The Shoplifting Pact (2022) - full transcript

After being home-schooled, Sky can't wait to get back into the high school experience and make some friends. But, when her new gang seems to prefer shoplifting to hanging out, Sky wonders whether she's fallen in with the wrong crowd.

Yeah, heather.

Are you at the cabin?

Yes, and I'm pretty sure
someone followed me here.

This is not okay anymore.

After tonight, I'm out.

No, no. Don't say that sherri.

We need you, she needs you.

You're a really
important part of the team.

I can't sleep, I can't eat.

I need to tell someone
before I'm in too deep.

- I got to go.
- Sherri, don't hang up.

Sky, honey, it's time to get.


Morning, mom.

Honey, how long
have you been up?

Oh, I don't know.
A couple of hours.


Did you get any
sleep last night?

Honey, you should have slept.

I could say the
same to you, mom.

Hey, I slept.

You know, it's rude to
lie to your child, mother.

I mean, it's not every day
that your 17 year old daughter.

Has her first day at school.

I've been to school before, mom.

Not since...

Look, it's...

It's going to take me some
time to get comfortable with..

You being there by yourself.

Mom, I'm not going
to be by myself.

Okay, without me.

You're not going to
start crying, are you?


Well, not in front
of you, at least.

Relax, nic.
She's got plenty of time.

Here. Have something to eat.

Maybe later.
My stomach, it's all in knots.

Good morning.

Is this why you wanted
me out of the house?


You ready, hon?

Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Got your inhaler?

Mm-hmm. And a backup in my bag.

- Okay.
- Alright, yeah.


- Have fun.
- Bye, dad.

It's okay to be nervous.

What makes you
think I'm nervous?

Mom, come on.

Triggering anything from
your fun-filled days here?

Gosh, no.

Honey, I can walk
you in if you want.

Because that wouldn't.

Automatically make
me a social pariah. Yeah.

Oh, well, look who's
using her sat vocabulary.

Well, I was taught by the best.

Everyone is going
to love you, I promise.

And if they don't,
it's their loss.


Hurry up! You're
going to be late.

Love you, mom.

Love you. Bye.

Hey, can you guys...

Just completely ignore me?



I can't believe you're here.

Trust me, neither can I.

Wait, what are you doing here?

Oh, my mom just wanted
me to stay ahead academically.

With college coming
up next year.

Sat prep, honors courses.

Yeah, that's great.

Yeah, I practically had to.

Pry the leash out of her hands.

Well, I mean, that's
just because she cares.

Both your parents always have.

I always thought you were lucky.


Yeah, I guess maybe I am.

Over the last few years, I
thought about reaching out.

But I wasn't sure if you'd be
mad about what happened.

But I've really missed you.

I missed you, too.

Okay, well, great.
I'll show you around.

So, what's your first period?


Oh, I'm sorry.


Please tell me that you did.

The chem problems
that are due today.

I did the chem problems.

Okay, let's try again.

But this time without
lying straight to my face.

I'm sorry, heather.

I tried to get them done
last night, but my mom...

Oh, my god, spare
me the sob story.

Of being mommy's
shoulder to cry on.

When another man dumps her.

You're supposed to
be the responsible one.

I'm sorry.

It won't happen
again. I overslept.

Way to let the team down, mar.

Why do I know you?

Heather, you remember Skylar?

Oh, my god. Shut up.

You know, I'm not going to lie.

I really thought
you'd let yourself go,

But you look pretty good.


You look so good, too.

Thanks for noticing.

It's crazy what being called
canned ham all of middle school.

Will do to a girl's motivation.

Wait, you're the girl that
almost died on the playground?

Yeah, your face got all
red and you couldn't breathe.

You forgot your.


Right. And they had
to call the ambulance.

That was so
embarrassing for you.


Was that one of the
things that we talked about.

That I shouldn't say out loud?

Yes, sweetie.

I didn't lose it.
Someone hid it.

Okay. So...

Still into all that
computer stuff?

Great. Failing computer sciences.

So I could really use
someone like you.

Like a tutor?

God, no.

I just need someone
to do the work for me.

So I can stay on
the basketball team.

Oh, well, I'm not
going to help you cheat.

I thought you wanted
to make friends.

You better watch who
you cross, sweetie.

We're going to be
late for class.

- Heather turned into a...
- Monster?

Yeah, but remember.

How we used to get
picked on in middle school?

That doesn't happen
with heather around.

- Is that...
- Trey.

Didn't you used to
have a thing for him?

I don't think middle
schoolers can have a thing.

I doubt he remembers me.

Trust me, you don't want him to.


Heather. Who was that?

