The Shiinomi School (1955) - full transcript

Film company SYNTHOCHO.


Producer - Ichiro NAGASIMA.

Scenario - Hiroshi SIMIDZU on
the product of Saburo Yamamoto.

The operator is Hiroshi SUDZUKI Light.
Masaharu KOYAMA.

Artist - Seiichi TORIIDZUKA Composer.
Ichiro SITE.

Sound - Hiroshi KATAOKA Installation.
Tosio GOTO.





Yoshiko Yamagishi, Sakutaro Yamakawa, Saburo
MORIMOTO, Toshikazu HARA, Ichiro CODAMA.

Dzyukiti UNO, Ranko HANAI.


Thank you.

Can I play with you later?

You're lame. You can not play.

Why can not I play?
I can catch the ball.

But you do not have a mitten.

Have you joined a baseball club?

Dad, buy me outfit.

What equipment?

They say that I can not play
if I do not have a mitten.

Good. Let's buy everything that is needed.

He often drops the blanket.

This is usually when children grow up.

You bought him baseball equipment.
But can he play?

Will he succeed?

We must allow him...

all that he wants.

When Yudo was born, he
weighed 4,500 grams.

Midwife said that it can be
put up for the competition.

He was so healthy.

Yudo grew very well.

At nine months he got up on his legs.

He moved around holding on to the crib.

He began to walk when he
was not yet a year old.

After his birthday in the middle
of the spring, he fell ill.

I thought it was a cold.

Very sharply he had a fever.

She did not pass even after 5 days.

He was getting weaker.

At some point it seemed
to me that he was dying.

He miraculously survived.

But he was not so healthy anymore.

The disease continued.

The doctor said that it
was a serious illness...

and he needs time to get better.

One month passed, then another...

But he could neither stand nor walk.

So we took him to a large
hospital for examination.

- Childhood paralysis.
- Childhood paralysis?


And what is it?

It's not so easy to explain.

There are two types of infantile paralysis.

Central and peripheral.

Your son is peripheral.

Peripheral paralysis?

This form of paralysis is common...

is manifested by high temperature.

It lasts several days.

Everything looks like an
inflammation of the lungs.

When the fever passes, the
patient remains paralyzed.

Usually it affects both legs.

And how is this disease treated?

I hate telling you this...

but it's too late.

Sensei, but what about my boy?

I'm sorry.
But now you can not cure anything.


Do you mean that even modern
medicine can not help him?

The only help...

this is love and training.

Emotional support of family and friends...

can reduce his
bodily deficiency.

Here's how...

There are limits to
science, but not for love.

Let me massage it.

There is nothing.

Do you know the Mexican
tennis player Segla?

He had children's paralysis.

I'm afraid I did not
hear anything about him.

An American girl named Albright...

also suffered from this disease.

She began to figure skating...

and regained strength in the legs.

She became a professional...

and won the championship.

So if Yudo starts playing baseball...

it will be useful for him.

We must let him
do what he wants.

If he does not try, he will never
know what he is capable of.

Official medicine
abandoned our child.

They say that a drowning
man grabs even a straw.

We grabbed for anything
that could benefit.


Someone advised us...

visit the sanctuary...

which works wonders.

Gods and Buddhas...

expel the demons of the disease
from the body of Yudo!

It is necessary to iron the
bump with your hand...

and then rub this foot of
your son with this hand.

And then he will be able to walk.

If the bump resolves,
I'll make you a new one.

It was all ridiculous.

But then I was in such despair...

that he was ready to support any idea.

Remember how you got a bump on your head.

We tried a lot.

We turned to the fortunetellers.

We turned to different new religions.

But it was all in vain.

The other day I washed
Yudo in the bathroom...

and he said that he would like to
build a school for lame children...

to play there with them.

He said so.

School for lame children?
Did Yudo say so?

He sees it for his part.

He missed the ball.

Serve, guys!


You do not play?

They said that they would call me later.

Then play with me.

They took a mitt from me.

Guys, if you play with Yudo's mitt...

let him play with you.

I'll be the judge.

Let Yudo play with you.

Hey, everybody's here!

We stop the game.

