The Shed (2019) - full transcript

A hunter gets bitten by a vampire and runs into a shed to avoid sunlight. Stan, a 17 y.o. on probation, and his supervisor grandpa live next to it. Stan's bullied high school buddy can use a monster.



Rise and shine, sleepyhead.

It's Saturday.

And Saturday means pancakes,
your favorite.

Breakfast in five minutes,


Thank you.

Ew, gross!


Was it gross
when you kissed Roxy

at the Sadie Hawkins dance?

Mom, I-I-I did not!
No, I...

Dominic told me all about it.

She's a very nice girl, Stanley.

I'm gonna kill Dommer.

All right, honey,
you're embarrassing him.

Hey, kid, what do you say

we head up to the cabin
this weekend, just me and you?

On the way up,
we can work on your driving.

All right, yeah!

What am I supposed to do
while the two of you

are out gallivanting
in the woods?

Stay here by myself?

Yeah, I'm sorry, honey, but this
weekend's just for the men.

Am I right, son?

Yep, men only, no moms allowed.

All right.



Mom! Mom! No, no!

Mom, Mom, no!
No, no, please, no! No!

Dad, please don't do that!
Dad, please don't! Dad!


Oh, my God.

God damn it!

How many times have I told you
not to lock this door?

Will you look at yourself?

What, you're going to school
in those rags you slept in?

You answer me when
I'm talking to you, boy!

Trouble with you kids today.

You have no sense of respect.

Hell, and you, you have
no respect for authority!

You have no respect

for the sacrifices I made
for this country.

Hell, when I was your age,
I was shipped overseas,

and I went to war
for this country

'cause I stood up
for the things I believed in

and I didn't let anyone
push me around!

Problem with you kids today
is you have...

you have no sense of duty!

You have no sense
of responsibility!

- You have no sense at all.
- No sense at all!

Now, you watch what you say
to me, boy.

You just watch
that mouth of yours!

I thought you learned
that lesson already.

Look at me!

Look at me when
I'm talking to you, boy.

Now, let's get something
straight, shall we?

I am the only reason
you're not still living

in that juvenile hellhole
no more.

So as long as you're
under this roof... rules.

Am I clear?

Am... I... clear?



Yes, sir.

Excuse me.

That's right.

You just run away
like you always do.

And you keep on running!

Those problems of yours, they're
gonna come up behind you, boy,

and they're gonna bite you
right in the...

Is that fucking Stanley?


Watch out, Stanley!
Ha ha!

- Whoa! Fucking pussy!
- Watch out for that tree.

Oh, shit.

Stanley, what the hell
are you doing?


Boy. Cripes!

You can't be running
into sheriff's cars.


You're supposed to be in school.

Yeah, that's where I'm going.
That's why I'm in such a hurry.

Try keeping your eyes
on the road!

Ah, boy, oh, boy,
oh, boy, oh, boy.

You sure are lucky there's
no damage there, aren't you?

Yeah, I-I guess so.

You guess so?
The answer was, "Yes."

Okay, yes.


don't you got a 18th birthday
coming up soon?

Uh, yeah, next month.

- Yeah.
- Why?

You know what that means,
don't you?

No more juvie hall.

No more second chances
or slaps on the wrist.

Next time, you play for keeps,
and the second you screw up,

just one little screw-up,
and I'll be right up your ass.

You got it?

I'm sure you're looking forward
to getting up my ass,

Deputy Dave.

All right.
Dave, you know what?

That's enough.

All right?
Stanley, just go to school.

Yes, ma'am.

Get your tires pumped up.

Let's go, Dave.

Why do you cut that kid
so much slack?

The only thing a kid like that
understands is hard discipline.

That kid needs to catch a break.

Or a little jail time.

Or a little break.

Unbutton it.
I look down.

And it looked like
a jungle safari, dude.

Like, smelled so bad,
and then Dommer's mom came.

Shut the fuck up, Marble.

- Huh?
- Whoa.

What'd you say,
you fucking homo?

Fucking friend!
Fuck you, too!

- Dick.
- How's your mom doing, anyway?

Get your hand off me.

Get your fucking hand off me.

Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.


Fucking sick.

- No! All right.
- Leave him alone!

Come on, dude, let's go.
Let's go.

What's the matter, can't stand
up for yourself, freak boy?

- Fuck you!
- You need your boyfriend

- to protect you, huh?
- You dick.