Just some new girl.

Why? You want me to hook you up?

So, how's the sherri situation?

Did she run away?

It's really none
of your concern.

Sure, I'm just protecting
my investment.

Wait, you still haven't
heard from sherri?

Trey, don't you have a
class to go fail or something?

Try it.

Hello, principal skinner.
Do you know this girl?

We got to go.

I'm sorry.

Marnie, open up.

- Shoot it tabby.
- No way.

Yes. Keep it moving.

You're okay, hun?

You look a little lost.

Are you trying out
for the alternate?

Oh, no.

I'm just here to see marnie.

We're hanging out
after practice.

Watch the pick, watch the pick.

Keep going. You got it.

My girls are good, huh?



You came.

Coach sandy, this is sky.
She's one of my oldest friends.

Is it okay if she
stays for practice?

Yeah, of course.

Thank you, miss...

Evans. But you can
call me coach sandy.

Just don't tell the principal.


So good to see you again.


Marnie, it was such
a good idea to bring.

Sky in to be the
new scorekeeper.

- Oh, I didn't.
- The what?

Coach sandy, sky is brilliant.

When it comes to
computers and numbers.

I think she'd make a
good fit to keep the stats.

At least while sherri is out.

Are you interested, sky?

Sports aren't
really sky's thing.

Can I think about it?

Don't take too long.

You'd be a really
important part of the team.

See you.



I didn't know you
were still in here.

Is that sherri's locker?

Yes, I guess it is.

What are you looking for?

Not that it's any of your
business, but my eyeliner.

She borrowed it
and I wanted it back.

Do you happen to know her combo?


Hey, I saw her mom
talking to the principal.

And she looked terrible.

Should we be worried?

Look, sherri wanted out.

I'm sure she's just avoiding
us at her dad's or something.


As far as I'm concerned,
there is no sherri.

All right, let's go.
Let's get the team together.

We have to do another one.


Let's go.



Look at this.

Good afternoon, ladies.
How can I help you today?

My best friend here
needs a stunning dress.

For her after baby
trip to Monaco.


Thank you.

- What's your name?
- Julie.

Julie. Wow, that is
such a gorgeous name.

So, Julie, we're going
to browse around a bit.

But the second I find something,

Can I track you
down and try it on?

- Of course.
- Thanks so much, hun.

Yeah, I'll see you later.

Hi, can I help you?

Yeah, wow.

I don't know if I could
afford any of this.

It's a little expensive for me.

Do you have a clearance rack?

It's in the back.

Oh, wait.

I love this.

What do you think?

Or maybe this one?

Or maybe this shirt.

One or the other.
I really love the color.

They'd both be very nice on you.

They're very expensive.

Thanks so much, Julie.

But none of it really
worked out for us, though.

Thanks, Julie.

- Oh, thank you, ladies.
- Bye.

Give me your
opinion on this one.

That was a great one.

We got so much good stuff.

We must have at
least five grand.

What are we going
to do with all this stuff?

Sherri is the one that
knew how to sell online.

I'm sorry, who?

Yeah, last I checked, I already
found a replacement, remember?

We can't bring sky into this.

What would I even tell her?

I don't know. Just
make something up.

And quick, we have a deadline.

Let's go.

I've been looking for you guys.

Miss Clark.

Girls... Please tell me
you know where she is?

I'm sorry, we don't.

I don't care what you
girls have been up to.

I just want to know
that sherri's okay.

Wait, we thought she was
just out sick or something.

Is she really missing?


There was a note in her
room this morning saying.

She had to leave town.

She's 16. Why would
she have to leave town?

- I don't know.
- If you girls know anything,

Please tell me.

Tell me.

We don't. We promise.

I'm sorry. We have to go.

I know you girls were up
to something with sherri.

If you won't help me,
maybe the police will.

Her mom talked to the cops?

We heard tabby.

Well, what if they
can't find her?

What if they start
asking us questions?

What are we going to do then?



Let's get out of here.


Need some help?

Hey. Yeah, sure.

I thought when you
started school again

I was going to
lose my assistant.

Never, mom.


How was your first day back?

It's pretty much
what I expected.

Oh, honey, it'll get
better tomorrow.

I mean, first days of
school, they're always tough.

Did yours get any better?



You are incredible.

Any of those girls would be
lucky to have you as a friend.

What if you join a club
or some sort of team.

There's got to be one that
lines up with your interests.

Tech club, math club.

Well, there was a
team I was considering.

What team?


- Oh, honey.
- No, don't worry.

It's just score keeping.

I won't be stepping
foot on the court.

I don't know. I just

I know, mom.
I'm your miracle baby.