Yudo, let's play. You and me.

Come on, get ready!

Bey, Teruhiko!

My name is Kayoko Atsumi.

Are you from the Faculty of Humanities?


Is this your sister?


She's paralyzed.

My son also has paralysis.

I know.

But your son is so agile.
I envy you.

He is very mobile.

He wants to play baseball.

At first my sister was happy
that she would go to school.

But the children began to
laugh and scoff at her.

Now she does not want to go there.

Because of these prejudices,
I took her out of school.

I work with her at home.

But I want her to breathe
the air of the school.

So every Sunday I
bring her here.

I understand you well.

She feels closer to me,
more than to her mother.

So I want to do
everything for my sister.

I will give everything for her happiness.

She is very lucky to have
such a loving person.

No, sensei.

We are sisters, but she
was terribly unlucky.

If everyone in this world were
as kind-hearted as you are...

then such children would live in happiness.

Dad come here!
What are you stuck there?

I'm coming.

Sister, shake me.

This finger is paralyzed,
but it's so active.

You must be brave.
Do you understand?

Yamamoto you did not see
the pass Nishimura?

No, I did not.

You rummaged in our clothes.

Whose is this jacket?

Whose is this jacket?

That's mine.

Yours? But in it lies
the pass of Nishimura.

I do not know anything.

It can not be that you
do not know anything.

If you steal, confess.

Who's there?

Yudo-chan, are you there?

What's the matter?

What happened?

The guys from the class said
that I stole Nishimura's pass.

And did you take it?

No, I did not.

He said that I have a badge in my pocket.

Like this?

I do not know.

I did not take it, but he was there.

Can you swear that you did not take it?

I did not take.

Dear, wait.

Where are you going?

People are prejudiced against the cripples.

I'm used to it.

But I can not let them
call Yudo the thief.

I'll go to school to clarify everything.

If you stand up for his
defense as a teacher...

they will scoff at
Yudo even more.

It will only get worse.

Yudo-kun, I brought your briefcase.

The teacher checked
everything about the pass.

It turned out that Oyama
hid it for a joke.

Here's how?

That's great, Yudo.

We're going to drink tea.
Come and have tea with us.

Stay with us a little.

"Your parents will not mind.
Come on in."

They found out that Yudo
did not steal anything.

It turns out, I was in vain agitated.

The aim of education is...

find the abilities that are
hidden inside the child...

to bring up from psychologically...

and with the help of true love...

help them to reach their maximum.

The teacher should not just educate...

but to seek out the rudiments of
talent in each of the students.

Sensei, you are called from home.

It seems that it is urgent.

Good. Thank you.

I apologize.



Hello, I'm afraid...

that something strange is
happening with Teruhiko.

His temperature rose sharply.
It's all burning.

Did you call the doctor?

The doctor thinks it's pneumonia.

He appointed Teruhiko a cure.

But the same was with Yudo.

That's why I'm worried.

Well, I'll be right there.

My son is ill. Please let me go.

Temperature dropped.

He became livelier.

Thank you very much.

Are you going to go to the University?

Please, go to the chief
doctor's office.

He said he wants to talk to you.

How are you?

I'll be right back.

What does the head doctor
want to talk to you about?

I'll go and find out.

Doctor, is it polio?

- I don't know.
- This, for sure, so.


I ask you to.

Save my boy.


I perfectly understand how you feel.

My younger brother also
suffered from poliomyelitis.

In the end, he died of this disease.

I know very well...

what a serious illness it is.

I learned this from my own experience.

That's why I decided to become
a doctor, and help the sick...

although our capabilities are limited.

I will do everything in my power.

I promise.

Without additional examinations it
is impossible to make a diagnosis.

I did not say that I will not try.

So, it's still poliomyelitis?

I apologize.


A doctor's report...


Daddy, did you get me a satchel?

I forgot.

Yesterday, and the day before
yesterday you also forgot.

The neighbor's boy already has a knapsack.

Is it true, Mom?

Recently, I'm very forgetful.

And where is Yudo?

He went for a walk with a doctor.

Teruhiko, why did not you go?

I waited for you to bring the satchel.

