The Shaman's Source (1990) - full transcript

Three Ojibway Natives work to find a mystical spring before someone else comes and claims it.

(anxious electronic music)

(low mid tempo drumbeat)


* Gimme your life

* Gimme your heart,
that's what I need *

* Show me the place

* Mystical race, eternal souls

* Run water, run

* Bring

* Rain from the sky

(bird chirping)

(anxious rock music)

* By the spring of life

* By the spring of life

* Brave brothers,
brave brothers *

* By the spring of life

* Feel the love

* The scene of life,
the rite of bone *

* The pathway lives in the
plane that's on your mind *

* I said run

* Run water, run

* I said brave

* Brave brother, brave

* By the spring of life

* By the spring of life

* Brave brothers,
brave brothers *

(dramatic ensemble rock music)

(tractor rumbling)


- [Warner] What do you want?

- I heard you were hiring
a construction crew.

- [Warner] The
hiring's all been done.

- Well don't you
need any more help?

- [Warner] I need
experienced labor.

- I'm from the Reserve.

I heard you're supposed to
hire people from Otter Lake.

- Oh, you did,
where'd you hear that?

- The Band gave you guys
a right to develop here

to create employment
for my people.

- So where were you
when we did the hiring?

- I went hunting.

- And now you just want to

show up to work in
your hunting clothes?

- Sure, what's wrong with this?

- Okay.

At least today, you got a job.

Tomorrow, I want safety boots.

- [Mat] All right.

(anxious electronic music)

(low alternative rock music)

- [Warner] Come on,
come on, come on.

That hole's gotta be wider,
wider, come on, let's go.

- Hey, look at the fancy
apple from the big city.

- Yeah, he's red on the outside

but he's white on the inside.


- It seems it don't matter

how much a red
apple works at it,

he just can't seem to get

white enough to make
it in civilization.

- Leave me alone, Robert.

I'm just doing a job,
I need the money.

- Oh, is that your problem, Mat?

You had to come all
the way back here

just because you couldn't
get white enough?

What's the matter?

Can't the big city
dude take the heat?

What'd you come back for, Mat?

A stupid job

like this?


You knew they had to
hire you out here.

We can't change who
we are, peasant.

And let me tell ya something.

To them, we'll
always be redskins.

- Get off my back, preacher.


Goddamn klutz.

(anxious ensemble tones)

Welcome home, Mat.

Don't let grandma
see you like that.

- Shit.

- Robert Crow, dammit.


This is private property.

You cannot come around
here and interrupt

the work with your
native rights crap.

- I found some guy's body.

(sharp tense violin tones)

- You know, you people...

Bronson, call the police.

- Looks like he's
been there awhile.

We'll have to call in forensics.

You don't have any
ideas on this, do you?

- No, you won't get any
help from these boys either.

- You better get some security.

- Okay.

- Well,

that's it for the day.
- Thanks.

- We'll be in touch.
- Okay, yeah.

Mr. Stockwell will insist
upon being informed.

Thank you.

Okay boys, that's it for today,
you might as well go home.

- Yeah, all right.
- We workin' tomorrow?

- I don't know.
- What is this garbage?

Don't call us, we'll call you?

These men work here!

- You know, I've had
just about as much

as I'm gonna take
from you, Mr. Crow.

- Yeah?

What are you gonna do about it,

big man?

(anxious electronic tones)

(soft guitar music)

- All right.


All right, bye.

Warner says there'll be
no work again tomorrow.

They're still
investigating the body

and they have to
bring in some experts.

- What experts?

- I don't know, Rob, I'm just
telling you what the man said.

- You're the Chief,
why don't you know?

- I'm not going to get involved
in Northern Hunt's business.

- Jesus Steve, if you'd
found a body in the ground

like we did, you wouldn't
just shrug it off and leave it

to a guy like Warner to
take care off, would ya?

- Rob, this is a police matter.

- Police matter, my ass!

Everyone knows
that their solution

is to kick the shit
outta the Indian.

That's what matters
to the police.

Come on, guys.