I get it.

But it won't be
dangerous at all.

Please, mom.

Okay. All right.

Just be careful. Please.

The doctor...

Mom, it's just score keeping.

Okay, fine.

Just make sure that it doesn't
interfere with your schoolwork.

She's going to make
her teachers proud,

Just like she did with you.


You are going to be the best
scorekeeper they've ever had.

Is sandy still coaching?

Coach sandy?

Yeah. You know her?


We were in the same class.

And were you friends?

In the beginning? Yeah, we were.

Later there were issues.

You know, your mom and
I can come to your games.

Oh, you don't have to do that.

It's not like I'm going to
be really doing anything.

You'll be an important
part of a team,

And we want to support that.

Thanks dad.

- Tabby, three.
- Talk it out.

Alright. That's
okay. That's okay.

Okay. Keep it moving.

Keep the hustle.
Keep the hustle.

Marnie. Open up. Open up.

Sky, does this mean
you are helping out?

If you'll still have me.

I don't want to step on any toes
with sherri's back in school.

No, she's still out.

But just hang on the sidelines.

And I'll show you what
to keep track of. Okay?

No. No. Here.

Right here.

Tabby, open up, over here.

Catch it marnie.


You just have to
conjugate the verb here.

It will either be reflexive
or a negative conjugation.

It's not that hard once
you get the hang of it.

God, you're a lifesaver.

I didn't think you took french.

Oh, I don't.

Heather does.

This is her homework.

Mar. I'm working the
second shift at the hospital.

Oh, I didn't know
you had company.

Mom, you remember sky.

Oh, my gosh, of course.

Hi, hon.

So good to see you.

How's your mom?

She's good.

Great. Well, tell her I said hi.

It's just so good to see
you girls hanging out.

Yeah, sky is doing score
keeping for the team.

That's great.

We actually have
a game this Friday.

You said you would
maybe make it.

It's the one up
against Reagan high.

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

I completely forgot.

I can't cancel my plans now,

So I'll get the next one.


Okay, I better get to work,
but you guys have fun.

So good to see you.

Your mom seems
like she's doing okay.

Today, at least.

It's the first time I've
seen her all week.

She works a lot?

Yeah, she's not even
here when she's here,

But it's fine.

Oh, my god.

I can't believe
you still have this.

Yeah, of course I do.

It's from your
grandparent's cabin, right?

You remember?

Yeah, I remember
the hide and seek.

I mean that was epic up there.


Oh, I almost forgot.

I need to ask you
for a huge favor.

Yeah, what is it?


Where did you get
all this stuff?

Most of it's heather's.

Stuff she's never worn.

And doesn't plan on wearing.

- Must be nice.
- Right?

None of it fits me.

And the rest of it is
for my mom's last ex.

He was a real creep.

He thought buying me
gifts would win me over.

Anyways, do you think
you could help me sell it?

Like, on marketplace
or something?

Yeah, or something.

My mom and I share
all our accounts,

And I really don't want
her to know about it,

So I'm looking for
something a little more.


There's like, sites
for that, right?



They're just not
always the safest places.

To go digging around.

And this stuff looks like
it's worth a small fortune.


My mom was kind of banking on me.

Getting a basketball
scholarship for college, and.

It doesn't look like
that's happening.

So -oh.

I'm sorry.

So, you'll help me?

Yeah, of course.

You are a great friend sky.

Who is it?

Just wait right here.

I'll be right back.


- What the hell?
- Excuse me?

All of this is your fault.

You have any idea
what kind of trouble...

What are you doing?


Good luck sweetheart.

Better watch your back.

What was that?

Trey's been asking me out
all year and I keep saying no.

Trey doesn't respond well to no.

- Bye.
- Bye.

And thanks for selling
the clothes. Sky.

There you are.

I was worried sick about you.

I'm sorry.

I didn't think that
you'd still be up.

What, you think I'd go to bed.

When my 16 year old
daughter is out past her curfew.

On a school night?
Not answering her texts?

I'm sorry.

Wait. I have a curfew.

You do now.



Okay. No.

Okay, close.

I'm just too stupid
for this stuff.

Don't get frustrated. All right?

Just one step at a time.

Let's try again. Right?

Why do I even have
to learn algebra?

I'm not going to need it.

Well, I'm sorry. You need it.

To stay on the team
and to graduate.

Hey, I just need a c.

Hey, you're better than a c.

You have all sorts
of a+ potential.


So don't call my friend, stupid.


Thanks, coach.

Hey, sky, what's up?

Sorry, I didn't
mean to interrupt.

