The Shopaholics (2006) - full transcript

Compulsive disorders plague Hong Kong: Fong Fong Fong, a foundling who's now a nurse, is a shopaholic who seeks psychiatric help from Kan Yan (Choosey) Lee, who's frozen by an inability to choose. Into the mix come Kung Fu (Richie) Ho, a wealthy man who is stingy but also will buy anything someone else wants, and Ding Dong Ding, Lee's binge-eating bargain-shopping ex-girlfriend who reappears in hopes Lee will now choose her. Both men propose to both women who say yes to both. Family and friends are inept at helping to sort it out, and even if the four get the wedding vows straight, will anyone be cured? Does Hong Kong need more than a Prozac?


Discovering a suspected abandoned
baby on second floor at ladies section.

approximately 3-month old, Chinese...

locates at the intersection among...

Salvatore Ferragamo, Gannio Versace...

Prada, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent...

Chirstan Dior, Emporio Armani...

Repeat, discovering a suspected abandoned
baby on second floor at ladies section,

approximately 3-month old, Chinese...

female, locates at the intersection

Prada, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent...

Chirstan Dior, Emporio Armani...

Salvatore Ferragamo, Gannio Versace...

Babee, Babee...Gundam, Gundam...

Boys and girls, keep going! Keep going!

Mickey , Mickey...

we're not here for shopping today!

we're not here for shopping today!

we're not here for shopping today!

Go! Come on!

Today we're here to buy hamburgers,

no shopping! Ok?

No shopping, No shopping...

The 1980 LV,
the limited edition in my birth year!

Fong Fong Fong, no shopping today!

No shopping today...No...

No shopping.

(in Japanese)l wanna pee.

Fong Fong, you take care the kids!

The 1980 limited edition!

My bag!

Hurry up, thank you!

Miss, we also carry the 1980s
Gucci bags...

the 1980s map bags, the 1980s
Dior bags...

and the 1980s Burberry bags!

teacher, teacher...


Fong Fong Fong!

You're fired!

See a psychiatrist quickly!


Why come up more stuff to choose on?

Customers are disliked of nothing to
choose on before!

Why there isn't any soup and selection of
the day?

We do! Here...

Excuse me!

Hold on! How come it has 7 choices from
the selection of the day?

Cause the customers aren't happy with
only 1 choice before!

What about me?

Attention cashier,
no more selection for B,C,D,E,F,G!

Please, l want choice A of the day -
baked pork chop rice plus

the soup of the day - Russian bortsch

Attention cashier, no more choice A
and soup of the day!

Mr., please choose another one,
no more choice A and soup!

Oh! Need to take up lots of time again.

And l won't leave the line,
must block up others.

Also the tea special,
start getting more people.

Only pick the food, not your wife?


Ordering on this side.

Samosa is too desiccative,
roasted chicken is problematic,

the mini stir fried noodle with beef is oily,

sandwich isn't enough to fill the stomach!

This mister still needs more time
to pick his selection.

Miss, how about you line up over there!

Mr., if you wanna get full, should take rice.
Roasted food with rice is available whole day.

Roasted food has bbq pork,
bbq duck, roasted pork,

soya chicken, salted chicken, spare ribs...

Single selection, double mixed,
triple mixed as well as quadruple mixed.

How to choose?

Quadruple mixed,
the chef will pick the choice instead.

Should l add three dollars for
a salted egg?

No need! Quadruple comes with it!

Add eight dollars for a plate of veggie?

No need! Have to choose among
cabbage, tung choi, kai lan, choi sum!

Soda or soup?

Soda, run out of soup

Small or big soda?

Can't finish the big one,
but the small isn't enough.

Medium! Only the medium size doesn't
require to add money!

Excuse me, l want quad...

Attention cashier, baked pork chop rice
and soup resume in menu!

Please don't.

Baked pork chop rice and soup are back!

Then take it.

But l just choose this quadruple
selection with a medium size soda.

So take the quadruple with
medium size soda

ln fact, l wanna have the baked pork
chop rice and soup from the beginning.

Take them all!

Quadruple with medium size soda for here,
baked pork chop rice with soup to go.

Headache free for tonight

Excuse me, l wanna sit here.

l'm a shopaholic.

l've made an appointment
with a psychiatrist at 3:15 upstairs.

l reach the mall early.

Strolling around aimlessly and shopping
for lots of things in several big bags

You know, if l carry along so many
big bags to see the doctor

l'm afraid that l'd scare him,

so l stuff them into several bags,
and l dress up the rest.

Not too unpleasant to look at!

l've to go,
time for going up to see the doctor.

Thank you for reminding me that tag.

Thank you, bye, take your time to eat.

Excuse me,
Fong Fong Fong at three-fifteen.

For seeing the doctor or interview?

Are you hiring?

So you must be seeing the doctor.

Can l see the doctor
as well as apply the job?

l'm graduated from the
nursing school of Castle Peak Hospital.

Fill out the form.

Thank you! Thank you!

Keep them well, leave it as dinner.

You come to see the doctor too?

Just now,
l also want you to visit this doctor.

Dr. Lee


See you later.


Have a seat.

Fong Fong Fong.

You prefer to consult the doctor
or have an interview first?

What do you think?

l've decidophobia,

simply means Choice-Phobia-Disorder.

l can't make a choice. You choose!

l think l need longer time to
cure my illness,

should get a job first.

For interview!

Have a seat over here for interview.

You know French, ltalian and Japanese?

l learn it for reading fashion magazines.

You do nothing after working as
a nurse for half year?

Cause the clinic is located inside
a big shopping mall.

Not even reach the pay day,
l had already spent all my money.

l should consult the doctor first.

Take a seat there for consultation.

How long have you been unemployed?

Three months.

Financial status?

Over spent in all the credit cards,
more than twenty.

also in debt with lots of personal loan.

l should applying for a job first.

Back to that seat for interview.

But we're also located inside
a big shopping mall.

But you will cure my illness first?

This is relevant to the doctor's issue,
back to that seat.

lt's not easy to cure your illness.

lt should be better if you've a job.