Clear. Forgive me, please, that I forgot.

Let's go now and buy.

Go and go.

If you had not forgotten to bring
a pack, you'd be the best dad.




You broke the record.

Try again!




How much you've been through!

Next time you will be able
to reach the very top.

If I could easily walk the stairs...

I would train lame
children to do this.

Great idea! I am for!

When I grow up, I will build
a school for lame children.

Yes? It is wonderful.

I will definitely come
to you to this school.


Do you really come? Promise?

I promise.


Dad, I myself have reached
this place today.

Let's practice too.

Come on!



Try it!

Sensei promised me.


When I grow up and build a school...

she will come to visit us.

She promised.


It's good.

Darling, we need to let
Teruhiko go to school.

And I would like to
see Yudo learn more.

It would be great to open a school.

I thought about it, too.

But to open your school -
it's not at all easy.

It does not have to be
an ordinary big school.

We need a school for
poliomyelitis children...

where they will be free
to learn and play.

No matter how they tried to
live, like ordinary children...

they do not get it.

I wanted to send Yudo to a similar school.

But I can not let him leave us.

It is best for us to
open our own school.

This is a great idea.

Let's do it.

For children and their parents,
who are suffering so much...

this will be a huge support.

But in order to overpower it, we
need to collect a lot of money.

Let's sell the mountains that
we got from our parents.

How well you came up with everything!

Let's take this.

Children are such beautiful creatures!

Children give their
parents happiness only...

that they can be loved.

We lit this new idea.

We took everything in money.

We sold antiques, paintings
and even mountains.

I sold my suit, and my wife - my kimono.

And we took a loan from the bank.


The construction is almost finished.

Yes, but that's not enough.

Sensei, can I ask you something?

Let my sister study at this school.

Of course, we will be glad to see her.

The more students, the better.

But I have one more request.

Which one?

I would like to work in this school.

- Yes.

I would be glad to have such an assistant.

But this is a very difficult job.

This is an unusual school.

I understand.

But this opens a new world for
my sister, as well as for me.

Well, then, welcome.

We were very lucky...

that our student
Atsumi-san came to us.

We were very happy.

We named our school
"Happy Acorns"...

The acorns are small.

But under the influence of
water and solar heat...

they germinate by ripping the shell.

They do not produce beautiful
flowers, like cherries.

They do not strike people's eyes.

But they grow into a mighty tree.

We sincerely hoped...

that from our pupils such
mighty trees will grow.

So our dream came true.

If it was not for you, this school
would never have been opened.

First of all in our school...

we tried to save children
from an inferiority complex

so that he felt free.

In this school, the playground
has become a classroom.

And the classes were
meant for entertainment.

For those who could not walk...

we have forbidden to rely
on sticks and crutches.

We taught them to walk.

But there were some who
could not even stand...

even when their mother held her hand.

Those children whose hands did not work...

we were taught to tie ribbons.

We also showed them how to
string beads on a string.

At first they could not wear
and take off their shoes...

so they walked in sapozhkah.

But soon she began to
wear cloth slippers.

When the children fell...

sometimes they could not
get up by themselves...

because someone always helped them.

So they did not even try.

But we did not offer them
assistance until then...

until they make an effort
to stand up for themselves.

Hold on!

Everything is fine. Try once more.


Now you can stand up yourself.

Soon you will not need help at all.

To teach children to use their hands...

we taught them to draw a circle.

This is the basic exercise in drawing.

It was not easy for them to
draw an ordinary circle.

But they really liked drawing.

They sincerely expressed
their feelings on paper.

First a girl who was raised
by her stepmother...

painted a woman with one eye.

It was all painted
in blue and green.

But some time passed...

and in the drawings her good
feelings began to appear.

And, finally, she drew an
ordinary woman with two eyes.

The children also liked music very much.

They immediately memorized the words of
the songs, and they sang them loudly.

"We are acorns, round acorns."

"Let's fall into the pond, and sail."

"Let's fall into the arms of
the child, and roll down."

"Let's fly out the window, and
knock on the windowpane."

"We acorns, little acorns."

"Let's fall on the bird,
and fly with it."