Oh, no, I was going to
be late for class anyways.


- See ya.
- See ya.

I just wanted to drop off some
stats I've been working on.

All right.


These look great.

You're becoming an
integral part of the team.

You should be proud of yourself.


I'm just excited to be a
part of an awesome team.


You're a bright girl.

Stay out of trouble, okay?

What's up?


These are all from heather?


She said I could take
whatever I wanted,

But none of this
stuff is really my style.

I don't know how any of this
stuff can't be someone's style.

Well, you know,

This would look so good on you.

I'm sure heather wouldn't
mind if you took something.

I mean, especially since
you are one of us now.


Yeah. You're the best.

Thanks, marnie.


Honey, are you in here?


- Hey.
- Mom.

Sorry, I was just getting
some stat inputs for the team.


Why are you acting so weird?

I am not.


You know that you can
tell me anything, right?

I mean, you used
to tell me everything.

Yeah, I know.

Do you need something?

No, I just

I just want you to know that

I'm here if you want
someone to talk to.




They are shoplifting?


Hi. How are you?

Come, sit down.

I'm okay.

It has been a while.

Yeah, yeah, it sure has.

Well, I really love
having your daughter.

Helping out on the team.

She's such a sweetheart.

Thank you.

That's actually why I'm here.

About sky.

Is everything okay?

Is she...?

Listen, I just feel like

I need to say all that stuff.

That happened
between us back then.

Yeah, I've moved past that.

We're good. Okay.


I'm glad you're here.

And I'm glad you said something.

It took me some
years to realize it.

Because I was dealing
with my own stuff, but

I treated you
terribly junior year.

And I would like
to say I'm sorry.

It wasn't just you.

No, but I was
captain of the team.

And the other girls
took my queue.

I knew you wanted
to be a part of the team.

And I shouldn't
have been so cruel.

Dangling it in front
of you like that.

And then taking it away.

I am...

Embarrassingly sorry, Nicole.

Those high school girls,

They really know how to
stick a dagger under your heart.

Which brings me back to sky.

Have you noticed anything
going on with her at school?

With the girls on the team?

I'm worried that maybe
they're bullying her.

Like we bullied you?


Nothing like that.

Or not that I've seen.

But I'll keep a lookout,
Nicole. I promise.

I never got to have
kids like you did.

But these girls are my kids.

I've got her back.

And I'll let you know
if I see anything.

Thank you, sandy.

What are you doing?

You can't wear the merch here.
Heather is going to kill you.

Plus, you're going
to get us caught.


Oh, hey.

Hey, sky. What's up?

Can we talk?


Yeah. Yeah.

What is this?

Sky, I'm so sorry.

I'm not stupid, marnie.

I know you guys
stole that stuff.

I don't think you're stupid.

I wouldn't have stolen it if
it wasn't for a good reason.

You have to understand.

A good reason, marnie?

Are you serious?

What's going on?

Something's wrong?

No, it's bigger than this.

There's a lot involved.

I wouldn't just
steal for no reason.


We can't let her
ruin everything.

Come on.

Let me guess.

You're in on this too.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

She knows about
the clothes, heather.

The clothes that you've been
hawking on the dark web?

The clothes that are
still in your possession?

Those clothes, sky?

Yeah, but I didn't know
where they were from.

Didn't you?

I mean tabby and
Vera overheard you.

Bragging about stealing them.

Didn't you, girls?

- Sure did.
- Yeah.


There is no point in pretending.

So you're all in on this?

Well, I mean, we
just really wanted to...

We just really wanted
some brand new clothes.

Some nice ones with
some extra spending cash.

You of all people
should understand.

Wanting to fit in
with a clean slate.

I know you don't
have to steal, heather.

Yeah, well, maybe not me, but.

The rest of the
girls aren't as lucky.

And I look out for my team,

Which now includes you.


Well, I quit.

That's so sweet sky,

But it's a little too late.

So I suggest you just shut
up, fall in line.

And do your job, okay?

Sky, don't ruin this
for the rest of us.

We're just having some fun.


Sky can quit if she wants.

- What?
- Yeah.

She can just go back to being
some home schooled freak.

Who sits alone at lunch.

Looking like a
bargain rack barbie.

Oh, and if the cops
show up at her house.

After some hot tip about.

Where to find some
stolen merchandise, well

I think her parents
would understand.


So, you're in or you're out?

It's your choice.

Jeez. Don't you have that
inhaler thing or whatever?

All right, so, can the
team count on you or not?


I'm in.

Great. That's the team spirit.

See you later.






Hey, are you okay?

Have you been crying?


It's just allergies.


If there's something
going on in school,

You know, you can tell me.