Am l serious?


Will it affect my chance of employment?

This is an interview question.


lf you're better,
it's easier for me to hire you.

lf you hire me,
it's easier for you to cure me.

What about you wait for our decision.

Can l sit here and wait?

How about you consult the doctor first!

l sit here and wait.

How about you consult the doctor first!

l wait here.

Dr., will you hire her?


You better think it faster,
l can't help you much longer.


Pre-mature delivery.

Her amniotic fluid is leaking out.

Wait for an ambulance on a couch.
Which one should she sit?

Take that one,
able to see the coming ambulance!

My delivery-bag is at home!

Call up your hubby...tell him
to take it to the hospital.

My hubby is out of town,
please take me home.

Gimme your hand.

lt's alright. Tell her that it's alright.

lt's alright; it's alright...

Ms Chow, where do you live?

Sha Tau Kok.

Sha Tau Kok?

Buy it instead! Doctor,
buying is faster than getting it from home!

lt takes up lots of time to buy it again;
it's far away to take it back.

lt's much faster to buy it.
The shopping mall is around the corner.

You're wrong.
He's much faster in taking it back.

l forget that he is in sickness.

Hold on;
don't deliver here! l'll be back soon

Super urgent! With or without wing,

for day or night is also fine.

Just grab any pack!

Grab it, grab it!

Napkins for parturient woman,

diapers for new born baby.

Gimme, gimme...

Body wash products...

Gimme, gimme...

Gimme, gimme...

Gimme, gimme...

Do you have any inflatable swim ring
for pregnant woman?

Sold out!

What should we do?


Please make way,
we're in a hurry to give birth.

Excuse us, we're in a hurry to give birth...

Doctor, the head is coming out!

Ok! Deliver the baby here!


So shameful, the previous one
gave birth in the street, now again.

l don't wanna deliver, l don't want to...

Excuse me, please move away,
please move away...

Giving birth, nothing to see!

Giving birth, something to see!

lnhale, inhale, exhale...

Almost, and push it harder...

Dr. Lee, you should hire her.
She...can help you out...

Be focus!

Come on! Prepare to push it harder!

The head is coming out.

Come on! One more time!

The shoulder is out.

lt's a girl!

Girl again, want a boy,
need to deliver in a street again...

Girl is good. Girl knows how to shop...

Shopaholic belongs to

an impulsive disorder behavior.

Cut! Ok!

Change the clothes, change the clothes.

This one.

Dr. Lee,
do you have any shopaholic patient...

who is willing to be interviewed?

l do! Doctor!

l'm not only a nurse,

but also a shopaholic!

l buy beautiful things whenever
l see them since l was young.

Will feel very uncomfortable

if l don't buy it.

Must shop for at least
twenty to thirty bags!

These are my favorite brands.

l love to categorize the brands.

l feel very happy when l see them.

l finally locate the left foot!

Only the right foot left over there!

Why do you have so many chairs
and fans?

The electric bill is expensive from

Not wasting money by using fan!

l live alone, so l don't need a loveseat

or a love-chair.

That's why l only buy single-chair!

Do you shop in disorder currently?


Shopaholic is caused by

the low level of blood serum in brain.

Such low level of blood serum in brain
will lose control ability.

l'll use medication to
bring up her blood serum level...

to enhance her self-control ability.

Find a part-time,
increase your income...

less debt can ease up your
emotional pressure...

lt's better for your illness.

You're quite good! Never see you before?

l'm a part-time, my first day here.

l'm sorry, boss.

You're fired.

You fire me.
Do l still have employee discount?

Of course not!

l really want this...

this...this...and all of this...

You buy so much,

l give you a super VlP discount.

20% off if you shop for ten thousand!

Go find some free activities to
substitute for shopping.

such as jogging, reading in a library,

going to church...

Dr. Lee,

l visit the orphan where
l grow up every week.

So go back more.

l'm back!

Sister, Sister,
Fong Fong is coming back again.

Don't want it, don't want it...

Take it!

Don't want it, don't want it...

Take it!

Sisters said that you're buying too much!

Fong Fong Fong.

Heavenly Father,
please saves Fong Fong Fong,

exempts her from shopping temptation,

stands aloof from evil credit cards.

Heavenly Father, please help me.

Don't worry.

Sister, your handkerchief is very beautiful.
Where did you buy it?

Every city person has pressure. lt's normal
to be slightly abnormal under pressure!

lf you find out that you spend too much,

you should consult a doctor!

Cheap quality!

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

How much for that cabinet
with the lamp on?

l'm sorry! That cabinet is only for
placing that lamp, not for sale!

l really like that cabinet.
Can you sell it

l pay $3800 for it.

l pay $4000...

Mr., why do you do that?

Right, this lady picks this cabinet first.


Why do you do that?


Miss, l sell it at once
if you pay me four thousand.

Eight thousand!

lf this gentleman likes it,

let him take it. l give it up.
Sorry for bothering.

Fortunately, only plan to buy an egg tart,

almost end up buying that cabinet!

Vying with me

Oh no, l...really regret it; l don't want it

Take a look. l just wanna buy an egg tart.

l ended up spending $8000
when l passed your shop.

No return or exchange after sold!
Don't understand these words?

Please excuse me once,
please gimme a break...

Gimme back the money, please...

Miss, you love this cabinet very much,

l don't make any profit,
sell it to you for eight grand.

Mr., are you having
city emotional sickness!

Maybe l'm sick.

Neither did l plan to buy an egg tart,
nor a cabinet.

l buy it cause l see someone else wanna
buy it. After l bought the cabinet,

l didn't want it. After l bought the egg tart,

l didn't wanna eat it.

l can't help you for the cabinet,

but l can take the egg tart.

Ok, twelve thirty.

As a man,
do l look bad in asking a few bucks?

Don't say that.
Every city person lives in pressure.

lt's normal to be slightly
abnormal under pressure.

l feel better after listening to you.

Would you like to consult my doctor?

My doctor is very good
in healing shopaholic.

l believe that we both are shopaholic.

How much?

