The Shamer's Daughter 2 - The Serpent Gift (2019) - full transcript

The Shamer's Daughter, Dina, with the magical power of compelling people to admit their most secret shame, must save her family with her newly found father. But he is a Blackmaster, with ...


After fleeing from Prince Drakan –

– Dina Tonerre, the Shamer's daughter,
hides among the clans in the Highlands –

– along with her family and the rightful
heir Prince Nicodemus Ravens.

Drakan has invaded the Lowlands,
and it is feared –

– that he will invade the Highlands.

The clans will not submit
to the Order of the Dragon –

– but as long as Nicodemus
doesn't rise up against Drakan –

– the future looks bleak.

Standing between peace and
an impending war are only the Shamers.

As long as you're half,
you can't be whole.

You have to enter the darkness
to find light.

In the darkness you'll meet truth –

– and only thereafter
will you be whole.

Hurry, Dina!
Hurry before it's too late.

Bad dream?

Did you have that dream again?

It was just a dream.



What are they doing here?

The harvest market is a neutral place.
Even Drakan's soldiers are welcome.

Let's go.

– Mom?
– Hi. Good to see you.

Dina, help your brother
while we go to the clan meeting.

– There you are.
– Thank you.

– What?
– They ask for you, Mesire.

Shouldn't you be at the clan meeting?

Shouldn't you be selling herbs?

I envy ordinary people.

People have told me
how to behave all my life.

I thought that was over,
since no one knows me here.

The clans want me to unite them
against Drakan.

They want me to be ... a hero.

Is that so terrible?

You don't understand.

It's just ...

Look at me, Nico.


Bian ...

I'm sorry.

How can I protect the Highlanders
when I couldn't protect my brother?

Another sheep has been stolen.

The prisoner was caught red–handed
by the Skaya clan.

He was dressed in Kensie clan colors.

– He isn't one of us.
– Say you, Kensie pigs!

Silence! Silence!

Let's find out what happened.


Look at me.

He's an outlawed lowlander who was duped
into sowing discord among us.

He was given Kensie clothes by
a stranger who paid him to steal sheep.

Dear clan members, this is another of
Drakan's attempts to break our alliance.

But thanks to Melussina's gift
we know the truth.

These are troubled times. I understand,
but now is the time to stand united.

– Where is Prince Nicodemus?
– Probably too drunk to piss standing.


Show some respect!

The young prince is the only one who
can unite the Lowlands and Highlands.

Without him we don't stand a chance
against Prince Drakan.




I've been searching for you
for so long.


Come with me. Now!

– Medama.
– We have to go now. He found us.

Have the clans started fighting
each other?

In the spring, we poisoned their wells
and stole livestock to create discord.

But they resolve everything
without violence.

It doesn't sound like them.

I'll go to Sagisborg at once.

Bring the Highland prisoners
to help with the entrenchment.

When the castle is prepared
for winter, we attack.

When is the army ready
to march to the Highlands?

Mesire, we have to get the clans
to fight amongst themselves.

– Otherwise we risk ...
– Otherwise what?


If we can't get the clans
to fight amongst themselves –

– they will unite against us
when we enter the Highlands.

It's the work of the Shamer witches.

As long as they're alive, the clans
won't turn against each other.

Transport the prisoners
to the castle.

The Shamer's daughter is
at the harvest market.

Then so is her mother.


Find the witches.

You'll get four more vials of dragon
blood when you bring us their heads.

The convict ship sails
towards Sagisborg prison.

Drakan's only outpost
in the free Highlands.

But the legend says a sacrifice
must be made for safe passage –

– or the wyrm will attack the vessel.

– Out you go.
– Oh no!

I can't swim.

A sea serpent.
Oh no! Help!

Ow! I can't feel my legs.


How come people don't like me?

Don't you worry about that,
my beautiful boy.

But, mommy,
nobody wants to play with me.

– I'm all alone.
– Alone?!

Nonsens. You're not alone.

– You have me.
– You're my favorite in the whole world.

Drakan is a mommy's boy!

Who said that?


Grab her. You're under arrest
in the name of the Prince.

Let her go.

Grab Melli and run!

– Who was that man in the woods?
– Where are the others?

– Answer me, Mom.
– Just know you're in great danger.

We have to leave now.

– Is he a Shamer?
– Absolutely not.