"We'll fall on the boat, and go sailing."

"We'll fall on a pig, and
we'll ride on her back."

These children...

did not realize themselves
as part of the collective.

I thought we should
teach them cooperation.

There must be some way.

This needs to be brought up in the game.

When I watched the
boy draw a train...

I thought that they need to play the train.

Yokohama, Yokohama!

Nobody comes out?

If no one comes out, we go further.

Yoshiko-chan, you do not
want to take the train?

Yoshiko-chan, sit down! Rather.
The train departs.

If you do not sit down, we start off.

I'm with you!

Do not zaprygivay on the go!


Kyoto, Kyoto!
The one who goes out, report it!

If no one comes
out, we go further.

Teruko-chan, you do not
want to take the train?

Teruko-chan, let's sit down.

On this train, adults are
not allowed to ride.

But Teruko-chan can not
walk without support.

These are the rules. She will manage.

The train will go very slowly.

But still...

Everything will be fine.
Allow her herself.

But, Sensei, Teruko hardly walks.

How can she escape?

Do not worry. She will manage.


Yudo-chan, please slow down.

Caution! Not so fast.

Teruko-chan, be careful.

Please slow down.

Carefully, Teruko-chan.

Teruko-chan is running!

Sensei, she's running! Teruko is running!

She runs for the first time in her life.

Here's how...

Do you own a factory?

How did you treat your child in Okayama?

When he was young, I
tied him to a post.

But when he grew up, he wanted
to go out into the street.

I was afraid that this would compromise
us, and held him back as best I could.

So Okayama does not have a place for him?

We do not have a hostel for students.

Maybe in Okayama there?

Well, there is one place, however...

Then he had better stay there.

I wanted.

But my wife, says that it's shameful.

Shameful? Is it your own child?

No. Actually...

for my husband this is the second marriage.

If I knew that he has
a disabled son...

But I did not know anything. Therefore...

I read about your school in the newspapers.

And we have come to you.

It's like throwing a child out.

I will not allow this!

I'm ready to pay as much as I want.

It's not about the money.

This is not a shelter
for abandoned children.

He is not abandoned!

We do not abandon him.

Just ask you to hold it for yourself.

We have come to such a distance.

Yes, we have come such a long way.

It does not matter how long
you've been driving here.

I must refuse you in your request.

Well, we're leaving.

Tetsuo, what are you doing there?

We are leaving!

Let's go from here.

I'm afraid that this woman
can cause harm to the child.

Dad, you wanted to leave it with us?

Did not you like him?

Leave it with us.
The child is not to blame for anything.

Sensei, leave him.


this boy will stay with us.
Come all here.

I take it.

I'm not doing it for you.

I just feel sorry for the child.

Come on, baby. There are your friends.



What happened? Want to go to the toilet?


Please do not cry, Tetsuo-chan.
What happened?


Began to cry.

What's up, Tetsuo-chan?
Do not Cry. Do not.

Get some sleep.

Come on, lie down.

I'll sit with him.

I'm sure it's from loneliness.

Probably, he wants to parents.

We took him to us.
But maybe this is bad for him?

No, I do not think so.

My sister Mitsuko and Hisao
also wanted to go home...

in the first time after your arrival here.

But if they come home, they soon
want to come back here again.

This boy we have recently.

He's just not used to it.

Perhaps you are right, however...

He does not sing songs.
He does not even smile.

I think I'll teach him to laugh.

A picnic is a joyful event,
which children like very much.

We often had a picnic.

We saw them as
learning outdoors.

Their parents prepared a
delicious dinner for them.

Everybody was very pleased.

And where is Tetsuo-chan?

Yes, here it is.

Tetsuo-chan, what are you doing there?

I'm sorry that I left you alone.

Come on, have lunch?

What do you want? An Apple? Good.

I'll sing you a song?

"We are acorns..."

"round acorns."

Tetsuo-chan, and you sing to me.

"We are acorns..."

"round acorns."

"Let's fall into the pond, and sail."

Why are you silent, Tetsuo-chan?

Why do not you sing? Start over.

Why do not you sing?

You try to sing me, okay?

I'll sing again. Yes?

