The Shaft (2001) - full transcript

When the express elevators in the Millennium Building, one of New York's most famous landmarks, start to malfunction and behave in erratic ways, elevator mechanic Mark Newman is sent out to find the cause of the problems. His investigation meets unexpected resistance and not everybody seems to be happy with his involvement. After a gruesome and deadly incident, in which a blind man falls into the shaft and a security guard is decapitated, the police start an investigation. They are however not very successful. Mark is determined to find the cause. He is joined by a female reporter, Jennifer, who is looking for a juicy story. Together they try to unravel the secrets behind the mysterious behaviour of the elevator that seems to have a life of it's own. When things get worse and death toll rises, The Government, fearing terrorists are involved, seal off the building. What at first looked like a routine job turns into a horrifying nightmare in which Mark has to face an enemy whose blood thirst is only met by it's unpredictability. An enemy that is determined to fight off any intruder looking for the dark secret that lurks inside the belly of the building. An enemy that has to be feared. An enemy that has to be taken .......DOWN.

Okay, showtime.

It's my quarter.
Come on, I...

Oh, boy,
this is really something.

- Well, let me see.
- Give me another quarter.

Thank the Lord
for making babies like this.

Is she nude?

She's taking her bra off.

Oh, boy, I'm going to need
a bigger telescope.

Come on, come on,
give me another quarter.

This is my last one.

She's taking her panties off.

Whoa, there's two of them.

What, two panties?

Two women, you dumb-head.

They're getting down on him.

Both of them.

- Oh, let me look, let me look!
- Okay, okay.

Hurry up, it's going to rain.

Where are they? Fuck!

- You moved the telescope.
- What floor was it?

I don't know. You're too high.
To the left, to the left.

Oh, oh, I got them.
I got them.

Oh, fuck! Give me a quarter.
Give me a quarter.

- I don't have any quarters.
- Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!

That's right,
use your imagination.

Six-five, come in, please.

Yeah, six-five, Andy, here.
What's up?

What's your position,

Uh, we're on the observatory deck
on the 86th.

We can't see you on the monitor.
Check the camera, will you?

Uh...oh, yeah.

I--I see what's wrong.

Some joker
put a plastic bag over it.

Damn tourists.

Can you see me now?

Yes, we can.

They were watching
those hookers again.

Must be Thursday, then.

How time flies.


Next time,
bring more quarters.

Next time, I want to see
some of that ass, too.

Whoa, that was a big one.
Any damage?

No, everything seems fine.

I hope you're right.

Next stop: the 66th.

They got a very interesting collection
of Swedish videos down there,

and I'm not talking
Ingmar Bergman either.

Well, who's Ingmar Bergman?

He's an actor, stupid.

Hey, wait here a minute.
I got to take a piss.

Yeah, he was in Casablanca.

Oh, yeah, that's right.



Stop it!

Fucking doors.

Hey, if I tell you
to stay open, stay open.

What the fuck did you do?

I don't know. I...

Look at your flashlight.
Who did you beat up?

It was the elevator. I...

No, watch out.

You watch out.

You know, one of these days
I'm going to poison your donut.

Are you coming or what?

Yeah, sure.

Your mother sure ate a lot of red meat
when she was pregnant.

The elevator did it.

How dumb can you get?


Hey, Jeff.

What the fuck
are you doing there?

What, you--you couldn't make it
to the front door?

They stole my keys.

Couldn't find them anywhere.

The keys? You mean those
with the Porsche key ring?

Yeah, those.


Now hurry up, will ya?
We're late as it is.

Where'd you find them?

Oh, my God, you have no idea
how long I was looking.

I'm sure, I'm sure, Mark.
At least two minutes.

Come on, move your ass.
The bus is leaving in two more.

I'm going.
I'll break the speed limit, man.

Hey, I'll be faster than
lightning on steroids, okay?

All right.
Be right there.

Man, you look like shit.

Smell it, too.

Must be my aftershave.

So, the two of you
have a fight again?

Hey, man, what makes you think
that we're fighting all the time?

I don't know,
it's just a hunch.

Where are we going?

Village. Just routine
check-ups today.


Now, look, just be grateful
I found you this job.

Hey, I am grateful.

Just the first few months
aren't all that exciting, that's all.

I wouldn't complain
if I were you.

He comes to me and he says,

"You got to move up
in the world, kid.

You know, I'm going
to help you out."

I just didn't think that meant
riding elevators all day long.

If you don't like it,
then quit, okay?

- All right.
- Go back to fixing Coke machines.

Okay, all right,
my head is killing me.

I like this job.

What makes you think I, for real,
don't like this job?

My ass is on the line,
so don't fuck up.

I won't.

I solemnly swear.

In fact,
I'm going to become

elevator mechanic
of the year for you.

It's 8:45 on WNYS.

Time for a news
and weather update.

Flooding caused by heavy rain showers

was reported
in the Brooklyn area.

Air traffic at Kennedy Airport
was delayed for more than one hour

due to a failure in the radar system.

The cause of the failure
has yet to be established.

An investigation is underway.

Meteorologists say
that last night

a record number
of lightning strikes were counted.

There you are, sweetie.

Otherwise, I've got to go on
to meet these people.

There's nothing I can do...

Grab my hand.


Thank you, ma'am.

- Hit it. Hit the button.
- Step all the way in.

Going UP-

Morning, guys-

Thanks for taking over for me.

There was a traffic jam
you wouldn't believe.

No problem.
I had to wait anyway.

The wife's upstairs
taking her pregnancy class.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

There's a little Freddy coming up.

In her 32nd week.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Come up nice and slowly.

Okay, that's it for today.

See you ladies next week.

- Goodbye!
- Bye.

He's been kicking like hell
all week now.

Sounds like his father.

I'm sure glad
he's not around anymore.

Well, this is the easiest
pregnancy I've ever had.

He's asleep all day.

Are you sure you're pregnant?

Well, I should think so.

Or this must be
one hell of a tumor.

Listen to you.
You are so bad.

I can't believe you.

Come on, ladies. Let's move it.

Well, I'm not looking forward
to delivery day,

I can tell you that.

Just think of all those poor women
in the middle of nowhere,

without any help.

Yeah, we are the lucky ones.

My, we are going fast,
aren't we?

Yeah, is this normal?

Oops, we got a problem.

One of the express elevators again.

What do you mean "again"?

Must be something wrong
with those lights.

It's the third time this week.

Every time
there's nothing wrong.

It'll stop flashing
in a few minutes.

Are you sure?
My wife always uses them.

Mark my words.

Let me call maintenance
just to be on the safe side.

See? What did I tell you?

They spend millions
on those elevators.

They can't even buy
a decent lamp.

What the hell happened?

We're stuck.

I told you we were going
too fast.

- Everybody, okay?
- I think I sprained my ankle.

Push the alarm.

It's dead. It's dead!

Strange, no network.

What are we going to do?

Let's just take it easy, now.

I'm sure they know by now
that we're stuck.

Yeah, your husband works here,
doesn't he?

Yeah. Yeah.
He'll have us out in no time.

Don't worry.

They play like wimps.

Guys like that give basketball
a bad name.

They'll beat the Knicks anytime,
with their eyes closed

and one hand tied
behind their backs.

Duane here.


Which one?


Nothing here.

Between 21 and 22?



They must've fixed that light.

It's getting hot in here.

Well, there's no air.

Help! Someone out there,
we're stuck!

You sure they know
we're in here?

Yeah, of course.
Don't worry.

We're on 22.
Did you cut the power?

Doing it now.

Power's cut.

Internal safety system's
taking over.

We're going to open
the doors now.

My wife took that elevator.

Don't worry.

Maintenance is getting them
out right now.

Are you sure
this is the right key?

- Well, it fits, doesn't it?
- Yeah, it fits, but it doesn't work.

- Hey, that's what--
- And don't tell me

that's what your wife said
last night.

It's like a sauna in here.

Oh, this can't be right.

Get us out!
Someone out there, let me out!

It's no use.
They can't hear us.

