The Shepherd (2008) - full transcript

A former New Orleans cop battles drug cartels and ex-Army Special Forces who are smuggling drugs from Mexico into U.S. through a Texas border town.

Six o'clock.

Go dark.
- Copy that.

Keep it tight. No sound.





Get down! Get down!

- On your knees!
- Get down!

Jamal Al Din.

Where is Jamal Al Din?

Get up.



You wanna die?

No sweat off my ass.

Jamal Al Din.

You're gonna tell me. Okay?

Stand against the wall!
Against the wall!

Get your hands behind your head!

Come on! Over here!
Don't move!

- Turn around.
- Right there, right there!

Jamal Al Din, or you go kaboom.



Hello, hombre.

Sounds good.

Go to your right.


Oh, really? Why don't
we get personal with it, right?


This is Jack Robideaux.

He's joining us
from the Homicide Division

of the New Orleans
Police Department.

Looks a little crazy,
doesn't he?

Hey, buddy, what's
the rabbit's first trick?

Grab a seat, Mr. Dolittle.

We were just going over an
action-item list from the FBI.

There's a new breed
of smugglers and dealers

who are operating
in this region.

The guys
we're talking about

could be former
American military:

Navy SEALs, Rangers, Delta,
some of our best.

Those bloody mercenaries
coming back from the war

and something snaps.

Now they're just looking for
the biggest available paycheck.

And right now that paycheck
is coming from the drug lords

just across the border.

There's one common link.

They've all served
with this man.

Now, we don't know his name,
but he is making his mark.

These guys aren't thugs.

They're a well-funded mercenary
army with a sizable bankroll.

And if this escalates,

this could turn into a real war
on American soil.

Any questions?

Okay, that's all.

Mr. Robideaux,
can you wait a second?

Captain Ramona Garcia.

Don't think I'm gonna cut you
any slack because you're new.

This is not New Orleans,
the rules are different,

and if you can't work with them,
you'll be in deep shit with me.

Yes, ma'am.
There are two reasons

for getting
into border patrol.

Either you wanna uphold
the law

or you wanna beat the shit
out of illegals for kicks.

No, that's not--
Columbus is a very violent town.

Stay out of trouble
with the locals.

Am I making myself clear?

Yes, ma'am.

Good. We'll get you
partnered up.

I work best alone.

Not in my unit
you don't.

Your rabbit got a name?
Yeah. Jack.


Pretty creative on your part.

I would rather spend time

with my aunt Flora
than spend

another weekend with you.
Yeah, yeah.

Motel Stepburn on Highway 31
four miles outside of town

is not a weekend getaway.

Yeah, yeah, I know.
Well, why you done that?

Forty hours in a cramped room

with stale pizza,
horrible lighting and bad sex.

Shut up, Lexxi!

Good times.

♪ A cat's eye
A lizard's tail ♪

♪ The pentagram
He bought in hell ♪

♪ He stalks the night
With no intent ♪

♪ His brow sweats
For innocence ♪

♪ Take it like a man...

I wouldn't laugh
if I were you.

I might just find someone
more interesting.


What'll you have, cowboy?

A cheeseburger and a Coke,

You hear that, Jed?

He said "please." Now,
why can't you be more like him?

Your Coke.

And for your little rabbit.

Thank you.

I'll have your burger
in a second.

And if there's anything else
you need, sweetie, I'm Lexxi.

♪ But fast and
Skillfully forgets ♪

♪ He's back on the streets
With no regrets... ♪

That's quite a bunny
you have there.

Now, that's not very nice,

ignoring me
when I'm talking to you.

Especially since you've already
shown what a gentleman you are.

Shut up, Lexxi.

I think Lexxi likes you,
and that means I don't.

I'm just trying
to have a meal.

I'm trying to figure
where the hell you get off

making me look bad
with my girl.

Check, please.


♪ Into the strange face
Of love ♪

♪ Don't look back
Don't look back ♪

♪ He's right on your tail ♪


I guess not.

- Let's go.
- We need to get going.

Good evening.

