The Shinjuku Love Story (1987) - full transcript

Ichijoji is a street punk who accidentally stumble across Mari and her cat. Mari and Ichijoji immediately falls in love but they are chased by both mafia and corrupted cops.


This is Shinjuku.

Please be careful
not to leave any belongings.

Watch it, that hurts!






Thanks for waiting.

-Here you go.
-Thank you.




What the hell!? Ugh.



What happened here?

No clue.


You think he's dead?

No way!

A cat just killed a man.

Crazy, right?

Oh, no!

That cat of your's quite…



He sure eats like a horse.

He's just like a starving wolf,
what a sight.

He's very carefree.

He's quite masculine.

Thanks for the food.

You're done eating?

I am.

Never figured I'd have
a high schooler treating me.

I'm in high school,
but I'm already seventeen.

How old are you?

-I'm twenty.
-College student?


Then, what do you do?

Just a drifter on the move.

He's lovely…

In what way?

So what's your name?

I'm Mari, Mari Obana.

And I'm Yumi Harada.

Not that it matters, I guess.

And what's your name?


You're asking my name, huh…


Promise you won't laugh.

No way,
I wouldn't laugh.

You really promise?

I promise.

Even if you were called
'Yosaku' I won't laugh.

I would laugh at 'Yosaku.'

My name's
not as bad as that.

It's Fumimaro Ichijoji.

I can't even bring
myself to laugh at that.

I knew you'd laugh!
You lying weasel!

I couldn't help it!

Still, it's quite a lovely name.

Who're you kidding?

Did you just bring a cat?

You did, didn't you?

You listening, mister!?

It's a dog.


This is a restaurant,
you know.

Sign says you can't bring
animals here!

Sorry, I'm illiterate.


Sorry about this.

The cat's actually mine.

I see.

We'll be on our way,
I'm very sorry.

Don't sweat it!

You seem to attract

Good grief.

How could you be
so nice to that asshole!?

Are you mad at me?

Not really.

All right,
we should get going.

The tab's 2,600 yen, Mari.

What's wrong?

My wallet's gone!

I think I dropped it.


What's wrong with you!?

I bought tons of
Nintendo Famicom games,

so I have just enough
for a train ticket.


Try and look again, slowly.

It's not there!

How am I gonna pay
the tab now?

I only have 2,000 yen.

Your parents are on a trip.

If your father were to
find out you skipped school,

he'll kill you for sure.

I'll figure something out,
you two move along.

What will you do?

I'll talk to them
and work something out.

You can rest easy, I'm pretty good
at these kinds of things.

I'll leave it to you, then.

Let's go, Mari.


It'll be fine!

Would you quit
standing there?

Let's roll!

So we're leaving
without him?

Are you nuts?

He smells like trouble.

If they find out
we ditched school,

we'll be expelled.

Quickly, now!

No way!

This was my fault.

You go on ahead.

I'll just stay put.

You idiot!

What if the cops show up?

I can't help it.

I've fallen for him.

You've really lost it.

Maybe so.

But what do we do!?

We go home.

You want a 600 yen discount!?

You charge a ton for your spaghetti,
and it wasn't even great.

In addition, one of your employees
has a rotten attitude.

The hell did you
just say, you dipshit!?

I did nothing
to foster any ill will.

So I ask you to please
shave 600 yen off my order.

I'm willing to pay 2,000 yen.

Listen here, bud.

You reap what you sow.

I'm not interested in hearing
you out. Call the cops.

-Yes, sir.
-A 600 yen dispute is no reason to call the cops!

If I must, I can compensate
by doing the dishes.

Like I'd let
a hoodlum like you

mess around
in my kitchen!

Call the cops.

Move it.

This is what happens when you
show off in front of ladies.


You piece of shit!

What the hell do you want!?

Cruisin' for a bruisin'!?

Keep the fucking change.

Of course they bailed on me.

Damn it.

Where's your friend?

She ran away.

Did you get
a chance to talk to them?

Yeah, they were actually
very understanding.

There he is, I found him!

You liar.

Let's go!

Get back here,
you shithead!

Haruo Minami?

-And you're Hideo Murata?

You already look like a clown,
but your name's just the circus.

Who cares about that?

We didn't do shit.

Mind telling us
what we did, copper?

Wipe that stiff
expression off your face.

I ought to arrest you
for being so obese.


You bastard!

After him!

Get off me!

Inspector, those two dined
and dashed our establishment,

please go after them!

I'll get back to you.

That piece of shit,
gonna kill him!

Hey, Murata!

Wait for me!

We lost them.

Oh, good.

I took you to a sketchy
place in town, my bad.

I should be the one

This was because
I lost my wallet.