(relaxed flute,
electronic music)

(relaxed ensemble music)

(dramatic trumpet tones)

- [Grandma] The place that,

that the battle took place.

The Iroquois had iron axes

and muskets from
the white people.

All we had were bows and
arrows and stone axes.

- [Mat] So why didn't
the Iroquois attack?

- They were looking
for the place of old,

the shaman one.

But the Ojibwa won the battle

because they trusted and
understood the Meme Gueste.

The Water Spirit.

You two used to play
together all the time.

Couldn't get you apart.

You grew up, you
started fighting.

Why don't you two
look after each other?

(anxious electronic music)

(car horn honking)

(dog barking)

- Can I help you?

- I'm George Stockwell.

- Sorry Mr. Stockwell, Mr.
Warner is expecting you

in the trailer down the
road, go right ahead.

- Are you telling me that
we can't continue because

some mummified Indians were
found on my construction site?

- That's the way things
are done up here, George.

- Well I have to pay
bills down there.

Stockwell Developments does not

have the capital to
fall behind schedule.

What are those bodies
doing there, anyway?

I mean they should be
full of worms by now.

- Through some fluke,
water seeped up into

the graves after the
bodies had been buried.

You see, the soil is
porous, meaning it was

easy enough for the
Indians to bury their dead

and easy for water
to move through.

But they threw a
clay on top which

formed a cap on
top of the graves,

sealing it and
keeping the water in.

- So what does that mean to us?

- It means finding the water
here was simply a coincidence.

- But it preserved
all those bodies.

- It has some
remarkable properties

but we have to find
it first to use it.

- It's just out on the job site.

- No, that's already drying up.

We need to find the source,

which would be a
subterranean spring.

- [George] How do we
get to the source?

- We test and drill until we get

a good map of what's
underneath here.

Then we follow it
along until we find

where the water
comes to the surface.

- It's like looking for
a needle in a haystack.

- In a sense, yes
but with a magnet.

- What magnet?

- I was speaking metaphorically,

the magnet is
scientific knowledge.

- Oh, what the hell do you
mean by scientific knowledge?

- I mean testing and drilling

and having an
expert on the site.

- Meaning you?

- Yes, Mr. Warner.

I am a damn good geologist.

The best in my field.

That's why I was hired.

- [George] What would it take

to find this water, this spring?

- I could do some
preliminary testing.

But then we'd need a special
drilling rig and some time.

- I want to find this
spring as soon as possible.

Warner, make the arrangements.

Diana, order in one of
those drilling rigs.

We've got no time to lose.

- It means going out
in the bush, George.

- Well I'll come.
- That's not necessary.

- Warner, I need to
find that spring.

This is business, I'm not
interested in trout fishing.

I am coming, is that clear?

- Yes, George.

- Stockwell Developments is
concerned with your welfare.

We're providing jobs and a
future for native people.

- Then leave us alone!

Some things are too big
to hide, Mr. Stockwell.

Last night,

we saw the open grave.

There's a burial ground
on that construction site.

And we want some answers.

- We're not trying
to hide anything.

- [Robert] Then why haven't you

told us about the
burial ground earlier?

- I came here tonight to tell
you all about our discovery.

We had to wait for the report
from the archeologists.

They're making sure
that those artifacts

will last another
300 years for your

children and their
children to be proud of.

- So when do we
get back to work?

- I'm afraid the work will
have to be halted temporarily.

- That's so we can remove
the artifacts carefully.

But once the archeologists
are finished,

we're going to start work
again to develop this area

and we're going to
make it the biggest

moneymaking project
in the whole North.


There will be jobs for everyone.

- But at what cost?

- He's right.

(anxious electronic tones)

- Iroquois Spa.

How does that sound
to you, Jean-Paul?

Iroquois Spa.

- Sounds like a
good beer to drink.

Hey but these people aren't
Iroquois, they're Ojibwa.

- Iroquois sounds better.

Iroquois Spa, Health
and Recreation.

That's where I'll
build the lodge

at the source of this spring.

It could make a lot of money.

The rich love luxury
in the wilderness.

- Sounds like a good idea.