You ever been hit before,

No, I haven't. What,
are you gonna do something?

- Maybe.
- Do it.

- Break it up.
- Eat shit and die, orphan.

Eat shit and live, asshole.

Get to class!

The bell rang five minutes ago,

None of you should
be standing here.

- Stanley.
- Roxy, let's go.

Get to class right now!

Yeah. Yeah. All right.
Let's get the fuck out of here.

- Agreed.
- Language.

Fuck those stupid fucks,
bunch of fucking pussies.

Dude, just calm down.

- Let it go.
- Calm down?

I mean, I deal with their
fucking shit every day.

I'm tired of it.

Telling you, man, one day
they're gonna go too far,

and they're gonna be sorry.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna fucking kill them.

Next time,
I won't save your ass.

Who says I need you
to save my ass?

Are you serious?

Oh, no, you're right. Yeah.

I can handle my shit, man.

If you'd let me get up in there,
I would have knocked Marble out.

Then I would have knocked
Mr. Deere out, too.

Mr. Deere is such a tool.

He's a creeper, man.

I see him hanging around
the Roller Castle Friday nights.

- Really?
- Yeah, man.

What are you doing at
Roller Castle on Friday nights?

I just... kind of chill there.

I mean, I can't afford skates.

So you ever gonna
ask Roxy out again,

or you just gonna
spank one out to her

every day till graduation?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Dude, you think
I don't know that shit?

It's written all over your face.

You're always staring at her
all puppy-eyed.

- It's embarrassing.
- She's just my friend.

- That's it.
- You're so full of shit.

You've been trying to get
in her pants every day

since eighth grade
when she let you feel her up

in Marco Richie's basement.

Remember that?

The real reason you hate Marble
and those shitheads

is 'cause she ditched us
for them,

not 'cause they mess with me.

Look, man, people change.
She just outgrew us.

- That's all.
- Outgrew us, my ass.

She ditched us for that wasteoid

'cause he had a cool car
or whatever bullshit reason,

and he probably pumped her
and dumped her,

and she still won't be caught
dead hanging with us no more.

You know, she's not
fooling anyone.

Everyone knows her mom's white
trash, her stepdad's a psycho,

and she lives here
on the South Side

with all the other trash
in this shit-hole town.

It's like she's trying
to be someone else,

- and you know it scabs you, too.
- No, that's bullshit.

- It's not bullshit.
- It's absolute bullshit.

First of all, who cares what
anyone in this shit town thinks?

You think I care?
Hell no.

And then you grow up
the way she did,

of course you want
to be someone else.

The way we did?

I mean, our lives
are just as screwed up.

You're pissed off she doesn't
want to sit on this rotten couch

drinking warm,
shitty beer with us.

That makes two of us, man.

We'd take the opportunity
to get out of here, too.

So just get over yourself
and stop ragging on Roxy, man.

See, you still dig her.
It's embarrassing.

All right, dick.
I'm going.

Oh, come on. Don't do that.
Stick around.

No, I can't.

My grandpa's gonna have a stroke
if I don't get back.

W-What do you care
if he shits and dies?

He croaks, you're a free bird.

It'd be the best thing
that ever happened to you.

No, if he croaks, I end up
back in state care, dumbass.

See you around,
you piece of shit.



Hey, Stanley!
Where the hell are you, boy?


You get your ass down here
and mow that damn lawn!

Stay the hell out of my beer!

Come on.
Come on. Come on.


It's okay.
It's okay.

All right?
Nothing's out there.

Mow the lawn yourself, prick.

Ah, shit.

What the hell?


Freakin' crackhead.

All right. All right.
Hold on.

Stay there.

All right.
Come on.

Let's go get him.

All right, man!

I'm gonna give you to the count
of 10 to get out of there,

or I'm gonna let
my dog loose on you!

I'll let you leave!
Just get the hell out of there!

I'm not fucking around, man!
I'll let my dog on you!

Come on, get out of there!

Get out of there,
or I'm gonna let him go!

All right.
That's it.

Go. Go!




What the hell's
all the racket in here?

What the goddamn hell
you doing, boy?!

T-There's a psycho in the shed!
He killed Ike!

Don't you give me
any of your bullshit!

I'm telling you the truth,
Grandpa. He's dead!



Where's my dog?

Wait, Grandpa.

Grandpa, let's wait two seconds,
and let's call the sheriff.


