


You know that a 100-pound
Pacific octopus

can squeeze through a hole

the size of a cherry tomato.

No way.
Yeah, it's true.

I was actually just finishing

about an octopus in Brighton

and when no one was watching,

it goes, makes its way to
another tank,

eats a lumpfish,

which is an interesting choice

'cause they're not the most

delicious looking thing.

People showed up in the morning.

It was back in its tank.

Escape artist.


Yeah, there's no keeping an
octopus in its tank, apparently.

(gentle ethereal music)

(gentle music)

(engine humming)

(engine puttering)

God damn it!
(engine puttering)


(door shutting)

(gentle music)
(car whirring by)

(bell ringing)
(light music)

What's up, little lady?

My van broke down.

It's a 1984 VW Westfalia.

Just on the road outside of

How in the hell did you
get a van like that?

It's mine.

Where'd you leave it?


This is some antique you got

I used to help my uncles
work on their Baja bugs

down in Mexico when I was just a


So I mean, you know then,

it generally runs just fine.

It definitely breaks
down from time to time,

but this time it just lost all

and it wouldn't restart.

Yeah, parts are gonna be hell.

(door slamming)

Your fuel lines are 30 years

as far as I can tell.

It's fine, though, right?

It just needs repairs,
not a whole new system.

The fuel lines are cracked and

I can't let you get out of here
like that.

Well how much is that gonna

Let me get you an estimate.

That fuel system is
500, head gasket, 1000,

60 for local tow, hookup fee 75,

and your mileage 15 dollars,

I helped.

What's that?

I said I helped.

Do you think maybe we
could split the difference?

I get it.

That's why you kept trying

to grab the tow ropes, huh.

It doesn't work that way, baby.


(muffled rock music)
(people chattering)

(light country music)
(people chattering)

Excuse me.

Do you know this place?

Get out of here.

I don't care what the shop
manual says.

When it gets hot, I run 60
riding my bike.

Not the 20-50.

I mean, that's what they're
recommending anyway.

Do you know this place?

Holy smoke, look at here.

Mercury Bar.
This is goddamn Mercury Bar.

Let me see this.
Can you see it?

Well we burned some brain
cells in that place.


That guy ran it, remember young

he's a big charmer, you know.

Was his name, was it Clint?

Heck, I don't know man, he's so
damn tall.

I just called him Shorty.
Shorty, yeah, that works.

Listen, do you remember
anything else about this place?

Go check it out yourself.
It's about three blocks up.


Hey why don't you buy us
a drink before you go?

(people chattering)
(muffled rock music)

(dog barking)
(distant car honking)

(upbeat Latino music)

Possibly some...

Hold on, wait a minute.

What the hell are you doing?

Working for you.

You need the help, and I need
the repairs.

(birds chirping)

Young lady, are you deaf?

Didn't I tell you to get out of

Am I gonna have to like,

physically throw you?

Hey Lar, I'll be right there.

Your car's out back, alright?

Look, start cleaning
those tools over there.

The brake cleaner and
the rags are underneath.

Get 'em done.

Okay, we're open.

Monday through Friday from 7:00
to 4:00.

Thank you so much.

And you're only staying

'til your parts and the tow are
paid up.

Of course.

And your van is taking up space.

So you're gonna have to pay the

And every day, you make
sure this is locked.

Got it.

(metal rumbling)

(upbeat Latino music)

Hey, Cachorro.

Come here, take a look at this.

NOLA: What did you call me?

Cachorro, you know, a little
runt puppy.

I mean, look at this hunk of

I bet it still runs fine.

You know, you don't see too many
of these

around these parts.

Who's that?

MIGUEL: That's Blue.

NOLA: That's her real name?

I guess, that's what she goes

I don't pay her no mind.

Just another little Cachorro
like you.

So what, she just hangs out all

Eh, she's not causing any

I don't care what she does.

As long as her daddy don't come

That's a piece of work.

She's alright in my book.

Excuse me, how do I get a
library card?

Do I need to fill out an

Oh, we don't make things that

I can sign you up right now.


Why are you always
hanging out at the garage?