-Sorry for causing all this mess.
-No worries.

Is your cat all right?


It's not there.

Oh, no…

I see it!





Where did that punk go, huh!?

You hear me!? I'm asking you
where he went!

Covering for him
won't do you any good!

You bastard!



We're the police,
you piece of shit!

Fuck you!


You're interfering
with official business!

Piece of shit…


I want him to be
our sworn brother.

You okay!?

Chako!? Chako!?

Hold up, you two!

Can you two please
take care of that cat?

-All right.

We're counting on you!

You're bleeding!

Your lovely uniform's
been torn to shreds.

What!? Really!?

Oh, dear!

That's not fair,
I'm taking one, too!

-You shouldn't.
-Gimme that!

-I don't wanna photo!
-Be a sport.

What are you doing?

You can't go back home
that way.

It's chilly outside.

I could at least get you
a skirt and a blouse.

You can't!
We're not thieves!


Do you usually hit people,
and act so brashly?

No, I don't!

That's a relief.

But you can't walk
the streets looking like that.

You look like
you've just been assaulted.

Oh, no!

I'll make sure
the store owner gets it back.



Check this out!





I know it's all a mess.

But don't get too
carried away in Kansai.

No, don't do anything rash.

I'll handle it
once I get back.

You got a call, sir.

So, you iced him
with something so flashy, huh?


Keep those rashly thoughts
to yourself, you fool.

Yes, sir!

Sayama speaking.

Welcome, sir.

I'm here for a loan.

Do you have your pay stub?

I don't.

Or an insurance card?

Don't have that either.

Then, your driver's license?

I didn't bring it with me.

I need some kind of ID!


I just never figured I'd need
so much documentation.

You think this could
fetch me 10,000 yen?

You fool!

This ain't a pawnshop!

Counting on you, then.

May I have a minute
of your time, sir?


You think you can
mess with us, you punk!?

I merely asked for a loan!


You know this is
Shirai Clan territory!

Yet you still had
the gall to come hassle us!

Chop off his finger with this.

You little punk!


Wait! T-Take the money!

Just leave the gun!

Stay back!

The hell're ya doing?

You asshole!

You better pray that
it doesn't get knocked over!


Hasta la vista.


This is the first time

I've had a girl cook for me.

It's the first time
for me, too.

Having the pleasure of doing
something for a man.

So I'd like

to continue

doing all matter
of things for you.


Excuse me.


I've got some business
to attend to,

so please tell her
to go straight home.

Yes, sir.





You think the boss' gonna be
sick for a long time?


I'm afraid he'll never
quite recover.

So, did you get
the package?

Straight to business, huh.

If we screw this up,

we'll all end up
behind bars.

We clear on that?

Yes, sir.

Well, I trust you.

Once this mess is over,

let's formally tie
the knot and have a big

second generation ceremony.

Counting on you.

I appreciate it, sir.


Tazaki, you won't be able
to find him by yourself!

What am I gonna tell
the precinct, huh!?

That we both got our asses
kicked by some dine dashing punk,

and he even handcuffed us
to our own car!?

Fine, just take it easy.

You listen good,

If you see him, don't you lay
a finger on him without me knowing!

I reserve the right
to beat him half to death!

You got that!?

Move it!

Here you go.

Don't make any noise.

It's seem like you're starting
to enjoy this, Inspector.

How dare you
make a fool of the police!

I'll make sure to dump you
in jail and throw away the key!

The fuck're ya doing!?

Seems like you're all
talk after all.

You shithead!

Make all the noise you'd like,

maybe the waitress'll
be the first one strolling in.

Hope you're ready.

You better remember this,
you punk!

I'll fucking kill you!

I tend to forget things,

so if you need me to remember,
you'll have to lose your pants again.

Get back here,
you piece of shit! Hey!

Get back here!

I'm gonna kill you!

Out of the way, girls.

Welcome to Shinjuku.


That's him!

You piece of shit!

Get back here!

Don't shoot, please!

All right, cut!

We're in the middle
of shooting a scene!

Anyone who's been shot
will need to lie down for a while.

We still need
to get some shots.

Please come with me so I can
fix your makeup, Mr. Tanaka.

Make way, please.

We won't accept
autographs during shooting.

-Excuse me, may I get an autograph?
-Please, sign here!

-May I have an autograph?
-Please, gimme your autograph.

A shootout!?

And the cops!?

You idiot, now they'll be
taken to the hospital!

I can handle the pigs,

and squash that
fucking lowlife!

We'll gather all our men

and get them
right on this!

I'll drill a hole
in his body,

and he'll no longer
be a problem!

No need to get all excited.

Calm down, sir.