That imbecile.

She couldn't screw her way out
of a paper bag.

I'll handle this.

You son of a bitch!

Here, hold this.
Hold this!

All right, you sorry
sack of shit!

I'm gonna give you
to the count of three

to come out of there
on your own!

If you do, I might just let you
crawl out of here

with your ass intact!



Wait, Grandpa.


All right, asshole.
It's your funeral.

Let's wait!


Oh, come on.
Oh, no.

Oh, you really
shit the bed this time, boy,

'cause there ain't nobody
in there except my dead dog!

Now, you get yourself in here...


- No! No! No! No!
- Aah!

No! No! No! No! No! No! No!













You want me dead!



Oh, freak alert.



Um, so what happened yesterday?

- Did you get into any trouble?
- What?

What... What...
What are you talking about?

You know, the fight with Marble.

Yeah. Uh...

Roxy, are you serious?
Let's go.

Um, you guys go.
I'll catch you later.

We said we're gonna ditch, so...

Okay, so ditch.


What you listening to?

Hey, Roxy!

Hey, uh, I might need some help
with my homework again.

Think you could, uh...
you can help me out?

Just keep your phone on standby.
I'll give you a call.

I know what you're thinking.


How could I with... him?

I wasn't gonna say anything.

I don't know
what you want me to say.

I mean, yeah, it happened.

But I don't...

I don't get why it's such a big
deal to everyone, you know?

He's a total prick anyways.

People judge you here.

Not for... who you are,

but, like,
who you hang out with.

Are you any different?


Like you don't judge people.

I mean, judge Marble
and his friends.

That's different.
They're assholes.

They weren't always assholes.

They're assholes now.

Oh, my God.

You're such a hypocrite.

I guess that's just
how it goes around here.

You know, if it makes my life
a little easier

to hang out with one crowd
over the other,

then, I mean, I do what I have
to do till I'm out of here.

You think that ends with school?

'Cause that'll go on
the rest of your life.

- No.
- Yeah.

Just bouncing from one
phony clique to the other

pretending you like people
that you don't.

Ending up like
your shitty parents

in some shitty suburban town,

hating your neighbor,
hating your wife.

Hating your parents
for the way you turned out.


Hating your parents
is a rite of passage.

We all hate our parents.


I'm... I'm sorry.

Do you want me to go?


You're right.

I do hate my parents.

I hate them for not being here.

I hate them for leaving me.

I'm sorry I-I wasn't there.

Do you remember that time I...

I tried to run away

'cause my stepdad
was hitting my mom again?

Um, and you followed me
the whole way.

A-And you didn't try to stop me.

You just...
You just followed me.

And... And when I finally asked
you why you were following me,

you told me that you didn't
want me to get lost.

You always do the right thing.

Roxy, I have to
tell you something.

My... My grandfather...

Hey! There you are.
Where you been all day?

Oh, fuck.
What happened to you, man?

You look like shit.

I mean, more shit than usual,
like if shit took a shit.

This is a little awkward.

I'm... I'm gonna...
I'm gonna go.

Um, okay.

I'll see you later.


Bye, Roxy.

What the hell?

- What?
- Seriously.

Sorry I interrupted
your tea party.

- What's your problem?
- You're my problem.

I'm sorry I scared away
your girlfriend

or not your girlfriend.

You know, I got enough fucking
shit to deal with right now.

You seriously had to come up
and do that?

I didn't know!



Hey, what's the matter?

You and Stanley boy
have a little fight?

Look. Look.
Don't worry.

I'm sure you guys will kiss
and make up soon. Relax!

Yeah, they gonna do
a little more than that.

Hey, where you going?
We ain't finished talking!

What are you doing?

What's the matter?

Scared your little boyfriend

isn't gonna be here
to protect you?

You know what?
Fuck you guys.

- Oh, we have a tough one.
- Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuck me!



No fucking way.

Hey, asshole.

Look what they did to me
this time!

You ditched me for Roxy.

Those shitheads trampled me
as soon as you left.

I'm so sorry about that,
but you got to fucking leave.

I'll explain to you
another time.

What's your damage, man?

I'm supposed to be
your best friend!

Now tell me what the fuck's
going on!

Oh, shit.

Okay. Okay.
Come here. Come here.

There's something in the shed.

Something dangerous, evil.

It's not human.
It's something else.

It's a murderer.
It killed my dog

and my grandpa the other day.

