The She-Wolf (1951) - full transcript

Loukia is a proud young woman, a descendant of a family which, thanks to a lingering vendetta, has almost died out. Although she is in love with Alexis, the last offspring of the rival ...

The She Wolf!

The names are almost gone from the wall

But, i wanted to see them one more time even if the same fate awaits me.

At that point we had a good life at the village

My father's house was next to Mr. Damiris house

and everyone would be happy if it wasn't for the enmity between my father and our neighbor

We the children on the other hand . .

You are stuck again, trying to fix things

I will straighten up the damn thing!


Alex come inside

Come, eat and then do your homework

Mother I will take a walk in the vineyard

You won't go anywhere and less talking with the neighbors because your father will slap you.


Get inside, soon your father will be back from the cafeteria

The fields beyond the windmill are mine and none will dare, try to get them

We have property titles and these papers stated otherwise

You keep your papers and i keep my fields!

We will see about that!

I got the 3 of spades, it is your turn mr. Thimios

They are going back to their gardens to fight

It is more convenient there

Yes because there are their wives there to restrain them

And all this for a few yards of dirt. How embarrassing!

This is not about the fields but about their honor

There is no honor left anymore in this world

Father is coming!

Mother, father is comming

Is he alone?

Mr. Anestis is right behind him.

Anesti forget all about my fields

They are mine, i have titles

If you want them come and claim them!

No, you try

Goat thieves like you don't scare me!

I am a lawful man and i am not afraid of barking dogs.

I will bite your throat

I have a rifle

Manusi come inside. . . come

Is your old man crazy?

No, yours is crazy!

Artemi shall we go out?

Ok let's go

It is better not to go inside the fields

Don't worry, it is early, my father is not here yet

Hi mr. Thanasis

Hi kids

Let me jump

Get back, this is not for you!

Don't sweat it, that is how men are my dear

Stop making dowries, you might not need them

Are you saying that i am going to die before i even get married?

If i die you will take care of Alex

Stop it, he doesn't want me

This way we won't forget our friendship

You will be well educated

Mother wants me to become a teacher

I will be a redneck and i am proud

Nothing to be ashamed of, i would also like that

Will you give it to him? Speak the truth!

Yes, as soon as he is back

Don't laugh and swear to me that you don't read it!

No, i swear!

Here it is

Here they come!

Oh my god! Give it back

I will give it to him

Please if you love me give it back otherwise i will kill myself

If you say anything to him i will talk to Artemis

I will die!

Don't look at me like that, i was just kidding

Are you all alone?

Yes. . . i don't know

Do you want an apple?

No thank you

Bad aiming!

Now give it to Alex

Are you hurt? Let me put a bandage on

leave me alone

Our neighbours learn how to shoot

Alex, get inside right now!

Don't take it out on the kids neighbour

They can play here, no need to be in your yard

If this is about the field, you can have it.

You can give me what is already mine!

Then i will hold on to it

This is how our life went

It was tough because our parents were taught

But everything usually to passed and we used to forget because as kids we had a nice life

Until one night . . .

Our cow got lost,

and got passed the fence, found itself

inside the yard of mr. Damiris and. . . .

Wait, where are you going Manusi?

Why did you kill my cow?

It was eating my melons, next time secure your beasts

My gun bring me my gun

give me a bullet

You have to avenge my death otherwise my body wont decompose in my grave

What happened?

The police locked him up

He told them he didn't mean to


Oh my god What a disaster was that?

People have lost their mind, it is crazy

Husband why did you do that?

Why? why did i do that?

Look after my boy, my Alex

We won't forget our friendship

Alex, they are shooting at our father!

Father got very sick and died in prison

Our Melanio couldn't stand hearing the neighbours shooting all the time

so one day she hanged herself

Our house in ruins

One night someone set on fire your olive trees and fields

You must leave this place

I am not leaving mother, i will stay with you

You must leave so i won't lose for good

Tomorrow before sunrise

Now what good this job can possibly be since i know what awaits me

But still!

I am drawn to my home, my land

Did you manage to get any sleep?

Yes i slept and i also had a dream

God bless you so your dream is a good omen!

I saw a white rider coming through the clouds

Holy mother of god protect us!

He wasn't an archangel! He looked more like my son

My boy!


Take it easy mother, take it easy

I am not leaving your side again

Auntie you suffered with her

Welcome back nephew, welcome back

I will bring you some cold water

Open the windows don't live in the dark?

Let the sun come in!

Take this out of here aunt Margo i don't want it here

Nice to meet you again mother

Welcome back to our home my son

How are our neighbours doing?

How do you thing they are doing? The wife died

Artemis rushed to marry Fotini

They have a little daughter

What about Louka?

Her mother force her to get engaged with that crazy Theofilos

Stop planting trees all around us like crazy

My job is to plant them and their job is to grow and to give me fruits

Why are you doing this to me?