I want out! Let me out!

Oh, great.

Well, if that doesn't
get their attention...

Turn that damned alarm off!

Shut it off!

I can't!

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.


Duane, Tim here.

We have a problem
with the doors.

- What kind of problem?
- The doors are stuck.

I don't know. We have to think
of something else.

You got the right key?

- Of course I have the right key.
- Fuck.


- Are you crazy?
- My wife's in there.

- She's pregnant.
- Everything's under control.

There's no need to panic.

I'm not panicking.
Now get out the way.

Give me that axe.


What the fuck?

Tim, it's going down!

Excuse me.

Duane, it's Tim.

The elevator's going down.

I thought you cut the power.

I did.

I don't know what's happening.

I'll alert lobby security.

Copy that.
The express elevator.

We'll buy them all
a cup of coffee.


- Out of my way. Coming through.
- Excuse me.

Two over easy,
whiskey down, coming up!

Lou, give me a poke in a boat
and float it, Joe.

Here you go.

Oh, thanks, Peggy.

Hey, you.

- Something wrong, sir?
- Yeah, you can say that again.

- What are you trying to pull?
- What's the problem?

Three hamburgers, $24.

What, you think
I am too dumb to notice?

I'm sorry. That's a mistake.

Dom, we still need to fix
that cash register!

Register my ass.

Now, you're trying to pull
a fast one on me, ain't you?

Hey! She said she was sorry.
It was a mistake, you know.

I don't think you should be
talking to her like that.

- What do you think?
- What the fuck's it to you?

I just think
you're out of line, man.

- It's all right, Mark.
- Yeah.

Shut your fucking mouth,
you moron.

What'd you say?

Oh, what? Didn't you hear me?
Must be a deaf moron.

You got a big mouth.

Hey, Mark, come on,
your pastrami's getting cold.

Yeah. Fuck off, dickhead.

Come on, come on, come on.

Here's your check, sir.
The coffee's on the house.

Got a cheeseburger!

Why'd you stop me?
I could take him.

That guy's bigger than you are.

He needed to be taught
a lesson.

We're not in the Marines
anymore, Mark.

You don't fight guys because
they need to be taught a lesson.

Well, then what did we do
at Desert Storm?

We fought small guys
wearing big shoes that didn't fit.

That's what we're good at.

Next time, just stay
out of my affairs, okay?

I can handle myself.
I'm a fully grown man.

- Whatever you say, pal.
- Hey,

next time I want your opinion,
I'll rattle your cage.

All right, that's it.
You better have insurance, pal.

This guy"

Good job, bud!

I don't need insurance,
you do.

- Yeah.
- Damn right.

Pick it up or I toss it out.

Why didn't you help me, man?

Well, I figured
you're a grown man.

Are you okay?

There's like a sound in my head.

It sounds just like--

- My phone.
- I'll get you an aspirin.

Come on, I don't have all day.
Give me the slip.

Jeff here.


Hey, we got an emergency.

Oh, no, it's fine.
She's getting me an aspirin.

No, no, no,
I'm not talking about you.

I'm talking about
the Millennium Building.

- The what?
- The Millennium Building.

You know that big building?

You know, New York's
most famous landmark?

Right, I know,
and it's very high.

Yeah, most skyscrapers are.
Now, come on, get on your feet.

I hope you didn't forget
how to walk.

I'm out of bagels over here!
Let's go!

Clean up that mess over there,
will you? Give them a hand.

- Chip!
- What?

My computer's acting weird.

You mean like me
when I asked you out?



Ugh, looks like a virus.

Oh, shit, not now.

Nail the bastard, will you?

Yeah, yeah, let me see
what I can do.

Nice warm seat.

It's the closest you'll get.



- You want some coffee?
- Oh, no, thanks.

I feel like a cappuccino
machine already.

- Well, I'm going to have some.
- Okay.

- Miss Evans!
- Yes.

It's your lucky day.

Get your pretty ass over
to the Millennium Building.

- What happened?
- An elevator got stuck.

- Some women got sick.
- But I'm working on that piece

on the struggle
for women's voting rights.

- When was that?
- 1918.

- A bit after the fact, isn't it?
- Yeah, but I think--

No buts.
I want 400 words by 6:00.

And make it juicy.

I'll pee on them.

Hey, Barney,
what happened here?

Hey. A bunch of women got stuck
in an elevator or something.

That must be the last one now.
Poor woman.

- Freddy?
- I'm right here, honey.

Where's my baby?
Where's my baby?

There were babies?

Not when they got in.

Hey, where are you going?

- What's your name, ma'am?
- Up, up.

No, you can talk to me.
I'm a nurse.

Was it a boy or a girl?

If you can't behave yourself,

I'm not going to do you
any favors anymore.

- Now, come on.
- Relax. I'm just doing my job.

They gave birth?

Two of them.
You wouldn't believe the mess.

There was also something
about the air conditioning.

It got so hot,
they almost suffocated.

No, that's not possible.

Well, they sure looked pale to me.

This is your man.

- Hi.
- Hi there.

I'm Duncans,
maintenance chief.

It's a terrible thing
that happened here.

Well, I hope you're not going to
blame us for this little birth wave.

Of course not.

It was probably the choice of God
to give life in a stuck elevator.

Who knows? All I know,
it's my responsibility

to get these elevators
up and running again

as soon as possible.

Where did it get stuck?

Between 21 and 22.

Couldn't get
the damn doors open.

- Just came down by itself?
- Yeah.

After we cut the power.

Normally we don't call you people in
just for a stuck elevator.

We're trained
for emergencies like this.

Getting people out,
getting the cars running again.

Most of the time it's little things,
like a fuse or something.

The air conditioner
seems to be working fine.

Yeah, that's what I noticed.

God damn it, there better be
a good explanation for this.

It's going to cost us a fortune
even if they don't sue.

Which they will.

These gentlemen are from
the elevator company.

I'm the manager.

Well, what's the verdict?

How soon can we get
this elevator back in action?

Looks like it can be very soon.
Within the hour, I'd say.

Make it as quick as possible.

I want a full report
by late this afternoon.

No problem, sir.

Nice guy-

No, I understand his problem.

These express elevators
carry over 30,000 people a day.

They lose a lot of money
when they're out of order.

All right, well,
let's get started

before he deducts it
from our paycheck.

Tim here will take you guys
up to the engine room.

Fine, let's go.
Hey, Mark, you coming?


Jeez, this is high!

You're not going to tell me now
you're afraid of heights, are you?

I am. I just left that
off the application.

Oh, falcons.

The city has brought them in to keep
the pigeon population down.

They love it here.

Something to do
with the thermals.

Here we are.

Hey, a terrible thing
what happened to your colleague,

that Polish guy.


Couldn't believe it at first.

He was such a cheerful fellow,

and then committing suicide
the way he did.

Yeah, well, you know,
it just goes to show

you never really know someone.

Yeah, I guess that's true.

I don't know much
about computers and stuff,

but there was a lot
of lightning last night.

- We counted four strikes.
- So, what are you saying?

Are you saying lightning
struck the control unit?

It's a possibility, ain't it?

Kennedy Airport was shut down
for two hours.

We're talking about
the latest technology here.

Electrostatic fields

or radiation fucking up
computers like this,

it's a thing of the past.

- Well, you're the experts.
- Yeah, that's right.

I'll leave you to it, then.

If you need anything,
call 9-0-0.

Yeah, we will, thanks.

- You pissed him off.
- Yeah, of course I did.

No one tells me what to do
or what to look for.

What if he was right
about the lightning?

Very unlikely,
but even if he was,

we ain't going to admit it.

We're the experts, right?

All right,
express elevators, G banks.

Here it is. All right,
you go over the car.

The air-co,
the alarm system,

the door-locking mechanism,
the wiring.

Yeah. Why don't I check
his police record while I'm at it?

I'll go over the relay boxes
and check this baby here.

See you down there.

Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.

I feel like a coffee
and donut, all right?

Go ahead.