Listen, everyone is singing.

And you, Tetsuo-chan, sing with them.

"We are acorns..."

"little acorns."

"Let's fall on the bird,
and fly with it."

"We'll fall on the boat, and go sailing."

"We'll fall on a pig..."

"and ride on her back."

"We are acorns..."

"happy acorns."

"Tighten the song so that
it will fly in the wind."

"We'll play in the garden,
and lie on the grass."

"We will all be friendly."

"Let's all be merry."

Guys, Tetsuo sang the song!

Let's sing it all together again.

Well? Singing with the guys?
Come on, fun sing! Good?

What to write?

"Dad, I was able to sing a song."

So what is next?

"I sang along with all the guys."

So what is next?

"Dad, come and listen
immediately, as I sing."

"Immediately" is impolite.
I'll write "Please come."

What else to write?

It's all.

Then I'll write "Goodbye".

Ask the teacher to write
down your father's address.

Send this letter to my dad.

Letter? You wrote it yourself?

I asked Yudo to write.

It is wonderful.

Did you want to write a letter?
I'm very glad.

I'm happy that you
had such a desire.



Sensei, Tetsuo-chan wanted to
write a letter to his father.


He asked Yudo-chan to help him.

I was so moved that I could
not hold back my tears.

Children teach us how to handle them.

Maybe everyone else will do it?

Great idea!
I'll tell them to write.

Yudo-chan, ring the bell,
and collect the guys.

Children, we will do a very good job.

You wrote the letter home.
Now the guys will do the same.

Listen, today Tetsuo-chan
wrote a letter to his dad.

And you too will write a
letter to your family.

If you do not know how to write...

it is enough to draw a
circle or a triangle.


What, Teruhiko-chan?

Should I also write a letter home?


Yes, Teruhiko and Yudo
will also write a letter.

You must all write letters.

Please, write politely.

If you do not have enough
paper, I'll give more.

I wish you, that you received
in the near future the answer.

Drop your letters into the mailbox.

Letters for you.

Thank you.

Sensei, the answers to our letters came.


Thank you very much.

Here are the answers to your letters.

Sit down.

I will give each his letter.






Sensei, do I have a letter?

Those who did not receive the letter...

will receive it after lunch or tomorrow.

Show me the letters
after you read them.

And what does this word mean?

It means "good."

Do not peek!

Do not peek.

Why can not I read?

Go away!

Sensei, Sakuro-chan took my letter!

Sakuro-chan, return the letter to Hisao!

Sakuro-chan, you will soon
receive a letter too.





Immediately give it to Hisao!

You must obey!


Mistress, where is Sensei?

He went to the University. And what?

I ask you to let me leave school.

Why? Do you have any troubles?

I have no right to teach children.

What happened?

The thing is...

that Sakuro-chan was outraged...

and I hit him in the face with anger.

All people are sometimes angry...

although they understand
that this is not good.

But I lost faith in myself.

You're just tired.

You do not leave them day or night.

You need to go home and rest.

Go, it will be better.

Guys, go all here.
It's time to drink tea.

I'll peel you apples. Wait.


Where are you going?

To the post office, to the letter.

The postman himself will bring it.

You can get wet.

You have poor health.

Come back to school soon.

Can I pick it up myself tomorrow
if it does not come today?

Your dad lives so far away.

It takes a long time for the
letter to come from there.

Go quickly back!

What happened?

Sensei, forgive me.

I myself am to blame.

Do not apologize.

It's my fault that I hit you.


I acted stupidly.
So much trouble because of me.

Let's go back and pray
for good weather.

Tetsuo-chan, take the train!

I'm waiting for the postman.

He usually comes later.

Come on! Sit down!

I do not want to train.

Come on, come with us!

I do not like to play the train.


Sensei, the children fell!

Are you okay?

Come on, get up yourself.

Who will be the first to get up?

I am the first.

Hold on! Come on! Cheerful!

Try it!

You did not hurt yourself?

Sakuro-chan, are you okay?

Tetsuo-chan, what's wrong with you?

Come on! A little bit more!

You know how to get up yourself.


Come on! Again!

You can do it!

Try again!

You can do it!