Beats being home.

That's the petrified forest.

In Arizona, the colors
of the rocks are just,

you think there'd be
dinosaurs walking around.

Is that where you're going
when you fix your van?

I don't know.

LIBRARIAN: The library will
be closing in 10 minutes.

(knocking on door)

(knocking on door)

Are you okay?

(knocking on door)


I'm sorry.

Is it your first time?

BLUE: No, I just don't
have anything with me.

Here, just take my jacket.

Tie it around your waist for

I have stuff in my van if we
walk back.

Okay, thank you.

(bright instrumental music)

(singing in foreign language)

I thought all home-schoolers

were hippies or Jesus freaks.

Yeah, well that's not
why I was homeschooled.

It's because the state of

in the US is in shambles.

It's been in this deep
crisis since the 1950s.

I had the best education in the

and it didn't cost a dime.

Yeah, well my school is free

Public school.

Oh, even if I wanted to
do, it'd be impossible,

'cause I never went.

And your mom was okay with that?

I don't have one.

Everyone has a mom.

At least in the beginning.

Mine died when I was 10.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

She never stood up to my dad

when she was alive, anyways.

What happened to yours?

NOLA: I don't know.

What do you mean?

I mean I don't know where she

BLUE: And you never wondered?

No, I did.

I still do.

And I tried to look for
her, but I never found her.

You know what, scorch and
scatter me when I'm gone.

Yeah, put me in a pepper

and sprinkle me over all the

that pissed me off.

Here's a little Miguel,

here's a little Miguel for you.

There's a lot of Miguel for you.

Yeah, okay.

Let me know when the
funeral arrangements are.

Alright, bye.

Are you okay?


My cousin Ronnie.

NOLA: I'm sorry.

We always talked about
being here in America.

We planned on opening
up this shop together.

What happened?

I made it across, he didn't.

You know, for the next project,

you can clean out the store room

Sure, okay.

And, if you like it,

you can go ahead and move in

No, I'll be okay.
(gentle music)

The good thing about the storage

is there's heat up there.

Alright let's go, tighten it up.

I'm not a runaway, if
that's what you think.

Well, that's none of my

(drill whirring)

That's it, pretty good.

You'll let me know when you
get back on the road, right?

Not anytime soon.

I paid off the parts, but I
still have the labor to go.

Have you ever been to Navajo


Well my aunt lives there.

She's on the res.

You know, I can't take
you with me, though.

I can't live with my dad

At least you have a dad.

(gentle melancholy music)

(knocking on door)

Was that your dad?

This is nothing.

Come on.

I just know that she left when I
was born.

What happened?

It was always this big secret.

Clint, my dad, he never
really went into it.

He said it was better that I
didn't know.

I don't think so.

All I knew was her first name.


And I guess Frankel,
which is my last name,

but who knows if she ever took
his name?

Maybe she remarried.

Or she could be dead.

So, all I have is this.

You don't have an address or

No, nothing.

Do you have a credit card?

MIGUEL: Fan belt, plugs.
(light Latino music)

BLUE: Try your dad.

That's him.

How'd you get it?

Don't worry about it.

I guess she's still here.

(cars whirring by)


What's up?

What's going on?

You know it's been a month.

I didn't think it was possible,

but I tallied up all your hours.


Today, you're all checked out!

What is this stripe?

I didn't think it was gonna
survive the operation,

but the mighty Hulk
will live to ride again.

Why did you paint it?

Oh, you don't got to worry about

We're all squared up.

What made you think you had the

Hey now.

This is my van.

I've repaid all my debts.

I put a roof over your head.

I've been taking care of you.

I even fixed your old jalopy.

I could have fixed it myself,

you didn't have to touch it.

(gentle melancholy music)

Welcome, have a seat anywhere
you'd like.

Sure I can't get you any pie?

(people chattering)

Sorry, we're a little

Can I get you anything?

MAN: I'll just take a
glass of water, thanks.


I'll take some coffee?
Coffee, got it.

There you go.

(light country music)

WAITRESS: Well, we made it
through the day, Cheryl.