- Jean-Paul,

my company must find this
spring before anyone else.

I checked the registry, no
one has yet laid a claim.

The first to do so
will own the rights.


I'd like to hire you as a guide.

You'd be well paid.
- It would be a pleasure.

- And you know how to handle
firearms and that sorta thing.

- It's gonna cost
you another couple

of bucks but we can
work it out, no problem.

- Then you are my man.

(anxious intermittent
violin tones)

- Can I help you?

- Wow, I've never been in this
part of the country before.

I'm just delivering
this drilling rig.

By the way, would you know
where Northern Hunt is?

- Sure, there, just straight

through the village
there's a sign.

- Far out.

- What is that, anyway?
- It's a water drilling rig.

This heap is completely mobile.

You can take her anywhere,
drill in any terrain.

It's wild.

Very heavy.


- Good shot.

I know what Northern
Hunt's going after.

- [Robert] What?

- Water.

I just saw them
bringing in a water

drilling rig over
at the gas station.

There's gotta be something
special in that water.

Maybe the water preserved
those bodies they found.

- [Robert] So what?

- I'm telling you, water
can be worth a lot of money.

I've seen people pay three bucks

for a little bottle of
water at restaurants.

- Yeah but that
stuff is imported.

You can charge whatever
you want for it.

- You bet.

They're paying a lot of
money for designer bottles.

What about that drilling rig?

Stockwell's not just
looking for clean water.

This could be worth
millions to us, Rob.


You could be riding a big
red Cadillac convertible.

One chick here, one chick there,

poppin' corks from champagne.
- Hey.

If there's millions to be made,

the money goes back to the Band.

Think what we could
do around here

if we had some real money.

- What are we waiting for?

Either we find the money
first or we lose it to

Northern Hunt.

- Well how the hell do we
find this special water?

- I was hoping you'd
know about that.

- Okay guys, pack it
in, I got things to do.

- [Mat] Hey, where you going?

- You think you got a good idea?

Come on, let's put
it to the test.

(soft chanting)

- I'm getting out of here,
it's too goddamn hot.

- Mat.

Sit down.

- The sweat will clean you out.

Make you pure in solemn
heart and your arms strong.

You'll walk out of here a
brave, ready for the fight.

- Fight?

- Long ago,

the Water Spirits spoke to
the Medicine Man of the Ojibwa

and told him of
the sacred source.

It was a huge spring.

The Iroquois heard about this
spring and came up for it.

The people, strong from the
sacred source, defeat them

but before he died in battle,

the shamans forbid the
use of the sacred source.

My Guardian came
to me in a dream

and told me the Iroquois
were coming again

and we must gather a war party

and fight them.

You will need these.


contains a coarse
missing feather.

This contains the
head of a tomahawk.

- How do we get to
the source from?

- Take this pouch

to Russ Thunder, he'll help you.

- Russell Thunder?

That guy can't
even see straight.


(bird screeching)

(anxious guitar tones)

(relaxed flute music)

- So what do we do now?

- We either stand
still or we move.

- So how do we get around?

- You can't go around,
you can only go through.

- [Mat] What is this,
trial by drowning?

- [Robert] He's as crazy
as his dead grandfather.

- [Russell] Don't talk
bad about shamans.

It might come back on us.

(anxious ensemble music)

- We could cross
on that log there.

You know, 100 years ago,

this was all Indian
land, all of it.

- What does it matter?

The point is there's no
future living on the Reserve.

- No, there isn't, Mat

and that's why we have
to make some changes.

- You never listen to anyone.

- What, what do you want?

You want all this?

All this?

Or your cockroach-infested
slum back in the city?

Well, what?

(anxious ensemble music)

- You paid top dollar
for this hunk of junk?

- Hey, it's all I could
get on such short notice.

- Hey, it's our fearless leader.

- What do you know, we
finally caught up to you.

- I camp here tonight.

- That's cool, come
on Russ, get up.

We still got a half a day of
sunlight before we camp down.

- How much further is it?