I hope you're not planning
on spending

the rest of afternoon
on that air-co.

Bests me what's wrong.

I can't find a thing.

Ah, they'll be happy
to hear that.

- What is that?
- It's just a draft.

- A draft?
- Yeah.

It isn't like those 10- or 20-story
buildings you're used to.

This baby here is over
a thousand feet high.

You can get a temperature difference
of more than 30 degrees.

Believe me,
it can storm up there.

Well, next time
I'll bring my umbrella.

Let's go. Tell them
they can turn it on again.

I got to get my vest.

What are we going to report?

Report everything's fine.

They're going to want to know
why the thing got stuck.

All right, so I'll make them
happy and I'll say

one of the switches
needed a drop of oil.

- Oh, fuck.
- What?

Ah, I dropped my wallet.

- Would you hurry up?
- Did it?

Did it what?

Did one of the switches
need a drop of oil?

No, of course not, but we can't
say we don't know, right?

So we give them something minor
so they can sleep at night.

Man, you got a lot to learn.

Come on, let's go.
You got everything now?

You got your keys, your credit cards,
your rubbers?

Yeah, I'm all set.

Hey, you still got time
to buy flowers.

Flowers? What flowers?

Thanks, Tracy.

I'm sure you did
a nice job again.

I hope your wife likes it,
Mr. Faith.

I think she'll be too busy to notice
with all those guests.

Don't blame her.

You don't celebrate your 25th
wedding anniversary every day.

With the wash it totals $66.50.


It's a pity this is
your last day here.

I always enjoyed your company.

I'll miss you.

I'll miss you, too, Mr. Faith.

Can I look at you one last time?

Of course.

I think you've seen enough,
Mr. Faith.

You're so beautiful, Tracy.

Here is your credit card
and your receipt.

Thanks, Tracy.

Good luck with the new job.

And you have a very pleasant
wedding anniversary.

I will, thanks.
Come on, Buster.

Green hair?
Are you nuts?

The dirty prick deserves it.

Ah, that's quick.

Come on, Buster.

I'm sure I pressed
the right button.

I guess we get company, Buster.

Is there anybody there?


I guess not.

Is this going
to happen or what?

Man, elevator.

Come on, Buster,
let's take one of the others.

I'll be damned!

Yeah, that's what I think.

At last.

Come on, Buster.

Don't you get difficult now.

Hey, it's me, Mark.


Yeah. How are you doing?

Why are you calling?

I just wanted to apologize,
you know.

I--last night I said some things
I didn't mean, and...

Uh, yeah.
Look, I'm really busy right now.

Well, I just wanted to say
I was sorry.

Can't you call back later?

I bought you flowers.

Why did you do that?

I want to make up.


Hey, open up.

Open up?

I'm outside.
I'm in the hallway.

- You're what?
- Surprise, surprise.

Oh, Jesus, Mark, I...

Are you going to keep me
waiting out here all day?

Come on, I said I was sorry.

Here you go.

Mark, you shouldn't have come.

I know, well...

Your clothes. You're sleeping.
Were you asleep?

Oops. I'm sorry.


I'm sorry, Mark.

No, it's cool.
I'm sure you are. I didn't...

All--all that stuff I just said,
I was just joking, or...

Um...I'll talk to ya.

I mean, what did I do wrong?
I mean, look at me.

I'm a very nice guy.

Mark, just forget the bitch,

- She wasn't worth it.
- That's your sister.

Hey, this is my half-sister.

The cheating half.

This obviously wasn't
your lucky day.

No. You can say that again,

and I'm not even going
to go into all the stuff

that happened
at the Millennium Building,

because, you know,
you're pregnant and all.

Jeff told me.
What a horror story.

Well, you know, you were
complaining this morning

about how dull this job was.

I take it back.

- Mark, Mark, Mark...
- The same, please.

- Haven't you had enough?
- So what? Come on, I'm fine.

Getting drunk's
not going to help anything.

You're just going to feel sick
in the morning.

So what, man?
It's Friday, right?

It's our day off tomorrow,
isn't it?

No, we're on standby tomorrow.

That's what I call a day off.

If there's an emergency,
they call on us.

And I don't want you
drunk on the job.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Hey, cheers.

To the exciting life
of an elevator repairman.

Oh! Damn!

- What?
- I tripped.

Why can't you watch
where you're going?

Well, why can't
we put on the lights?

Because we're not supposed
to be here, jerk.


Better check it.
It may be poisoned.

- Poisoned?
- Yeah.

We don't want
the board of directors

dropping dead in their chairs
tomorrow, now, do we?

Well, why would
someone poison it?

They wouldn't, you asshole.

- I'm joking.
- You are?

Six-five, come in, please.

Six-five, Andy here.
What's up?

Yeah, what's your position,

We're on the 44th.

One of the express elevators
is moving up right now.

Yeah, well, it's not us.
Maybe the cleaners.

Nah, we don't got cleaners
in that part of the building.

Besides, all the offices
should be closed.

What floor is it going to?

It's just passed 24.

Still going UP-

We'll have a look.

Come on.

What do you think?
Burglars or...?

Still going UP-

Ah, probably just some asshole
forgot to check in.

Wait, it stopped at your floor.

Yeah, yeah,
we're almost there.

Doors are opening.

No one's coming out.


We didn't see
anyone come out.

Fuck, fuck.

Why can't you watch
where you're going?

I'm sorry, I just...

It stopped at 40.

Roger. Roger.
Come on, we'll take the stairs.

- Is it still on 40?
- Affirmative.

Doors are open again.
Subject's still inside.

- You guys want backup?
- No. We can handle this.

All right, all right,
now watch where you're going.

Don't alarm him again.

- Fuck!
- I didn't do anything.

It's going up again.

Yeah, I can see that.

You guys aren't fucking with us
down there?

- I mean, it's not funny.
- We're not!

It stopped again on 44.

I'm not running up and down
like a goddamn yo-yo.

Hey, my flashlight's...

I'll be damned.

Look, careful.

Don't go too far.

Hey, Andy, I don't like this.

- Jesus fucking Christ.
- What?

There's a dog down there.

What kind of dog?

I don't know what kind of dog.
What kind of dumb question...?


Help me, God damn it.

Get me out.

Why don't you try turning your head
and wrenching it out?

I ain't fucking Houdini!

Who's Houdini?

Six-five, what are you doing?

He--he--he's stuck
between the doors!

Stuck between the doors?

Come on, shouldn't we
get them backup?

Oh, damn, the elevator.


The elevator.
It's coming!

What? Andy...

Gary, it stopped.

Well, should I...?

Do you want me to...?

Where are you? Gary?

God, help me!

Do something!

The three express elevators
have been closed down

since early morning,
leaving hundreds of tourists

stranded outside the building.

The press is not
allowed inside.

Only people employed
here can enter.

So far, the police have not
disclosed anything

about the cause
of these tragic accidents,

which have claimed the lives
of one visitor and one security guard.

Unconfirmed rumors also mention
a dog among the victims.

We'll be back as soon
as we have any more information.

This is Tina Bradley,
TMC News,

reporting live
from the Millennium Building.

I don't like elevators.

Fact is, I hate them.

Anything below 10 floors,
I walk.

Well, Lieutenant, this city
must really wear you out, then.

Do you have any idea
how many people

get stuck in elevators every year?


I--I don't know.
I don't know. A hundred?

Two hundred? A thousand?

1,832,000 people
every year in this country.

That's a fact.

I think it's too early
to say for sure

that we're dealing
with a mechanical malfunction.

We have never had a problem
with these elevators before.

You're very, very lucky.

People fall down empty shafts
all the time,

or they get their limbs caught
between the cars.

Doesn't make the headlines.

That's why you never
read about it.

Maybe you could tell that
to all those journalists downstairs.

This one is much more

You know, decapitations
don't happen that much.

They capture
people's imagination.

Security reported
someone in the building.

Did you find any evidence
to support that?

Well, we tried talking
to the security guard

that witnessed the accident,
but poor fellow's in shock.