The girls on the
basketball team. They...

Oh, my gosh.

I wonder how that happened.

I'm sorry, honey.

You were saying about
the girls on the team.

They're great.

The girls on the team
are really great friends.

Why would sky lie to you?

I don't know, kev, but she did.

She's hiding something.

And I think it has
something to do with.

These girls on the
basketball team.


You're overreacting
because they're sandy's girls.

What? No.

I did go to see her today.


- Why?
- I just.

Thought maybe whatever
is going on with sky.

And the girls on the team, maybe

Sandy would know
something about it.

Is sky in trouble?

I don't know,


Something is affecting her.

She's jumpy all the time, and.

That's not our sky.

Do you want to pull
her out of school?


I don't know.


I don't want to be
one of those parents.

Who ignores all the
signs until it's too late.

I just wanted to say
that I'm so sorry, sky.

Save it, okay?

There's a lot that
you don't know about.

Heather doesn't
want to tell you yet,

But I promise that
there's a good reason.

A good reason for shoplifting?

Yes. And you'll
know soon enough.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Thought you could use
something warm right now.

Thanks, dad.

You always know when I
need something before I do.


I know you're almost
all grown up, but

I'm here if you want to vent.

Or cry.

Or do yard work
together like we used to.

Thanks, dad.

Yeah. See you kiddo.

May I help you?

Yes, I'm looking for
something for my granddaughter.

That isn't too flashy,

More understated.

We've got some options.

Be right with you.

Maybe in a soft pink.

Would that be
pretty for this pretty?

Start with the jewelry.

Good idea. Thank you.

Did you want to
try that on, hon?

Actually, you
don't have my size.

But I did see this belt,

And I'm wondering if
you can ring it up for me.

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Great choice.

$29.95 cash or credit?


You almost forgot this.


Silly me. Wow.

Thank you so much.

So welcome.

So, we were wondering...

What's going on?

Skylar, please, come sit down.

You want to tell us
where that came from?


It's a gift.

For coach sandy.

All the girls on the
team wanted to pitch in.

And get her something
nice for her birthday,

And I picked it
up after practice.

Then why was it
hidden in your closet?

Because I didn't
want to just leave it out.

Where anything
could happen to it.

I can't believe you guys have
been snooping around my room.

When I wasn't home.

Honey, we're worried about you.

Your mom just want to make
sure everything was okay.

That doesn't mean you
can invade my privacy.

Just stay out of my business.

Well, that went well.

I don't know.

Something is wrong.

Do you think they believed you?

I think so.

Sky, are we okay?

I don't know how to
answer that right now.

Look, your friendship
means a lot to me.

I never wanted you
to get caught up in this.

I didn't have a
choice, just like you.

You always have a choice.


Tell me what is going on.

Marnie, tell me.

Heather would kill me.


Hi, sweetheart.

What are you doing here?

Well, I work here now.

I'm sorry, what?


I'm just volunteering
in the office.

Hi marnie, it's good
to see you, sweetie.

You, too.

I've been trying to get
in touch with your mom.

She's impossible
to get a hold of.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Mom, are you trying
to keep tabs on me?


Not at all.

Honey, you won't
even know that I'm here.

Okay, I'm going to
leave you girls to it.

Keep open. Shoot it.

Okay, all right.

Get over there.

Sky, what is she doing here?

I don't know.

I can't believe you
brought sky into this.

She's not one of us.

Should have never agreed
to let you girls help me.

What was I supposed to do?

I mean, we needed
someone like her,

And sherri just went
up and disappeared.

And she's not even
responding to anyone.

Sherri? The principal
just told me that.

They haven't heard from
sherri's mother either.

The police are involved now.

Sky's mom just asked me.

How I liked the new
bag the team got me.

That's good thinking, sky.

She's really quick on her feet.

No, no.

That's sloppy, heather.

I should have just
has taken responsibility.

For all of this already.

God, I just didn't
know what to do.

This has all gotten...

Way out of control.

I mean, we only need
one more shopping trip,

And then it can
all be over forever.

I'm the adult.

This was my mistake.

They should be my consequences.


End it now.

What are you going to do
about the rest of the money?

I mean, honestly, coach, they
don't pay you anything here.

There's absolutely no
way you're going to get it.

It'll all be over soon.

You guys have been lying
to me and manipulating me,

And I've been an
idiot to let you do it.

- Keep it down.
- For what?

A bunch of fancy clothes?

And with my mom here now,

I won't be able to
hide anything from her.

You can have all the clothes and
the passwords to the accounts.

I'm done.

Heather, tell her.