- We go down the river,

turn right for a couple hours,

hit a rock face,

turn right for
another couple hours

and then we should be at
my grandfather's cabin,

if it's still standing.

- But we should be there before
the sun goes down, right?

- Yeah.

Like my grandfather always said,

when it's light out, keep
moving unless you have to stop.

- Hey, wait up.

What about the fire?

(anxious ensemble music)

He's not gonna cross
the river again.

- Russ, where the
hell are you going?

- Where is this
lunatic taking us?

Great, we're three Indians
lost in the middle of nowhere.

- Hey!

- I know, I know, this
is our land and I'm

in my happy home, hallelujah,
brothers and sisters.

- Hey Mr. Gould,
everything okay?

- Yeah man, this is heavy.

I'm flashin' back to 'Nam.

- Should we stop?

- No problem, it's just a
few minor hallucinations.

- Let me speak to Diana.

- Hey lady Di, it's
Jacques Cousteau.

- Diana here.

- Hey, did you know
you hired a maniac?

(low anxious electronic music)

(soft flute tones)

- Years ago when I was a pup,
my grandfather would sit here.

He taught me how to
read the pictographs

that show the way to
the sacred source.


He sure found the source.

Five Star whiskey,
that's what he found.

- This was a stupid idea.

I never should have
talked him into it.

- Yeah, well we
did and we're here

and if by some miracle
that we find that source,

the money goes back to the Band.

No one and I mean no one's
gonna make a quick buck.

- You're right.

(anxious violin tones)

- This was from the
Otter League Band.

- Out here?

- Oh yeah, they roamed all over

'til they got put
on the reserves.

I've followed their seasons,
the hunting, the fishing.

I'm about the only guy I
know that still does that.

- Where'd you learn it?
- From the Indians.

The old ones.

The new ones are scared
to step off the Reserve.

I tell ya, they're goddamn
useless in the bush.

- What's it supposed to mean?

- Oh, it's just a pictograph.

It shows a story or
a piece of history.

- 300 year old graffiti.

- Yeah, something like that.

- It's regrettable we don't have

an expert to interpret
those pictographs.

A Jungian analyst
would have a field day.

- Well, you should've
brought your shrink.

- I don't have a, oh,
you're impossible.

(bird cawing)

- So, there's a lot of money
in this here water, eh George?

- That's why we have
to find it first.

- And it goes to the guy who
lands the claim first, eh?

Like gold.
- Like gold, Jean-Paul.

Like gold.

(anxious violin music)

- Whoa, look out.

Come on Russ, you can do it.


I forgot how beautiful this is.

Well, where's the cabin?

(soft electronic music)

- [Russell] There.

- Christ, why did
we climb the goddamn

cliff if we could've
walked around it?

- You can't walk around it,
you can only go straight.

- [Mat] You're crazy, I'm
tired of this shaman talk.

- But isn't it a lovely view?

(engine rumbling)

(explosions booming)

- Woo wee.

Just like Saigon.

- Quiet.


Did you hear that?

(explosions booming)

- How's it look?

- I've located the fracture.

Now it's just a matter
of physically getting

through this geographical
terrain to follow

the subterranean
stream to its source.

- I wonder about you.

- I'm pretty simple, really.

Just a woman.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- I want things to be
straightforward and direct.

I don't want to
waste time anymore.

- Congratulations, I just

entered the understanding
females club.

- Why are you like this with me?

- Because I don't--
- Oh, what is it?

Are you confused?

Where have you been for
the last thousand years?

You know, I'm going
to find that spring.

I'm going to come out on top.

But I'm not interested in you,

so do yourself a
favor and stop trying.

Excuse me, I've got work to do.

- Is he giving you a rough time?

- I'm used to it.

We're both looking for the pot

of gold at the end
of the rainbow.

So who's schooling who?

Warner and I are very alike.
- What?

- I only know science, the
rest I don't understand.

- I know the bush.

- I should've been born a man.

- Why?

- Oh, just 'cause that's
how I feel right now.

Excuse me, I'm going to my tent.

- How about that, I never
understand the women.

(slow intermittent drumbeat)

- Rob, this is too much.