– Are you just going to stand there?
– It's as if he ...

He is a Black Master.
The opposite of us.

We show people the truth, but he
shows them lies to serve his purposes.

– He knows my name.
– Enough!


The Dragon soldiers came
to the puppet show.

Where is Davin?


The market is neutral. You jeopardize
the peace if you take prisoners.

I'll happily exchange my prisoners ...

... for these two Shamer witches.

Get lost,
or we'll bring you as wyrm food.

– For the sake of peace.
– Man the oars!

Yes, Captain.

Cast off!

– You needn't come with me.
– You're needed here. I'll go alone.

I have to be at Sagisborg
to oversee preparations.

I'll do that.

I'm the prince. And the castle
must be ready for the army's arrival.

We'll do what we planned.

We'll burn the villages
and kill the livestock.

Then we'll entrench ourselves
at Sagisborg –

– and wait for the cold and hunger
to break the Highlands.

It's a good strategy.

No one knows Sagisborg like I do.

I grew up there in the cold
and stench from the lake.

You stay here
and get the army ready to march.

They need your steady hand.

Once Sarkan has killed the witches,
the clans will kill each other.

The Highlands will be vulnerable.

When winter is over, the people
will welcome you like a savior.

There's only one thing man loves more
than his freedom.

And that's order.


How did you find us?

The rumor that you're helping the clans
has spread quickly.

All the Highlanders know you're here.

Stop following us.
Leave Dina and me alone!

She doesn't have the Serpent Gift.
No one has both gifts.

Believe what you want.
I'm here to get to know her.

– I've waited 15 years for this.
– Don't pretend that's why you're here.

You would've taken her from me
if you had the chance.

You're making a huge mistake.
Only Dina can save her brother.

He's going to Sagisborg.
Only I can show her how to get in there.

– Her Shamer's gift can't get her in.
– She doesn't have your gifts, Sezuan.

Leave her alone.

I'm your father, Dina.

If you want my help to free
your brother –

– meet me at North Mountain.

We can do this together.


Steer clear of him, Dina.
He's dangerous.

– Is he Davin's father too?
– Just yours.

They refused to negotiate.
There's a reward on your heads –

– so we have to leave now.

– Mom...
– Oh no.

– We can ask for his help.
– No.

You can't trust a word he says.

He's from a long line of liars
and traitors.

He wants to teach you his black magic,
but it's dangerous and treacherous.

Whatever happens,
promise me you'll never use it.

Promise me, Dina.
Promise me!

I promise.

Medama, we have to go.

Come, Dina.

Welcome to Sagisborg.

You're here to work.
If you're difficult –

– or look at us the wrong way –

– you'll get the whip.

– Isn't that so, Petrus?
– Yes, Captain.

If you keep being difficult,
you'll go to the Hall of Whisperers.

That'll teach you to behave.

Isn't that so, Mattias?

You two will work in the smithy.

You four in the laundry with Mattias.
You two in the kitchen ...

If you try to escape,
you'll be wyrm food.

– Petrus, show them their new home.
– Yes, Captain.

If you want my help to free
your brother –

– meet me at North Mountain.

No, Dina!
It's too dangerous. Don't go.

– I'll go with you.
– No. Take care of Mom and Melli.

Davin and Nico need my help.

Sweet Bliss ...

Go on.
Run back to the others.



Did you break something?

I think so.

I doubt it.
Get up.

– Why did you remove the rope?
– I thought you weren't coming.

– Can you really get into Sagisborg?
– I can teach you how to get in.

I'm not learning black magic.

Just show me the way,
so I can free Davin and Nico.

– Nico?
– Nicodemus Ravens.

Does your mother know you're here?

Are you going to help me or not?

What's in it for me?

You get time with me.

– Fair enough.
– Good. Let's get going.


It's this way.

The ones who are too sick to work
are put here.

– They'll never get well down here.
– Then they're thrown to the wyrm.

Drakan is preparing for war.

– We're going down here.
– Watch out!

Are you hurt?


– Throw him in the lake.
– He broke his leg.

– Up against the wall!
– No.

Come on.

Get up.



You're a tough guy.

– Whip his friend instead.
– No.

– Have we met before?
– No. I would have remembered that.

How long will it take?

– Two days on foot.
– Wouldn't it be quicker by boat?

Yes, it looks peaceful.