Okay, yeah, sky,
we've been lying to you.

But it's not like we
really had a choice either.

The money, the
clothes, it's not for us.

It's for coach sandy.


She needed money
and we're protecting her.

From what?

Coach sandy's husband was
her high school sweetheart,

And he was killed
in a car crash.

Oh, my god.

Yeah, she was obviously hurting.

Went out one night and met up
with some hot 22 year old guy.

Spent the night with him.

Just for some comfort
and to ease her mind.

That's not a crime.

No, but when school started
a couple of months later,

She was teaching
one of her classes.

And who walks in but
that hot 22 year old?

Except he wasn't 22.

He was 18.

He lied to her.

It was trey.


But what about the shoplifting?

Trey is blackmailing
her for 50k.

Coach sandy's a
high school teacher.

She doesn't have any
way to make that money.

Yeah, I overheard
her in the office.

Crying on the phone one day.

She told me everything.

She's the best
coach we've ever had.

She's always had our back.

We couldn't let
him ruin her life.

You have to go to
the cops or something.

Tell them what trey is doing.

That's such a good idea, sky.

I mean, why didn't we just
think of that one, marnie?

Oh, yeah, because trey won't be
the one that gets into trouble.

It'll be coach sandy.

She could get fired or worse.

We need you, sky.

Coach sandy needs you.

We're not just a team.

We're family.

Family, huh?

Which one of my family snuck
into my house the other day and.

Threatened my mom and me?

What are you talking about?

It was probably trey, obviously.

I mean, he has more
of a reason for you.

To sell the clothes than we do.

Don't worry, sky.

I got your back.

Only as long as you have ours.

No, don't give me, I think so,

Is she going to do it or not?

We need that money.

I know. It's just

I can't stay in that house
any longer with my dad.

It's getting bad.

I'll call you later, baby.

I love you.

Hey, gorgeous.

Stay away from me.

You know, I remember
you, Skylar.

Middle school?

You had the biggest
crush on me. Didn't you?

Sent me all those candy grams
for valentine's day?

It was cute.

Yeah, well, I used
to eat glue as a kid,

So I'd say I'm pretty good.

At purging toxic traits
out of my system.

Oh, she's witty too...

What do you want, trey?

I heard your mom's
been snooping around.

Even found some of the merch.

Yeah, well, she has a lot to be
suspicious of, don't you think?

I'm just saying,

You're the new sherri, right?

The last I heard,
sherri just vanished.

Rumor has it,

Her mom's gone, too.

Maybe she skipped
town to look for sherri, or

I don't know.

Maybe something else.

Are you threatening me?

Trust me, candygram.

When I make an actual threat,

You won't have to question it.

You wanted to see me?

Yeah. Take a seat, sky.

Am I in trouble or something?

No, not at all.

You're a bright kid.

All your honors courses
and computer literacy.

You probably don't need any.

Extra curriculars for
your college application.

Maybe not, but it never hurts.

Well, I was taking a look
at your course schedule,

And I have no idea how you're
making it to every practice.

Look, you have done
a great job filling in,

But if you wanted to prioritize.

Other things for the
rest of the season,

The team would understand.

Coach sandy, are you firing me?


Of course not.

I just don't want you to get
overwhelmed with everything.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?


I appreciate your concern, but

I have to stay.

Well, I guess if
that's what you want,

We're happy to have you.

That's a beautiful ring.



Never be afraid to realize
when it's time to move on.

And not let something
drag you down anymore.





Listen. I wanna...

You're worried about sky?


Lately, she has been slipping.

I spoke with a few
of her teachers.

And they said that
her grades are down,

And I think that she is
being spread too thin.

I'm so sorry. That
is unacceptable.

I hold my girls to very
high academic standards.


But I get a sense.

As good as your girls are,

Maybe they're just not
healthy for my daughter.

She's acting strange at home.

It's not sky.

Nicole, possibly the team isn't
the best environment for sky.


It would be okay if you
wanted to pull her off the team,

Encourage her to
make new friends.

Maybe even forbid her from
seeing the girls on the team.

I mean, if her
grades are slipping,

I think that might be
the right thing to do.

Thanks, sandy.

Off the team?


Sky, I put you in that
school for academics.

I don't want your
grades suffering.

I can get my grades back up.

There's just a lot
you don't understand.

Sky, don't get worked up.

You never wanted me
to actually make friends.

- Sky.
- Honey, come on.

You know that's not true.

Isn't it?

Take a breath.

I'm fine.

Honey, you're going
to get your asthma.

I'm fine.

Okay, listen,

Maybe these just aren't
the right friends for you.