He's leading us on
a wild goose chase.

- Come on, he knows
what he's doing.

- There it is, there it is.

I told you my grandfather's
cabin would be here.

- Still wanna go back
to the Res, buddy?

- Okay, so the cabin's here.

That still doesn't mean that
Russ hasn't lost his marbles.

- Yeah!

- This kid's flipped his lid.

- Yeah, I'd like
to dump his booze.

(soft flute music)

(frog croaking)

(anxious violin music)

- Smoke, straight ahead.
- Is that a forest fire?

- No, it's more
like a camp fire.

Maybe a hunting party.

- Indians?

- Hey.

Listen to this.

I found some of Russ' poems.


"you have gone back
to Mother Earth,

"to the winds that
gave you brave.

"To the water that
quenched your thirst.

"To the sacred source
you never found.

"Your blood flows
in my blood like

"a might river, pushing
me to the Great Spirit."

- You (cursing in
foreign language).

- Hey!

You're gonna kill him,
you're gonna kill him!

- That's the idea.

(tense violin tones)

You bastards.

- This stuff's really beautiful.

- Yeah, I shouldn't
have read it out loud.

It wasn't right.

God knows what he'll do now.

- I'm gonna go find him.

(soft electronic music)

- Stay back, I'll
check this out.



Anybody home?

All clear, you
can come down now.

This is a fine carving.

- [George] I thought you said

there weren't any
Indians out here.

- Well it looks like
there is now, eh?

- Federation of Native Rights.

member, Robert Crow.

- Robert Crow.

He's the agitator that was
at the Council meeting.

- Hey, I heard that
the FNR are under

investigation for
subversive activities.

- Subversives, nah.

No, they're just trying
to get some treaties

honored that were signed
and then broken years ago.

- How many Indians
are there, Jean-Paul?

- There are three.

- They must be following us.

- No George, no, I think it's

just coincidence we've
caught up with them.

- They're after that
spring, I know it.

- Oh, you can't be sure.
- Hey, take a look at this.

Some museum will pay
good money for this.

- Gimme that.


Come in Diana, are you there?

- Yeah Mr. Stockwell,
she's here.

Here sweetheart, it's the man.

- Yes, I can hear you.


Yes, all right.

- What's cooking, lady Di?

- Stockwell wants some dynamite.

- Just like that?

- He has his reasons.

- And so did Attila the Hun.

- Russ.


It'll be all right, buddy.

- Really Russ,

I'm sorry.

- We're useless.

We're all bloody useless.

- No we're not and we're
gonna find that source.



- Yeah.


(explosion booms)

(explosion echoing)

- I still think you were wrong
to blow up their supplies.

- Don't be a bleeding
heart, Warner.

- What are they
supposed to do for food?

- Hey Warner, I
believe in that famous

saying by that
famous guy Freud, eh?

Survival of the fittest.

- Jesus Christ, they blew
up the whole goddamn cabin!

- Grandfather's
staff, where is it?

Where is it, did
they destroy it?

- They must've taken it
'cause it was right here.

- Maybe they'll blow us up
next time, we could be dead.

- What's the matter Mat,
don't you want your fortune?

- It's not worth dying for.

- Well what are
we gonna do, Mat?

We've turned the other
cheek for long enough.

- They took my staff!

- Come on.

It's time we did some tracking.

(anxious violin music)

(anxious electronic tones)

- Here.

I've done it.

I know where the source
of the spring is.

- [George] Where?

- Here.
- Where?

- Take a look.

We've been moving in this
direction since we started here

following this
band of limestone.

Now it's getting narrower,

which means we're close
to cutting into a fissure.

- Are you sure that
means we've hit it?

- Yes it does, absolutely.

The limestone is heading
to this rock formation.

Now, by compression
the area should be

close to a point where
the water surface is.

Of course we'll need
to help it along.

- Does this mean we leave

the battlefield and
get back to drilling?

- Yes, it does.

Just one more time in
exactly the right position.

- Well done, Miss Casey.

- Congratulations, Princess Di.