It has been 2 years since your old lady died

Why don't we get married?

You have to grow up a bit more

What is wrong with me?

How can i bring you to the church? Dogs might eat you!

I am not afraid of dogs

Is your sister still making fun of her maroon fiance?

Let her have some fun

This is not fun!

By next summer this tree will be taller than you

In 2 years you will be eating cherrys

Don't tell me that you don't like my wedding dress

It is beautiful

And this is my wedding nights pajamas

Boy oh boy!

And these you are not allowed to see yet

Boy oh boy!

Why don't we get married then?

We won't get married until we take off the cover from my father's portrait

And this will happen only when we get our revenge

Do you want some news? Alex is back

Let me help you with your hair

Are they still holding a grudge?

Yes, they still do

Louka is very beautiful

True, but you better stay away from them.

Yes mother from tomorrow i will try to start my own family

Everything ok Cathrin?

This is for you

No this is for you so you get strong

I have more dried grapes in my pockets

Come i have an idea

What is your name?


And whose kid are you?

Artemis kid, your neighbour's

My name is Maria

Bravo Maria

Catherine let's give some dried grapes to your friends

Bravo! Go and play now

This teacher is great

Yes, unlike the old one that was very strict with us

I love him very much

It will be soon like it should boss, wishes for a rich harvest

Thank you guys

You have my blessings

Thank you

Ok Helen . . . . go back to your father

What do you think you are doing? leave this, you dont need it

In this house women never told men what to do!

None is telling him what to do


Why are you checking the rifle Artemi ?

Did you forget what father himself did?

She wolf!

Better she wolf than sheep

I thought it was good to plant trees and take care of them

I care about them . . . . and my land

Why don't they leave me in peace to care for then and my land?

Your daughter grew up a lot!

And you have changed. . it has been a long time

Do you think it has really been a long time?

Yes, many years

I will kill you Alex

Why would you do that?

I promised my old man


There you go Theo

Thank you very much

Mr. Vlasis it is your turn

I need a damn paper stating that my beast died so i will get money from the insurance company

ohhh okay

Thank you mr. teacher

Thank you

Don't mention it

And you?

I don't want any papers, i was just wondering if you are willing to sell the land beyond the windmill?

That is not mine, you can ask Mr. Damiris if he wants to sell it to you

His father was stingy but a strong man

It is a pity

That is how it is. . . . sometimes from wolf comes sheep as offspring

Why don't you say ferret?

Sheep is not suitable for him

What about the fact that he takes his students with him to the fields

To his fields so . . . . so he gets free labour

He says he wants to teach them new methods in agriculture

Cheap trick for free labour

It is better that they learn more about farming and less math, the teacher is right!

You didn't learned neither in your life

I have real workers in my fields and i pay them!

Hi mr. teacher how are the workers doing?

Not workers, Students!

Students study grammar mr. teacher

This is useful to!

You are the teacher, you know, bye now!

Bye bye

My son doesn't need this

Mine is going to be a farmer so it is good for him

Come and rest in my shade

Did you play today?

Yes i did

You should know that my father will kill you

How do you know that?

Aunt Louka told us

Yes! Water the flowers, you will need them for your son's grave

I will have him killed Maria

You always go and sit there sister

This is where my little girl used to sit

She loved this shadow

If you say anything i will talk to Artemi

I will die!

If i die you will take care of Alex

Don't say these things

She says she is in a hurry to get married

What are you looking at . . .. like an idiot?

Are you the groom, you little worm?

You heard wrong, i am NOT!

Ohh, then i am so sorry, i lost my temper

That is more like it

Louka, wait, don't go, Louka

Go to your mother pathetic coward

so the cat ate the blackbird?


And did you get sad?

Yes very much!

Helen come here at once!

If you are brave you won't go to her

I am not coming

Tell her that we are not afraid of her

We are not afraid of you!

Go now before she decides to slap you.

I think i will go to the cafeteria

You should have seen your daughter holding the hand with the son of the our father's murder

He is her teacher for god's sake

Her teacher and best friend ..... ohhhh our father will rise from the grave to seek revenge

Ok then, i will do it!

So you will be happy for once in your life!

Mr. teacher . . .

Helen what is wrong?

My aunt said that my father will kill you again!

It is just talk calm down

No, it is happening go inside your house

You go first to your home, hurry up!


The kid fell and hit her leg

You can't leave empty handed mr. teacher, here we offer something to visitors

You have changed a lot Louka!

You think so ?

I mean that you don't look like the little girl i knew

So you remember? I thought you haven't noticed


I remember this room

Then you also remember the faces

This one there is our mother

And here is our father

Do you remember him?

Yes. . . . . yes

Our houses were used to fighting each other

but my old man had a soft spot for you, how can you forget that?

He was the one to teach you how to use a gun

It is still loaded!

He did it himself!