Whatever they've
got you involved in,

If it's bad, you can tell us.

You have no idea what
you're talking about.

You're suffocating me.

You never would have
spoken to me like that.

Before you met them.

What happened to
my sweet little girl?

I grew up.


Just let me stay on until
the end of the season, please.

There's just a lot going on.

I have to stay.

This is not a negotiation, sky.

You're done. Immediately.

No, mom.

- Honey.
- Sky.

Just relax.

I'm okay.

You just don't understand.

I can't quit the team.

Then talk to us.

Tell us exactly what has
been going on with you.

What have these
girls gotten you into?

It's not just me.

It's who.

Is one of them bullying you?

If you tell us, we can help you.



You win. I'll quit tomorrow.

Sky, wait.

Shouldn't she be here by now?

Where is she?

She was in class today, right?

Yeah. I had second
period with her.

She should be here.


You saw all the last haul?

Yeah, it's all gone.

How close are we?


Yeah. We just need to do
one more and then we're good.

You'll have to do it without me.

You don't think you actually
have a choice now, right?

Threaten me all you want.

I made a promise to my mom.

What are we going to do?

We need her to sell everything.

Fix it.


Sky, wait.

No, marnie. I'm out.

I'm done. Okay?

Just leave me alone.

You can't quit.

Whoever is behind this
is breaking into my house,

Threatening my family.
It's gotten way out of hand.

I'm telling them everything.

If you do that, then
they'll go to the police,

And this whole
thing falls apart,

And coach sandy
could go to jail.

I don't have the
kind of relationship.

You have with your mom, marnie.

My mom knows
everything about me.

I can't just hide this from her.

Marnie, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean.

No, you're right.

My mom doesn't know
anything about my life.

But coach sandy does.

And the girls on the team do.

I'm sorry, but I'm
telling my parents.

- Sky, you can't.
- Why not?

Because sherri said
the same thing to me.

The last time that I saw her.

And now she's gone.

I'll be home in
about 15 minutes.

Did Skylar come straight
home from school?

Yeah. I feel bad.

Yeah, I know, Kevin.
I feel bad, too.

But if you've seen the
look on coach sandy's face,

You'd know we're
doing the right thing.

I'll see you soon.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.

Where are the keys?

No. No. No.

Call Kevin.

Nicole. Nicole.

Nicole, are you there?


Honey, are you okay?

What was that?
Nicole, answer me!

The police think that it
was an attempted mugging.

Did they take anything?

They grabbed my purse.

The police found it a
few blocks away, but.

It doesn't look like
anything was missing.

Hey, guys. It's sherri.

Tell me everything. Bye.


Alright. Come on, guys.

Come on guys. Open up.

What's the problem?


You look nervous.

Why are you nervous?

I'm anxious to get
this over with.

God marnie. We all are.

It's our last one.

Just keep focused.

Call her back later.


Stay here.

We'll be right back.


Marnie, I found it.

- Found what?
- Sherri's phone.

It was in heather's jacket.

Heather killed her.

She's dangerous, marnie.

What should we do?

Sky, where are you right now?

At school.

Okay, you're right.

This is getting to be too much.

And we're going
to go to the police.

Okay, good.

But we need to
protect coach sandy.

Okay? All the
money from the heist,

Are they still on the
online bit coin accounts.



We can't let heather get at it.

We need to change the pin.

Can you do that?

Yeah. Okay.

Good. Come meet me.

We need to figure out what
to do next. I'm at the mall.

Yeah, of course.

Hey. Stop them. Stop them.


Wait, where's marnie?

She's gone.

What? What's going on?

- Keep going.
- Stop.

Stop. Stop.

So, it was you.



I'm sorry, sky.

Sometimes you really
don't have a choice.

Voicemail again.

Can you call someone else?

And maybe one of her friends?

I can call Becky and
see if she's with marnie.

Hi, this is Becky.


I'm going to go to the
school and see if she's there.

We'll go together.

I'll drive.

Thank you.

Heather. Heather.

Wake up. Wake up.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

Tabby. Tabby.

What happened?


Marnie, what?

I always thought someone on
the team was stealing from us,

But I couldn't figure out who.

It was marnie.


Wait. What are you doing?

We have to go. We have
to go warn coach sandy.

Don't move.

Keep your hands
where I can see them.

Sandy. Sandy.

Nicole, you were
right about the stealing.

I'm so sorry.

It's all my fault.

Where's sky?

- I don't know.
- Sandy, where is guy?

Where is she?

I don't know. I'm sorry.

I really don't know.

Okay. Okay.

Oh, Nicole.

- Is sky here?
- How are you?

