The Shogunate's Harem (1986) - full transcript

A new shogun is appointed to the throne when his brother dies. He find out that the former Shogun one of the women from his brothers harem became pregnant, but she escaped. The new Shogun would loose the throne if the child is a boy. Genshiro is doctor who, among other things, performs abortions, and is sheltering his love, another women who escaped from the harem. The new Shogun threatens to arrest the girl unless Genshiro hunts down the woman and aborts her child. Genshiro learns that the woman releases a "musky scent from her special area" when in ecstasy. Both Genshiro and his friend set out to find all the women of the former harem and have sex with them, by force if necessary.

Woman, what's your name?

Don't be shy.

Tell me.


I got you! You're my prey!

How dare you!

Planning by: MASAO SATO


Photography by: KIYOSHI KITASAKA

Screenplay by: MASAHIRO SHIMURA,

Music by: HARU,









The Tokugawa Shogunate Government... Edo,

is stable with its
fourth ruler, Ietsuna.

Chiyoda Castle is the
symbol of sovereignty.

It houses the political center.

The official residence...

...and also the Shogun's
private quarters and Harem.

This door is the border.

No man, except the Shogun,

can enter the garden of women.

You're very lucky. Despite being
born a commoner,

you may someday ride in
a bejeweled palanquin.

This way.

Lady Yajima-sama, what is that?

Anekouji's palanquin.

Onatsu, please restrain yourself.

The Senior Courtesan, Harem Madam,
is allowed to ride in the palanquin.

But it's so over the top!

When you reach that level of prestige,
you'll want your arse to be pampered, too.


- Yajima, is this girl Onatsu?
- Yes ma'am.

She was adopted by the Shogun's
personal retainer, lkegai Shinjuurou...

...and has been trained in proper
Japanese etiquette for this task.

Oh, so this little girl thinks
highly of herself?

Onatsu, lower your head!

Onatsu, the six of us are the Shogun's
most favored concubines.

Today, you become one of us.

Your duty is simply to be
modest, never arrogant,

and to not slander anyone
in the court.

Of course. Everyone, please,
call me Onatsu.

I'm new. Very pleased to meet you.

lam Okoto. Pleased to meet you.

Call me Oran.




I hail from an aristocratic
family in Kyoto.

We're all honored to meet you.

In accordance with Harem Regulations,
everyone here has...

...taken a vow to become a member
of the Shogun's Harem.

As proof of your commitment,
you need to sign...

...this contract with the six
of us as witnesses.

Tanuki: Japanese raccoon.
She's princess of Takuni Castle!

The Shogun is present!

My lord.

Onatsu will serve you in bed tonight.


You hunted her... the mountains the other day.

She was your game.

This is to check, if weapons
are hidden in your hair.

Don't talk about politics
in bed.

No personal requests, either.

Okiri will be with you.

I'll see and hear everything.

And I'll report to the
elders in the morning.

Forgive me. The hunt excited me.

I was violent.

- You're my prey.
- My lord.

Have a baby. Give me an heir.

"My lord! Make me

She screamed like a beast.

She needs discipline.

What did he say?

He was out of breath.

He said, "Onatsu,
I'm your horse!

What does that mean?

Onatsu was on top of him.

She was riding him.

Riding him?

He's witty.

A woman should be under a man.

And of all people,
she rode the Shogun!

Visit Jonen Temple?

I hear it helps a woman
get pregnant.

Will you go there tomorrow?

-I can't.
- Why not?

I'll visit my family's
grave tomorrow.

I have permission.

You mean your family's grave
is more important?

- It's not that.
- But not tomorrow.

Somebody else will.

You don't want promotions?

It's a chance to be the
mother of a Shogun.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

I'll go to the tea party, too.


What's the hurry?



Don't do that.

I'm the Shogun's concubine.

We mustn't do this.

My fingers remember every part
of your body,

even the secret one.

We made love often, whenever
you came from Kyoto.

Maids are allowed to go home sometimes,

but concubines can't.

They must stay in the castle at all times.

The only exception is visiting,

their family's graves once a year.

Dr. Genshiro Chujo

Bend your knees.



Once again.