What is wrong mr. teacher?

You didn't like to play with guns back then

But you did!

Now you prefer house chores

The murderer dared to go inside their home

He is not! His father was!

It is the same thing! Disgraceful thing!

Nothing good comes from fighting? All houses should be allies with eachother

She pretended to be angry with him . . .

Probably because the teacher is good looking!

Is it true that the Damiris family chickened out?

People saw the teacher entering their home!

And did he walk out alive?

I heard it was about the kid

He found the opportunity that he was probably looking for a long time

Come give it to me aunt Louka don't torture me, my leg hurts

help me now with my handkerchief

This way your teacher will like you more

He is in love with you!


How do you know that?

He is always asking when will you get married

Wellcome aunt Taso

"Happy" to be here!

How come you are here?

I hear disgraceful things and you pretend like nothing happened

The world knows he was in here!

The can call it forgiveness!

That is even worse than him dancing on your father's grave!

My father had a son with honor, talk to him

Shame on you old woman to add fuel to the fire

And you should know that Artemis is not going to become a killer, he has a child that needs him

If you want revenge get it yourself

I might do that!

Why didn't you shoot him when you had the gun in your hands?

We don't kill inside our home

Why don't you confess that you like him?

Shut up Bitch

Oh lord help us avoid the disaster!

Let it rain it is good for the fields

I will attend the livestock

Please stay my son

Don't go!

My boy! Where are you my boy?

Mother mary help us! Master your mother needs help!

You need to leave!

No mother i won't leave again, this is my home

There is nothing for you here, i fear for you,

find life elsewhere, they are wolves

I am not a sheep either!

*incomprehensible speech*

Mother . . . mother . .

♪My sun beautiful and tall. My sun and my morning star♪

♪La la la la la la la la la la la♪

♪When the bride was born, it was a great day♪

♪You blossom like the lemon tree, in a cool garden♪

♪When the bride was born, it was a great day♪

♪You blossom like the lemon tree, in a cool garden♪

♪My sun beautiful and tall. my sun and my morning star♪

♪The lavender withers and the sun is fading away♪

♪My gorgeous bride, My Proud standing cypress tree♪

♪The lavender withers and the sun is fading away♪

♪My gorgeous bride, My Proud standing cypress tree♪

♪La la la la la la la la la la la♪

I will make you a spinach pie that you like for lunch so you will get your appetite back.

Long life for you Alex!

Uncle Thimios, i have a message for Artemis

Because from now on i am also thinking of killing him!

You Alex? You talk like that?

I made up my mind

So he made up his mind!

I think we should end this once and for all

Every day at this hour, he goes to his garden

So you are spying on him!

Are you ok?

Where did Artemis go?

I asked you where did Artemis go!

I don't know

You don't know!

Tell me where did he go with his gun?

The best-man ordered the wedding crowns

Did he forget the wedding candles?

No! Beautiful wedding candles, 2 meters each

Go! go now otherwise you are going to need them for your funeral


Are you still here?

You killed him!

Not yet

You saved him for now

No matter what happens, no one will save you!

Then i will get paid for my death right away!

Your poor mother told you to look elsewhere for a better life

You didn't listen

I will take her advice now, there is nothing for me here

But before i go they have to pay

What are you thinking?

You better go, don't ask for more trouble

They have to pay!

Go to sleep now

I just need all my staff packed and brought to me at the windmill ruins

Better this way so they wont see you go with all your staff

What are you going to do tonight?

Go to sleep aunt Margo

What are you doing in my house?

There is something at Damiris yard, the dogs won't stop barking

Oh god! The teacher just climbed down from the Girls Window!

What happened to you Louka?

Nothing good ever came out from fighting

The teacher behave without any honor

He lost everything so he went cray

Don't make excuses for him mr. Thomas

My sun my strong tall tree, it is not that bad for you to marry a defield woman!

If you dont want me i will go and become the killers mistress

Let's go find him. . . let's go

Don't forget the guns

Now they paid, get on the road and leave

It is my fate aunt Margo to die here

Like a deer you are running around the wolves den

I don't have the courage to leave, even if this is my doom

Why don't you say it? You can't leave her!

I admit it! I can't leave her

My soul is inside her

and i don't care if she tear my body in to pieces

Now go aunt Margo, i will follow my destiny

Came on, go home and don't worry about me

I will stay here to gather my thoughts and decide what is next

May god be with you Alex my boy

My best man's son saw him running towards the river, this way!

Hurry up!

Pull the trigger, get on with it!

Being without remorse, Existence without mercy

You are, not me!

Me first!

Let them live dot shoot you sister , your own blood

Lower your weapons, are you all crazy?

Isn't it enough that so many people died?

NO! No god and no devil wants this!

I will kill them!

There you go Thimios, kill them!

Open your heart and forgive your sister, god whispered in her ear

Thank you