Fifteen hundred for the first consultation,
eight hundred for further visit.

l won't, too expensive.

Mr., you should cause you're sick.

Too expensive, how could l?

lf you don't mind l'm not a doctor,
let me cure you...

as if how my doctor cures me.

As long as it's free.

See me outside the coffee shop
tomorrow at 1 pm.

Bye bye!

Excuse me boss, traffic jam.

lt's your fault,

cause me to buy the cabinet!

Boss, guess we need a lorry.

ls it free for a lorry?

lf the car gets scratch,
it'll end up spending money to fix it.

How much for a lorry?

About two hundred dollars...

So expensive!

Let's try it again.

Boss, it gets scratch over here,
be careful...

Be careful...Here gets scratch too.

Forget it! l don't want it.

Trash it, only eight grand!

l make the coffee and sandwich at home.

Not only does it give you
the feel in a coffee shop,

but also saving a lot.

You're not picking up these two cups

and sandwich bags in the street, right?

Of course not! Not that nasty!

Solely because of these two bags and cups,

l purposely buy two sandwiches

and two cups of coffee here last night.

For healing shopaholic?


Will you treat me?

Ok, you're also a shopaholic.

The doctor says when...

you wanna buy something,

think it over if you need it.

Think about where you'll place it.

lf you really can't control yourself,

you should beat a gong at your ears.

Number 8, 2.308 billion dollars.

Number 2, 2.309 billion dollars.

Number 8, $2.4 billion...

Number 2, 2.401 billion dollars...

Stingy papa.

ln fact, do we need this land?

Of course,
we don't have enough reserve land!

How do we handle this land?

Leave it into the reserve list!

Number 2, 2.405 billion dollars...

Don't raise up. Not a good deal...

Number 2, 2.407 billion dollars

No, no more,

not a good deal...don't vie...
No more vying...

Stingy papa, a gong, a gong

Hey...the gong...Take the gong over

2.409 billion dollars, thrice.

The number 2 gets it.

That girl can help you out.

That girl can help you out!

Sorry, l'm late.

Look at me...seems getting worse.

l also feel getting worse!

Scare of too cold in house A,
fire in house B,

ceiling collapse in house C.

How should l help you?

Expose therapy.

Pick the most nonsense one
and deal with it.

After you finish dealing with it,
you know it's only a nonsense.

Ceiling collapse is the most nonsense one.

Do you see any crack in the ceiling?


Doctor, do you see the price tag?

What price tag?

l'm scared.

l'm also scared.

l wanna scream.

l also wanna scream.

Should be better after screaming out.

Right, screaming out is better.

Ghost again, ghost again...

Never unwrap it since l buy it...

Never use it since l unwrap it...

Never use it again after l use it once,
so l re-sell it here.

l pay off the credit card debt
by these money.

A total of eleven thousand dollars,
thank you.

Takashi Murakami, Eye Need You...

Thank you for twelve thousand dollars.

l pay the remaining one grand in plastic.

Did you say to pay off your debt?

The doctor says that proper
encouragement can enhance the therapy.

Take a look of how happy l'm!

Do we have anything that hasn't been
demolished since we bought it?

Anything that hasn't been used
since we demolished it?

Anything that hasn't been re-used
after we consumed it?

We haven't demolished some old buildings
since we bought them in Minden Ave.,

Wan Chai and Kwun Tong...

We haven't rebuilt some
since we demolished them in

Sai Wan and North Point...

We've two villas in
Repulse Bay and Shek O...

but we haven't used it for a long time.

Stingy papa, is it ok to sell them all?

Good, good...sell them all.

After we sell all the old properties,
land site and villas,

we can cash in 123 billion dollars...

plus we didn't buy that land at
Barker Road...

Now we have 200 billion dollars cash flow.

Use it to reduce debt.

Mr. Ho jr,
our company doesn't carry any debt.

Then we buy something
to reward ourselves.

Stingy papa. We've everything.

What should we buy?

Have everything...

We buy back our company shares.

The sixth drawn number is 6!


Let's privatize our company!

The Good, Good, Good Property
has stimulated the index for 7 days...

and it finishes privatization today...

Richie. That girl brings you luck!

l also feel that l'm a tag in love with her.

Get the girl if you love her!

But she's not in any date.

Does she have any problem?

Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve...

We hit it! We hit...

Three numbers...Twenty bucks...

That girl also brings me luck...

Heavenly Father,
please save me, save me...

Richie Ho ranks no. 38 in the
Hong Kong Youngsters Wealthy Chart.

$25.6 billion.

With banking business family background,

the prominent medical doctor
Choosey Lee ranks no. 39...

$20 billion.


Fong Fong Fong,
Let's have dinner tonight;

my papa and master
would like to meet you.

Fong Fong Fong,
Let's have dinner tonight;

my two fathers would like to meet you.


My master is an outstanding shopaholic.

l believe that she'd like you.

My biological father's girlfriend is
an outstanding shopaholic.

l believe that they would love you.

ls it a date?



Will pick you up at 8 tonight, dress well.



Dress well, be beautiful...

My combat dress...

combat shoes...

No...buying is faster than finding it...

This pair is good; this pair is also good...

Which pair should l wear tonight?

Dr. Luk is coming.
Leave one attendant in each department.

The rest goes to the ladies section.

Please take a look here,
Dr. Luk. They're new arrival.

This one.

This, this...

Also take a look on this side...

All are new arrival.



And also this side, Dr. Luk...


All these are new arrival.

And this.

Forget those we just pick.

Wrap up the rest.

Ok, thank you.

Buy something for West Ho.

No this, no this.

l only don't want this.

The honor tiles cuff links?
Will West Ho like it?

How come it doesn't have '"West'"?

lf you want it,

l can order it from ltaly.

Why don't we order
a whole set of mahjong?

144 tiles plus 3 dices
and 1 banker marker.

Ok, thank you. This side.

Buy some man's brief for my disciple.

The selection of the month
should fit him very much.

Wrap up all the big size of different styles.

Ok, ok...

lf West's son sees me
buying brief for disciple,

he must demand so.