But the wyrm lives in the waters
around Sagisborg.

The wyrm is a myth.

Tell that to the sea maiden
who lived there –

– before he moved in.

We'll camp here.
Gather some branches to sleep on.

Damn it!

All those damned nettles!

How many do we need?

About 30 or 40.

Two days of traveling with that jerk!

That's plenty. Good.

Just put them over there.

Give me a hand.


You can sleep over there.

Wake up.
We have to get out of here.

– Get up!
– Leave me alone.

We have to get out of here!



Wake me when you have a plan.

The great Nicodemus, the drunken bum.

He'll play the hero
if his friends take beatings for him.

I thought you hid with my family
to avoid fighting Drakan.

But I was wrong.
You're not a coward.

You're just a spoilt prince
who won't fight for anything.

– Isn't that true?
– What's wrong with you?

Who is that?

Dama Lizea.

Drakan's mother.

It's just a matter of time
before they find out who you are.

Wake me up when you have a plan.


He's a Black Master.
The opposite of us.

We show people the truth, but he shows
them lies to serve his purposes.

Follow me.

Can you hear me?

Wake up.

Good morning.

Why did you do that?
Now I'll catch cold and get sick.

Walking will warm you up.
Shall we? Come along.

– Why does Mom hate you?
– Does she?

– She says you abandoned us.
– I'll bet.

– Did you?
– No.


Look at me.

Look at me.

– Do you think I'm lying?
– Yes.

– I never lie.
– Then why does Mom hate you?

It's a long story.

Prince Drakan?

– We received a message from Sarkan.
– What was it?

He's close to finding
the Shamer's daughter in the forest.

– Fill the bottles to the brim.
– But, Mesire ...

Then she'll die.

Nicodemus Ravens.

Don't you recognize me?


You were just a kid
when I last saw you.

Your father gave me this.

For dedicated service.

The Order of the Raven.

Your father was a great man.

I know what they did back then.

Your family doesn't deserve this.

The cabinet.


The cabinet.

The cabinet.

Davin. Davin!


Come and see.

We need files.

Yes. Come on.

– Would you like to try?
– I promised Mom I wouldn't do it.

Are you embarrassed that you're ...

Your daughter?

That you grew up without a father?

This stone was given to me
by an old magician.

It's an invisibility stone.


Isn't that black magic?

I never lie.

Here. Take the stone.

Imagine your core
as immovable as stone.

Then imagine yourself dissipating
like smoke in the wind.


It's no good.

Maybe I should teach you
to play a melody instead.

Didn't you hear me?
I won't learn your stupid black magic!


Have them sharpened!

– What is it?
– He looks like my brother.

Get moving.




– What?
– You're making too much noise.

– Then think of something.
– Like what?

What do I know?
Sing a song.

Drink ... drink ...

Drink up.
Drink your wine and drink your mead.

Drain your tankard
for soon you will be dead.

Even though I'm dead,
I will come back, come back.

And drink all your liquor.
Drink your wine and drink your mead.

Drain your tankard
for soon you will be dead.

Even though I'm dead,
I will come back, come back.

And drink all your liquor.
Hey, drink.

... drink all your liquor.

That looks nice.


– Hello.
– Be quiet. Go away.

Are you hard of hearing, you devil?

Mesire, gracious master.
Can I offer you a meal?

– It smells good. Come.
– I'm not hungry.

– Let's keep going.
– Come, Dina. We have to eat.

We only have stew from yesterday.
If you like, I'll skin the rabbit.

– We want rabbit, don't we?
– No.

– Stew is fine.
– Wine?


Thank you.
Cheers, Dina.

How do you do it?

Look at me.

I told you
I don't want to learn black magic.

Calm down, Dina.
I'm only going to show you.

Just look at me.

Shamers have the power
to force people to see the truth –

– while the Serpent's Gift seduces
the human mind.

Sometimes to trick or to dazzle –

– but usually just to slightly change
their perception of reality.


But you're lying to him.

It's reality for him.

How is the stew?

Why didn't you try to find me
until now?

I've tried to find you
your whole life.

Is that your reality –

– or is it true?

Let's dance.

May I have this dance?
Come on, Dina. Let's dance.

May I have this dance?

Stop it, both of you.
Dina, look after this little guy.

Here we go!


We're escaping.