He's barely coherent,
and the doctors have no idea

when he'll be able
to make a statement.

So it's very possible there was some
unauthorized person in the building.

Oh, who would that have been?

The invisible man?

We looked at the video.

It doesn't show anybody ever entering
or leaving the elevator.

Well, elevators can't operate
by themselves, now, can they?

Well, that's a fair assumption.

I'm no expert
on elevator behavior,

but couldn't somebody
be playing with the controls?

You mean one of our employees?

Well, so far, Forensics hasn't
found a trace of an intruder.

No, that's out of the question.

The guards that were on duty
can be fully trusted.

They've been with us for years.

If you say so.

Those elevator mechanics,

when can we expect
a report from them?

Well, I figure
any minute now.

They've been here
since early morning.

- Finished?
- Uh, yeah, for now.

I got you a coffee.

Thank you.

Is it true what they say?

About what?

That more people die
in elevator accidents

than in plane crashes.

I wouldn't know.

Uncle of mine got stuck
last week for nine hours.

Him and eight others.

Had to pee and shit
in a corner.

Fella got sick,
threw up all over the place.

My uncle said he'd
have died of the smell

long before he'd have starved.

Something wrong
with the coffee?

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm all right.

It's like my stomach's not,

So, what's the problem?

Just a wild night.

Like that elevator?

Who's your tailor?

It'll shrink in the wash.

You're a reporter, aren't you?

Yeah. Jennifer Evans,
Morning Post, at your service.

You guys'll do anything
for a sleazy story.

I'm not a guy.


Fuck off!

Just tell me what's wrong
with that elevator, will you?

There's nothing wrong
with that elevator.

A guy fell down the shaft,
another one was decapitated.

I don't call that nothing.

Hey, we all have our bad days.

And the pregnant women yesterday,
they also had a bad day?

Elevators like to kill people.

It's common knowledge.

Ten people get on,
nine people get off.

Oh, come on, be serious.

I'm not going to say
anything to you.

I'm not allowed
to say anything to you.

Just give me some facts,
will you?

You want money?

Just clean the toilet,
will you?

You sure you didn't see anyone?

Hey, you there.

- That's her?
- I'm with him.

I don't know her.

We were just in the toilet

Sure, you were. And now
you're going back to the sewer.

But he raped me.

No, Officer,
arrest that man!

- Get off!
- Yeah, yeah, lady. Come on.

Well, you got taste.

You find anything?

Uh, doors work smooth
as a baby.

I don't understand.

Yeah, yeah, same here.

Nothing wrong with the computer.
I checked everything twice.

Maybe I overlooked something.

You know, sometimes you just
don't see the obvious.

You didn't
overlook anything.

It's's just one
of those things.

It's like airplanes going down
and no one ever finds out why.

Well, that's another thing
that worries me.

Well, stop worrying.

It's bad for your heart.

Come on, let's go down,
tell them what they want to hear.


Now, let me get this straight.

You're saying there's nothing wrong
with those elevators,

and that it's perfectly safe
for the public to ride them?

That's right. We checked
everything thoroughly.

We didn't encounter
any problems whatsoever.


I won't argue with the experts.

Let's hope when we finish
our investigation,

we'll know more about
what caused these accidents.

So there's no objection
to opening the elevators again?

Well, if I thought there was
any hazard to the public,

I wouldn't allow it.

Well, I'm glad to hear that,

These gentlemen have convinced me
they're perfectly safe.

That's right.
That's our conclusion.

Yeah, it is,
for the moment.

For the moment?

Well, we did do
the best we could,

considering the time
that we had.

What my colleague means is,
there's always the option

of a major overhaul.

That means going into the shaft
and checking every nut and bolt.

Like you guys did
three months ago?

- Right.
- Oh, no, no.

We had to shut those elevators down
for a whole week.

Yeah, that's right.
Things like that take time.

But considering we just did
a major check three months ago,

I don't think there's any need
to do it again.

Closing down
those express elevators

for a whole week would be
a financial disaster.

There are 15,000 people
employed here.

And I'm not even talking
about all the tourists.

- Like I said, it's not an option.
- That's right.

Duncans, get those elevators
running again.

- Jesus, are you fucking crazy?
- What?

You know, Mr. Alcohol sure put you
in a talkative mood today.

A major overhaul,
checking the whole shaft.

Do you have any idea
what that costs?

People have been killed, Jeff.

It seems like you don't really
give a shit about that.

I'd like to know what's
going on with all this.

Hey, let the police find out
what happened.

I just don't buy it
that a blind guy

forces the elevator doors open
and commits suicide with his dog.

Why not, Mark?
I would if I had green hair.

Well, the security guy didn't
have green hair, all right?

How did he end up
with his head

stuck between
the elevator doors, huh?

I mean, there are all kinds
of safety devices

to prevent that
from happening, man.

Yeah, that's right, Mark.

And they all worked perfectly
when I checked them today.

What about the women yesterday?

What do they got
to do with this?

All right,
you're arranging all this shit

simply because I complained
how dull this job was going to be.

Mark, I don't know why all these things
are happening, okay?

Maybe it's just one hell
of a coincidence.

All I know is there's nothing
wrong on our side.

And if they're going to try
to put the blame on us,

I'm not going to let them.

We also want
to raise the issue of safety.

Today's technology
can be a blessing or a curse.

We have guests in our studio,

and you at home can call
the number on your screen

with questions.

Marcia, you had
a terrible experience

with an elevator, didn't you?

Yes, I did.

Well, after the break,
you can tell us all about it.

And also why you still
miss your father.

Everything is wrong
Since me and my baby parted

All day long I'm walking
'Cause I couldn't get my car started

Laid off from my job
And I can't afford to check it

I wish somebody'd come along
And run into it and wreck it

Come on

Since my baby parted
Come on

I can't get started
Come on

I can't afford to check it

I wish somebody'd come along
And run into it and wreck it

Everything is wrong
Since I've been without you

Every night I lay awake
Thinking about you


Hey, Mickey, look who's here.

Hey, Mark, how does it feel
to be famous?

Can I have your autograph?

- What's going on?
- Didn't you see the paper?

- What paper?
- Hey, Mark.

Mitchell wants to see you
in his office right now.

"The elevator
just had a bad day,"

said one of the mechanics
with a pale, scared face.

"One out of every 10 passengers

doesn't get out
of an elevator alive."

Are those your words?



Are you fucking crazy?

What kind of an idiot thing
is that to say?

I...I was joking,
I didn't mean it.

Well, I didn't hear anybody laughing
this morning.

Especially on my phone.

Now, we've spent years
establishing the fact

that elevators are one of the safest
means of transportation.

I mean, hell, we have to.

We live in a vertical world.

If you can't trust elevators,
what the fuck can you trust?

Now, I don't need
stories like this.

And I don't need the cops
breathing down my ass

inquiring about you.

About me?

They read the papers, too,
you know.

Wouldn't be the first time
some lunatic

pulled some spectacular stunt
to get his ugly mug in the papers.

Oh, this is--
this is ridiculous.

I'm a suspect?

Well, they wanted to know
all about you.

But, hey, what do I know?

You've been here, what,
six months?

Nobody ever complained before
till today.

- I'm sorry.
- Well, you can't blame them

for following every lead,
can you?

If they think I had anything
to do with those accidents,

they're wasting their time.

Look, Mark,
I'm not going to fire ya,

although the thought
did cross my mind this morning.

But I got to trust Jeff on this.

For some strange reason,

he's putting his ass
on the line for you.

Well, the last thing I want to do
is get Jeff into trouble.

Well, he's right.
You're a good mechanic.

But just do your fucking job,
all right?

Like Jeff.

I mean, he's been here
two years,

he works his ass off,
he's loyal to the company,

and he believes
in what he's doing.

Now a guy like that, he can move up
in this organization.

You catch my drift?

I'll do my best.

I hope you do.

So let's consider this
just a bad mistake,

one that'll never happen again.

It won't.
I'll promise you that.


I'm not working
with Jeff today?