Three months.

Get rid of it.

Gag her.

If a man and a woman
sleep together,

it's her who gets in trouble.

Don't move... or you'll die.

I don't understand.
You're a good doctor.

Why live here?

I like it here.

I used to work for Lord Hotta.

- Girl trouble?
- No.

You're amorous.

Doctors must know women.

That's right.

If I'm hired by some lord,

I can't save those girls.

So teach me how to abort babies.

I'm a good pickpocket.

I'm good at picking.

What's that?

- Dr. Chujo?
- Yes.

Come with me.

Lady Osumi got sick
on her way to the cemetery.

- Osumi?
- Yes.

She's in her parent's house.


It's been a long time.

You look fine, sir.

I've been busy since our lord...

...became a Chamberlain.

Too busy to get sick.

Well, what's wrong?

I suddenly felt sick.

But I feel better now.

The sight of Genshiro cured you.

They were good friends
as children.

She got sick because she
missed him so much.

You mustn't say that.

- Let me examine her.
- Thank you.

Lie down.

You feel cold?


Nothing seems wrong.

I'm not pretending.

I never said you were.


It's true I missed you a lot.

I'm honored.

Don't talk like that.

Your mother is...

...on her way home.

So be good, or...

...the sea will rage.

My lady.

Thank you for helping me.

Not at all.

How do you feel?

Much better now.

We still have time to spare.

Go home and see your parents.

Yes, thank you.

I'll be back in two hours.

She works in the Harem?

Her parents sell fans.

A maid can take leave
in 6 months.

I envy her.

She can enjoy life.

But a concubine...

I can have no freedom or love.

"The leader of a nation must
lead his family first."

"The leader of a family must
discipline himself'

"To discipline himself, he must
first have a straight mind'

I'm the fourth Shogun of
the Tokugawa regime.

Who's my heir?

What are you doing?

I'm sorry. Forgive me.

Don't touch it!

It's the Shogun's underwear!

What's your name?

It's Yoshino. I'm in charge of
the bathroom.

Forgive me.

Yoshino! What have you done?

The Shogun's underwear!

Omatsu, you're the chief maid.

- How will you punish her?
- I'm sorry.

That isn't enough!

Cut your hair off in repentance!

You deserve a severe punishment.

His lordship is here!

The Shogun is here!

Who is she?

She was so careless.

She caused such a mess.

She even damaged your
underwear, my lord.

We'll punish her severely,

according to the regulations.

She'll be expelled.

My lord.

It was nobody's fault.

Dry yourself.

Don't punish her. Understand?

We're going to show you...

...a fascinating game of women.

- A game of women?
- Yes.

Rope pulling!

The winners will be rewarded!

Try your best.

Rope pulling, praying for...

...the blessing of childbirth!

Get set! Start!

The whites win!

It's fascinating!

Drink everybody!
Have your fill tonight!

My lord.

Thank you.

I'll never forget...

...your kindness.

His lordship is here!

Omino, are you pregnant?

Doctor, report to the Shogun.


She's three months pregnant.

Omino, you did it!

Take care of yourself...

...and have a good child.


Thank you very much, my lord.

Have a boy.

You'll be the mother of
the next Shogun.

Chamberlain Hotta can never
find a better heir.

You'll keep your position,
Minister Sakai.

It'll last long.

The Sakai-Anekoji team...

...will assist the next Shogun.

Chamberlain Hotta is here!

Omino, who's the father
of your child?


Pay some respect to
the Shogun's child!

Get out!

I'm asking Omino.

Omino, you can't cheat me.

I have spies outside the castle.

Last March,

you visited Jonen Temple.
What happened?

Tell me, or...

[I ask the priest.

He already confessed to the magistrate,

how he laid you.

He told everything!

Omino, is it true?
What did you do?

Forgive me!

Forgive me!

Forgive me!

Forgive me!

Beware of fire!

Guard against fire!

Beware of fire...

Guard against fire...




Is it true about the priest?

You're the Shogun's concubine.

How could you do that?

You must be hiding something.

Omino-sama, tell me the truth,

or you'll be
tortured to death.

It was planned by
Lady Anekoji.