I need to ...
I need to rest for a minute.

– Is this alright?
– Yes.

– What do we do?
– Swim across it.

– We can't.
– We have to try.

– He has to rest first.
– He can't make it.

– Then we'll help him.
– No.

– We'll never make it with him, Nico.
– We're not leaving Petrus behind.

This was a bad idea.
Let's go before they find out.

It's only a matter of time before Dama
Lizea discovers you. Then you're dead.

– Do you think this is only about you?
– Me?


Davin is right.

Get as far away as you can.
Soon the army will enter the Highlands.

They'll burn down villages
and kill livestock.

– And entrench themselves here.
– Then the clans will attack.

But the castle is unconquerable.

Drakan has hoarded food
for the entire winter.

He just has to wait
for the resistance –

– to succumb to the cold, frost...

... and hunger.

If we destroy his food stores –

– he can't entrench himself here.

– Davin.
– No.

Come on.

Come on.

Alright then.

Last night,
Petrus tried to escape.

He must have planned it for years.

And you must have known
and not warned us.

Usually that means a trip in the Hall
of Whisperers, but we'll forget that.

From now on –

– all of you will be punished –

– for your comrades' mistakes.

It's up to you
how we should treat you.

– Is that understood?
– Yes, Captain.


We have to go.

Use the flute.

Make yourself invisible.

– I can't.
– Try.

Use your core
like the immobility of the mountain.

– And dissipate ...
– Like smoke in the wind. Be quiet!

It's the Shamer witch.

Why didn't you do that
from the get–go?

We can take their horses.

We can ride.

Dina, we're walking.

– Can't Sezuan the Black Master ride?
– Of course I can.

Let's go then.

Come on.
Use your core.

It's no wonder that it took you
15 years to find me –

– if you walked the whole way.

Does that mean I'm a serpent child?
Mom says I don't have the gift.

There's no way she could know.

– Why only use the flute sometimes?
– It depends on the situation.

It's one of many tools,
but it's the same power.

Sometimes it's easier to redeem the
inner force through something outer.

you Shamer ability isn't enough –

– if you want to save your brother
and Nicodemus.

Don't you just use the gift
to trick people?

– I use it to help.
– Yourself.

And you.

Nothing is purely good or evil.

Water gives life.

But the sea drowns sailors.

I made a promise to Mom.

Give me the girl, Black Master,
and I'll let you live.

Dina, run away.


Let her go.

– I'll tell you where Nicodemus is.
– No.

– You're lying.
– At Sagisborg. As a prisoner.

– No one knows it's him.
– He's lying! He's lying! He's lying.

Let's go.


Dina, stop!

Now they know
where Nico and Davin are!

Sarkan is a ruthless murderer.
I could've lost you.

– I don't care!
– I did it for our sake.

I don't need you.

Dama Lizea,
we've had word from Sarkan.

Nicodemus Ravens is here
at Sagisborg.


He's hiding among the prisoners.

You can't enter Sagisborg
without using the gifts.

I made a promise to Mom.
And I don't have your gift.

You have to give it a go.

It's black magic.

And this is just an ordinary stone.

There is no magician.

Why does Mom hate you?

I'm from an ancient line
of Black Masters.

Like the Shamer power,
the Serpent Gift is in the blood.

My mother was a woman
you couldn't refuse.

She wanted to create a hybrid
of a Shamer and a Black Master.

A person who had both gifts.

She sent me to seduce your mother.

Inside I was cold, but
Melussina ignited something in me.

Something I thought
had been dead for ages.

My mother demanded
that I steal you, but I refused.

She sent Black Masters to get you.

When Melussina discovered
who my family and I were –

– she left me
and took you with her.

But I didn't lie to her.

My love for your mother
was genuine.

Nicodemus Ravens.

Nicodemus, show yourself.

Show yourself, Nicodemus.

No one else should suffer
because of me.

Nico, for goodness sake!

Stop it.

I am Nicodemus Ravens.

I'll be damned.

Welcome to
the Hall of Whisperers.

The place that breaks
even the strongest men.




Be strong!

Yes, this is Nicodemus.

King slayer!
What will people think?

If one king's head rolls,
another will soon follow.

What has happened to our Nicodemus?

He's become brave and sober.

Life as a slave has done him good.

No, no, no. We can't let our emotions
get the better of us.