And... And... And then I just,
like, chained the door shut,

and now it's trapped
inside, man,

and I don't know what to do.

I-I-I don't know how
I'm gonna deal with this.

But, Dommer... wants to kill me.

If it gets out,
it's gonna kill me.

Are you kidding me?

Are you sniffing glue
or something?

- No. No, no, no.
- Geez.

Dommer, I swear to God
there's something inside.

All right.

Then show me.

You want me to believe you,
let me see.

Let me see your pet monster.

Okay. Okay.
All right. Fine.

Come on.

Wait. Wait.
Hold on.

I-I'm gonna grab something

to patch that hole up
before sunset.



Dommer, you're way
too close, dude.


Holy shit, man!
That was so rad!

God damn!

- Dommer, just chill out.
- Chill out?

Dude, don't you see
what this means?

That I'm dead?

Hell no, man.

This is a gift.
We're saved.


Yeah, man, we got a pet monster

like a trained attack dog.

We can use this.
This is power.

Are you crazy?

No, dude,

nobody's ever gonna
mess with us again,

not Marble, not nobody.

Think about it.

We get those three dickheads
over here.

We send them in one by one.

Good night, Irene!

Dommer, okay,
listen to me real carefully.

You're talking about murder.
Are you out of your mind?

Are you?

It's not murder.
It's payback.

Listen to me.

I hate those scumbags,
and I want them dead.

Would you really
feel any remorse

if those three shitheads
fell off the face of the Earth?

- 'Cause I sure as hell wouldn't.
- Listen to me, Dommer.

This is not a gift or a weapon.
This is dangerous, all right?

I haven't gone to the cops
because I don't want

to get dragged
into this whole thing, too.

I'm not going back to juvie,

Look, man, I really think
you're missing the point.

Promise me.

Listen to me, you selfish prick!

You ever think about
what it's like for me

to get knocked in the dirt
every day

by the same three assholes
year after year, huh?

You ever think about
what that's like?

This isn't the solution to that.

Bullshit it's not, man!

Look, Dommer,
I trusted you on this.

I-I told you this fucking secret
as my best friend,

and I'm expecting you
to keep it as my best friend.

All right?

Please, Dommer.

Please just let me
trust you on this.

Come on, man.
I know I can.

Yeah. Yeah.
You can trust me.


You can trust me.

All right.



We now return to
"Revenge of the Vampire."

You must listen,
my young apprentice.

There are but three ways
to kill the unholy dead.

The first is sunlight.

Its fire will burn the beast
to ash.

Well, yeah, no shit, Sherlock.

The second way is destroying
its black heart.

The third is decapitation.

These are the only ways.

Good to know, right, ladies?

We must go now quickly.




Oh, shit.


Rise and shine, asshole!

You're finished.
You hear me?

This ends today!


- Morning, Stanley.
- Morning, Sheriff.

Is your grandfather home?

Um, no. No.

He's not here right now.

That's funny 'cause, uh,
the car's still here.


You don't know where he went or
when he's coming back, do you?

No, I-I don't.

probably out on one of his
drinking binges again, so...

he's... he's been gone
a little while.

Can't teach an old dog
new tricks, huh?

No. No, you can't.

You know, maybe you could
help me out with something.

Evelyn Bane, she gave me a call.

You know Evelyn Bane, don't you?

I don't know the Banes.

- That's funny.
- Why's that funny?

'Cause they live
right up the road.

- Really?
- Her husband, Joe Bane,

they've been getting
all their rabbits killed

on their property.

So he said, "You know what?

I'm gonna go out in the woods
and find them foxes

or whatever's doing it."

He never came back.


Didn't your grandfather
have a little trouble

with Joe Bane
a couple months back?

They... They might have, but I-I
don't really know about that,

'cause, you know, I stay out...

Maybe you could help me out
with something here.

- Well, Sheriff, actually...
- No, no, no, no.

- I really got to get to school.
- No, listen.

It's just gonna take a second.

All right.

Do you recognize the guy
in this photo?

Does he look familiar
to you at all?




No. I-I-I've... I've never
seen anyone like that.

- Really?
- No.

Could you do me a favor?

If you see anything around here
that kind of...

- ...jumps out at you...
- Mm-hmm.

...would you give me a call?

I absolutely will, Sheriff.

Of course.

Look, uh, Sheriff, I, uh...