- Well, you can read, can't you?
- Well, yeah, but why?

I suppose he has another job.

Murphy can use some help.
Just do as you're told.


Yo, Mark, my man.

- I hear we partners today.
- That's what I hear.

Hey, listen, man, I'm real glad
you didn't get fired.

I almost got promoted.

Homes, you did get promoted.

You're working for me now.

Oh, did Jeff grab his reserved
parking space again?

- Who's that guy?
- Don't you know?

Man, that's Steinberg,
that German prick from Research.

Why is he a prick?

They feel superior to us, man,

'cause we out there
doing all the dirty work

while they enjoying themselves
in their clean white labs,

playing with
their fancy computers.

Sounds like somebody
made a bad career move.

Well, they do get
bigger paychecks than us.

Yeah, but we get to have
all the fun, right?

Damn right.

Hey, that guy Kowalski,
how'd he kill himself?

Blew his mind out in his car
near the East River.

Set himself and the car on fire.

Didn't he work on the elevators
in the Millennium Building?

Yeah, that's right.
Together with Jeff.

Come on, man, you don't think
he had anything to do

with those accidents,
now, do you?

No, no.

Come on, man. Drink up.
We got to go.

- We got a busy, busy day.
- Hey, where are we going?

- Harlem.
- You hip, bro.

Yo, get out of my way!

Hey, hey, hey!
What the hell you doing?

I don't need no ticket.

- Screw you, man!
- Get back here!


Beat you!

Even the smallest coin can make
a two-inch hole in the pavement.

So please be careful.

Took a wrong turn or what?

Oh, Jesus! Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!

Oh, shit!

Yo, Janet.

Girl, you looking
as sweet as ever.

Hello, Murphy.
Who's your friend?

This here's Mark.
He's my partner for today.

Now, what you got
for today's special?

Except for, of course,
that sweet smile of yours.

- Pork chops.
- What's special about them?

- I sat on them for two hours.
- This afternoon,

- the Millennium Building...
- Can't resist that.

was the scene
of a tragic accident.

According to eyewitnesses,

the victim raced out
of the elevator at high speed,

smashed through a window
and fell 86 floors to his death.

Traffic was jammed
for half an hour.

Police sources have told TMC
that this suicide

was in no way related
to last week's accidents.

- Mark. He gonna have some food here.
- Give me the keys, the car keys.

- Now, come on.
- You left something in the car?

Janet, listen, man,
I'm missing you already.

Yo, Mark!

Damn. Come on, Mark,
we ain't got no business here.

I'm sorry, sir, no one
is allowed into the building.

I'm from the elevator
repair company.

Please wait outside, sir.

What's going on?

Not allowed to tell you that.

They're giving a statement
to the press right now.

- Where?
- Outside, sir.

Come on, man, I'm starving.

...not yet identified,
jumped from the 86th floor.

The main focus
of the investigation

is to determine
how it was possible

for the victim to break through
12 millimeters of glass.

If we find any trace
of any negligence

regarding safety procedures,

they will be reported to
the Building Safety Commission.

Lieutenant, Lieutenant,
was there any evidence of foul play?

So far, nothing points
in that direction.

But as I said,
this is an ongoing investigation.

Is there a correlation
between this accident

- and the others that occurred recently?
- Oh, no.

There's nothing
to support that theory.

- All right, folks...
- Hey! Hey!

Look, I'm sorry, okay?

I don't make the headlines.

They fucked up.
It's not my fault.

You did write the story, though.

Yeah, I might have,
but sometimes computers fuck up,

strange things happen.

Yeah, the strangest thing
is having the police on my ass now.

The police?

I became a suspect
because of your article.

Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for that to happen.

But, you know, I just wrote down
what you told me.

Don't do it again, okay?
I mean...


So, what happened here?

A guy killed himself.

Jumped through a window
on the 86th floor.

- Suicide?
- That's what the police think.

You're not going to turn this into
some kind of horror story, are you?

Well, I'm just after the truth.

- Oh.
- You don't believe me?

- No.
- Oh.

You know, I'm just trying
to make a living here.

Life's hard enough as it is.

Hey, you know what?
Just leave me out of it, all right?

- What, my life?
- Your story.

Hey, come on, man.
Can we go now?

I do not want to get
into trouble here.

Yeah, I'm done here.

- Thank you.
- Here you go.

Good afternoon, Mr. Milligan.

Your Japanese guests
have arrived.


Oh, yeah, yeah.
Send them right up.

All right, Benson,
what's the damage?

We can forget about
opening the 86th for the public today.

Tomorrow will be the soonest.

What else is there?

Just got a call
from Parker, Miles & Baker

about that office space
on the 91st.

Who was doing the calling?


Well, they're signing
the leases today, aren't they?

That was the plan,
but they canceled it.

Canceled it? Why?

Oh, no, no, no.

Those goddamn elevators.


Little bastards.

Don't fuck with me.

Bunch of losers you are,
all of you.

What's the use?
Most of you won't make it anyway.

If you don't get
knocked down by a car

or drink a bottle of Drano
or set fire to your bedroom,

in a few years' time,
you'll all be on drugs

or selling your bodies
in cheap hotels.

Whatever the future is,
you little creeps,

it is not yours,
believe me.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are

Up above the clouds so high
Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are

One of you bastards
seen Mary Jane?

Bunch of brain-deads!

Mary Jane?

Mary Jane?

Good afternoon,
Mr. Milligan.

How are you today?

Are you looking
for someone, Ilsa?

One of the children.
We're playing hide-and-seek.

What is the matter with you,
screaming like that?

What have you done?

My God, is she all right?


She was just playing.

You know how kids are.

Shall we go back
to your friends now?

Come along, Mary Jane.

Stupid little girl.

Ah, children.

Well, I am now going to show you
the exercise room.

It's equipped with everything
you'll need.


Uh, no, why don't
we take the stairs?

It's just two floors up.

Might as well start exercising
right now.

Follow me.


Wow, big bat.

- What the fuck?
- The bell doesn't work,

the light's out,
there's no name on the door.

What are you, in some kind
of witness protection program?

They're supposed to protect me
from young, sleazy female reporters,

but I don't think
they're doing their job.

What do you want?

I want to come in.

I'm not interrupting anything,
am I?


Happen to be
in the neighborhood?

Yeah, something like that.

You like music?

I like jukeboxes.

But what's a jukebox
without music?

Uh, let me guess,
a life without love.

I knew you were
the romantic type.

What's that?

You like movies?

Only X-rated, baby.

Well, don't worry,
I cut out the dull parts.

- Can we use your VCR?
- Yeah.

- You stole the tape?
- I borrowed it. Look familiar?

Millennium Building,
parking garage.


Guy's suicide on tape.

Look, you know what?
I'm not into, like,

the whole kinky thing,
you know?

I don't like seeing people
being killed on tape.

Just watch, will you?
Look, here they come.

They're racing each other.

Okay, this is another camera.

I made a compilation
of several different tapes.

And this car
almost wipes him out.

The elevator doors open.

He gets in.

- Almost jumps in.
- Mm-hmm.

And this is one of the cameras
on the observation deck.

There he goes.

Well, you know, you got,
like, a tape of a suicide.

You can sell it to the networks
and make a few bucks.

You didn't see it.

- What?
- I can't blame you.

It took me a while
to notice, too.

What'd I miss?

Just watch the time codes.


See the time code?


Now, this is the camera
on the 86th floor.

Look at the time code.

- That's not possible.
- That's what I thought.

Between the time the doors close
in the parking lot

and the time they open again
on the 86th floor...

- Two seconds.
- 1.8 seconds, to be exact.

Oh, there's something wrong
with the time codes.

No, there isn't.
I checked.

They all receive the same
time code pulse.

It's just not possible.

That elevator takes at least
40 seconds to go up.

I did it this afternoon.

It took more time for that guy
to come down than go up.

You can say that again.

Fucking shit.

So, you still think there's nothing
wrong with those elevators?

- You better wait here.
- Why?

He hates journalists.