(low, anxious ensemble music)

- [Russell] Take a look at this.

- [Robert] Fresh tracks.

- It looks like
caterpillar treads.

- Northern Hunt.

I knew it.

They're the ones that
blew up that cabin.

- Well, I'm goin'
to catch some Z's.

There's a lot to do tomorrow.

Who knows what
else we'll blow up.

Maybe we'll even
do some drilling.

Isn't that why I'm here?

- See ya tomorrow.

- Yeah, me too.

I guess I'm gonna
go saw some lumber.

- Goodnight.

This discovery will do a
lot to bolster my career.

- I for one am very happy
that you'll have made it.

- Yeah, well don't count

your chickens before
they're hatched.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna
leave you two for the night

to pat yourselves on the
back to your heart's content.

- What's wrong with
a little celebration?

- You two are drunk with greed.

I think I'd better turn in
before I say something I regret.

- That man is an
ungrateful bastard.

As soon as this job
is over, I'm going to

reevaluate his position
with the company.

- Reevaluate?

- It translates to
show him the door.

- Warner's a good man,
he has principles.

- Would you like a drink, Diana?

- No George, I'm tired.

- To Iroquois Spa.

(anxious electronic tones)

- Russell.

Russell Thunder,

take back the staff
of your grandfather,

stolen by the Iroquois.

Follow my spirit.

(bird screeching)

(low, anxious electronic music)

(anxious electronic music)

(dramatic rock tone)

(gunshot booms)

- What the hell was that?

- Do you think it's Russ?

- I don't know but he
doesn't have a gun, come on.

- Where are your other partners?

- The staff belongs to me.

It belongs to my grandfather
and his before him.

It's not yours to take.

- Hey man, is that
really his cane?

- I'll take anything I want.

Now where's this
troublemaker, Robert Crow?

- We need a diversion.

- We owe Russ one.

(low anxious
electronic, flute music)

Check this out, Robert.

I learned it in the
city, urban warfare.

When I light this--
- Yeah.

I know.

Run like hell.
- You got it, Pontiac.

- I'll ask you one more time.

Where are the other two Indians?

(explosion booms)

- You blew up my rig!

(gunshots booming)

- Warner, get the
one with the staff.

Come on, Jean-Paul.

- My rig is dead.

(anxious violin music)

- [George] Hold it!

(gunshot booms)

- There they are.

(gunshots booming)

- [Mat] Holy shit, Jesus.

- Nowhere else to run to, boys.

You really know
how to piss me off.

Where is he?

Where's the other one?

- He got away with the staff.

- You idiot.

Couldn't you keep track of him?

Okay, take these two over
there and tie them up.

- Hey.
- Tight!

- Hey, why are you
tying those two boys up?

Who do you think you
are, Buffalo Bill?

- [George] Wise ass.

- I needed to find
one more core sample.

Just one more and now this.

- Well we can still find
the spring, can't we?

- I don't see how.

- Goddammit!

All right you wise
ass, either you tell me

what I want to know
or I pull the trigger.

- We're just following you.

We don't know anything.

- Stockwell, over here.


They will never know.

- Jean-Paul, you're brilliant.

All right, we break camp.

(anxious ensemble tones)

- I can't believe it, how
can they do this to us?

- Oh, they can do it.

- These people are serious.

- They're dangerous, Mat.

They'll kill us, they've
always killed us.

- Just to make a dollar?

- You see, that's
why it pisses me off

to hear you talk about
gettin' rich quick.

It just,

just goes against our own
way of thinking, that's all.

- The Res is no better
than the city, Rob.

Why do you think I left it?

There's just as much hate,
just as much violence,

just as much greed
here as anywhere else.

We're no better,
we're just different.

- No, we're not just different.

We are Ojibwa, they
stole our land.

- Yes, they stole our
land, you're right.

But listen to yourself, Robert.

You hate the whites
like they hate us.

What makes you think that
if you had the power,

you wouldn't do to them
what they've done to us?

You're out to kill them.

- So you just gonna leave
those two boys there to die?

Look man, I don't want
to be part of this.

I was hired as a rig operator.