But it wasn't my fault.
She asked for my help.

I helped her and then
she comes back at me with that.

I mean,
what could I do?



You need to listen to me.

I told you yesterday not
to mix it up with the locals

and then you went
and kicked the shit

out of four guys
at Connie's bar.

I have enough problems
without your bullshit.

Don't mistake these tits
for weakness, Jack.

I have no problem
sending you back to New Orleans.

Yes, ma'am.

This is your new partner,
Agent Pawnell.

He's gonna keep your nose clean,
or I'll kick both your asses.

Crouching tiger, hidden rabbit.
Nice to meet you.

It won't happen again.

Agent Pawnell is one
of our more talented officers.

And, Jack, all you need to do
is shut up and listen.

I understand my job, ma'am.
I'll just observe.

Hey, man, she likes you.

That's her way
of being friendly?

Yeah. Of course she's hot.

Hottest girl in Columbus.
Crazy hot.

I can barely take her anyplace
without causing a scene.

Hell, I'll even introduce you
to her sister. She's a looker.

If you don't mind
a little extra meat.

Earth to Jack.

I'm listening.
So tell me about you.

Nothing to tell.

Sure there is. For one,
what's the deal with the rabbit?

don't make a sound.

Pancho Villa himself.

The only place in America
to endure a ground invasion

and then they put a statue
and build a memorial

for the son of a bitch.

Every day we're dodging bullets
from the Mexican side.

These coyotes seem
to know our moves

before we even make 'em.

More guys have died this year
than the previous 10.

It's crazy.

Either they're listening
to our coms...

or they got someone
on the inside.

Hey, Millie's gonna
pick me up tomorrow.

Be careful with
the company wheels, man.

See you at 11.

Action doesn't start
until after lunch.

Cool, man.

Who is your friend,

Hey, baby.
This is my new partner, Jack.

Nice to meet you, ma'am.

Come on, baby.

Jack's gotta be heading
back to work.

Have a good night.
See you later, man.

Good night.
Good night, man.


I have to sleep.

Got a job to do.


We got a potential Code 19
at Highway 11 and Craft Road.

Let's roll.


They'll sneak in from
another direction. Let's go.

Jack! What the
hell are you doing?

Trust me.

That was a diversion.

I'm telling you, they're
gonna come through here.

And if they do,
we're out of here.

And we'll come back when they
get us the right equipment.

What have we here?

What do you see?

About 10 runners and the coyote.
Right in front of us.

All right, let's go get 'em.
I don't think so.

What are we supposed to do,
just let 'em go free?

Look closer.

My wife and kids need me
to come home alive.

Over there.

Don't move. Pawnell?

On your knees! On your knees!

Do it, asshole!

What you have in here? Heroin?

Por favor.

Por favor, what?

Por favor, amigo.

Don't move.

Good job, buddy.


Yo, Jack,
what you doing, man?

Pawnell, stay there.
Put some cuffs on the kid.

And call the bomb squad.

Come on. Move it.
They're near.

I need the bomb squad.

Repeat, bomb squad
at Highway 11 and Alberta.

Copy that.

We're right behind you.

Don't move, Pawnell,
I'm on my way.

They're on their way.

- Okay, let's go.
- Let's go. Get 'em in.

- We're coming.
- All right, you in?

- Hold on.
- Lock him in.

Let's get four.

You're on standby.
Coming through.

All right,
he's good to go.

Let's move, people.

Oh, boy, I don't believe this.


Sir, you really need to get
behind the safety wall.

I understand, but--
This is not a request, sir.

Welcome to Columbus.
Hell of a first day.

Get back.

It's an optical,
fiber-based seal C-casing.

Get down!

Oh, man.

Bring the medics!

- Come on, come on!

Paramedics, man down!

Come on.

Hold on!

Walk carefully.

Everything okay, sir?

It was until
you showed up, loco.

Has everything been arranged?

Benito's contact just called.
Vehicles are ready.

Thank you for coming.

Meeting in this barn
is not meant to be

a sign of disrespect.