You refused her request
to visit the temple...

Maybe the Shogun is sterile.

But I want you to get pregnant.

If he's sterile, how can I
get pregnant?

Don't you know how?

I'd planned for Osumi, but...

...maybe you're the best,

because you can keep secrets.

Don't worry.

I've arranged everything.

The next day I went to...

...Jonen Temple as instructed.

It could have happened to me.

You fell to the prey instead.

Forgive me.

It's all right.

Lady Anekoji is wretched.

She pretended ignorance.


Please keep it to yourself.


I can't live any longer.

I betrayed Lady Anekoji.

Come on.


Hide somewhere tonight.

I'll tell the elders tomorrow.

Come on.

Who are you?

Keep your mouth shut.

How could you?

Osumi, it's one of the regulations.

This too!

Now you're guilty, too.



- Intruders!
- Get them!



- Omino-sama!
- Leave me here!

Omino-sama, let's go.

Osumi-sama, run! Leave me here.

Don't give up!

Thank you!

I'm glad

Have a nice life.



Come here, my lady.

You can get out here.

Thank you, Yoshino.



What happened?

A terrible thing.

I ran from the Harem.


Come on.


After what happened,

I can't return to my parents.

I could kill myself, but...

...wanted to see you once again.

I see.

I'm glad.

I can die anytime now.

Don't say that.

Anyway, you need dry clothes.


- Is my daughter here?
- No sir.

Why do you ask?

A messenger from the Harem.

Osumi escaped.


I must punish her with death... defend our honor.

She'll understand.


She loves you.

She might come here.

If you help her,

you'll be punished, too.

Do me a favor?

Kill her and defend my honor.

Bury her somewhere.

Not in our family's grave.

I brought some money for her.

Use it for the peace
of her soul.

I was stupid.

I thought serving the Shogun... bed gave us honor.

Stupid father and

This is a stupid way to part.

Since Lady Omino's sudden death,

the Shogun has been ill.

He might succumb anytime.

We must ask him his decision now.

We'd best accept Lord Tsunayoshi... his heir to this castle.

I sustain his proposition.

Lord Tsunayoshi is his brother.

There's no better heir.


The Shogun has no children,

and that worries us.

But it's too soon
to say he can't.

We can't hope for his child.

That's an insult to him.

What if he begets a son after
Tsunayoshi becomes his heir?

What if he doesn't?

There will be great confusion.

The Shogun is here.

Another meeting to discuss
my heir?

Yes, my lord.
That's our concern.

Please stay in the Harem.

I don't need your instructions.

I'm no stud!

The ship is on
her voyage home.

With your mother aboard.

As gifts will bring

A nice red dress and sash.

So be good and sleep well,

or the sea will rage

Your mother is

on her way home.

Nice song, let me hear more.

It touches my heart.

I'm not allowed to see you.

- Forgive me.
- That's all right. Look up.

You have gentle eyes.

Your name?

It's Yoshino.


Good name.

My lord!

Forgive me.

It's all right.

My servants must be
laughing at me.

I'm amorous, a lecher,

stupid and crazy.


I know you're kind.

I'll never forget your kindness.

The other day I damaged
your underwear.

I was punished, but... saved me from
a worse punishment.

I was the servant
you saved that time.

Your kind smile is etched
in my mind.

Your voice still
lingers in my ears.

Your favor remains...

You have deep sincerity.

I'm amazed... live in this den of vixens.

My lord!


My lord,

I don't deserve your love.


I'm glad.

I got you.

It's my pleasure.

I'm happy.

I'm happy.


Save me... Save me...

Two months later

Shogun Ietsuna had a
stroke and died.

The Shogun's dead!

It's the end!

His sudden death caused
great confusion.

When a new Shogun takes office,

except for the elders,

ladies in waiting are discharged.

The late Shogun's concubines
become nuns...

...and live in an outwork
of the castle,

for the rest of their lives
mourning for the death.

- Onatsu is late. Bring her.
- Yes.

Onatsu, you aren't properly dressed.

Change to all white.

No! I'll stay in the Harem.

Why should I become a nun?

I'm sure the new Shogun
will like me.