Please also wrap up all those
that are not selection of this month.

Ok, ok...thank you.

All existing stocks are cleared.

Ding-Dong always wears a pair of
broken shoes. Buy a pair for her.

Back to the shoes counter,
back to the shoes counter...


What you choose these 2 pairs
are very beautiful.

Which one you like?

l'll take the pairs you don't like.

Actually, l don't really know.

Let me help you. Do you have a pen?

Yes, wait a minute please.

You draw a house, a person and a tree.

Then l can find out
which one you like more.

l'm a psychologist.

Please wrap up all these for me.

Thank you, thank you...

l know which one you like more.

You like this one, dislike that ones.

You don't like this pairs. l take them.

Actually you like this pairs,
dislike that ones.

l take this pairs too.

ln fact, you love both pairs.

You should buy both.

Buying two pairs of shoes
are certainly no problem;

marrying two men
at a time is certainly not!

ln fact, l'd buy both.

Just dunno which pairs
l should wear tonight?

The blue ones on your left hand.

You grasp them much tighter
than the brown ones on your right hand.

So coincident?

Why do we meet you here?

Yup! Aren't you dining at Phoenix's home?

Choosey is picking up his girlfriend

to meet me and Phoenix.

Richie is also picking up his girlfriend

to meet me and West.

Richie's girlfriend is a nurse.

Choosey's girlfriend is also a nurse.

She lives in second floor.

She also lives in second floor.

So coincident?

Not that ridiculous?

Which pairs should l wear?
Which pairs should l wear?

Sorry, l'm late.

Are you dating me as well as him?

How could you do that?

Excuse me.
l focus in matching the clothes and shoes.

l don't realize that
l'll go out with you both at the same time.

Never mind, never mind...

We both come for the same dinner.

See the same person.

Do you know each other?

So shameful! l should go back.

Don't dodge

lt'll be very hard for
a dilatory relationship

How about making a quick choice of
which car do you wanna get on?

Don't cause everybody late.


Come over...

She hasn't chosen yet.

Open the door, open the door...

Start the car.'s closer; here's closer...

Someone is vying...
Someone is vying...

Stingy papa,
l realize that l should be in love with her.

Go for it, go for it...

you've to think it over seriously...

She really has a problem.

Yup, l really have a problem.

Who doesn't have any problem?

lf Ding-Dong Ding doesn't come back,
will you have any problem?

How could she come back?

l never said that she would come back.
l said that she wouldn't come back.

Who is Ding-Dong Ding.

My ex-girlfriend.

ln fact, they got along very well.

However, his ex-ex-girlfriend came back.

They were over because
he couldn't make a choice.

Why did he break up with
his ex-ex-girlfriend?

Because his ex-ex-ex-girlfriend
came back.

Uncle Fatty.

West Ho.

Uncle, this is Richie's biological father,
West Ho.

My girlfriend Fong Fong Fong.

Oh shit!

West Ho, how come you spoke
vulgar language again?

Choosey's girlfriend.

ls Ding-Dong Ding really coming back?

Oh no!

Take my girlfriend!

Miss...can add the sauce
onto the abalone.

You can fight for slightly longer.

you can dance for slightly longer.

We can have dinner after
adding the sauce.

l'm at level karate.

l'm at level belt in judo...

Be careful, Richie. He's not bluffing.

Richie, be careful...Be careful!

Choosey, don't strike back.

You'll hurt Richie.

Pre-sale of Harvey Nichols.

l've 20% off discount card.
Let's shopping.

You come up first.

l don't go to Harvey Nichols.

l only go to ten-dollar store.

Will you have 20% off discount card
for ten-dollar store?

l do...

You don't!

Time for dinner...Stop fighting.

Time for abalone.



How many per catty?



l don't belong to this class

l'll take the food
and eat it somewhere else.

Let her do so...

Why does Ding-Dong become this way?

She's suffered from

When l discovered her in a 100-yen
Japanese store,

she's already in super low self-esteem
and despicable shopping behavior

She becomes a contemptible shopaholic!

Hong Kong is a high pressure city;
everybody is sick.

Choosey has deciophobia.

l'm stingy whereas Richie is stingy
and squandering...

in split personalities.

l'm a super shopaholic.

People named me as
an outstanding shopaholic.

l used to be a morbid gambler,
also fond of speaking vulgar language.

Phoenix helps me to give up gambling.

Yet l can't stop speaking vulgar language.
So l bet with her.

Either l don't speak or she speaks,

then she's willing to marry me

ln the past,
l didn't want Richie to be with me.

to live in an unhealthy and unsteady life.

That's why l let my son
to be my cousin's godson.

l've thought it over.

l don't need to marry
a wife to have a baby.

Sounds very good deal

l'm the most abnormal
cause l've a normal character.

My papa is suffered from narcolepsy

He has a normal character with
an abnormal body weight

Choosey, a dilatory relationship is hard
for everybody.

lt would be better to choose one quickly!

l've known Fong Fong for half year
and been dating for half an hour.

She'll shop uncontrollably
whenever she is unhappy.

l've known Ding-Dong for three years,
going out for three years.

separated for three years. She'll jump off
from a building whenever she's unhappy.

lt's a bad way to base on for choosing,
time for the last resort.

Random, two, three...

Let me choose

l choose Richie.

l win!

Please give way.

That's perfect.

Let's toast. Cheers.

What's up?

Sorry, l'd like to choose Dr. Lee indeed.


l really really really wanna shopping!

You really really really wanna shopping? friend owns this shop.

l call them to open the shop immediately.

Hello, Joyce.

lt's Richie.

My girlfriend really really really
wanna shopping.

Can you ask your staff
to open the gate for us?

What's up?

l overspent in something.

No discount yesterday.

l'm in deep strike today!

another friend of mine owns this shop.

Hello, Dickson? l'm Richie.

My girlfriend has overspent
something in your shop.

Can you ask your staff to come back
and cancel the discount?

Please don't indulge me.
l'll be dead if l keep living like this.

Take it to pay off your debt.

After you settle you debt,
you carry less pressure.

lt's better for your illness.