Let's not get rid of something useful.

Throw him into the Hall of Whisperers.
He'll do anything to get out again.

Even swear fidelity to Drakan.

It will crush the people's hope
for a new ruler.


I'll never swear fidelity
to the Order of the Dragon. Never!

It was Drakan who stabbed
your father –

– and tiny, little Bian.

But I was the one
who made him to do it.

What a fine boat you have.
Is it for sale?

The time has come for you
to learn to use the Serpent Gift.

Even if we make it past
the wyrm –

– there will be many obstacles before
you get to your brother and Nicodemus.

You must use your power.

The gift isn't just a weapon.

If you use it on people of pure heart,
you can give them dreams.

You can show them
their deepest desire.

Give the fisherman a dream.
Let him meet those he misses the most.

Let the power speak through you.



Let's get out of here
before he comes to.

Davin? Davin!

Put him in the cellar.

If he isn't human by sunrise,
give him to the wyrm.



Black Master!

Give me the witch!

I swear by the gods!
Give her to me!

Black Master!

Give me the witch
and I'll let you live!


Sarkan stabbed me.

– I can't.
– Dad...



Dad, the flute.











He's getting closer.

Bian? Hi.

Where were you?

You were supposed to protect me.

They killed me.

I'm sorry, Bian.

I'm sorry.

– I'm sorry.
– It hurt a lot.

I'm sorry. I'll protect you.

I will protect you.

I will protect you.

I forgive you.



I want you to know something.

I have gotten the only thing –

– that I ever wished for.

A daughter with a heart...

... of pure gold.


Dad? Dad?



Use your core
like the immobility of the mountain.







– Dina! How did you get in here?
– I got some help.

– Where is Davin?
– In the dungeon.

– He's not there.
– We'll find him. Come.

Let's go!


– Davin must be in one of the cells.
– Let's free everyone.

The only way out
must be through the courtyard.

Come out, everyone!
Out. Come on.


Davin? Davin?

Medama. The intruders have destroyed
our food stores and freed the prisoners.

– You stay and protect Medama.
– Put archers above the courtyard.

When the intruders come out, kill them.

– Understood. You stay here.
– No. I want to be alone. Out!


– Grab some weapons.
– Where are the other prisoners?

– In the cellar.
– Come on, Dina. Go!

This way.

Shamer witch!


Throw it.

Let's go.

There she is.

Be afraid.

Come here. Let's see your beginning,
your shame.

I see you.
Are you what I have become?

Lizea, the child has to be removed!

You were to wait until
Prince Ravens married you.

It's a boy. I can feel it. The Prince
will have to admit responsibility for it.

No, he won't.
You won't give birth to a prince's son.

You will give birth to a bastard,
you whore!

You let your son grow inside you though
he was doomed to a life of mockery.

Drakan... Drakan...

My son.

Your son.


Come on!

Come on!

Get them.

Get the battering ram!

The rest will come with me.

Come on.

My name is Nicodemus Ravens.

He's the prince.

You've probably heard
that I'm a coward and a drunk.

And it's true.

I've always felt a responsibility
I can't bear.

I thought it was my duty to defeat
Drakan and Dama Lizea alone.

But I can't.
I need your help.

Make room for the battering ram.

Behind that door are Drakan's soldiers.
They'll take our freedom.

We can't let them get in.

Go on! Put your backs into it!

If you help me barricade it,
we can get to the boat and escape.

As free people.

As free people.

Are you with me?

– Are you with me?
– Yes!

Are you with me?
Grab something heavy.


Davin. Davin.




Davin, we're going home.

We're going home.


We're going home.

Dina... I want to go home.

Take them.
You two switch.


– Can you walk?
– Yes.


Take this.
Davin, come with me.

Lift them up.





Sagisborg is burning!

Dama Lizea was found
in the Hall of Whisperers.

She is in a very bad way.

Medama, can you hear me?


Out! Out!


Oars up!

As long as you're half,
you aren't complete.

Once in a while you have to move
through darkness to find the light.

In the light there is truth –

– and in the encounter with truth,
you can become complete.

In silence there's only death.

The worries that burden you –

– is just life's way of calling you
to an adventure.

Whatever others say about you –

– and however you feel yourself,
cowardly –

– or brave –

– Shamer or Black Master ...

Dina, you'll always be
my daughter.