Shut up!

Are you crazy?

- Cut your hair!
- No. No!

No more Harem life for them.

The ladies and maids
leave the castle.

The servants could return home
to their parents. They were lucky.

The new Shogun is here!

A few days later, the new
Shogun entered the castle.

He was appointed by his brother.

He's the 5th Shogun of
the Tokugawa regime.

He's here.


What do you want, Chamberlain?

There's work for you.

No one else can do it.

Find a woman.

Your talent helps.

- A special woman?
- Yes.

The late Shogun's concubine.

I hear one of his concubines
got pregnant.

It's a problem.

Against Sakai's wish,

Tsunayoshi became the Shogun.

Sakai won't be silent,

if the late Shogun had a son,

he'd be entitled to become the heir.

Sakai will restore his power.

To avoid disturbances.

We mustn't give him the chance.

I see. So you want me to find...

...the woman and abort the child?

Genshiro, do it for us.

You'll get fine rewards,

an a post in our clan.

I want no money or post.

- You refuse?
- I like the way I live now.

Struggling for power
is your business.

Not mine.

Shut up!

You're hiding one of the
concubines who escaped.


If you refuse, I'll have her arrested!

There's a clue.

The late Shogun told about her.

She's a peculiar type of woman.

When she made love, she...

...smelled like musk; so he said.

A musky woman, what's it like?

When she's in ecstasy, the scent
comes from her secret part.

- So we'll try the five nuns?
- Yeah.

It's a rare chance.

We can't lay the Shogun's
concubines often.

Sakurada Mansion

His lordship is coming!

Please be quiet!

I'm Lady Onatsu,
the Shogun's sweetheart.

Let's play house.

My lord, let's make love!

Let's play house.

My lord, let's make love!

Let's play house.

Poor woman! She's been crazy...

...since the Shogun died.

No wonder.

He loved her the best.

We'll be confined here forever.

I'll go crazy, too.

Lady, the doctor is here.

Her sorrow caused all this.

Let me examine her... alone.

Yes. If you need something,
please call me.

Let me see...

You're sane, lady.

My lord, I've been
waiting for you.

My lord...

My lord...

My lord.

What a shame... your whole life you've only
had this tortoise shell imposter inside you?

Be quiet!

Try out my fabled blade, and see
how it compares to your tortoise.

Ignore it, for your own peace of mind.

My, wet already! That'll save us some time.

Don't move... Don't move!

- But you're already moving your hips...
- No, not you!

Fear not, dear... you're next!


I see. You aren't pregnant.

My lord.

A musky woman. Did you
hear a rumor like that?

Don't stop!

Don't stop!

Stop it, stop right there!

This is all right, but not there.

This is all right, but not there.

What about from here?

I don't care...

I don't care!

Welcome home.

- You're still awake?
- Yes.

Sorry, it's so late.

Genshiro-sama, are you awake?


You aren't hiding something
from me, are you?

No, not a thing.

Please, stop doing anything dangerous.
I don't know what I'd do without you.

Genshiro-sama won't be coming home.
What should I do?

Keep pulling yourself together.

Where's sister Jakko?

She went to piss.

How vulgar!

Sister Zuimyo-sama is returning!

Come on, get moving!

- Zuimyo-sama, what's the matter?
- Sister Zuimyo-sama, open the door!

Open the door!
Open the door!


"Your woman is in our custody.'

"If you want her back,
come to Sakurada Mansion!


The Shogun's concubines...

...are confined here. Why not you?

Why the fuss?

- Just turn me over.
- You aren't our game.

We're hunting for Genshiro.

Genshiro-sama, he's not responsible.

He's working for
Chamberlain Hotta.

He's looking for the concubine,

who got pregnant.

Why did he accept the job?

For your freedom, huh?

He's here.


Genshiro-sama, never mind about me!

Welcome, Genshiro.

I'm here, set her free.

Drop your swords first.

Drop them!

Kill him!

I must do something.

I'm going to
the Shogun's bedroom.

Where are my attendants?

Can't you hear?

Take me there!

Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire!




Put out the fire!

The Harem is burning!

- The herb.
- Yes.

- Use this.
- Yes.