Well, so did you.
Look at us now.

We're working together.

I still think you should wait.

Is that your friend?

- That's him.
- Let's go.


Mark, what are you doing here?

What, you don't answer
your phone?

We were out. Who's that?

That's Jennifer.
She works for the Morning Post.

I'm a journalist.

Jesus, Mark,
what are you doing?

That article this morning,
you know,

you're really fucking things up,

Jeff, you've got to see this tape.

What tape?
I got no time for this bullshit!

Jeff, no, man, you've got
to look at the tape.

It has to do with the elevators
at the Millennium Building.

You know, Mark, this is really turning
into an obsession for you.

And why are you doing this?
What's it to you?

Man, fuck it, Jeff.

You know damn well
what's going on with the elevators,

so fucking tell me.

I'm your friend.
I'm trying to help.

Stop trying.
All right, Mark?

Stop trying.
Now, get out of here.

The two of you.
I don't want to get you in any trouble.

- What trouble?
- Just go.

Come on. Jeff, be reasonable.

Is he always like that?


It's not like him at all.

Mildred, what's happening?

He took me to an expensive
restaurant tonight.

We've only been there
once before,

when he proposed to me...

the night before you guys
went off to Desert Storm.

I think that elevator's haunted.

Sure, why not?

Make a great headline.

You know, Manhattan
was an Indian settlement

in the 17th century.

So it's quite feasible
that the Millennium Building

was built
on ancient burial ground.

And Indian forefathers
are haunting us right now.

Okay, maybe there was
some kind of radiation leakage

from some secret nuclear plant
here in New York?

Stephen King's got
a lot to answer for.

Well, so far you've come up
with nothing.

I mean, what am I supposed
to write about?

We agreed that you would write
nothing for the moment.

No, we agreed
to help each other.

But your little Army buddy
hasn't been very helpful.

We were Marines.


Is he a good friend of yours?

I owe him a lot.

I don't know
what's the matter with him.

I got a really bad feeling,

Me, too, in my stomach.

I could really use
some food.

Well, that's something
we can solve.

So, let's see if I got this straight.

Elevators have a mechanical part
and an electronic part.

The electronics control
the elevators,

making sure they don't
all go to the same floor

at the same time.

They also regulate the doors,
the air conditioning,

the speed and so on.

Exactly. It's like the brains
of the elevator installation.

And what about that Steinberg guy?
Where does he fit in?

He designs the electronics.

Did he fuck up?

I don't know.

What kind of guy is he?

I never met him.

No, don't turn this into, like,
this mad-scientist thing now.

It's, like, way too easy.

We got to keep
all our options open.

Okay, what about this one?

Max Steinberg.


Crashed his car
into a tree in 1986.

We're wasting our time.

Well, it would've helped
if you'd known his first name.

Even then,
we came across 11 Johns.

Somehow, I don't think
his name is John.

Well, what is it, then?

- Gunther.
- Gunther?

Gunther Steinberg,
former Harvard graduate,

joins research team
of Professor Malcolm Mckenzie

at Kodelt Industries.

- Would that be him?
- Maybe.

- No photo?
- No.

Let's...let's try Harvard.

That's him.

Twenty years younger.

Studied computer science,

biomedical sciences,
and engineering.

Graduated 1977 cum laude
two years ahead of schedule.

Best boy in his class, huh?

Sure sounds like it.

So, what's Kodelt Industries?
What is that about?

I don't know.
Let's check.

Bribery, illegal use
of government money.

Not a pretty company.

No mention of Steinberg.

They went bankrupt in 1994.

What was that? Go back.


That's him, isn't it?

I don't know, you tell me.

- That's him.
- Christmas 1989.

Fort Benning, Georgia.

He worked for the Army?

That doesn't look like
a fancy dress party to me.

- Hey, Jennifer.
- Hey, Chip.

Hey, Russell really liked
your story on that suicide,

especially the whole
"Tower of Death" bit.

I left you out.

This is Mark.

- Yeah, Chip.
- Hey.

Kodelt Industries?

You're into guided missiles now?

Yeah, you know them?

Chip knows everything
about computers.

Oh, that figures.

Yeah, they make
computer systems for the Army.

Missiles and stuff.

- Right. They went bankrupt.
- Doesn't surprise me.

They really fucked up
with those bio-chips.

- What's that?
- Computer chips based on live tissue.

They were making
a computer

based on dolphin brains
or something like that.

Did it work?

Yeah, I remember now.

The whole thing went
totally out of control.

This computer, it developed
a mind of its own.

And the strangest thing of all
was that these chips,

they were able
to reproduce themselves

so that the whole computer
was growing

and behaving
like a living organism.

- Are you kidding?
- No, no.

It should be in there somewhere.

- So, what happened to it?
- Don't know.

It must have committed suicide
or had a heart attack.

Poor thing.

Hey, you know of a guy
named Steinberg?

Don't think so.
Who is he?

He worked for them.
We can't find much on him.

I'll give it a try if you want.

Does it have something to do
with this elevator?


- Okay.
- Chip, I'm off in a minute.

Yeah, yeah.
I'll do it later.


To me, it's a clear-cut case.

Steinberg fucked up
with those bio-chips.

They kicked him out.

He got a job in the Army,
he fucked up again,

they sacked him, and he ended up
in that elevator company of yours.

- Yeah, a real loser, huh?
- Yeah, but he wouldn't give up.

He experimented
with that elevator computer,

and something went wrong.

The machine got
a mind of its own

and now it's taking revenge
on humanity.

A machine cannot
get a mind of its own.

It's a dead thing.

We can easily find out
who's right.

All right, tell me how.

That computer's located
in the engine room, right?

No way.
No, forget it.

We are not breaking
into the Millennium Building.

You're just afraid I'm right,
aren't you?

Machines, computers,
do not reproduce, okay?

Have you ever seen
two chips fucking?

Turn right here.

There's a first for everything.

I mean, why should we be
the only ones who fuck?

- We're not.
- What?

- We're not fucking.
- No, but we can if we want to.

- We have a choice.
- Not tonight.

I'm...I'm a little tired, I think.

No, no, no, I--
I wasn't inviting you.

I was...l was making a point.

Of course.
Of course you were.

- It's right here.
- All right.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Morning, Mr. Milligan.


Hey, how was your night
last night?



I'll be right over.

Thank you, Sergeant Mallory,
for this update on events.

Now Lieutenant McBain
will continue his statement.

After that, we will have time
for questions.


The suspect was found
in one of the express elevators.

Now, we're convinced
that the deceased was involved

in one or more of the accidents
at the Millennium Building.

While we're pretty sure
we've got our man,

I want to reiterate
this is an ongoing investigation

and future arrests
are possible.

All right, we're going to take
some questions now.

Jerry Seltzer,
Washington Reporter.

That's Steinberg.

I know.

Just how safe are elevators?

I'm going to let Mr. Mitchell
handle that one.

As I explained before,

elevators are one of the safest
means of transportation.

Security is, and has always been,
our top priority.

I would definitely rule out
incidents like this in the future.

Susan Whittaker, BCT.

What was the killer's motive?

That's under investigation
right now.

But building management
received a note

that I can only characterize
as extortionist in nature.

Fucking kidding me.

So it might've simply been
a matter of money.

On the other hand, we may have
a lunatic on our hands.

As I told you earlier,
we're in possession

of an Army psychiatric report
that described the deceased

as a mentally deranged person,
a wacko.

That's bullshit.
They're making this stuff up.

Jennifer Evans,
Morning Post.

Ah, the Morning Post.

Undoubtedly one of the more
scintillating questions of the day.

I have a question
for Mr. Steinberg.

Don't, please.

I just want to ask him
about those bio-chips.

Your question, Miss Evans.

I want to ask Mr. Steinberg...

what's your favorite

Well, I can definitely say
it's not yours.

I think we all agree
with that, Mr. Steinberg.

Come on.

Are there any other
questions of substance?

Marie-Anne Holland
from Animal World.

Our readers are very interested
in the dog that was killed.