I really have to get to school.
I'm gonna be really late.

- Oh, you got to get to school?
- I'm... I'm gonna be late. Yeah.

Hey, you know what?
I can help you out.

I'm gonna give you a lift
to school.

That way, we can
talk further about this.

No. Sheriff, you don't
have to do that.

- I'm sure you got...
- I insist, son.

All right, well, I mean, yeah,

that'd be really great,

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Why don't you go get ready?

All right.
I'll go grab my books.


Good to go.

That's right.
Um, why don't you lead the way?


All right, Stan.
It's the end of the line.


We're here.


- End of the line.
- Yeah. Right.

- An expression.
- Yeah.

You sure there isn't anything
you want to tell me?

Like what?

I don't know.

Something that's maybe
weighing on your mind.



You sure?

I'm sure.



What happened to your face?

Nothing. Nothing.
It's fine.

- Tell me what happened.
- It's okay.

Did you still want
to tell me something?

Roxy, there's a lot
going on right now.

Hey, Roxy, uh, you forgot your
panties at my place last night,

so come by whenever.

Screw you.

Oh, no, you did that twice.

Fuck off.

Calm down, tough guy.
I ain't taking her from you.

You can have her.
It's all right.

You just remember one thing,

Uh, you're having
my sloppy seconds.

That's enough!
That's enough!

Calm down!
Totally out of control!

Calm down.

Just calm down.

Now, listen up.

I've been noticing your
behavior changes recently,

and this is exactly
what I've been afraid of.

Help him up.

So we've arranged
a little meeting

with you and your grandfather.

- What?
- Yeah.

We couldn't reach
your grandfather by telephone,

but I just sent Sheriff Dorney
over there to pick him up,

so they're coming back here so
that we can have a little talk

about your possible suspension.

Wait. Wait.
Sheriff Dorney's on my...

on... on her way
to my house right now?

As we speak.
Shouldn't be long.


Where you going?

Dommer, they're going
to my house, dude.


Marble, hold up, all right?

Ellis, you in there?

Need to talk to you
about something.

You're not in trouble
or nothing.

It's, uh... It's about Stanley.

And they need to talk to you
about something

up at the school.



Ellis, that you in there?


What the hell?

Who's in there?

Help me.

Ellis, I'm gonna get you
out of there, boy.

Ellis, get away from the door!

Wait, wait, wait, wait wait!

Sheriff Dorney, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, Sheriff!

Freeze, Stanley!
Do not move!

- Okay!
- Freeze. Arms in the air!

Sheriff, you got to listen
to me real quick.

You listen to me, boy.

You are in a shit storm
of trouble.

Get down on the ground.

Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.

All right, I'll get down,
but, Sheriff,

you can't open that door.
We got it boarded for...

You are in no position
to be giving orders.

What the hell is wrong
with you, boy?

You've got your grandpappy
locked in the shed there?

No, no.
It's not my grandfather.

- Shut up!
- It's Joe Bane. He killed...

- Hit the dirt!
- Okay.

All right.
I'm down.

If I were you, boy,
I wouldn't be giving orders.

- You understand me?
- I understand.

Because the position
you're in right now, boy,

with your goddamn grandfather
in the shed,

you got a shitload of nerve
talking to me

about what I should be doing.

My grandfather's not in
the shed. It's Joe Bane.

You are officially
under my arrest.

- Please, Sheriff.
- Shut the fuck up!

I want you to come out of there
nice and slow, Ellis.

Head down.


Come on out, Ellis.

Sheriff, Sheriff,
don't open that...

- Stay down, Stanley.
- Sheriff, no!

Ugh! Aah!

Stanley boy!

Come out, come out
wherever you are!

There you are.

I can't do this right now.

How you doing? Nice little
cheap shot back there.

You got the cops here
to protect you?

No, Marble.
Look, you got to...

They can't save your ass anyway.

Look, man, you got to get
out of here right now.

What's up?


Get up.
Get up!

Get up!


Ain't so tough now, huh?

Marble, you got to leave
right now, man.

I'm telling you.
I got to board up the shed.

Come on.

- Get yourself up.
- Look, dude.



You know, you were smart
back there, trying to...

Seriously, you don't want...

...trying to show me up
in front of everybody,

but you know what?

I'm, uh...
I think what I'm gonna do

is I'm gonna take my time.

I'm gonna beat the shit
out of you.