Does it hurt?

Only the sick can understand
the pain. It's true.

I'm sorry. You did it for me...


I want to restore the past.

Has the past returned?

You're here... alive.

That's good enough.


If you forgive me,

will you marry me?

Like lovers...

Like in the past...




It's been so long...

Is that really you, Onatsu?

These days, I am called Aoi Dayu.

She's gone mad...

I'm afraid I must leave the manor.

The influential lords Owari-sama
and Date-sama are nearby.

We'll meet again. For now,
I must perform as an Oiran.


- None of them smelled of musk?
- Yes.

We tried all of them. None.

I doubt the late Shogun
ever had a child.

She might be outside the Harem.

But why are you afraid?

Even if it's true,
who can prove it?

- There's proof...

Before he died,

he gave the woman a certificate.

A certificate?

Pilgrimage to Asakusa Temple

Asakusa is one of the
festivals of the Harem.

An imitation of the
annual Asakusa Festival,

Lady attendants in masks,
enjoy the night.

Who is it, Miyao?

What's that?

I don't like the festival.

What are you doing?

How dare you!

Be quiet, and I won't harm you

I'll take you to heaven.

Stop it!

You're insulting me!

Tell me who smells of musk?

The shogun made her pregnant.

I don't know.

Do it faster!

-Who is she?
-I don't know.

Tell me, who is it?


- Yoshino?
- Yes.

She already left the castle.

I don't know where she is.

Was Yoshino given a certificate?

-I don't know.
- You must know.

No! Spare it!

So this is the certificate.

Sorry, pardon me! Excuse me!

What? You don't know how to
contact her parents?

Well, this will make the
wedding difficult...

1 pity Yoshino. She's finally proposed to,
after she's pregnant with the Shogun's child.

At least she can stay at home.

Yoshino isn't a true daughter
of the Fushimiya family.


Her blood mother was a poor barmaid.

They must have wandered ever
since Yoshino was born.

Her mother was found near death
by the Fushimiyas'

They tried to help her, but there
was nothing they could do.

The Fushiyamas had no child of their own,
so they adopted Yoshino.

So we don't even have a
clue where to look?

Wait! Yoshino was always
singing that lullaby.

I doubt it'll help, but there
might be some clue...

What is it, Kanji?

I know I've heard this
somewhere before...


That's it! I remember!

A woman in the red light district
of Benten-cho used to sing it.

She had just been sold from Wakasa!


A Wakasa lullaby... could Yoshino's mother
have come from Wakasa then?



Hey, she isn't pregnant.

Where's your baby?

What baby?

We know you got pregnant
by the Shogun.


It's a boy.

The late Shogun's child?


I have proof.

The Shogun wrote this certificate
for you.

It's nothing to do
with my boy.

Who is the boy's father?


...and my first love.

- Is that enough?

The Shogun's son must die.

Don't Genshiro-sama!

Osumi, what are you doing?

I'm worried about her.

- Please spare her and her child.
-l can't.



Don't kill the child!


- I must, to buy your freedom.
- I don't mind.

Please spare them!

I heard the story of
the lullaby.

A woman was sold... a brothel, leaving her baby.

Missing the baby,

she escaped.

She rowed a boat on a stormy night.

She had no souvenirs.

She had no money. Finally,

she couldn't see her baby.

The waves swallowed
the unfortunate mother.

Any mother loves her
baby deeply.

Genshiro, please understand.

"Yoshino's child is mine
Shogun Ietsuna”




Are you okay with this?

Performing abortions is just my job.

It does me no good thinking about
those imperial children.

I guess not...

I'm sorry, but have to butt in.

This is a private matter.
The truth is...


What's with you?

I'm gonna' have a brat of my own!

The world must be ending! This is a sign...

When I look out at the sea like this, it's
hard to believe the Shogun's Harem exists.

If you think about it, of course it exists.
If you don't, it might as well not exist.

That child, this sea... Yoshino led us to them.
Maybe this is our one chance to be happy.

The Harem and 3,000 beauties.

They lived for the pleasure
of one man.

But the Harem bells
stopped ringing forever,

about two centuries later.

The End