CHERYL: Yeah, I'll see you



Where is he?


So when did you open your diner?

It'll be 12 years next month.

Do you like it?

It has its ups and downs.

It's a tough business.

Like when you and Clint had
Mercury Bar.


That was a whole other ball

What do you mean?

We didn't see eye to eye
when it came to business.

So that's when you sold

and just decided to live on the

No, the bar went under, when we
had you.

We got the van to drive out to
New Orleans

to open up a new place.

I installed this whole stove.

You did?

You came out with a Mohawk.

Just a shock of white blonde

Clint was sure that you'd have
his hair,

but you didn't.

I thought you'd have blue eyes.

Yeah, mine are more green.

You got your blue eyes from my

You're his kid, though,
through and through.

Do you think if Clint didn't
want to live in the Hulk,

then we would've been a family
in a home?

I don't know how to answer that.

Would you like to stay with me

For the time being.

(birds chirping)

Where are you going?

To the diner.

I can go with you.
No no no.

I gotta get going, I'm sorry.

(steady melancholy music)

Don't worry about money.

The best things in life are

Yeah right.

May as well have said,

"I can't help you, I'm just a


Let me open yours.

You will always have good
luck in your personal affairs.

I'll take it.

What did you do today?

Just kinda hung out.

I should've left you my keys,
I'm sorry.

I didn't think about it
'til I was driving home.

No it's fine.

I actually was starting
to look into schools.


Like, college.

About time I got out of that

It does not say that, let me

You will live a long prosperous

NOLA: That's a good one.


Here you go.
(people chattering)

(gentle country music)


What are you doing here?

I just thought I would come say

Hello again.

CHERYL: This is Nola.

I remember you from the other

How do you two know each other?

My niece.

She's visiting from out of town.


I'll see you back at home?

What time?

I just, I don't know.

The fridge broke down again.

I'm waiting for the guy to come
fix it.


TV REPORTER: The crime
rate in this country

has been declining for the
first time in 15 years.

(door rattling)

Today was a hell of a day.

I made us dinner.

(ticking calculator)


I can't catch a break in this
damn place.

What happened?

Just about a million things.

Comes with the territory.

We had a fire a while back

that we're still trying
to bounce back from,

then I found out one of the

was skimming off the top.

Now the fridge.

I mean, I could come
and help, if you want.

Oh no, no sweetie.

It's nothing crazy, but all at

it feels like a lot.

You know, I was thinking about

that I wanted to talk to you


I think it's time for me to sell
The Hulk.

Why would you do that?

Because I need the money,

and if I was seriously thinking

looking at schools and things
like that...

Well I doubt you could get
very much for it, honestly.

I'm sure it's worth something.

I can try to sell it for you
this weekend.

I know the guy who owns the used
car lot.

I'm sure he'll give you
a fair price for it.

(gentle music)


You want to guess how
much I was able to get?

Tell me.

CHERYL: Honestly, it's
such a piece of junk.

I thought he was gonna
laugh me off the lot.

You know, they're really built
to last.

I mean, if the right person
knows how to take care of it,

they'll run forever.

I'm pretty sure he just
bought it for parts,

but regardless, here's your big
pay day.

$7,000 dollars.

I know, right?

Let's go out tonight.

To new beginnings.



(people chattering)
(light music)

This place is really really

You look pretty.

Thank you, that's sweet of you.

You look pretty cute yourself.

It'd look good on you.

That's good.

You put your lips together.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

WAITER: Ladies, what can
I get for you to start?

I'll have a Diet Coke.

WAITER: Certainly.

Light on the ice, please.

WAITER: Light on the ice, and
for you?

I'll have one too, no ice.

WAITER: No ice.

Be back in a second.

How's your steak?

It's really good.
Can I have a bite?


Mm, mm, I love a night off.

It was such a good idea.

So did you ever meet anyone
after Clint?

You know, there were a few
guys who came and went.

I work all the time.

It's hard to make anything

So many jerks.

And the good ones always wanted

And you never wanted kids?

It's a whole thing.

Let's not get into that tonight.

They got the fries right here.