Ah, finally,
a serious question.

Thank you.

Hey. You embarrassed me.

What'd you think
the guy was going to say, huh?

"Oh, yeah, Miss Evans,
I put those chips in there.

That's why the elevator
fucked up."

Be real already.

Now your friend's
going down in history

as the Millennium Killer.

He's a fall guy.
They ain't getting away with that.

Jeff is not a murderer.

What was he doing near that elevator
in the middle of the night?

I mean, that is suspicious,
isn't it?

Well, I'm sure he had
his reasons.

And that extortion letter
they mentioned?

Yeah, that's real convenient.

That's like that psychiatric report
they came up with.

- It's all lies.
- A cover-up?

- He's not the first.
- The first what?

This guy Kowalski died also.

What--who's Kowalski?

Jeff's old partner.

I never met the guy, but they worked
on that elevator together.

They found him
down near the East River.

He was all burnt up in his car,
and the police said it was suicide.

- Was it?
- Well, I'm beginning to wonder.

I mean, maybe he knew too much.
Had to get rid of him, you know?

Why didn't you tell me
about this before?

Just didn't seem important.

But now it's all
too coincidental.

You were afraid
I'd write about it.

You still don't trust me.

Well, there's not a lot of people
in this world you can trust.

May as well trust you,

It's a start.

They tore our whole house apart.

What were they looking for?

Evidence, they said,
to prove his guilt.

They took all kinds
of personal stuff,

even the letters he wrote me
when we were dating.


They won't prove anything,

because there's nothing
to prove.

I don't know
what was wrong with him.

He was acting so strange
these last few weeks.

Where was he going

He didn't tell me.

Someone called,
he got all nervous.

- Who called?
- I don't know.

The German guy.


He didn't do it, Mark.
You know that, don't you?

No, I know, Mildred.

I know. I'm sorry.

When Gerry died,
something snapped inside of him.

Who's Gerry?


They worked together
for more than two years.

That's him.

Who would've known
they'd both die the same way?

Wait a minute,
Kowalski died in his car.

No, he didn't.

This must be it-- number 66.

This one?

That's it.

She's not home.
You want to wait?

Maybe she's on vacation.

She didn't answer
the phone.

What are you doing?

What's it look like?

It's called breaking
and entering.

Well, I call it
investigative journalism.

Hello, Mrs. Kowalski?

Are you there?

Hey, we can't do this,


Somebody home?

Look at that.

That's Kowalski.

Look at all this stuff.

It's creepy.

Hi. Mrs. Kowalski?

We rang your bell.
The door was open.

Yeah, you should
be careful about that,

living in a neighborhood
like this.

Are you a friend
of my husband?

I'm a colleague.
I didn't know Gerry personally.

He was a good man.

He didn't deserve to die.

How did he die,
Mrs. Kowalski?

They killed him.

Who killed him?

They said it was an accident,
but I know better.

What happened?

For three days they let him bleed
inside the belly of that building.

But he's still there.

His spirit didn't leave us.

He will only find peace
when he's had his revenge.

Did he ever tell you
what was wrong with that elevator?

Everyone who knows it
is going to die.

You don't mess
with the devil himself.

I don't think we're going
to get much out of her now.

Can we ask you one more question,
Mrs. Kowalski?

Let's go.

No, don't you want to know
who killed her husband?

I got a pretty good idea.

It's not over yet!

It's going to get worse.
Much worse.

Okay, coming through here.

Coming through.
Hot food. Hot food here.

Can I get in, please?
Please? Going up to 16.

Thank you.

Hold the doors, please.

- Thank you.
- Six and 16.

Hey, hold the door, please.


Ma'am, can you move a bit, huh?

Hey, it didn't stop.

Didn't stop on my floor.

Did you push the button?

Of course I did.

What's going on?
I have to get off here.

We're going faster.
Is this normal?

Jesus, Anne, you pushed
the button too hard.

Make it stop!

Please make it stop!

- Oh, my God!
- I'm going to be sick.


Where are you?! Help!

Ladies and gentlemen,

the President
of the United States.

Fellow Americans,
this afternoon,

one of this nation's most famous
and prestigious landmarks,

the Millennium Building,

was the scene of a vile
and malevolent act of terror.

I assure the American people
that we will not rest

until those responsible
for this cruel act are tracked down,

and convicted.

We have already taken
decisive measures

to prevent a recurrence
of these events.

FBI investigators
are on the scene

working closely with
the New York Police Department.

During their investigation,

the building and surrounding area
will be sealed off to the public.

Our sympathy goes
to the families of those deceased.

It is events of this sort
that test the mettle

of the American people.

Is this what you were
trying to achieve?


The whole city,
the whole country,

in total turmoil?

What's wrong with you?
I mean, the slightest setback...

Slightest setback?
Slightest setback?

Two of my best
fucking men are dead.

Now, let's face the music, pal.
You can't control this thing.

I can.

I can solve it.

I just need time.

Trust me.

Look, every major step forward
in the history of mankind

has not been
without its sacrifice.

Think what this invention
could do for humanity.

I'm talking about changing
the way they work,

the way they think.

It could be like a complete
new renaissance for the human race.

Mitch, you knew what
you were getting yourself into.

You lied to me
every step of the way.

Jesus Christ,
all the secrecy,

all the boasting about your
upper echelon Army connections.

Well, I did some checking,
Mr. Steinberg.

Yeah, right.

They threw your ass out
after you failed disastrously.

The project was declared
officially dead.


What a fool I was
to believe you.

This could make you
a rich man.

Fuck the money.

If I go down,
I'm not going down alone.

I want you to end this thing
right now.

I don't know if I can.

Listen to me,
you twisted motherfucker.

You created this monster,
you kill it.

Move in!

Get the people away
from the building!

Here we go, here we go.

Here you go.

Right here.
There's a spot.

- Get this shot, okay?
- Okay, I got it. I got it.

Keep moving, please.

Get that camera crew
out of here!

Keep it moving, please.

All right,
come on in, come on in.

Keep it moving.
Come on through.

You sure you want
to go through with this?

You're chickening out.
I knew it.

You don't see what I'm seeing.

Just keep your cool.

Why don't we just tell them
what we know?

I don't trust them.

If they're willing to falsify
Jeff's whole psychiatric report,

they're probably willing
to try anything

to sweep this whole thing
under the rug.

Get down.

Evening, ma'am.
What's your business here?

Yeah, I got to deliver material
for the investigation.

Well, just go through
and report to the checkpoint.



- Piece of cake.
- Told you.

Oh, shit.
We're never going to make it.

Relax, we're as good as in.

In deep shit, you mean.

Let's see some ID.

Yeah, I'm delivering material.

That elevator's really fucked up,
you know.

What does the "M" stand for,
Miss Newman?


Yeah, I'm from
the elevator company.

I've been with them
for years now.

- Run a check on that.
- Yes, sir.

What's in the back?

Stuff for elevators.

Get out of the car, please.

Ugh, you're kidding.
It's raining.

It'll ruin my hair.

Get out of the car
and open the back for us.

Oh, fuck.

Can't find the right key?

Well, I'm sure it's got to be
one of them.

Just a second.

- Yeah?
- Hey, Jen. This is me, Chip.

Am I interrupting anything?

No. Well...

It's the elevator company.

I did some more checking
like you asked me to.

Yeah, go ahead.

Those computers

based on chips
made from live tissue...

Yeah, the fucking chips.

They're still experimenting
with them.

I hear you.

Only now they're not using
dolphins anymore.

You're kidding.

You've got to be careful.

This is some pretty weird stuff.

The machine's
not a machine anymore.

What was that?
Jen, where are you anyway?

- Ma'am?
- I, uh...

- Are you still there?
- Okay, so I checked

with the elevator company,
and everything's cool.

Not with us, ma'am.
Take her inside.

- What?
- Check the van!


The van's clear!

Right here.

Over here. Free spot.
Over here.

One, two, three, and four.

- Okay?
- Stingers?

Terrorists have airplanes, too.