Even if you don't treat me
as your boyfriend,

you can consider me as your friend.

l own billions in wealth.

Here's only a tip of the iceberg.

Take it.

Considering as l borrow it.

Not borrowing, take it.

Ok...for borrowing.

You've to let go.

l suddenly feel uneasy.

l'm really useless.

Seeing my beloved woman
is in deep trouble.

l feel uneasy to help out.
And it only takes me slight effort to do so.

Don't be like that cause you're sick.

Your gene carries your father's
squandering characteristics...

lt's a big contrast to
your stingy adoptive papa's nurturance

That's why you've split personalities.

l'm sick too. Am l right?

Will your friend Joyce and

Dickson open the door for us?

Nope. They said that l was crazy,

told me to see a psychiatrist.

l feel pity for you.

l spend all my money...

You're stingy to spend
any money though you're rich.

l worry you much more than
l worry myself

l'm stingy to spend
any money though l'm rich.

l'll try not to be a shopaholic,
try hard to pay off the debt.

Don't let you to worry me so much, ok?

Shall...we go out?

Then you shouldn't waste
your money in shopping.

Your monthly income is very little.

Not even pay off the debt
when you reach 200 years old.

You've so many things at home,
let me help you...

sell them all!

Sell them all?
l'm not in that miserable situation?

Don't you know your financial status now?

Already reach the garbage level?

Unless you win mark six or...

being supported by a wealthy person...

Take it!


Forget it, you better sell all my stuff.

You sell the stuff
while l keep consulting the doctor!

Dr., how come what you take is...

the same as what we have?

Different, mine is 0.0001 millimeter bigger.

To reduce the blood serum in brain.

These three are used to increase
your blood serum. Don't mix up.

lt'll be a nightmare if you mix up.

Today's group therapy is to change...

your opinion in value gradually.

What l need to learn is how to choose.

Richie and Ding-Dong need to order
before tea time special starts at 2:30.

Can't order the best deal dim sum.

Have to order something you like.

Fong Fong Fong,

you've to order after
the tea time special starts.

Cautious to the price,
order the best deal dim sum.

Now is 2:15; we still have 15 minutes.

l've to choose my favorite dim sum...

in 15 minutes.

l wanna eat BBQ bun, deep fried dumpling,
anyway, all 'small' dim sum...

l wanna eat dumping with soup,
abalone siu mai...

'"Special'" dim sum isn't in good bargain

before and after 2:30.

'"Medium'" costs $12.80,
minus $8.80, four bucks.

'"Small'" costs $10.80,
minus $8.80, two bucks.

How much does '"big'" one reduce?

Spare ribs in black bean sauce
carries streptococcus suis

lt'll cause meningitis.

Fish balls carry malachite green...

Dear customers,

tea time happy hour starts now.

All '"big'", '"medium'"
and '"small'" dim sum costs $8.80.

Should l risk for Mad Cow Disease that
causes dizziness, blurry vision...

Or is it better for H5N1
that causes headache and fever?

What does Shrimp dumpling
categorize as?

Not a good deal for '"small'",
not for '"medium'" either.

'"Big'" is the best deal.

This food steamer has 3 big ones
and 1 small one.

This food steamer has 2 big ones
and 2 small ones.

This food steamer has 1 big one
and 3 small ones.

How come it doesn't have one
that all 4 are big in size?

This way does.

Chicken wrap...

How come you both behave so badly?

What? ls there no choosing right
for the consumer?

You both are two of a kind.

Should get married,
lasts forever and ever

What? What? What?

You're nuts!

Barbecue bun.

Fish balls carry malachite green...
kneecap hurts

Only get sick if you eat 20 catties daily.

No matter how to weigh,
it won't have 20 catties here.

What does shrimp intestine
categorize as?

No discount for '"special'" dim sum.

What about barbeque bun?


How's your progression with Ding-Dong?

Pretty good.
She changes my whole wardrobe

What you wear seems like fake


What about those l bought for you earlier?

Trash some, ripping off some.

This is woman.

How's your progression with Richie?

Pretty good.

He plans to sell all my stuff.

Only for your goodness.

Right, his intention is good for me.

Your bag is very beautiful.

lt is fake


The clothes here are super cheap!

Better be quick, while stock lasts...

Take them aside
and take our time to choose them.

Holy're no good...

You're no good...

Try it on here!

l've a girlfriend... l've a boyfriend...

Take medication!

Richie is for the purpose of my goodness.

Dear friends and fellows,

thank you for supporting me...

saving Fong Fong garage sale.

The money that we get today

is solely for my shopaholic girlfriend.

To reduce Fong Fong Fong's
credit card debt.

The first thing for auction is
my girlfriend's...

LV collection,
the limited edition from her birth year,

1980 to 2006.

Only missing the 1982
American Sailing Boat bag version

lt has twenty-four here, missing one.

The minimum is $5000,
add $100 for every raise

They cost me more than
hundred thousand dollars

Now is only about $200 each,
even cheaper than fake ones.

Five thousand one, five thousand two,
five thousand three...

Five thousand four, five thousand five,
five thousand six...

Five thousand seven...
five thousand eight, five thousand nine...

Six thousand! Six thousand one,
six thousand two...

You can't raise your hand!
Six thousand three...

Six thousand four, six thousand five,
six thousand six...

Six thousand seven, six thousand eight...

Can't you stop selling this set of bags?

No way, it's for your goodness.

Six thousand nine...

Ding-Dong, stopping her!

Seven thousand, seven thousand one...

Seven thousand thousand three,
seven thousand four...

Please don't do that.
Let Richie continue helping you.

No more raising hand!

Seven thousand seven,
seven thousand eight...

About three hundred dollars each,
more expensive than fake ones !

Eight thousand two,
eight thousand three, eight thousand four,

eight thousand five...

Two million!

What is it about?

Four million.

Eight million.

Sixteen million.

Thirty-two million.

Sixty-four million.

One hundred and twenty-eight million.

One billion.

Two billion.

Choosey Lee.

You know Fong Fong Fong is my girlfriend.
Vying with me?