No, my friend,

with the common folk.

It keeps me grounded.

The smell of horse shit always
reminds us where we came from.

What is he, your shadow?

I don't like the look
he's giving me.

He's got my best interest
at heart.

So do I.
I'm here to make you an offer.

We divide the border equally.

An interesting offer.

There's plenty for both of us.

The more we fight
amongst ourselves

the less money we make.

What's going on?

Easy, friend.
Take it easy.

I just got a message
from your boss.



This is highly classified

straight from Quantico.

Benjamin Meyers
currently controls

all of the smuggling
in this area,

and he's ramping up
the shipments.

Over 50,000 illegal immigrants

are crossing this section
of the border each year.

Every one of them
could be carrying

up to a kilo of heroin,
like we saw yesterday.

Imagine the flood

if even only 10 percent
of these people are carrying.

Great. So now we're gonna need
a goddamn bomb squad

to inspect everyone
who slips through the fence.


By incorporating C-4 explosive
devices into the equation

and using illegal immigrants
in this way,

it gives him a cheap and deadly
pipeline into the U.S.

C-4, you can shoot it,

you can cut it in half,
you can step on it

and it will not detonate

without some type
of remote-control device.

So be careful out there,
but watch for the decoys.

Meyers was KIA in Afghanistan.

Now, we have intel
that by the end of his tour,

Meyers was heavily involved
in the opium trade

with a Sheikh Ahman.

He's in the center. Now,
these men are heavy hitters.

Sir, we getting
any new equipment?

National Guard
gonna lend a hand?

Yeah, as you know,
this is a hot topic,

and it's an election year.

Right now, you men are
the only ones on the line.

That's it.

- Nice.
- Good choice of color.

Matches your eyes.

Get yourself a coffee.


Listen, Jack. I thought I'd
speak to you before I speak to--


♪ It's late
But we gotta get up ♪

♪ If we're going out
Tonight... ♪

You okay?

What I tell you stays
between us, right?

The night I introduced you
to my wife,

she screwed my brains out
like we were teenagers.

Eyes closed
the whole time.

You know what that means, right?

It means she was thinking
about someone else.

Even if it was you,
I couldn't do anything about it.

'Cause you had to go
and save my life.

What the hell
am I supposed to do?

I don't know, man.

I know you got
some money, my man.

Pull over.

Get up.


Real smart, huh?
You want to go down like this?

Hey, don't shoot.
I got something for you here.

Easy, man.

It's from my boss.
He said, "Don't work too hard."






I would expect this from him,
but from you too? Asshole.

Ma'am, we were patrolling--

It's on me.
It has nothing to do with him.

I am gonna kick you all
the way back to New Orleans,

to jail in New Orleans.

We don't need this here.

In case
you haven't noticed,

we only have 1841 people
in this town.

Eighteen hundred
and thirty-nine now.

They were trying to--
I need every man I have.

But I am willing to lose anyone
that makes trouble.

So who is
this new local hero?

I'm, uh--
I'm having a reelection gala

tomorrow night
at the civic center.

You should stop by.
Thank you.

Hero like you can make all
the difference in an election.

Sort of story
the newspapers love.

He can help me convince
the voters

Columbus is getting safer.

With crime up 25 percent?

So who are they gonna believe,
the numbers or the hero?

I'm, uh-- I'm having
a reelection gala....

And what is this?

Got it today
from our friend.

Thank you.

Who is this guy?
Why isn't he on our payroll?

Well, he turned us down.
Capped two of our boys.

Not a typical border-patrol
agent, if you ask me.

You keep an eye on him.
Tell me everything you find out.

You are now connected
to the SAT-phone link.

Be advised that we
have received your report

and will be in touch with you

It's all set to expedite
the new shipments.

Transmission completed.
Data received.

- Hey, how you doing?
- How are you?

I, uh...

wanna offer my apologies
for the other day.



Can I pet your bunny?
- No.

Heh. I'm glad to see

that you boys
are getting along now.

Mr. Jack, I saw you
on the news last night.