Put you out of your misery.
Lights out, bitch.

Let him go, you piece of shit.

Oh, shit.
Oh, shit, shit.

What are you gonna do, shoot me?

- Yes.
- Yeah, bullshit.

You don't have the balls.

- Oh, shit.
- Okay, okay.

Okay. Okay.

Let him go now.

Okay, calm down.

Stan, get up.

No, look, Dommer.
Just go easy on him.

Fuck easy.

No, no, no.
Don't do this.

Yeah. Hey, you don't
have to do this, man.

We were just messing around.

I promise you,
we were just messing around.

You do this, and we're fucked.

I'm completely fucked.

Get out of the way, Stan.

No, I'm not gonna
get out of your...

Get the fuck out
of the way, Stan!

This asshole's gonna get
what he deserves!

Now, whose side are you on,
mine or his?

I'm on your side,
but he gets the point, man.

I don't need your help, Stan!

I can handle my own shit!

I can handle my shit!

Now, stop telling me what to do!

Please, please, please.

Please, please, please, Dommer.

Don't shoot.

I swear to God,
I fucked up, man.

I was just joking, man.

I'm sorry, man.
Cool it. Cool it.

Just take it easy.

Take it easy?

Take it fucking easy?

For years you call me a faggot.

You call me a pussy.

Just yesterday, the three of you
kicked the shit out of me again!

We're not fucking cool, man!

It's fucking payback time,

Who's the pussy now, bitch?!

I am.
I'm the pussy.


Get in the shed.



Get in there now.

- Dommer, don't do this.
- Shut the fuck up!

No, don't put him
in the shed, dude.

Shut the fuck up!

All right.

I get into that fucking shed,
I know you're gonna shoot me.

I'm gonna shoot you
if you don't do what I say.

Now, move.


God damn it.
All right.

I'm gonna go
inside the fucking...

- Yes, you are.
- Okay.

Just don't shoot.

Come on, Dommer.

Oh, shit.

Hey, what the fuck is that?

Is that a fucking arm?

- Get in the shed.
- Is that a fucking arm?!

Dommer, don't put him
in the fucking shed.

Shut the fuck up, Stan.

Dude, let's just let him
go home, man.

Shut the fuck up!

don't make him go in there.

- You're gonna...
- I'm gonna fucking

shoot you, too!

Shut up!

Say one more fucking thing!

Look, I'm a pussy, man.
I'm a pussy.

Yes, you fucking are.

Now, get the fuck in there

before I blow
your fucking face off.

I am not fucking with you!

Dommer, what's inside that shed?

Get in.

What the fuck's
inside that shed?!

You want to get shot?

Go inside.

Dommer, please.

Please, I'm begging you.

Beg better, bitch.

I'm a fucking pussy.

Beg better!

Please, please.

- I don't believe you.
- I fucking...

Everything I did to you, man,

I was a piece of shit
for doing it.

Everything, everything from
Roxy, with Stan, with you, man.

Every time, I fucked up.
I fucked up.

And... And it's...
it's all on me.

It's all on me.

I forgive you.

Get in there.


Three... two.

Okay, I'm going.

Maybe it's not too late.

Maybe we can get him out.

It was too late a long time ago,

The hell's that?

What the fuck did you just do?
What the hell were you thinking?

- Enough was enough, all right?
- You just got him killed.

You just fucking
killed him, man.

- You killed Marble!
- Get your hands off of me!

You fucking killed him, dude!

- Killed him, dude!
- Pussy! You're a fucking coward!

And I'd...


Stan, are you okay?


What happened?

Oh, no.
Oh, no.

Where is he?
Did he get out?


Ah, shit.

Roxy, where's Dommer?

- Dommer?
- Where'd he go?

No one is here.
No one is here.

Did anyone come out of here?

Who are you looking for?

Stan, what the hell
is happening?

Oh, my God! What?!

Okay, okay, Roxy?

Roxy, Roxy, it's okay.
It's okay.

Hey, I-I need you
to stay right there, okay?

Stay there.





Marble, is that you?

Marble, where's Bane?

Bane, drop him.


I wish you could see the look
on your face.

Dommer, where's Bane?

Gone, but he's
coming back for you.

You know, Stan?

I always thought that...

...that you were the strong one,

but not anymore.

I'm the strong one now.

Dommer, please don't do this.

You're my friend.

You're my best friend.

We're not just friends, Stan.