Four billion. Eight billion.

Choosey Lee, l'm your girlfriend,
Ding-Dong Ding!

16 billion. 32 billion.

68 billion. 128 billion.

256 billion. 512 billion.

1024 billion. 2048 billion.

4096 billion.

10,000 billion !

Security, escort him out!


Excuse us .....

Excuse us ....

Don't get closer.
l'm at level 7th in karate.

Black belt, level 8th, in judo...

What're you doing? You're my girlfriend.

He's my boyfriend.

l'm also good in boxing, thai boxing and
grasping hands of martial arts!

No more auction! Sell them at cost!

No bluffing, don't force me.

Show me, Doctor.

Show me, Doctor, show me!

Don't throw me to the ground!

l'm ready!

Taekwondo , no!

Boxing, no!

l'm so good to you.
Why do you treat me this way?

You're no good to me.
ln fact, you don't love me.

You sell all my bags from the beginning!



Mr. Ho.

l don't love you?

The 82 American Sailing Boat bag version

l finally collect the whole set!

Yet l no longer have those 24 bags.

Tai Chi...


Thai boxing...


Wing Chun...


l sell those twenty-four.

Yet l give you 150 bags here.

lt contains all the limited edition of LV.

from the first in 1854 to 2006!

l don't love you?

Marry me.


Karate, no!

Just pick any style!

Forget it pal.

Grasping hand...

Grasping hand will hurt the joint.

Taekwondo will hurt the ribs

Judo will hurt the lung.

Karate is too vicious...

l'm really ready.

Fong Fong.

l finally pick one.

Marry me.


You just commit marrying me.


Choosey Lee!

Choosey, marry me.


You've two wives; you've two husbands.

Sounds not a good deal?

Ding-Dong, marry me!


At Richie's wedding,
l wear this suit; you wear this suit.


At Choosey's wedding,
you wear that suit; l wear this suit.


At Fong Fong's wedding,
l wear this suit; you wear that suit.

What about Ding-Dong's...?

West Ho,
whom does Richie get married indeed?

Richie and Fong Fong.

What about Fong Fong?

Fong Fong and Choosey.

What about Choosey?

Choosey and Ding-Dong.

What about Ding-Dong ?

Ding-Dong and Richie.

Hello, Chief? How're you...

Will you come for the wedding feast?
Will you come for the wedding feast?

Thank you for coming...
Thank you for coming...

Where's Choosey's wedding...

Where's Richie's wedding...

At Mandarin or Peninsula?

At Four Seasons or Grant Hyatt.

Choosey brings Ding-Dong
back for announcing their marriage.

He brings back Fong Fong and
announces the same thing 2 days after.

l thought he broke up with Ding-Dong.

And getting together again
with Fong Fong.

Dare we ask?

Same as Richie, he brings Fong Fong
back and makes the announcement.

He did the same thing with
Ding-Dong 2 days after.

l thought he broke up with Fong Fong.

That's why he goes out with
Ding-Dong again.

Dare we ask?

Son, son...

Whom are you going to marry?

Why does everybody ask
the same question?

The guy who responsible for
invitation cards asks it

The registration asks it;

the hotel also asks it.

Even the nun asks it.

Are you four going nuts?

Master, l'm scared in fact.

l've a nightmare every night

l'm sweating all over when
l wake up from a nightmare

Need to take a pill to fall into sleep.

Just because you bring up
the medication issue,

what you prescribed me for increasing
the blood serum in brain before

please give me some.

You make my illness relapse.

l really wanna speak vulgar words!

What should we do?

Well, the wedding is
on the day after tomorrow.

The relatives keep asking
where they should attend the feast.

Why would that be?

Oh shit! Holy moly shit...

West, why do you suddenly
say these dirty words?

How the hell l know,
just take the damn pill.

l really in the hell of
unable to control myself.

Really wanna play
the god damn mahjong now!

Let me see your medication.

You three aren't Prozac;
it's Buspar instead.

Yours aren't Buspar; it's Prozac.

How could you so careless?
Mixing up the medicine.

As a matter of fact,
you take the wrong medicine.

l wonder why l'm so ridiculous,
wanna get married both.

Wrong medication indeed...

Now we know that
we're taking the wrong medicine.

so...who should get married with
whom on the day after tomorrow.

l've to inform our friends and relatives
where they should go for the feast.

lt's pointless to ask it now. You've to wait
until they're free from the medication.

Choosey, Fong Fong and you should
change back the patients' prescription.


We're patients too.

So ask them.


West Ho takes the wrong prescription too.

Time for Mahjong!

Get the chair, get the chair...

His illness is recurring...

Suen Ka Ka , Ko Shau Ping,Leung Cheuk Lam,
Lee Chi Keung,Kwok Oi Yee...

Cheung Hoi Ming,Wu Saw Chun,
Lee Sau Man...

Tam Wing Yan,Chaw Shu Man,
Ci Ching Chung...

Don't take the previous prescription.

l'm sorry.

l wonder why l was so out of control.

l end up in bankruptcy!

l'm sorry; l'll responsible for it...

Great...let's continue shopping...

Excuse me,

where's the next stop?

Ocean Centre, Harbour City...

l play god damn seventy-two rounds
of mahjong.

l don't play Cantonese style;
l only play Taiwanese style.

l'd fall into sleep in Cantonese style.

Ok, Taiwanese style,

$10,000 dollars per unit base,
$2000 for each winning increment.

l don't play Taiwanese style
in such a huge bet.

l only play Cantonese style
for a few cents

Alright, we three play Taiwanese style.

and you're the only one who play in cents.

Does it work?

lt does!

Phoenix, Uncle Fatty and l play 16 tiles

And you play 13 tiles.

Just follow him. He'll find out that it
won't work after the medication is over.

Are the young soon becoming alright
after the medication is over?

Their foursome has their
own character problem.

Taking the wrong medication is solely
magnifying the problem.

After the medication is over,
you still have the problem.

Shit, winning time,
a total of forty increments.

Ninety thousand each!
Gimme the money.

l play Cantonese style.
Yours is only in pairs.