Is sky here?

No, I haven't seen her.

What about marnie?

Do you know where she is?

She's not here.

Do you know about
the shoplifting?

- The what?
- The girls.

The girls on the
basketball team.

They're on the news. Their
coach just got arrested.

No, that can't be right.

Marnie would never be
involved in something like that.

Do you have any idea where they
might go if they wanted to hide?

My parents cabin.

She'd run away there
a lot during the divorce.

- Okay, let's go.
- What?

You're coming with me.

It's just the turn off the
road, a couple more miles up.

Oh, god.

I hope the girls are okay.

Hi, sky.

Hey, candygram.


What are you doing here?

Wait, marnie?

You two, together?

Marnie, let me go.

I can't do that.

Not yet.

The online accounts
have a new pin.

And you need to give it to me.

Okay, sky.

Is that what this is about?



Not really.

What has he gotten you into?

Give me some more
credit than that, sky.

I got him into this.

This was all my idea.

But he seduced coach sandy.

She's not some
kind of martyr, sky.

But she didn't know.

She was supposed
to care about us.

About me.

I thought I found the one woman
in my life who supported me.

And then she goes and
sleeps with my boyfriend.

She's a fake, just
like the rest of them.

You don't have to do this.

I don't have your
perfect grades,

Or your loving mother.

Who would do anything for you.

And I don't have
heather's talent.

I was going to be trapped here.

And when trey slept with
sandy, I saw an opportunity.

I saw my way out.

I don't understand.

Not all of us want to end up.

At some second rate
community college.

With a dad who
doesn't return your calls.

Because he went
and had a new family.

Or a mom who doesn't
have any time for you.

All that money won't erase this.

It will get me out of this town,

And away from these people.

I can start somewhere
else with a clean slate.

And trey, he needs
this just as badly as I do.

He and I, we
understand each other.


I love her.

It must be nice...

To go through the day
and not see all the people.

Who are struggling
just to get by.

You never realized
how lucky you are, sky.

You think your parents
are overprotective?

Some of us would
kill for that kind of love.

You are gonna hurt me?


I don't want to.

I don't want to hurt you, sky.

But I didn't want to
hurt sherri, either.

Did you kill sherri?

You were always the smart one.

Now, just give me
the pin number.

What did you do to sherri?

I did what I had to do.

Now, please give me
the pin numbers, sky.

Sky, honey, what is going on?

Where are you?

Mom, I'm at marnie's cabin.

Mom, I think she
wants to kill me.

What? Who?

- Marnie.
- No.

Look, sky, listen to me.

We will be there as soon
as we can, baby, okay?

You find a safe place to hide.

- Do you hear me?
- Please. Hurry.

I don't know much longer I have.

Sky, can you hear me?

Drive faster.


Lose something?


I like you, sky.

That's why I tried to warn
you to stay away from all this.

And you wouldn't listen to me.

I just wanted to be
a part of the team.

You betrayed them.

I'm a punching bag to them, sky.

They all think that I'm a joke.

You just need some help. Okay.

We can fix this.

Don't you think, I've
been to therapy. Sky.

It's safe to say it didn't work.

I'm sorry, sky.


Oh, my god. Sky.

- Mom.
- Sky.

Get away.

What are you doing here?

I came here to help, honey.

Whatever your friends got
you involved in, we can fix it.

We can fix it together.

No. You don't get to
pretend like you care now.

Where are you when I needed you?

It's too late for that.

I'm so sorry.

Do you have any
idea what I've done?




Honey, look.

Your mother and I
just want to help you.

Look, marnie.

Marnie, please. Your mom and
I are just trying to help you.

Your mom loves you.

No, she doesn't.


Sky. Sky, baby.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.


Thank you.

Hey, the police talked to
coach sandy and heather,

And they explained how
you got pulled into all this.

It's over now, baby.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Bye, mom. Bye, dad.

Wait, slow down.

Sorry, I'm just running
late for volunteering.

Wait, I thought you finished.

Your community
service last week.

I did.

I want to help other girls
stay on the right track.

Well, did you finish
your homework?

Yes. Homework is done,

Spreadsheets are uploaded,

Room is clean,

And laundry is folded.

Anything else?

Sounds like you
thought of everything.

Before you go, you got mail.


It's from the fbi
leadership program.

What does it say?

I got accepted to do
the summer session.

Hey, I guess hacking in
the dark web has its perks.

Way too soon, dad.

Honey, we are so proud of you.

Thanks, mom.

Oh, I won't be home too late.

I promise.

It's okay. I trust you.

Oh, did you forget your...

Got it.

- Bye.
- Bye.