We're blood brothers forever.

Roxy, run right now!

Oh, no.
Oh, no.



What the hell is going on?

What happened to Dommer?

I'm sorry.

Stan, I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

What the hell is happening?

Look at me.

Tell me what's going on.

Okay, okay.

I-I'll tell you everything,
but you have to help me, Roxy.


We don't have much time.

All of this is my fault.

My grandfather was right.

That's not true.

Hey, none of this is your fault.

I thought I could handle this
on my own.

I thought I could handle Dommer.

I mean, I knew
what he was going to do,

but a part of me just didn't
think he would actually do it.

I don't know.
Maybe part of me wanted him to.

I'm so sorry
I got you into this.

No, no.

No, I can't lose you.

I really think you should go
before the sun sets.

- Just...
- Before he comes.

It's not your job to always
look out for everyone else.

There is no one else.
It's just you.

Then it's not your job
to look out for me.

- Stan.
- Yeah.

Look at me.

You're bleeding again.

Happens a lot.

I think you're okay.

It's nighttime.

No more hiding.

No more hiding.

Tonight he dies.


Come out here, you pussy.

What the hell?


We have to get them out of here.

Don't say anything,
and maybe they'll leave.

We know you're here.

Where's Marble?

Okay, look, Marble's not here.
You have to go right now, Pitt.

We saw his car out back.

Dude, if you stay here,
you are in serious danger.

I'm telling you,
you have to go right now.

Are you threatening us?

I think you're the one
in serious danger here.

Where is Marble?

- He's not here, dude.
- Bullshit!

We know he was coming here
to kick your ass!

He would never leave
his car behind.

That car is his life.

Look, guys, I'm telling you,
you need to leave now.

Oh, look who else is here.
What a surprise.

Hey, let's go.

Look, we ain't going nowhere
till I find out where Marble is.

We got to get out of here, man.
I don't like this.

There's something up here.
Let's go.

Look, you have to go
before it's too late.

I'm telling you.

No, no, no.
It's too late for you.

You've got five seconds
to tell me where Marble is,

or I'm kicking this door in.


I'm serious, man.
Let's go.

- Leave now!
- Two.

I mean it, man.
I don't like this. Let's go.

- Three.
- Pitt, just go.

- Four.
- Okay, fuck this. I'm going.

- You can stay.
- Five.

Oh, shit!

Let me in!
Let me in!

- Please, please!
- What do I do?

Okay, uh, let him in.
Just let him in.

Fine, fine, fine,
fine, fine, fine, fine.

- Okay.
- Oh, my gosh.

- Oh, shit. No, get up, get up!
- Get the door.

- Stan, I got...
- What was that?

Okay, okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay. Okay.

What the hell is going on here?!
What the fuck was that?!

- Where the fuck is Marble?!
- Calm down, okay?

- Stop screaming.
- I-I-I can't die.

- I don't want to die.
- Shut up. Shut up. Hey.

Marble is dead, all right?

And if you don't shut up
and get your shit together,

you're gonna be dead, too.

You didn't kill him, did you?

- Oh, no.
- What the fuck?

He's here.


Come on. Come on.


Wait, he?
Who... Who's here?

We should be safe inside.

We boarded up this place
really good.

- How good?
- Real good.

We boarded up all the windows
upstairs and down here, too.

- Lock the front and back doors?
- Basement and hatch.

You got the attic?


Oh, no, please tell me
you got the attic.

You didn't tell me
there was an attic.

You guys.

- You said you got upstairs.
- I did do upstairs.

Well, upstairs
includes the attic.

You guys!

What the fuck?

Okay, let's go.

Up there?


Look, maybe I should
keep lookout.

I'll stay down here,
back you guys up from here.

Yeah, okay, good idea.

Stay down here... alone.



There's three ways
to kill him...

sunlight, destroy his heart...

Yeah, and?

You chop off his head.

Chop his head off?


Okay, now, there's three of us.
There's three rooms.

We each take a room, and then
we go up the attic together.

If you see him, yell.

That's your plan, yell?

Shut up.

Oh, we're so dead.

Let's go.


Now, Pitt.




You guys?






Let her go!



I'm gonna kill you.

Wrong again.

You die!

Not tonight, asshole.

No. No.


You die, asshole.




Heads up, motherfucker.

It'll be dark again soon.

You locked the trunk, right?

I thought you did.