A hero in our bar.

Okay, then, sweetie, you can
have whatever you want.

You just name it.

A cheeseburger and a Coke,

Coming right up.

That's about right.
Yeah. No.

It's on the house, cowboy.


Thank you.


I sure hope you're not
one of those angry drunks.

I don't drink, but if I don't
get my caffeine...

Buenas noches.

So you never get trigger-happy
on Bourbon Street?

No, ma'am.

Spare me the "yes, ma'am,"
"no, ma'am" crap.

Yes, sir.

How we doing?

Came out to just over 3 tons,

Oh, that's good.

Real good.

Did you know...

I was once
an illegal immigrant myself?

When I was 3

my father decided he was
done working in dusty fields

that never grew anything.

And when he finally came
to get me and my mother...

he was shot and killed.

I'm sorry.

How did you get in?

I'm just fucking with you.

My father is a patent attorney
in El Paso.

He's a yuppie.

So why the story?


I like to remember,

when we're patrolling
the border,

that we're all travelers
in this world.

And but for the grace of God,
we could be in their shoes.

So, what about you, chilito?

And what's the deal
with this rabbit?

He's, uh, smaller than a dog
and cuter than a rat.



For a minute, I thought
you were going to be... nice.

You sleeping all right?

Don't bullshit me.

Okay, no.

What keeps you going?

The rabbit.

That's it. I am walk--
What are you doing?

I am walking you home. Come on.
Nobody walks here.

Everybody takes their truck.
We're walking.

Well, don't get
any funny ideas.

You're piss-drunk,
and I'm holding a rabbit.

So, what time you gonna
be picking me up tomorrow?

Around 11.


Okay, okay. Ten it is.

But what about Aunt Flora?

Exactly how much?

Six thousand and twenty-three-
point-six pounds, sir.

All triple-wrapped
in carbon paper

and vacuum-packed in titanium
lined with plastic.

Now, watch this.

Thank you, NAFTA.

Now, this is
an airtight seal.

You could put
this thing into orbit.

Not that you'd have to, though.

There is no dog on Earth
that could detect it.

And add to this

the customs agent
we purchased...

We're not gonna have a problem.

And if the shit hits
the fan?

Titanium-plated armor,

steel-capped tires.

It's a B-29 Superfortress.


Oh, yes.

Oh-- My bad.

Hey, where you going, Jack?

Change back to my civvies.


Ooh, damn, it's cold.

Even my butt is frozen.

Bet you thought New Mexico
was toasty all the time,

didn't you, Jack?

Good boy. Good boy.

Buenas tardes.



Gracias, Padre.

Por favor.

Gracias, Padre.

There you go.

Gracias, Padre.

Gracias, Padre.

May I see your ID, please?

Where are you headed,

We are going to assist
at the new cathedral

in Las Cruces.

Thank you
for your cooperation.

Agent Webster,
possible situation,

Checkpoint 4. Copy?

He marked us.
Rally up!

Get down! Get down, everybody!

Get down! Get going!

Get down!

Get down!
Get down now!

Get down, everybody!

Get down! Get down! Get down!

Tell everyone to shut up
and hold on.

Shut up and stay in your seats!

Shut up.

All units,
multiple automatic weapons,

several casualties reported.

All units, establish blockades

in the northbound lanes
of Highway 11

at the Main Street bridge.

Let's go.

Give me a gun up front.

Let's get a gun up front.

You heard him! Get up there!

We got him.

Let's go for the bridge.

Hold on.

It's that same agent.


The border.
We can't go into Mexico.

Fuck the border.

This is not good.

Check the merchandise.

Are you ready for this?


Let's move.

I am U.S. agent.


Yo soy Pancho Villa.

Because of him, the Federales

now have $35 million
of my heroin.

So I want him here,
I want him alive...

and I want him now.

This is all
we could find on him, sir.

I have a problem.

Agent Jack Robideaux
and Agent Pawnell disappeared

in Mexico during the chase.

Pawnell's wife is gone,
and his house is empty.

What a nightmare.