I'm not here to witness
any of this racist garbage.

- It's none of your business.

- Look man, it is my business
if somebody gets killed.

You can play your
sick games without me.

Are you people really gonna

follow your leader
until the end?

- Hey, there's lots
of money to be made.

- Look, we'll calm things down.

- Yeah, good luck.

- You'll get lost.

- I might get lost but you're

misguided and he's
a total wacko.

I'm going to follow
the rig tracks back.

I'm history, baby,
history, history.

- [Russell] I need a drink.

(anxious ensemble tones)

(birds chirping)

- Can't see the
stars in the city.

I guess you need to experience

one thing to appreciate another.

Hey man, we're tied up and
we're talking about the dark.

- Remember

when we were kids

and we looked for our
animals in the sky?

You were a bear

and I was a wolf.

- Rob, we're in deep shit here.

- I don't wanna face

the Great Spirit
without a death song.

- I don't believe in Great
Spirits or death songs.

I don't believe in civilization.

I feel like a guy
without a spirit.

- You have a spirit, Mat.

- If you fall asleep,
maybe you won't wake up.

- Maybe.

- Rob.

Rob, I'm really scared.

(relaxed flute music)


(thunder booming)

(anxious ensemble music)


- I need, I need a drink.

I need a drink.

- [Grandfather] Russell.


You will find the source
in the vision of the eagle.

(eagle screeching)

(anxious rock tones)

(eagle screeching)

- Grandfather,

you're all I've got.

Please give me strength.

- Rob.


- What?

- What do we do?

- Oh.


- [Mat] I should make a lot
of noise, that'll scare it.

- No, no, don't, don't don't.
- What if it sprays?

- You don't move, the skunk
doesn't spray, all right?

- I never knew that Rob,
I never believed it.


What is it, what's behind me?

- Quit the noise,
for Christ's sake.

You look like you
saw the Great Spirit.

- Russ?


- You guys can sure get
yourselves into a mess.

- [Mat] Come on Russ, we
were just trying to help you.

- The spirit of my grandfather

came to get me last night, look.


He got me through
it, I feel great.

- You seen Northern
Hunt anywhere?

- No, I think they went on.

- Wherever they are, they're
half a day ahead of us.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

It's just my wrists.

- We should keep moving.

Last night I found a pictograph

that my grandfather
never discovered.

I know we can find the source.

- Well, what are we waiting for?

- [George] Like gold, Jean-Paul.

If you're right about that staff

leading us to the spring,
it's just like gold.

- There it is.

(low, anxious electronic tones)

The tree marks the spot
where the sacred source is.

- Yeah but where is it?

(eagle screeching)

(dramatic rock tones)

- Up there.

(low, anxious ensemble tones)

- Shh.

(anxious electronic tones)


Okay, you carry on
to the spring and Mat

and I will try to slow 'em
down, all right, you got that?

Come on.


- Help!


(gunshot booms)

- [Robert] Come on, get up.

(gunshot booms)

- Let's get those bastards.

(dramatic rock tones)

(low, anxious electronic music)

- What now?

(eagle chirping)

- [Russell] This way.

(relaxed electronic music)

(eagle chirping)

- They didn't just vanish.
- No sign of any tracks.

- Let's double back and see
where we lost the trail.

(relaxed ensemble music)

- [Shaman] Long ago,
the Water Spirit

spoke to the medicine
man of the Ojibwa

and told him of
the sacred source.

The Iroquois heard about this
spring and came up for it.

But before he died in battle,

the shamans forbid the
use of the sacred source.

- [Grandma] The
Iroquois had iron axes

and muskets from
the white people.

All we had were bows and
arrows and stone axes.

(relaxed flute music)

- [Shaman] This contains
a coarse missing feather.

This contains the
head of a tomahawk.

Take this pouch to
Russell Thunder.

(relaxed ensemble music)


When my Guardian came
to me in a dream,

he said the Iroquois
were coming again

and that we must gather a
war party to fight them.

It will make your eyes
true and your arms strong.

You'll walk outta here a
brave, ready for the fight.