Tetsuo-chan, what's wrong with you?

He has a fever!

Dad, Tetsuo-chan has a high fever.

He has a fever.

It's all burning.

We must immediately show
it to the senior doctor.

Everything is so bad?

Take him to the hospital?

Better not disturb him.

It is necessary to send a
telegram to his parents.

It is right.

Tell them quickly.

- Sensei.
- What?

The answer from the pope has not come yet?

Wait. I'll go and find out myself.

"Tetsuo is seriously ill."

Sensei, I'm sorry that I forced
Tetsuo-chan to take the train.

"Come immediately."

It is not your fault.

Tetsuo-chan fell ill before that.

Do not worry.

If I send this letter, can
it be delivered today?

To school "Happy Acorns"?

A few days ago the children sent letters.

Some did not receive an answer.
They were upset.

We will ship them with the next delivery.

Please, please.



The child has a congenital heart disease.

He does not have an
interventricular septum.

And besides acute pneumonia.

Everything is so bad?

Did you inform his family?

Letter came?

Tetsuo-chan, the letter
will come very soon.

Be patient!

You have to hold on.

Sensei, a letter came for Tetsuo-kun.


Look, they just brought
a letter from your dad.

I'll read it for you.

"Tetsuo, thank you for your letter."

"I read it with great pleasure."

"I re-read it again and again."

"I'm very happy that you are healthy."

"You can sing songs now."

"I will certainly come
to listen to you."

"I hope that you will learn
to sing even better."

"For now, good-bye."
For Tetsuo from the Pope."

Tetsuo-chan, did you understand
what Papa wrote to you?


Listen, guys.

Do you know what day it is? Yes.

Tell me, Yudo-chan.

Today is Tetsuo's memory day.

Yes everything is correct.

We loved Tetsuo-chan very much.
Therefore, we will write letters to him.

Sensei, and to what address
will we send them?


Let it be the temple
where Tetsuo-chan rests.

If you can not write,
then make a drawing.

Take each one on the sheet.

Pass the paper to a neighbor.

If you do not have enough,
I'll give you another sheet.

Sensei, I'm done.

Graduated? Then read it.

"Tetsuo-kun, are you well?
I'm healthy too."


"For Tetsuo from Teruhiko."

A very simple letter.

"You are healthy?" - it's funny.

But it's nothing. All is well.

You wrote well.

Sensei, I'm done.

You painted very beautifully.

What a good drawing.

Sensei, I'm done.

Then read it out loud.

"I'm sorry that I have
not written so long."

"When your dad took away your ashes..."

"We saw you off, and prayed
that you would be in peace."

"Now we are every day..."

"Let's sing your favorite songs."

"I want you to sing with us."

From Teruko to Tetsuo-chan."

You wrote very well.

I wrote.

Yes, read it, please.


"Today is the day of your memory."

"You have white flowers on your desk."

"We tore them from the
bush under the pine."

"Tetsuo, look at them.
True, beautiful?"

"I was sitting with you at the same desk."

"But now you are not.
And I'm very lonely."

"So I'll write to you
from time to time."

"Good-bye, Tetsuo-chan.
From Mitsuko."

Sensei, I wrote.

Well, read it aloud.

"Tetsuo-kun, you are not with us."

"And at school it became lonely."

"And on the playground..."

"And in the classroom..."

"And in the dining room..."

"I often look for you, although
I know that you are not."

"People are happy when
they have many friends."

"When friends leave, it becomes lonely."

"Tetsuo-kun, when you're born again..."

"become so strong and healthy..."

"so that you could run a marathon."

"When I return to this world..."

"I will become a baseball player."

"I want the ball thrown
by me to reach you."

"Good-bye, Tetsuo.
From Yudo Yamamoto."

Well, now we'll sing our song,
which Tetsuo-chan loved so much.

And we'll throw the letters in the mailbox.

Everybody sends letters, why are you here?

I sent you a letter, but
you did not answer me.

Really. Forgive me.

I wrote you again today.

Answer please.


Mom, I wrote you a letter too.
You have to answer me.

Good. I'll send you a parcel...

with everything that you love.

Thank you.


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