I need your help.

I'll never understand
you Americans.

Can't you fight each other

in su país? Hm?


Why do you have
to bring it here?



Gringo! Gringo! Gringo!

And I can assure the
people of Columbus--

That's exactly what I'm saying.

--That I as mayor
will do everything I can

to bring the perpetrators
of this vile crime to justice.

Uh, will you
excuse me a moment?

Captain Garcia?

What about our boy,

Agent Robideaux?

He didn't show up
to my party.

He's in a district jail
in Palomas.

Well, we better do
everything we can

to get him back here
in time for the election.

People are upset.

I'm bleeding votes here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I don't know if I answered

all your questions.

Time to leave, muchacho.

Detail, forward march.

Come right, march.

Detail, halt.

Right face.


Parade, rest.

This is a day of mourning.

A day to honor
those brave agents

that have made
the ultimate sacrifice

to protect us.

I ask that you please

respect their memory.

God bless America.

Detail, forward march.

Hello? Ramona?
Ramona, is that you?

Sí, it's me.

Where are you?

I'm not sure. I don't know.

Okay, just relax.

Just tell me where you are.

I think I'm imprisoned
in Las Palomas.

Stay there.

Just listen to me.
Stay right there.

I'm on my way.

Thanks for joining us, Jack.

I've had my eye on you.

I'm certain you wanted
to meet me as well,

otherwise you wouldn't have gone
to all this trouble.

So, what you gonna do now, hero?

No more bullshit.

It's time for the truth.

You can't just be
a border-patrol agent.

Those guys are like dogs
yapping at the fence.

I'm a border-patrol agent.

That's a good one, yeah.

Your partner told me
that story.

New Orleans cop, pretty
convenient with the hurricane.

Who can argue with that?

But I'm Special Forces,

surrounded by the finest
fighters in the world.

So I know you're
no fucking beat cop.

I'm not a beat cop.

I'm just a border-patrol--

Border-patrol agent. Right.

Who you working for, Jack?


Homeland Security?

The State Department?

I'm a border-patrol agent.

He's more stubborn
than I thought.

Did they train you how
to withstand torture?

Because they trained me how
to administer it.

Sorry, Jack.

But, you-- You deserve this.

Is that all you got, bitch?

Oh, I get
that you don't care

about your own life,

but I have a feeling
you care about others.

Don't listen to him, Jack.

My dad always said flowers
would shut up a woman.

He was wrong.

Your father
is a piece of shit.

You tell me who sent you,

or I swear I'll blow
her fucking brains out.

Three, and she's dead.




Okay, okay, I'll tell you.

Don't hurt her.

Okay, I will tell you.

I had a family.

And then...

And then...

My daughter died
from your drugs.

She died because
of your greed.

Because of your disrespect

for human life.

She was barely 16.

I buried her
three months ago.

At her grave,

I swore
I would kill you.

I'm really sorry
about your loss, Jack.

I must ask, why me?

I don't go anywhere
near New Orleans

so you shouldn't have

a personal vendetta
against me.

I'm just a little fish

in a big pond full
of much bigger sharks.

For me it's the same.

Oh, yeah,
I believe you. Yeah.

You're a real American hero.

Just like these guys...

our fallen brothers
in Afghanistan,

the soldiers there.

Jack, don't get me started.
This is my vendetta.

The war was
never about you, man.

You fuck with me,
my business,

you make it about me.

Now, I want you...

to beg for her life.

Do it.



shoot me.

It's not her fault.

That might be
the most suck-filled begging

I've ever seen.

You can save the world,
but you can't save her.

Just like your daughter.

Oh, yeah.


Wrong detonator.

See, the Federales confiscated

$35 million of my assets.

Guess what.

It is my lucky day.

The American government

and its people
go absolutely ape-shit

when two Americans cross
the border.

But when real-life heroes,
like ourselves,

go missing,
take a bullet,

does anyone care?

So, what does Uncle Sam
see in you

that I don't?

Untie me and find out.

You know,
I can take what I want...

...when I want.

Okay, bring him in.