(anxious violin music)

(dramatic trumpet tones)
(mid tempo drumbeat)

(dramatic rock tones)

(eagle screeching)

- [George] I'm sick of beans.

- I thought you
liked my cooking.

It's my father's recipe,
it keeps the bears away.

- Those Indians didn't
just vanish, Jean-Paul.

- Underground, that's
where the spring could be.

The Indians could be
below us right now.

- Hey, I've been tracking
all my life, Mr. Stockwell.

I've tracked wolf, fox and bear

but I can't track when
there's no tracks to track.

- I think we should
just leave here

Warner before anyone gets hurt.

I'm frightened.

- You?

What about finding the spring?

(tense ensemble music)

(gunshots booming)
- Where they coming from?

- [Jean-Paul] Damn,
a fire started.

(machine gunfire clacking)

- [Warner] Grab what we can.

- Come on.

- [Warner] Just get outta here.

(machine gunfire clacking)

(tense ensemble music)

- [Russell] That was a warning.

You have until sunrise to leave.

We will defend the
source to the death.

- Look at us, we're
waving guns around.

Jean-Paul's happily shooting

at people, George
is going crazy.

I want to leave.

- Okay, I'm with
you all the way.

I'll just tell George
and then we'll go.

- Let's just go, I don't care
about the spring or this job.

It isn't worth
getting killed for.

- I'll tell him
and then we'll go.

Look, we're leaving and
I think you should too.

There's nothing to be
gained by this madness.

- Warner.
- These people are serious.

What's the point of staying?

Let the law deal with it.

- Warner, you're staying.
- I'm leaving!

- Jean-Paul.
- Hey, this is exciting.

And I'm not going to let a
million bucks slip through--

- [Warner] Yeah,
well you're crazy.

- Warner, you're
scared, aren't you?

Of what, the Indians?

(anxious ensemble music)

(low, anxious ensemble music)

(anxious ensemble tones)

(gunfire clacking)

I shot one.

Where'd he go?

- You wait here, I'm gonna
go see if everything's okay.

- [Diana] Warner, are you crazy?

I'm not staying here alone.

- [Jean-Paul] Blood.

We'll follow the trail.

(gunshot booms)

(tense electronic music)

- [Warner] Dynamite.

(gunfire clacking)

- Oh.

(gunfire clacking)

- [Warner] Stay here, stay here.

- But...

- Close up the source.

- Take him down and
I'll take care of them.

(relaxed electronic tones)


(gunfire clacking)

(distant coughing)

- Warner.


Oh no.

(low, anxious ensemble tones)

(faint coughing)

- [George] Where's your friend?

Hey, if you wanna see him
live, you better come out.

(water sloshing)

(gunshots booming)
(eagle screeching)


(water sloshing)

(gunshot booms)

(soft anxious ensemble music)

(Diana screams)

(tense rising ensemble tones)

(relaxed electronic music)

(explosion booms)

(ducks quacking)

- [Russell] Grandfather, you
have gone back to Mother Earth.

Your blood flows
in my blood like

a mighty river pushing
me to the Great Spirit.

(dramatic electronic music)


* Gimme your life

* Gimme your heart,
that's what I need *

* Show me the place

* Mystical race, eternal souls

* Run

* Run water, run

* Brave

* Brave brother, brave

* By the spring of life

* By the spring of life

* Brave brothers,
brave brothers *

(mid tempo ensemble rock music)

* By the spring of life

* Feel the love

* The scene of life,
the rite of bone *

* The pathway lives in the
plane that's on your mind *

* I said run

* Run water, run

* I said brave

* Brave brother, brave

* By the spring of life

* By the spring of life

* Brave brothers,
brave brothers *

(mid tempo ensemble rock music)

* Now the water

* Shall come for all to see

* The sky cloudy with the
vision bringing lightning *

* That's what I've seen

* Great coils on the sound

* And that's why I'll stay

* By the spring of life

* Brave brothers,
brave brothers *

(mid tempo ensemble rock music)

* Brave brothers

* Brave brothers

(relaxed electronic tones)