Falsely declaring a win,
pay us in full penalty instead.

ln fact, you should give me the money.

Cantonese style, only one to two cents.
Four folds. $3.20.

l pay you...


Holy shit, l gotta make up the games
that l missed for the past twenty years.

Has the medication over yet?

Have to get married soon.
How to choose?

What he wants is what l want.

One is full of affection;
one is full of loyalty.

Who l am? How dare l'm to choose?

l'm lucky if l can marry either one.

l never think of anyone.

l only think of what l wear tomorrow

Cancel it!

No! No!

lf we cancel it, people will laugh at us.

They're already laughing at you now.

lf it's a mess tomorrow,
they'll tease you even more.

You're an international
renowned psychologist,

you should be able to solve it.

Please give them a hand,
please give them a hand...

Each draws a picture with a house,
a tree and a person.

Now l know what the matches are.

Everybody goes to sleep early, so do l.

Whom should l marry?
Whom should l marry?

Wait for my call tomorrow.

Will that be too sloopy to conclude
from these drawings?

What if she's wrong?

This will be tomorrow's answer

lf l'm wrong, l marry you

Good night.

Should l want you to get it right or wrong?

Phoenix,do you know
we are waiting for you ?


Please go to pick up Ding-Dong.

Ding-Dong Ding!


Please go to pick up Fong Fong Fong.

Pick up Fong Fong Fong.


How does Richie response?

Kinda confusing...then, somehow happy.

Happy...then confused again

What about Choosey's response?

Kinda happy...then, somehow confused.

Happy, confused...

Confused, happy...


Go to Fong Fong's home
with all her accompany.



Go to Ding-Dong's home
with all her accompany.



Return and pick up
Fong Fong Fong instead.

Return! Return...

Dear all Psychology Masters,
don't ruin my reputation...

Open the door.


l've arrived at Fong Fong's building...

Wait a minute.


Where're you?

Nearly arrive at Fong Fong's place.

Hello, Choosey.
You wait until Richie arrives.

and make sure
he sees you before you go up.


Don't fight...

Take it.

Let him fight...

l am at level 7th in karate,
black belt in judo

How's the current situation?

Richie is beating Choosey.

Choosey is threatening Richie.

Ask them to ring the door bell together

Ring the door bell together

What's their response?

They freak out far away!

Who's jumping farther?

Choosey does

Richie isn't that far away.

What about Ding-Dong?

She's upset!


Go! To pick up Fong Fong
at Ding Dong's home.

Go! To pick up Fong Fong
at Ding Dong's home.


Dr. Luk, what about me?

Of course following them, self-delivery.

Self- delivery...



Coming. Coming.


Master, l'm here.

l'm here.

Ok. Richie lets Choosey go first.

Fong Fong


Uncle Fatty,
what's Fong Fong's response?

Very happy.

Choosey goes away, Richie's turn.

West Ho, South Ho,
what's Fong Fong's response?

Very happy, then pause for awhile.
Also happy.

Uncle Fatty,
does she feel happier now or before?



Ask them for the door opening laisee.

Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand
nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars!

How about nine hundred?

No bargaining.

Give you at once. Give you at once.

Thank you

Choosey, takes Fong Fong away.

Beat up Richie, use karate.

Wait a minute!

All of us are waiting for
Ding-Dong's arrival

Here she is...

Ding Dong is here.

l'm here !

Choosey, takes Ding-Dong away too.

Taekwondo, use your legs.

Pursue them...


Stop the car! Choose one
and force her to get off the car.

Random picking...

one, two, three...


Uncle Fatty, what's the status?

Fong Fong Fong.

He points at Fong Fong,
so urges Ding-Dong to get off.

Sorry about that! Why?

Please... No, l won't!


Please No...


Richie, your location?

Just see them.

Get off the car
and take Fong Fong away.

Get off and take Fong Fong away

Choosey...someone is taking
someone away!


All drive away, don't let
Ding-Dong get on any car!

Leave her behind!

Don't let Ding Dong get on any car;
all drive away!

Leave her behind!

Leave her behind!

Go away! Leave her behind!



Let go, don't drag along.


Choosey looks back at Ding-Dong;
Richie must not look back.


Ding-Dong, prostrating yourself
as if diving into the water.

Does Richie peep at her?

Yeah, he does.

He peeps with half of
his body stretching out the window!


Dr. Luk, only leaving me behind now

Two weddings,
you choose one to participate.

But l've no money, how can l go?

The purpose is for you to think it over!

l can't help you any more. That's it.

l've to cross the harbor if l want to marry
Richie, 20 bucks for taking a minibus.

l don't have to cross the harbor if l marry
Choosey, 7 bucks for taking a minibus.

Can you lend me 20 dollars,

l'm in a rush for a marriage! Crazy!

Can you lend me 7 dollars,
l'm in a rush for a marriage!

Can you lend me 20 dollars,

l'm in a rush for a marriage! Crazy!


Fong Fong, calls out to stop the car.

Driver, please stop here.

Now is your turn to pick one
to get off the car

The one who left behind
would be your husband.

The car is mine.

takes Fong Fong out from the car

Does Choosey do anything?

Yup, judo.

Tell Choosey to lose it.

Choosey, tell you to lose it,
let Richie take Fong Fong away!


Unable to take her away.
He's very tough! Coming back again...

Tell Richie's procession
to give him a hand.

Get her or not?


Tell Choosey's procession
and the accompany to give him a hand

All coming together? All coming together!

l get her! l get her!

Come on pals, let's go...
Let's go...


Ding-Dong, where're you?

lnside a minivan.
Just begged for twenty bucks.

Now heading to Richie's side.


At La Salle Road now.


Phoenix, what should we do now?

Uncle Fatty,
don't you see a minivan coming?

Sure l do...

Tell Choosey to jump out and stop it.

Jump out to stop the van!

Wanna get killed? Get out of my way!

Ding-Dong, get off.

Get off!

Uncle Fatty, push them
to get on the car for wedding.

Push them to get on the car for wedding

lf l do know this before hand,
would save that thirteen bucks.

l've paid twenty bucks for
going to find Richie...