He went to Suzumura's?

Seems like he went
there with a girl.

There's no doubt
he's a scumbag.

Just our luck!

Just perfect!

I knew that punk got tangled up
in Shiari Clan's affairs!

C'mon, you gotta play this
by the book and inform the precint.

Forget that thing
with the pants, Tazaki!

-If you do something rash, they'll fire us!

Settle down!

Now listen up.

The whole gang's after him, so he has
something they desperately want!

And you know what happens
if we beat them to the punch?

We get promoted, which includes
a 30,000 yen monthly bonus!


I'll handle that prick,
you handle the clan,

then we'll become
the heroes of the precinct.

Heroes, huh…

Terribly sorry, we're about
to renovate the place.

Come back some other time.

That gun.

You shot
one of those before?

It was my first time.

Could've fooled me,
you looked experienced.

Anyone could shoot
that accurately at close range.

Where do we go from here?

We run.

We gotta turn ourselves in.

It sure beats the yakuza.

You think?

After that cop
assaulted you like that?

You idiot!

You've done many bad things.


You're not a good person!

You're a real jerk, you know.

That's right.

I'm a real jerk.

So then, why'd you bother
following my lead?


I thought you needed my help.

I never asked for your help!

So spare me
that bullshit, missy.

It's just--


fallen for you!

Back then,

I thought you had
left me behind,

and I was devastated.

But then, we met up again.

It didn't matter to me
who you were,

I just felt overjoyed!

Move it!

Don't you move!


Stay still, you little shit!

Listen, kid.

Just gimme back my piece.


Just don't kill me.

You sure got some nerve.

Don't you fuck with me!

Take it easy, okay?

Where's my gun!?

You asshole!

Stay back, or I'll kill him!

You sonuva…

Everyone throw your guns
in the water tank

and get behind
the counter!

I've got no qualms
about killing this prick!

Tell them to do it, gramps!

Do as he says!

Fucking move it!

Hands in the air,
and turn around!

Look, kid.

All we're after
is that piece you got.

I wanna give it back to you,
but I can't afford to right now.

I promise I won't hurt you
if you give it back.

The words of a yakuza
aren't worth shit to me!

Lose the merchandise.

You bitch!


You asshole!

I'll kill you!

Hold it!

I'll make it up to you
if you just gimme that gun.

Think about it!

Your fly's open, gramps.

You okay?

I'll manage.

You bastard!

Move it!

Get the hell out of the way!

Been looking for you!

Here you go.


Thanks, guys!

There, there, kitty, kitty.


I gotta borrow your ride.

Meet me at the west exit
parking lot!

You little punk!

Come back here!

Are they gone?




I fired a gun.


I didn't kill anyone!

Don't worry.

You only damaged
some property.


But still, I…

My bad.

For making you
go through this.

You're still a little girl.

I hope you'll forgive me.

Don't give me that look.

I feel even worse

when you look
at me like that.

It makes my heart
pound like crazy.

And makes my throat

I share your plight.


What's wrong?


Oh, no…

It's probably just hungry.

All right.

I'll get it some milk,
so wait here.


It's nothing.

Just felt like calling
your name.

Don't take too long.




Drop by our HQ
if you want your girl back!


There it is!

Around 30 people, including
members of the Shirai Clan,

were forced
to repay their debts.

Shirai Junior and the Four Mad Dogs
are well known for their success.

You write that kind of shit
in your notebook?

Please refer to me
as the Emperor of Shinjuku.

If you need any intel
about Shinjuku, I'm your guy.

Nobody could hope to match

the Shirai Clan
when it comes brawls.

Will you be okay?

I'll be fine as long
as I got this with me.

I just gotta go for it.

You've fixed up so many!

-Perfect for three people.
-We're here to help, bro.

Stop acting like fools,
you brats!

The hell? We're not brats!

You two are nothing but brats.

I appreciate
your consideration,

but I'll only be
needing your ride.


Don't move!

You little punk!

Don't do it, sir!

Let go!

I'll kill this prick with this!

Back off!


Nobody will touch him

until the mess
behind me is sorted!

-Put out the fire!
-Yes, sir.

Not bad,
for a lowlife such as yourself.

You still got a chance
to be spared

if you apologize.

The more shit you spew,
the sooner the cops'll be here.

I want the girl back.

We assumed you had
taken her back yourself.

Tell him what happened,

Our partner who took
your girl hasn't come back yet.

We thought
it was your doing…

-Don't you bullshit me!
-We're not!

That's why
the rest of the family

is out on the lookout
right now.

That phone call
might be news.

Shall I get it?



Who the hell are you?

I'm acquainted with the man

who got his pants pulled down
by that young fella.