Sorry, Ramona.

He has nothing
to do with this.

Let me show you
how this works.

No! No!

The Federales want you back.

But there is no guarantee

as to how you'll
be returned to them.

Injured, maimed
or in body bags.

Do you want that?

They're all yours.

Put 'em in the wine cellar.

You are now connected
to the SAT-phone link.

I've just heard some

very disturbing news
that you've lost

our merchandise.
It's all under control, sir.

Under control?

Losing a multimillion-dollar

is not an example
of being in control.

I'll get it back.

You know the rules.

At some point,
we will be out of options.

Consider yourself notified.

Can you have a conversation
with Sheikh Ahman?

And I'll contact you
in 50 minutes.

Data received.

Transmission completed.


I'm real sorry, Jack.

But don't hate the player,
hate the game.

It's all about the money.

Twenty G's
to turn a blind eye.

You could've had some too.

But, no,
you had to spoil my gravy.

I can't have that.

You know that wife of yours?

She's got a reputation.

She likes sex so much,

she'll suck any cock

bigger than yours.

In fact,

if you kiss her,

you can taste
every man in town.

Station 12.

This is Ramona Garcia.

Excuse me?

I'm your goddamn head

of border patrol
in New Mexico.

What can I do for you?
I'll tell you what you can do.

I am at the Casa del Mar,

just south of Las Palomas.

That's in Mexico, ma'am.

Don't tell me I'm in Mexico.

I know I'm in Mexico,

and I know you're
in the United States.

I need backup right away,

and it's the kind
that comes with guns.

I don't care
how you're gonna do it,

just make sure
they send everyone.

I need everything you have.

This is our best chance
to bring down the Meyers cartel.

What was your name again?

Connors, ma'am.

Thank you.
I won't forget it.

Now, do it.

You've been
notified and warned.

Do not contact us. I repeat,
do not contact us again.

Just give me 24 hours.

Connection terminated.

We gotta wrap this up.

Hey, get some guns
down there now!

It's time to kill
the cowboy.

They're emptying out
all of our accounts.

So the only assets
we have left are here.

So you need to start
to load the truck.

Did you see any cars?

There's a hangar over there.

Give me the shotgun.

I'll cover you.

Let's go.

Mr. Benjamin Meyers?

Ernesto, this is, uh,

not a good time.

You're telling me.

We just got orders
from the States.

We're sending my soldiers
to rescue the Americans

and to, heh, arrest you.

Fuck them.

How much time do I have?

I will stall as long as I can,

but I don't think
you have more

than 20 minutes.

Thank you.

Hey, amigo,

don't forget,
you owe me.


All right, let's go.

Open the back.

Come on, guys, let's move it.

Come on, guys.
Let's move.

Come on, get it in there.

That one next.

All right, all right.

All right, cover what you can
and hold them off.



You know what, Jack?

Dying ain't
such a bad thing, you know?

I guess that's why
I'm still here, right?

But you should have ran
when you had the chance.


You fuck!

You fuck.

See, going into battle
teaches you a few things

about yourself.

You're only truly alive
when you're about to kill.

We both want to live.

You know that.


But I'm the one
holding the gun.

Oh, you're a sick
son of a bitch.

Do you know that?

It's time to die.

You got beat
by a regular cop.

What took you so long?

I'm sorry.

I had to take
a little siesta.

Good work, my friends.

I've been trying to clean
this town up for years.

Thank you
for your help.

A little help, but still help.

Gracias, amigos.



We'll find him.
This place isn't that big.

I'm sorry about Emile.


He was a great man,

and he was my uncle.

I got him that job
when I made captain.

He didn't want anyone to know
that we were related.

He always had--

Had a smile on his face.


So, uh, are you
gonna tell me

what's so special
about this rabbit?

My daughter, Kassie.

It was hers.

Time to pack.

Time to pack.




Why is his name Jack...


My daughter thought... would be funny.

You know,

I think it's time
you go back to New Orleans

and put your life
back together again.


I'm sure your wife
is waiting for you.