The ceremony is in progress...hurry up...

Stand up...sit down.


No rush, take it easy.

Choosey and Ding-Dong
are in the progress of their wedding.

No body will vie with you.


l did for what l should have done.

You foursome decide the rest of it.

That's it.

You all think it over.

Thank you.

You both can take your oath.

l'd like the guests here to be my witness,

l'd like the guests here to be my witness,

l, Choosey Lee,
is willing to marry Ding-Dong Ding as...

l, Richie Ho,
is willing to marry Fong Fong Fong as my...

Hold on. Hold on.

l know whom l'd like to marry.

l know whom l'd like to marry.


Ding-Dong, l wanna marry you!

Richie, l wanna marry you!

Fong Fong, l wanna marry you!

Choosey, l wanna marry you!

Richie, we're here waiting for you.

Dear friends and relatives,
let's go to the cathedral.

Going back!

Papa, Fong Fong and
l will arrive in twenty minutes.

Twenty-five...gimme twenty-five minutes.

The nearest mall, please.

ls it ok?


ls it ok?

Of course not.

This bow tie, this waist band,
this gown, yours.

For me...this, this...

l really love seeing you shopping.

That's why l decide not to cure
your illness.

Let you be a shopaholic.

We can have our honeymoon in Milan,

follow by Paris, then Manhattan.

Fong Fong,
before we go to the cathedral,

l wanna tell you something.

What's it?

l'd like the guests here to be my witness,
l, Richie Ho, am willing

to marry Ding-Dong Ding as my legal wife,
to love her forever and ever,

to share weal and woe together.

l'd like the guests here to be my witness,
l, Ding-Dong Ding, am willing to marry

Richie Ho as my legal husband,
to love you forever and ever,

to share weal and woe together.


Not regretting?

Not because you love
what other doesn't love ?

Sure is an international renowned

You overpraise me...not my credit,

it belongs to psychology indeed.

Since you date with Richie, l'm down.

l really want you to break up with Richie.

He doesn't like you to shop uncontrollably.

Yet l let you be yourself.

That's why l change your prescription.

Changing your Prozac to Buspar.

Will you blame me?

Are you still willing to marry me?

Fong Fong...

Fong Fong...

ls it true for exchanging the prescription
between Prozac and Buspar?

When you changed my medicine,

did you know that the medicine
had already been changed?


As a matter of fact,
l should take the wrong prescription.

After you changed my medicine,

l took the right one indeed.

When we all committed two weddings,

in fact, Richie, Ding-Dong and you were
taking the wrong prescription.

But l was not.

When l accepted Richie
and your proposal.

l felt ridiculous.

When Dr. Luk told us that
we all took the wrong prescription,

this helped easing up my guilt.

l didn't take the wrong medicine.

And now l'm still busy in choosing
the white or blue dress.

Am l qualified to marry you?



Fong Fong and l are over.

How come Choosey and
Fong Fong are still not coming yet?

Choosey and Fong Fong are over.

How could that be?

l dunno, just gimme a call and that's it.

What's wrong had l done?

This international renowned
psychologist is really...

Mister, for dining, have a seat inside.

What do you like?

Breakfast C, ham and double eggs,

in both sides, satay beef with macaroni.

Hot coffee.

So coincident?

So coincident?

Your daughter?

The one whom Miss Fong and
you helped delivering.

So big already.

This coming one is already this big.

You are smart now, know how to order?

l know how to order? What did l order?

Ham and eggs, hot coffee.

Hearing that Miss Fong and
you are in love now.

When it's time for your wedding feast,

don't forget your matchmakers,
this baby and myself.

Take your time, bye bye.

A nurse should wear this shoes.

This nurse...comes back to buy the shoes
even she's no longer a nurse

So coincident? So coincident?

Hearing that Dr. Lee and
you are in love now

When it's time for your wedding feast,

don't forget your matchmakers,
this baby and myself.

l've to go.

Very comfortable.

Eighty dollars for one,
a hundred fifty for two.

A pair is enough.

Lady boss!

Are you a doctor? Are you a doctor?

Yes ! l'm a doctor!

There is a pregnant woman
at the shopping mall...

who is having a baby. Can you help?

Are you a nurse?

Yes, l'm a nurse!

There is a pregnant woman out there...

at the shopping mall who is having a baby.
Can you help?

The ambulance's coming. Don't panic.

Don't cry...good child.

lt's over there!

So coincident again!

Another pre-mature delivery,
do it in front of the public again.

So shameful!

Only giving birth, nothing to see.

Back off more, please...



l just bought a pair of shoes.

l just ordered a set breakfast.

Mister, please be focus.

Push it harder.

The head is coming out.

Push it harder again.

Will you marry me?

The shoulder is coming out.


Please give way...

Girl again.

Need to pursue for a boy again?
Need to give birth in the street again?

Papa, Fong Fong and l are back together.

Bye bye.

Roger, discovering a suspected abandoned
baby on second floor at ladies section

approximately 3-month old,
Chinese, female...

locates at the intersection among...

Salvatore Ferragamo ~ Gannio Versace...

Prada ~ Gucci ~ Yves Saint Laurent...

Chirstan Dior ~ Emporio Armani.

Please be seated.

Mr. Choosey Lee,
are you willing to marry...

Miss Fong Fong Fong as your legal wife?

The Young is blissful except me.


Mr, why did you speak dirty word?


Why did you speak dirty word?




l can't speak out these words.

ln fact, it's not easy to write them out too.


Everybody, l'm here to announce that...

l'll get married.

l'm sincerely invited everyone to attend
one more wedding!

Thank you for your sincerity.

West Ho and l would like to
give everyone a gift.

All of you can choose any merchandise
here as your gift.

No price limit, and the bill is on us.

l want this!

l want this!

l want this!

You want everything. You must be
a shopaholic when you grow up.

ls a shopaholic beautiful?

ls it great? ls it happy?


Great, l'm a shopaholic!

A shopaholic is very beautiful;

a shopaholic is great...

a shopaholic is very happy!