You don't believe
that shit, now, do you?

The president does.

I think this whole thing
is blown out of proportion.

Well, they almost got
the Twin Towers 10 years ago.

These 90 to the roof?

And the 86th,
the observation deck.

You sure this elevator's safe?

I hope for you it is.
I'm not riding it.

These are the last ones?

Yeah. Up you go.

If you see Bin Laden,
say hello.

I will.

Who is this, Sergeant?

Subject tried to enter
without proper identification.

Who are you?

I'm an elevator mechanic.

Yeah, and I'm Winnie
the fucking Pooh.

I knew I'd seen you before.

Look, you can call my boss.

I can think of better things to do
with my night off.

I'm sure you can.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah.

These two go to the roof.

- Only two?
- Need more?

No. It's enough for the night.

- Give me a hand.
- See you brought enough ammo.

Yeah. They were expecting
a whole army?

Okay, just put them there.
We'll pick them up later.

Let's go.

Got some coffee up there?

Coffee, beer, whiskey.

Don't forget the two strippers.

Well, at least we've got
something to defend.

Cover that up.

Don't bang it. Careful.

All right, all right.
Keep it coming, guys.

- Right up here. Get them up here.
- You got it, boss.

- One more.
- Chief, over here?

All right,
put this one over here.

Here we go, up.
Hey, watch with that, huh?


- Come on, guys.
- Come on, go, go.

How many more of these
we got to go?

There's no way to override it.
Believe me.

Okay, chief, it's your building.

Let's go! Come on.

Yeah, good. Like that.


One of the express elevators
has been activated.

That's impossible.

The whole system's
been shut down.

Second team
covering in the north position...

Everyone is in position
right now.

Copy? Over.

Yeah, roger that.
All positions...

Come on, this way.


I told you
they're all out of order.

It's going down.

- Huh? What the...?
- Six-one, come in, please.

Contacted the elevator company.
The van was reported stolen.

They didn't send us anyone.

- Who are you?
- I told you.

Look, there must be
some kind of misunderstanding.

One of the express elevators
is coming down.

- Lock her up!
- What? Get that off!

Bravo 6, come in, please.

Bravo 6.

Movement on the 29th floor.

Someone's riding
one of the express elevators.

Move out!

Come on, guys,
give me a break.

Look out, Libyans!


- Oh, jeez.
- Relax, I was joking.

No. Oh, come on.

No, what are you doing?

Come on, sir, please.



What's happening?
Who's riding that elevator?

- We don't know.
- It's going up again.

- I thought all power was cut.
- It was.

Take up top.


Someone turned
the power on.

What are you talking about?
Who turned on the power?

I don't know.
Probably the same guys

that are in the shaft
right now.

Don't tell me we got terrorists
inside the building at this moment.

It's stopped on the 62nd floor.

Get a unit up there,
on the double!

Come on, guys, move it!

Hey, hey, what...?

Whoa, hell!
- Jeez!

Let's get the fuck out of here!

Come on, you guys!
Move, move, move!

- Set.
- Clear.

Fire in the hole!


Get men up there.
Now, I want the situation.

- Oh, my God!
- What is it?

What's going on?

It's alive!

What's happening?

- What the hell?!
- Get out now!

- Come on!
- Get out, get out!

Oh, Jesus!

Hey! What's happening?

What the hell? This is crazy.

What is this,
a fucking light show?


ID, hand it over.

All right. Sorry, sir.
Go ahead.

Let him through.

Move it!
Let's see it!

Look alive!

Bravo 10, negative.

I can't see a thing
because of the smoke.

- Secure the area, Sergeant.
- Roger.

Well, they got in.
That's clear.

What about this sewer system?

Whoa, excuse me, excuse me, sir.
Can I see some ID, please?

Well, I'll be damned.

Bravo One, come in, please.

Bravo One.

Who was that
you just checked?

Subject's name is Steinberg.

He had a federal authorization
code red.

- Code red?
- Yes, sir.

Is something wrong?

No, no, you did the right thing.

Maybe we're not dealing
with terrorists.

I hope to hell we are.

- Bravo 9 here.
- What is it?

Captain, we got
a situation here.

One of our stingers
is missing.

- Did you say "missing"?
- Affirmative, sir.

The freight elevator
just stopped on 65.

I'm going up there.
Come on!

Who the fuck is using
that elevator?


put it down.

I said, put it down.

Stop it!

Put your hands up.

Don't be crazy.

You're such a little girl.

You're not going to shoot me.

Give me the gun.

I mean it!

You okay?

Yeah. Thank you.

You're welcome.

What are you doing?
I got him covered.

It's not for him.

You can't.

It's everything
I've ever worked for.

It's my life.

It's the future.

Stay where you are!
Get on your face now!

Stay back!
I'll kill her!

Don't be stupid.
Drop the gun!

I said I'll kill her, I swear!

Put the gun down, Gunther.
Enough people have died.

Who are you?
I don't know you.

It's over, Gunther.

Just drop the gun.


Stand down.
Give them some space.


Nice one.

Thank you, guys,
for everything.

- It was a pleasure.
- Take it easy, okay?

Yeah, I will.

I'll send you both a print.

Great, thanks.

I want the negative.

Sounds like your way of life.

No, just a cautious man.

You still don't trust me,
and I never once mentioned

the fucking chips, did I?

Yeah, well, they wouldn't believe
that story anyway, would they?

Terrorists make a good read,
too, you know.

Oh, yeah? Really?

Like "Tower of Death,"
the great headline?

Yeah, well,
that's what Russell thought.

He promoted me
to head of Sleaze Affairs.

Ah, well, you must be real happy
about that now, huh?

I am.

So, what are you
going to do now'?

Find a real job.

This elevator thing
is definitely not my style.

You know, I'm not too keen
on heights either,

so it doesn't help.

What ha--?

What happened?

Oh, my...

You pressed
the emergency button.

What--what are you doing?

This has been on my mind
for a while.

Are you sure
you want to do this?

You can trust me.
I won't let you down.


Working like a dog
For the boss man

- Whoa
- Working for the company

Whoa, yeah

Betting on the dice
I'm tossing

- Whoa
- I'm gonna have a fantasy

Whoa, yeah

But where am I gonna look?

They tell me
That love is blind

I really need a girl
Like an open book

To read between the lines

Love in an elevator

Living it up
When I'm going down

Love in an elevator

Loving it up
Till I hit the ground

- Jacki's in the elevator
- Whoa

- Lingerie, second floor
- Whoa, yeah

- She said, "Can I see you later?"
- Whoa

- "And love you Just a little more?"
- Whoa, yeah

I kind of hope we get stuck

Nobody gets out alive

She said
"I'll show you how to fax

In the mail room, honey
And have you home by 5:00"

Love in an elevator

Living it up
When I'm going down

Love in an elevator

Loving it up
Till I hit the ground

In the air, in the air

Honey, one more time
Now, it ain't fair

Love in an elevator

Loving it up
When I'm going down

Love in an...


Going down

Love in an elevator

Loving it up
When I'm going down

Love in an elevator

Living it up
When I hit the ground

Gonna be a penthouse pauper

Gonna be a millionaire

Gonna be a real fast talker

Have me a love affair

Got to get my timing right

It's a test
That I got to pass

I'll chase you all the way
To stairway, honey

Kiss your sassafras

Love in an elevator

Loving it up
When I'm going down

Love in an elevator

Living it up
Till I hit the ground

Do you care, do you care?

Honey, one more time
Now, it ain't fair

Love in an elevator

Living it up
When I'm going down

Do you care, do you care?

Honey, one more time
Now, it ain't fair

Love in an elevator

Living it up
When I'm going down

In the air, in the air

Honey, one more, one more
One more, one more

Love in an elevator

Living it up
When I'm going down

In the air, in the air

Honey, one more, one more
One more time

Love in an elevator

Living it up
When I'm going down

Love in an elevator

Living it up
When I'm going down

In the air, in the air
In the air, in the air

Love in an elevator

Loving it up
When I'm going down

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