Tell him we got
his little girl.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

I saved you from the yakuza.

I'll show you a good time

while your boyfriend comes.

You filthy pig!

Who're you calling a pig?


You better come,
or we'll do nasty things to her

and arrest her for prostitution.

Come to the autopsy room
at the abandoned Yutoku Hospital.

Don't forget
to bring the piece with you.


So what's the deal, pal?


It was a wrong number.

Don't fuck with us!



Where's the girl?

-The coppers took her.
-Those damn pigs!


-Do you know where the Yutoku Hospital is?
-I got a map.

Don't hurt the kids!

I'm who you want!


You punk…

Son of a bitch!

You're dead!

So, did you kill him?

He dead?

I think I shook him off.


I can't see shit.

Ryu, light it up!

Right on!

Don't shoot, it's me!

I need medical attention…

You're pathetic!

You dipshit!

Eat shit!

You're dead!

We're holding her here,
against her will.

The Shirai Clan's after that guy.

He might be dead already.

Which means,

no one'll know about
this confinement.

Outside from her and us.


So if she bites the dust,

we'll be totally out
from under this.

You gonna kill her?

Are you serious?

Eat this!

Die, you motherfucker!


He's too strong,



Gimme that!

Maybe we blew
that bastard sky high.

You fool!

He wouldn't die that easily!

You're really acting
like a Chief now!

You shithead!

I'm gonna kill you,
you bastard!


Enough games, pal.

Don't provoke me
any further.

And you get off my back!



Wait up, Chief!

Back off, you bastards!

We're both gonna get iced
at this rate, what'd we do?

I don't much care to have
a double suicide with a guy.

We'll settle this with our fists.

You seem
so sure of yourself.

Too late
for apologies now.

I wasn't planning to.

What do we do about this?

Screw it.

Let's empty the chambers
in our guns.

Both our guns.
How's that sound?

Sounds good to me.

You got a deal.

Cheating bastard!


Sorry 'bout that.

The smaller,
the better for killing a girl.

Unless we're talking…

About this time!

You gonna shoot her?


I'm gonna rape
and choke her.

They'll think some
sexual deviant did it.

Hold it right there!

Hey, little girl…

Wait for me,
wait for me!

Little girl…

Hey, where ya going?

I ain't gonna
hurt ya or nothing!


Oh, it's just you, kitty.

Don't startle me.

Lead me to Mari, Chako!

Where are you, little girl?


Where are you, sweetheart?


Are ya here?

Guess not.

She's around there.
Kill her, Tazaki.

I wondered where
you ran off to.

I've been looking
all over for you!

All right now, c'mere.

I'm gonna make you
feel real good.

I haven't fucked
a teen in so long!

That hurt, you know.


Get out of the way!

You bastard!

So you're alive.

You bastard!

Come and get me!

You prick!


I'll kill you!


You piece of shit!


Damn you!

Stay the fuck outta my way!

I want the stolen Walther!

You're just in time.

I'm outta rounds.

Do as you wish with me.

But keep the girl out of it.

I couldn't care less
about the girl.

My business is with you.

You're history, pal.


You can't kill him!

You fool, stay back!



Don't do it!

Time to go to hell!


Lucky bastard.

That was my last round.

Bring it!

Come on!

Get up!

Don't fret.

The party's nearly over.

Bring it, bitch.

You've come far
for a mere punk.

But you're through!

Piece of shit!

You still had ammo left!

That was my last one.

You're the biggest

I've ever laid eyes on!





Hand over Shirai's gun!

If you hand it over,
I'll convince the precinct

that we were all just
going after the Shirai Clan!

That way they'll let us go!

Maybe they'll even give us
an award, what'd you say!?

I'm tired of your bullshit!

What an incredibly
lame guy to wanna meet you

in front of the
Dai Building a year later.

I think he's a very
romantic man.

He's so careless to send
a cat by courier.


He looked everywhere for a cat
who looked just like Chako.

He's such a sweetheart.

You dummy.

Don't be fooled by a cat.

That man's no sweetheart.

He is a sweetheart.

He just gets a little
carried away sometimes.

He's more honest
than most people.

So he's just like
Momotaro, huh.

Hey, that's freezing!


What'd you think about
an entertainment company?

We don't need a big crew,

and since I know how to handle things,
we could make it big.

Showbiz, huh…

No thanks.

Well then…

Guess we'll just have to
make cash

from our scorching
bond portfolio.

That's far too gloomy for me.

Then, what do you propose?

You just sit there

and think by yourself all day!



Did you just figure out
something better?

I did.

What is it, then?

Let's just go ride
that thing for now.

Sounds like a plan, then.

Subtitles by GEO9875