If I had a baby, I would've
never left.

You know Clint's the one
who wanted to be a parent.

Not me.

You're alive because I left.

We were broke, you know.

We were drunk.

Neither of us was in any
state to be raising a child.

Clint never drank.

I can't imagine Clint drinking

We were real messed up.

And I was depressed.

He came to me,

and he said he'd rather
raise you all by himself.

And at the time, that
seemed like a good idea.

So I let you go, and...

Ladies, how are we doing?
Just the check, please.


(gentle music)

(ethereal vocalizing)

Looking to buy a car today?

Looking for a van, actually.

Alrighty, I'm Randy.

Let's go over here.

This is a classic.

Complete with a bed, a full

and a pop-up roof to boot.

How much?

You're in luck.

My manager is in a very
generous mood today

and he told me,

"Get this thing off the
lot for $10,000 dollars."

Don't vans like this
break down all the time?

We need something that's

I'll tell you what.

Just for you, $9,000 dollars.

Look, it has to come with
a warranty too, right?

That's worth something, I'm

Must shave off a couple hundred
at least.

Well if you're willing to take
that risk.

Let me talk to my manager
and see what we can do.


I'll be here.

Hey, what can I do for you

Do you have any idea how hard it

to replace a main seal
on one of these old vans?

This one definitely has
a rear main seal leak.

It's the hardest thing to

We didn't check for this?

You knew these things leak oil
like crazy.

(gentle music)

RADIO ANNOUNCER: Well the fire
we reported

at the old fire hole is still

out of control...

(radio switching channels)

♪ Come along ♪
(upbeat music)

♪ Such a wonderful joy ♪

♪ Being around ♪

♪ Why don't you ask your mama ♪

Oh dad.

♪ Is it alright ♪

♪ Well to take a little ride ♪

♪ In the still of the
night, still of the night ♪

♪ Ooh-Wee-Ooh-Ooh ♪

(scat singing)

♪ Love me please ♪

♪ You look so good and you're s
fine ♪

♪ I've got to make up you mine ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Come along ♪

♪ Please hear my plea ♪

♪ Come along with me ♪

♪ Come along with me ♪

♪ Come along ♪

♪ Come come come come come come ♪

♪ Come come come come come come ♪

♪ Come come come come ♪

(engine rumbling)

(door slamming)

I wasn't planning on taking off
like that.

You're all squared up here.

I was planning on you taking
over the shop some day.

But who am I kidding?

I ain't going nowhere.

Thanks for taking me in.

Door is always open, Cachorro.


(cars whirring by)

How far is your aunt's?

It's a eight our bus ride.

But you know the way?

Of course.

It's a lot bigger in here

that for what it looks
like on the outside.

I think it's cool that
you grew up this way.

Clint would always call
the window of The Hulk

my TV when I was little.

I mean, I wanted the
ones that you would see

at the laundromat, but
he would always say,

"Just turn on the TV if you get

So I sit there and watch
everything go by.

There's only one channel.

Did you end up finding your mom?


She wasn't what I expected.


Don't be sorry.

I wanted to know.

Now I know.

I think that you can have
your biological family,

but also sometimes you can have

your logical family too.

(gentle music)

(ethereal vocalizing)

Thanks for the ride.

It's been nice being back
on the road with somebody.

Keep in touch.



Write to me first, and
then give me an address

so we know where to write back.

(door shutting)
(gentle music)

(people chattering)

(engine rumbling)

(doors shutting)

Nice van.

Thanks, yours too.

She's all excited.

She thought maybe you were
going to the camp out.

Is that where you're headed?

What is it?

The big van gathering.


(steady drumming)

(rhythmic clapping)

(hopeful music)

(ethereal vocalizing)

(ethereal vocalizing)



♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey, do you know your name ♪

♪ You know that that's what you
came for ♪

♪ And where you lay down your
head ♪

♪ I hope that it's all
that you prayed for ♪

♪ Hey, oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Hey, oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

(steady calming music)

(ethereal vocalizing)

(gentle dramatic music)

(gentle music)

(ethereal vocalizing)
(dramatic music)